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Sooner or Later You're Gonna be Mine

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Frisk didn’t think that Toriel would comply so easily with her husband when Asgore calmly but sternly suggest that she start making lunch instead of finding an outfit for “the child”.  But to her surprise, the giant goat lady quickly and eagerly agreed to the suggestion after Asgore quietly brought up the fact “the child” was nothing but skin and bones and probably hadn’t had a proper meal in months.  And as soon as that sentence left Asgore’s mouth, Toriel’s insane brown eyes shined with excitement as she quickly dropped the orange dress she was currently showcasing to Frisk.


“Lunch?!  Oh, that sounds like a wonderful idea, Gorey!”


Frisk’s anxiety spiked even more when Toriel let out a small deranged giggle as she clapped her paws together in delight.  The mini-giantess flashed Frisk a smile and if Frisk could move, she would have bolted from the creepy, overly colorful, and bright child’s room right then and there.  Toriel’s smile shook Frisk to the very core, but not because it was a wrathful smile full of malice and threats of violence.


No, what was so unsettling about that smile was that it was...warm.  Warm and pleasant and so full of love.  It was a  very unnatural type of love.  Like a child with a doll.  Ownership maybe?  Frisk didn’t know how to classify what type of love Toriel was portraying with that smile, and once again, Frisk found herself wondering which Toriel she’d rather be stuck with:  this one, or cold queen Toriel with her icy demeanor.  Maybe Queen Toriel was a better pick.  At least from what Frisk saw, Queen Toriel had a better grasp of her...sanity?  


How can somebody lose their sense of reality this quickly, Frisk wondered and then thought back to those now cringe-worthy belly rubs.  Those along with the odd things Toriel had been cooing at her should have made her more than a little uncomfortable but Frisk’s mind had been so clouded with pain and exhaustion that she didn’t even see anything wrong with what Toriel was doing.  


But now that Frisk was more awake and not suffering from all that breathtakingly horrible pain, she wanted nothing more than to get as far away from Toriel as possible.  


Unfortunately whatever Toriel had done to her when she rubbed Frisk’s chest area hadn’t worn off yet and so for the past five minutes, ever since Alphys had left to retrieve Asgore, Frisk had been stuck in the room with the obviously disturbed goat woman. Being forced play along with Toriel’s disillusions and carefully explaining why each childish dress Toriel presented to her wouldn’t do in the sweetest voice she could manage was altogether strange, nerve-wracking, and terrifying,  and if it weren’t, Frisk would have been impressed with herself given the position she was currently in.  Maybe she chose the wrong profession.  Maybe instead of joining her school's chorus, Frisk should have gone into drama.  


Luckily it seemed like Toriel was having too much fun showing off the seemingly never-ending and disturbing amount of childrens' dresses she had in her closet to be even the slightest bit discouraged with Frisk’s constant rejections.  


“What do you think I should make her to eat?” Toriel asked Asgore, who only shrugged helplessly with a playful smile on his face.  


“You know I’m only good for a nice cup of tea, my dear,” he said and at the mention of “tea” Toriel’s excitement dimmed a bit and a disapproving frown came over her face.  Frisk held her breath at Toriel’s sudden change in mood, not sure what Toriel would do next.  The only thing that was keeping Frisk was completely suffering an anxiety attack was Asgore’s unworried and calm expression, letting her know that not only was he used to his wife’s sudden mood swings, but he also knew how to handle them.


Hopefully.  Toriel’s frown wasn’t comforting in the least.


“Speaking of tea, didn’t you hear me a few minutes ago?  Our child needs a cup of tea.  She woke up that second time so… disagreeable and argumentative,” Toriel explained, tsking and shaking her head at Frisk before a sympathetic look of despair replaced her disapproving frown.  “Of course I blame her cranky mood on her unexpected illness-


I AM NOT A CHILD!  Frisk’s mind screamed out, blocking out what Toriel was saying. She fought the urge to actually scream it out loud but held the thought it, especially when Asgore looked right at her and gave Frisk a single nod of his head. Frisk assumed he was quietly telling her he understood the stress she was in. She returned the nod.  


Just play along for a little while longer, Frisky, and you’ll be out of this mess soon enough , she told herself.  And even though Frisk knew going along with that option would be the best way to avoid having Toriel making a huge and possibly violent scene, Frisk couldn’t help but feel that beneath the fear and the utter awkwardness and uncomfortable atmosphere this whole experience was bringing to her mind, there was also an underlying feeling of indignity brewing.    Frisk was in her mid-twenties and yet she was being forced to act like a six year old child.  And the fact that both goat monsters were talking to her or about her like she was a practically a toddler wasn’t helping either.


But all the same, she held her tongue.  She had gone this long without upsetting Toriel, she could last a little longer.


“...and I think a nice cup of tea will put her out of her grouchy mood.”


Tea isn’t a magical herb that is gonna make people feel better or more agreeable but even as Frisk thought that, she knew that if Asgore had entered the room with a cup of tea, she would have eagerly drunk it.  At this point her throat and mouth were so unbearably dry and even though a cup of cold refreshing ice water sounded better than bland hot tea, Frisk would have drunk the tea.  As long as it could help soothe her itchy and parched throat.  


“I think some fresh air will also do her some good, my dear.  Why don’t you start lunch and I’ll take her outside to the garden?” Asgore asked.  


Yes, let’s go outside in the garden!  Or in a car.  Or back to Surface City or anywhere that’s not in this room!   Frisk thought and tried to keep her face as expressionless as possible when Toriel turned towards her with another smile only this one wasn’t creepy and didn’t send a chill down Frisk’s spine.  


This smile was so condescendingly patronizing that Frisk had to remind herself that Toriel was extremely crazy; she really didn’t mean to make Frisk feel that fierce, brutal wave of indignity that hit her like a slap in the face, but now that Asgore was here this whole experience was finally over.  


When I get out of here I’ll kindly refuse Grillby’s job offer for… Frisk paused in her thoughts to look at Toriel who was quickly picking up the dresses she had tossed to the floor with an excited spring in her step... obvious reasons and go to MY hospital to figure out what happened to me.  And then- Frisk inwardly frowned as she thought of Sans.   That guy is gonna be so pissed off, thinking I stood him up.   But then her inner frown turned into a slight smile .  Maybe if I show him my doctor’s note he’ll calm down.  But then again, if I told him everything that led up to my fainting spell, that bag of bones would probably be even more pissed at me.  


Frisk imagined seeing those red lights of his going out, leaving his sockets pitch black as he proceeded to yell at her.  She could only imagine the conversation.


Ya took some job from some random asshole on the street ya didn’t even know, went to a city ya never been to before, didn’t tell anybody where you were going, and ya get sick and pass out in a place filled with strangers, and not only that, in a place filled with strangers where they have no idea how to treat humans!  How stupid are ya?!  


Frisk felt herself blush at the things imaginary Sans was telling her.  It was strange.  Now that she was really thinking about it, summing up everything she had done… everything that led up to her being sick in bed, being treated like a child by a severely insane woman…


Frisk liked to think she usually made good and smart decisions but in this case….


What the hell was I thinking?!  If Jim really was a guy who wanted to hurt me, he could have.  I went along with him, no problem, no arguments.  I’m usually so much more cautious.  But…


Frisk felt her eyes narrow as she imagined her retaliation of what she would say to Sans.  I wouldn’t have taken the damn job if you hadn’t made me so desperate!  You got me fired!  Granted you got me hired again, but don’t act like you didn’t have anything to do with getting me canned!  Because of you and your “being with me is a gamble” shtick, I couldn’t trust that my jobs, my means of supporting myself, would be around if you wanted to be a prick again!  That was your fault, too!


And as Frisk lay in bed, envisioning the fight she and Sans would have, she was amazed to find herself becoming… excited about having that argument with him. The yelling, hands turning into fists, the unpleasant sounds of his rough voice getting louder, but no matter how angry he became...and no matter how confrontational Frisk became...


Frisk knew that Sans wouldn’t hit her in his anger.  Ever since the skeleton apologized about how stupid he had been when he approached her that night in the bathroom there was no doubt that Sans would most likely lose his temper again and again, but…there would be no violence. Ever. That apology had been real.  His regret was real.  


And the thought of arguing with somebody….Frisk couldn’t recall the last time she actually argued with another person.  When Derek was still alive, if she even breathed a simple “no” or made a disagreeable face, the man would fly into a violent rage, attacking her with hit after hit after hit until he exhausted himself.  She also couldn’t argue when her bosses shortened her paychecks, otherwise she might lose her jobs.  And she certainly couldn’t have said “no” to Don Dee’s goon Nick.  


I wonder who Nick’s torturing these days, Frisk thought coldly before she turned her attention back to her… fantasy argument with Sans.  She could imagine him saying something along the lines of:   You know goddamn well I wouldn’t take yer jobs away, again!  I told ya I wanted to start again!  And you agreed ya wanted to start over again!  That meant you knew I wouldn’t do something like that again.  


Frisk groaned.  She hoped real-life Sans wasn’t as good at arguing as her imaginary Sans was because the more she thought about it, the more she realized that the only reason why she agreed to a new “start over” with Sans in her half destroyed kitchen was because the guy really was sorry.  And it took a lot for a guy in this world to apologize and mean it.


Maybe I should leave that point out in my arguments, Frisk thought.   I should probably also not mention crazy Toriel-


All of Frisk’s thoughts came to a halt and she came crashing back to reality when she felt a warm pair of fuzzy lips touch her forehead.  While she had been fantasizing about Sans, she didn’t even notice the giant goat lady walking up to her.  Frisk was able to hold in a gasp of shock but couldn’t keep her face neutral.  She knew she was looking at Toriel with wide eyes and an open mouth, but thankfully the goat lady was too deeply stuck in her own delusions to notice Frisk’s expression.


“Oh!  It's been such a long time since I cooked for a child, my sweet little Frisk!” Toriel said, beaming a smile full of sharp teeth and sunshine down at Frisk.  


Frisk opted just to stare at Toriel.  At this point she had….no idea what to say. That kiss had been so unexpected. The unwelcome motherly kiss was so shocking that Frisk couldn’t form any words and even if she could have, she didn’t want to say anything that would further drive Toriel into her madness.  Frisk was glad Asgore had been there while Toriel kissed her because if he wasn’t, she would have completely halted all attempts to play along with Toriel’s lunacy.


That kiss was the line and Asgore must have seen that in her face because he nodded again, a sad smile on his face as he placed an arm around his wife’s shoulders, ushering her out the door.  


As Asgore moved his wife towards the door Frisk noticed something that hadn’t been in the room when Asgore first entered.  A wheelchair.


When did that get here?   Frisk wondered.   Was I too deep in my thoughts to notice somebody bringing that in?


The sight of that thing wasn’t exactly comforting.  The only other time Frisk had ever needed to use a wheelchair was… after the… miscarriage...


Frisk gulped, feeling the dryness in her mouth worsen but ignored that for now.  She stared down at her limp and still unbelievably relaxed body and willed it to move with all her might.  She gave a small sigh of relief when she was able to lift her upper body about three inches off the bed but not without straining all her muscles and feeling her face become red from all her effort.  Despite all that hard work for such little result, Frisk felt some of her anxiety wash away at the knowledge that whatever Toriel had done to her was starting to wear off.  Granted, it was wearing off slowly, but with more time, Frisk was certain she would move again.  


At the moment she needed that wheelchair, but given an hour, Frisk was sure she would be able to walk and move her body again.   


I’ll tell Asgore what happened.  Maybe he knows a way to...recover more quickly from whatever Toriel did to me and even if he can’t, I’ll make sure that Toriel doesn’t touch me again.  


The thought that Toriel could leave Frisk immobile with just a touch of her hands was too frightening to even think too long and hard about so Frisk focused her attention on the wheelchair.  Really studying it this time.  


It looked a little too...small to be made for a monster.  Frisk thought back to Grillby’s bar.  All the tables and chairs there were built for beings much larger than humans.  And yet this wheelchair was too small to fit Toriel or Asgore.  Alphys, who was much smaller than the two of them, wouldn’t be able to fit in it either.


Even though Frisk had never seen a monster child before she could assume they might be small enough to fit in this wheelchair.  Maybe when Asriel was still alive, he needed it?  Or maybe Chara needed it.  The wheelchair did look like one of those one-size fits all models as long as the person wasn’t too heavy or too tall.  


Frisk felt another shiver run down her spine.  As mean as this sounded, she couldn’t help but hope that it was Asriel who needed the wheelchair.  The thought of a second human using the same wheelchair in a place where monsters only lived was… too…


Frisk shuddered.  The urge to leave was getting stronger.  


“I have so many ideas!  Maybe I should make a few dishes and see what our child likes best!”


Frisk now physically winced at Toriel’s term of endearment for her.  When Frisk first heard the term she honestly thought it was kind of cute but now, given everything that happened… and  while Frisk understood why Asgore didn’t correct Toriel on the whole “our child” thing, it was still creepy to see the giant male goat nod his head in agreement with his clearly crazy wife.  


“That sounds like a wonderful idea, my dear.  But you should hurry.  The poor child must be so hungry!”


I am not a child!   Frisk wanted to scream and felt herself blush in embarrassed anger when Toriel moaned sympathetically before she walked out the door.  Asgore closed the the door behind her and turned back around, leaning on it casually before he let out a small deep and smooth chuckle.


“Well now…” he said and began stroking his black beard in deep thought.  Now that Toriel wasn’t her main focus, Frisk noticed that the male goat monster wasn’t wearing anything as elegant as the three piece suit that he’d had on when she first met him.  While his long black hair was still pulled back in a low ponytail, he was now wearing a pair of black trousers and a white button-up shirt.  The sleeves had been pushed up to his elbows, revealing muscular arms.  


Frisk took a second to stare in awe of him.  Suits usually make men look just a little more bulky than what they really were, but apparently Asgore’s suit hid how bulky and powerful he really was, and that was saying a lot, because Asgore already looked strong wearing that expensive suit.  


Frisk swallowed again and as she spoke she chose her words carefully.  Even though she was sure they both knew that Toriel wasn’t balanced, Frisk didn’t want to flat-out insult his wife.  There was something about blatantly pointing out obvious details in a tragedy that seemed cruel since Toriel most likely lost it after her children had died.  


And more importantly, Frisk didn’t want to say anything that could be remotely insulting about Toriel, because it was clear that despite her craziness, she and Asgore had a loving relationship.  And if you insult somebody’s loved one, you’re pretty much insulting them.  Asgore had been kind to her and in a really weird way before Toriel had snapped out of reality, she was very kind herself.  


There was no need to be unkind.  


“Well I… I am grateful that you took care of me and got a doctor to examine me, but I think it would be best if I left-”


Frisk stopped when Asgore placed a finger to his lips and gestured towards the door with a quick jerk of his head.  


“I understand how you’re feeling, but let’s not discuss this here.  There’s a chance my dearest wife might overhear you.  Why don’t we take this discussion out to the garden where she won’t be able to hear us?”


Frisk nodded.  Yeah, it probably wouldn’t go over well if Toriel overheard what they were saying.  Asgore grabbed the handles of the wheelchair and wheeled it over until he was at the edge of the big bed.  He looked down at her with a small tight smile.


“Dr. Alphys told me my wife…” the goat monster paused as he thought out his words.  “...used her special touch on you.  I’m sure you already noticed there was something unusual about her hands when she….um….soothed your pain away that first time-”


You mean when she gave me those belly rubs and I was actually smiling with her and was completely okay about it because I was in so much pain?   Frisk wanted to ask, but didn’t.  It was humiliating enough already, and she didn’t want to even speak about that moment ever again.  She was thankful Asgore was being so vague about it too.  


“-but the second time she used her special touch on you, she was simply trying to relax your body.  She does it with me whenever I need to have the strain and aches massaged out of my muscles.  I suppose in her mind, she probably thought it would help with your...illness.  I don’t think she took into account that... ” he paused and shrugged .  “...that taking away a person’s ability to move would probably have a negative effect on their mental state.”


Frisk nodded slowly at the words.  So Toriel has a special touch?  Sans must have a special touch himself then.  Maybe Asgore can explain why Sans is able to keep me locked in place drag me towards him and shut doors without moving and that warm… amazing feeling he puts in my body....  Definitely a monster magic thing but an explanation on the whole dealie would be nice.  


“How is she able to… to do that?  Soothe pain away and completely relax a body to the point where it can’t move?  Is it something all monsters can do?  Because I have a friend named Sa-”


The goat monster shook his head.  “I’ll explained all that when we’re outside.  Can you walk?”


Frisk grunted and used all her strength to once again push herself out of bed while Asgore silently watched her.  This time she managed to push herself into a sitting position and after she leaned against the colorful headboard of the bed, sweating and panting heavily from exhaustion, she looked up at Asgore and was surprised to see a bewildered look on his face.


“What?” she asked.


The goat monster didn’t answer for a second, his bewildered look becoming thoughtful and a little… stern as he look Frisk over carefully.


“I… I am simply… surprised that a tiny little creature such as yourself was able to move after your mot… after Toriel gave you her special touch.  When she does it to me I’m usually already laying in bed about to sleep.  Can’t even move an inch for hours after she helps me relax my muscles.”


Frisk felt a real and tiny smile cross her lips as she scaled the gentle giant standing before her bed.  “So...are you saying I’m stronger than you?”


Asgore’s thoughtful face broke and he shot Frisk a grin as he stroked his beard again.


“Let’s not get jump to conclusions, young lady.  Human bodies and monster bodies are completely different,” he explained and motioned towards the wheelchair again.


“Do you need this?”


Frisk nodded her head sheepishly.  “Yeah.  I can more my upper body just fine, but  I don’t think I can walk just yet.”

The male goat smiled smugly and began to remove the blanket covering her body.  


“Yeah I thought so, here let me help-”


When the blanket slipped off her body, Frisk realized a very important fact she had forgotten thanks largely to Toriel.


“Don’t! I have no pants on!”  Frisk said, her face burning hot as she gripped the hem of the short nightgown she had on and pulled it down as low as it could go before making a mad grab for the blanket.  


To his credit, Asgore had enough sense to turn around, but couldn’t hold in his amused chuckles as Frisk scrambled to cover herself again.  “Oh dear.” he managed to say between the chuckles.  “I’m sorry.  I was unaware.”  He took a few calming breaths, trying to hold in his laughter before he continued.  “I’d call in Dr. Alphys to help, but unfortunately she is...busy with something very very important so I can’t have her….” he stopped and chuckled so more.  “ you in this wheelchair.”


Frisk let out a few weak chuckles herself though more from embarrassment than amusement.


This day can’t get any worse, she thought, feeling her face burn even more hotly as she covered her face with her trembling hands and chuckled again.  If she didn’t chuckle she knew she would start crying.  


Taking too long to answer, Asgore tried again.  


“You have nothing to fear from me, my dear.  I am an older married man.”  Despite the few traitorous chuckles that came out of his mouth as he said that, Asgore’s sincere and warm voice made Frisk lower her hands.  


His back was still turned, and he was causally rocking on his heels with his hands behind his back, most likely waiting for her permission to face her again.


“I still have no pants on,” Frisk mumbled.  “This… this nightgown is way too short.”


Asgore hummed.  “Well… why don’t you wrap that blanket around you as a cover for right now?  And then we’ll see about what we can do about finding you some better fitted clothes?”  


Just something that is decent enough to get back home in, Frisk thought before she began

wrapping the blanket around the lower half of her body.


And when Asgore lifted her out of bed, Frisk became very aware how much bigger he was compared to her.  She could honestly see why Toriel kept calling her a child.  A normal human eight-year old child would fit into Asgore’s fist easily.  He could easily hold Frisk up in the sling of one of his massive arms.  


But despite his large size he wasn’t clumsy when he handled her from the bed.  In fact, he was incredibly careful in avoiding touching an area she might not like, and because of how easily he lifted her, Frisk couldn’t help but feel like a baby wrapped in a blanket.  And when that image came into her mind along with all of Toriel’s condescending babying she couldn’t help letting out a moan of distress leave her mouth.


Asgore made a puzzled sound and after he put her in the wheelchair he kneeled down to her level, lifting her chin with one of his large furry fingers.  His fur felt coarse and rough, but warm and gentle too.  


“You aren’t feeling any pain are you?  I didn’t hurt you did I?”  he asked, his big deep voice filled with concern.  


Frisk gave him an apologetic smile.


“I’m fine.  It’s just… this whole day has been… I just want to go home.”


A charming, sharp-toothed smile came over his face. “I’m sure you do.”


And with that he pushed Frisk out of the door.


Asgore and Toriel’s home was lovely, but a lot smaller than what Frisk thought the wealthy couple would have. For starters, it was only one level, but then again maybe they had a basement too.  But for as small as it was, it didn’t miss any opportunity to show all who visited that the couple had money.  Lots of money.


And as Asgore wheeled her to what Frisk assumed was the back door, Frisk’s eyes were everywhere.  As Asgore pulled her away from the bedroom door and out of the long hallway, she was able to catch a glimpse of two more doors nearby the room she had been in before Asgore wheeled her away.  


The floors were hardwood, but had a beautiful golden brown color to them and they were so shiny and clean that there was no doubt in Frisk’s mind that the couple must have hired professionals to keep their floors so clean along with the rest of their house.  


And the flowers.  Almost every three feet, starting at the end of the hallway to the opening of the new room Asgore was wheeling her towards, being held in beautiful and very expensive-looking crystal vases were some of the prettiest flowers Frisk had ever seen.  The flowers themselves kind of looked like traditional yellow buttercups with some very interesting and incredible differences that made them much more breathtaking and wonderful.  They weren’t yellow.  They were a golden color and instead of being small, they were a little bigger than Frisk’s hands and there seemed to be about about thirty or forty flowers overflowing each vase that they passed.  


And when they entered the new room, every corner had a vase full of those flowers to liven the area up since it didn’t have much.  There was a small bookcase filled with books, two flower-shaped wall lamps and a long mirror that was pinned to the wall at such a height that only Asgore and Toriel would be the only people able to see their reflections.  


Those were the only things in this room...well those things and the giant hole right in the middle of the floor.  Frisk narrowed her eyes, not quite sure what to make of it.   Literally right in the middle of the room was a neatly cut square shaped hole, surrounded by a half opened square railing.  Asgore moved closer to the edge, where a railing was blocking them from falling down and allowed Frisk could get a better look down.


There were stairs leading down to what Frisk assumed was a basement but because there were no lights she could only see darkness.


She turned around and looked up at Asgore with a raised eyebrow.  His expression was a little less relaxed than it had been when he had first started wheeling Frisk around.


“That used to be our basement, but after Dr. Alphys moved in years ago she turned it into her room.  Please do not go down there, ever.  The good Doctor likes to tinker with machinery and you might get injured.”


Frisk nodded.  “That’s no problem.”   I’m not gonna be staying long enough here to get that curious.   But then something did draw her attention back to the hole.  Frisk could have sworn she heard something coming from the darkness leading down to Dr. Alphys’ room.  It was so faint that Frisk might have imagined it.  Something… like music.  Classical maybe?  When Frisk leaned down further, it got just a tiny bit louder.  


I guess Dr. Alphys likes listening to classical music , Frisk thought and was just about to see if the lizard were listening to a song she recognized, Asgore turned her around and pushed her towards a door, and given the windows near that door, it was easy to guess that it was the door that lead to the outside world.


At first a small bit of disappointment rushed through Frisk that she wouldn’t get to see how the other rooms looked but then she heard the unmistakable sound of Toriel’s honey-sweet voice humming a tune Frisk couldn’t name along with the sounds of pots and pans clanging together.  Maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea to explore more of the house and accidentally get the goat lady’s attention.  


The first thing that attacked Frisk’s eyes when Asgore opened the room was the sunlight.  Groaning she covered her eyes and rubbed them, soothing out the stinging pain and when she slowly opened them, this time cautiously and giving them time to adjust to the outside world, what Frisk saw made her mouth fall open in amazement.


Colors of all kinds assaulted Frisk’s vision.  There were so many different types of flowers! Many of them she had never before seen, never knew they existed until this moment, and they surrounded the two of them on all sides.  In fact the only colorless thing was the small stone path Asgore was standing on.


“Oh my God…” was all Frisk could say.  She dreamt of having a garden.  It was the one of the few things she wanted more than anything else, but… she never could imagine somebody having a garden as magnificent at this.  


There were so many different types of  flowers.  Short flowers, tall flowers, leafy flowers, flowers on vines, flowers with thorns, each different species of flower having it’s own little patch.  Asgore was definitely organized when it came to his garden….and the colors…so many different colors! And the best part was there were colors Frisk never thought could be on flowers before.  Even the stems were all different colors!


There was not one color that Frisk didn’t see.  Every color of the rainbow was there and maybe it was her imagination but some of those flowers even looked as though they were glowing.  Just like her blue echo flower!  She eagerly looked around to see if she could spot a batch of them growing somewhere near the two of them but was more than a little disappointed when she couldn’t spot any.  


But that didn’t mean there wasn’t a small group of them somewhere further down the gray stone path.  From where they were standing, the garden seemed to go and go, literally like a jungle and because some of the taller flowers towered over even Asgore, Frisk couldn’t see where the garden actually ended.  In fact, the garden was so full and bursting with colors, Frisk couldn’t see where the stone path lead.


“This garden is like something out of a fairy tale,” Frisk whispered, turning around to look up at Asgore.  He grinned down at her.


“I love showing off my garden.  Isn’t it quite the sight?”


Frisk could only nod, making Asgore’s grin grow into a fond smile.  


“Well come along, my little dear.   There’s something I need to talk to you about and then after everything’s all nice and settled, I’ll give you a real tour of the garden.”


Frisk barely heard his words as her eyes attacked everything they came into contact with.  Every patch they passed showed Frisk a new type of plant she never thought could come into existence.  Green flowers with purple stems.  Glowing orange petals with bright blue leaves.  Red stemmed flowers with black thorns and pink petals.  Solid white flowers from the stem to their leaves to their petals.  There were flowers the size of a small child.  Flowers that seemed to change colors.  They even passed the three flowers that Asgore showed her at Grillby’s.  And then there was the smell… it smelled so fresh out here.  


And when a gentle breeze flowed through Frisk could only smile when she realized that some flowers let out a wind-chime noise.  


And as Frisk kept looking around, she tried to find the flower Sans had given her, that beautiful Echo Flower but she didn’t see them.  As she was just about to ask Asgore if he had planted any, the thick jungle of flowers stopped and opened to a wide plain field.  But like the garden that area also seemed to be well-maintained.  The grass looked like it had been recently mowed and the blades of grass were swaying in the wind.  


Damn, if he had just showed me this wide open space, I would have been just as impressed, Frisk realized.   My city has completely destroyed things as simple as an open field of grass.   She smiled though.   At least Papyrus is fixing that.  


Asgore continued to push her on the stone path and when she finally turned her gaze away from the pretty field to the where the stone path led, her grin got even wider.  Asgore was pushing her chair up to a small white gazebo with patches of those golden flowers planted all around it.


Inside the little open shelter was a large table with four chairs and by the looks of it, somebody had been recently relaxing there.  And from the layout of the teapot and small teacup, Frisk assumed it had been Asgore.  Along with the tea was a folded-up newspaper, a small pad of paper and a pencil, but more importantly, at least to Frisk, there was a large pitcher of ice water right in the middle of the table.


“This wheelchair is pretty low.  Do you mind if I move you to one of the chairs, so I can see your face, my little dear?” Asgore asked.  Frisk blushed but nodded and just like before Asgore was careful when he lifted Frisk from the chair, blanket and all, and gently plopped her into the large chair.  Frisk frowned.  Her feet didn’t even touch the ground! That’s how high the chair was.  


You’re in a highchair Frisky , she thought to herself before she quickly stomped that horrid thing out of her mind.   I’m a small person in a big chair.  There’s a difference.


The sound of rushing water and clinking ice against glass pulled her out of her thoughts as Asgore quietly poured a large cup of water and handed it to her.  


“My wife wanted to give you tea, but I think water works just as well for a thirsty throat,” he said cheerfully and crossed his legs, leaning an elbow on the table and resting his chin in his hand.  


Frisk nodded gratefully and quickly downed the drink.  Her throat and tongue screamed with happiness as the refreshing liquid wetted and soothed everything it touched.  After a huge gulp, she placed the glass down and looked around.  


From a distance, now that she could see everything, the garden wasn’t as big as her imagination had led her to believe, through still pretty damn big,  and judging by the way the open field ended when they hit the woods, Frisk knew that this garden must be located in the backyard.  There was no road.  


Asgore sighed and closed his eyes with a smile on his face.  Frisk took a smaller gulp from her huge glass of water as she watched his body relax.  


“It’s such a beautiful day out.   Birds are singing, flowers are blooming…”  The goat monster opened his eyes.  Frisk didn’t say anything.  His eyes were cloudy, almost as though he were seeing something Frisk wasn’t seeing.  He looked over the wide field, his smile becoming just a little sad.


“Perfect weather for a game of catch.”


Frisk looked at towards the field again and sighed, feeling another cool breeze hit her face.  Asgore was right.  Today was the type of day that Frisk and her friends always loved the most.  The perfect weather for a game of baseball.  And as she imagined a younger version of herself and all the friends she once had, setting up the bases and throwing pitches and baseball bats swinging,  she wondered what Asgore was seeing when he looked towards his field with those cloudy eyes.  


Did he see Chara and Asriel playing?  Did he see himself throwing a baseball towards the two of them?  


She turned towards him and saw that the cloudiness had faded from his eyes and he was tapping his fingers against the table in thought.  Frisk took a sip from her drink, amazed to see that all the water in her glass was nearly gone.  


“It is a pretty day outside.” she agreed.


Asgore let out a small laugh that… that wasn’t pleasant.  And the smirk that replaced his smile wasn’t all that sweet-looking either.  He picked up his cup of tea, and while Frisk was no expert, she knew that tea that came from a pot should be hot and the cup wasn’t giving off steam.  Asgore drank it regardless, not even making a sour face when he placed the delicate little cup back down on the saucer.


Frisk felt something….thump in her chest when the goat monster’s relaxed posture stiffened up and he leaned back in his chair, spine as straight as a board.  He elegantly crossed one leg over the other and pressed his fingertips together.  His smirk started to show sharp teeth, only this time there was no charm to them.  


He looked… vicious.  And cold.  And arrogant.  Like a cut-throat businessman.  Or… an amused mobster listening to somebody beg for mercy… and the only reason why Frisk knew that specific expression was because she had seen the exact same smile on Nick’s face before he chopped off that poor man’s hand.


And subconsciously Frisk tried to move the lower part of her body.  Her legs wiggled, but she knew they still couldn’t support her weight.  Being immobile around this guy suddenly didn’t seem so safe anymore.


“I wanted to start things off this way, a discussion of what was expected of you, but my wife, she wanted to do things the kinder way and despite the fact that you are clearly an intelligent and interesting little thing,  I went along with it.  I wanted to tell her the kind way wasn’t going to work, but I can’t say no to her.”


Frisk frowned, feeling her hands begin to shake.  His words hadn’t reached her yet, but it was his tone that was causing the small pit of panic to grow steadily in her stomach.  His voice had lost its warmth.  There was a dominant edge to it, a business-feel to it that made Frisk feel like she was talking to an authoritative figure.  Somebody who wasn’t made for listening.  Only talking and giving orders.  Frisk had met enough corrupt cops in her day to know the tone.


And once she got over Asgore’s sudden change in tone, his words sank in.


“Expected of me?  What are you talking about?”


And from the way Asgore’s smirk grew into a full-edge sharp-toothed smile that even Sans would back away from, Frisk realized she didn’t want the answer that question.  She didn’t even want to be in the same area as him.  And for one second she honestly wished she was with Toriel again.  The worst thing Toriel could do was treat her like a baby.  Based on that smile Asgore was giving her, Frisk imagined the nicest thing the male goat could do was tear her throat out with his teeth.  


“I’m sure this must be terribly confusing for you, but let me begin by saying that ever since my wife and I lost our beloved adopted child, Chara, we have been lonely. My wife, in particular, took the news harder than I did,” and with that, Asgore’s terrifying smile faltered a little.  


The monster sighed and rubbed his eyes before he continued.  The panic and fear continued to grow.  Frisk wouldn’t allow herself to even guess where Asgore was going with this conversation because the obvious answer was the scariest.  And there was no way that could happen.  One crazy person in a household?  Yes.  Two crazy people?  Frisk swallowed and stared at her drink.  Suddenly she wasn’t too thirsty anymore.  


“There’s nothing more heartbreaking to us than seeing an empty room full of toys and unused clothing.  Chara died so young, in such a violent way… thanks to…” Asgore paused and then something even more frightening happened.  His teeth went into a full on snarl and he slammed his fist against the table.  And even though he was sitting down, the hardwood table didn’t stand a chance.


It collapsed under the weight of his fist, taking all the items, the teapot, the cups, and the pitcher of water with it.  The goat monster didn’t even seem to break a sweat from his display of strength and after a few terrifying seconds of complete silence, though Frisk was sure her heart was beating so hard and fast that Asgore had to hear it, the goat monster coughed and straightened his beard out.


What… the hell is going on?   Frisk thought staring at the ruined table.   Why the hell did I agree to take Jim’s offer?  This is not worth it.  


“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you but there are times when I can’t control my temper,” he offered a comforting smile that wasn’t comforting the the least.  “Now...where was I?  Oh yes.  My poor wife just didn’t cope well with Chara’s death.  In fact she spent many years in this house barely leaving to do the things she used to love doing.  She didn’t even help in the family business.”


With a strange smile, Asgore looked Frisk over.  “When I heard that Grillby was going to have a human singer perform for his bar I was curious about who he would choose to….entertain his customers.  And when I told Toriel about that, I was delighted to see that it had sparked her interest too.  So we decided to be the first monsters to see you perform as a sort of amusement-”


“Grillby told me that he was going to have you two there to judge my singing to see if I got the job or not,” Frisk said and from the snort of laughter she received from Asgore, she wondered if she was going to have a heart attack from the fear that was entering her body at a rapid pace.


“Oh my little dear,” he cooed so sweetly and so gently that once again Frisk felt herself stiffen angrily at being talked down to like she were a child.  


“Grillby and his little human really do sell their lies beautifully, don’t they?  My sweet girl, Grillby wasn’t looking for just a singer.  He was looking for a…”Asgore hummed as he stroked his beard.  “ do I say this without sounding vulgar?  He was looking for a human who could not only entertain his audience, but also be used as a fuck toy for his highest paying customers.”


It felt like somebody punched Frisk square in the stomach because all the air left her at once.

A fuck toy?  He was looking for a prostitute?  A sex slave?  And Jim...knew?  


But Jim couldn’t have known.  Jim had his daughter with him.  Who brings their daughter to a place like that?  


The same type of people that bring their kids along to sell drugs so people don’t suspect them,   Frisk answered and truly began to panic.  


“Grillby has a lot of interesting services he offers, which involves selling...intimate acts for money.  Well he’s made quite a bit from his… employees already, almost anything that is remotely related to humans is becoming extremely popular in Fell City.   With your charming looks and sweet voice, you would have been such a high-seller.”


Jim knew...too?  But Jim was like dad… Jim even looked a little like dad.  How could Jim… do this to another person?  How could Grillby do this?  How could-


“You’re the landlord and you allow him to have forced prostitutes in his business?”


As soon as the words left Frisk’s mouth she winced, expecting those were the last words she’d say, after all Asgore had pissed himself off and broke a table.  Having another person backtalk him was another matter.  His reaction only furthered her growing disgust for him.


Asgore shrugged.  “He pays me quite a bit to not care, not that I had much interest to begin with, and plus at this point I’m sure his “employees” are more than agreeable with their situation.  But never mind about any of that.  That’s unpleasant noise for somebody like you.  All you have to know is that as soon as my wife and I saw you, we knew we couldn’t allow that fate to be yours...” at this Asgore grinned and leaned forward, and pinched  her chin.  His touch was just coarse and rough now.


Frisk was too stunned and too terrified of what would happen if she smacked his hand away.


“It was like seeing Chara again.  So small and so precious, but then we started talking to you.  You’re smart and yet there’s that odd sweetness to you that only children have.  I haven’t seen my wife that happy in years and I can see why too,” his voice started to sound a little too excited.  “It was like having Chara again, only better. I hate to speak harshly about my beloved child, but during the last year of Chara’s life, they began to get a little bitter, but you-”


Asgore must have realized how excited he sounded and leaned back into his chair, trying to recreate the cool businessman persona.   


“Well, let’s just say, my little dear, that both my wife and I were quite pleased with you and decided to buy you from Grillby.”


B-Buy me?  


Frisk felt her anger rise.  “You can’t buy me-”


The giant goat monster waved his hand away dismissing her words.


“We already did.  Paid in cash on the way out.  You are now ours, Frisk Determ,” his voice leaving no room for argument which further enraged Frisk.  And in her rage she forgot that she didn’t have the table anymore to block Asgore’s view of her lower body.  She looked down at her legs and tried with all her might to will them to move.  They did, but they still felt so incredible weak.


No...this can’t be happening.  


His amused laughter was starting to make her eyes sting from rage and fear.   He couldn’t do this!  He was just as insane as his wife!


“Oh my.  That’s adorable, but really my little dear, even if you could run where would you go?  And even if you did know where to go, our home is miles from HOTLAND and AND even if you did miraculously make it to HOTLAND, I doubt anybody would dare help you.  I run things everywhere in this city.  And by now everybody knows you belong to me and my wife and I have so many people who work for me.  It would only be a matter of minutes before you were brought home.”


Frisk looked up at him, snarling her own teeth at him, and judging by the wide grin he gave her, he not only found it unimpressive and unintimidating, but also incredibly funny.  He covered his hand over his mouth to hide the deep laughter coming out of him.


“I don’t belong to y-” Frisk began to say but then the goat monster said something that made all her anger fizzle out and a deep wave of fear and terror hit her.  


“You really don’t have a choice in this matter so it’s best if you just listen to me.   You can’t escape, not that you’ll want to in a few weeks, but nobody will be coming for you either,” Asgore gave her a friendly wink.  “Your human friend Jim already told us nobody knew you were heading to my lovely city.”


Oh my God, he’s right.  Jim… Jim really was a liar. .   Frisk wanted to smack her herself for how stupid she had been.    That’s why Jim asked me if I wanted to reserve seats for any of my friends and family.  He wanted to make sure nobody knew where I was going and I fucking fell for it!


Frisk began to tremble more harshly, both from her anger and the fear that not only had she been kidnapped, but her stupidity had helped her kidnappers ensure that nobody knew where she’d gone.  


But they were such innocent questions at first and I needed that job.  I didn’t think… Jim reminded me of my dad!


She didn’t realize she was crying until she felt Asgore’s furry thumb brush it away.  And without thinking she slapped she slapped his large hand away and glared at him


Unfortunately this time Asgore didn’t appear to find her act of rebellion cute because after staring long and hard at the hand she slapped, his cold and icy stare moved up to hers.  He leaned towards her, easily moving his upper body over the wreckage until they were only inches from each other.  If Frisk thought his sharp teeth were frightening before, having them only an inch away from her face was heart-stopping.


“I am going to let that slide today, little girl.  But the next time you hit me,” he growled lowly and grabbed her wrists so quickly that Frisk didn’t have time to scream.  His paws were so large that they covered her entire forearms.  He squeezed them but there was no pain.  Only the promise of horrible pain which was almost worse.  “I’ll break your fucking legs and that wheelchair is gonna be your best friend for the rest of your life.  Understand me?”


Fuck you, Frisk thought but she found herself quickly nodding her head.  The monster didn’t let go of her wrists and he didn’t look appeased at all by her response.  And to make matters worse, a cruel and twisted smile replaced his monstrous snarl.  


“When we get back in the house, you will smile and you will act like a happy child.  You will greet my wife happily and you will call her mommy-”


Frisk’s eyes widened in disbelief.  “Mommy?!  I don’t think soaahhhh!”


Pain shot up through Frisk’s wrists as Asgore lightly squeezed her arms.  His grip was so powerful, even more powerful than Sans’ had been when he caught her fist and unlike Sans, Frisk didn’t feel like Asgore could crush and easily break her bones if he so wanted to.  She felt like he could easily turn them into dust with just one more squeeze.


“We can go about being a happy family in a number of ways, my little dear.  We can keep trying Mommy’s way of making you happy and drugging you day in and day out making you so weak and dependent on us that you eventually accept your fate-”


“What?  Drugged?!”


Asgore snorted finally letting Frisk’s arms go.  “How do you think you ended up here?”  he laughed.  “Please don’t tell me you actually fell for Alphys’ little story?”


Alphys….she lied too!  That phony seizure story…..I was drugged!  


But we both know drugging you isn’t going to work,” Asgore said and finally released Frisk’s wrists.  “You won’t eat what we make you and Mommy will become upset and...I’ll have to force feed you and-urgh… it’s an unnecessary inconvenience.

You are insane.  And that crazy woman is not my mother!


“But on the opposite end of the scale, there’s the option of a more….corporal punishment….” Asgore said with a small frown on his face, like the idea wasn’t to his liking.


“You mean like you beating me without mercy until I start calling your wife mommy?”  Frisk spat back at him.  Asgore raised an eyebrow in surprise.


“Oh goodness no!  Mommy doesn’t have it in her to hurt you and I’m not fond of the idea either.  No.  If you keep fighting us and making me and mommy upset I’ll...have to send you away to...improve your behavior.  And I hear Grillby’s quite good at training wayward SOULS on the correct way to act.  I don’t see how a human would be much different.”


Asgore smiled that charming smile of his again.  “I don’t know exactly what he’d do, but I’d trust him with whatever method he uses on you  and I’d keep you there for a few weeks, tell mommy it’s necessary and when Grillby feels like you’ve been rehabilitated, I’d pick you up.”


This can’t… be happening.  He’s threatening me with monsters raping me if I don’t play along.   This was worse than anything Frisk imagined monsters to be when she was a child.  She could only stare at the giant goat monster as he cool voice turned to a gentle mocking.


“So you see, Frisk Determ-”


I have no idea where I am and nobody knows I’m here-


“-it’s best if you just… be a happy child from now on.  Not act, but be one.  It won’t be so bad.  Look at it this way-


If Asgore is telling the truth, I am miles from help….


“-your life will be so easy from now on.  You won’t have to worry about bills-”


What can I do?


“Jim told me all about that shithole you live in.  Here you have a nice room and a lovely garden to play in-”


There has to be a way to escape, but I have no idea how!  


“You’ll have anything you want...within reasons of course.”


I just need to learn more about this area.  I need to figure out my surroundings if I have even a chance of escaping. And what I can use to escape.    And with that thought came a humiliating and terrifying resolution.  


“I know it might be… odd and a little embarrassing at first but over time you’ll get used to it.  So what option do you choose, my dear little one?”


Frisk willed herself to look at the male goat.  “What can I say?”


Asgore’s smile widened.  “Such a smart girl.  Now let’s wheel you back home.  I do believe mommy might have lunch ready.”


Frisk didn’t say anything as Asgore lifted her back into the wheelchair.  But before he grabbed the handles he studied Frisk for a few seconds.


“Don’t think I don’t know what’s going through your little head right now, but let me tell you something.  The very first moment you do something that upsets mommy or me, I’ll send you so quickly to Grillby’s you won’t even realize a dick is in your mouth until the prick cums all over your face.”


Fuck you, Frisk repeated in her head and wished the voice inside her mind sounded halfway brave but after hearing Asgroe’s vulgar and terrible threat it was taking every in Frisk not to shudder.  


“I understand,” Frisk muttered looking down.  




Frisk looked back up at the goat monster.  His eyes were brimming with excitement and his mouth held a warm smile that was just as crazy as Toriel’s.   He wants this fantasy just as bad as Toriel does.  


“I understand...daddy.” Frisk forced the word out.


Frisk closed her eyes and clenched her teeth as Asgore kissed the top of her head.


“Such a good girl too.  You’ll fit in soon enough.  Just as soon as we fix a few things with your...body-” he began to say.


“My body?!”  Frisk interrupted.  Asgore nodded and began pushing the wheelchair, humming a pleasant tone with his equally pleasantly deep voice.


“Hey, As-Daddy, what did you mean by that?”


“Some of your body is a little too mature for our liking, but don’t worry.  We have just the man who can help you retain a more childlike appearance.  In fact, he’s the man that owns all those buildings in HOTLAND that I was telling you about.  He’s an expert in fashion and makeup.  You’ll be meeting him tomorrow.”


Makeup and fashion?!  What the hell does that mean-


“Smile.  Here comes your mother.”


Despite the fear blooming harshly in her chest, Frisk managed a weak smile as Toriel came towards them.  



All three of them sat down in the living room to eat at the family table.  


Much like the rest of the house Frisk had seen, their living room looked like something out of a Christmas card.  They had a fire going in the fireplace,  the two easy chairs facing the fireplace looked almost new and the little table between the two chairs had a few books on it.  The rug underneath was a pretty purple and red color and everywhere Frisk looked there was some item that showed the couple’s wealth and status.  


And in almost every corner of the living room were huge crystal pots bursting with hundreds of tiny bright golden flowers.


Frisk stared at all the dishes Toriel had laid out.  Soups, mac and cheese, sandwiches, and so many desserts.  Everything smelled delicious.  And everything could be laced with poison.  

But like Frisk told Asgore:   What can I say?  What choice do I have at the moment?


And when Frisk reached for a fork to eat her food Toriel quickly grabbed it up and shot Frisk a crazed smile.  


“You’re still much too weak to feed yourself.  Let me do it for you, my child.”


Frisk shot a look at Asgore who was watching her closely.  And fighting back the tears of anger, rage, humiliation and fear, Frisk opened her mouth and allowed Toriel to feed her.


And when she swallowed, she felt the first tear rolled down her cheek, but luckily Toriel didn’t notice it and Asgore was quick to wipe it away.


“Thank you...mommy.”


Toriel squealed with delight.


I’m gonna leave this nuthouse.  I just need to play along until I come up with a plan, Frisk swore to herself as she opened her mouth for a second bite.