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Back to You

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Dinner Party at White House, 1998

It was expected that the guests for the Dinner Party at the White House to arrive by 07:00 PM. However as early as 06:00 PM the people started coming. Any party hosted by the White House is especially anticipated—this one is no exemption. The VIPs, diplomats, politicians, and celebrities had started going around expanding networks, and or headhunting for potential business partners. The energy in the venue had begun to peak up as cacophony of sounds had increased a few notch. Champagnes, whiskeys, and hor d'oeuvres were being served around.

Everyone in the party was filled with excitement for what awaits them in the night. Everyone, except for one.

Hillary took a deep breath as she looks down at the people from the balcony. The people had already started to mingle with one another. She, however, was already dreading the party.

She's not particularly looking forward to this night as she knew that she needs to play a charade with her husband so as to appear to the crowd that they are okay.


1 year, 2 months, 12 days, 16 hours, and 22 minutes. That's exactly how long it has been since she had thrown him out of their bedroom, and he started living on the couch.

Bill counted the days because he often wondered how long it will take for her to withstand being alone in their bedroom. Well, apparently, he had under-estimated her will. It has been more than 1 year and she seem to be doing fine. He, on the other hand, was agonizing on the distance that she had put between them. He missed her. It pains him to know what had become of them ever since his affair with the intern had came to light.

He was in the circle of diplomats when he had seen his wife standing in the corner talking to a man he didn't know. "Who's that?" Bill asked Al who was standing next to him.


"The man talking to my wife, do you know him?"

Al turned his head where the President was looking, and shrugged. "No, he doesn't look familiar to me."

The man said something that made Hillary throw her head back and laugh. Bill almost smiled. It has been a long time since the last time he had seen his wife laugh and smile without being forced to do so for the public. He hated everything: the silent treatment, the false pretense that they are okay, and most of all, he dislikes the sadness and misery that seems to automatically hover around her when he's near. It shouldn't be a wonder if after his term she would be filing for divorce.

The sudden thought of divorce made him wince. Jesus, a lifetime without her. "You know the guy wouldn't stop flirting with her if you are just going to stand there brooding." Bill took a drink from his tumbler to compose himself. "You know that she hates me, right? I cannot just go there and interrupt them." Al looked at him waiting for him to speak. "What?" Bill asked. "What do you want, Bill?" He glanced across the room where his wife was standing smiling, laughing, and enjoying her time with someone else.

"I want her back."

Al smiled and said, "then go get your girl."


Hillary was having a great time reminiscing with her former classmate from Yale when she saw from her peripheral that Bill was approaching them. She tensed. She almost walked out but decided against it as it would cause a scene.

"Hi, darling." Bill said casually, planting a kiss on her temple as he snaked his arm around her shoulder, pressing her closer to his side. Hillary's friend was taken aback by the sudden arrival of the President. "Mr. President." He greeted. Hillary, for her part, was just as surprised at his deliberate show of possessiveness that left her frozen for a fraction of second.

"So who's your friend?" Bill asked as he look at her. Hillary caught the glint of challenge in his eyes. Here they go again, pretending like as if they are getting along well. She's getting used to this. What was surprising though is his sudden confidence in touching her. She thought that maybe he wanted to put the charade to the next level to be more convincing. Well, if Bill thought that she's going to shy away from this game he's wrong.

Bill was expecting Hillary to distance herself so her next action caught him by surprise. She nestled into him, wrapping her arm around his waist. "This is my friend from Yale, Anthony Woods."

Bill drag his gaze from her to the hand that her friend extended, and shook it "Mr. Woods." Anthony greeted him back. His attention snapped back to her, when he look down and found her genuinely beaming at him.

It rendered him speechless.

She is so beautiful.

From that moment, though, Bill made a promise to himself that he will do everything in his power to win her back.


Anthony was about to say something when the jazz band started playing It Had to Be You as the next song. Remembering that this is the same song that they danced to during his inauguration, Bill whispered, "I think this one is our dance, darlin'" in his Arkansas drawl. People cleared the way for the first lady and the president as he led her to the dance floor.

They swayed slowly at first while Bill held her stare. He was afraid to blink at the moment for fear that he might break the spell. He lovingly gazed at her face as he tried to memorize it. He knew that he should while he can because it might take another days, weeks, or months before he can get this close to her once again. He wanted to be closer but didn't do so because he knew that she might not be ready yet, so he settled with the distance she is willing to offer.

Hillary was confused as hell. When she smiled up at him earlier she knew she was just playing along with their game but now that they were swaying together in a song that's bringing back the good memories, she's no longer sure. Everything that's happening is all too familiar: his scent, the feel of his soft salt and pepper hair, his handsome face, the strength of his arms. If only everything is okay, she would not hesitate to press her body closer to him and lay her head on his shoulder.

But it's not.

She blinked waking herself up from the trance. She knew that they need to keep this facade of a happy marriage in order to appease the public just as what they had agreed on. She had to remember that this is all a show.

Well if she wanted to make good on their act this is the best time to do it she thought. So before the song ended, she crept her hand that was resting on his back to his nape, then drew his head down, as she pressed a sweet reverent kiss on the bridge of his nose.

click click

Just before the night ended, the world had a perfect picture of a sweet moment between Hillary and Bill Clinton.