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Shopping with ShoHari

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"Guys, guys~!" Tommy called the rest of Shounen Hollywood. He was swinging around a Sailor Senshi costume in his hands. "Look at this!"

Inspecting the clothing, Makki remarked, "Hey, I've seen this anime!" He switched to a falsetto. "In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!"

"And I found the headband, too!" Tommy squealed, pointing at the gold-coloured tiara on display near the shop window.

"Let's get Kira to model this!" Makki whispered to the blond excitedly.

"Let's not," the aforementioned boy snapped, standing in between the two eager teens, "and you're causing a racket! Keep it down."

Kakeru and Shun watched the three from the shop's entrance.

"Why are we in a cosplay shop again?" the redhead asked. "I thought we were getting more stylish clothes for Makki."

Kakeru recalled the previous day's events. The boys had just received their paychecks. It was their third one since their debut as idols, and as a bonus, they were allowed to have the next day off. As they changed back to their casual clothes, they discussed about what they would do with their free day.

"I guess I'll play with my guitar," Shun stated. "I haven't touched it since becoming an idol."

Tommy was impressed by Shun. "Wow, you already know what you're gonna do!"

Kira had finished changing long ago. "I'll be studying."

"How diligent of you," Makki commented, topless as he dug through his bag for his shirt.

"I'm gonna study too," Kakeru said. "My grades haven't been well lately..."

Tommy pulled on his school blazer. "Ah~ Kakeru and Kira are so hardworking, and Shun knows what he's gonna do... I haven't thought of anything at all!"

"Well," Makki spoke up, "do you guys wanna know what I'm gonna do tomorrow?"

"No," Kira and Shun replied simultaneously, talking over Tommy's "Yes, I do!" and Kakeru's "What're you gonna do?" Not that it stopped Makki from telling them.

"I'm going shopping!" the leader of Shounen Hollywood said proudly, showing off the T-shirt he was wearing now. It was large brown shirt with the English words "Love Rock Visitors Route 64" printed on it.

Just one look at that shirt made the rest of them think, 'We have to follow him.'

So, the five of them made plans to accompany Makki to shop for clothes. However, on the way to Harajuku's shopping mall, Tommy pointed out how a cosplay shop just opened and that he wanted to check it out. Makki agreed and before anyone else could protest, they were inside inspecting clothing. Hence, Makki and Tommy fawning over a Sailor Senshi costume.

"Oh, my gosh!" Tommy squealed again, bouncing on his feet now. "Kakeru, Shun! You gotta see this!"

Shun groaned. "Alright, alright. We're comin' over!" He and Kakeru made their way to the blond. "What is--?!"

The redhead was shocked speechless by the sight of Kira dressed as Sailor Mercury. Said boy was extremely embarrassed, but tried to hide it behind his pride. Makki was taking photos of him from various angles.

"Isn't he adorable?" Tommy gushed.

Shun chuckled behind his hand. "Yeah. Really adorable. Why don't you post some of those pictures online?" he suggested to Makki.

"Don't you dare!" Kira threatened the oldest member of ShoHari, who was still taking photos.

"Do you think it'll bring in more fans?" Makki asked, ignoring Kira's snarl.

Shun smirked. "We won't know 'til we try."

Tommy watched from the sidelines beside Kakeru. The blond commented, "This is starting to sound like blackmail."

Kakeru decided to stop being bystander. "Time for me to interfere."

But he didn't need to, because, unexpectedly, Kira cracked a sly grin.

"Why don't all of you dress up, too?" he suggested.

The rest of them were puzzled by Kira's statement. "Eh?"

"Come on," the brunette said menacingly, still keeping up his smile, "you can't just waltz into a clothing store and not try anything. It's rude to the workers."

"Uh, well..." Makki stammered, trying to avoid eye contact with Kira.

"I'm not so sure..." Tommy sputtered, also looking away.

Kakeru and Shun were fidgeting awkwardly.

Kira continued his sinister coaxing of the boys. "A shop like this never last long, and only get business when an anime convention is held. They always get bad customers who just come in to dress up a little as a joke, and then leave without paying a yen." He leaned forward, simpering sweetly despite the uncomfortable atmosphere he'd created. He whispered in a friendly yet unfriendly way, "Are you guys bad customers?"

Fifteen minutes later, Kira was guffawing at the sight of Makki in a bulky gorilla costume, Shun cosplaying as Michael Jackson, Kakeru donning a glittering red prom dress, and Tommy dressed as a Playboy Bunny.

Kira was at the verge of tears. "You guys look ridiculous!"

"Yeah? And you're so cute," Shun retorted, pointing at the Sailor Mercury costume that the younger boy had yet to shed.

"What?" Kira asked innocuously. "I like this outfit."

"Then, why are you forcing us to humiliate ourselves?!"

Kira kept on his guiltless act. "I didn't tell you guys to make fools of yourselves. I just said we shouldn't be bad customers."

Shun's eye twitched. He turned to Makki and Tommy. "How could you find this devil charming?"

Tommy was too busy covering his open chest to reply, and Makki could only shrug with a stiff smile.

Kakeru sighed. "I believe we spent enough time here. We've deviated from the reason we went out together."

"But wasn't the plan to go out and shop for clothes?" Kira said, big, pure blue eyes.

Kakeru frowned. "No. We're going out together to help Makki buy clothes."

"Help me buy clothes?" Makki repeated Kakeru's statement, confused.

"Your sense of fashion sucks," Shun remarked straightforwardly.

Tommy tried to sugarcoat Shun's comment. "We wanted to offer our own opinions on the clothes you choose, that's all!"

Kira checked his watch. "We've been here for more than half an hour. C'mon, let's change back and leave."

Shun raised an eyebrow. "Not gonna buy anything?"


"I thought people who 'waltz into cosplay stores and put on costumes as a joke without buying any' are bad customers?" Shun grumbled, quoting Kira's previous claim.

"Oh, that?" Kira said nonchalantly. "I was just guilt-tripping you guys into making fools of yourselves."

Shun roared when he heard that. "You little--!!"

Makki was also mad. "Kira!"

But the youngest member of Shounen Hollywood had disappeared into a changing room.

"Shun! Makki!" Tommy said worriedly. "Take a deep breath! Calm down!"

Shun inhaled and exhaled heavily. "I will definitely slap that twerp one day! Definitely!"

Kakeru face-palmed. He moved behind his teammates and pushed them towards the changing rooms. "Come on. Let's change out of these clothes. The sequins on my dress are giving me a rash."

Tommy giggled awkwardly. "Yeah, these fishnets are so uncomfortable, and these heels are killing me!" The blond tried to loosen the glitter gold pumps he was wearing. "And I'd die of embarrassment if our fans saw us!"

Shun turned around, horrified by his teammates's statement. "No, Tommy! Don't say that!"

"Hey, don't those guys look familiar?" said a teenage girl.

In that split second, Kakeru pushed Makki into a changing room with him and Shun dragged Tommy into a another room.

The girl spoke again, "Eh? Where did they go?"

"Who did you see?" asked her friend.

"Ah..." the girl tried to recall, "I think... Oh, right! Shounen Hollywood! I saw their performance yesterday, and those guys kinda look like them!"

"But was it them?"

"Can't tell now. Let's go."

Shun exhaled deeply when he heard the two girls exit the shop. Then, he glowered at Tommy. The older teen old only smile back guiltily.

"I thought we were over this," Shun began.

"I'm sorry," Tommy apologized.

"Like, a similar thing happened the last time we were working as waiters!"

"I know."

There was knock on the wall from the changing room beside them. It was Kira. "One of our fans were outside?"

"Apparently," Tommy answered. He sighed. "Now, I'm too scared to come out, and my clothes are in the next room!"

"I'll get them for you," Kira told him. "I've finished changing long ago."

"Thanks, Kira."

As the two waited, Tommy remarked, "I wouldn't be so embarrassed if I wasn't in this costume."

"Why did you even picked that one anyway?" Shun asked, pointing at Tommy's garb.

Tommy scratched his cheek awkwardly. "It had gold sequins. Since gold is just a sparkly version of yellow, I thought I should choose it."

Shun looked at Tommy with an expression of disbelief. "What kind of reason is that?!"

"It was also the first thing I saw!" Tommy said defensively. "I mean, Kira was really pressuring us to grab something!"

Shun wanted to say more, but when looking at the ridiculous Michael Jackson costume he's selected for himself, the redhead realised that he had no right to scold Tommy.

So, they waited in that cramped room. Every passing second made the atmosphere more uncomfortable for the redhead. This isn't the first time he was in a changing room with the blond, but something about how Tommy's fishnet-covered thighs pressing against him made Shun feel rather hot.

"Tommy!" Kira called from outside, breaking the silence. "I have your clothes. I'm gonna hang them over the door!" The brunette neatly draped each article of clothing over the door, like he promised. 

Tommy received each one with ease. "Thank you, Kira!"

"No problem."

"Alright!" Tommy said, quickly putting on his clothes. "Let's hurry up and get outta here!"

Shun nodded and picked up his clothes that were seated on the changing room's stool. Soon, the two exited the stuffy changing room into the dusty cosplay store. They spotted Kira leaning against a wall beside the changing rooms with his arms folded, awaiting the others.

The young boy smirked. "Had fun in there?"

Shun wasn't amused. He lunged forward and grabbed Kira. The latter squeaked and struggled to escape the former's grip, but his effort amounted to nothing when Makki came out.

"Makki," Shun called the leader, "this our chance to exact revenge!"

The taller male's eyes sparkled, knowing what to do. He promptly strode towards the youngest member of ShoHari and pinched both his cheeks.

"NOOO!" Kira whined as he struggled. "Leggo! Leggo!" His words came out as a garbled mess.

"This is your punishment, you naughty boy!" Makki told the brunette, like a strict elementary school teacher.

"But you started it!" Kira snapped back.

"But you deserved it!" Shun retorted.

"What did I do?"

Makki asked incredulously, "You're really gonna ask that?"

At last, Kakeru broke the three apart, pulling Kira out of their grasp. He said, "That's enough. We're attracting too much attention." He nodded at the group of customers eyeing the five behind aisles of clothes, some of which were holding up phones.

Seeing the phones, Kira had put on his idol face. "I hope nothing weird was recorded!"

But Shun knew where this was going. "Yeah, we're gonna get an earful from Tesshi."

Tommy whispered, "I think it's time for us to leave."

"No kidding," Shun deadpanned.

With that, the boys quickly returned the costumes and hastily exited the store, but not before Makki purchased a glittery blue Playboy Bunny costume. As he rushed out, Kira asked, "What's that for?"

Makki chuckled suspiciously. "I'm supporting the store's business! Isn't that what you wanted us to do?"

The brown-haired teen eyed the older male doubtfully, but didn't press any further. He merely shrugged and walked ahead. "Whatever, you weirdo."

When Kira was out of earshot, Makki leaned towards Shun and whispered gleefully, "Let's make Kira wear this some day!"

Shun grinned evilly, and nodded.

The five then made their way to Harajuku Shopping Complex to actually shop for clothes.