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It is around 10 am when Liam Clinton, the youngest member of the family, wake up and he immediately call out for his mom.

“Hi baby, you’re awake”, Hillary takes up her son and smile at him “Mommy”, he says resting his head on her chest.

“Now we’re going to have breakfast ok? “, Liam nods and the two of them go to the kitchen.

“Mommy, mommy, I want to see daddy”, Liam says, while he eats his cereals. 

“I know honey, but daddy is working, why don’t we play in the garden and then we surprise dad for lunch?”

“No no no mommy, I want to play with daddy”

In that moment Huma arrives, “Mrs Clinton there is a phone call for you in your office”, “Ok, thank you Huma. Honey stay here with Tom and I’ll be right back”.

When Liam sees his mom disappears behind the corner he looks at his secret agent “Tom, I want to see daddy, please”, Tom lifted up the baby Clinton and take him to see his father.

“Mr President, you have a visit”, the secret agent open the door and Liam walk in and go to his dad.

“Hey Liam, what are you doing here?” Bill lifts his son up and sit him on his lap.

“I want to play with you daddy, but don’t say to mommy I’m here”

“Why I can’t say to mommy that you’re here?”

“Because mommy says you’re busy”, he smiles at his dad.

Bill kiss his son on the forehead and says “Ok little man, you can stay here but I have to read some papers and we need to say to mommy where you are otherwise she’ll be very worried”

“Ok daddy, will she be angry?”

“No Liam, don’t worry”

“Tom, inform the first lady that Liam is here, please”

“Absolute, sir”, the secret agent walk out of the office and calls the first lady’s agent.

“Mark, say to Evergreen that Effervescent is with Eagle in the oval office”.

Mark knocks on the door of Mrs Clinton’s office.

“Ma’am Liam is with the President”, Hillary looks up and thanks the agent, then takes the phone.

“Hi honey, you want me to come to take Liam?”

“No darling, we’re fine”

“You’re sure? I know you need to work to that bill”

“Don’t worry love, I’m working on that, he is not disturbing me”

“Ok then, I love you”

“I love you too”, then the President hangs up the phone.

“Ok little man, now we have some work to do”

“So can I stay with you?”, Liam ask with puppies eyes.

“Of course, you can stay”

“Thank you daddy, I love you and I’m going to make you a drawing”, Liam says hugging his dad.

“I love you too, my little man”, he kisses his son on the forehead and hugs him.

For the next hour the President work on the bill, while his son draws sitting on his lap.

“Daddy, this is for you”, Liam give his draw to his father smiling at him.

“Oh Liam, this is beautiful, I think I’m going to take this right here in my desk, so I can see it every day.

Then Bill stand up with Liam and they start to play with Liam’s car on the floor.

“Daddy, when we can go on a vacation, so we can play every day?”

“I don’t know honey, where you want to go?”

“I don’t care, I only want to stay with you and mommy all day”, Bill smiles. 

“Well, I’ll speak to your mommy and we’ll see if we can take a vacation ok?”, Liam nods and says, “Yes, thank you daddy”

“You’re welcome, Liam”, Bill hug his son and continue to play with him.

And this is how Hillary finds them 30 minutes later.

“I think I say that daddy is too busy to play”

“Sorry mom” says Liam smiling at his mom.

“It’s fine, I can join you?”

“Yes mommy”

They set on the couch with Liam on Bill’s lap, Bill gave a soft kiss on Hillary’s lips and whispers “I love you”

“I love you too, Bubba”, they smile and she rests her head in his shoulder.

“So, what you two do this morning?”, Hillary ask to her boys.

“I make a draw for daddy, while he works and then we plays with the cars”

“Hmm, it seems very funny, Did you have fun?”

“Yes mommy”, she give her son a kiss on the forehead and smiles at her husband.

They play together for another hour then Liam look up at his parents and says “I’m hungry mommy” the three Clinton stand up and make their way to the kitchen, they eat together laughing and talking and after they have finished they go to Liam’s bedroom.

“It’s time for the nap little man and I have to go back to work”, Bill says to his son.

“Daddy, daddy tell me a story”

“Ok my little man”

The President takes his son in his arms and begins to tell him a story.

Liam begins to fall asleep hearing his father voice and resting the head in his chest, while Hillary watches them with a big smile.

“He’s finally asleep”, Bill says while he rests his son gently on the bed.

“You’re the most amazing dad, Bubba” Hillary says putting her arms around Bill’s waist, watching at their son peacefully sleeping.

“I love him so much, I never thought that at this point in our lives we would be doing it all over again”

“I know me neither, but it’s such a joy watching him and he looks so much like you”

“Yes, but he has your beautiful smile and you are the most amazing mother and he loves you so much” Bill says watching at his wife.

“Well, he certainly his daddy’s boy” Hillary kisses his husband and Bill smiles.

“Now go back to work Mr President”

“Thank you honey, I love you”, he kisses his son and his wife once again and then he walks out of the room to come back to work.