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Stop the Presses

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Phil opened his eyes and was relieved to see a perfectly normal hospital. He tried to sit up and it hurt like hell. So much for all that lovely extra morphine.

"Sorry, you are back to normal pain medication levels," Bruce whispered. "Plus side you aren't blue anymore, that faded in a couple hours."

"Why are you whispering?" Phil asked.

Bruce pointed and there was Melinda asleep in a chair. "She had a long night."

"I think you all did," Phil waved his hand and Bruce raised the bed a bit. "I bet you all have to get the hell out of dodge?"

"We were never here," Bruce agreed. "Tony is picking us all up soon. But we figure you are in good hands."

"The best," Phil said. "Thank you."

Bruce closed a gentle hand around his ankle. "Once Delta, always Delta. "

Clint stole my cookie didn't he?"

"Heal well. We'll call in a couple weeks." Bruce gave him another pat and left.

Phil looked at Melinda. She looked so fragile when asleep, it made him realize how tiny she was. And if he ever said that he figured five broken bones at least.

"I can feel you staring you know," Melinda said, eyes still closed.

"You're my hero," Phil replied.

Melinda opened her eyes and stretched a little. "So, hard to kill."

"So, flying," Phil answered.

"When did you figure it out?"

"Knew something was up early, but the whole floating during sex was hard to miss."

"Why didn't say anything?" Melinda asked.

"Why didn't you?"

Melinda nodded. "I was scared."

Phil looked at her. "Scared?"

"Phil, you are a reporter, one who was trying to find out the truth about SHIELD, if I had told you, oh by the way I'm a superhero and so is everyone in my shop, what would you have done? You would have broken the story." She shrugged a little. "I started dating you because I liked you, and to keep an eye on you."

"Which one was the one that won out?" Phil asked.

"The liking you," Melinda said. "You are so very, very likable."

"I won't expose you guys," Phil promised. "Darcy and Nick won't either. Once I heal and finish my HYDRA stories, I'm back on dog shows and local school board elections. There is a miniature pony show coming up. Have you seen baby miniature ponies, they are adorable."

"So, no more kidnappings?" Melinda asked.

"Nope, back to boring Phil, fluff piece stories Phil," he swore. "I am getting really tired of chest injuries."

"Not even a tiny kidnapping, to see if I can make you spill all your secrets?" Melinda sat on the edge of his bed and kissed him. "I have a cat suit and thigh high boots in the back of my closet."

"I took a bullet to the chest, you can't say things like that for a month or two," Phil whimpered.

"No fast healing huh?" Melinda asked. Her fingers hovered over where the bullet tore through him.

"Heal almost normal," he said. "I just happen to be -"

"Really hard to kill," Melinda finished for him. "Well, when you are released from the hospital, you'll not want to be alone."

"No," he agreed. "I'll need some monitoring."

"If you'd like, I can help with that," Melinda offered. 

"I'd like."

Melinda kissed him gently. 


When Darcy saw him in the hospital, she slapped him up the head and made him sit through all the photos of the shopping spree Pepper had taken her on.

Phil worked on stories from the hospital and Nick made sure to help cover up anything that needed covering up - he was a man with a lot of contacts.

When Phil was checked out of the hospital the whole team welcomed him to Melinda's apartment and had a quiet party. Delta sent condoms and a fruit bouquet.

Phil did his PT and slowly recovered and even managed to write a few of those fluff stories he wanted for the paper. He ignored Maria's emails about this story that was right up his alley once he stopped being a wimp.

And eventually a doctor gave him an all clear and he cooked a romantic dinner and even made a playlist after the one he requested Clint help with started with the song "I Want to Fuck You Like an Animal"

Only Melinda didn't lead him to the bed, but up to the roof and it wasn't exactly toasty out.

"The stars are nice," Phil said.

"Shut up, I need to concentrate," Melinda said and she was doing some deep meditative breathing.

"I was cleared for moderate sex, and this is scaring me a little bit," Phil said.

"Just put your arms around my neck and hold tight," she answered.

Phil did as she said, he always happily did as she said. And within a moment they were hovering a few feet in the air. Melinda took him flying. It only lasted a minute before she touched down again. She groaned a little as they landed. 

"Right, don't expect that again," Melinda said.

Phil cupped her face and kissed her softly, lips grazing hers again and again until they settled and his tongue slid into her mouth. When they let go he smiled. "That was better than I imagined."

"This weekend, I'll take you in a plane and fly us somewhere nice," Melinda said.

"I'll move back into my place soon, give you your space," Phil promised.

"I don't need that much space." Melinda took his hand and lead him back downstairs and showed him just how little space she wanted between them.


6 months later

Red Wing and the team broke into the school and handily avoided the traps that were set. They strode through the halls to the auditorium where the hostage was on the stage, tied up and under a spotlight.

Phil smiled at them. "Hi guys, I can absolutely explain how this happened." 

"Oh you bet your ass you will," Melinda said in her superhero voice. She flew onto the stage and attacked the person waiting in the curtains. 

Phil hadn't expected the kidnapping, he was here for a story on the falling apart school. Didn't meant to stumble into graft and connections to the Yakuza.

But he did so love to watch his girlfriend work.