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Mad Season

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The plan worked – the archangels Michael and Lucifer tripping into the cage in hell, their borrowed faces showing their shock at the outcome neither had thought of. The cage slammed shut, the earth shuddered, and there was a bright flash of light…….

“BANG,” the sound distracted Harry momentarily from the dementor bearing down on him. Concentration lost, the silver wisp of his patronus flicked out, and the creeping cold seared its way deeper into his chest. Lily Potter’s screams echoed in Harry’s ears…




The Impala landed with a thump on the damp Surrey street, not that the occupants of the vehicle knew their location. There was a moment of stunned silence before the world rushed forwards into sound and movement.

Dean Winchester did what a well-trained hunter should, and ignored the fact that he had somehow ended up in the driver’s seat of his car when last he remembered he had just seen Lucifer and Michael taking a nosedive into Hell- There was an oogie-boogie in his sight that seemed intent on munching a weakly struggling kid. He opened the door, grabbed a gun from his waistband and shot the creature, exploding its head in a bloom of greyish goop.

Gabriel gasped, realised he was actually breathing and exclaimed “I’m Alive!” delightedly. Noticing the person on whose lap he materialised, the archangel shouted “Sammy!” and planted a great big smooch on the stunned-silly hunter’s lips. Gabriel opened the Impala door and leaped out, standing right on top of a second, half-crushed dementor.

Castiel blinked startling blue eyes at his new surroundings.
“There is a hell hound on my lap.” He stated, actually displaying his surprise. “Yours too.” He added to Bobby Singer, squashed underneath the hind end of said hellhound, with the angel pressed into his right hand side, with Crowley on his left.

“Let me outta this car, you idjits.” The older human snapped, motivating Sam Winchester to finally exit the car and open the closest rear door.


By this time, not-quite-15-year-old Harry Potter had levered himself off the ground and approached the strange group now gathered around the black vehicle.

“What the heck did I just step in?” The shorter blonde man with golden hued wings was heard asking.
The taller, darker blonde who had just wasted a dementor with muggle weaponry, picked up a note folded neatly under the Impala’s windshield wiper and quickly read it.
The visually oldest man grumbled, while his sharp eyes took in his surroundings.
A tall, dark winged man stood perfectly still on the pavement, head tilted to one side as though listening carefully, and the final man from the rear of the car gingerly prodded at his new set of horns.  

The large hellhound merely sniffed around a little before taking a leak.

Dudley Dursley had run home as fast as his chubby body would allow at his first glimpse of people with wings after an entire car had fallen from the sky and nearly squashed him. Luckily, as an ordinary muggle, the boy was spared the vision of the dementor that the car had squashed. 

“Hey kid,” the tallest of the group called to the approaching wizard, “What are these things?” He gestured to the dead dementor at his feet. “And why were they after you and that other kid?” The other hunters, angels and a demon turned to the boy. 

“Dementors from Azkaban.” Harry answered slowly. “Shouldn’t you already know this?”

“Why would know about these things. We just got here.” Crowley sneered, looking over the deceased creature in distaste. It was now leaking some undefinable greyish green liquid onto the pavement.

“Those two have wings, you came out of a car that just fell out of the sky, and you’re even British. How can you not know what a dementor is?” The teenager snapped incredulously, eyebrows raising and wand still held tightly in hand.

While these people had saved Harry and his cousin from the dementors, the group was rather odd, even by wizarding world standards. Really, they could be in league with Voldemort for all Harry new.

“I came from Scotland actually.” Crowley corrected’ “The accent just got a little muddled over the years.”

“Guys,” Dean interrupted. “This says, ‘you now all have human souls. Thanks for saving the world. Love God.’.” He read off the paper, “Where the hell are we anyway?”

“Ceridwen’s realm.” Castiel answered immediately. Gabriel stopped trying to scrape dementor innards off the bottom of his shoe to assume the ‘angelic listening pose’.

“Huh. We are too.” He agreed with his younger sibling.

“You guys get Angel Radio in another realm?” Sam enquired.

“Nope.” The archangel replied. “Just listening in on ol’ Mother Magic. Similar frequency.”  The blonde man clicked his fingers to materialise a candy bar, and ended up holding a banana. He stared at the fruit curiously.

Multiple pops surrounded the gathering in the alleyway. The hunters raised a surprising array of weaponry including Bobby’s sawn-off shotgun that no one could figure how or where he’d been hiding it. Harry, still on high alert, raised his wand flicking his gaze from one target to the next.

“Gabriel, what’s a banana going to do?” Cut through the standoff. Said archangel shrugged at being called out on his lack of useful weaponry, and handed the fruit to a, yet again confused, Castiel.

“Dimensional travellers, I am Unspeakable Vortens from the British Ministry of Magic, representing the Department of Mysteries. The energy from your arrival was picked up on our equipment. We are here to escort you to the Ministry so your presence in this dimension can be properly recorded and monitored.” A grey robed woman with severe features addressed the group. “Mr Potter, as witness, your presence is required as well.”

“What’s with the Aurors?” Harry asked, keeping his wand raised defiantly, “Are you arresting us?” The red robed law enforcers remained on guard. A tall dark-skinned auror lowered his wand to appease the uptight teen.

“Security in case the dimensionally displaced are hostile.” His voice deep and calming. Reluctantly Harry nodded, tucking his wand back into his back pocket. A number of Aurors flinched or cringed at the action, but none offered explanation.

In a flurry of movement, explanations, threats, people shuffling and a small argument about Dean’s car, the gathering of 3 hunters, 2 angels, a demon, his hellhound and 1 teenaged wizard were safely ensconced in an interview room deep inside the Department of Mysteries.



Tell me what you think. I have no idea where exactly I'm going with this, but I am writing at least 500 words every day (Last I checked there was still a real world out there to deal with), so expect a new short chapter every 2-3 days.
Ta, Vengeance.