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A Night to Remember

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I took another swig of my beer as I looked depressed at the table. Yet another one of my relationships has ended horribly, with the man cheating on me and dumping me when he knew I found out. What was with me and dating absolute assholes? I couldn't seem to catch a break, that's the fourth breakup in three years! And it's all because I'm way too trusting and naive. If I were a bit more cautions around cute boys, then maybe I wouldn't be heartbroken all the time. But no, I just had to be addicted to hurting myself. Speaking of cute boys, a pair of them were hovering over me. One had a concerned expression on his face, while the other looked mostly emotionless. The lighter pink haired boy blushed when he noticed that I was looking at him, but the darker pink haired boy just tilted his head quizzically.

“What's wrong? When someone looks down with that look on their face, it means they are upset.”

“Um, who are you?” I ask.

“I apologize, I should have introduced myself first. My name is Gowther.” He said, popping his hip out and flashing a peace sign. Weird...

“And your friend?”

“Friend? Do you mean Gilthunder?” Gowther turned to the light haired boy. He was still looking away, but he turned when he heard his name.

“Gowther, I don't think we should be bothering people.”

“Really? But I read that if you talk out your problems with someone then you feel better. I wanted to see if this was true.”

“Look guys, not that I don't think you're nice for worrying about me, but I just got through a rough break up and I want to drink myself unconscious in peace.”

“A 'break up'? I've read about them, but I don't understand. Please tell me more.”

I sighed. These guys were really eccentric, but I couldn't help but feel charmed. They were both rather cute in their own ways, and for some reason I felt like opening up to them.

“Look, just sit down and I'll tell my whole sob story to you strangers.”

“I don't believe we are strangers anymore, it is you who is still the stranger. What is your name?”

“I'm [y/n].”

“Hello, [y/n].”

Gowther sat down in the booth opposite of me, Gilthunder sliding in next to him.

“I'm so sorry for bothering you.” Gilthunder apologized.

“No, no, it's fine. I probably need to be distracted from drinking anyway.” I lean my head on my hand, looking at the boys across from me. “So. Life story. I guess it all started when I decided to start dating, every single boy I dated cheated on me and dumped me. I mean, you think I'd start dumping them first! Or at least wise up to it and stop dating jerks. But, whatever. I'm sure you don't need to hear any of this. So, what are two cute boys such as yourself doing in a bar like this? Normally only heartbroken people come here.”

Gowther cocked his head. “Wouldn't someone with a broken heart need to see a doctor?”

“...Is that seriously all you got from that?”

“No, I processed everything you said. I am just curious as to how people with broken hearts survive without immediate medical care.”

I roll my eyes. “Their hearts aren't literally broken, it's just something that people say to mean that they're sad over something.”

“Oh. I understand.”

“Now, why are you here?”

Gilthunder butted in. “Gowther wanted to see if there were any other bars around, and this was the first one we found.”

“Yes. I was curious as to how many bars were already in the current residence, so that way I may inform my boss as to how much competition we have.”

“Your boss? Do you two work in a bar or something?”

“Gowther works in a tavern called the Boars Head.”

“What do you do for a living, Gilthunder?”

He blushed, not expecting the questions to suddenly be directed at him. “Oh, I'm just tagging along with Gowther's group for the time being. I don't actually have a 'job'.”

“How long have you two been friends?”

“We've known each other since we were kids.”

“Well, I knew Gilthunder when he was a child.”

“...What does that mean?”

“Nothing!” Gilthunder covered Gowther's mouth with his hand, directing a look at him that clearly said 'Shut up'. “Anyway, why are you interrogating us now?”

“Well, it's only fair. You were the ones who made themselves at home at my table, now you get subjected to my questions.”

“How is that fair!?”

“It just is.”

Gowther nodded his head silently, as though it made perfect sense. Maybe it did in that messed up brain of his. We kept talking, and I kept drinking. Gilthunder and Gowther started drinking with me, and before I knew it I was absolutely shitfaced. Gilthunder wasn't doing much better, but it seemed Gowther was mostly unaffected.

“And so I said... I said get your own damn pig! And he- he just said 'alright' and grabbed King! Ehehehe...” Gilthunder hiccuped, a giddy expression on his face.

A blush has permanently settled itself on my face as I kept making lewd expressions at Gowther. I have always been a bit of a sexual drunk, so this came as no surprise to me. But Gowther kept tilting his head in that adorable way, looking confused. Then he seemed to understand something and stood up.

“Let's leave.”

“Aww... but we've just getting started having fun! Don't leave me just yet...”

“You're coming with, [y/n].”

“R-really?” I looked so excited, like a puppy ready to go on a walk.

“Where we goin', Gowther?” Gilthunder slurred out

“To my house. It is custom for someone such as myself to have one, yes?”

“Uhhh... sure.”

“Then let us go.”

Gowther ended up supporting us both as we walked to where he lived. Wow... he was so strong! For such a girly looking guy, he can sure lift. When we reached his house, he lead us to his bedroom and placed us both on his bed. I sprawled out, hitting Gilthunder in the face. He didn't seem to mind, and started muttering something under his breath about some chick named Margret or something. Gowther had a pervy look on his face as he looked down at us, both of us in our own little worlds. It seemed as though I only blinked, but one second Gowther was completely clothed and then he wasn't. I was interested, to say the least. My eyes widened and so did my grin. He helped me out of my clothes and started kissing my neck. He licked and bit and sucked, leaving many marks on my flesh. As soon as I was as naked as he was, I hear a small sound beside me. Gowther ignored it and started kissing my lips, but I was curious. I looked over and noticed Gilthunder drunkenly rolling off the bed, not wanted to deal with our nonsense. Gowther cupped one of my breasts, bringing my attention back to him. He licked a path down to my nipple, circling it with his tongue and tugging slightly with his lips. I moaned loudly, my nipples hardening under his ministrations. Gilthunder landed with a thud on the floor, moaning softly.

Gowther separated himself from my breast, causing me to sound out in disappointment. “Gilthunder, what are you doing?” He didn't sound angry, just confused.

“You... gross... ugh...” Was all we heard from him.

“Would you like to join?”

I blushed even harder than I already was.

“Nooooo.” Gilthunder let out weakly, trying to stand up and failing miserably. Gowther crawled over to him. When he started removing Gilthunder's clothes, he didn't resist. Gowther kissed Gilthunder softly on the lips, rubbing his chest, his sides, his arms. Gilthunder seemed to really like this as he was erect within seconds. How did Gowther know exactly how to excite the other man? They didn't seem to be dating or anything... maybe they just did each other on the side? Or maybe Gowther had some power that I didn't know about... psh, nah. That'd be silly. He lead Gilthunder back onto the bed, over to where I still lay. He sat down him down right next to me, so he could reach me and him at the same time. He started slowly pumping Gilthunder's length with one hand, his other hand reaching out in between my legs, spreading me slightly so that he could reach my clit and rub at it gently. I clutched at the sheets and spread my legs a bit so that he had better access, throwing my head back and moaning when he swirled his finger around my clit. He stroked Gilthunder and me at the same time so well, it was as if he did this every day. All the while he still had that impassive, calculating look on his face. His hard cock betrayed his emotions, however. Did this guy even have emotions? Oh well.

After performing his actions for a while, he stopped moving his hands. Gilthunder and I both groaned in disappointment. Gowther gently sat me up, and I wondered what he was doing until he lead me over to Gilthunder. He had me face him and grabbed Gilthunder's cock, guiding it to my entrance. Gilthunder and I looked at each other, eyes wide. Gowther was seriously making us have sex with each other?! Well, he wasn't really making us, since we both wanted it... but still! And he didn't even have a condom on!

Gowther, seemingly reading my mind, said: “Gilthunder does not have any illnesses, and has bathed recently.”

My drunk mind decided to believe him, and knowing that I was on birth control meant I couldn't accidentally get pregnant. Gilthunder didn't seem worried if I had any diseases, he seemed content with watching me, a blush on his face. I hesitantly placed my hands on his chest as I lowered myself down on his cock, Gowther making sure it went in.

I tensed a bit when I felt the head of his cock breach me, but relaxed after I breathed deeply. We both moaned as he filled me completely. I sat in his lap for a moment, adjusting to the size of his cock. When I was ready, I started bobbing on Gilthunder's length, causing him to moan loudly. Gowther cupped both of my breasts, playing with my nipples. He pressed his body against mine, grinding his length against my backside. This gave him an idea, as he removed one of his hands and started sucking on it. He pushed one of his fingers into my ass, stretching me and pumping in me in time with my movements on Gilthunder's cock. When he was able to fit in two fingers he started scissoring me, pumping them in and out of my hole. He twisted his fingers in a way that had me arching my back against his chest. Honestly, I didn't think I'd ever be into anal until just now. When he could easily slide three fingers in and out of me, he removed them and positioned his cock at my entrance. Soon I was filled up in both holes, it felt so weird yet so good. I bounced on both of their cocks, feeling Gowther huff in my ear and seeing Gilthunder completely lose himself in the feeling. The closer we came to completion, the more erratic their thrusts were. It wasn't long before I felt Gilthunder release himself inside me, and Gowther followed after I came myself. We all lay on the bed, spent and riding through our orgasms. I didn't resist when Gilthunder turned and started cuddling me, and noticed Gowther look at us and do the same. I had both boys laying with their heads on my shoulders and their arms wrapped around my waist. I held them both to my sides, stroking their backs and smiling. I think I've found my new boyfriends!