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Sooner or Later You're Gonna be Mine

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“Be careful with my products, monster.”


Sans would have killed the old bastard and his chuckling bodyguards right then and there.  Fuck consequences and all that noise, but the only thing that saved Don Dee was that Wingdings was standing beside him giving Sans a warning look when the shorter skeleton had spun around to do just that.


I’ll kill ya.  I swear to Christ I’ll kill ya , Sans thought viciously as he nodded his head at Don Dee, turning back around towards the crates of weapons that Wingdings had promised the human.


“No problem, Don Dee,” Sans said, trying to keep his voice light as he glared at the five remaining boxes.  “I’ll be careful.”


With a grunt and sweat pouring down his skull by the gallons, Sans surrounded the boxes with his red magic and raised his hand, lifting them up off the ground.  He huffed painfully, feeling even more drained than he had felt last night.  


If yesterday had been terrible, today was even worse:  nothing but work, work, work.  First he finished remodeling his new home in the human city and as soon as he was done with that, Wingdings appeared telling the shorter skeleton Don Dee had just contacted him urgently, telling him he needed his weapons NOW and he’d be entering Snowdin soon.


And so now, instead of being with Papyrus listening to his younger brother make his speech to the humans and catching glimpses of his little lady,  Sans was standing in front of his garage in Snowdin, lifting heavy boxes in a huge shipping truck like some underpaid underling...something he hadn’t done since he was a kid on Asgore’s payroll.  


The excessive overuse of his magic was straining him and with the last of his strength Sans managed to GENTLY load the weapons into the oversized truck.


Panting slightly and sighing in blissful relief that the hard part of the job was done, Sans watched with murderous hatred as Dee’s men finally began moving to secure the crates so they didn’t get damaged during the ride back to the human city.


Thanks for the help assholes, Sans thought darkly and wiped the sweat from his brow.  He leaned against the truck, putting his hands on his knees, trying to control his breathing.  He definitely need a nap soon if he hoped to regain even a little bit of his magic for the day.   Wasn’t safe for someone like him to be out of magic for even a few was okay at the moment since Wingdings was with him, but if he were alone...


“If I may, Don Dee, why are you in such a rush to get your shipment so soon?  I recall you saying you didn’t mind receiving your products by the end of the week,” Wingdings’ whispery and croaky voice caught Sans’ attention even among the loud sounds of wood scraping against metal.


When Sans turned around he was even more annoyed and angry to see that Don Dee didn’t even look rattled in the least standing in the presence of his older brother.


The old man barely reached Wingdings’ chest and yet he was twitching his mouth up at the oldest skeleton brother with a mixture of disgust and boredom.  Sans was floored that Wingdings was able to keep his calm composure, especially when he saw his brother’s gloved hands tremble slightly behind his back.  If Don Dee wasn’t essential to their plans Sans would have gambled the old man’s arms and legs would already be detached from the rest of his body.  Something nice and gory and humbling…


Sans’ smile widened at the thought.      


“Hardly your business, monster,” Don Dee declared looking up at Wingdings.


Two white hands silently materialize behind Wingdings, keeping themselves out of Don Dee’s line of vision. The floating hands were flexing their fingers quickly showing Sans exactly the type of mood his brother was in and the shorter skeleton eagerly waited for his brother to attack.  Much to his disappointment, Wingdings snapped his fingers softly and the two hands disappeared.  


“My...apologies Don Dee.  I did not mean to overstep my liberties with you, but my main concern is the safety of my brothers.  If you need the weapons right away to...handle a problem in your lovely city, I would be most grateful if you told me so I may warn my younger brothers to be alert and careful if that problem were to enter MY territory.”


Don Dee’s disgust remained on his face, but something like understanding flashed in his expression.  Wingdings gave the old man a small open mouthed grin.


“Your enemies are my enemies, my friend.”


If it didn’t look downright suspicious, Sans would have whistled in admiration.  If had been many years since Wingdings had played the “kiss-up” game, but Sans had to give his older brother credit:  the fucker still had it.  


Don Dee nodded slowly.


“I suppose you are right, monster.  Well if you must know, one of my employees, the gentleman your brothers met the other day, was found violently murdered outside one of the bars I frequent.”


Sans turned around, hiding his face and began coughing loudly, hoping it would hide the chuckles that were erupting out of his mouth uncontrollably.  He couldn’t help it. He really couldn’t help it.   


“Nick?!  Somebody killed Nick?” Sans managed to say, struggling to keep his voice under control.


“That’s terrible Don Dee,” Wingdings declared and removed one of his hands from behind his back to cover his own mouth when he coughed.  Sans caught his smile though.  “Do you know who did it?”


The oblivious old man nodded his head, the anger spiking in his eyes.  


“There was this gang I was having problems with for awhile now.  Recently I came up with a compromise that I thought would solve everybody’s problems, but apparently  I was wrong.”


Wingdings sighed sympathetically.  “How’d you know it was that particularly gang?”


Don Dee shuddered.  “Those bastards like to crave a big bloody “N” in their victims’ foreheads.  And it looked like whoever killed Nick went a little too far.  Not only did the poor son-of-a-bitch have that “N” craved so deeply in his forehead that you could see bits of his Goddamn skull but whoever slit his throat nearly decapitated his fucking head.”


Sans felt a deep amount of satisfaction enter his exhausted body making him feel just a little less weak.  


Fucker should have never touched my little lady, Sans thought as he followed Wingdings’ example and shook his head in mock disgust.


“Whelp. Sounds like ya got a problem Don Dee,” Sans began and paused when he was sure he got the human’s attention.  “Good thing these weapons will wipe a crowd of ‘em out in one hit.  Makes it easy peasy to get rid of all of them in no time.”  


Just like Wingdings predicted from the very beginning when he first discuss his plan to Sans and Papyrus, Dee’s face shifted from anger to confusion at Sans’ words.  


“All of them?”  Dee chuckled in disbelief.  “Monster, killin’ them all would be bad for business.  I’m just gonna take out the big fish.  The smaller ones have their uses.”


Now it was Wingdings’ turn to chuckle and as he did he pulled a cigarette out of his pocket.  Sans watched as his brother searched his pockets for his lighter before the shorter one pulled his own box of red matches out of his back pocket and tossed it to the taller skeleton.  Wingdings winked at him and lit his cig, taking a deep drag from it, puffing out purple fog.


“Hmm...I guess you humans are pretty different from us monsters,” Wingdings said casually, blowing another purple mist into the air.  “You see, with us it’s all about respect.  If we made a deal with another group and they didn’t honor that deal, we’d kill everybody.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  MEMBER.”


Finally Don Dee’s started to look a bit uneasy when he stared up at Wingdings.  


“Do-Doesn’t that seem like a waste?”


Wingdings nodded at Sans subtly and the shorter skeleton shrugged.


“Maybe in the short run, but what do ya think other gangs will think of ya?  I mean what looks better for ya?  Somebody, a so-called ally, disrespects ya in front of everybody and you just take care of one or two members, letting everybody else go?  Ya’d look weak.  Soft.  Too old to run things.”


Don Dee chewed on the corner of his lip.  Sans snorted.  This man was just way too easy...


“Take it from me Don Dee.  If you kill everybody in that miserable gang, others will know what they’re up against.  Nobody and I mean nobody will even think about screwing you unless they’re also planning their own funerals,” Wingdings finished, throwing the remaining cigarette on the ground and stomping on it a little harder than necessary.  


Don Dee’s face became conflicted and then, once again,  just like Wingdings predicted, the human seemed to come to a conclusion.  The one the Gaster Brothers needed him to come to.  


“That is certainly an interesting way to look at things, monsters.  But I will do things the way I see fit.” Don Dee declared.


“Of course Don Dee,” Wingdings said giving the old man a wink and a wider smile.  


The old man tried to keep his superior stance, but Sans saw human’s hands shaking and the quick glances he was making over to the truck.


That’s right old man , Sans thought as Dee rush into the backseat of his tasteless but expensive black Lincoln as soon as his men finished securing the cargo in the truck.   Run away and soon it’ll be your last day.  


Sans moved closer to Wingdings as the two cars sped away and within five minutes the city of Fell was once again devoid of humans.  


Wingdings’ eye sockets narrow in the direction Dee went before he turned to Sans.


“You were correct, brother.  That human does seem to lack manners.”


Sans didn’t say anything.  In truth, aside from this mandatory meeting with the humans, Sans hadn’t spoken a word to Wingdings since the bar incident.  He was pretty Goddamn pissed and didn’t feel like reporting to Wingdings or listen to Papyrus’ continuous rambles about the human city last night, so when he got home he skipped dinner and plopped into bed, falling asleep.  


Wingdings flashed him a sly and crooked grin.


“Please don’t tell me you are still angry at me about last night.”


When Sans didn’t answer, Wingdings clicked his tongue arrogantly and mockingly.  The shorter skeleton tensed up as Wingdings pushed Sans’ fedora hat down on his head until the material covered his sockets.  Sans grunted in anger while Wingdings chuckled.  


“Really Sans, must you always like a child when things don’t go your way?  It was just a bar and a rather disgusting one from what Papyrus has told me.”


Sans tore his hat off and snapped his head up, glaring at his older brother who continued to grin at him mockingly.  The short skeleton clutched his hands into fists.  


“What’d the fuck-”


“Try to watch your language when we are out in public, brother.  We do have a reputation to uphold,” Wingdings interrupted, putting his hands on his hips.  That condescending grin remained on his face.  


Sans shoved his fists into his pockets and tried again.


“What did Grillby do anyways, Wings?  I mean the guy keeps to our rules and is always respectful and then you go and burn down his bar!  Now I have to go all the way to HOTLAND to get a decent drink-”


Sans froze as Wingdings’ good humored grin disappeared, the lights vanishing from his sockets, leaving Sans to stare at two empty and pitch black holes.  He gulped nervously.  It’s been awhile since he had seen Wingdings look at him that angrily.  


Jeez...It was no wonder why monsters and humans alike were more than a little uneasy when Sans did it to them.       


The shorter Gaster took a tiny half-step away from his brother.  Turning fulling towards him, Wingdings put his hands behind his back and bent down until he was face to face with his smaller brother.  Sans backed up a little bit more until he felt the side of the garage hit his back.


“As of recently Grillby has been making...private deals with Don Asgore in his bar in HOTLAND that extend well past the services that a normal place of business should offers.   Grillby is no longer welcome here and you are not to enter HOTLAND.”


Sans blinked in surprise.  Grillby was making deals with ASGORE?!  Asgore Demurrer?!  Sans visibly shuddered as the thought of running into Asgore crossed his mind.  He hadn’t seen that bearded fucker in years which was exactly how he wanted to keep it.  


It was no secret that Asgore and Toriel hated Wingdings after that...incident involving their brats and Papyrus, but as long as the Gasters didn’t past WATERFALL, Asgore couldn’t touch them.  Not smart for one Don to enter another Don’s territory.  His top goon Undyne learned that lesson the hard way when Asgore sent Undyne after them years ago.  


Things had quieted down a lot after that, but Sans was always waiting for that second shoe to drop and when it did-


Sans quickly shoved those ancient and irrelevant thoughts away as he wondered what the hell was Grillby dealing in.  


Grillby had made no attempts to hide that fact that he served members of Asgore’s people at his HOTLAND bar and Wingdings didn’t seem to mind that.  The older skeleton stated that it couldn’t be helped since Grillby’s bar in HOTLAND had been operating long before Wingdings and Asgore “drifted” apart.   The man had a right to make money if he could stay neutral on both sides.


It made Sans wonder if Grillby, the quiet bartender who appeared indifferent to almost everything from bar fights to explosions and gang violence that happened mere inches away from him really was as neutral as he acted.  


It also made the shorter skeleton wondered if during one of his drunken nights at Grillby’s he may have accidentally told the quiet and ever attentive bartender about their human dealings and interactions.  Sans knew he could spew out some things that needed to be kept secret when he drank too much, which was the primary reason why Wingdings and Papyrus had been on his case about his nighttime activities.  


And despite brushing off their concerns, Sans had to admit information regarding their dealings with the humans MIGHT be beneficial to his enemies if used correctly.


Thankfully it probably would never come to that.  Ever since Toriel lost her marbles and Wingdings left Asgore’s service, Sans was fairly certain the brutish goat mob boss didn’t have the ability nor any monsters in his gang that could come up with any decent and profitable plans.  


That’s why the once powerful Demurrer Family was losing grip on this city.  


That’s why the Gasters’ business with the humans had been going so smoothly.  


Sans looked up at his brother and was relieved to see the purple and red lights re-appearing in Wingdings’ sockets.  Sans regained a bit of his confidence when he saw his brother relaxing.    


“What was he dealing in, Wings?  Weapons?  Drugs?” Sans guessed, only to have his brother’s mouth turn into an angry scowl.  Sans took another step away from him crashing into the side of the garage again.






“Nevermind any of that. It’s in the past,” Wingdings stated boredly, letting Sans know he wasn’t going to say anything more about it.


Sans felt an intense feeling of frustration rip through him as his brother stared down at him with half-closed sockets.  Sans wanted to continue talking about it, but he learned from a very early age that when Wingdings was done with the conversation, he was FUCKING DONE with the conversation.  And good luck to the monster who pushed him.  


And Wingdings didn’t discriminate either.  Papyrus more than Sans had found himself looking into the mirror many times in the mornings with the angry imprint of Wingdings’ hand on his face.  Then again, Papyrus never knew when to quit.  


“So I know you weren’t...feeling very well last night, but did Papyrus tell you he made a new…”Wingdings chuckled lightly and joined Sans by leaning up against the shed “...well he calls her an admirer.”  


Sans blinked.   An admirer?   An amused smile curled up on his lipless mouth.  He chuckled himself as he thought of Papyrus mistaking a terrified human woman who was probably forced to make small-talk with the youngest Gaster because she was in fear of her life as an “admirer.”


Wingdings’ chuckles started to get louder, alerting some monsters who were passing by that either the mob boss of their area was in a great mood or in a murderous mood.  Either way, they quickened their pace trying to put as much distance between themselves and the two skeletons as possible.


“Now that’s what I want to see!  My baby brother laughing.”


Sans snorted as he imagined Papyrus completely missing the terrified and traumatized look on that poor human’s face.  Papyrus could be so oblivious sometimes.  Wingdings clicked his tongue again, only this time there was no arrogance with it..  


“You can laugh all you want brother, but she did promise she’d help Papyrus gather the humans today for the speech.  I think that playground promise will help get a lot of those humans warming up to us.  But what about you?  What are you doing to make the humans more accepting of us?”


All the amusement vanished from Sans as he stared up at his brother, grateful Wingdings was staring into the distance and not at him.  Sans was never good at least not when it came to Wingdings, but the shorter skeleton took comfort in the fact that by the end of the day, once his little lady knew there was nowhere to go but to him, then he could start...kissing up to the humans too and continue with the other part of Wingdings’ plans.


And plus it really was a harmless little detour from the main plan when Sans thought about it and well worth it.  His prize...her body first and then eventually her was worth delaying something as minor as appeasing all the other humans in the area.  He’d do all that soon Wingdings was still too busy monitoring Snowdin and Waterfall to really check up on him and what Wingdings didn’t know wouldn’t hurt Sans.


...AND it wouldn’t be much longer for his little lady to come around...just a day or two give or take...Yep...Sans had this all under control…


Just as long as Frisk goes along with your plan, Sansy, a small cautious voice whispered in his skull.  Sans easily ignored it.  Ever since he first laid eyes on Frisk, it was becoming much easier to ignore that annoying little voice.  


“Well, you know I always had problems makin’ friends, but I’m really fuckin-’”


“Language, Sans.”


Sans nodded, still smiling.  “Sorry, but I am tryin’ my hardest.  I tried to joke with a lady yesterday ‘bout her protection fee but she wasn’t havin’ none of it.”


Wingdings frowned.  “Protection fee, huh?  Not a very classy thing to joke about.”


“Yeah, yeah…but I was thinkin’ of telling those humans that payin’ a protection fee ain’t gonna be necessary.”


Wingdings’ grin stretched.  “Heh.  Not a bad idea, brother.  Not bad at all.”


Just as soon as my little lady comes to me, I’ll let them know that , Sans thought, rubbing his cheek where that ungrateful little girl had slapped him.  


“Well, I guess I should be headin’ back-”


“Don’t you want to take a nap first to regain some of your strength, brother?”


Sleeping sounded so great, but Sans wanted to be in the human city .  By this time his little lady should be learning about her unemployment and Sans was certain he would see a very humble and apologetic little girl at his door very soon.  


“I’ll rest up in our new place.  Got to get used to it and everything,” Sans stated and Wingdings nodded uncertainly, but thankfully didn’t say anything else about it.  “Alright.  I expect you to have dinner with us tonight instead of stomping to your room and moping.”


“Human Food tonight?”


Wingdings openly cringed.  “Papyrus is calling it human cuisine and based on his practice runs last night it should be an...interesting meal.”   


“Goody, sounds disgusting.”




“Just kiddin’ bro.  Well gotta run! See ya tonight!”


In a puff of red smoke, Sans vanished and reappeared inside the newly refurbished garden shed.  


Of course after all that early morning hard work Papyrus and Sans did, it was no longer a shed.  It was now a two story house with four bedrooms, two working bathrooms, a bigger shed with much better gardening tools and a large kitchen.  An unnecessary large fucking kitchen that nearly drained Sans of all his magic, but it shut Papyrus up so Sans considered it a win.   


And speaking of Papyrus…


“BRO?  YOU HOME?” Sans yelled up the stairs.


No answer.  Papyrus must still be out, trying to “befriend” the humans or scaling the park or talking to his “admirer” or some kind of stupid shit like that.  


Sans sighed in relief, glad to finally have one damn moment to himself and looked around his surroundings, smirking.  


And at the moment, he was standing in the middle of the furnished living room and the plush sofa looked way too inviting.  The shorter skeleton groaned as he sat down, his bones aching and the exhaustion washed over him instantly.  It had been a long and physically demanding morning.  Now it was time for a relaxing afternoon.  


His sockets began to close automatically as he leaned back onto the couch, putting his feet up on the glass coffee table and pushing his fedora hat over his sockets to block out the light.  


Hmm...maybe he would take a quick nap, eat a little snack and if his little lady still hadn’t popped by he would take it upon himself to go looking for his little sweetheart-


A harsh knocking on the door got his attention, jolting him out of his relaxed posture.  


So soon little lady?


A cruel smile came over his face as he got up and walked to the door, quickly straightening out the wrinkles in his dress shirt and wiping the sweat from his face.  


This was it.  This was the moment that he was waiting for.  His little lady standing before him, scared and desperate and looking at him like he was the only one who could help her.  Her savior.  


He opened the door and offered his beautiful little lady a welcoming grin and a tiny bow.  Aw...she was so scared she was trembling...and she wouldn’t even look at him.  


Don’t be miserable, little lady.    I’ll make all your problems go away.  You’ll be so happy, you won’t think of anybody, but me-




Sans took a shock step back as his little lady snapped her head up at him. Her eyes were so hot, so angry that Sans was sure if she had the ability to do so, red smoke would be pouring out of her eyes.  And the HATE.  There was no fear, no desperation, no remorse.  Only anger and HATE.


Jesus , Sans thought to himself, his sockets wide as he looked her over.  


If Frisk didn’t have that unnatural look on her face, Sans would have admired the way her chest was heaving heavily up and down and the alluring flush on her cheeks and that sexy aggressive stance.  But...that complete and utter look of HATE on her face…it felt so unlike her.


This wasn’t what he had been expecting.  That look.  Sure he had seen a lot of unflattering looks on her face during their meetings together:  anger, disgust, resentment, fear, panic and just a minute or two of desperation, but not HATE.  Not full-on decisive hate.  


This woman was not going with his plans…


And once Sans shook off the shock and very very very slight moment of regret and hesitation at seeing her face, the skeleton monster began to feel an incredible amount of annoyance and admiration and excitement for his little lady.  


She wasn’t making it easy on him.  No she wasn’t.  Though Sans could make it easy on himself.  So many things he could do to her and she wouldn’t be able to do a fucking thing about it.  


She may have had a strong SOUL but she had such a fragile and delicate body.  Such a defenseless little creature really…such a pretty and delicious defenseless little creature…she really didn’t know who she was yelling at.  Still didn’t know who she was dealing with and wouldn’t it be so much fun to show her just how...powerless she was?


He temporarily toned her out, feeling his magic swirling inside his mouth.  A second later his red gooey tongue formed.  


If he grabbed her shoulders and threw her on the sofa and got on top on her, what could she do? Push him off?  Yeah right.  Scream?  Who would hear her?  Who would DARE help her?  


If she tries to hit him again all he would have to do is grab both of her wrists in one hand and pin them above her head.  God, he could just see the look her face.  That ugly hatred melting away as those big beautiful eyes of hers widened with fear, her chest pumping up and down with every frightened breath she took.


And maybe as she’s struggling to get away grinding her body against his unintentionally, calling to an imaginary friend...or her pretend boyfriend, Sans would start toying with her buttons and slowly undoing them just to show her how helpless she really was.  


He surrounded her red SOUL with his red magic and teasingly caresses and squeeze it and watch as bewilderment filled her face as she wondered why she was started to feel so WET.


He’d run his tongue everywhere finally tasting her.  He’d run his tongue roughly against her beautiful nipples until her screams of help became moans of pleasure.  And then just to tease her, he would move up to her neck and start nibbling her flawless skin.  Mark it with little bites some soft, some hard enough to draw blood until traces of him peppered her skin so much so that she and everybody else knew that she was HIS.  


And then once he saw complete pleasure overtake her fear, he’d move down her body.  Maybe he’d rub a single digit slowly and gently against her panties until they were soaked and when she was trembling with lust and begging him for more, THEN he would allow himself go faster.  


Let her hands go so she would cling to him moaning his name while he ripped her undergarments to shreds and move his head down to taste her, twirl her cute little nub with the tip of his tongue and once she was nice and wet and ready he would-


His aching hard cock brought him back to reality and just in time too.  His sockets widened when he saw her fist coming at him.  With a low chuckle, he easily caught it.  His hand swallowed hers and if he applied just the teensy bit more pressure, he could crush her lovely little hand like an empty soda can.  


He looked at her face and inwardly frowned.  Her face, her usually pretty and desirable face was now scrunched up and ugly looking with all that HATE radiating off of her.   

He looked at the couch and then at his little lady who was still cursing up a storm and trying to jerk her hand back.  It would be so so so easy to make that fantasy a reality...but…

But...while fucking her would have satisfied his hunger, Sans knew he’d get hungry again and a one time fucking wasn’t what Sans was after.  And she would taste SO MUCH better if she were just a little bit more willing.


Hmm...perhaps I need some help in that department...maybe it’s time for a new plan, the skeleton thought, feeling a bit of drool slip past his smiling teeth as he caught her other fist.



“Ah ah aha, you keep attackin’ me like this doll-face and I’ll have to put a restrainin’ order on ya.”


Frisk’s blush deepened and for one second she could have sworn her fury would completely engulf her and burn her up until she was nothing more than a pile of ashes on the floor.


“LET ME GO YOU BASTARD!” She screeched, and pulled back with all her might.


Sans chuckled and winked at her, licking the disgusting red drool that was dripping from his chin with his equally disgusting glowing red tongue.  


“Whatever ya want doll-face.”


He let her go so suddenly and so unexpectedly that she tumbled backwards near the open front door and landing on her rear.  She groaned in pain and started to get back up until Sans’ strong hand gently grabbed her chin.  She tried to hold in a shudder as she felt one of his clawed fingers gently tickling under her chin.


With a soft grunt and hearing his knees pop unpleasantly, Frisk watched as Sans kneeled down in front of her, reminding her how big he was compared to her.  


She glowered at him, showing her teeth to him.  He shook his head.


“Now, try to be a civilized person and tell me what’s gotten you actin’ like a little heathen,” Sans cooed condescendingly.  


Frisk slapped his hand away from her chin, earning a smirk and an amused chuckle from him.  She was angry.  So angry and it was taking everything in her not to let her tears of fury and discouragement fall right in front of the grinning skeleton.  That would look weak…


...That would make Sans happy….


To see her cry….to see her scared....and she wasn’t going to give the guy anymore of anything...if she could help it...  


The ride back to her area and her walk to the park didn’t calm her down. In fact, she became even more enraged the more she thought about everything he had done to her.  And her anger made her...unpleasant to say the least.  First she actually bared her teeth at that poor handsome guy at Andrew’s bar who wasn’t even doing anything to her and then she completely ignored the neighbor kids who were calling out to her, and finally she snapped at Mr. Vel who only asked her how she was doing.


She was fuming so bad that she didn’t even bat an eye at the grandiose house that wasn’t in the park yesterday.  


She continued to glare at the kneeling skeleton who was patiently waiting for her to respond.   Only now that she was here, staring face to face with the man who within three days took everything from her, she didn’t know what she was gonna say.


Well, what did you think was gonna happen Frisky , a scolding voice inside her head growled at her as she realized just how stupid this move was.  


Yeah...what did she think was gonna happen?  She yell at him and he suddenly has a change of heart?


Yeah...during the trip here all she thought about was ripping his grinning face to shreds, but as she stared at that grinning face, she realized how childish and pointless and oh how dangerous her decision was.


She was in the middle of an abandoned park, trapped inside the house with a mobster who was going to great lengths because...just so he could…




Unable to stand the sight of his nasty smile, Frisk looked down.  She felt so stupid.  She should have just gone home, collected all her jewelry and her mother’s jewelry and all her family heirlooms and tried to sell them to the pawn shop.  She should have told all her neighbors what was going on so they could at least scrape up some cash to give her.  She should have took a gamble and begged Papyrus for help who seemed a bit more kind...a fellow who is willing to repair a park for children can’t be all bad right?  


Instead she was here.  With the man who had single-handedly destroyed her.  


She was jobless.  Because of him.  She was terrified.  Because of him.  She felt so helpless.  Because of him.  And now she had no idea how she was gonna pay what Sans expected her people to pay...


Not even her hidden stash of cash would even come remotely close to paying her OWN bills let alone footing his bill.


And why was he doing this?  Why?


Why was he going this far?  For sex?  To humiliate her?  Was this all because she rejected him that night in the ladies room?  WHY? WHY? WHY?


“Oh fuck my life...don’t fuckin’ cry for fuck’s sakes...where the hell is”


A sort of self-hatred manifested into Frisk’s mind when she felt her hot tears rolling down her cheeks.  She took in a shuddering breath and forced herself to look at the skeleton again.  Tears or not.  She was surprised to see him holding out a red handkerchief to her.  


She made no attempt to take it, turning her head away.  Sans huffed.


“Take the Goddamn thing and clean yer face.  Ya look ugly when you cry and that snot ain’t helpin’ much.”


Sniffling, she wiped her tears and her snot of the sleeve of her purple sweater dress, hoping that would disgust Sans.  She faintly smiled when she heard him choke back a gag.


“Fuckin’ gross!  And people say I’m disgusting for drinkin’ straight up mustard!”


You are disgusting, Frisk thought and was just about to voice that opinion but froze up when Sans snapped his fingers and just like the horror stories Frisk read as a kid, the door slammed shut on it’s own.  She tensed feeling a cold chill run down her spine when he sat down cross-legged only a foot away from her.  

“Okay Doll-face.  What can I do fer ya?”


What can you do for me?  How about you get the hell back to your own city!?  How about you stop threatening my friends and go away?  How about you leave me alone?


“I got fired from my job because of yo-”


“What?!  Ya got fired?!  Well if ya ask me Doll-face yer boss is a complete jackass fer firing somebody who's got the voice of a Goddamn angel!”  


The shock in his voice was so fake and the laughter he was trying to keep out of his speech was so obvious that Frisk felt her anger grow again.  And the worst part was that she was fairly certain he knew that she knew it was his fault she got fired.


...She wanted to punch him so badly.  


“But yer fired huh?  Well, it’s a good thing you ain’t to worry ‘bout my little ol’ protection.  Or your bills for that matter-”




Sans finally allowed his chuckles to escape as he tilted his head.


“Yer bills were sent to my address by mistake.  I paid them all off thinkin’ they were mine.  Ha, lucky you huh?”


Frisk stared at him.  Her mouth felt dry.  And she honestly didn’t know what to think except to state the obvious thing they both knew.  


“This house wasn’t here yesterday.  How could you expect to get bills that quickly?”


Sans shrugged, disinterested as he reached into his dress shirt and pulled out one of his cigars.  He searched his pockets and grunted in annoyance as he began to turn his pockets inside out.  Frisk watched him in a stupefied daze.


What does he want?  Why is he messing with me this hard?  Why?  Why is he threatening to kill the same people his brother is trying to help?  Why does he want me?  Why is he taking everything from me?  Why is he giving me, and only me a way to survive? Why? Why? Why?


If Frisk had an answer to any of these questions, she might have known what to do, but he was giving her nothing.


“Yeah that is weird, but hey, the postal service is entitled to a few mistakes right?  Lucky for you they delivered your mail to me by mistake huh?  Say do you have a match Doll-face?”


“Why?”  Frisk managed to whisper.


Sans rolled the lights in his sockets and pointed to his cigar.  Frisk felt a blush come over her face and some of her anger came back.


“You know what I mean.”


Frisk fully expected him to forged confusion, which in turn would force her to explain what she meant, thus humiliating herself further, but to her surprise and...relief (?) his permanent smile got craftier and his eyes shined brighter.  


He tapped his finger against his chin, a gesture Frisk often seen other humans used when they were thinking hard about something.  Or when they were being a complete ass and pretending to think long and hard about something.  She could easily tell which reason Sans was doing it for.


“Ah that is a good question ain’t it, Dollf-face?  Hmm...Why am I doin’ all of this to you?”


His grin got a little more cruel.  Frisk scooted away from him and was just about to stand up when he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back down, moving her closer to him until her upper body was practically in his lap.  


“Tell me, Frisk, why do you think I’m doin’ this to ya?”


A deep blush came over her as he caressed a bony finger over her lips.  She wanted to pull away from him, but...his grip on her arm was too tight and...and...and something was happening to her body...more specifically around her chest area…


It didn’t hurt and it didn’t feel like Sans’ usually pressure trick that kept her in stuck in one place...No.  Whatever was happening to her chest felt...warm...and soothing...and-


“You okay doll-face?  You look a little hot .”


Yes..that’s it...her chest felt hot…and...good.  So good.  So right.  So very very right.  It felt just like a hand delicately stroking something inside her body that wasn’t quite an organ, but was still a part of her.   She didn’t know any other way to describe it other than she felt complete.


Complete...the only time she felt complete these days was when she dreamt about her parents.   Her mother’s hugs.  Her father’s kisses.  Frisk let out a deep sigh of bliss without realizing what she was doing and melted completely in Sans’ embrace, enjoying the feeling.  


At the moment she didn’t care to figure out what was causing the warmth in her chest nor that Sans was running his clawed hands through her hair.  All she cared about was that it felt good.  And she wanted more over it.  She wanted the warmth to engulf her fully and make her complete and not leave her like those dreams did.    


Sans chuckled and just like that, the warmth left her.  And so did the feeling of pure bliss.  But Frisk was still slightly high with the afterglow of whatever warmth was invading her chest.


She looked at the skeleton who seemed pleased and...why was there a slight blush on his face?


What?  What the hell just happened? Frisk thought as the relaxed dream-like feeling left her.  Did Sans just make me feel like that?  And I actually enjoyed it?  What the fuck is he doing to me-


“Too worked up to talk?  Well-”


Finally gathering up her strength and shuddering in self-disgust, Frisk pushed Sans away and stood up.  Her face felt like it was on fire as he followed her movements, groaning as he stood up.


“I think you’re doing this to me  because you’re an asshole who's on a power trip.  I think you just likes to push people around knowing they can’t do anything back,” she spat at him, hoping to regain a little bit of her dignity back at least in his eyes.  God knows she would never be able to look in the mirror and find it in herself ever again.


Sans shrugged.


“Could be the case.  I ain’t gonna lie.  I am known to push my weight around with certain people.”


Frisk scoffed and started to open the door only for Sans to slam it shut.  She yelped as he moved closer to her until he had her pinned to the wall, his body only inches from hers.  She did her best to glare at him, but at this point knew it was a lost case.  Just a second ago she was in his lap, moaning and allowing him to stroke her hair.


“Then again maybe I just want to fuck ya so I can brag about it to the other monsters.  Be the first of my kind in a long time to fuck a human.”


Frisk bristled.  How disgusting and so like this monster.  That was probably the reason-


“Or maybe I didn’t like the way you treated me the first time we met.  Actin’ like some high-ridin’ bitch who was too good for me.  I hate that ya know.  I worked hard to get where I am and I don’t take kindly to people who look down at me.”


Frisk inwardly snorted.  “Worked hard?”  Please.  Hurting people and scaring and threatening them out of their money is not working hard.  Sans leaned in closer to her until he was eye-level with her.  


She started to shake as his warm breath touched her lips.  His sockets glowed.  Red lit up her face.


“And what better way to teach a high-ridin’ bitch like you a lesson than takin’ yer job away and forcin’ you to fuck me so none of them humans get hurt.”


Could be that too.  I wouldn’t put it past you , Frisk thought hatefully and opened her mouth to say that, but stopped when he finally backed away.  She didn’t want to give him a reason to get that close to her again.


Didn’t want to chance having that warm feeling inside her again.  She never needed to feel that way again.  It was like being drugged and the last thing she wanted or needed was to lose any of her thinking capabilities around Sans.  


Said skeleton put his hands in his pockets and rocked on his heels.  The red lights in his sockets dimmed and Frisk cautiously watched as he face got softer.  A gentler smile came over him.


“Or maybe I don’t want to hurt or upset ya or yer people, but doing it this way was the only way you’d give me a chance.  Or at least a second glance.”


Frisk blinked.  What did he just say?  


Sans closed his eyes, shrugging and when he opened them again he looked towards the ground as opposed to her.


Frisk felt something unpleasant stirring in her stomach.


“Maybe when I first saw ya I did feel a connection to ya.  But knowing how I look compared to ya and how I sometimes act and how you responded to me being in business with Don Dee, well there ain’t much hope fer me is there?”


Frisk didn’t answer, but her stomach started to feel worse.  She was definitely getting a tummy ache.


“Maybe I figured if I could get ya to...y’know go out with me, I could show you I ain’t such a bad guy.  Could explain to you how I ended up taking over yer area of all places and why me and my bros what to live here so bad.  Maybe then during dinner I would take the protection fee off altogether and that would really help ya see I’m worth a shot at...y’know?”


Frisk swallowed as she looked him up and down.  He wasn’t looking at her, but the blush on his face had increased when he did the blush on her face.  


If that really were the reason why Sans did all these things to her she couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit flattered.  And she hated herself for it.  As sick and as twisted as it was, if all these things were just to get a date with her just so she could see him as a somewhat decent guy...well it was stupid as shit and completely missed it’s mark...but it was flattering.  For some reason Frisk couldn’t explain, a guy who was willing to do all that just for a little time with her...


Maybe she could spend a little time with hi-


He’s lying you idiot, a part of her warned her frantically.   He’s a fucking liar and he’s playing you like a violin.  Making you doubt your instincts.  You know he’s bad news.  You know it!  Just go home, pawn your jewelry, talk to Papyrus, talk to your friends and everything you can...just don’t fall for his bullshit!  He’ll hurt you!  He’ll hurt you!  He’s already hurt you!  For God’s sakes, he made you cry twice already!  He slammed your head against a wall three tiem.  He nearly undressed you yesterday!  He threatened the people you love!


“I...I don’t believe you.” Frisk said, only to have Sans shrug again.


“Don’t blame ya on that one Doll-face, but who knows huh?  I could be a desperate good guy wanting a chance with ya, or I can be a mean fellow, trying to manipulate ya by toying with yer feelings just so I can fuck you.  Kind of gambling when it comes to me, but at least we have fun right?  Hehehe...the only thing we both know fer sure is that you ain’t got a lot of options anymore.”


Frisk stared stupidly at him.  At this point there wasn’t anything she could really say.  


“But the good new is that regardless of all that,  I’m always a businessman first who keeps my word.  Go out with me this weekend and we’ll discuss yer people’s protection fee.  Maybe we can work out a nice little deal and maybe you’ll find yourself with your old singin’ job again.  What do you say?”


It just a date-


Don’t do it!  He’ll hurt you!


I’ll be surrounded by other people.


It won’t matter!  You’ve seen him appear and disappear at will.  He might do that with you.  He might take you someplace where nobody will hear you!


He could have hurt me now, but he didn’t.


He wants to play with you first.  You know his type.  He wants you to feel like it was your fault when he does hurt you.  He wants your trust before he hurts you!  For God’s sakes Frisky DON’T SAY YES!


My friends….


You have more options .


This is the fastest way to help them.  This is the best shot I have.  And...I HAVE to know why he’s doing this.


Taking in a deep breath, Frisk looked at Sans and offered a tiny smile.


“My back is against the wall.  You know that’s why I’m agreeing to this right?”


Something...strange passed through Sans’ eyes.  Frisk frowned and for some reason she couldn’t help feeling a tiny bit of guilt as his smile fell just a little bit.  But luckily for the both of them it was only for a second.


“Course doll-face.  That’s a given, but maybe you’ll change your opinion of me by the end of all this unpleasantness”


Frisk opened the door and to her relief, Sans moved aside allowing it to open wider.


“You like that word.”


Sans titled his head.  “What word?”


“Maybe.  You really do like using it.”


The skeleton chuckled.  “Maybe.”


Despite her best efforts, Frisk felt the corners of her lips perk up.  


“That was really lame.”


Sans nodded.  “Sure was.”


Frisk began to walk out into the sun, only to stop.  She took a deep breath and turned once again to face the skeleton who was still staring at her.


“You know that no means no, right?”


Frisk trembled as Sans’ teeth got a little bit sharper and the light in his sockets went out.


“You have the right to say no at anytime, doll-face.”


Frisk raced out the door, feeling Sans’ empty sockets following her.


Jim took another heavy drag of his cigarette, staring intensely at the park’s entrance where he saw the pixie lady run into and then stared at his clock.  He frowned.  She’d been there awhile now.


Jim flicked the bud into the ground and sighed, leaning against the tree only to straighten up when he saw the woman quickly walking through the entrance, stopping every so often to look behind her.  


Jim watched her for a second.  She looked a little nervous and three shades of unhappy.  And scared.  Probably had something to do with losing her job.  Jim knew he would be pretty miserable if he lost his job and in this economy jobs were hard to come by.  


He waited until she got a little closer before he started walking up to her, reaching into his jacket.  She paused when she saw him, slightly backing away from him, her eyes narrowing and looking directly at the hand in his pocket.  


Yeah nice move dipshit.  Reach into your pocket like a mugger.  That’ll put her at ease, Jim thought to himself and smiled sheepishly at her.  She didn’t smile back.  Of course she wouldn’t because what woman in her right mind would smile back at man who looked like he was just about to mug her?


“Hey um...hi,” Jim stuttered and mentally punched himself in the face.


The woman nodded to him stiffly.


“Hello,” she said coldly and started to move again only to stop and really look at him.  Her narrowed eyes widened a bit.


“Say weren’t you that fellow at Andrew’s bar?”  She asked, her voice becoming softer, a tiny smile coming on her face.  


Jim nodded eagerly as he looked her up and down, admiring her sweet how cute she looked with a smile.  Real cute as a matter of fact.


The woman giggled, putting her hands on her hips.  “I do believe I snarled at you like some kind of animal.  I’m sorry and believe me if I knew I was gonna bump into you again I wouldn’t have...well I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty mad and I might have done it anyway.”   


Jim laughed, feeling more confident with himself.  She had a pretty voice too.  Definitely a singer.  


“That’s alright miss.  I caught you at a bad time, but getting snappy is something we’re all entitled to every once in awhile.”


The woman’s smile faded as she turned back towards the entrance of the park.  Her mouth curled into a sour scowl.  Okay, now she looked ugly.  She really didn’t need to make that face ever again.


“Being an ass is an entitlement some people like to abuse.”


Must be really mad at her boss, Jim thought and coughed to get her attention again.


“My name is Jim-”


The lady smiled.  “Nice to meet you.  I’m Frisk.”


Frisk?  Strange name.  Good thing too.  The more unique the person is,  the boss likes them, Jim thought.


“I know you don’t know me, but I happened to overhear your conversation with Andrew.”


Frisk nodded.  “Yeah lost my job, but I’m not too worried.  I’m sure there are some other bars who might hire me.”


Jim reached into his pocket and pulled out the flyer his boss told him to give anybody he thought might have potential and this cute little pixie girl definitely had potential.


“Maybe this will help you.”


Frisk raised an eyebrow and grabbed the paper.  An amused smile came over her lips.  


She’s so cute , Jim thought and tried to hide his blush by turning his face away  He never was any good at keeping his composure with women.  Even when business was involved he couldn’t even begin to mimic the cool businessman persona his boss pulled off with ease.


She laughed.  “Say this flyer is pretty cool.  Whoever made it really likes the flame patterns. Haha!  Not too sure about the color though.  Purple flames?  Who heard of that?”


Before Jim could even try to come up with something witty to say, Frisk began to read the flyer out loud in her pretty voice that convinced Jim he made the right choice.  


Grillby’s is proud to present for the first time ever live human entertainment.”


Jim watched as Frisk’s cute little nose wrinkled up as she lowered the flyer and stared at him.  


“Live HUMAN entertainment?  So is it safe to assume that my audience will not be human?”


Jim nodded, begging that she didn’t run away from him.  


“Yeah.  My boss Grillby, a fire monster, is holding auditions for human musicians in Fell City in a few days.  If he likes you, he puts you on stage to perform for his customers and he pays well.  Very very well.”


Frisk looked back down at the flyer.  To his relief, she didn’t look scared, but she did look skeptical.  




Frisk looked over her shoulder again towards the park’s entrance.  Her face hardened.


“Yeah, I’m interested.  Tell me more.”  


Jim felt his heart soar as he offered his arm to Frisk.  She wrapped hers around his quickly.


“Let’s get the hell out of here,” she muttered and pulled him away.