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The White House has always had a lot of intern, especially women but had never been as chaotic as it was now under President Clinton, he was the first President after years that was really sexy and beautiful and the women of the White House couldn’t keep their eyes away from him. Bill didn't pay much attention to this, only believed that they were kind because he was the President, sometimes even Hillary teased him and told him that he had got to his feet all of the women of the White House included her and he replied that he loved her and only her and that he only had eyes for her.


This morning Bill had awakened, had prepared and had breakfast and then he headed to the Oval Office to read some documents, around 10 am a special person had joined him, a person with whom Bill loved to spend his time, his son Liam.

"Hi Dad"

"Hello little man, where's mommy?"

"Mommy's in her office, I came here with Tom” - Liam pointed to the door where his secret agent was located.

"Thanks Tom"

“You’re welcome Sir"

"Bye Tom” - Liam was still young and could not yet understand what the role of Tom was and he saw him a bit like a babysitter that took him around the White House when his parents worked.

"So Liam, what do you want to do?"

“Can you read me a book daddy?”

"Okay, but only until they bring me the documents that I have to sign, ok?”

“Yes" - Liam was excited, he loved spending time with his dad and he especially loved when he read him stories, because his voice relaxed him and made him feel protected.

After 30 minutes, Liam had his head rested on the chest of his father as he watched the figures of the book while his father was reading, until a woman holding a large number of documents entered the room.

"Mr. President, you are expected to sign these documents” - the girl did not have more than 30 years, she was dressed in a succinct way and had a big smile on her face, she had admired the President since the day she had met him and every day she brought him documents that had to be signed and every day she flirted with him, even though she had never obtained the desired result, the President was always too busy to notice that a beautiful girl was willing to jump into his arms and today the President was too busy to read to his son to notice she was there, so she decided to approach the desk and leaning toward Bill to show him her cleavage.

"Thank you” - the President did not even look up from the book he was reading to his son and when finally the book was finished he looked up and saw that the intern was still there and was a little too close to his liking.

"Is there anything else?” - Bill asked annoyed.

"No Sir, it's just ..."

"Then you can go” - Bill returned to watch his son, kissed him on the forehead and began to sign the documents, relieved that the woman was gone.

Hillary had arrived shortly after the girl, had stopped at the door and had watched the whole scene unfold in front of her, she was a bit annoyed when she watched a woman hit on her husband, but by now she was used to it and in addition she had nothing to worry about, Bill loved her and she loved him, she still remembered the anger she felt when a woman had tried to hit on Bill, while she was pregnant and even if Bill hadn't given a second glance at the woman, she was angry and she had ended up making a scene.


June 1993


Hillary was 5 months pregnant, hormones made her intractable, she did not feel attractive and in these days she snapped to anyone who spoke to her and then burst into tears, mortified, people in the White House had learned to avoid her.

That morning she had woken in a good mood and wanted to see her husband and spending time with him, but when she arrived in the Oval Office next to her husband was a beautiful woman, who laughed at everything Bill said and that every time she had to pass a document to him she bent so that her boobs were pretty much in the face of Bill, even if he didn't pay much attention to the female intern, but more to the documents in front of him, Hillary’s hormones told her otherwise.

She entered the Oval Office clearing her throat and the young intern went away immediately, leaving the President and the First Lady alone, Bill looked up and smiled at his wife.

"Hi baby, how are you?” - Bill stroked Hillary’s belly and bent to press a kiss where was his baby. 

“What are you doing with that woman?” - Hillary was furious with him and Bill did not understand the reason. 

"Honey, she was just bringing some documents" 

"Really? I didn't know that her job consisted in showing you her breasts”

"Honey, calm down, this is not good for the baby" 

“Not good for the baby? Instead is it good for the baby that his father watch other women?"
"Honey I wasn't watching, I have eyes only for you, I could never do such a thing” - Hillary looked her husband in the eyes and knew he was right. 

"I'm sorry, these are the hormones" 

"Don't worry love” - Bill sat on his chair and made his wife sit on his knees and began to stroke her belly gently talking to their unborn child.



With these thoughts in mind, Hillary smiled and when the intern finally came out of the Oval Office, she walked over to Liam and Bill.


"Hi mommy"

"Hey Darling” - Hillary kissed her husband and then her son who was intent on drawing and not paid any attention to his parents' conversation.

"You know that girl was trying to impress you"

“What?" - Bill looked at his wife who now stood at his side with a hand on his shoulder.

"The girl who came to bring you the documents, she was flirting with you” - Bill looked confused, Hillary laughed at him. 

"God Bill, I love you” - Hillary smiled and lowered to kiss him, she loved her husband and she loved the fact that he don't care about watching other women except her.

"I love you too babe” - Hillary lowered again to give another kiss to her beloved husband.

“Ewww” - Liam covered his eyes with his hands, disgusted by his parents’ kiss, Hillary then kissed him too on the cheek, one time, then another and another.

“Stop mommy"

"Don't you want my kisses?” - Hillary pretended to be upset and sad.

"I'm sorry mommy, I want another kiss” - Liam extended his arms towards his mother and he gave her a big kiss when Hillary took him in her arms.

"And also a kiss from daddy” - Bill rose, kissed his son and then his wife and hugged them both, remained in that position for several minutes, until someone knocked on the door and Al Gore came into the room.

"We have a meeting” - Al saluted Liam and Hillary saying to Bill to hurry up because they were already late, Bill took the documents needed for the meeting and kissed gently on the lips his wife and his son on the forehead.

"I love you both” - Bill loved his family and would have liked to spend more time with them, but as President he had many commitments and tried his best to reconcile as best as possible his role as President and his role as husband and father.

“Bye daddy” - Liam saluted his father with his hand and blew him a kiss.

"Bye darling” - Bill emerged from the Oval Office and with Al headed to their meeting.

"Honey, why don't we go upstairs to play a little?"

“Ok" - Hillary and Liam went upstairs to spend time together and have fun.

"I love you, mommy"

"I love you, little man” - Hillary kissed his son and together they began to play with the new legos that Liam had received for Christmas.