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I am cold and alone and this place is new and I do not understand and how do I live and what do I do...


I was born into a world so unaware of its own existence, that they despise even the idea of my being.
I am hideous.
I am hated.

I am desperate.
I want to survive, and I want to develop.

But my mere appearance pushes everyone away. Why can I not be approached? Why must I remain alone? Why do they think themselves superior?

My creator. I must find him. He can answer my questions; respect my desire to learn.

But no-
He pushed me away... he left me to die. Even he, the one responsible for bringing me into reality, left me alone.

The need to know is overwhelming. I can discover; I can adjust; I can care.

I must find him. So many questions, they hurt.. my mind, thirsting for knowledge, but not fully understanding. What is air? What is snow? Why am I here? Where is my master? WHY did he leave me? WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?

No one can take me to him. They know, but will not tell. I do not-I cannot understand. Where is the sense; the logic? I am able to recognise emotions, but what does each one mean? I identify with logic; that which is factual and relevant. And those that withhold information will suffer by my hand. I do not wish to be loathed: I am human, too.

He needs me as much as I need him. My creator, all alone. Just like me. I can be safe with him- he will take me back. We can be together again, my Father and I.

What is Love?