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A Second Chance

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True Cross academy, former male dormatories, Assiah

Rin's POV

Rin was confused to say the least. The pointy eared, raven haired male could hardly believe what had transpired over the past couple of weeks.


Demons that came from a mirror like realm, Gehenna, to possess corrupted souls.

"If that wasn't bad enough, I had to be the son of satan because apparently being human is too hard."

Rin sighed in resignation, noting that that bitterness was like a neon sign over his 'soul', just begging for demon to posses him. Taking a moment to clear his mind, Rin slowly observed the abandoned dormatory room he, and his younger twin brother, Yukio, shared. It had been a huge shock to Rin when he found out that Yukio had know what their foster father, Shiro Fujimoto, had done for a living, but not as shocking as when Rin found out Yukio was his teacher...who was going help him become and exorcist. And not just any exorcist, no, Rin would be the best of the best, taking his spot up the top with his old man,

...that's right, he was going to become a Paladin, just like Fujimoto.

"I prove him right, just you watch, you pompous clown! I'll be the best exorcist the world has ever seen!"

With the bitterness of being lied to and thrust into unfamiliar territory being replaced by his own determination, Rin raced out the door, ready to face the day.

"Today's my lucky day, I know it!"

Demon Pharmaceuticals, True Cross Academy, Cram school.

"This is the worst day ever..." Rin groaned. 'That mole faced, four eyes won't take his eyes off me! How am I meant to sleep with Yukio watching me?' He whined within the confines of his own mind.

It was true, Yukio had not taken his eyes off his brother from the moment he had stepped through the door.

Yukio's POV

'He's immature, reckless and relies on blind luck and brute strangth to get through every situation' Yukio mentally ranted, while eyeing his brother, 'I don't understand why the director is so interested in...well...him.'

Yukio, contrary to the reputation his twin had, was not an idiot. He could understand the evident appeal of Rin. He was, after all, the son of Satan and only being know to possess the blue flames besides their biological father himself.

Yet for reasons beyond his comprehension, Mephisto seems so...taken by his brother.

And that was the problem...

'Mephisto', Yukio pondered, 'Is not one to get so enthused. The last time he got this excited...' Yukio shuddered. While he may have not been around to witness it personally but he knew a fair bit about the sheer devastation the event had bore.

'Still' he sighed, 'Mephisto's never acted like's like he's anxious, scared even...what could possibly do that to a man-, no, demon like him?'

Sighing in temporary defeat, Yukio stood up to address his class, consiting of nine students. "Summer break is almost here. Which means the exwire certification exam is coming up." He called to his class, he could practically feel a stupid or naive comment rise from Rin, one which was quickly quashed by Shiemi Moriyama, the classes newest student.

"So next week we will hold an intensive study camp." Yukio paused to hand around sheets with all the information regarding the camp and potential meisters the student will start aming towards.

"Please circle whether you wish to participate and fill in your desired meister by Monday." He finished cooly, retreating to his desk to sort various sheets of paperwork.

Lazily watching Rin make his way over to Surgo's table, Yukio could not help but worry for him...after all, whatever had the king of time and space on edge couldn't bode well for the rest of them...

Rin's POV

"What the hell is a Meister?" Rin asked Bon, nervous about how he'd react.

It was really only recently that Suguro had 'warmed up' to Rin, per say. Prior to, what Rin had dubbed, the giant frog incident, Suguro and him did not get along to say the least.

Petty bickering, confrontations, bragging and some pretty crude hand gestures on Rin's part had made up majority of their relationship.

'Not that I regretted it at the time.'

True, but Rin felt like for the first time, discounting Shemi because she was honestly too kind and trusting, that he could actually make his first friend, he just need to know what Bon thought about it.

"How clueless are you?" Bon replied, his eyes set his the usual intimidating fashion. "You don't even know that!?"

Before Rin could even open his mouth to retaliate, the pink haired one, ('Shima or was it Renzou, I think...') responded.

"hahaha, you really are clueless, aren't you Okumura?"

Rin, having decided that his whole plan was a failure, began to slowly back up. That was until the final participant at the table, the bald and bespectacled Miwa Konekomaru, came to his defence.

"A meister is..." Konekomaru began, (ignoring Bon's shout of "Don't tell him Konekomaru!") "a skill qualification necessary to achieve the rank of exorcist...there are five types..."

For Rin, Konekomaru's voice faded into the distance as he listed the various skill types. Rin was felt like cheering, they were, abiet however reluctantly, talking to him...

'Like friends do...'

Magic circles and seals, True Cross Academy, Cram school

Rin's POV

"Careful." Mr Neuhaus warned snappishly, his distrust and frank digust for the students he taught eminent. "Today we will see if any of you possess the ability to summon a demon. And if you fools break the circle it will cease to function. Now the first thing ever potential tamer needs to kn-..."

Rin couldn't help but tune out the rest of the lecture, Mr Neuhaus's voice and the heat creating the perfect environment for his day dreaming. 'What's the point of listening? Isn't just blood on paper?' Rin thought as he watched Neuhaus summon his own demon...'don't get me wrong, it's cool but do they really need to over complicate it? It's like being in a school of Yukio impersonators.'

Rin sighed for what had to be the hundredth time today. He let his mind wander, 'what kind of familiar would be cool? A giant cat? Do those even exist?!. I am so bothering Yukio about this when class ends.' Pausing from his current train of thought, Rin took the paper circle handed to him. It looked decisively less impressive than the teachers on the floor, yet he could see, hell, he could feel the confidence radiate of Izumo Kamiki.

Wondering what kind of familiars the class could summon, well...the ones that could, Rin decided to shut up and watch as Izumo took the spot light.

"Inari, I humbly beseech thee to grant my request!" Out of nowhere two beautiful white foxes curled around her, shadowing parts of her figure in their luminescence.

Rin was stunned, 'They don't want me to do that do they!?' He asked himself, 'I'm so screwed...'

Next up was Bon, and after putting a drop of blood on the page...

"Nothing happened." Suguro remarked, clearly unimpressed.

"Figures, I have the blood of shrine maidens in me!" Izumo bragged.

After Bon was Shima and Konekomaru, who like Bon, weren't able to summon a familiar.

"Okumura. Your up." Mr.Neuhaus gruffly called, obviously wanting to end the class as soon as possible.

"O-okay" Rin answered. 'Come on Rin!' he mentally jeered, 'if there ever was a time to not look like an idiot, this is it!'

Pricking his finger and hoping for the best Rin closed his eyes and concentrated. It was almost instantaneous, like an overwhelming wildfire spreading from his conciousness through his body. Opening his blue eyes he began to chant;

"come to me, from a grave of ash and flame, come to me, my servant, for END shall rise again."

Opening his eyes, Rin held his breath, waiting for something to happen....


"OW!!!" Rin cried when something solid collided with his skull.

"Is that...a book?" Shemi inquired, curious if this was a normal thing to summon. It was at this point Bon could no longer hold it in.

"BWAHAHAHA SEE EVEN THE DEMONS THINK YOU NEED TO GET SMARTER!!!" Shima joined in Bon's laughter and soon the whole class, even Shemi, couldn't help but laugh at his expense.

Felling a blush rise to his cheeks, Rin only response was to gape at his 'demonic familiar'. It was obviously a book, but it looked a bit shabby and had a hole blasted almost clean through the front cover.

It was overall...pretty underwhelming.

Reaching down to pick it up, Rin could not help but flinch at the intense heat it emmitted, 'Wait can I even get burned?', he absentmindedly wondered. Attempting to pick it up again, Rin found the book covered in filth. Dusting away the grime and dirt, the title of the book read: