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The Ocean Is So Big

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Mashford Brothers Ltd
Boatbuilders and Chandlers
Cremyll Shipyard

Miss Nancy Blackett,

12th February, 1952

Dear Miss Blackett,

I write to inform you that the refitting of the twenty-three foot sloop Peter Piper has been completed on schedule. As you requested, she has been re-named Wild Cat Island, and the registration has been so updated.
We understand that it is your intent to attempt to cross the Atlantic single-handed in the sloop. Whilst we are of no doubt that she is suitable for the voyage (with one proviso), we cannot warranty her for such an undertaking, and would advise you to insure her for the full value with Lloyd’s of London.
In addition, we are concerned about the twin-staysail modification to the rig. Whilst we bow to Mr. Barton’s expertise and experience, we cannot help but feel that this is one innovation too far, and will prove difficult to manage in sea conditions. The issue with the fitting of the cockpit dodger, however, has been resolved satisfactorily.
We await your instructions regarding collection or delivery of the Wild Cat Island and arrangements for the payment of the balance of the account as per the attached invoice,

Yours Faithfully,

Clifford Webb, Manager