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When Life Gives You Roses

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I groan as the harsh sun glares at me. Everywhere I go is barren and I have to shield my eyes from both the light and sand blowing into my face. The bag on my back was starting to weigh me down.

"Nicole, you cannot go on like this any longer," I mumble as I continue to move my feet. My throat felt so scratchy and dry. I knew that if I didn't get water soon, I'm just going to faint. However, I've constantly felt as if I had to push on, like there is something helping me, guiding me. I step down from a high piece of dirt, and stop. A well! Water has to be in a well! That's what they are for! I scramble to the well and put my hands on the stones. I hiss as I take my hands away. They were so hot! I held my hands as I peered into the well.

"Empty?" I ask in desperation. How close am I to land? Am I anywhere close, or am I so far away ? I sigh as I cross my arms.

"How did you make it here on foot?" I heard. I blink and look around. If there is a voice around here, that must mean that there was someone nearby. Or someones? "This is a forgotten land. The power of the Harvest Goddess no longer reaches here. But I will take you to see the Harvest Goddess herself. Perhaps you are the one who will be able to bring life back to this parched land."

Me? Whoever is talking must have a sense of humor, I can't possibly bring life to this desert. Before I could even find this person, I was surrounded by a flashing white light. I cover my eyes until the light fades. I part my fingers in half so I peak through them. I lower my hand and stand up straight. I blink as I gather my surroundings. Am I in some sort of oasis? I was just in the middle of a desert. Now I'm just standing on a glass structure, surrounded by flowing water and grass? I look straight ahead to find a withered tree. I frown. That tree seems so sad, in this beautiful spring. I step forwards to get a better look. Another flash of white appeared before I even take five steps.

"Dum-da-da-DAA! Your Harvest Goddess is here!" This lady in front of me cheers. My eyes are wide and my is agape as I stare at this woman. She is decorated in white and sapphires. Her skirt, however, looks like flowing water, and her hair is in two loops on either side of her head. She was definitely beautiful, but I'm a bit fried from the journey here. I take a deep breath and smile at her.

"So, tell me... What is your name?" She asks. I tell her name, and her smile widens at me. "Nicole, you said? Well, thank you for coming here, Nicole!"

"Not to be rude, but why is the land like this? All dried up?" I ask.

"Why is the land all dried up, you ask. That's a long story..." She mumbles, frowning. She crosses her arms and pouts. "First of all, I, as you now know, am the Harvest Goddess! And this land was once lush and prosperous, thanks to my powers."

She was smiling again, "People were grateful for the blessings that I bestowed upon the land. They lived here happily. Until..."

She frowns again and turns her back at me, to look at the tree. She sighs. "They started to take it for granted that the land yielded such bounty.They forgot to be appreciative towards me..." At this point, I'm frowning too, "When I was no longer receiving enough of the power of caring from people, my own powers were drained. As a result, the land grew dry and barren as you see it now. Once the land was parched, everyone moved away! I no longer have a fraction of the power it would require to restore the lushness of this land to what it once was..."

"Harvest Goddess, what can be done about it?" I ask frantically. As much as I doubted myself before, after hearing her story, I feel as if I am the only one who could help this land. Everyone else is gone, and... And no one else is here is care.

"What can be done about it?" She asks curiously as she turns back to me. She smiles. "The Skytrees would have to be revived, of course!"

"I'll help! I'll do whatever I can!"

"You'd be willing to help do that?" I nod in response, giving her a sincere smile. She grins and claps her hands together.

"Tee-hee-hee! How nice of you! You have the thanks of your Harvest Goddess, Nicole! You've given me a boost with your power of caring!" She says. My eyes widen as she raises her hands to the heavens. I gave her power just by wanting to help? I watch as magic flows down into her hands that she has lowered to her waist. She then faces towards the tree and lifts the magic towards it. In a blink of the eye, the tree is now alive, with green leaves. It definitely looks happier. A little elf dressed in yellow flips into existence in front of the tree. He then appears next to the Goddess.

"Thank you for offering to help! I know you can make a huge difference!" He cheers. I giggle as I watch him bounce from foot to foot, as if he is dancing. It definitely is cute.

"My name is Rowan. I'm a Harvest Sprite. And what's your name?"

"Nicole!"I answer, smiling just as widely as he is.

"Nicole? Got it! Nice to meet you!" He greets. I nod in agreement.

"In my land grows seven mighty Skytrees. When all seven Skytrees have been revived, my powers will be fully restored! And then I will be able to bring the lushness and fertility of this land back!" The Harvest Goddess states.

"How can I help revive them?" I ask.

"But the only thing that can revive the the Skytrees is the power of caring. So, here's what I need YOU to do, Nicole: draw the people of the town here!"

I have to bring people back to this land...

"But how?" I ask out loud.

"If you tend to the soil, and make the land green again, the people of town will return." She explains. I nod. Since I came to this land to farm, I am more than willing to help this land grow. And if that is what I need to do to bring people back, then I'll farm like no one else!

"Thank you, Nicole! Now let me give you this."

Seemingly out of nowhere, farming equipment appears in her hands. My eyes widen before I take them. I thank her as I shove them into my bag. She then turns to look at the little Harvest Sprite.

"Rowan, I'm assigning you to help Nicole!"

"You can count on me, Harvest Goddess!" Rowan cheers, smiling. He gives a little salute to her before looking at me. "Well, Nicole, let's get started on some farming!"

With an approving face, the Harvest Goddess disappears in a flash of magic. I don't know If I'll ever get used to all this magic business, but I won't let it set me back. In fact, I need it to restore this land. That's now my personal goal, and I won't let anyone stop me from achieving it!

The little sprite led me out of the the spring. I look around once we get past the waterfall. My eyes go wide as I see that the land is no longer a desert. No more sand, no more blazing sun. Not to mention the actual waterfall, that has actual water flowing down into a small river.

"Look at that! A touch of green has returned to the land! And it's all thanks to your promise to revive the Skytrees, Nicole!"


After Rowan showed me how to properly till the land, and had me plant seeds from the Goddess, he leads me to a house next to the fields. It's a small, quaint looking house made of wood. I liked the number of windows on the house, which would let me check the weather every morning. Not to mention how green the grass near the house is. It's all so pretty.

"No one has lived here for a long, long time, so you move right in! It has a bed, dress, refrigerator... And a kitchen! All for you to use however you want!" Rowan tells me. I blink. A fully functionally house for me? How lucky am I?

"Well, don't just stand there! Go on in and check out your new house, Nicole!"

I nod and thank him repeatedly. I go over to the house and hesitantly place my hand on the doorknob. I gently push the door open, meaning it has just sat here unlocked for a 'long, long' time. I step inside. A little heater to my right, as well a dining table. To my left is a small kitchen, which should be just fine for me. I see the dresser, bookshelves, and bed. Everything a single person could need. I sigh contently as I smile.

"You like the place, right? Isn't it cozy?"

I squeak as I look at the little Harvest Sprite. I huff.

"Don't startle me like that, Rowan," I mumble, "But, yes, I rather enjoy it."

"Don't hesitate to go to sleep, because it will get busy soon, and you'll want to be tip-top shape!"

I nod as I look at the bed behind Rowan. We bid each other good night before he leaves. I bite my lip and squeal. This is going to be great. A new life, a new job, my own goal that I set for myself, everything I could ever want. I slop backwards onto the bed. I grin as I turn onto my side. My eyes close, and I find that I'm more tired than I thought. It doesn't take long for me fall into dream land.