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Sooner or Later You're Gonna be Mine

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Sans opened his front door with an irritated huff.  His first actual interaction with Don Dee had left him extremely enraged.  Enraged and annoyed, slightly homicidal, and deeply craving his beloved mustard, but unfortunately due to that “minor” territorial dispute Wingdings was currently having with Grillby, the oldest skeleton brother had forbidden Sans and Papyrus from going to any of the fire monster’s establishments, namely Grillby’s ever popular nightclub/bar.  


For Papyrus that was no big deal.  The younger skeleton often referred to Grillby’s nightclub as that “grease hole with no class.”  But for Sans…


Sans licked his lipless mouth as he heard Papyrus rush down the stair. The store-bought mustard that was waiting for him in the fridge was nothing special compared to the mustard at Grillby’s .  And what made it worse was that the fire monster’s bar was only a few buildings down from the skeleton brothers’ home.  


Sans had just literally walked passed it four minute ago and the urge to down his favorite drink was nearly uncontrollable and after tonight he needed a drink.  A good drink.  


The drinks humans seemed fond of were disgusting to say the least.  They smelled horrible and when he took an experimentally sip of the “whiskey” he ordered while at the club he nearly gagged at the taste.  Not only did it taste like shit, but it left the skeleton dry heaving and coughing up the nasty brew.


Don Dee and his men had laughed at him.  The memory of their laughter nearly made Sans want to march to that old prick’s house and kill everybody there in the most horrific and violent manner he could think of.  Make it so bloody and so nightmare-inducing that no human would ever dare laugh at him again.  




Sans looked up at Papyrus.  Despite the fact Sans was older by a few years, Papyrus towered over him.  


Hell, the youngest Gaster seemed to tower over a lot of other monsters in the city of Fell and with his sharp teeth, claw-like hands, proud cracks on the right side of his skull, vicious stare and infamous temper, along with the well-known fact if pushed the wrong way, Papyrus could erupted into a full-blown violent confrontation, it was no wonder to Sans why many of the smaller gangs in the city would cross the street if Papyrus was walking towards them.


Granted Sans was also pretty well-known for his own temper, but he could control it with a bit more ease than Papyrus could, which was the main reason why Wingdings chose him over Papyrus on conducting business with the humans.  If Papyrus had been the one meeting with Don Dee tonight and heard everything Dee had to say about monsters, Papyrus would have killed every single person in that club without closing an eye socket.  


Including Sans’ little lady.


Needless to say, Sans was grateful to Wingdings for that decision.


Despite his foul mood, Sans looked up at his brother and couldn’t help but give Papyrus an amused smile.  Normally Papyrus spent hours fixing his suits to perfection before leaving the house, but right now his favorite red tie hung loosely around his neck and his black dress shirt was halfway unbuttoned and wrinkled.  


“Sup boss?”


Papyrus winced at the nickname, so naturally Sans always called him that.


To Papyrus “boss” was a nickname every low-level mobster in Fell City seemed to be given by their even lower-level criminal workers and Papyrus was not just any mobster.  He made it a point to show other monsters that if he felt the need too.  These days most monsters knew better, but those first few years when the Gaster brothers were still making a name for themselves...well one could say things got dusty.   


But Sans had to admit, those were some fun first few years too.  




Instead of answering him, Sans slammed the front door shut and walked around the tall skeleton heading for the kitchen.  Papyrus grunted angrily and loudly followed Sans into the kitchen, making sure Sans heard his footsteps.  




Sans put his fedora hat on the table, and earned a cry of displeasure from Papyrus as he threw his jacket on the kitchen floor carelessly.  




Sighing, the smaller skeleton opened the fridge and took the cheap bottle of mustard out.  In a blink of an eye, it was ripped out of his hands.  The small amount of amusement instantly left Sans as he glared at his brother, who held the yellow bottle just out of his reach, reminding Sans of a time when he had been the taller one and he was the one holding things over Papyrus’ head.   Oh how the times have changed.


The older skeleton’s temper flared as the pinpoint red lights in his eyes disappeared.


Papyrus didn’t look impressed or scared.  




Sans started to say something, but thought better of it.  Sans learned very early in life that arguments with his younger brother never stayed verbal.  They would become physical and Wingdings would always have to break it up.  And while physically fighting with Papyrus wasn’t a big deal as Sans could hold up his end fairly easily, the fact that it was late and Wingdings was most likely sleeping was a big deal.


Sans and Papyrus both learned at a very early age that they should never wake up Wingdings when he was sleeping and while Wingdings was used to Papyrus’ loud personality, a fight among his two younger brothers would most definitely wake him up.  


“Fine,” Sans said, feeling his anger leave him, but the irritation still remained as he saw a small smirk of victory from Papyrus.  He sat at the table.  “Sit down and I’ll tell you how it went.”


As soon as Papyrus sat down, the questions came flooding out at an excited pace.




Sans sighed again and looked at their kitchen clock.  It was late and he just realized how tired he really was.  


“Okay bro, for starters don’t get mad, but I didn’t ask for the area near the water-”


Papyrus slammed a fist down on the table making Sans jump.  The older skeleton looked worriedly up the stairs, hoping that he wouldn’t hear Wingding’s footsteps quickly coming down.  Papyrus must have realized what Sans was looking at because he lowered his voice when he spoke.  




Sans nodded.  Yeah Sans had to admit, it was a decent area,  with some very impressive businesses and more importantly, it was crawling with humans that could be...easily influenced, and with humans like that Wingdings’ plan would be put into motion much faster.


But that area didn’t have a little lady living there just begging to be played with.  Sans’ SOUL thumped wildly as he thought of how much fun he was gonna have with her before he turned his attention back to his angered brother.    


“Come on bro, don’t pout-”




Sans sighed again.  “Look, I know you had yer heart set on that area, but that place ain’t got no humans really livin’ there.  They just open their businesses for the day, work, close ‘em up by the end of the day and head home to other parts of the city.   Wingdings said we needed humans that live in the area we are gonna take over.” Sans paused and saw his brother was still a little bit displeased.


“Plus, there are one or two restaurants near the park.”


That seemed to ease Papyrus’ disappointment.  




Sans’ smile became a little darker as he thought of his little lady again.  His SOUL beat even harder as he imagined how fun her little chase was gonna be.  


“And we got to let them know we are not going anywhere either, bro.”


Papyrus nodded.




Sans toyed with his hat as he answered.


“Dee wants his weapons by the end of the week, but he said we are allowed to introduce ourselves as the new “landlords” tomorrow morning when the humans drop off their protection fees.”


Papyrus shot up from his chair, the red light in his left socket  glowing with excitement and panic.




Sans blinked in surprise.  Papyrus hardly ever cursed.  He said the language was beneath him.   




Sans watched Papyrus race back up the stairs.  The shorter chuckled as he got up and yawned loudly.  Papyrus would want to leave for the human city early tomorrow.   


That was just fine with Sans.  If Don Dee knew anything about how his thug ran that area where Frisk lived, his little lady would be the one who delivered her apartment’s protection fee.


Sans wouldn’t miss seeing that adorable look of fearful surprise on her face for the world.  


Frisk woke up with a painful migraine.  The day after a singing gig were always so terrible.  Frisk didn’t know exactly why she got these brutal headaches after a night of singing but they always occurred the next morning without fail.


Maybe the headaches were the results of her nights at the clubs when she had to inhale all that  cigar smoke.  Or maybe the headaches were caused by the loud music and applause from the crowds that always threatened to burst her eardrums.  Or maybe it was the fact Frisk physically forced herself to smile the entire time she was on stage.  Maybe it was all of those things combined.  


Frisk didn’t know why.  All she knew was that she had a bad headache right now and she was going to have to deal with it for the rest of the day.  And just to make things worse, it was the first of the month.  


It was the day when Don Dee’s thug would collect her apartment’s “protection fee.”  The only problem was Dee’s thug, Nick, didn’t want to collect money from each person in Frisk’s apartment himself.  There were over sixty different rooms in total and that was too much work for one guy to do in a single day.  So on the second month after Dee’s gang took over the area, Nick ordered the people of the apartment complex to choose one person to collect and deliver the money to him.  


Of course, it wasn’t just her apartment that had this arrangement.  The businesses like the small grocery store, the two little eateries and the local church were also required to pay and just like her apartment complex, Nick ordered all the owners and the high officials in the church to put somebody in charge of collecting the money and delivering it to him.  


Frisk sighed and got up from bed, wincing as her headache intensified, rubbing the sleepiness out of her eyes with her dry hands.  She didn’t have to look in the mirror to know she looked horrible.


After meeting that monster who called himself “Sans” last night,  Frisk couldn’t bring herself to undress and take a shower.  She had tried to.  Almost had her sweater dress over her head when the image of those bright red eyes suddenly and unexpectedly entered her mind and she found herself quickly pushing the dress back down and turning all the lights back on in her apartment.  


She hated to admit it, but the skeleton successfully terrified her so much that he had practically reduced her back to being ten years old again.  If her parents were still alive and living with her, Frisk probably would slept with them.  


Instead she settled on taking her blankets and pillows out of her room, lied down on the couch in the living room (that’s where her brightest lamp was) and fell into a fitful sleep jerking awake every time her unconscious mind allowed the image of those unblinking red sockets to enter her dreams.  


Yes, he said he was just joking about following her around for awhile, but Frisk wasn’t sure when he had been lying and when he had been telling the truth last night and Frisk had been around plenty of unpleasant and scary people to learn the tell-tale signs of when somebody was being deceitful.


But with Sans...well, it hard to read a guy’s facial expression when his eyes hardly ever blinked and his smile never went away and with no muscle or skin-


-As a man made of bones, I have a real thing for skin and yours is just beautiful-


Frisk flinched as his deep mocking voice and the memory of his rough and sharp fingers caressing her skin entered her mind once again before she angrily tried to push the whole incident out of her head with some success.  


It doesn’t matter anyway.  Even if he was telling the truth about spending some time here in the city, what are the odds he’s gonna be anywhere near me? Frisk thought, heading to the bathroom to finally get ready for her day.  


She took a quick shower, put on a yellow sweater dress  and pulled her hair into a small bun, giving herself a quick look in the mirror before going to every tenant in the complex to take their hard-earn money away from them just so she could put it in the hands of an old man who didn’t even need the money.


Frisk knew that the money Don Dee received from her apartment complex and what he received from those little businesses were more or less pocket change to him.  But if somebody didn’t pay it...


The first month Nick collected Dee’s money from everybody was horrible.  Three people couldn't pay the fee.  Three new apartments opened up.  


Everybody paid every cent after that.   Frisk made sure of that.


Frisk took out an envelope and stuffed her own protection fee money in and with a sigh and a heavy deep seeded hatred for Nick, Don Dee, Sans and herself, she started collecting from her lovely and poor neighbors.


The people on her floor were all waiting for her anxiously and after a quick and friendly greeting from each one, they gave her their money with sad smiles plastered their faces.  Frisk was at least glad they understood she hated doing this.


Everybody else in the apartment complex had been too scared to go to Nick’s place of business after he killed those three people.  It was no wonder why everybody quickly agreed that Frisk could do the task after she had eagerly volunteered herself


Frisk went to the next floor.  Everybody had the money except for a young woman with three little children.  Pretty and chubby Miss Tin looked panicked and was on the verge of becoming hysterical as she explained to Frisk that one of her kids got sick and she had to spend the money taking him to the hospital.  


Frisk had nodded, believing her and made a mental note to herself that somebody couldn’t pay.  She went to the next floor.  Everybody paid except two people.  The first man was a fat construction worker who only got work every so often.  Nicest guy in the world.  Frisk chewed her lip when he had broken down into tears and begged Frisk to talk to Nick about letting him have a couple more days to pay.  


Frisk nodded her head, but didn’t have the heart to tell him that he’d probably be dead by the end of the day if she did tell Nick that.  The next person on that floor who couldn’t pay was a disabled woman.  Frisk made the same promise to her about talking to Nick.


Okay , Frisk thought sadly, her heart thumping miserably.   Three people aren’t paying.  And on and on it went, for nearly two hours of Frisk knocking on doors.  People either gave her money and she’d carelessly stuff it in envelope or they’d give her excuses and when her task was done, she tallied up everybody.


Seven people couldn’t pay and two could only afford to give her half of what the fee was.


She looked at her watch and frowned worriedly.  She was already an hour late and Nick tended to get angry when people were late.  He saw it as a sign of disrespect.  That’s the reason why the owner of the grocery store had only one hand now.  You’re more than two hours late, you're probably gonna lose something that’s attached to your body.


….Frisk really hated these people.  She really needed to leave this town.  


But she was at the hour mark and she needed to hurry!  She rushed down the sixth floor until she reached the first floor and quickly entered her apartment, heading for her room, briefly scolding herself for allowing it to get so messy.  


Clean and dirty clothes were all over the place, empty bottles of soda (God she loved soda) littered the floor and she had yet to put her blankets and pillows back on the bed.  


I’ll clean it up when I get back , she thought to herself and smirked knowing she was lying.  She wasn’t going to do anything when she got back except head to the library.  The silence always helped soothe her headaches.


She got down on her knees and reached under her bed.  Her tongue stuck out the side of her mouth as she blindly searched for her old music box and grinned when her hand brushed against the worn out wood the box was made out of.


She grabbed it.  The music box was shaped like a big heart and even though it had lost the shiny glossy surface coating years ago, the bright and pretty red paint hadn’t even chipped at all.  Frisk smiled fondly at the box rubbing her thumbs against the smooth wood gently as the memory of receiving it as a gift from her parents faintly played in the back of her mind.


She opened it and silence greeted her.  The music had stopped playing long ago, but that really didn’t bother Frisk.  The tiny melody was engraved her mind and whenever she opened her cherished heart-shaped box, the soft and haunting melody would automatically start playing in her head.


She pulled the thick wad of cash from the music box and started counting it.  She had saved a lot from all her music gigs.  Almost enough to leave, and she wanted to leave the city so badly.  She had promised her parents she would leave, but...things kept happening. She loved the people in her apartment complex too.  All of them good, hardworking people who refused to give into a life of crime.


Honest and kind people are so hard to find in this world , Frisk thought, feeling a bit of warmth enter her chest as she counted what was needed to make up the total sum of what Nick expected her to bring to him.


And rare people like that need to be saved.   Frisk had promised herself and her parents that she’d leave the city.  But she also promised herself she’d help as many good people as she could.  And boy, did these people need help.  


And until Don Dee fall from power, Frisk was stuck in this place and Don Dee was gonna get every cent he wanted.    Frisk was gonna make sure of that.


She ignored how thin her wad of money was now and quickly shoved it back into her music box and pushed the box under her bed once more.  


Standing up Frisk looked around her messy room.  It really was a bad mess to clean up.  Probably take her damn near the whole day.


Yep, totally not cleaning this up, Frisk thought as a small smile tugged on her lips.  I’ll do it tomorrow….probably not.


And with that Frisk ran out of her complex and towards the park waving at the many people who were staring down at her from their windows.  Some of the kids who were looking down at her waved back with oblivious and happy smiles on their faces.   The children’s parent were not so...happy.  Their waves were more disheartening.  


Frisk felt a shiver run down her spine when she saw the nice but slightly uptight Christian man cross himself when her eyes made contact with his.  Don’t get it wrong, Frisk knew he was praying for her safe return but any reminder that she could very well die during one of these deadly money transfers was really not comforting to her.  But-


If you think it’s gonna help me, pray away you insane God-lovin’ man , Frisk thought as she waved up at him enthusiastically.


And all the people who couldn’t pay were at their windows as well staring down at her like they were waiting on death row.  And Frisk knew they weren’t wrong.  But death wasn’t going to be visiting them today.  


You’re all gonna be safe today , Frisk thought as she gave them a wave as well.  None of them waved back and Frisk knew that they wouldn’t leave their windows until she came back from her meeting with good or bad news regarding how much life they had left.  And the sad thing about it was...none of them could afford to run.  Where would they go?  And with what money?  They could hide, but people who hid were always found.  


Frisk looked her watch and let out a small groan of fear.  She was almost “late-late” as in she was almost late enough to lose a finger.  And so she started running.  She passed the three business owners who had gathered outside their small shops and were quietly talking in hushed whispers among themselves.


The lady who owned the small burger-stand called out to her.  Frisk ignored her, but couldn’t help but notice the terror that was on the lady’s face.  She was the one who collected the money from the three businesses and the church and delivered it to Nick so whatever spooked her must have happened when she was in her meeting with the prick.


Frisk would talk to her later about it, but right now her biggest concern was making it to the park where Nick’s “place of business” was located at.


Frisk entered the small park, now a bit more panicked as she stared at her watch again.  She was losing time and while the park was small, Nick’s meeting place was a bit away from the main entrance.


She now full on ran to the park’s storage shed praying she made it before she hit the two hour mark.  


As she ran, Frisk remembered doing this activity years ago when she was a child and the park was still a beautiful place and her friends who were once alive chased after her.  They were all laughing and the park was a lot more bigger with fuller trees and a wooded area with a dirt trail for people to walk through and there were a lot of pretty and colorful flowers that were carefully planted by the park’s workers.


But then the gangs and big corrupted businesses started growing.  The trees were chopped down, the soil got tainted and the grass were now an ugly brown color from the endless pollutions and the flowers had wilted and died many years ago.


It wasn’t even a park for kids to play in anymore.  While the the playground equipment was still here, most of the pieces were so old and so broken that if kids  did play on them they’d probably need tetanus shots afterwards.  Not that any parent in their right minds would allow their kids to enter this place.  Most times the park was used for junkies to shoot up in.  


All those empty needles-


Frisk wrinkled her nose in disgust as she step over a dirty needle that had a bit of blood on the tip of it and continued running.  She was starting to feel a bit breathless, but nearly wept in relief as she saw the park’s storage shed come into view.


Once the big storage shed was used to house gardening tools and plant seeds.  Now it had been converted into a bigger building where Nick sold drugs, bought weapons and collect money.  Oh how the times have changed.


Frisk gasped, breathing heavily as she made it to the door, leaning against it trying to catch her breath, once again looking at her watch.  She gave a half-crazed wheezing laugh.  She made it with five minutes to spare.


Screw you Nick , Frisk thought triumphantly as she straightened up and fixed her dress that became a little unkempt  during her sprint.   I beat you asshole!  I beat you!  You’re not hurting anybody this time!  You’re not gonna hurt-


“Hey bitch, quit leanin’ on my door and get your ass in here!”


Frisk’s smug smile left her face as Nick’s words.  No...why was he mad?  Frisk made it!  And plus this was the first time she was almost late!  He shouldn’t be mad-


“Jesus what a fuckin’ scatterbrain whore...see, I told ya choosin’ this area was a bad choice.  All the people livin’ here they feel so damn entitled.  No respect.”


Frisk frowned.  Who was he talking to?  Quickly she opened the door and her heart stopped.


Sitting at the desk was Nick.  An older man who always wore cheap ugly gray suits and kept his gun sitting on the surface of the desk just to prove a point. He looked completely enraged and normally this meant that somebody was going to get hurt.  And Frisk knew who that person was this time, but her fear wasn’t for him.


Her fear was directed at the two males standing on either side of him.


Standing on Nick’s left side a tall skeleton.  If Frisk had a twin and stood on their shoulders, she still wouldn’t be able to reach his height.  He must have been over 11 feet tall, with his black fedora hat scraping the ceiling.  


His suit was extremely elegant, completely black.  The only splashes of color he had was an expensive red tie that was lined up perfectly with the buttons on his dress shirt and his red dress shoes.  Frisk stared at his shoes a little too long.  She never saw a man wear a pair of red shoes before, but to her surprise the giant monster seemed to pull it off.  


His teeth were sharp, set in a stern line as he looked her up and down, the red light in his left socket looking at her in a curious manner.  The cracks on the side of his face reminded Frisk of those mobsters she had met at her gigs.  Those men were scarred up pretty bad from fights.  Did this skeleton received his marks from fighting?  


And then standing by Nick’s right side was Sans the skeleton, dressed in a fresh and crisp looking red and black suit, similar to the one he was wearing last night.  And Frisk would have been terrified of seeing him again and would have ran out the door if that he had been staring at her with that intense red look of his.  But he wasn’t and that’s why Frisk remained where she stood.


Sans was staring at Nick with that empty socket look.  And Nick didn’t even notice.  Frisk gulped and started to shake.


Nick looked at her terrified expression, shot a glance to the taller skeleton and smirked clearly misunderstanding her fears.


“Get used to them whore, they’re yer new landlords and you’ve been keepin’ us waitin’ for nearly two hours, now git your ass over here-”




Frisk froze in her tracks as the taller skeleton spoke.  Unlike Sans, his voice was higher-pitched and was completely devoid of all humor and lightness.  He sounded angry.  Just angry and threatening and-and-and-and was Frisk really hearing what she think she was hearing?


She looked back at Sans who had finally turned his attention to her.  His red eyes glowed as he looked her up and down, his wide smile becoming a bit more sly as he winked at her.  No...HE was in charge?  Wait...what?!  Frisk felt her heart begin beating more frantically.


But seriously little lady, me and my bros will be spendin’ some time in your city and I’m sure we’ll be seein' more of each other.


She felt a phantom pain erupt on the spot of her head where Sans had gripped her hair and slammed her head into the wall of the ladies’ bathroom last night.


No...why would Don Dee…?  And suddenly she felt a type of icy cold fear enter her.  Sans...the monster who attacked her last night was going to be in charge of her area?  


“I...apologize Papyrus,” Nick said, grimacing at the words.  Frisk knew Nick was a big racist, but if Don Dee gave these two control over an area, they were now bosses and bosses were always treated with respect. And that was the only thing Frisk saw as amusing through her terrified mind.  Seeing Nick eat shit.  


“But with some of these people, that’s the only way you can talk to them.  You’ll learn soon enough how bad these people are.”


“Papyrus” huffed and once again Frisk slowly made her way towards the group of men.  She plainly ignored Sans, feeling his stare on her as she held the money out for Nick to take.

Nick leaned back in his chair, smirking at her.  Frisk waited.


“So what’s the excuse for being two hours late, whore?”


Frisk shook the insult off easily, but couldn’t shake off his threatening tone.  She knew she was going to be hurt today and if she brought up the fact she did make his deadline with five minutes left, he’d probably kill her.  Nobody talked back to Nick either.  Frisk and the others learned that lesson on that first terrible month along with never be late and always pay every cent you owe Don Dee.


Frisk gulped, wondering what hand he was gonna chop off before she tried to come up with an excuse.


“I...I...I’m so sorry Mr. Nick, I had a gig last night and-”


With one quick motion, Nick grabbed Frisk’s wrist roughly and slammed her upper body on the desk.  Frisk let out a whimper of pain as Nick’s hand tightened on her wrist, almost on the verge of breaking it.


“Oversleeping ain’t a good reason you lazy slut-”


All the words died in his throat as Frisk watched a fleshless golden-ring ladened hand grabbed the hand that was holding Frisk’s wrist.  Frisk looked up to see Sans’ empty eye sockets glaring at Nick.  And to her surprise Nick looked terrified.


“Let  her  go.”


And to Frisk’s great surprise Nick instantly let go.  Sans’ black sockets continued to stare down at Nick and Frisk took the opportunity to push herself off the desk.  


“Our area, our people.  We are the only ones who get these people the error of their ways as of now,” Sans said slowly.


Frisk blinked, wondering if she should just bolt for the door when she heard Papyrus laugh.




And a flutter of hope bloomed in Frisk’s chest as she stared up at the taller skeleton who was leaning down to talk to Nick with a smug smile on his face.  Maybe Sans was a brute, but perhaps this Papyrus guy might be a lot kinder.  Might be a bit more merciful and gentle to the people in her area.


A girl could hope couldn’t she?




And just like that the hope in her chest died just as quickly as it came.  


Brutes , Frisk thought as she tried not to glare at all three men.  


Sans looked at Frisk once more and winked at her before he turned his attention back to Nick who was shaking uncontrollably.  Once again Frisk couldn’t help but feel a small amount of glee for the man who killed three poor people and hack a man’s hand off.


“Whelp, buddy, I think we don’t need you anymore.”


Nick quickly nodded.  I’ll be on my way then.”


Sans looked at Frisk again.


“Bro, keep her here until I get back.”


Frisk felt her heart stop at the hungry look he gave her.  Sans turned back to Nick, placing an arm on the man’s shoulder.  Nick flinched as Sans’ smile got wider.


“Here bucko I’ll give you a lift.”


Frisk watched in amazement as Sans and Nick disappeared into a puff of red smoke, leaving her alone with the taller skeleton.


So that’s how he got in front of me last night when I was trying to leave, Frisk thought turning to face Papyrus who had seated himself in Nick’s old chair.


The sight of it got Frisk nervous and stamped out any lingering doubts about who was gonna be running things now.


Papyrus gave her a smile that did not comfort her in the least.




Nick started coughing, hacking up the red smoke that entered his lungs as he looked around the area the skeleton magically took him to.  He sighed in relief.


He was in the back alleyway behind Don Dee’s favorite bar when the old man wasn’t conducting business.  The freak with the golden tooth was leaning against the wall, lighting one of his fucked up cigars that made red smoke.


Nick knew  the monster weapons would help Don Dee extend his control to other cities, but he couldn’t help but feel disgusted by the fact they’d be shaking hands with these...creatures.  But Don Dee said to treat them with least to their faces.  Don Dee also said they’d deal with the monsters later when the time was right.  


Nick smiled, dreaming of all the terrible things he would do to this freak for even daring to touch him.  


The monster took a deep drag of his cigar.


“So I hear that Don Dee just got done dealin’ with some gang that was giving him a lot of trouble.  What were they called?  The “Never-Dies” hehehe...cute name,” the skeleton said causally.


Nick nodded, forcing himself to engage in the conversation.  “Yeah.  Those freaks would crave a “N” on their victims’ foreheads.  Some cult shit right there if you ask me.”


“Don Dee settled everything wit’ them though?”


Once again Nick nodded.  “Yeah.  Nasty feud, but a compromise was reached.  Now everybody’s gettin’ along. Hasn’t been a gang war between us in weeks.”


The freak nodded and stepped away from the wall, chucking his half-smoked cigar to the ground.  He faced Nick.  He waved his arm and a small puff of red smoke appeared and took the shape of a small bone with a sharp edge.  The freak twirled it between his fingers playfully.


“That’s good to hear.”


And Nick didn’t even feel the deep gash in his throat until he felt his warm blood pouring unto his gray suit.  He looked at the skeleton bewilderingly.


The monster chuckled deeply, waving the now bloodied bone in front of Nick’s face tauntingly.  Nick grabbed his throat, trying to stop the blood from pouring out and opened his mouth to cry for help.  Only wet gurgling sounds came out.


He felt himself get weaker as he fell to his knees.  His vision was blurry as he stared up at the skeleton in a horrified daze.  The skeleton’s eyes were pitch black again and his smile was sharper.  


“That’s what you get for messing with another man’s woman you prick.”


And everything went black.


Sans pushed the human’s body down with one foot and bent over the dead body, taking great pains to ensure that no blood got on his suit.


He didn’t want to upset his little lady when he got back.


Still chuckling, he took his bone knife and carefully carved a “N” in the asshole’s forehead.


The first phase of Wingding’s plans was working perfectly.  Now all they had to do was play the waiting game for a little while until they could move unto the next step.  Until then, Sans knew exactly how he was gonna spend his time.


Sans smirked and spat on the dead man’s body before he disappeared once again in a cloud of red smoke.  

He couldn’t keep his little lady waiting.