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Fantastic Ficlets and Where I Post Them

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But what you don’t understand is that fairy Pickett is Pickett’s favourite thing. He twirls in his sparkly flower petal dress and whenever Newt tries to talk to someone about something (anything) whOOPSIDAISY there’s a Pickett popped up from his collar and sitting on his nose and swinging from his fringe and basically doing everything he can to get people to notice his fabulous new outfit. Newt ends up doing a lot of flustered apologising, and scattered attempts to explain that Pickett is a bowtruckle, not a fairy - no, the wings aren’t a standard thing for, uh, for bowtruckles, it’s just Pickett is - it’s a spell, they’re not - Pickett sit down - but about that book signing? :)

It both cements his reputation as a complete oddball and gains him a flock of devoted Pickett-followers, but at least he has bigger things to focus on than how nervous he is talking to people about his work. So. Plus?

Except the spell wears off, as transfigurations tend to do, and Pickett is distraught. He hides under Newt’s collar and cradles his knees to his chest as though he could hide his sudden, shameful lack of sparkly petal dress. He won’t even come out for woodlice, he’s that distraught - Newt goes through a whole dinner without a leaf of spinach appearing.

So Graves transfigures him another one, because Pickett’s making Newt worry himself to tears and that just won’t do.

… and another one, when the transfiguration runs out on that one and Pickett launches himself across the room at Graves with a pitiful wail.

… again, at three in the morning, when Pickett crawls up to Graves’ ear and whimpers at him until he wakes up.

Eventually Graves just bites the bullet and buys the damn dresses. He has to commission them because they don’t make fairy costumes that small and the fairies themselves sure aren’t selling theirs. It takes four days for the dresses to arrive - four days of Graves transfiguring sparkly flower petals every few hours for the vainest damn bowtruckle in existence - but it’s worth it, when they do. They even come with tiny coat hangers that Newt constructs a tiny wardrobe for and Pickett coos with delight over the whole thing.

Graves just enjoys being able to sleep through the night again. And how happy Newt is watching Pickett prance around like the pretty little princess he is.