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Kara nervously knocked on the hospital door and peered around the corner with a small smile. Lena was standing near the bed with her button up shirt wide-open and was fiddling with the bottom buttons and Kara instantly felt her face flush and she lifted her gaze.

“Kara!” The young CEO smiled winningly at her friend as she lifted her head from her belly and Kara smiled in response. “Come in!”

Edging around the door Kara offered her the flowers she had in her other hand, almost like a shield and pointedly didn’t look as Lena struggled with the buttons of her shirt with one hand. A small bouquet of flowers was on the table, a large handbag at its foot, and a pair of glasses were on the bed. There was also an ice pack wrapped in a light towel at the end of the bed, water darkening the fabric.

“Um, here.” There was a cheesy ‘Get Well’ helium balloon Kara had gotten from the store below and had tied to the bouquet of flowers she’d gotten.

“Plumeria’s,” Lena’s smile was sweet and her eyes were warm. “Thank you. You didn’t have-“

“I wanted to,” Kara said, pressing her lips together, but unable to hide her smile as her heart did some fluttery thing in her chest at Lena’s smile.

“Thank you.” Lena’s smile fell. “I’m sorry I missed our lunch,” she said earnestly and went back to doing her shirt up, grimacing as she did so, and moving cautiously onward.

“That’s okay. I’m just glad to know you’re okay. I was really worried,” Kara said sheepishly.

“I know,” Lena’s green eyes were bright as she glanced up from her shirt. “I saw your messages.”

Kara flushed slightly. “Yeah,” she ducked her head and scratched her hair. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Lena said quickly as she smoothened her collar. “It was nice to know someone cares. I’m sorry I worried you.” She rolled her shoulder a little, grimacing in pain and then returned her arm to her sling, moving her hair out of the way.

“What happened,” Kara asked and then winced. “I mean, I saw on the news….but...broken arm,” she awkwardly lifted her hand holding the flowers in Lena’s direction and the CEO smiled and exhaled in huff of amusement at Kara. Kara blushed again, she swore it was all she did around Lena.

“I broke my arm, the bone went right through the skin,” Lena winced as she recalled the injury and snatched her glasses and tucked them over her collar and Kara cringed in sympathy.


Lena nodded as she slid her feet into her heels. “I fractured a few ribs as well.”

“Ouch. I’m glad you’re okay.” Lena lifted her gaze to see meet Kara’s and the blonde turned her head into her shoulder. “That you’re not like, dead or something…”

“Kara,” Lena shook her head, but something about the way she said her name made Kara want to look away from her gaze, but at the same time get lost in her eyes.

“Are you able to carry those for me?” She gestured to the flowers on the table-like a twenty dollar set from the downstairs chop- as she rose to her feet, drawing her presence to her. Lena Luthor, CEO of L-Corp, was now in the room. She took her bag from the floor and draped it across her shoulder.

“Mh hm,” Kara moved quickly to the table and gathered the flowers. Hers were nicer, if she didn’t say so herself, they should be-she’d flown to the Caribbean this morning to get them.

“Thank you,” Lena said and took a deep breath and straightened. She strode from the room and down the corridors with her head high and proud, Kara trailing behind her like a lost puppy carrying her flowers-there were not as many as Kara would have expected for her friend, but hers more than made up for it.

By the time she caught up to her Lena was at the desk, taking her forms and reading over them before signing them. The nurse was explaining after-care and procedures for her ribs and arm, and Lena was nodding- the doctors had already told her, but she accepted the brochures anyway. Outside there were a bunch of people with camera’s and Kara noticed Lena casting glances to them even as she read through her forms.

“Is it possible to get security here? Or go around the back?” She enquired gently, smiling at the nurse and her tired lips lifted. She glanced to Lena and back at the door where the press were waiting-they had been told what would happen to them if they dared enter the hospital without having an injury, and so had remained reluctantly outside.

“Of course,” the nurse nodded and picked up a telephone and called for security while Lena continued to sign her forms.

‘Thank you,’ Lena mouthed at her and she smiled across the top of her flowers at her and nodded once. It really wasn’t an issue. Normally it was Supergirl doing the protecting, but she found she really liked the warmth she got from Lena’s smile protecting her as Kara.

A few minutes later a curvy security guard approached in uniform and wearing a smirk, which grew when she ran her eyes over Lena, glancing over Kara, before returning her appraisal to Lena. Kara felt a flush rise. Of course the wallflower Kara-the-reporter-guise was designed not to draw attention. The jeans and knitted sweater she was wearing clearly gave a different message than the heels, skinny jeans-which how Lena got those on with one hand?!- and grey plaid long-sleeve shirt.

Kara didn’t like her immediately-a woman that pretty shouldn’t be a security guard, and she shouldn’t be eyeing the patients appreciatively, if Kara were to be the judge.

“Hi.” She was smiley too, very smiley and Lena paused and ran her eyes over her before smiling in response.


“Jamie will take you out the back,” the nurse was eyeing the security-guard disapprovingly and she shrugged innocently. “Do you need a taxi?”

“I’ll talk to my driver,” Lena said and dug her cell out of her bag. A few minutes later and they were leaving the hospital, Jamie taking them around the back and away from the press while Lena followed stiffly and Kara brought up the rear with the flowers.

Jamie ran her ID through the door lock and it clicked open, the guard opening the door for all of them. She let them through and disappeared back into the hospital.

David-Lena’s driver- had the car purring outside and he quickly got out of the driver’s seat and limped to open the door for Lena. He was the driver that had been hurt in the mediocre bomb in Lena’s old car, and she’d given him indefinite paid leave until he was better or decided if he was coming back to work. He looked very smart in a black suit and he smiled at them both, dimples flaring at his cheeks.

“David, you know that isn’t necessary,” Lena rolled her eyes as she got closer and he flashed a boyish smile, all rogue charm.

“Miss Luthor,” he nodded his head in greeting and ignored her soft reprimand. “How are you feeling?”

“Like I hit a car,” she drawled sarcastically and ducked into the passenger door.

“David, this is Kara. Kara, David,” she introduced them and David’s dark eyes turned to Kara and he nodded a greeting as he held the door for her to get in as well.

The door closed behind her and Kara looked over at Lena. The Luthor had her head resting against the head-rest with her eyes closed and her brows and eyes were tight with pain.

“Do you have medication?” Kara asked worried.

“Mh,” Lena grunted as David returned to the drivers seat and started the car. “They gave me some this morning. Jess is picking it up for me and dropping it by later.”

“Okay,” Kara said and sat awkwardly in the car as David drove them back to the apartment.

“Did-um, are you-the police report said you weren’t to blame,” Kara offered as she looked around the sleek leather interior of the car.

Lena cracked an eye open and then closed it again. “My insurance and lawyers are taking care of it.”

“I didn’t know you rode?”

“Mh hm,” Lena replied sleepily. “I’ll take you for a ride when I get better.” She paused and her eyes flew open, just in time to take in Kara’s flushed cheeks. “If you want?”

Kara hesitated but then nodded eagerly. “I’ve never been on a motorcycle.”

Lena sighed and her eyes closed again. “It was my baby,” she murmured about her wrecked bike. “When I was in Europe I’d reach a hundred forty, hundred and fifty on the highways. I stick to a hundred around here…for the most part.”

“Lena!” Kara adjusted her glasses scandalised and Lena chuckled.

“I switch out the plates, they haven’t caught me yet,” she said and rolled her head around to look at Kara, resting it against her shoulder, green eyes blinking. “I love the feeling of the power, the rush of the wind, the thrill of it.”

“You like taking risks,” Kara said and Lena’s brow tightened for a moment before she nodded.

“That’s really dangerous!”

“I know.” Lena was almost smug about it and Kara frowned over at her.

“Miss Luthor, there are press gathered outside. I’ll take you downstairs.”

“Thank you, David,” Lena pressed a button on the door and replied to their driver.

The car tilted as it drove down into the garage and David paused to speak with the security and then they rolled on in.

“Did you want a ride home? David will take you anywhere,” Lena said as she unclicked her seatbelt, moving very slowly.

Kara quickly shook her head. “I’ll get an Uber later, I want to help you settle in.”

“You don’t-“

“I know,” Kara interrupted and smiled. “I want to make sure you’re okay.”

Lena didn’t say anything, but her soft smile was enough and Kara beamed back at her.

“Miss Luthor.” David opened the passenger door and held out a hand and Lena took it as Kara exited, taking her flowers with her. “Do you need anything else?”

“Thank you, David. No. You have a good night.”

David straightened and Kara was reminded of the agents she worked with and made a mental note to ask Lena who her driver was, he screamed military.

“Thank you, Miss Luthor. Call me if you need anything,” David nodded and returned to the drivers seat as Lena carefully walked over to the elevator and Kara followed, juggling the flowers as she tried to press the button before Lena could.

“Are you hungry or anything?” Kara questioned as they rode the elevator to the penthouse and Lena shook her head.

“No, thank you. I think I need to lie down though. Do you have to get back to work?”

Kara shook her head. “Mitch-my partner on the article- is doing his own investigating, I’ve already given him my notes. We’re meeting up again tomorrow.”

“Would-would you like to stay?” Lena asked as the elevator dinged at the top level and the duo walked out and around the corner to Lena’s apartment.

“S-ure!” Kara frowned at herself and then smiled over at Lena when the Luthor turned from her door to raise an eyebrow at her.

“Help yourself to anything in the fridge or cupboards,” Lena said as she walked towards the bedrooms, dropping her bag on the counter.

Kara put the flowers on the bench and then went looking for some vases-the nicer one would go with her flowers, naturally-and found some under the sink. She arranged them neatly, extending her senses to hear Lena wincing and gritting her teeth, before turning her attention back to her flowers. The CEO was obviously getting out of her clothes and into more comfortable ones.

She returned a few minutes later and Kara looked up from where she’d found a bag of crisps and was crunching happily at the counter, admiring her flowers. She looked small and pale in her a large Ivy League hoodie and baggie grey sweats with her hair piled on top of her head.

“Did you wanna watch Netflix with me?” She had a laptop in her right hand.

“Mh hm,” Kara nodded and chewed before swallowing.

“Popcorn is in the top cupboard, and there’s a popcorn maker at the bottom of the storage there,” Lena directed and Kara almost flew from the seat and around the island into the kitchen. She loved popcorn!

Lena vanished into one of the rooms down the hall and she could hear a television being turned on, the music channel blasting something before there were some clicks and it went quiet. Kara was quick to set up the popcorn and a few minutes later joined Lena in the entertainment room with a large bowl of popcorn, a soda, and a bottle of water for Lena.

Lena was curled up in the corner of an ‘L’ couch and had her laptop balanced on her legs, resting against the couch with her broken arm. The Netflix home-screen was on with Lena’s recently watched and suggestions and her face was lit by the computer screen.

“Hey!” Kara frowned over at Lena. “The doctors said no work!”

Lena lifted her head a little and then went back to her computer as Kara set down the popcorn and drinks. “I know, which is why I’m only seeing what’s urgent and then I’m going to fall asleep binging Orange is the New Black-probably. Unless you want to watch something else?” She yawned to punctuate her statement, and while it made Kara uncomfortable she wasn’t that close to Lena yet and couldn’t force her to rest. She’d take some work over all work.

“Fine, but you are taking your pills when you need to,” she said sternly, trying to channel Eliza. She had a feeling it didn’t work when Lena’s lips curled and she continued working.

Kara flicked on an episode of some new and apparently popular show about shock, a hero with powers, and settled back on the couch, bowl of popcorn between them and split her attention between the television and the working Luthor.

“You’re missing it,” Lena commented without moving her attention from her screen.

“What’cha watching?” Kara asked instead.

“The crash, and I’m catching up on news articles, in case PR wants to discuss anything.”

Kara winced. “How bad is it?” She enquired, having already seen the security footage of the crash and would not be forgetting seeing Lena thrown over the top of the car and into the shopwindow and fall, anytime soon. She’d been ready to toss the offending truck and car into outer space, but Alex had talked her out of it.

Lena ducked her head. “Bad. Here,” she shifted a little bit, wincing as she did and Kara was quick to move off the couch and stand behind it so that she could see the screen, rather than Lena moving.

She pressed play and they both watched though a grainy security video as the truck reversed out and the driver of the car swerved into the oncoming traffic to miss it. They both saw Lena react, dropping her weight to the side and turning the wheel, but not in time and they winced as she slammed into the side and was thrown into the air. A second video from the storefront showed a black mass flying through the air and then slamming into the corner of the window display, there was a thump, heard even through the poor quality camera, as Lena hit the wooden beams at speed and then dropped limp to the concrete, a shower of glass following her.

Many comments on the video and article below expressed their sympathy for the injuries.

“I think that one summarises it adequately,” Lena remarked yawning, and Kara barked a laugh.

Holy fucking shit! That’s gotta hurt like a BITCH!!!!111 How’d she only break an arm and some ribs?!’

“Maybe I should invest in a pharmaceutical company,” she pondered as she exited the tabs and placed the computer on the table next to her, flipping the screen down.

She yawned again and blinked sleepily.

There was a dong echoing through the house and Kara glanced behind her. “I’ll get it.”

She was gone before Lena could complain, though she heard her, loudly, protesting as she got to her feet, amidst groans, and follow her through the house.

Lena’s assistant was at the door with a large brown paper bag and some take out and she recoiled slightly at seeing Kara answer the door.

“Miss Danvers…. Hi,” she said suspiciously, eyes narrowed.

“Hi, Jess. It’s Kara, please,” she smiled and stepped to the side to let the assistant into the apartment.

“Miss Luthor! You should be in bed resting!” Jess exclaimed when she saw Lena slowly making her way across her wooden floors. Lena was rubbing the back of her neck and blinking sleepily and a lazy smile of greeting crossed her face at the sight of her assistant. Kara ignored how Lena looked made her feel.

“I am resting, Jess. I promise. Aren’t I Kara?” Green eyes narrowed warningly in on the blonde.

“Yup, sure! Absolutely no work going on here. No sir’re. Work? Pft, what work?” She trailed off and fiddled with her glasses before smiling encouragingly at Jess.

“Riiight.” Jess cast her a disbelieving look and then looked back at Lena. “I got you some take out as well as your meds. I didn’t want you to have to cook if you were hungry.” She cast a curious glance at Kara.

“Thank you,” Lena smiled and moved over to the counter to take the medication bag.

“Here; the list of when and what and with,” Jess dug out a printed list of medication with what Lena should be having it with, and what for. It reminded Kara of when she went through Cat’s medication, when she fell ill, and would type up the medicinal needs and match Cat’s schedule around it. She was glad Lena had someone who cared enough about her to do it.

Jess made sure Lena didn’t need anything and then after casting a final suspicious glance at Kara, left the apartment.

“Argh,” Lena was reading her prescription instructions and a sneer curled her lips as she glanced at the medication. Lena took a few pills with a large glass of water and leant her weight against the bench for a moment before pushing off it. “I definitely should invest in a pharmaceutical company, maybe several.”

She sounded so frustrated about it that Kara couldn’t help but giggle quietly and Lena gave it a few seconds before joining her.

“Ah, ow!” She complained after the first movement of her chest and brought her right arm up, grimacing in pain. “Don’t make me laugh,” she shot Kara a faux- glare as though it were her fault and Kara bit her lip, sheepish. She went pale and Kara heard her heart stutter and her blood rush through her body and was able to catch her as she fainted before she hit the floor.

“Lena?” She asked worriedly and quickly sped the brunette to her bed and laid her down. “Lena?”

Lena’s heartrate was returning to normal and at her next worried call the brunette’s eyes slowly flickered open.


“Mh, Kara?”

Kara ignored how her heat summersaulted at how her name sounded coming from Lena’s lips; husky, and raw.

“Hi! You fainted!” Kara said brightly and Lena groaned and laid her right hand over her eyes.

“Yes, I can see that-how’d I get here? You carried me?”

Kara’s cheeks warmed in the afternoon light streaming in through Lena’s open curtains in a ray of oranges and reds. She lifted a shoulder delicately. “I was just about to call for help,” she said earnestly and gave a little nod in affirmative.

“It’s just the pain,” Lena groaned. “The meds haven’t kicked in yet.”

“Well, duh,” Kara said and sat on the edge of the bed. “You did just take them.”

“Shuddup,” Lena grumbled through her arm and Kara smiled over at her. With Lena’s gaze pre-occupied by her arm Kara took a moment to look around Lena’s room.

There was a large walk in closet, she could see clothes through the partially open door, a door which lead to an ensuite, and a-

“You have a balcony?!” Kara didn’t mean to sound so excited, but balconies were kinda her thing.

“Mh. Have a look if you like. This apartment has the best view of the city I could find.” Lena’s voice was muffled, and a little slurred, maybe her meds were kicking in faster than she’d thought, or she was in need of sleep to heal.

Casting a final glance to Lena she pushed gently off the bed and strode over to the curtains and pulled them open. Lena curled into her pillow as Kara pulled open the two double doors and they slid into the glass and revealed the balcony. It was sleek and modern, whites and greys like her office. There was a spa pool to the corner, a telescope pointing at the sky next to that, a series of couches around a small coffee table, and a pair of sun-bathing chairs on the other side. A glass barrier ran around the entire thing, separating the building from the sky, but still allowing unrestricted lines of sight to the city and across to the sea and back up into the farms and eventually the forests. It was covered to allow 24/7 access to the roof with protection from the elements, mostly.

“Wow,” Kara breathed as the wind playfully tugged on her hair. Her phone chimed and she glanced at it to see a message from Alex asking to go out tonight, and she tucked it back in her pocket.

Behind her she could hear Lena’s heartbeat regulating and realised she had fallen asleep.

Smiling fondly, her heart warm with some kind of light, she returned to the room and locked the balcony doors and closed the curtains. Her supervision was able to pick out the sleeping Luthor and she hesitated before walking over and gently removing Lena’s arm from her head and untied the sling around her broken arm. She spared a second to pull the covers over her before returning to the kitchen and getting a glass of water and after glancing over Jess’ medication cheat-sheet she grabbed the right pills and carried them to Lena’s room, snatching her pen and pad from her messenger bag on her way.

She lowered them gently onto one of Lena’s bedside tables and quickly jotted down a note, telling Lena which pills were for what, and wishing her a swift recovery, and she’d be bringing her lunch from Noonan’s tomorrow at noon (Ha, get it?) and have a nice sleep. Kara x.

She left the note on the bedside table, and after one last look at Lena, removed herself from the room and apartment (putting the takeout in the fridge on the way out).



It was a dry throat that awoke Lena Luthor from her pain-filled sleep and she fumbled around a moment in bed before she got her bearings enough to relax. Her side was throbbing painfully, overshadowing the pulsing in her left arm and she groaned and flapped around with her right in search of her bedside table lamp.

She was starting to regret ever getting on her bike and decided that maybe her fainting had been a warning for her not to get on it, like some sort of premonition. But she had felt fine when she came-too on her floor in the warehouse and hadn’t even been unsteady as she walked to her bike, and had tossed up whether to call David, or just ride home. She decided to protect her secret, after all, she didn’t have a scratch on her from her fall, and headache, and rode for home. She did regret it now, as her side groaned in protest as she finally found the bottom of the touch-light.

It lit the room with a dull glow and she saw a glass of water and a container of pills and she sighed. It seemed too far away. She flung her arm out and the glass of water flew across the space over her bed and appeared in her hand. A sharp pain split her head and a bright light appeared behind her eyes before she fell into it. In the morning she saw the wet patch on the top of the bed and the empty glass and assumed she’d fallen asleep with it in her hand.