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This Warmth Is New (Omegaverse)

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“Angela! What the hell got into you!? You're going to help Widowmaker, she shot out my mom's eye and made her disappear off the face of the earth, MIA! I do NOT support this!” Fareeha shouted, not at all pleased at the random decision. Angela didn't even consider talking to the other woman of the house.

“It is just a quick visit to the doctor ‘me’ and then they will leave. Don’t holler at me, I don't want to fight about this. I took a vow to help all of those in need, and despite my dislike for her, she has been missing the shots she has fired at us on many different occasions when we have encountered Talon forces on our missions. She is changing. She doesn't hold loyalties to Talon anymore, just Lena, I mean I saw them tie the knot Fareeha. I didn’t think Amelie was still in there.”

“I don't care if she is changing, that doesn't change the past, the second you finish what ur doing she never steps back in this house ever again!” Fareeha wasn't just mad about Angela sneaking behind her back rather than talk to her, she was also mad that she had Amelie’s alpha scent all over her. She wanted to dominate and prove that she was Angela’s alpha, this wasn't her though. She knew that. Quickly Fareeha stood up straight and went rigid.

“ I apologize Honey, but you came home with her scent and it didn't bug me much earlier, you wanting to see her again is…pushing me towards a rut.”

Mercy put her hand over Fareeha’s lips with a smile

“Fareeha, miện Liebling. I am not doing this to socialize. I'm strictly a doctor helping a woman who wants to escape Talon and live with a dear friend of mine. And I swear, I hold no attachment to her. The only one for me is you.”

The hardened soldier went slack in her wife's touch. Thoroughly loving the attention Angela’s hand were giving to her tense shoulders. She traced the bond mark she left when they finally bonded.

“You know I don't like this still, don't you. I don't trust her around you. She is talons prized assassin after all.”

“Yes, but if she wanted me dead, she would have killed me when I walked in.”

Fareeha just snorted in response, but she lost her anger, she thoroughly wanted to prove she was the better alpha. She quickly wrapped her arms around Angela and swung her wife’s legs around her waist and quickly headed to the shower. Angela giggling into her alpha's neck while releasing her relaxing omega scent to soothe her alphas remaining tension.


8 Months After Amelie’s Surgery


“Lena! Hurry up cherie, we are going to be late for the double date.” Amelie called out as she finished the last of her makeup. Ruby red lips, gold eyes outlined by small black wings and smokey eyeshadow. Her beautiful blue skin has paled since she has been freed of Talon. She smiled at herself in the mirror, then looked behind her to see Lena racing to put on her black dress pants.

“You look nice.” Amelie purred, standing up from the stool and sauntering over.

Lena blushed furiously, “thanks, love, you look stunning yourself.” a big toothy grin simmered down to greeted Amelie's Smirking lips in a passionate dance. Eight months and Amelie was still struggling to find who she was, but if one thing was clear, it was her Love for the dopey British Omega that captured her heart with bad catchphrases and puns.

With Amelie in a Purple Dress and Lena with a nice dress shirt with purple accents in the fabric, they were a nice pair.

“So, you ready to head out to Dinner?” Lena asked scratching the scruffy hair on the back of her neck, The nerves of their first Fancy date brought Lena into a realm of bashfulness.

“Oui, shall we leave?”

Lena jumped to attention and wrapped her arm around Amelie’s.

“The cab should be here shortly, we can wait outside.”

… At Dinner . . .

The evening was very pleasant. Angela talked about her new breakthroughs in medical tools and nanotechnology with Lena and caught up on the new slim harness made for her so that the Anchor wouldn't weigh her down so much while trying to stay active.

Pharah and Amelie had been sparring every week and have grown quite comfortable with each other. Amelie wanted to make amends for her past attack on Fareeha’s mother and wanted to start over, and although it isn’t that easy, they have become loyal friends. Fareeha admired Amelie's determination to make amends for her wrongs and she also learned more about the reconditioning they used to control her.

Whenever someone hit on their lover's in a bar, the two of them would throw them out on their asses quicker than they could think of another cheesy pickup line. And if someone started a fight, Fareeha and Amelie ENDED it. Not to mention with the two of them working well together, their Omegas gawked and swooned with love and lust. which benefited both of them at the end of the night. Or whenever they were alone.

They were talking about new modifications to the jetpack propulsion systems and moved on to new sparring techniques they have wanted to try out.

Eventually, the night came to an end and all went home happy with the time spent with each other. Widow had been very eager to ask Lena a special question, but they had plans to vacation in Hawaii starting tomorrow so she decided to wait and hold her excitement and anxious feelings. 

when they made it home, Lena grabbedAmelie's hand with a dopy grin and pulled her to fall on top of herself, just laying on the couch. 

"It was nice to catch up with them before we left for Hawaii." 

"Mhhh, it was, although the dessert wasn't as sweet as your love." Lena giggled and buried her face into Amelie's shoulder.

"Si Vous Plait, non." Amelie groaned at the bad pick up line.

"What was that?" Lena hardly knew any French but she heard those exact words almost a million times.

"we should get dressed for bed. we have a flight at 11 am tomorrow."


"I can't believe we are really here, I always dreamed of coming here while I was in the RAF." Lena guffawed at the scenery as it passed by on their way to the hotel.

"I know, you mentioned it a few times and I figured it must be a wonderful place to visit together. I was hoping we could go to the beach before the sunset so we could see it come down over the ocean. you know I have never actually been to any ocean beach? this will be the first."

"Make sure to bring sunscreen. the last time we were outside over an hour you got the worst sunburn I have ever seen. "


"Mmmhhm. And you are going to help me put it on right?" Amelie asked with a hint of playfulness.

Lena was blushing but smiling ear to ear. "I'd be happy to help love."

When they arrived at the beach, Lena kept her promise and helped her put her sunscreen on, and Amelie returned the favor in kind. 

They spent plenty of time swimming and Lena showed off her body surfing and managed to get her Girlfriend to join in. 

"It's almost sunset Lena!" Amelie smiled and quickly grabbed Lena's hand. and brought her down the beach

 There are candles? Lena thought. not quite catching on yet.

They finally got close enough to see that it the words 'Will You Marry Me?' written with candles and had rose petals scattered around it in a heart.

Lena froze, her heart was racing.

Quickly Amelie dropped to one knee and pulled out a silver ring with a light blue neon line at the edges, to match her chronal accelerator. 

"Lena, you were the only thing that brought me back to reality the only one who thought I was worth the time to bring back. after years of fighting with each other, it slowly turned into something more. And I know we are already bonded. ut we did so without any courtship or wedding. so today, Will you marry me?"

Lena held her hand over her mouth and absolutely sobbed. She was so happy, but she couldn't find the words. she just Jumped into Amelie's arms. 

after a few minutes, Lena brought back her composure. "Amelie, I bloody love you. of course, I will marry you.

It was Amelie's turn to get teary eyed.

"Do you think we are ready to start a family? I mean, I still need time to figure out how to handle it all. but I want to have a pup with you. I know you brought it up a month ago, and I have decided that I do want a pup. but are we ready for that?"

The sun was only half above the water now and the waves splashed the beach gently as the warm colors of orange and a few cool colors of purple lingered  over them.

"Hush you.," Lena said taking her now fiance in her arms. "one step at a time. we don't need to rush it." She took Amelie's face in her hands and gave her a gentle but long kiss on the lips. "Can I just start calling you my Wife already." They both laughed.