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Sooner or Later You're Gonna be Mine

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Frisk swallowed uneasily as the tall skeleton leaned over the desk, his palms pressing into the surface as his unblinking sockets stared directly into her eyes.  The lone red light in his left socket started to flicker with what Frisk assumed was impatience as she tried to find the right words to answer his question.   


From the short time she spent talking to the tall skeleton who called himself “Papyrus”, Frisk learned a few thing about him.  Such as Papyrus was energetic.  Incredibly energetic.  He no sooner sat down in Nick’s old chair for a grand total of two minutes before he was standing up again, pacing back and forth as they talked about her area’s restaurants, which made sense to first.


When Nick first arrived as the appointed “landlord” to Frisk’s area, he had asked a lot of questions about the businesses as well.  The only difference between Nick and Papyrus was that unlike Nick who was more interested in how successful each business was and how much money they made, Papyrus seemed to be way more interested in the actual food that was sold in each eatery.


He asked what she thought of the food.  He asked what the other humans thought of the food.  He asked if Frisk would ever classified the food as “greasy.”  And then he asked her to name off every food item each restaurant had to offer.  Money was an issue that never came up.  Not one time.  And it puzzled Frisk, but she wasn't stupid enough to voice her confusion.  


And with each question he asked, he never stopped moving.   It was exhausting and nerve-racking to say the least, as Frisk cautiously watched her new criminal landlord continuously move without pausing and with his loud voice escalating every so often and his dominating posture that never once relaxed, there were a few times Frisk had braced herself just in case of a random spurt of violence from him.  


...But no matter how loud the skeleton’s loud movements were or how powerful his voice sounded, he never once made a motion towards her which was...relieving.  Relieving and shocking, but Frisk wasn’t one to complain.  But all the same she kept her body tensed and her legs ready to move out of the way if need be.  


But confusion and despair weren’t the only emotions the tall skeleton seem to pull out of Frisk.  It came very clear to her that Papyrus, much like Sans, was an arrogant and entitled jackass.  Every answer she gave the skeleton seemed to annoy and amuse him and he responded with some of the most arrogant and pompous replies Frisk had ever seen.  


He scoffed at when she told him that the little diner owned by Mr. Vel made some of the best pancakes she’d ever tasted.  He rolled the single red light in his socket when she said the burger-stand had some tasty fries and delicious lemonade.  And he openly laugh when she sweetly suggested in a non-threatening way that he wouldn’t be disappointed if he gave both places a try.


Frisk was lucky he was pacing around, barely looking at her during their conversation because he would have seen a look of complete dislike on her face.  


She didn’t know what deal these monsters made with Don Dee for them to gain a small area of human territory, but as far as she was concerned the prick should have chosen a different area of people to lord his power and terror over if he didn’t like the looks of this place.  


Screw you buddy , she thought as she watched him pace around the room like some kind of nervous junkie.   You can get the hell back to your own city if you think you're too good for my home.  


But then all movement ceased from him when he asked that spaghetti question.  And Frisk learned another thing about this man:  Apparently spaghetti was an important subject to him.  At least important enough for him to stop moving and stare at her with such an intense look, Frisk could have sworn they had been discussing a life or death situation as opposed to a pasta dish.


“W-well, the burger stand is more of an on-the-go sort of thing-”


“UGH...YOU MEAN GREASY FAST FOOD?!” he interrupted her, his teeth curling with disgust and he actually shuddered from his own words as he spoke like he could taste all that grease pouring into his mouth.  Frisk's displeasure for the skeleton increased.  


How the hell can you taste anything?  You don’t even have a tongue or a stomach , she thought, but wisely decided to nod her head agreeing with him, fighting the urge to defend the one-handed Mr. Sloan, who owed the Burger-stand establishment.  As much as she liked the old man, she wasn’t going to do him or herself any favors by standing up for him.  


She liked to keep her face attached to her head and she was fairly positive that sparking an argument with this overly enthusiastic skeleton would result in a painful consequence.  She was already slammed to a wall when she told Sans she didn’t find him attractive, so she could only imagine what this more active skeleton would do to her.  


Plus when it came to criminals like Papyrus, Sans or Nick who viewed themselves as being “superior”, it was best not to bring attention to yourself or the people you love.  Being invisible was the best defense you got against mobsters after all.  You mouth off, you throw your shield away.  


Unfortunately she may have already done that with Sans.  If she had known that skeleton was gonna be her landlord from now on she might have responded to him a bit differently last night.  Been a little sweeter with her rejections. Told him she already had a lover.  Lied to him-


I saw you.  I want you and so I learned all that I could about you.  Followed you around for a bit.


His words echoed in her mind and she shook them off as violently as she could.  Had he been telling the truth?  Is that why he ended up taking control of her area?  Because he “wanted” her?  Or was it just a coincidence?  Frisk quickly chose the latter and the more logical of the two explanations to go with.  


Of course it was just a coincidence , she thought,  trying to calm herself down.  


Why on earth would a big-time criminal (at least Frisk assumed Sans was a big name in his own city.  Why else would Don Dee even been seen with him if he weren’t a big deal?) choose where to place his business based on where a girl lived?  Especially when that big-name criminal has never even spoken to that girl and the only time he did she showed him nothing but disgust and rejection?


And more importantly, even though Frisk had enough confidence to call herself “cute”, there were so many women in her city that were much more beautiful than her and would be willingly to be with Sans, monster or not.  it wouldn't make sense.


Yep, nothing but a coincidence , she assured herself.  The guy would have to be insane if this were anything but a coincidence.  


But all the same, when Sans came back she knew it would be in her best interest to try and make peace with him.  Maybe she could lie her way out of her behavior last night.  Maybe tell him she got offended because she was already...engaged to be married, then she could apologize and then go from there.  But right now she had another cretin to kiss up to.


She turned back to Papyrus and  inwardly gritted her teeth when she saw his smug smile gracing his face.  


“Yeah, the burger-stand can sell greasy food, but to be fair they’re a cheap and easy meal for a family if you don’t have enough money.  Spaghetti is more of an expensive sit down and eat food,” she explained quietly, hoping that would appease him.  


Frisk noticed the brief but undeniable change in the skeleton’s face.  The annoyance, the smugness and the disgust in Papyrus’ expression dissolved enough for her to see a thoughtful sort of discomfort and vague displeasure come over Papyrus’ face, his scowl becoming a stern and tight line.


She tilted her head as she studied that expression more closely.   Was he uncomfortable with -his expression changed back before she could finish her thought.  


“NYEH HEH HEH.  THIS AREA ISN’T VERY...UM...C-CLASSY IS IT?” he asked, once again sitting down.  He tapped his bony fingers on the desk in a non-rhythmic fashion.


Frisk inwardly frowned at his tone.  He didn’t sound so confident or condescending anymore, though she could tell he was trying to project that in his voice.  And the smug smile on his face didn’t seem too genuine.  At least not as smug as it was before.  


In fact, if Frisk didn’t know any better she could have sworn Papyrus was...a little rattled about something she said.  It was hard to tell with a skeletal face, and she could be very wrong with her theory, but maybe the idea of being around poverty didn’t sit well with him.  


And if he really was mildly upset about the idea of the people in her area being poor then maybe this might be the perfect opportunity soften him up so he wouldn’t be too harsh or too unreasonable when it came to deciding what would be the appropriate protection fee to charge Frisk and her neighbors.  


The people in her apartments could barely afford to pay the current fee as it was.  If it went any higher...

She had to be careful.  There was a good chance she might be reading his sudden and unexpected expression wrong, but it was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up.  It was an opportunity her neighbors couldn’t afford for her to pass up.  


“Well I wouldn’t exactly call this area un-classy exactly.  It is a pretty poor neighborhood after all.”


Frisk smirked as Papyrus looked away from her, resting his chin in one of his massive hand.  The smug look seemed to completely fade from his face and the tapping on the desk seemed to increase in speed, much like his pacing when he got annoyed.


Okay girl , Frisk thought.   Keep going.   Slow and steady will hopefully win this race.  


“That’s one of the main reasons why our restaurants can’t sell spaghetti.  You see, it’s becoming a pretty popular food lately so the price of buying it has skyrocketed.  Only the richer areas with nicer restaurants can sell it.”


Frisk wasn’t lying.  It really was too expensive for her restaurant buddies to invest their money in and would be a stupid investment on their part too.  Why spend money on a menu item nobody can buy when you can make cheap food that everybody will be able to afford?


Not that not eating pasta bothered Frisk.  Burgers and fries, a nice tall soda and a big piece of pie were all part of a balance meal as far as she was concerned.  She never did grow to like the taste of pasta even when it had been affordable.


Papyrus fidgeted with his red tie, still not looking at her.  He wasn’t smiling anymore either.  




Cheapest? Frisk thought.   This guy’s wearing a suit that looks like it cost more than a year’s worth of rent for me.  Why would he be interested in cheap fo-


“And when my bro makes spaghetti, it tastes like nothing you’ve ever put in your mouth before.”


The shiver that raced up Frisk’s back was so icy she froze for a few seconds before she willed herself to turn around.  The massive skeleton stood just a foot away from her and the very first thing that caught her eye was his glittering gold tooth.  


He was so close.  So terribly close that she could see every sharp pointed tooth in his smile and out of instinct and the desire to put as much distance between herself and the skeleton, she fearfully took a quick and clumsy step backwards.


And in the process she tripped over her own stupid feet and fell back towards the desk.  She closed her eyes, bracing herself for the painful impact she was gonna make against the hard edge of the wooden desk, but at the last minute she felt a bony hand push up against her back, preventing her from making contact with it.


Papyrus laughed and brought his face so close to hers that her cheek and his cheekbone were practically touching.  Frisk held her breath, her heart pounding as the smell of something very similar to marinara sauce hit her nostrils.   Papyrus was way too close now as well.  And the small red light that made up his single eye shined so brightly it almost blinded Frisk.  




The push gave Frisk back her balance and as she regained her composure, she caught sight of Sans again.  Now a little bit away from her, she saw that he was carrying a brown grocery bag with Frisk’s local grocery store’s name printed on the side.  


Must have gone shopping , she thought stupidly and prayed that he didn’t go out of his way to terrify anybody, but if he were acting anyway like he was last night, she’d probably see a few traumatized people when she headed back home.  


She watched as the shorter skeleton looked from her to Papyrus and when he turned back towards Frisk, his sockets actually narrowed.  His sockets weren’t black like when he had slammed her into the wall last night, but the look he was giving her now wasn’t...calming.  


And it didn’t make her feel any better about her chances trying to make peace with him so her wallet and the wallets of her neighbors wouldn’t suffer so bad.  


Frisk choose that time to turn back to Papyrus, trying and failing to ignore what that look was doing to the small amount of courage she had left. And when she took a look at Papyrus, disappointment and dread mixed with her growing fear.  


It looked like Papyrus was back to his smug and condescending self.  Whatever had been happening to him, as in whatever empathy she was hoping to get out of him (if there was any to begin with) was gone.  


“Th-Thank you for that,” she managed to say, feeling Sans’ stare burning into the back of her head.   


Papyrus stood up to his fullest height, holding his arms out in a grand gesture as he looked down at her.  All her remaining courage left her when she realized how easily he could crush her.  How easily Sans could crush her.   She felt like she was trapped between two powerful giants.




Yeah, I’m sure you will, you bastard, Frisk thought with trembling anger, but offered him a wide smile nonetheless.


She openly flinched feeling Sans’ hand clap her shoulder in a friendly manner.  She quickly turned around, jerking his hand off of her in the process.  She was too scared to be relieved that Sans’ sockets were no longer narrowed.  He chuckled.  


“That’s right, doll-face.  We’re gonna make sure everybody is taken good care of.”


It didn’t sound like a threat.  Sans’ deep voice sounded warm and gentle and Frisk would have been stupid if she thought for one second he wasn’t being threatening.  Mobsters were all the same.  Openly threatening or pretending to be kind, smiling or snarling, a threat was a threat no matter how it was presented.  


And all Frisk could do was keep smiling and pretend the two skeletons weren’t threatening her.  Sans looked past her, towards his “brother.”


“Say boss-”




Frisk jumped at Papyrus’ angered voice and once again braced herself .  Sans looked at her and chuckled again before he continued.  


“Sorry about that.”  He looked at Frisk and winke.  “Never call him boss, he hates it and he’ll probably kill ya if ya do.”


Sans’ casual and laid back tone only helped to create another shiver that ran down Frisk’s spine.  Sans looked back at Papyrus.  


“Say Papyrus, why don’t ya go and introduce yerself to the other humans?   Y’know make yer grand introduction.  Let them know who we are.”


Frisk’s heart stopped completely.  Introduce himself?  As in saying “hi” like a normal landlord or introducing himself like Nick did when he first made his appearance?  Whatever the case may be, Frisk needed to warn everybody in her apartment complex what was going on before Papyrus made his “grand introduction.”  


Lord knows what he’d do if somebody did something that he might classify as “disrespectful.”  He was a monster after all, and Frisk was sure some of them wouldn’t be so...reserved when they saw him.  


So many horrifying and bloody images on what this skeleton might do raced through her mind and made her all that more desperate to get back.  


She offered a wider smile to Sans and then to Papyrus.  She tried to keep her voice as calm as possible and started to walk towards the front door, passing Sans as she spoke.  


“Well, it was very nice meeting the two of you and I hope to see you again soon.  But I do believe I must be off-”


She stopped talking and walking when Sans gently grabbed her forearm with his large hand, easily supporting the large bag of groceries with one hand and holding her in place with the other.  She numbly looked his hand and saw his golden rings flashing menacingly.  She wanted to pull away from him but…


He was the one in control.  At least for now.  She gulped, her mouth dry as she tried to keep her friendly smile on her face.  Sans’ smile grew as well.  


“Don’t worry doll-face, I won’t take up too much of yer time then.  Me and you just got to discuss the fee for yer apartment complex.”


Frisk actually felt her face pale as soon as the words left his mouth.  


She slowly and quietly tried to pull out of his hold, but he merely tightened his grip on her arm.  He didn’t hurt her, but Frisk could  feel all the strength he was holding back.  She was pretty sure if he wanted to he’d probably be able to crush her arm like a empty soda can.   


She stopped trying to move away from him when she realized she wasn’t going anywhere.  She could only hope that her friends wouldn't upset the taller skeleton.  She prayed they weren’t that stupid.  


Papyrus walked around the desk and was now standing beside Frisk, looking over her and into the bag Sans was holding.  He either didn’t seem to notice how terrified Frisk was or he just didn’t care.  It was probably the latter.


“Did you get all of it?”


Sans nodded his head.


“The lady was right.  Even the dry pasta was expensive, but you said you wanted to cook Wingdings a human meal so here are all the ingredients.”


How long had he been standing behind me , Frisk wondered as Sans loosened his grip ever so slightly on her arm.  The idea that he had been standing there longer than she realized added a new terror in her.  


Papyrus grunted in approval.  Frisk watched as his smug and cruel face turned softer for just one second again.  But just like before it was short lived and in a surprising and very gentleman-like movement, Papyrus lifted his fedora hat in a polite farewell to Frisk.


“TAKE CARE LITTLE ONE,” he said and then focused on Sans.  




Sans nodded, shooting Frisk a sly smile as he spoke.  Frisk felt herself shrink from the look.


“Have fun and be nice to the humans.”  


Papyrus flashed him another cruel smile, not sparing another glance towards Frisk as he quickly walked out of the building, slamming the door shut behind him, leaving Frisk alone with the skeleton.  Frisk immediately started talking, her voice having a beg edge to it.  


“Um M-Mr. S-Sans, you might want to tell your brother that we humans aren’t used to monsters and so-”


Sans chuckled loudly cutting Frisk off and letting her arm go.  He walked to the desk, his back towards her and Frisk had to fight every urge not to run out the building.   She watched him as he placed the bag of groceries on the desk and turned around.  He rested his elbows on the counter and leaned forward.  


Frisk lick her lips nervously and tried again.


“He might th-think the humans are being insulting-”


“Don’t worry 'bout anything, doll-face.  My bro knows they’re gonna be scared of him.  That grocery owner lady that came in before you didn’t exactly have it all together when she saw us.  Poor ol' woman turned as white as a ghost.  Looked like she as gonna have a heart attack.  Pretty funny.”


So that’s what Mrs. Bees was trying to warn me about, Frisk thought as she recalled herself rushing past the older lady that had been frantically trying to call her over to the small group of business owners.  Frisk wished she hadn’t been late getting the money to Nick.  


She’d might have been more mentally prepared for this.  


Sans closed his sockets from a second and sat down on the desk.  When he opened them again, the red lights had dimmed a bit.  


“He won’t get offended if people are a little taken aback by him.”


Frisk hoped Sans was telling the truth.  She sincerely hoped he was, but until Sans told her she could leave, she was stuck in this small building with him.  


And seeing as Frisk couldn’t leave, now was as a good as anytime to try and...fix the damage that was made even if this prick deserved every crude and hateful thing she said last night.  But how was she going to go about it? Should she even bring up last night?  Or maybe she could say something else to completely distract him from it?


A small smile crept on her face as an idea popped into her head.  


“Say...Mr. Sans-”


The skeleton waved his hand dismissively.


“Sans.  Just Sans, doll-face.  Friends don’t need to be formal with each other.”


Frisk nodded.   Fine, Sans to your face, prick behind your back, she thought.


“I just wanted to thank you for stopping Nick from hurting me.  He’s not a nice guy and he would have really really hurt me if you hadn’t stopped him.”


Sans didn’t say anything for a few seconds.  His red lights dimmed even more as Frisk felt his scrutinizing stare carefully analyze her expression, but she knew it was probably hard for him to spot any sort of deception on her, and that was partly due to the fact that Frisk really was grateful that Nick had been stopped.


There was no doubt in her mind that if Sans hadn’t intervened, she would have probably been walking out of the building missing a hand or an eyeball.  Granted, that didn’t change her opinion of the brute, but maybe showing her gratitude would help stroke his ego enough for him to be a little considerate with his protection fee price or anything else he might want to “charge” them for.  


After another few seconds of staring, Sans took his hat off and placed it near the bag of grocery.  He offered her an amused smile.  Frisk hoped that was a good sign.  


“Yeah well, ya don’t have to worry ‘bout him anymore doll-face.  He won’t be bothering anybody no more.”


Frisk remained silent as she watched him rub the back of his skull.  He almost looked awkward as he tried to avoid her stare.


She nervously chewed the inside of her cheek and waited for him to speak.  When he did, his voice was a tab bit quieter and serious.  


“And while we’re on the subject of unpleasantness, I suppose I owe you an apology for last night.”


Frisk blinked as the skeleton picked up his hat and fiddled with the brim.  


He was apologizing?!  She hadn’t been expecting that and in all honesty if he had brought up last night’s incident she was fully prepared to apologize.  But this was...surprising.  Surprising and suspicious, but despite the part of her mind that was begging her to be careful, she couldn’t help the flutter of hope that bloomed in her chest.


“I just wanted to have some fun was all and what’s more fun to a monster than scarin' a human?  That’s why Papyrus won't mind if they're scared of him.  He gets a kick out of seeing a terrified human too.”


Assholes, she thought but didn’t show the contempt on her face.  Not when things were going somewhat decently between the two of them.  She swallowed and offered him a shaky smile.


Now to remind him I’d rather be dipped in boiling water than be a moment of fun for him.  


“Well the reason I got so upset last night was because I already got a boyfriend.  Y’know how that can be,” she began, trying to sound confident with her lie.  


She told this lie so many times to criminals who have shown interest in her and it always came out so smoothly and so convincing that a lot of them lost interest in her fairly quickly.  But none of those men had been looking at her with that intense red stare Sans was giving her.  Made it harder for the words to come out.  


Sans put his hat down.




Frisk eagerly nodded.  “Oh yeah.  Me and him been going together for a few years now and if he got word that another guy was...chatting me up in a girl’s bathroom...well let’s just say he might be wondering a few things about me.”


Sans looked down again.  Even though it was hard to read his expression, Frisk wanted to see his face.  She wanted to try to make out what he might be thinking even though that big stupid smile was permanently stuck on his face and made it ten times more difficult for her to guess what was going through his mind.


Finally Sans looked up and Frisk let out a small gasp of fear.  The socket in his right was pouring out a thin layer of red smoke.  


And that imaginary pressure on her chest that kept her pressed against the wall last night was back.  Only this time it was pinning her feet to the floor.  Frisk tried to move, but just like the last time she couldn’t.  




She looked up at Sans.  He was watching her, his red lights now shining more brightly than ever.  She wanted to scream.  She wanted to cry out for help, but the words couldn’t come out.  And so she let out a small whimper and waited for him to get up and do whatever he wanted to do to her.  But he just sat there, grinning at her as his golden tooth glistened and his socket poured red smoke.  


I wasn’t plannin’ on really hurtin’ ya or anything, but I figured it was okay to y'know...tease ya a little since I honestly thought I’d never see you again.  Heh...don't I feel stupid, but seriously what are the odds of this actually happenin'?  A million to one right?”


Well seeing as it's me and bad luck follows me around like a bad penny, I’ll say the odds are good .  Frisk didn’t say that though.  


The fear was pumping through her chest and she didn’t know what to do, but she knew screaming wasn’t going to help her.  The only people out in the park were junkies who didn’t care about anything but their next fix.  And when it all came down to it, who would help her?  Who was that suicidal?  


“You believe that, don’t ya doll-face?”


She swallowed and finally found her voice.  It was soft and meek and pathetic sounding and she hated herself, but what else could she do?  If she screamed for help, she didn’t know how he’d react, but if she remained calm maybe…


She grinned at him.  Her lips trembled uncontrollably.  


“Okay, you trying to scare me again right?  Cute,, but like I said, I really can’t stay for too long, so can’t we just talk about the protection fee-”


Sans chuckled and Frisk winced as she felt the pressure increase in her chest.  


“I figured us meetin’ again must be fate.  Ya know, something we ain’t got no control over.” Sans continued like she hadn’t spoken at all.  


“Stop,” she finally begged, the grin vanishing from her face as she looked at Sans’ more pleadingly.


Her father’s words flashed in her mind.

You show fear, they’ll eat you alive.

 But how could she not show fear when the guy in front of her was holding all the good cards in the deck?


Sans responded by holding up a hand and slowly curling a bony finger in a universal gesture that basically meant “come closer.”  Frisk let out a small scream of fear as she began to hover a tiny bit above the floor and was dragged towards him.  


She trembled as he put his large hands on her shoulders and gently turned her around so that her back rested on his chest.  His strong and sharp ribs poking her skin.


This can’t be happening , she thought as she felt his chin rest on the top of her head.  One of his arms was wrapped around her small shoulders while the other one was playing with her hair.  She could feel her face heating up and most likely becoming a deep red.  


She closed her eyes as her vision began to blur and sting.  She tried to pull away, but she still couldn’t move her body.  She felt like a living statue.  


This is just another nightmare about him.  There’s no way I’m this helpless , she thought as he twirled a sharp finger through of lock of her hair.  


“And who are we to fight fate?  I mean I won’t.  I’m too lazy for that.  I usually just go with the flow.”


I’m gonna wake up soon , she thought as she tried to fight reality.  


The hand that rested on her shoulders started to move until it rested on her throat.  His fingers lightly began to move back and forth across the soft flesh.  She shuddered, his fingers feeling like spider legs crawling on her skin.


Wake up , she begged herself.  


“That’s why it’s hard to believe ya got yerself a boyfriend.  Fate may be tough on us sometimes, but it ain’t cruel.”


Frisk didn’t respond.  Didn’t know what to say.  Couldn’t move to pull away from him.  And Sans’ fingers didn’t stop playing with her hair or throat.


“I...I r-really have t-to g-get g-going.  I have a t-terrible headache.  It’s hurtin’ real bad, Sans.”


And to her great surprise and incredible relief, Sans grunted and turned her around once again so she faced him.  She stood between his legs and he gave her hair one last feel before he removed his hands from her body altogether.  His whole body slouched as he placed his elbow on his knee and rested his chin in his hand, staring at her with half-closed sockets.  


“Alright doll-face, let’s get down to business.” Sans muttered boredly.


Frisk nearly wept in happiness.  She still couldn’t move, but at least he wasn’t talking crazy stuff about “fate.”  At least he didn’t directly call her out on her lie about having a boyfriend.  At least he had stopped touching her.  

His smile became sly and sharper.


“Your area is pretty dangerous.  Lots of muggings and druggies hurtin' innocent people so they can buy their next needle-ful of goodness.  My bro and I really got our work cut out for us.”


Frisk tried to soothe the fear from her mind as she tried to focus on what she needed to say that would help her neighbors.  From the sounds of his words the protection fee wasn’t going to be lowered.


“It’ll be expensive to get rid of that unwanted element from your...lovely area and it’ll probably be dangerous.  Me and my bro will be essentially risking our lives keepin’ ya all safe.”


Yeah, people will take on look at the two of you and never come back.  Real dangerous , Frisk thought, but didn’t interrupt.


Sans must of saw something in her face that betrayed her thoughts because the smoke from his socket increased and he made a sound of annoyance.  


“So I was thinkin’, whatever Nick was having ya all pay...probably needs to be doubled.”


Frisk felt all the color drain from her face.  No!  They couldn’t afford that!  Not one person in that complex could barely afford to pay Nick’s fee as it was so how in the hell could they pay double?!


Sans laughed and Frisk felt a sort of infuriated anger erupt in her.  How could he laugh?!  How DARE he laugh!


“Oh my!  Looks like you don’t look too good doll-face.  What’s wrong?  That headache gettin’ worse?”


Frisk gritted her teeth and forced herself not to spew out all the insulting things she wanted to say to him.  She took a calming breath, trying to gather up her courage and keep her tears from falling before she spoke.  


“Sans...we can’t afford that.  My neighbors and I are really poor,” she said, trying to hold the shaking fury out of her voice.


He tilted his head.   “Yeah I overheard that conversation ya were having with my little bro.”


His sockets became black as he glared at her.  Frisk let out another whimper of fear as he leaned forwards and grabbed her chin, pulling her forward until their noses were practically touching.


“I heard ya tryin’ to break his heart with yer sob stories about them people being poor.”


Frisk’s blush increased along with her rage as his thumb brushed against her lips.  She wanted to bite him until his thumb broke off or her teeth cracked.  


“The only problem with ya plan was that ye were breakin’ the wrong man’s heart.”


He leaned closer to her until his hard cheekbone touched her cheek, much like what Papyrus did when he stopped her from falling.  She trembled as she felt his breath warm up her ear.


“I’m the one who calls the shot around here now, doll-face.  It’s me ya gotta convince to be nice.”


Frisk’s mind went blank as she felt his other hand begin to toy with the buttons on her sweater dress.  


“Don’t know how to do that?  Don’t worry little lady.  I have a few...ideas on what you can do.  How about tonight we meet up?  We can have a little friendly dinner, get to know each other and then maybe…” the skeleton chuckled as he undid the first button closest to her chest.  “We can talk business. People can call me a lot of things, but unreasonable ain’t one of them.”


Frisk felt a sudden rush of something explode in her chest and just like that, the pressure was instantly lifted from her.  She pushed herself away from the skeleton and before she could stop herself, her hand made contact with his face, rocking his head to the side.


She didn’t know who was hurt more because slapping hard bone was really painful.  Her hand was stinging as she watched Sans slowly rub the spot where she had slapped him.  His sockets were black.  Her eyes were stinging and blurry and smoldering hot.  She crossed her arms and tried to stand up as tall as she could as she bared her teeth him.  Anger pulsed in every vein in her body.  


“How dare you, you pig!  How dare you even think for one second I would do something so disgusting?  I AM NOT A WHORE!” She screamed.


A small bit of red light returned to Sans’ sockets.  “I didn’t say you were one, doll-”


“You’ll get yer money, pig!” she hissed, praying her tears wouldn’t fall until she was out of his sight.


With that she turned around and walked to the door, opening it and giving a small scream of fear when she saw Sans already standing outside, blocking her way.  His hands were in his pockets as he leaned casually into the door frame.  


“Okay, maybe I crossed another line with ya.  Let me try that again.  Let’s have dinner, we’ll get to know each other, then we’ll talk business and see where it goes from.  Does that sound more appropriate?” he chuckled.


Frisk wanted to slap him again.  


“No.  We’ll get your money.”


The skeleton shrugged his shoulders.  “Alright then, doll-face.  Yer choice, but I think it’s kind of unfair that yer gamblin’ with a lot of people’s lives, but that’s just my opinion.”


Frisk felt her heart stop at his words and his unspoken threat.  


“Tell yer people to have the money ready in two weeks.  If not…” Sans’ smile became sharper if that were possible.  Frisk backed away from him.


Two weeks?!  It took people in the complex a month to gather Nick’s fee.  Nobody could come up with that kind of money in two weeks.  Not even Frisk who was one of the wealthier people who lived there.


“If they can’t pay, well... we can’t guarantee their protection.  Be a shame really, seeing that there are so many young families that live there.”  


Frisk didn’t respond.


Sans looked at her and smiled.  “But seein' how me and you are friends, you won't have to worry about paying a dime. I'll protect ya for free.  And as for my offer,” he leaned down until their cheeks were touching again.  “It’s still on the table.  Like I said, I ain't unreasonable.”


He moved out her way.  She raced away and when she was sure she was far away from him she allowed her tears to fall.  

She had no idea what to do.