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Sooner or Later You're Gonna be Mine

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Frisk heard the band’s first song end through the bathroom door and the applause that followed was deafening compared to the audience’s reaction when she sang for them.  She really couldn’t say she was jealous though.   She heard the men in the band were breathtakingly talented and their handsome looks didn’t hurt either with the female fans.  Plus when it all came down to it, Frisk knew they deserved more love than she did when it came to applause.  They clearly still had passion for their musical gift.  Frisk despised her ability to sing, so it was only right that the people who loved what they did should reap the rewards.  


As the audience quieted down, waiting impatiently for the jazz band’s next song to begin, it would have been at this very moment that Frisk could have screamed for help and the chances of somebody hearing her would have been good.


However, the wind and screams were knocked out of her as the huge skeleton slammed her against the wall.  But the brief pain and shortness of breath weren’t the only things that she felt.


Beyond the skeleton monster’s strong and merciless grip pinning her to the wall, Frisk felt something else on her body as well.  Something heavy and unpleasant that had centered itself on her chest, like some kind of an invisible weight.  For a moment Frisk thought he had terrified her so badly that she was having a heart attack.  


But just as quickly as that thought entered her mind, she dismissed it.  Yes her heart was beating a mile a second and yes the fear was clouding her thoughts, but aren’t heart attacks supposed to be painful?  Whatever was happening to her chest was uncomfortable, but it wasn’t painful.  It was unusual, but didn’t feel life-threatening.  The skeleton on the other hand felt quite life-threatening.  


She looked up at his face and gasped in shock.  His eye sockets were still pitch black, but there was a faint red smoke coming from his left socket.  It reminded her of the red smoke his cigars produced that curled into designs that almost looked like skullish patterns before they evaporated.  But that could have been just her imagination, mixed with the bad lighting of the nightclub.  


She gulped and tried to match his glare as best she could.  Like her dad said, if you show your fear, they’ll eat you alive in this city.  Of course this monster probably knew she was terrified, but she wasn’t going to give him anymore of her fear than she already had.  


So she capped a lid on it, tried to control her shaking and gave him her best “you better back the hell off me” look.  She knew it failed though.  You can’t really intimidate somebody who can look angry and keep a wide sharp-toothed smile on their face at the same time.  It made her wonder if he could even frown at all.  


He released her shoulders and Frisk tried to run, tried to move, tried to push him away, tried to do anything, but her body wouldn’t let her.  It was like she was frozen on the spot.  And that heavy invisible pressure on her chest seemed to increase in weight.  


Frisk suppressed a whine of fear as he slammed both his hands on either side of her head leaving dents in the metal wall, and bent down to her level so they were eye level with each other.  


“Ya don’t like what ya see?”  He repeated slowly and carefully.  “Well ain’t you an insultin’ and rude little thing.”


The amusement that was in his voice seconds ago disappeared.  At first Frisk really couldn’t believe he actually said that.  Was he really insulted she wasn’t all-out thrilled to be approached in a women’s bathroom by a male she never met?  Did he seriously just call her “rude”?  Was he kidding?  One look at his face and that crazy red smoke now pouring as thick as fog from his socket was enough to reassure her that he was most definitely serious.  


And when she realized that he truly was insulted, her fear disappeared despite the part of her mind that was begging her to apologize to this massive and clearly powerful individual.  


Come on Frisky.  It’s okay.   Just tell him what he wants to hear, that part of her urged and if this “gentleman” hadn’t used the word “insulting” to describe her, Frisk might have actually done it.  She would have hated herself for it to be sure, but there’s a time to be mouthy and there’s a time to be smart, and now was certainly one of those times to be smart, but...he did use the word “insulting”...


Oh this creep is insulted is he?  The other part of her mind growled and Frisk actually had to fight with herself to keep in the ironic laugh that was threatening to come out of her.  She gave him another once over and tried not to curl her lip up in disgust.  


Rich clothes, golden jewelry, sitting and shooting the breeze with big-time criminals and then has the nerve to come into a women’s restroom and assault her?  Oh but she was the rude one and he was the one who was insulted?!


I bet I know why he’s insulted , Frisk thought, her glare becoming stronger as she looked at him more determinedly.   He’s probably just like the rich mobsters around here.  He thinks cause he's rich and powerful, he can do what he wants and get anything with a snap of his fingers.  Bet he’s never had a woman reject him before.  Bet his wealth and his influence has women falling all over themselves to be with him.


Frisk knew a lot of beautiful and gorgeous women who used their looks and charms to attract high-class criminals.  It was one way to survive in this world, and while Frisk didn’t judge, she swore she would never become one of those women that tolerated a murderer for the good life.  


And this...bastard was going to get a reality check if he thought a few words and showing off his gold and expensive suit was going to have her rushing into his arms.  


Frisk opened her mouth to deliver all of her thoughts to him.  Forget being smart, she was going for self-respect.  Would he make her regret?  Oh yes.  Was she worried that he might kill her?  There was a tiny part of her that was.  The other part of her was still raging over his little description of her.   In a way it was kind of funny.  She honesty thought she had trained herself over who she could snap at and who she had to endure.


Guess not.  She was going to pay a high price for self-respect tonight.


“Get off-”


He started tapping his fleshless fingertips against the wall and Frisk’s words got lost in her throat.  That soft tip-tap sound echoed in the silent bathroom.  Frisk forced herself not to swallow nervously and had to tell herself not to look away.  Much to her self-disgust, some of her courage disappeared, but she continued to glare at him.  


“Ya know kiddo, when I first saw us starin’ at each other, I honestly thought we had some kind of unspoken attraction...heh...I know that was the case with me.”


Frisk tried not to flinch as he ran a cold and bony finger gently down her soapy face, his sharp claw-like nail leaving a strange tingling sensation on her skin.  She wanted to tell him not to touch her.  Wanted to shove him away, but the words were once again lost and the unseen weight that was gripping her chest now felt like an anchor.  


“As a man made of bones, I have a real thing for skin and yours is just beautiful.  Soft, smooth, practically flawless,” he nearly purred, adding a second digit to her face.


Frisk heard the jazz band start up again.  Their next song was happy and energetic.  The drums beat crazily, the trumpet blared and the saxophone sang out beautifully.  There was no doubt in Frisk’s mind that a lot of couples were getting up to dance.  


Such an inappropriate song to be raped and killed to, Frisk thought numbly as she began to tremble.  The bravery she felt a moment ago disappeared completely as his gentle touches on her face continued.


She knew why her courage vanished as suddenly as it came.  She had expected him to beat her violently.  Expected him to call her every horrible name in the book. Throw her around a bit before he tore off her clothes, do what he was going to do and leave her body for some poor unexpecting woman to find.  And Frisk would have accepted that fate.  She wouldn’t have been okay with it, but she would have accepted it because she would have fought him every step of the way.  She wouldn't have just let him do it to her without a fight.


But he wasn’t doing any of that.  And now she truly was scared because she had no idea what he was going to do.  His rough voice was soft, he was complimenting her and he hadn’t raised a finger to attack her.  


“And yer hair.  It’s so shiny and soft lookin’ like silk.”


Frisk let out a moan of fear when he took his hand and ran his fingers through her hair.  He chuckled ruthlessly as he wrapped wrapped a lock of her hair around his digit.


“Yep, just like I thought.  Feels like silk too.  Guess that’s why I was lookin’ at you.  Can’t help admirin’ pretty things.”


His hard hand gently rested in her hair for a second.  Frisk gulped, but the skeleton didn’t seem to notice.  In fact, he seemed to be basking in how soft her hair was.  Frisk on the other hand was having the opposite sensation.  His touch was sending disgusting vibes throughout her body.  She wanted him off her!  


She could literally smell the cigar smoke and blood coming off him, and the closer he got the itchier her nose got.  It reminded her of the small particles that would get into her nose whenever she dusted her home for the week.  


“So that’s my reason for lookin’ tell me dollface-” Frisk let out a small cry of pain as the skeleton tightened his grip on her hair and in one easy move slammed her head against the wall.


Her vision blurred for just a second and when it cleared, she saw that the skeleton had moved closer to her until her nose and his nasal hole were nearly touching.


“-why were you starin’ at me if you weren’t interested in me?”


Frisk started to open her mouth, unsure what to say.  Unsure if the next words out of her mouth would be begging or insulting, sweet or hateful, but the skeleton slammed her head up against the wall once again before she could figure it herself.  


She tried to push away from him.  Tried to move her body, but that strange invisible weight kept her arms from swinging and her legs from running.  If she weren’t so terrified she would have wondered what exactly was going on with her body.  But now wasn’t the time.


“Ya don’t have to say, I already know.”


Keeping her head in place with one of his massive hands, he gestured towards himself with his free hand.  


“You humans ain’t exactly an acceptin’ species.  Barely can tolerant each other as it is.  Course you wouldn’t find somebody like me appealin’ to the eye.  I’m nothin’ more than a freak to you ain’t I?  A sideshow attraction for you lovely eyes to sneer at. ”


And with that one accusation, the invisible weight from Frisk’s chest disappeared.  And there was a small part of her that realized that the skeleton must have been responsible for that unseen pressure on her because when she smacked his hand away from her hair, he made a small sound of surprise like he wasn’t expecting her to move.  


She didn’t wondered how he could do that to her body.  She wasn’t worried about how strong he was or how big he was or how he just slammed her head against the wall twice or his unwanted soft touches.  All of them were unpleasant and nightmare-inducing experiences, but they were nothing compared to that accusation.


The red lights in his eyes reappeared as the smoke stopped pouring from his socket as she took a step towards him until their noses were touching.  She felt a small amount of glee enter her as his eye sockets seem to widened with shock.


Bet he never had anybody confront him either, Frisk thought as she bared her white teeth at him.  


“Don’t you ever accuse me of being racist again,” she hissed and to her surprise, he actually tried to back away from her.  Without thinking about her safety she grabbed the collar of his shirt to keep him from moving away from her.  He did stop, and Frisk knew it was from pure shock as opposed to her own strength that kept him in place, but that didn’t stop her next flow of words from coming out.  


“You can call me a lot of things and I’ll accept them with a smile on my face, but don’t ever call me racist, ya bastard,” she paused her speech, wondering if she should continue or take this chance while he was stunned and gun it for the door.  


But that damn determine part of her that took great pride in knowing she truly did not base a person's character on their looks like so many other people in her city did, was demanding that she defend herself.  Demanding that she uphold the beliefs her parents taught her.  Demanding that she honor them.  So she stayed, letting go of his collar and growled once more at him.


He pulled back, giving her some space and put his hands back into his pockets.  His eyes sockets were narrowed and his red pinpoint lights were flashing wildly...warningly.  She didn’t care and countered his stance by crossing her arms.  


“And the only reason why I was looking at you in the first place was because you were sitting with the Don-”


“Got a thing for the old man then?”  He said, his voice was still angry, but now completely mocking and sarcastic.


Frisk felt a blush come over her.  The thought of being on the arm of that old murderer sent a slimy image in her mind.  


“I don’t have a thing for criminals or mobsters or criminal mobster monsters who think they can stroll into a ladies bathroom just cause they see something they like!”


With that final statement, Frisk walked around the huge monster, ignoring the way he put his head down as she passed him.  She also ignored the way his shoulders began to shake.  She didn’t stop her brisk walk to the door even when he started to make strange and deep guttural sounds.  She was just about five feet from the door when she heard his loud and bone-chilling laughter break the silence of the bathroom and echoed off the walls.  


The sound was so loud and so unexpected that Frisk nearly jumped out of her skin.  She turned around quickly to make sure he wasn’t going to pounce on her, and it was then that she got the shock of her life…


...He was gone…just vanished...but how…he didn’t...she didn’t hear him move...What...?


She blinked, making sure her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her.  Did he walk into one of the stalls?  She wasn’t going to find out.  Now was a great time to leave!


She spun around to leave the bathroom and stopped in her tracks, letting out a small scream of shock when the huge red and black clothed skeleton who was just behind her laughing, was now right in front of her.  His laughter had died down, but he was still chuckling.


Frisk stupidly stared at him, her mouth wide open.  “How…”


Still chuckling the skeleton reached over and pinched her cheek playfully.


“Doll-face, you are just too cute y’know that?  Getting all uppity and upset over a small business meetin’.”


Recovering from her shock, Frisk growled at him once again and slapped his hand away from her face.  She didn’t know much about monsters, but apparently they could do some really insane stuff.  Appearing and reappearing out of nowhere.  Using invisible pressures to pin people down.  Something she really didn’t want to be a part of.  Especially when these odd abilities were being used against her.  


“Let me pass.”


The skeleton held his hands up in the air in a mock surrender fashion as his sharp-tooth grin softened.  Frisk felt a small bit of dread rise in her when he wouldn’t move.  


“Now now doll-face.  We started up on the wrong foot.  Let’s try again.”  


Frisk took a small step back as he held out his large bony hand to her.  His face was now relaxed and his body began to slouch a little bit.  


“How’s it going little lady?  The name’s Sans.  Sans the skeleton.”



Despite the carefree, lazy and harmless persona Sans was trying to portray to his little lady, the little doll didn’t make an attempt to take his hand.  In fact, she not only backed away from him cautiously, but her pretty little face twisted into a look that Sans could only describe as disgust, displeasure, fear and resentment.  So cute...


He tried not to laugh again when he saw her peek around him towards the door, making it painfully obvious she wanted to leave without talking to him for another second, but unfortunately for his little lady, Sans was running this show and she was gonna leave when he said everything he was gonna say.  


He kept his hand out just in case she did take it, but otherwise he couldn’t help himself.  His eyes wandered up and down her sweet, delicate little body and once again he felt his SOUL thump hungrily against his rib cage.  Seeing her on stage all dolled up wearing that slutty dress was a treat.   But he hated the fact that everybody else was getting that same view.  Took everything in him not to kill all the men and women he saw gaping up at her.  Took everything in him not to kill the old man sitting right next to him.  But he controlled himself.  There would be a time for all that later, but not right now…


In his defense he had been planning on waiting to introduce himself to her in a more...dignified manner, but when she blew that kiss at Don Dee, every bit of patience and rationality left him.  He knew it was just part of the show, but...well, Papyrus always told him he had a problem with his anger and jealously and he supposed his younger brother was right.  


He would have regretted his decision but seeing her in that adorable, oversized sweater dress got his SOUL pumping harder than he could have imagined.  Here she was, the real deal, without all that cheap makeup and revealing dress and he was the only one who got to see it.  


Seeing her like made all the extra effort he would have to spend in the future making it up to her for scaring her and slamming her up against the wall well worth it.  


Not that he really felt too badly about doing that.  After all, he gave her a compliment and she responded by insulting him.  The little lady needed to be knocked down a few pegs for being disrespectful.  But he’d make it up to her all the same.    


He gave her a few more seconds before he stuffed both hands in his pockets and rocked slowly almost leisurely on his heels.  Her narrowed and pretty eyes were now focused solely on him.  He loved it.  He loved how those hot angry and fearful eyes were on him and only on him.  He loved it almost as much as when he felt her SOUL fight against his magic.  Feeling her soul fighting him was amazing...incredible, he was almost tempted to do it again.  Maybe later, if she acted up again.  


“You gotta learn to be nice, little lady.  It makes life a lot easier, but it’s late and you’re probably tired so I’ll excuse this first unpleasant encounter like it never happened.”


He tried not to laugh again as her angry face consorted to enraged disbelief.  God, she was so cute, but he had to give her credit:  she kept that anger in.  She didn’t explode on him a third time, so she must have known how to treat high-class men like himself.  She just had a tendency to forget when she got angry.  Not a safe character trait, but if she did have another slip up, he would let it slide...for tonight.  


He gave her one more once over before he moved to the side allowing her to get through.


She looked relieved and cautiously walked past him keeping those pretty eyes on him the entire time.  He winked at her.


“We’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other later, Frisk.”


At the mention of her name, his little lady froze, her small and pretty doll-like hand on the door, ready to push it open, but not doing it just yet.  He gleefully watched as the anger on her face dissolved into fearful confusion.  Did this girl have the ability to not look cute?


He watched her swallow nervously, and once again his SOUL thumped hungrily, but he controlled himself again.  Patience was a virtue after all.  


“How’ do you know my name?” she asked, trying to sound tough, but he heard the quick unsettling stammer in her sentence.


Sans felt his smile widened at her sweet little question.


“Ya see doll-face, my brothers and me are monsters who run a special kind of business in our city, and we want to extend our business to the good humans of your city.  So before I met with Don Dee, I cased yer city to figure out what area was in...need of our special services.  As you can see, I may be a bigger fellow but I can appear and reappear without a single person ever knowing I was here,” he paused and watched her face closely.


To his delight her fearful confusion was starting to change to disgusted anger again.  Oh, was she going to be a challenge, but only the most difficult obstacles had the greatest prizes.


“So one of the things I did was go to your bars and eavesdrop on conversations.  Y’know get a feel for how things were run in this city.  You sing in a lot of these trashy bars,” Sans could feel his anger spike once again at the thought of those people ogling her, but he shoved that unwanted jealousy away.  He wouldn’t have to worry about that for long though.  


“I saw you.  I want you and so I learned all that I could about you.  Followed you around for a bit.  I even know you ain’t racist.  Just wanted to see how you’d react.” he laughed when he saw her visibly shudder.  “And that’s how I learned your name.  You should really feel honored doll-face.  I’m usually a lazy gent, but you sparked somethin' in me.”


He let his words sink in.  Her face paled and she let out a low whimper of fear.  Her shaking was uncontrollable now.  He tilted his head admiring what he did to her before he snorted out laughter.


“Nah...I’m just pulling your leg, pretty lady.  Before you got on stage they announced your name to the audience, remember?”


Sans laughed as his little lady bared her teeth at him again, her face now a bright red and pushed the door open.  That annoying music blared into his ears, but before she could step out, he quickly grabbed her arm, taking great care not to bruise it and pulled her to him.  The door snapped shut again.


He rested one hand on the small of her back to keep her from pulling away from him.  He used his other hand to touch her pretty face once again.


“But seriously little lady, me and my bros will be spendin’ some time in your city and I’m sure we’ll be seein' more of each other.  Let’s say you and me go out and have dinner.  You won’t have a bad time.” He made sure she knew he wasn’t asking.


He let her pull away with an enraged scoff.


“Mark my words creep,” she hissed not turning around to face him again.  He admired her backside.  “You and me are never gonna spend time together.”


He laughed again as she finally exited the door.


“Don’t worry doll-face,” he called after her before the door closed between them.  “I’m markin’ ‘em all right.”



The music was still so obnoxiously loud when Sans teleported from the girl’s restroom to his table again.  A lot of couples were dancing happily, getting lost in the music and Sans felt that unpleasant feeling of jealousy hit him as he watched the human males swing and spin their partners.  If he only been more patient instead of rushing after Frisk then maybe she’d be sitting with him right now-  


Sans shook that thought away as he noticed the old bastard’s bodyguards move closer to their boss, reaching into their jackets for their guns when he suddenly reappeared.  After receiving a dismissive wave from their boss, the men backed away from Sans, but the large skeleton still noticed the angry and hate-filled looks in their face.


Without saying a thing to the old man, Sans pulled a new cigar out of his jacket pocket, lit it and took a deep drag, creating a thick fog of red smoke that sizzled in the air among the gray smoke.  All the happy emotions he gathered from his first real encounter with his little lady vanished as he grimly stared at his future human business partner.  


“Took longer than I thought,” Don Dee grumbled angrily.  Sans tried to keep the permanent smile on his face as neutral as possible.   


Right from the moment he first met this old bastard, Sans utterly despised him.  Sans pretended to be respectful to him, mostly because he had to in order for Wingdings’ plan to work, but this old fuck didn’t return the favor.  Didn’t bother to hide the clear disgust he had for Sans and didn’t hide his distaste and hatred for monsters in general.  Talked about Sans’ race like they were bugs or something.  


But Sans endured it, taking  solace in knowing this unbearable partnership would be very short if things went according to Wingding’s plans.  Everything always went accordingly when it was Wingdings who was doing the thinking and Sans couldn’t wait to show Don Dee just how fragile the human body was.


“Sorry about that Don Dee.  Monster stuff and all that,” Sans said, trying to keep his voice pleasant.  He felt like a little bit of his SOUL died every time he had to kiss up to this old man.


The old man grunted and Sans felt his magic flair up.  The song ended and thankfully it was the final song that jazz band was playing.  Sans sighed in relief and took another drag from his cigar as the trumpet player took the time to thank the audience.  


“Monster, I don’t exactly know why’d you call this meetin’ in this place.  The drinks are terrible, the entertainment is mediocre and the food is ghastly.”


Sans stiffened at the Don’s unintentional insult to Frisk, but he let that slide for now.  Right now he was supposed to be the happy monster who was grateful to be doing business with the most powerful human this city had.


“Yeah well, my boss wanted somethin’ low-key and the nicer places would have drawn unwanted attention to yer enemies.”


The old human looked at him unimpressed before he shrugged his shoulders coldly.


“At this point, all my enemies can’t touch me, monster.”


Sans had to fight to keep the smoke from pouring out of his eye in fury when he saw the old Don’s lips curl into a disgusted and amused smile.


“But I do appreciate the privacy this place does provided me.  Not only do I not have to have you in my home, but none of my business associates will see me with a monster.”


I’m gonna kill you so bad, human.  I’ll make it last too , Sans thought before he forced an easy grin on his face.   


“See?  Everybody wins, Don Dee.  But, let’s get down to business.  My bro has all the weapons you desire, ready to be ship out to you at a moment’s notice.”


Don Dee nodded.  “And in return all you monsters want is a little bit of territory in my city to do business in?”


Sans nodded, looking casually at his cigar.  


“Yep that’s all we want.  Complete control over an small area without the interference of you and your men.”


He side-glanced Dee’s face and saw the old man frowning.  His wide smile faltered for a bit and his sockets narrowed.

He better not be backing out.  


“I have a reputation to uphold and I might be a laughingstock if my associates found out I was doing business with a monster.”


Sans took another deep drag from his cigar, feeling the anger boiling over now.  But he remembered what he and his brothers would gain in the long run and nodded.


“You won’t be a laughingstock when your gang is holding our weapons.”


Sans smirked when he saw the old man’s eyes glitter with greed.  Some humans were just too easy.  Sans continued.  


“With our special brand weapons you can still maintain control over your own city against future enemies, and…” Sans paused for dramatic effect.  “You can even extend your power in other cities as well.”


Sans’ smirk widened as he saw the Don’s doubts leave his face.  Like he said too easy.  


The Don nodded quickly.


“I supposed a little territory in this city won’t be the end of me." he looked at Sans threateningly.  "Just so long as you agree to notify me when your business deals are not with my people.  Understand?! I still run this city,monster and you will ask me for permission like all the other gangs do when your deals extent outside my circle.  Is that clear?"


Sans nodded, but under the table his was digging his hand into his knee.  Don Dee smirked in satisfaction before he lit his own cigarette.    


"Good.  Now as for your territory, just give me a few days to figure which one would be a good match for your business-”


Sans quickly held up his hand, cutting off the Don and trying to keep a cool look on his face, even though his SOUL was thumping a mile a minute, the excitement growing in him.  This was the moment he was waiting for.  


“My bros and I would really like the area around the city park.”


The don blinked.  “That area? But that’s such a poor part of the city.  There are only a few family owned-businesses there and a handful of apartments.  My men only collect a “protection” fee from those people.  That area is barely profitable, monster.  It isn't a good place to set up your shop.”


Sans shrugged, thinking about his little lady who lived in that area of the city.  


“With all due respect Don Dee, I disagree.  There’s other things I can collect from there.”