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Professor Castiel

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At this point in the semester, you really should have been used to Professor Novak’s angry outbursts but here you were front and center in his lecture shaking in your seat, not entirely sure if you were scared or a little bit aroused. Novak was not a gentle man, at least from what you’d seen of him. But you couldn’t bring yourself to drop the course, not just because you needed it to graduate but because the man was inhumanly attractive. His usual attire usually consisted of suits that were obviously to tight on him showing off the lean muscles on his arms and back and leaving almost nothing to imagination, his hair was in a constant state of being perfectly windswept, but what really reeled you in were those heavenly eyes. You often found yourself thinking about those blue orbs whenever you got the chance, though not long enough for him to catch you day dreaming. You knew how harsh he could be to people who didn’t pay attention to his lectures.

All in all though, Novak wasn’t a bad professor. World religions wasn’t the most fascinating topic but the way he spoke about it was captivating. He had a way with words and as sinful as the thought was, you were sure he could get you off with just his voice if he tried. His deep tone held an authority to it that you found strangely arousing even when he talked about things as simple as the difference between Shia and Sunni muslims. Having the hots for your professor was generally frowned upon in academia but you honest to god could not help it. Professor Novak practically radiated charisma and charm, at least when he wasn’t yelling at some poor freshman who showed up late.

Unbeknownst to you, Novak had recovered from his small fit of rage and was yet again lecturing when he noticed the faraway look in your eyes. But for some reason, he didn’t call you out on it as he would with anyone else. In fact, he felt rather worried since he typically had your undivided attention during class periods. He rather enjoyed the way you looked at him almost hungrily but he would never voice the thought outloud.

“Ms. Y/L/N, please see me after class.” The sound of your name drew you out of your reverie. You looked up finding him already staring down at you, not in anger but instead, in curiousity. He gave no other indication of emotion and you weren’t sure whether you should prepare yourself to be yelled at, the thought kept you on edge for the rest of class.

You watched the rest of the students file out of the room quickly, some even giving you sympathetic looks. You shifted around in your seat nervously, silently debating if you should cross your legs or not and not noticing Novak watching you in slight amusement.

“Ms. Y/L/N,” You cautiously made eye contact with him, “Do you know why I asked you to stay behind?” His tone was almost smug. You flushed red realizing he could tell exactly how nervous you were by his presence. The way he watched you, waiting for an answer sent a wave of heat to your core. Those damn piercing eyes.

“I wasn’t paying attention…sir.” He grinned.

“And why weren’t you paying attention?” Well you obviously couldn’t tell him the truth, oh yeah Novak I was just thinking about you bending me over that desk and screwing me until my legs turned to jelly, yep, that wouldn’t call for expulsion or anything.

“I, uh, had some things on my mind.”

“Care to elaborate? What could be more important than taking notes for your midterm?”

“Just, personal things. I, it won’t happen again, I promise.” He seemed to accept that as an answer not pressing further, but you were sure he knew you were lying, at least a little bit. This definitely would not be the last time you thought about Mr. Novak during class time.

“Hmm, alright well since you didn’t get any of the notes for today and the test being around the corner and all, you’ll just have to come in after hours and copy them down.” Your breath caught in your throat. After hours? With Novak? Alone? Part of you knew this would be a nightmare but the other part, well she was just a tad bit excited at the notion of getting him alone.

“Thank you, sir.” You sat unmoving from your seat waiting for his next move.
“You can go, Y/N. Come back Tuesday around 6, I should be finished with all my classes by then.”