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Sooner or Later You're Gonna be Mine

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Frisk tried not to look as fearful and as panicked as she felt as she stepped outside her apartment and silently closed her door, cautiously and quietly  looking Sans over.  The short skeleton looked a little bit...rough.  Yeah, that’s it.  He looked rough.


He wasn’t wearing his black suit jacket or his red waistcoat and the rings on his hand were gone.  His blank pants and black button up shirt were wrinkled, and some of the shirt’s buttons were undone or put in the wrong holes.  And  to top it all off he was holding a small empty blue flower pot...well it would have been empty, but from where Frisk stood she saw that it was packed to the brim with dirt.


He looks like a toddler who tried to dress himself, Frisk thought but didn’t find any sort of humor in his sloppy appearance like she did with his brother’s ridiculous, but adorable cooking attire.  


I saw you.  I want you and so I learned all that I could about you.  Followed you around for a bit.


Frisk trembled as their first meeting resurfaced in her head.  He really had been following her around even though he claimed that statement was nothing more than a joke.  But it was true!  And she never knew it.  Never felt a shadow following her or a pair of eyes watching her.  


We need to talk.


About what?  What else do you want from me Sans, Frisk thought as she waited for the skeleton to speak, but to her despair and growing unease the skeleton didn’t say anything for what seemed like an hour. And the longer Sans waited the more Frisk began to think that this random and unexpected visit was more than just another attempt to upset her and show just how much power he had over her.  


Frisk took another glance at him while he stood there in silence, looking at the empty pot as opposed to her.  That wasn’t like him either.  Every time they were together, his eyes never left her.  Those red sockets always followed her.


But now...instead of looking like some kind of wealthy smug businessman (mobster) who enjoyed to flaunt and show off how upscale and high-class he was, Sans sincerely looked like he had just woken up and dropped everything he was doing without bothering to clean himself up to rush over here.


We need to talk.  


Frisk’s paranoia increased.   Did he...did he find out about my possible job?   Frisk felt the color drain from her face.   NO!  Please!  Please it’s one of the only things I have left.  It’s one of my last lifelines.  Please don’t tell me he scared Jim and his offer away.  PLEASE-


“… we didn’t leave on good terms today did we, dollface?”


Frisk almost didn’t hear Sans.  Along with her overwhelming panic and her loud heartbeats, coupled with how quiet Sans was speaking, she almost missed what he said.  


His voice didn’t sound like it’s usual unpleasant, deep, smug and rough tone that almost always seemed to trigger a shiver down Frisk’s spine.  She wasn’t sure what emotion was causing his voice to get lower and stammer a bit, but hearing him talk with that voice did in some miraculous way slightly ease a tiny bit of Frisk’s paranoia away.  


Finally Sans looked up.   


“I…” Frisk began to say, unsure of what was gonna come out of her mouth, but Sans quickly cut her off.  


“You left pretty angry at me right?  I mean I get why ya ain’t too pleased with me at the moment, but I don’t like the fact yer going out with me.   Thinkin’ about it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  So...I thought maybe...I could...ya know do somethin’ for ya…to show….that you should feel lucky I’m payin’ this much attention to ya.”


Frisk could only stare at him.  In a detached way she was relieved that this visit was in no way related to her possible job opportunity.   If he didn’t know about Jim’s offer, he couldn’t ruin it.


However her relief was overtaken by the fact that this visit was clearly much more than about Sans’ ego being insulted.  His voice was low, his light sockets were dimmed and he was having trouble looking at her while he spoke.  And all that was like he was thinking up lies at the same time he was speaking them and as a result he kept stuttering.


“Why does it matter if I’m unhappy when I’m agreeing to what you want me to do?”  


She watched as Sans’ boney fingers tightened around the pot.


“It matters okay?!  Just shut up and watch this so I can try to git ya to smile!”


He felt stupid, just all around stupid.  He felt stupid standing at her front door stuttering out his sentences with his little lady watching him make a fool out of himself.  He felt stupid holding a fuckin’ flower pot in his hands.  He felt stupid thinking this visit might make his little lady feel better.  


But...if he hadn’t done come here, he knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep or eat until the next time he saw her, which could possibly be the day of their date if she went out of her way to avoid him, which she might do and he couldn’t let that happen.


When she left didn’t bother him at first.


My back is against the wall.  You know that’s why I’m agreeing to this right?


It was tasteless for his little lady to say that.  After all, Sans and her BOTH knew that was the only reason why she was agreeing to going out with him this weekend, so why did she feel the need to say it out loud?  It was...unnecessary.  


Unnecessary, tasteless and a bit spiteful when Sans thought about it, which he tried hard not to do after she left.  Of course her comment was meant to be spiteful.   Why else would she tell him that the ONLY reason she would ever agree to be with him was because he had her cornered?  Sans knew her little comment was nothing more than a...than a...well it just a weak attempt at a cheap shot to Sans’ ego.  And even though it was hard to ignore how broken and sad she looked when she said it, Sans was...fairly certain she had said it with the hopes that it would upset him..  But it didn’t work.  No not at all.  


It didn’t bother Sans one bit to hear that comment.  Why would it when he knew that when the weekend came and they had their night together, that little lady would be crawling all over him, thinking of him and only him and that little comment would be long forgotten.  


And never again would she ever look at him with the expression of pure hatred that greeted him when he had first seen her this afternoon.  


So nothing about today’s events bothered Sans….


Okay, so it might have been...a little...unpleasant hearing that obvious fact come out of her choked up voice.  Plus seeing her sitting on the ground crying wasn’t exactly a pretty picture either.  And seeing her usually beautiful and alert eyes red from all that crying was extremely uncomfortable...but….


On the whole, everything was working out perfectly.  Finally .  It took a lot more persuasion and effort than Sans originally thought it would, but hey...he had gotten same outcome regardless of the journey and that was the important thing.  


So she cried, big deal.   She also melted in his arms...God holding her squirming body in his arms felt incredible and the fact that she had practically moaned a few times when Sans squeezed and caressed her SOUL with his magic was maddening.   He wished he would have done it longer to her (it would have been fucking amazing to see where that could have gone), but he had been using the last of his magic up, so he was than a little disappointed to cut her pleasure off...but…


...There was no doubt about it. He was already more than halfway to claiming her.    He felt like he was nearly at the finish line, so close to obtaining his golden prize.


So that little comment, her tears and her broken choked up voice didn’t bother him...


In fact, as he laid down on his new bed to take a well-earned nap to rejuvenate his magic, he fantasized about how her body would feel next to his.  The bed was soft and warm, but he KNEW, absolutely KNEW she would feel even better on the bed and in his sheets, with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist.  GOD...he could practically taste her lips and feel her pulsing and pushing against him and her hot juices running down her legs….


And when he woke up a few hours later that comment still didn’t bother him.  He ate a few nice cream bars in peace, his mind barely even thinking about her miserable and hopeless face and when he accidently did, he quickly thought of something else.  Like how stupid she was gonna feel when she realized that Sans really the best thing that could happen to her.


He tried to read a few of his brother’s puzzle books to pass the time before Papyrus got back from cooking at his “admirer’s home” but reading was a becoming a little more difficult with every page.


His little lady…




She was....


GOD!  She was really pissing him off!  


His mind just wouldn’t let him forget about those...stupid tears and the broken and defeated way she walked out of his her life was over or some stupid shit like that!  


It was overdramatic!  It was just a date for Fuck’s sakes.  Why in the FUCK did she have to look so miserable about doing something people did for fun?!  Well, whatever the fucking reason was, she was miserable and whose fucking fault was that?


As much as Sans hated to admit it and despite how stupid it was for her to cry over nothing, he knew it was because of him and it made him wonder how she was gonna spend the rest her day.  


Was she gonna go home and just cry some more?  The thought send a painful shot through Sans SOUL as he imagined her crying on her couch or on her bed, blaming him for her misery.  


He didn’t want her to...No...she had no right to blame him for any of her misery because she shouldn’t be miserable!  She didn’t have to worry about paying bills ever again, and he practically told her that bullshit protection fee was...okay he used the word “maybe” but that should have been a hint that he wasn’t really going to enforce a protection fee.  And her shitty seedy bar jobs?  If they were so important to her, he’d give them back to her.  So what was the big deal?


The big deal was that she was unhappy.  Because of Sans.  And because of that Sans was gonna make sure that his little lady went to bed tonight with a...somewhat decent opinion of him.  


And so without thinking about anything, as in what time it was, how he looked or what he was gonna say to her, he teleported to the newly built shed next to their newly built home and took a few materials that were meant for rebuilding the park.  Papyrus would most likely notice the missing pot, flower seed and soil, but Sans knew he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.  There was plenty more where all those materials came from.


After he packed the soil into the blue vase he teleported to his little lady’s apartment.


And now he couldn’t help but feel stupid as Frisk silently watched him.  But he was here and there was no harm in trying to get her to lighten up.  The worst thing that could happen was that it didn’t work...which really would be terrible, but at least Sans could say he tried.


The small skeleton kneeled on the ground and carefully placed the vase down so his little lady could see everything.  He took a deep breath, feeling his bones turn red as he looked up at his little lady.  She wasn’t smiling, but she wasn’t frowning either.  She looked neutral.  That was a good start.   


“You like flowers, dollface?”


“I love flowers.”


Her instant and very warm response made him feel just a little bit better that he choose the right thing to...impress her with.  


“Yeah? Well then you’ll love this trick.”


“Trick?” She asked cautiously but Sans couldn’t help but smile a bit more when he heard the curiosity ringing through her voice as well.


Sans nodded and reached into his pocket, pulling out a blue seed.  He held it  up between his fingers to show his little lady.  And he watched, feeling his excitement build, as she kneeled down on the opposite side of the small pot to get a better look at the seed.  


Sans never thought in a million years he would be explaining anything that remotely had to do with flowers but here he was.


“So this is what we monsters call an Echo flower seed.  They’re really popular where I come from and Papyrus and I thought ya humans might like ‘em so we’re plannin’ on plantin’ a lot of them in the park.  I thought you might like to have the first one.”


Digging a small hole into the soft soil with his digit, Sans carefully dropped the seed into the dirt and delicately covered it up.  With a smirk on his face he looked at his little lady and saw he had her full attention.  He winked at her.


“Now watch this.”


He put his hand over the soil and poured just a little bit of his magic into it.  And Sans watched his little lady’s eyes widened as the typical bright blue glowing color of an Echo flower began to poke out of the soil and started to bloom at a rapid pace until a full grown flower stood at attention.


His little lady stared in awe and wonderment at the plant.  Her cheeks becoming a slight red as a big smile began to grow on her face.  Sans felt his SOUL beat even faster.


So that’s what her real smile looks like, he thought as he sat down in a more comfortable position on the ground and watched as his little lady gave the flower an experimental poke.   You’d have to be made of stone not to fall in love with that smile, Sans thought, feeling his SOUL get warmer.


Finally she looked at him and while her huge smile faded from her face, a small smile still lingered and graced her pretty face.  Now Sans felt like he won something.  


“It’s beautiful, Sans,” she said.  


Grinning with a slight blush on his face, Sans reached over and gently flicked the flower.  He watched as her mouth fell open as the flower repeated her sentence to her.  Her eyes nearly popped out of her head with amazement.  


It’s beautiful, Sans.


“Di-Did that fl-flower just-?”


Sans chuckled.  “They are called Echo flowers fer a reason dollface.  Go on.  Give it a try fer yerself.”


With an eager smile, his little lady leaned close to the flower.  


“This can’t be real.”


She flicked the flower.


This can’t be real.


She gave a small squeal of laughter that made Sans laugh as well.


“This is amazing.”


She flicked the flower again.


This is amazing.


With a wide grin on her face she did it again.


“This is the greatest thing in the world.”


This is the greatest thing in the world.


Sans thought his SOUL was gonna overflow with pride.  He may have made her cry, but he also made her laugh.  He very much doubted she would go to bed unhappy tonight.  


“Thank you, Sans.”


Thank you, Sans.


Sans looked up to see that his little lady was giving him a sweet, but undeniably cautious smile.  And the blush on her face was now a deep red.


“You didn’t have to do know try and make me feel…” she paused.  Sans eagerly waited for her to continue.  After a few seconds he felt a sense of dread as her smile faded.


“I don’t know what to think of you.”


And Sans gave an internal sigh of relief when he heard those words.  Sure she sounded uncertain and distressed when she spoke them, but it was a much better statement than “ My back is against the wall.  You know that’s why I’m agreeing to this right?”


I’ll take that statement along with your laughter and smiles over that that bullshit you pulled this afternoon, the skeleton thought before he shrugged and stood up offering his hand to help his little lady up.


She hesitated for just a second and took his hand.  His SOUL gave another happy thump as he gently helped her up.  


“ I said, that’s the fun about dating me.  I’m a gamble!”


His little lady rolled her eyes as she picked up her flower.  


“Yeah, so is letting your brother in my home.  Do you think you can talk him into leaving before he-”


Sans watched as the door opened and his younger brother stepped out of HIS little lady’s home and if it weren’t for the heavy black smoke that was pouring out the door or the fact that Papyrus’ face was covered in soot while the sleeves of his dress shirt were burnt, Sans wasn’t sure what he would have done.




“What?!” Sans’ little lady shouted and was about to run in until Sans pulled himself out his rage to realize what she was gonna do and grabbed her arm pulling her back until her shoulder was pressed into his ribs.  


“Oh no dollface you ain’t going in a place that’s on fire.  You stay here.  Me and Dipshit over here are gonna take care of that and when that’s over-” Sans leaned in so Papyrus wouldn’t hear  “you’re gonna tell me why my brother is in your home.”


His little lady glared at him.  “My home is on fire.”




Sans glared at him.  “You said it was just a small fire.  Nothing to be concerned about!”


Papyrus nodded and shot SANS’ little lady an apologetic smile and once again, Sans felt his rage begin to boil, but one look her panicked face made him realize that now wasn’t the time for anything other than solving her problem.  




“Goddamn it Papyrus!”


Frisk was still holding her flower as she stared in horror at her kitchen before she looked towards the two skeleton brothers who were covered in black shoot and white foam from the fire extinguisher.    


Papyrus was looking sadly at his burnt pot of spaghetti while Sans stood beside Frisk surveying the damage with narrowed and calculating eyes.  The stove and the walls closest to the stove were burnt black.


After what seemed like a hour of staring in complete silence at the damage, Frisk finally spoke.


“He invited himself over.  Said since he was making a human dish he needed to use a human stove.”


Sans grunted and Frisk saw his sockets go pitch black again.  She hugged Sans’ beautiful gift to her chest.  “Is that all that happened between the two of you?”


Frisk blinked at his cold tone of voice, but answered honestly, because...why the hell not at this point?  And because nothing really did happen.  Not what Sans was obviously thinking at any rate.  He didn’t need to know that she thought Papyrus might be a good ally to use if Sans revealed himself to be a bastard during their date.  


“No nothing happened.  He just said that he couldn’t be my lover because he was a career man.  Apparently he thought I was in love with him.”


Sans didn’t say anything for a few seconds.  “So you were his admirer huh?”


Frisk chuckled, amazed she could still do that while looking at her destroyed kitchen. Well it could be worse she supposed.  It could have been a part of her apartment she actually used.  


“Is that what he said I was?  Doesn’t matter though.  He broke my heart gently and I took it well.  I’m ready to love again.”


Frisk watched as the red color returned to Sans’ sockets.  He gave a small and sincere laugh.  


“I guess you’ll have to go with the next best thing:  his brother.”


Frisk laughed.  “Yep I guess so-” she immediately shut her mouth and tried to hide her face in the flower’s large petals as Sans let out a sly laugh.


“Shut up and get the hell out of my house,” she muttered tiredly, now more than ever ready to go to bed.




Sans nodded.  “Yep, he’ll have your home fixed in a matter of...say, dollface is that clock right?”




Frisk blinked as Papyrus grabbed Sans’ shoulders.  The shorter skeleton glared up at the taller one.


“Hey relax.  We ain’t gonna get in trouble if we tell him we were helpin’ one of the humans put out a fire.”


That you started , Frisk wanted to say, but wisely choose to keep it in her head.  


Red smoke started to pour out of Sans’ sockets.  Papyrus waved at her.




Frisk smiled and waved to him.  “Have a goodnight Papyrus!  Thanks for hanging out with me.”


Papyrus beamed and once again Frisk found herself staring at Sans’ pitch black sockets.  She smiled at him despite the shiver that ran down her spine.


“Thanks for the flower, Sans.  And thanks for...” she hesitated.  “...worrying about how I was feeling.”


Sans’ nodded his head and winked, the light once again returning his sockets.


In a puff of red smoke, both brother vanished.  Frisk sighed and looked at her flower.


“I don’t know what I’m doing or what I think I’m doing.  He actually made me like him for a few seconds.”


She looked at the flower and smiled.




She flicked the flower.





Wingdings stared at his silver pocket watch and then at the wall clock in his study to make sure both clocks were indeed correct.  He frowned.  Their times matched right down to the second.  


They were late.  Twelve minutes late to be exact and with every tick and tock his pocket watch made, Wingdings felt his anger and concern grow.  He made it VERY CLEAR this morning that they needed to be home at eight-thirty for dinner and it was nearly nine o’clock.   


They were behind schedule.  


“Completely unacceptable,” Wingdings muttered to himself as he roughly grabbed up his half-sketch blueprints for his latest weapon idea and shoved the papers into the top drawer of his worn down desk, slamming it shut so hard that the entire desk shuddered.


The weapon was an idea at the moment really, but with a little more time and some... resources from his human “business partners” and his monster enemies, Wingdings was positive his newest gun, his GASTER BLASTER, as he gleefully called it in his head, was going to be his most powerful weapon yet.  


Oddly but not surprisingly, the idea came to him this afternoon, after dealing with Don Dee’s nonsense and extremely rude attitude and appalling manners.   Once the idea entered his head, Wingdings spent most of the day in his work study, ferverishly writing out calculations and drawing rough drafts of how the gun would might look and totaling how much damage it could do with one blast.  He was hoping the gun would be able to obliterate an entire building full of humans or monsters, whichever group was the biggest problem to him at the time, when it was finished.  


But when eight o’clock came around, Wingdings stopped his work, just like Sans and Papyrus should have done as well and waited for them to come home.  After all there was a time to work and have fun with the outside world and there was a time to be home.   And Wingdings made it PERFECTLY and ABSOLUTELY CLEAR to both of those...boneheads, just like he did EVERYDAY that the time to be home was 8:30 P.M.


Right now he should be downstairs, sitting with those two at the dinner table while they all ate Papyrus’ terrible-tasting food and praising the flavor of it and how well it was cooked until Papyrus’ SOUL nearly burst with happiness and after that whole ordeal was over they would discuss how things were going in the human city, namely how well the more...common humans were warming up to the idea of monsters living in their area.


That’s what should have been happening at this moment.  


Wingdings stared at his clock again and an angry scowl came over his face.  But now it was 9:01 P.M and  Wingdings was still in his room waiting to hear his younger brothers’ voices coming from the downstairs room.


It was...annoying to say the least.  And a tab bit worrisome.  

If Papyrus, who was always so punctual when it came to appointments, wasn’t late, and it were just Sans he was waiting on, Wingdings wouldn’t have been so...angry about this whole thing.  Sans had always been bad with time even as a kid and before Wingdings found employment as Asgore’s right hand man years ago, it drove the eldest skeleton crazy with worry wondering where his younger brother was.  


Back when Asgore and Toriel ruled every part of Fell City there were certain times the poorer or more underprivileged monsters didn’t come out of their homes and one of those times was after 8:30 in the night.  


If some poor bastard or unlucky lady ventured out during those times, they were either mugged, beaten or killed by Asgore’s ever loyal mutts.  During the very early years when Wingdings was merely a lowly appliance repairman, that rule applied to him and his younger brothers too.  


It was really a display of power on Asgore’s part with his unspoken but well-known curfew.  The monsters, who for one reason or another, broke his curfew and were beaten without mercy weren’t really enemies or threats to Asgore’s gang and for those who were mugged, it was only for a few worthless pieces of gold.  


But Wingdings had to admit, it kept people afraid.  But then again, there were other ways to gain a person’s loyalty.  A lesson Asgore learned the hard way many years ago.  


But nonetheless, during those early years Wingdings followed Asgore’s rules just as fearfully as everybody else in Snowdin.   Even as a tiny baby bones Papyrus understood what might happened to him if he broke Asgore’s curfew, but Sans…


From age twelve to seventeen, before Wingdings gained employment from the mafia goat family, Sans would be out all hours of the night, but in the shorter skeleton’s defense Wingdings knew it wasn’t a disrespectful or disobedient thing on Sans’ part.


The idiot was either always too drunk or too high most times to even realize what time it was when he came stumbling home (thank God the imbecile could teleport otherwise he would have been dead the first night) and Sans would often be confused on why Wingdings would fly into a rage and beat the holy shit out of him.  


Sans was a difficult child and for anybody else they would have given up on Sans, but Wingdings was a patient and persistent brother if he said so himself and over time Sans got the message.  


It took quite a few beatings and the use of one of Wingdings’ earlier but most effective inventions, a shock collar of sorts,  to get Sans to listen to him but in the end the method worked.  Sans cooled his drinking down, stopped the injections, and became more aware of the time so Wingdings happily took the collar off when Sans showed he was responsibly.


Then he got hired as Asgore’s main inventor and things became a lot safer for the Gasters until that whole thing with the goat bastard’s horrid children happend….


But even though that was many years ago, and despite the fact that Asgore’s power over Waterfall and Snowdin was gone, every time 8:30 rolled around Wingdings’ unease and anxiety would increase substantially if one or both his brothers weren’t home.


The past always finds a way to haunt and taunt it’s victims and in Wingdings’ case, a monster who fancied himself a logical and extremely powerful person and who knew Asgore could no longer touch him or DARE to try, would still start to sweat during certain times.


It was irrational and annoying and when Papyrus and Sans got home, he would deal with both of them accordingly.  They both knew they could late any other time of the day but not at 8:30.  


When they get home, I swear I’m gonna break both their heads open-


A soft but firm knock on his front door broke him out of his thoughts.  Instantly Wingdings focused his magic, preparing an attack at a moment’s notice.


Having somebody knocking on his door was not matter what time it was.   Nobody visited his home to have a talk or a nice sit down with Papyrus or Sans and especially nobody ever visited to talk to him.  


If a monster urgently needed to discuss something with him whether it was getting his blessing to open a business in his area or be granted permission for relatives to move into Waterfall or Snowdin from Asgore’s territories, they rarely ever came to him to first.  They first would seek out either Papyrus and Sans.


The younger brothers would relay the message to Wingdings and Wingdings would usually tell them what to tell the monster.   In most cases there was no need to talk directly to the monster.


In fact, aside from that  “unknown” phone call that first alerted Wingdings to Grillby’s private deals with Mettaton and Asgore, the tall skeleton could only count the number of times he directly dealt with his business on a personal level.  


But other than  that instance, Papyrus and Sans dealt with their areas’ problems with monsters that sought them on  the streets or in stores, so there was no need for visitors.  


But that wasn’t the only reason why nobody knocked or came around to their home.  


Wingdings knew that monsters didn’t visit because they were worried that if they did knocked on his front door, there was a good chance Wingdings might answer.   And after everything that happened between the Gasters and the Demurrers and how badly Wingdings beat Undyne to a bloody pulp during Asgore’s one and only act of attempted revenge against the Gasters in front of a crowd of horrified onlookers, the other monsters tended to stay away from the eldest skeleton brother.  


Wingdings accepted this little fact and couldn’t blame those monsters who rushed to cross the street if they saw him coming or cowered in fear during the rare times he wanted to shop for books.


And with all that information pumping through his head, Wingdings couldn’t help but wondered why a monster was knocking on his door.  


The unexpected visitor knocked again.  Wingdings quietly walked to his window and peered down the glass towards his front door.  A single figure stood outside.  Judging from how the body was shaped and how it moved smoothly in such a lovely and graceful fashion, Wingdings immediately knew his visitor was female.  A tall shapely female with six arms.  


Almost as though the lady felt his eyes on her, she looked directly at him.  Five beautiful violet eyes shined up at him and even in the dark, Wingdings saw a small seductive smile curl up on her lips, revealing a pair of attractive and appealing fangs.  And now that he recognized her as Miss Muffet, the pretty spider monster who worked for Grillby until...well last night, Wingdings felt his own smile widened.


He suddenly felt happy his brothers were late.  Ever since Sans told him about the newest barmaid that started working at Grillby’s a week or two ago, Wingdings had been planning to introduce himself to her.  But then that phone call came in and Wingdings had to put Grillby before her.  Once he destroyed that disgusting pigsty of a bar, he was sure he would never have a chance to “talk” to Muffet, but he was glad he had been wrong.


Muffet waved to him, wiggling her fingers.  Wingdings returned the wave before he slowly started down the stairs, stopping only briefly to look at himself in the living room mirror before opening the door.


The smell of sugar and vanilla hit him.  She smelled sweet.  Like bakery goods.  Wingdings’ smile grew as he looked Muffet over.  She was beautiful.  Gorgeous purple hair and a tight fitted dress to show off her curves.  She turned slightly so Wingdings could get an eyeful of her breasts and as she did, he briefly saw something colorful and the size of his hand scurrying across her back at a strange angle so it wouldn’t be seen.  


If Wingdings hadn’t already been looking for something like that to be crawling on her back he would have missed it.  


He bent down slightly so he was more eye level with her, enjoying more of her smell as he did so.  Muffet smiled, revealing more of her sharp but pretty white teeth.


“I hope I’m not disturbing you Don Gaster, but I just received quite a big check from you in my mail and was just wondering what it was for.  Not that I mind receiving big things in my tiny mailbox.”  She batted her many eyes with her long bright pink eyelashes at him.


Such a sultry voice to go with that lovely body, Wingdings thought and casually leaned against the door’s frame.  


“You’re not disturbing me at all, my dear.  And I will be happy to clear up any confusion you might have.   You see after that horrible accident with Grillby’s bar last night, I felt like it was my duty to make sure that all of Grillby’s workers had some...unemployment checks while they found work elsewhere.”  


That was true too.  Last night Wingdings spent most of his night writing out checks for all Grillby’s employees who had lost their jobs.  But he wasn’t too worried about them going without jobs for too long.  Aside from one employee, namely the lovely spider monster in front of him, all of Grillby’s workers were either from WATERFALL or SNOWDIN and it just so happened that Papyrus needed some workers to help rebuild that human park.  

Nothing lost and there was so much to gain when he destroyed that bar.  This week truly had been productive business wise and when Muffet titled her head and leaned forward, pressing herself against Wingdings’ chest, he knew it just got better.  


“You really do know how to take care of your people, don’t you Don Gaster?”


Wingdings chuckled and put two gloved fingers under her chin, lifting her head up so all five eyes were staring at him.  They glittered beautifully up at him.  She must have been using a lot of magic for that gimmick.  Not that Wingdings was complaining.  


It had been a while since he had a chance to….do something like this.


“You move impressively fast, my dear.”


Muffet giggled and gripped his shoulders with one pair of arms.  She gripped his waist with her second pair and finally using one of her free hands from her final pair of arms, she reached down and delicately placed a hand over his pelvis.  She began to rub him gently.


Wingdings smirked, feeling her hand skillfully begin to move faster when she realized that she couldn’t feel his magic forming.  She would have to try something much more pleasureable than a few simple touches if she wanted to coax his magic to form into something she could play with.   


“I’m also impulsive, grateful aaaand” she sang as she stopped rubbing and began squeezing, “I was incredibly turned on when I saw what you did to Grillby.  You don’t know how much I hate that man.”


Wingdings felt his magic stirring.  He wrapped his arms around her waist being careful not to crush the little thing she was hiding behind her back and pulled her even closer to him.  


“Yeah?  You saw that?” he croaked and felt the warmth and magic in his pelvis begin to build and expand at a quicker pace as the hands that were on his shoulders wrapped themselves around his neck and pulled him down.  He felt Muffet’s tongue lap his neck while the squeezing got tighter and more rough.


He shivered in pleasure as he felt his cock begin to form.  She was good.  He had to give her that.  She was very very good.


Muffet pressed her lips fully on his neck just below his jaw and gave the thick bone a sloppy suckle before she answered.


“I watched the entire thing.  Grillby never stood a chance.  Don’t know what he did to deserve it, but I saw how you totally destroyed him without even breaking a sweat. hot.  I don’t mind being a one-night stand, Don Gaster, just as long as you help me get rid of the heat you created,” she said in a breathy tone before going back to sucking his neck bone.  


Oh yes.  This week was a good week.  


“Well, you’re lucky I’m such a softy.” he muttered into her ear.


Muffet giggled again and began to push them both into his home.  Wingdings allowed her to move him and when they were fully inside, Muffet let go of him to closed the door, giving Wingdings a predatory look as she licked her lips.


“We won’t be interrupted right?”  She asked, putting her hands on her dress, slowly unbuttoning it in front of him.  


The skeleton chuckled and sat down in Sans’ lazy chair, putting his feet up on the foot rest.  He saw the bulge that was twitching underneath his black pants and looked at Muffet who was halfway done unbuttoning her dress.  The straps were beginning to slide off her shoulders teasingly.  


“We are in luck.  My little brothers won’t be home for awhile, so why don’t you finish what you started, my dear?”


Muffet winked two of her eyes at him and let go of her dress, allowing it to fall to the ground revealing a see through black bra and matching panties with tiny purple heart designs  sew into them.


Wingdings caught something colorful scurrying under his chair but pretended like he didn’t notice it as Muffet straddled his waist and slowly began to grind on him.  Wingdings smiled, enjoying the feeling of her heat against his clothed cock and leaned back sighing in pleasure and closing his eyes.  


He felt a slight shaking coming from behind him, but wasn’t too worried about that at the moment.  Right now all he wanted to do was focus on Muffet.  


“Like that?”  Muffet said, moving her hips just a little faster and for her efforts managed to force a small moan of pleasure from the skeleton.  


His dick was begging to be released but Wingdings was gonna wait for Muffet to make the first move on that.  He was a gentleman after all.  


“You’re good, my dear,” he said, finally opening his eyes and noticed the brief way Muffet looked behind him at whatever was causing the area around him to shake a bit more intensely before she looked back at him and began to drag herself off the chair.  


The skeleton lifted his feet off the footrest and spread his legs as the spider monster kneeled in front of him.  She leaned forward and ran a tongue down the front of his pants.  He hissed sharply and instantly felt something’s warm and sickly sweet breath hit the back of his neck, but he still didn’t turn around to face whatever monster Muffet thought she so cleverly and discreetly brought with her.  


“You want me to take it out?” Muffet said and ran her tongue once again over the clothed budge.  


Wingdings managed a chuckle.  “Want me to beg?  You know the answer, my dear Muffet.”


She unzipped his pants and expertly pulled out Wingdings’ glowing purple dick.  A few drops of black pre-cum were leaking out.  Muffet looked him in the eye, licked her lips and put the tip of it in her mouth.  She sucked it almost timidly.


“ Muffet, when told me you were...huh...working at Grillby’s I was a little shocked.”


The monster behind Wingdings gave a low warning growl, unwittingly letting the tall skeleton know he was about to attack.  Wingdings’ paid the soon-to-be-dead monster no mind as Muffet put more of his dick in her mouth.  Her tongue was pretty good.  Never stopping and never stop exploring every inch of what she could fit in her mouth.  


“It shocks me because...OH!...because I know about your successful bakery in HOTLAND.”


Finally Muffet stopped her motions and looked up at Wingdings.  Seven white hands materialized behind the pretty spider monster.  She slowly pulled his dick out of her mouth and with some trouble and great deal of willpower he forced his purple dick to vanish.  


Wingdings grinned at her as she began to slowly back away from him.  Her eyes narrowing with hate while her pretty mouth turned into an amusing snarl.  She stood up and walked a few feet away from him.


“Now why would a rich classy lady such as yourself come all the way to SNOWDIN for a low-paying barmaid job?  Unless you were hired to be something else while being a barmaid.”


His grin vanished he sat up in the chair.  “So tell me you nasty little whore, did Asgore send you to spy on me?”


The spider covered her mouth with her many hands and giggled.  Wingdings felt the huge monster behind him take a massive step towards him.  The entire house shook.


“And now he’s paying me to kill you! GET HIM, MY PET!  KILL HI-”


One of the seven hands floating behind Muffet grabbed her back of her head and yanked on her hair.  She let out a scream of pain as her back hit the floor and the six remaining hands kept her pinned to the ground.


Wingdings had only a second to enjoy Muffet’s state before the huge cupcakespider monster pet, that Muffet was known to have, attacked.   The tall skeleton jumped out of Sans’ chair as one of Muffet’s pet’s legs stomped on it.  It shattered. Wingdings winced.  Sans wasn’t gonna be happy about that.


He should take care of this creature before it destroyed anything else in his home.  He concentrated a bit more of his magic and turned around to face Muffet’s pet.  


And now that Wingdings was facing the huge monster that literally entered his home the size of a little spider only to grow into this bizarre cupcake looking giant spider monster with a massive mouth that could easily gulp him up in one bite and nearly took up half his living room, Wingdings had to admit, he was kind of impressed with Muffet’s plan.


Granted it was a stupid idea, but Wingdings admired bravery.  Even if it were stupid bravey.  It been years since somebody tried to kill him and Muffet’s seductive approach was...amusing and cute to say the least.


The giant spider took a step towards him.  Muffet began to laugh.  




Wingdings smile and began to materialize a new set of hands.  The monster opened his mouth, ready to chop the older monster in two when it stopped.  And let out an ear piercing scream.  


Wingdings’ smile widened and he let out a croaky laugh as he snapped his fingers and the hands that were pinning Muffet down pulled her up so she was standing beside the skeleton.  The giant cupcake monster fell on it’s side and began to wiggle and writhe.  Dust began to pour out of his mouth.  Muffet’s eyes widened in horror as she watched the scene unfold before her.  


“Do you want to know an interesting fact about my magic, my dear?” Wingdings purred.  “ When it comes to weaker monsters I can materialize my hands to form inside their bodies.  For instance, I just materialized  thirty pairs of hands inside your darling pet’s body and they are ripping him to shreds.  A gruesome way to die really.”  


Muffet and he watched as the monster suffered for a good three minutes before it finally stopped moving and slowly faded into dust.  The giant spider monster’s eyes were looking at Muffet pleadingly before it completely faded.


Muffet began to shake as realization hit her.  And for one moment, Wingdings honestly felt bad for her.  Asgore probably told her it would be a simple kill if she used her good looks and her strong pet combined, but now, not only did she watch her pet die, but she was in her bra and panties.  


Wingdings snapped his fingers again and the hands holding the female spider monster moved.  The two hands that were holding her middle set of arms jerked her limbs back so quickly and so harshly.  Muffet let out a shrilled shriek as her bones broke.  


She would have fallen to the ground in agony, but the hands were still holding her up.  Wingdings tsked and grabbed her chin roughly.   


“So here’s how things are gonna work.  You answer a few simple questions and you have my word I won’t kill you.  Understand?”


Wingdings watched as hope fluttered in Muffet’s eyes as she quickly nodded.  He never broke his stare with her even when he heard Papyrus and Sans finally get home.  They were in the middle of a conversation but instantly feel silent when they must have realized what the hell was going on.  


“So little spy, when you were working as a barmaid, did my brother Sans say something to you regarding any business deals during his more drunken moments?”


Muffet quickly shook her head.  


Wingdings narrowed his eyes and grabbed one of Muffet’s broken arms and twisted it.  Muffet screamed.  


“Are you lying to me, you whore?”  he growled.


“No please.  Sans didn’t say anything to me about any business deals!”


Wingdings grunted.  “Okay fine.  What did you report back to Asgore?”


Sniffling and whimpering Muffet shook her head again.  “There was nothing to report.  Sans...Sans doesn’t like to talk about business when he’s drunk.  And I tried to get him to talk!”


Wingdings scoffed, waving his hand and dispelling his floating hands.  Without their support, Muffet fell to the floor.


“ I believe you and I always keep my word.  I won’t kill you.”


Muffet let out a sob of relief only to let out another scream of pain when Papyrus’ shoe stomped down on one of her hands breaking all her fingers.  


“Please Don Gaster!  You said-”


Sans and Wingdings laughed as they watched Papyrus summon a thick bone, the size and girth of a baseball bat.


“I know what I said.  I said I wouldn’t kill you.  I never said anything about Papyrus sparing you.  Goodbye Miss Muffet.”


Papyrus could have broken Muffet’s skull in one go and that would have been merciful.  But that also wouldn’t be any fun.  So he began with the legs and worked up from there.  And that was nothing but fun!