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Trying to Figure it Out

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Just another update...

On with it then...


As John held the door for her Lisa looked back to see how far behind Diane and Kurt were. "Well, it looks like we may be having lunch by ourselves!" her words laced with humor as she turned back to John, laughing and shaking her head as she walked past him into the café.

"What?" he asked. She just gestured back down the block with another laugh. Looking that direction he saw Kurt was leaning against the side of his truck with Diane pressed fully against him. Again. "They're going to give each other tonsillitis if they keep that up!" he smirked to Lisa, who instantly lost it, laughing at his words. "Never thought I'd see the day...Nope, wait here they come." Following Lisa into the café and letting the door close behind himself.

Lisa was greeted by the hostess, "Lisa, nice to see you. Just the two of you or is Ms Lockhart also coming?" reaching out to grab several menus from the counter.

"Jilly, Hi. Yes and Mr McVeigh also. So the four of us please. And since they are taking their time getting here...may we have a table on the patio?" Lisa asked, knowing her boss' inclinations very well. Normally stuck inside all day Diane would take any chance to sit outside on a nice day. D'Angelo's was one of her favorite cafe's and they had a wonderful patio, secluded from the street view it was intimate and quiet.

Jilly nodded, noticing at that point that Kurt and Diane had finally entered the café. "Of course. Oh, looks like they're here. This way please." Motioning the four of them to follow her. As she walked by the server's station she snagged several extra napkins. She set them down next to Diane's elbow, having noticed her rather smudged lipstick. Not to mention her normally perfectly coiffed hair was rather tousled and Kurt seemed to be wearing as much lipstick as Diane wasn't. "Ms Lockhart, nice to see you again. You might want these." at Diane's confused look she spoke again, trying very hard not to start laughing. "Uh, Mr McVeigh has something on his..." touching her own finger to her lower lip.

"Thank you, Jilly. I'll let him know." Barely containing her own laughter but unable to completely refrain from rolling her eyes a little, she turned to Kurt, holding out a napkin, "Dear? Here, take this, you have something on your face!" Using another one to wipe the smudges off her own lips while he did the same. Kurt smirking and Diane blushing a little as John roared with laughter.

John picked up another napkin and tossed it at Kurt. "Here, have another. I think you missed a spot!" His smile devilish on his handsome face and his laughter booming across the patio as Kurt rather not so discreetly gave him the finger.

Still chuckling he turned to Lisa who had remained quiet, but smiling thru the entire exchange, "Is this "normal" for them?" he asked. He'd expected her to at least join in with a little laughter at her boss' expense.

"Actually John, I will have to decline to answer that." her reply was very professional, but there was a rather large grin on her face. "As Ms Lockhart's personal assistant I am privy to all sorts of confidential conversations and meetings. Work related and otherwise." Turning to face Diane, Lisa met her gaze steadily, "And as I do truly love my job and my boss I feel that I must simply state that I have "plausible deniability" concerning the wearing of Ms Lockhart's lipstick by anyone other than herself!"

The men watched as the two women regarded each other for a few seconds, before Diane tipped her head sideways a little. "Noted. And I am sure my lipstick appreciates that also." Diane's laughter ringing brightly across the patio as Kurt replied with his usual "Yep."

Their server, Sara, appeared to take their orders, smiling at them. It was so nice to see happy people! "Hello, Ms Lockhart, Mr McVeigh. The usual for you or would you like something else?" noticing that neither one had even looked at a menu.

Diane looked over at Kurt, who just shrugged his shoulder and nodded. "That's fine Sara, thank you."

Sara took Lisa and John's orders, gathered the menu's and then returned with their drinks. "Ms Lockhart, Ang would like a moment of your time before you leave if possible." setting an iced tea with a fresh mint sprig in front of Diane.

"Absolutely, Sara. It would be my pleasure." Diane replied. She loved the rather cranky Italian owner of the cafe, knowing that he was likely to want her opinion on a new recipe or dessert he wanted to add to the menu.

A few minutes later Sara returned with their meals. Talk over lunch turned to John's recent retirement from the military and his plans for the family farm. Diane offered to look over any necessary legal documents, waving away his concern about needing a high powered attorney with a firm "family looks after family". Earning her a grateful smile from Kurt.

As they lingered at the table Kurt ran the middle finger of his left hand over Diane's thigh, following the hem of her dress, barely touching her, his caress sending shivers up her spine. "Honey, I really like this dress." His voice soft in her ear as he wrapped his left arm across her shoulders and pulled her close, placing a kiss on her temple.

Lisa was studying her glass of iced tea very closely, a smile on her face. John just shook his head, still not quite believing what he was seeing.

"Keep it PG McVeigh! We're in public!" His humor filled words were met by stunned silence. Lisa's head snapped around to look first at John and then at Diane. Clapping her hand over her mouth she tried to hide her smile, barely able to contain her own laughter.

Kurt just smirked back at John, "Me? Nah, I'm not the one that needs to be reminded where we are." his hand squeezing Diane's shoulder as she turned to look at him.

Feigning indignation, she turned to look at him, "Are you saying that I...?" her words cut short by his.

"Hay, you're the one that pushed me up against the side of the truck!" grunting a little as her elbow made contact with his side.

"Well he does have a point Diane..." John teased, smirking sideways as he spoke. Earning another laugh from Diane. He also noticed that Lisa was having a difficult time maintaining her composure.

"We'll see if that happens again any time soon." Diane's words tinged with laughter. Kurt knew it was an idle threat at best.

Diane and Lisa both reaching for their cell phones as a melodic tone rang out. "It's mine, Ms Lockhart." Lisa stated, looking at the alarm. "I need to get back to the office. You have a meeting at 2 and I need to prep those notes for you. Shall I take care of this on the way out?" her hand motioning to the table.

"Thanks for reminding me. I'll be back soon. Thanks, no. I'll take care of it." Diane replied.

"John, it was nice meeting you!" Lisa stood and held her hand out, returning John's handshake firmly. "Mr McVeigh, have a nice day." Picking up Diane's briefcase along with her own purse she nodded again to Diane before going back through the café. It had certainly been an interesting lunch!

Sara returned to clear the dishes and refresh their drinks. "Would you please add this to my account and email the balance to Lisa? I'll send her back over with a check for you." Diane asked, smiling back at Sara's nod. "Thanks."

Reaching out she caught Kurt's chin and turned his head a little. She leaned in to place a not very chaste kiss on his lips, her teeth tugging softly on his lower lip before releasing him. Grinning back at him, "I need to go talk to Ang." Her tone rather sassy as she stood up from the table. "Back in a minute..." Leaving Kurt to endure what she was sure was going to be more of John's teasing.

Kurt could only shake his head as he watched her walk away. He really liked what that dress and those shoes did for her ass and her legs. John was thinking the same thing but refrained from stating it.

"Damn. You certainly have your hands full don't you? How the hell did that happen?" John's grin huge as he needled Kurt a little.

"I told you that story, several years ago...blonde lawyer? Dinner? ASA spreading our business all over a courtroom?" he replied, tipping his head towards the door.

John almost choked on his drink. "That was Diane? You never told me her name, just what had happened and I thought you two had split up after that."

"Nah, we just spent three years running away from and around each other. I finally got smart and slowed down enough to let her catch me!" both men laughing at Kurt's reply. John thought it was funny, Kurt however knew just how painfully true it was. And he still wasn't sure if it was a case of slowing down or their orbits around each other finally colliding. Whatever it had been he was certainly thankful it had happened.

As Diane entered the cafe's kitchen Ang greeted her over the counter, "Bella! Come over here, let me look at you!" His grin and heavily accented voice making Diane smile. She did just love him. She was not sure how old he was but his hair had been snow white for as long as she could remember. And he always called her "bella".

As she walked around the counter, Ang was able to see her dress, taking note of the rather short length. His eyebrows waggling as he let out a low whistle. "I'ma sure that Kurt appreciates that! He see that already?" his eyes traveling appreciatively over her form.

Diane let out a bright laugh, "Yes Ang, he's seen it. He rather likes it I think!"

Grasping her hand he placed a kiss on her fingers and pulled her around the counter towards a work table. Pointing out a stool for her to sit on and several dishes along with a glass of wine waiting on the tabletop.

"Please, try these and tell me what you think. The dessert is something new, maybe too sweet? And the wine? Ah, the wine...maybe my best yet." Bouncing on his toes a little as he waited for her to taste his choices.

Eyeing the glass of red wine, she took a seat and picked up a fork, opting to try the desserts first, knowing that the flavor of the wine might also change the flavor of the desserts. Ang's red wines tended to be robust and full bodied, much to strong to taste before the desserts.

The cake had a delicate texture to it with a nice fluffy layer of frosting. Testing the texture with the fork, she finally picked a bite and ate it. As expected the cake was light and delicious. Just to make sure she ate several bites, savoring each one. "Ang, this is wonderful! Will this be permanent on the dessert menu?" Smiling at his nodded agreement.

Picking up a clean fork she turned to the plate with the cheesecake on it. Again she tested the texture with the fork before picking a bite. It was a pale yellow in color with a soft pink hue swirled thru it and she was not sure what to expect. As she chewed the flavor burst across her tongue, bright and lemony with just a hint of...she couldn't name it. cherries? It was more of a thought than an actual taste. Her eyes closed as she ate another forkful. *This is SO good...* she thought.

Knowing he was waiting for her opinion and that he took great pride in his desserts, she looked over, "Ang, this is heaven, just...God, heaven. Simply the best cheesecake you've made yet. Will this be ready for dinner tonight?" smiling at his nod.

Picking up the glass she allowed herself to take a long soft breath of the wine, it's heady bouquet fragrant and warming. Tipping the glass up she took a generous sip. It's flavor a deeper darker version of it's fragrant scent. As she tasted the wine she noticed that instead of fighting with the cheesecake it actually brought out the cherry flavor and accented the lemon.

She was in awe of this man. His wine and food creations were exquisite. "This wine is incredible Ang. Do you have any bottled for sale?"

"Not yet, I just tapped the barrel. Soon tho, bella, soon." he poured a little more from the carafe into her glass. Smiling as she picked it up again and inhaled another breath before taking a sip.

She picked up the plate with the cheesecake and stood up from the stool. Using the forefinger of the hand holding the wine glass she pointed at him. "Ang, again, you are a genius. I want a case of this wine when it's ready please." His hearty laughter following her as she exited the kitchen and went back out to the patio.

Setting the dessert down she sat back in her chair, leaning back just a little as she stretched her legs out under the table. It had a glass top and John was having difficulty not staring. He finally pushed his tea glass over to disrupt his line of sight. *Damn, she's just gorgeous*

"What have you got there, honey?" Kurt asked reaching out for the fork, fully intending to take a bite of the dessert she had returned with.

"Uh uh. Mine." she reached out and slapped at his hand, moving the plate away. Her eyes twinkling at him. "Ang's newest cheesecake. I think the man has finally outdone himself. He's going to have a case of this wine for me also when it's ready." He noticed she was not at all inclined to share the wine either. He made another half hearted attempt to take the dessert from her, grinning when she slapped at his hand again.

As Kurt and John finalized some plans for the afternoon Diane finished the last of the cheesecake and the wine.

Looking at her watch she realized she only had about 45 minutes before her meeting. She laid her hand on Kurt's arm to get his attention. "Kurt, I need to get back to the office."

"OK, let's go then. I need to get John out to his farm also." Kurt replied, catching her hand and helping her up. As she gathered up her purse and checked her phone for messages, he took several bills from his wallet and set them under his glass. They always made sure to leave cash for the servers.

As the they walked thru the café Ang waved from the kitchen, "I call you bella, when the wine is ready!" His grin huge on his face as she smiled back at him.

Diane took Kurt's arm as they walked back towards the building her office was in. Stopping at the lobby doors, she stepped over to John, taking his hand in hers. "John, it was so nice to finally meet you! We'll be out at the farm next weekend and I'd love to have you and your parents for dinner."

"I'll let them know. And I hope I am not crossing any lines here, but you are just enchanting! I can see why Kurt fell for you!" His eyes full of mischief and his smile honest and heartfelt.

"Thank you" she just knew she was blushing. Turning to Kurt she kissed him again, letting the tip of her tongue trace lightly over his lower lip. "Bye, call me when you're headed home."

"Yep!" his reply causing her bright sunny laughter as she left them and entered the skyscraper's lobby.

As the men settled into the front seat of Kurt's truck John looked over, "So, Diane."

Kurt just smirked back at him, "Yep! Diane." Both men laughing as Kurt pulled the truck away from the curb and headed for the highway.