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Dynamite from the24thkey on Vimeo.


password: boom

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I watched Bounty Hunters on a recent flight back home from the US. It's a Chinese-Korean action comedy, and man, am I a sucker for silly action movies. Add pretty actors, awesome ladies, shipping potential, cool visuals and a generous dose of sleep deprivation and boom, I got the idea to make my first ever vid. (During ITPE season. Yeah, I don't make sensible life choices.) But honestly, 50% of it was just me wanting an excuse to listen to Dynamite on repeat. Made over the course of a week, fuelled by an entire bag of Reese's. No regrets.

A million thanks to Rhea314 and revolutionaryjo for betaing, and to jedusaur for telling me about MPEG_Streamclip, which made my life so much easier.


I hope you enjoy it and maybe even watch the movie! And then come talk to me about it. :D