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With this Ring

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Times are a’changin, or so idealistic college senior Liam believes. While he has the looks, body and demeanor that could make many a Sub fall at his feet, Liam is all for free love, equality and the belief that Subs can and should make their own choices. The only difference he sees between the two identities is that Subs have an innate need for order and routine in their lives that only Doms are genetically predisposed to provide. This is why, Liam thinks, that like his own Sub mother, a piano teacher, Subs always make the best musicians and artists, while Doms like his stepfather mostly end up in the hard sciences or even the military. 

Louis and Harry are the most dysfunctional, disorganized and disgustingly sweet Sub couple that has somehow managed to make it work through the lack of any order whatsover in their lives. Together, they’ve coined Liam a Sensitive New Age Dom (SNAD), or as Louis has not-so-tactfully put it, a “Dom gone soft”. The two are completely at ease with their place in society, and Harry figures that he’ll just end up making a living out of baking when he’s done with school, since not many people are going to hire Subs like himself to work at a paper, no matter how good of a journalist he is. Louis is still trying to figure out what to do with his History degree while working part-time at the music store.

Harry and Louis’s favorite hobby, among others, is to watch Liam work himself up into a righteous rage over some injustice or another, usually triggered by waitstaff ignoring their existence and only speaking to Liam, or by freshmen who don’t know better and decide to pass inappropriate comments to Liam about his “two pretty Subs”.

Till now, nobody really knows how those two Dom freshmen ended up half-naked in a nearby lake in the dead of the night, but word has it that a certain football captain had something to do with it.

Enter Niall Horan, Irish, Dominant and not giving a fuck. Vice-Captain of Georgia Tech’s football team and Liam’s best mate since they were five, he’s always got his captain’s back. Niall understands Liam’s obsession with finding the perfect relationship - the perfect Sub who hands over control and his trust to Liam not because he has to, but because he wants to. After all, he was the one Liam had run to crying when the boy’s crazy-ass traditional Dom father finally upped and left after terrorizing the family for years, up to when Liam’s mother finally met Geoff, the kind, understanding military Dom who fell for a struggling Sub mother raising her Dominant child.

At 21, Liam Payne has it all - a happy, loving family, three of the best mates in the world, captainship of the state’s top college football team, and a possible career playing in the big leagues after graduation. 

But every story has it’s twists and turns, and Liam’s next twist comes in the form of one Yaser Malik, who turns up at his door offering his son’s hand in marriage. As it turns out, Liam’s crazy-ass traditional Dom father, who is now nowhere to be found, had made a drunken pact with his best friend, the equally crazy-ass traditional Dom Yaser Malik, to betroth their children to each other once they turned 21.

Times they may be a’changin, but the betrothal still stands in the eyes of the law (sealed with a rather dubious-looking contract that Yaser had managed to produce), and Liam is now faced with the tangled prospect of married life to a Sub he knows nothing about beyond his name, and the disturbing assurance from Yaser that “Oh, don’t you worry. He’s spent the most part of his life learning how to please you.