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no one but you (got me feeling this way)

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huff-le-puff danvers: heyyy aLEX I KISSED HER

alexpecto patronum: WHAT

alexpecto patronum: HOW DID IT GO

huff-le-puff danvers: ASDFGHJKL I LOVE HER

huff-le-puff danvers: SHE LOVES ME

huff-le-puff danvers: I’M DATING HER

huff-le-puff danvers: FOR REAL THIS TIME

huff-le-puff danvers: A L E X

huff-le-puff danvers: I’M GONNA DIE

alexpecto patronum: jfc kara you just got the girl

alexpecto patronum: at least wait for a bit before dying

alexpecto patronum: also CONGRATULATIONS, YOU BIG BABY




That’s so gay ,” Alex says on the phone after Kara told her what happened—because of course Alex immediately called her, not satisfied by mere text updates. Kara was barely breathing the whole time lest she regress into a puddle of goo at the mere memory of kissing Lena beneath the winter sky.

“Stop bi erasure,” Kara protests, but she’s still grinning, and Alex knows it.

Oh come on ”—Alex laughs, and Kara hears the clatter of glass, because it figures that Alex is drinking something again, and they really do need to talk about her sister’s propensity to drink alcoholic beverages at random times during the day, preferably soon—“you confessed your love surrounded by fairy lights in a garden during winter. That’s, like, the perfect gay scenario right there.

“Yeah, well, is that how you and Maggie got together?”

Alex scoffs. “You know it’s not. We were cuddling beneath a tree surrounded by autumn leaves, both of us in our leather jackets. We drew each other matching Sharpie tattoos on our hands and I yanked her down by her stupid scarf while she —”

“Oh Rao, shut up,” Kara cuts her off, still smiling, “how are you the older one between us two?”

Says the girl who tried to fit eight pot stickers in her mouth at once.

“‘Tried’?” Kara repeats mock-incredulously. “I think you meant succeeded.”

You’re hopeless.

“Yeah, hopelessly into my girlfriend .” Her grin stretches wider, still yet unable to believe that she gets to say it now and mean it for real.

Alex’s guffaw is loud in her ear. “Oh my god, that was terrible, Kara, what the hell,” she says, and Kara can imagine her twinkling eyes and her silent sisterly approval. “You’re such a cliché.

She shrugs, even though Alex can’t see it. “Clichés aren’t so bad.”

No, they’re not,” Alex agrees. She sighs warmly, this little sound that Kara knows comes with a special smile that Alex only ever shows her family. “I’m so happy for you, Kara.”

Kara’s eyes again wander over her sleeping girlfriend, who is currently wrapped up in a non-itchy blanket. They won’t arrive for another hour or so, and Kara figures she needs the extra rest. She smiles, remembers feeling Lena’s words ghosting over her skin. “I want to give her everything,” she says simply.

Kara,” Alex says, half doting, half exasperated, “you already have.




alexpecto patronum: what did the cell say when her sister stepped on her foot

alexpecto patronum: “ouch, my-toe-sis”

huff-le-puff danvers: aleX NO

alexpecto patronum: why do you not appreciate my puns

alexpecto patronum: some sister you are

huff-le-puff danvers: i would appreciate them if they’re not terrible

alexpecto patronum: excuse you, my pun game is strong

alexpecto patronum: they’re waaaaaaaay better than lena’s, at least

alexpecto patronum: but you still laugh at hers!

huff-le-puff danvers: yeah well it’s lena

alexpecto patronum: that’s cold, kara

alexpecto patronum: smh is sibling loyalty not a thing anymore

huff-le-puff danvers: ask yourself that the next time you delay movie night for a few more minutes with maggie

alexpecto patronum:

alexpecto patronum: touch é

alexpecto patronum: anyway

alexpecto patronum: have fun in your vacation, you bi disaster

alexpecto patronum: but not too much fun because i can’t be an aunt i’m too young

alexpecto patronum: LOL

huff-le-puff danvers: ALEX!




Kara thinks she’ll never tire of ever kissing Lena Luthor.

No, scratch that.

Kara knows she’ll never tire of ever kissing Lena Luthor.

Seriously, she can’t get enough of Lena’s pretty mouth and her quiet whispers and her hitched breathing, and Kara should have probably tried to rein herself in at least a bit, out of propriety. But they’re in a private jet high above the world, on a proper bed with crimson silk sheets—most likely by Kal El’s design, though Kara thinks Alex had a hand in this particular teasing as well—and there’s really nothing stopping her from tracing Lena’s soft skin with her lips and nipping at that carved jawline and generally just soaking up the feeling of her girlfriend in her arms.

Her girlfriend.

No, Kara doesn’t particularly care about whatever Kal and Alex might have set up as a way to fluster her, because she’s with her girlfriend.

She, Kara Zor-El, is currently dating Lena Luthor.

Yeah, that’s not going to get old any time soon.

And it makes Kara feel like she’s on cloud nine—which, well, technically, she is amongst the clouds, seeing as they’re in a flying jet, though that’s a different point altogether.

“You’re awfully excited, aren’t you?” Lena notes, when she catches Kara’s lovelorn sigh for the umpteenth time, her eyes gleaming with amusement, and Kara can clearly read the fondness in them too.

(And it takes her breath away, every time she sees it, every time she’s reminded that Lena wants to be with her, that Lena deemed her worthy of her love.

And Kara swears on everything she holds holy and true that she will do everything to be deserving of that love.

Because Lena?

Lena deserves the universe and the best it can ever offer.)

“What’s there to not be excited about?” Kara asks, not even trying to tamp down her smile because there’s no reason to. She shifts on her arm so that she can look down on Lena, who reaches up to cup Kara’s cheeks, and Kara melts at the softness of her touch. “I’m with you. And I’m going home.”


And when Lena laughs, candid and carefree and divine, guiding her down to another kiss, Kara thinks she already is home, anyway.

And this, Kara thinks, is just the beginning.