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Hidden Omega

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Bts consisted of 7 guys, but more importantly, Bts consisted of three alphas, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok and Jeon Jungkook. 2 betas Kim Seokjin and Kim Taehyung and one omega, Park Jimin. Then there were Bts’s leader Namjoon who at 22 had yet to mature into a sub gender, this lead him to be what was commonly known as a dud.

Dud’s were extremely rare, with less than 0.01% of the population being duds. With everybody normally maturing at the age of 18, being 22 and still not having a subgender Namjoon stood out in more way than one; first was how he was missing a scent. Jimin liked to tell him how he smelled like death, like rotten milk and peaches that had been left alone of to long, most people avoided staying close to Namjoon because of this.

Scent’s from sub-genders weren’t like normal scents that were smelt with a person's nose, no subgender scents were able to be smelled when a person had a fully matured scent gland, this normally happened at the same time as they presented.
Another issue came from the fact that people didn’t know how to treat Namjoon, most people went through their life never meeting somebody who was dud. It wasn’t covered in school or anything like that. While all sub-genders were equal, they all had different needs that were filled by the pack structure.

Omega’s needed people close to them, with their subgender it came naturally to them to be caregivers, but not just caregivers, they were natural psychiatrists and great with animals and children, in touch with their emotions more than any other subgender.
Friends of omegas were always ready to give them a hug or a cuddle if they wanted or needed it. This, of course, didn’t mean that people expected omegas to be good little housewives, that stereotype had been destroyed years ago. Omegas could do what they wanted to be law, even if they were still fighting some stereotypes.

The thing was that omegas, both members of a pack and the ones yet to find a pack if they didn’t get the closeness, the affection that they needed, it could lead to terrible and permanent mental damage to the omega.
Then there were alphas, alphas were respected as the face outward for many companies, with their more aggressive attitude, and tendency to never be afraid of how people saw them it made them perfect for being in the public spotlight. Alphas still fought the stigma that they were just mindless violent beast, who was just intellectually challenged.

Last but not least there were betas, widely accepted as being the best leader, their more calm nature and calming effect made them good leaders, they weren’t distracted by smells the same way that the much more sensitive omegas and alphas.
Overall the 3 sub genders worked well together, most people living in what was seen as a pack. Multiple alphas, betas, and omegas in one pack, with one alpha being the pack leader. As children grew up they would leave their family pack, the pack they had grown up in and go through a period where they weren’t in any pack, before finally settling down with a new pack for life.

While yes it was possible to leave a pack, it wasn’t often seen, and most people who left a pack did it cause they had failed to listen to their inner subgender, or that they had gone through something that had changed them as a person, which meant they no longer fit into the dynamic of their normal pack. Or… they had been forced to join the pack in the first place.

What no pack had was duds. Most packs left them alone, not knowing how they would fit into a pack. Normally it was fine since dud’s never really matured the same way other did, they didn’t have this intense need to be in a pack that the rest had.

It wasn’t that they didn’t feel things, that they didn’t have deep, meaningful friendships, cause they did, but they didn’t have this need for affection that other sub-genders had, they were aromantic and asexual.
That was where the problem came from, while Namjoon was a part of the BTS group and was the leader of said group, he wasn’t part of the BTS pack.

The reason being his status as a dud, he wasn’t able to get the pack bite or anything like that, so he never felt right there, he felt so lonely. The other members were so affectionate with each other, but most of them wouldn’t even stand to be in his personal space.

Jimin would cover his nose like he smelled something bad, Yoongi would always say that he just felt wrong. He knew it shouldn't bother him, of course, they didn’t want to be to close to him, he should be happy they let somebody as broken as him be here.
He was a dud, he wasn't supposed to want these things, they weren’t for him to want, he wasn’t supposed to need them, it wasn't supposed to bother him.

But it did bother him, it felt like a heavy rock pulling him down. The thing was he had never in his life thought he would end out being dud, the one thing he had actually been afraid of ending out as was omega. He knew that he showed many omega qualities growing up, he preferred actually having physical contact with people, he could feel his mind calm when he had people around him. When he was feeling stressed when he was younger, hugs always made him feel better.

The problem was he was scared of being an omega, while his family pack had always been told him that it didn’t matter what his sub-gender were and the pack respected all sub gender no matter, it was really rap and hip-hop that made him view it this way.
There were no prominent omega rappers, after all, most of them were alphas and the one who weren’t were all beta’s. BTS themselves was proof of that with both Hoseok and Yoongi being rappers and alphas. The thought of being an omega would completely destroy his chances of being a rapper, those thoughts were constantly in his head, but as his 18th birthday came and went, and so did his 19th he slowly learned that the fate he had was much worse.

Being chosen to lead BTS meant so much more than he could possibly explain. When they first had been put together as a group, only the hyung line minus Namjoon had presented. Honestly, he was surprised when he first saw Yoongi, the older male had a small and petite build, not what he expected out of alpha, Namjoon wasn’t even sure he really was an alpha until Yoongi opened his mouth and then yeah it made sense he was an alpha.

Hoseok was a different kind of alpha, he was not the classically more aggressive type. He was basically one big sun, but watch the way he walked and acted around people, and there was no question that he was indeed an alpha, Namjoon would very early on notice that Hoseok hated that part of him, and Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from being confused a little jaloux that the older seemed to hate his subgender… a subgender Namjoon would do anything to have.

Jin was the poster child for a beta, calm and collected but smart and on point when he needed to be, sometimes Namjoon was convinced he should have been the leader instead of him.

As the rest of Bts matured so did they present, first was Jimin who ended up as an omega as all of them hoped and prayed for, they wanted to be a real pack, and if either Jimin or Taehyung didn’t present as an omega, they would struggle. They needed an omega to create the pack bond with Yoongi, there was no pack with no alpha and omega. It was already going to be rough with only one omega to balance the two, expectedly soon three alphas out.

With Jimin being the first to present while being in Bts it also opened a new pack dynamics that Namjoon didn’t know what to do about. Heats and ruts officially started with an omega joining the packs. Omega’s could get heats without being part of a pack, but alphas couldn’t get their ruts.

Yoongi and Jimin created the pack bond the day that Jimin presented, they all woke up in the nest with a heavenly scent of sweet caramel all around them, there was no doubt that Jimin was an omega. It was normal for a pack first to be formed after the people had spent a while being together after presenting, to get the inner subgender used to it and find out if they actually fit together. That didn’t happen for BTS, they jumped straight into being a pack.

That day Yoongi and Jimin created the pack, and only 10 minutes later a bite was placed high on both Hoseok and Seokjin’s throat in classical position. Now a day it was more normal to have different positions based on what the person getting the bite wanted, but it seemed that Yoongi just expected them for it to be classical, something no other members disagreed with.

The creation of the pack seemed to be a shock for Jimin’s system, while normally it took a little while for newly presented omegas to go into heat, that didn’t happen for Jimin who instantly went into heat only 8 hours after presenting and creating the pack.
The discussion then came up who would be taking care of Jimin during said heat, of course, Namjoon was never asked if he wanted to do it since they all just assumed he didn’t want to and that he couldn’t care less. Cause yeah for some reason, they thought being dud meant he couldn’t smell just how fucking good Jimin smelt, which he was pretty sure it was supposed to mean. But god Jimin smelt so good, he wanted to wrap up Jimin in his arms and never let him go. While he didn’t want to fuck the living shit out of him like Hoseok, Yoongi and Jin, he just wanted to never let him go and make him feel good.

Taehyung and Jungkook were both quickly guided out of the nest since they couldn’t smell Jimin’s heat scent, neither of them was that interested in what was going on, well Jungkook did seem interested, but he also knew that this wasn’t something he was allowed in.
There were very severe punishments for including none present people into sexual situations, it was seen as rape as they were children who could not consent.

Then the argument started with who should spend time with Jimin during his heat, Namjoon wanted to point out that they could all spend it with him, but the facial expressions from all members of the newly created pack made him hold his words back. Hoseok looked almost scared, the alpha didn’t look like he even wanted to spend the time with Jimin; instead, he looked like he was ready to run away. Yoongi was growling and looked ready to almost eat Jimin while Seokjin looked worried.

Namjoon would have prefered that Seokjin or a combination of one of the alpha’s plus Seokjin stayed with Jimin, but he knew that he couldn’t and shouldn’t speak up. In the end, Yoongi declared that he as the pack alpha should stay with Jimin, and it was stupid that they were even arguing it. Anything Seokjin said was cut off, being reminded that he was a beta and they all knew Hoseok was not gonna challenge Yoongi.

That day was a defining one in Namjoon’s life, it was officially the day where he started feeling he wasn’t welcomed in the pack anymore like he wasn’t important anymore.

With Taehyung presenting as a beta, the pressure was put on the pack, Namjoon could remember Taehyung coming into his room before anybody else woke up almost a week after his eighteenth birthday, tears were running down his cheeks, and his entire body was shaking. It only took Namjoon one sniff to know what was wrong, Taehyung was a beta.

They had all hoped he would be an omega, an omega would balance the pack out more since Jimin would no longer be the only omega, and there would be less pressure on him. This had let Taehyung feel pressured into becoming an omega, but no their sweet, weird Taehyung was a beta. He almost threw himself into Namjoon’s arms crying “I tried! I tried so hard to be an omega, I thought if I acted like one I would become one!”

“It’s okay” He hugged the crying beta to his chest, burying his face in the youngers now lightly peanut scented hair, the younger smelled really nice, “We all love you no matter what sub gender you are. You shouldn’t have tried to become something you are not, you know how bad that can fuck you up” He lightly scolded him.

They had all heard the horror stories of what happened to people trying to suppress their true self, oh the irony of Namjoon telling this story, Taehyung nodded in Namjoon’s arms still sniffling “I don’t want Jimin to feel like all the pressure is on him, he is so scared of not being enough”

Of course Jimin was scared, not of living with two, probably three alphas and the fact they could and would fight over him, but of not being enough for them, that was just the kind of person Jimin was, “We will be there to support him all of us, those aren’t just alphas they are our alphas. We are all going to help, no matter what sub-gender we are, we are all there for each other. Now, do you want to cuddle before the rest wakes up? It is way too early to be awake.” Namjoon was already moving to get into cuddle position, Taehyung normally never turned down a good cuddle.

“No thank hyung,” he dried the tears still present on in his eyes, “sorry, but Jimin is right, you smell weird” oh.

Namjoon felt it like a punch to the guts, Taehyung had been the only one who still cuddled with him, Jungkook avoiding it to prove he was ‘mature’ and now Taehyung didn’t even want to. Was this the end? Was this the last person finally realising he wasn’t worth it? He just nodded and tried to send Taehyung a smile trying to act like he was okay. Taehyung didn’t need Namjoon’s struggles as well, he already had it hard enough and all Namjoon could do was try to support him when he needed it.

The pack needed to make some adjustments after Taehyung presented, but they worked it out. They were all happy, other than Namjoon and Jungkook of course, even tho it was for two very different reasons. The rest of the pack refused to let Jungkook into their big shared bedroom when they were doing ‘pack activities’ objectively speaking it was fair, they hadn’t allowed any of the maknae line in there before they had presented. Now that Jungkook was the only one not allowed in there he felt it was unfair, which he did voice his opinion of many times “It just isn’t fair! I am stuck out here with Namjoon-hyung! I wanna have fun as well!”

Namjoon wanted to say that he could be fun as well, that he wasn’t just some empty space, but he didn’t cause Jungkook was right, why should he be forced to spend time with Namjoon, they other members didn’t want to so why did the maknae have to. Namjoon knew better than to voice his opinion on pack matters, while everybody listened to him when it was about anything else, nobody ever listened to him on pack matters, even if he were technically the leader.

Luckily for Jungkook, there weren’t many moments that the pack spend together doing ‘pack activities’ Yoongi more or less didn’t even take part in them, and it seemed that Taehyung was going elsewhere for those needs. With Hoseok seeming… scared? And Seokjin sitting in a sinking boat. But still, if you asked Jungkook, it was all the time!

It felt as in the long time they were a pack, the more everybody seemed to forget about Namjoon when they weren’t working. As soon as they were back at the dorms, they all seemed to avoid him, and with Jungkook’s eighteenth coming closer and closer it felt like a big ball was tightening in his stomach. He felt like joy was slowly being forced out of him, every time he sat down to write it all ended up being depressing. He felt like his own pack didn’t want him.

The worst part of it was that he knew that he wasn’t supposed to care, he read about other duds they always said that it was like being almost emotionless, they talked about how they didn’t really care about people treating them differently, how they didn’t want a pack. How they prefer people didn’t touch them. How they couldn’t smell other people's smells. God, he was such a failure that he couldn’t even be a dud right! He cared so much about his pack and how people saw him, he had so many emotions burned inside him that he didn’t know how to let out. The idea that he would no longer be welcomed in the pack terrified him, the idea of no longer being in a pack felt like he was ripping a part of his soul out.
Worse was the thought of people not touching him anymore, how could anybody not want to be touched, even Yoongi who had days where he prefers people didn’t touch him, still needed them at times. Namjoon thought it was insane, he couldn’t go without people touching him, it cleared his mind, touching and cuddles killed the bee’s buzzing in his brain and finally let him think.

And lastly, the smells, how could dud’s not smell people. Namjoon could smell them so; clearly, Jin’s calming rose sense was everywhere in the kitchen marking the territory as his. Jimin and Hoseok caramel and honey scent were dominating the dance practice room, weaving together perfectly, calming Namjoon down when he felt the pressure of learning all the new dance moves. It made him feel like it was all going to be okay.

Yoongi’s smell was without a doubt the one he knew the best, the older alpha’s strong cinnamon scent was everywhere in the studio where they worked, he was the alpha who released the most scent, and he seemed as if he enjoyed having everybody and everything soaked in it. Namjoon had even caught him scenting up Hoseok, something he never let any of the other alpha’s do to him.

The thing was that in BTS, people cared so much about sub-genders, it was like they were 50 years back in time where you subgender defined who you were. Namjoon wasn’t even sure how it had started, he swore to god it didn’t use to be like that, yes Yoongi had always been a very traditional guy, something he had been way before Namjoon met him, but it seemed to have gotten worse over the years.

Hoseok was seemingly too afraid to question anything Yoongi did, and Jimin seemed to blindly agree with Yoongi, Seokjin himself seemed to have lost most of his spirit and Taehyung… wasn’t home most of the time.

Namjoon was terrified of Jungkook’s eighteenth birthday, Jungkook was the last person who spent any real time with him anymore since he wasn’t disgusted by his smell. The more success Bts got you would think Namjoon would be happy, but the more success they got, the more the rest of his pack pulled away from him, the more the hate online got to him. They would say he wasn’t fit to lead Bts since he was just a dud. At fan meets a rule got put in place that no fan was allowed to get to close to Namjoon, it was supposed to be so they didn’t smell him, but Namjoon felt like they were singling him out. Before this, fans didn’t seem to care that about his dud smell, even if he had fewer fans than the rest of the guys. He liked sitting there and talking to the fans for a few seconds they had, he enjoyed giving them hug and them giving him attention… he normally got so little of both of them.

And then the day came, the day Jungkook presented they had just finished up practice when a harsh smell of peppermint assaulted Namjoon’s senses. They didn’t even get to think much before Jungkook had put his head to the side and Yoongi’s teeth were at his throat.

In the same second the bite took, the maknaes natural peppermint scent mixed with the hormones from his rut was clear and forced out in the room, and without a doubt, it was the best thing Namjoon had ever smelt. He could almost feel the saliva gathering in his mouth, he wanted to jump the younger… and hug him, maybe smoosh his cheeks and kiss his nose! It was stupid! He knew that ruts weren't supposed to affect him! His scent glands weren't supposed to be working!

The whole room almost froze when the smell washed over him, Jungkook looked confused, and then he kinda zoned in on Jimin his stare becoming almost predatory. Namjoon had this instinctive feeling to present himself to the new alpha. Jimin looked to be in even worse shape, Jin had grabbed him around the middle, the omega was clawing at Jin’s arms trying to get to Jungkook. The desperation in the omega’s eyes echoed the feeling in Namjoon’s chest. He knew he couldn’t act on it like Jimin was doing. Even if all he wanted to do was get to the new alpha he needed to control himself, it was expected of him. He wasn’t a real member of the pack, he wasn’t deserving of the new alpha. He had no claim to Jungkook nor did he deserve to have.

He had never been this close to an alpha in rut both Yoongi and Hoseok knew when they ruts were coming and kept away from Namjoon preferring to retreat to the big pack bedroom kicking out everybody, while Yoongi would allow or sometimes require Jimin to be there, nobody else was allowed near their ruts.

As Jimin’s struggling hit him in the leg with a kick he was forced back into reality and out of the fantasy about the youngest alpha, he was forced to look at what was going on. Yoongi and Hoseok were pulling Jungkook back, and the two betas were holding onto Jimin, Hoseok half yelled at Jungkook “No! You are not going to spend your first rut with Jimin. You are going to rip him apart! Is that what you want?! To hurt him!?”

Jungkook stopped struggling and just froze in place, his eyes big and almost scared, it was forced into everybody's head at a very young age that you didn’t hurt omegas. Omegas were treasures every pack was happy to have, “No he just smells so good!” he sounded so sad, but he was also struggeling to get free from Hoseok and Yoongi’s grasp. Namjoon believed both sides, that Jungkook didn’t want to hurt him, and that he was probably going to if he was let alone with him.

Again… Namjoon wanted to suggest they all spend Jungkook’s rut together, but he knew he would be zoned out.

“Jin take Taehyung and Jimin out, we take Jungkook home and help him through it.” Yoongi tone left no tone for debate. That didn’t stop Jin tho always the mother, in trying to object.
“Having two alphas bringing a new alpha through rut, Yoongi are you sure this is a good idea, at least I can join…”

He never got to finish the sentence before Yoongi cut him off “No! We do this as planned, you can all get your piece of him when the rut is over, you know this is the best idea Jin.” The stare down between the two oldest pack members were intense before Jin broke it.

“Okay you get it your way then, just please be careful with him, this is his first… he is our baby,” Jin was still fighting to hold back Jimin that were clawing to get to Jungkook, his pupils blown and a very clear tent in his trousers.

All the scents were too much for Namjoon to handle, he buried his nails in his palm almost drawing blood. Jimin was pumping out waves after waves of lovely caramel, trying to show that he was ready for an alpha, “Just trust us Jin.” With that, he dragged Jungkook, who was still looking at Jimin like he wanted to devour him, out the door.

The removal of the alpha in rut coursed Jimin to release a little whine, “It’s okay Jimin, but you know what the rule was. The first time we are going to all be together everybody has to be in a sane mind.” Taehyung hugged the still whining Jimin close to his chest, while the shorter just nodded “let’s get ice cream, right Jin-hyung?”

“Yeah” A loving smile was on Seokjin’s face as he escorted the two younger out of the practice room. And with that two things became very clear for him, one they forgot about him again, and he should probably just get used to it. And secondly, he no longer counted as part of all of them anymore.

He could feel how tears were gathering in the corners of his eyes, and all he really wanted was to get a hug, but he knew that was no longer an option, he wasn’t worth it anymore.

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While yes Namjoon was more or less getting iced out of the pack, he had one thing going for him. He still had his spot in the pack bedroom, or nest whatever you liked to call it. While yes, nobody wanted to lie close to him, and yes he which he could part of the massive puppy pile that was the Bts sleeping habits, he was just happy that he at least got to sleep close to them. Sleeping close to all their mixed scents helped calming him, even if he wasn’t as close as he wanted to.

The three alphas somehow managed to survive his 72 hours rut and the rest managed to keep Jimin away from the bedroom. Namjoon had to admit he did something he wasn’t proud of, as the rest of their group was out doing whatever happy pack activities they had chosen not to include him in today, he went into the pack nest, they had not gotten around to change the sheet’s and other shit since the rut first stopped a few hours ago. Namjoon ended up burying his face in the pillow still smelling strongly of Jungkook’s potent peppermint smell mixed with rut.

As the calming and potent scent of pack ran over him, he finally felt home again. Namjoon could almost cry with how happy he was, he had felt so stress lately and he couldn’t get it out of him, but this helped. This finally calmed him down.

That was when Namjoon developed a system, while yes he never got scented by the other member of the pack, and they never hugged him or cuddled him anymore, this was a good middle ground. He would steal some of their sleep shirts. With how much they cuddled up next to each other while sleeping, Jin’s shirt that he had stolen smelt so amazing like all of them.

He always had to wash them after, making sure that his smell wasn’t stuck on the cloth, but it was worth it. With all the voices constantly screaming in his mind, the scent of his pack all around him finally made them shut up. That was how he felt that he could go on, the nest smelt like them and the cloth his stole made it bearable, he could do this.

Nothing ever worked out how Namjoon wanted it to, when he finally got comfortable with his position, or none position in the pack misfortune struck again. This time that misfortune came in the form of Yoongi sitting him down a friday 3 weeks after Jungkook presentation, first Namjoon just thought it was about a song or anything like that. It was normally the only reason that Yoongi sought him out was for music, luckily he was still useful for that.

“Namjoon we need to have a chat” He could feel the panic starting in his chest, spreading around his body forcing him freeze in the position… No… they couldn’t kick him! He… Belonged here! Right?

Yoongi seemed to take Namjoon’s none answer as an offer to take the space next to him, even if he did sit as far away from Namjoon as possible on the small couch, “This is about the nest, you know after Jungkook presented we have found out that he is very sensetive to smell and he is struggling to sleep right when you are their. It’s not fair to him that he has to struggle like that, the rest of us can ignore it, but it is messing up his sleep schedule. So we agreed that it would be much more fair if you slept in one of the other bedrooms.” The way he phrased it made one thing very clear, this was not a suggestion.

It was like the world around him stopped for a few seconds, he was being kicked out of the nest? No… He needed to be there! It kept the nightmares and thought away, it kept the voices away, “Yoongi that isn’t fair!” He protested.

The mint haired male just looked unimpressed at him “we both know this is for the best, we can all sleep better when your scent isn’t there, and it not like you care anyway.”

The idea that they all wanted him out of their nest, their safespace was more hurtful than Namjoon could ever explain, he never hurt of anybody getting kicked out of the nest they were part of. Danm people many times let even non pack members sleep in the nest, he knew that Jongin still slept in the nest with the rest of the Exo pack even if the SHINee pack had claimed him long before exo was even formed. People didn’t just get kicked out of nests! “You all want me out of there?” It was so hard for him to make sure his voice didn’t shake.

Yoongi just nodded looking slightly uninterested in the conversion, like he was just telling Namjoon about some unimportant fact, not an life altering change “You know it for the best, maybe Jimin can stop sleeping with his face buried so far into Jin’s chest that he almost can’t breath.”

Was he really that much of an issue? Had he really coursed this much trouble for his pack. Yoongi was right, it was better that he just moved himself out of the nest. It might be troubling for him, but he didn’t want his pack members to feel bad, he was the leader he had to take care of them “I will remove my things,” had Yoongi really listened to the younger blond he would have noticed how Namjoon’s voice was completely devoid from any emotion, like he was locking them all inside.

“Don’t worry about it, we already moved all your stuff, if you go in there now we will have to clean all the stuff out to get rid of your scent, doing it once was enough, nobody feels like doing it twice.” It was so easy for them to just remove him, didn’t they even think about what it did to him?

Namjoon just nodded, he tried his best to act like none of this got to him, it shouldn’t have gotten to him! He was just a dud! He didn’t matter… That night he slept in the guest room, a room that was meant for guests. That was what he had become wasn’t it? He was just a guest in his own pack.

The guestroom smelled like nothing at all, nobody had ever used it. If they had guests who slept over it was always people they trusted, and these people they just had sleep in the nest. He was being shoved in a room that were never even meant to be used. He curled his body around Jimin’s tank top that he had stolen earlier. It was the one he used for dancing, and it had almost been wet with sweat when Namjoon had stolen it earlier. It should have been disgusting, but the younger omega’s smell calmed him down, it slowly stopped the heavy sobs that had been dominating his body.

He was still part of the pack! He had to remember this, just cause they had removed him from the nest didn’t meant they had kicked him out of the pack! He just had to work hard on being useful! He just had to make sure that they still needed him!

So that was what he did, he pushed his everything into his work as leader of Bts, he stayed up late work on lyrics and practice his raps, he went over their schedule many more times than needed to make sure everything was perfect.

It seemed to work for a while, with how much he was working he had much less time to focus on how he felt like he was dying on the inside. When he was completely exhausted from working all day, unable to keep his eyes open it was like the voices were on a manageable level. Take that plus the cloth that he kept stealing to sleep with their scent around and it all started to work for him, he could do this!

It all more or less collapsed around him in a 3 short days, he had stolen one of Jungkook’s shirts. He hadn’t really noticed that it was Jungkook’s favorite, he had been so tired that he had really just grabbed whatever he could get his hands on. That was his first mistake, his next mistake was not locking the door. This two mistakes lead to Jungkook barging into his room late that evening with a “Hyung have you see my good shirt? I left it in the bathroom, but I can’t find it now”

This meant that Jungkook found Namjoon snuggled with his shirt in his bed, already half asleep from the tiring schedule all the extra work he had taken on. Jungkook had been slightly emotionally unstable after his presentation, his hormones had been struggling to fall into space. This left him with a very very short fuse, and Namjoon had been taking to brunt of that anger lately.

This hormonal imbalance was what caused Jungkook to just flip his shit at the sight of their leader cuddling with his shirt “What the fuck are you doing!”

His loud yell woke up Namjoon, coursing him to sit up him still not really awake rubbing his eyes “What is going on?” he asked sleepily

“You stole my shirt you bitch!” Oh… OH FUCK! That was when Namjoon noticed that he did indeed have the younger's shirt in his arms.

“I can explain!” He protested, the scent of angry alpha blended with Jungkook’s strong aggressive peppermint was dominating in the air, it made Namjoon almost cower in his bed.

“Fuck if you can explain! Why are my shirt in here! Tell me the truth!” Jungkook voice was layered with a growl and an undertone he couldn’t explain, until he felt the words build up inside him, how it felt like his entire body was fighting him. He didn’t want to tell Jungkook the full embarrassing truth! He didn’t want to, but it was like his body was forcing him.

He covered his mouth with shaking hands desperately trying to hold in the words, no he couldn’t! He shouldn’t tell the truth! But he couldn’t stop himself! Jungkook was staring him down, keeping eyecontrol never letting Namjoon lookaway from him.

Namjoon had to tell the truth to Jungkook, he had to tell the truth to his alpha, it didn’t matter if he wanted to or not! “NOW!” Jungkook ordered again with that weird undertone in his voice. He couldn’t focus anymore, he felt like he was in a trance nothing else existed that the order he had been given. He had to tell the truth.

Luckily he got ripped out of trance as a loud slap was heard in the room and Jungkook broke the eye contact his face being forced to the side by the harsh smacked delivered across his face

“JEON JUNGKOOK WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!?” Namjoon had never heard Jin yell like that before, or yell at all. The beta was normally one of the most level headed persons he knew.

Now he was completely red in the face with anger, and Namjoon didn’t understand why. Had hadn’t yet been able to shake the weird trance that had been put over him, his mind was weirdly numb, why was Jin hitting Namjoon’s alpha, he had just asked Namjoon a question that he had to answer.

“How dare you abuse your power like that!” Jin’s voice was almost reaching an octave thought to be impossible for any male to hit.

The youngest refused to meet Jin’s stare look away with discontent, anger still clear in his mind as he answered “I just wanted answers, it’s not my fault! He had my shirt!”

“I don’t care if he killed your long lost brother! YOU DO NOT GIVE ALPHA ORDERS! HOW DARE YOU!” Oh, that made sense didn’t it, the weird blanket over his mind. His mind still telling him that he needed to tell the truth, it was alpha orders.

Alpha orders were highly looked down on, and you could even go to jail for it sometimes. It was seen as weak if an alpha needed to use orders to get his way, back in the days it was alphas strongest weapon against other sub genders. It did require full eye contact, and sometimes people could fight it if the order was very in contrast to their nature, but most times omegas who were the most affected by them would fall to the command even by a weak alpha.

Even betas could fall to a command if the alpha was strong enough, Namjoon had no idea what it did to a dud like him. But how he had easily fallen to a new alpha, it did feel like he was just a vunerable to the command as any omega would be. The problem was that he still couldn’t shake it, he still couldn’t stop the word vomit that was trying to force its way out his mouth.

The need wasn’t as intense as when Jungkook was staring him down, but it was still like a blanket over his mind, he needed to tell the truth. He couldn’t focus on conversation, he couldn’t focus on anything, he needed to keep the word vomit inside of him. Suddenly he felt a weight on his lap, and two smaller hands grabbed him around the face forcing him to meet a pair of dark brown eyes “Joonie you need to focus on your breathing, you are hyper ventilating, follow my breathing please.”

Was he? He hadn’t even noticed, why was it so hard to focus. First then did he realise that it was Jimin who had placed himself in his lap, he had to focus on Jimin’s breathing he knew this, everything else was background noise. Jimin was safe, Jimin… sweet omega Jimin with his caramel scent and small hands was safe. Slowly he matched Jimin’s breathing, their eyes never leaving each other as they stared at each other forehead against forehead.

“Good Joonie,” that was good, he was good. Jimin said he was good… Jimin would never lie! “Keep focusing on my breath, I know it is hard right now, but you can’t fall under, you know you can’t fall under”

Namjoon wasn’t sure how long time they sat like this, the rest of the world lost for them as he tried to figure out how to breath like a proper person. It was like he was drowning and Jimin was his only thing keeping him afloat, sweet amazing Jimin.

Jimin had placed Namjoon’s hand over his heart, allowing Namjoon’s own heart to latch onto the rhythm of its beating, suddenly it was like the rest of the world popping back into existence. wIt was like when you had been out swimming and had water in yours ears , when it finally popped and all the sound came back to you, that was how it felt.

“IT'S NOT MY FAULT! HE IS DUD! HOW SHOULD I KNOW THAT IT WOULD AFFECT HIM!?” his nose got assaulted by scent’s as well now, Jungkook’s angry alpha and peppermint was overruled by Jin’s normally calm rose scent. It wasn’t calm in more it was aggressive and was almost attacking Jungkook’s forcing him to retreat.

Jungkook looked scary if you asked Namjoon, but then again he might be slightly biased. He no longer felt the need to spill all his secrets to Jungkook but the young alpha still scared him, more than he wanted to admit, “WHAT ABOUT YOU JUST DON’T GIVE PEOPLE ALPHA ORDERS! YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING CHILD!”

For the first time ever Namjoon was a little terrified of Jin, normally he was… like a mother, but like this, broad shoulder tense, scent aggressive and rolling of him, he looked more like an alpha than ever. And right now Namjoon really didn’t feel comfortable around alphas, or their scents. He felt assaulted by their scents, and he could feel it building up in his chest, a panic attack, his hands were shaking were they were grabbing Jimin’s shoulders.

Normally the scent of his pack helped him when he felt like panic attacks, but now they were the course of them, he felt like he couldn’t breath every time more of the smell got stuck in his nose, he was grabbed roughly by the hair and head forced right onto the scent gland of Jimin, “Jin just fucking take him somewhere else! You are both stressing him out, and personally I would like to still have a leader after this” that didn’t come from either Jimin or Namjoon, it came from a voice behind him and then he was getting forced into a strong hug from behind and a much more calming scent of honey washed over him and blended with Jimin’s caramel like they were always meant to.

“Language” Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from mumbling even if was half getting suffocated in Jimin’s neck.

He didn’t know if Jin and Jungkook actually left the room, he was so consumed by the scent of the two dancers that he couldn’t focus on anything else. Instead he felt how the panic attack started to fade, “Better now?” Jimin asked in calming voice

“Yeah” he nodded, and the second he made them know he was okay they released him and put as much distance between them as possible

“We sorry Namjoon, alpha orders… Jungkook’s issues like this, its pack dynamics… you should get caught up in it, we are sorry.” Pack issues? god they didn’t even really see him as part of the pack did they? He was just kinda there.

“It’s okay guys, I just need… some time, this was a little overwhelming” the truth was that it was to be honest all too much, not just overwhelming.

Hoseok smiled that giant sunshine smile of his “It’s fine, so shower Jimin?” he grinned at the omega already half dragging him towards the bathroom clear intent of getting Namjoon’s scent of him as fast as possible. He didn’t want to do this, he had told himself he didn’t need it, that he could do without! But he knew that it wasn’t true anymore, everything was simply just to much now, he didn’t have a choice.

He grabbed blindly at his phone, quickly speed dialing his first contact, his breath was almost stuck in his throat as it called, he didn’t know what he would do if he didn’t pick up. Luckily he didn’t have to think about, cause only two rings and the phone was picked up with a cheery

“Sup Namjoon?”

“I need it, I… I can’t anymore.” Silence was deafening, he was almost afraid he would be turned down a for a second.

“I am going to kill them, come over to our dorms we have no schedule tomorrow so you are staying, if you have a schedule make something up I don’t even care.”

“Okay, I will be there in an hour.”

“You better fucking be, or Bts will be down 6 fucking members.” And then he hung up.

Namjoon’s hands were shaking as he stared down at them holding his phone in his lap, Hoseok and Jimin would be sharing a shower, the rest would be in the nest. Nobody would care if he went missing for a day. He wrote a quick note stating he would be gone for a day’s time and stuck it to the fridge before grabbing his overnight back and leaving the Bts dorm behind. He knew where he was going, it was going to be okay.

It only took him 40 minutes to get there, being more eager than he would like to admit. He only managed to knock once before the door was almost violently knocked over and Namjoon got pulled into a hard hug that he reciprocated, “Please tell me I can kill them? I promise nobody will find out its me!”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea” he moved away from the hug and smiled at the blond alpha in front of him. In front of him was no other than Jackson Wang, in all his shirtless blond glory.

Chapter Text

The thing about Jackson was that he never really developed the ability to smell scents, he even confessed to Namjoon that it made him embarrassed sometimes, seeing how the rest of the got7 alphas was all over BamBam and Mark at the slightest hint of heat, but Jackson was left to wait for somebody to tell him about it, or for BamBam to physically drag him to their nest whining that if Jackson didn’t do his fucking job, the younger omega was going to flip his shit.

Even with all the negative points to Jackson’s almost missing sense of scent, it allowed Jackson to not give a flying fuck about Namjoon’s less than desirable scent. Namjoon was dragged into another almost rough hug before he even had time to say anything more to him. Jackson wasn’t always completely aware of his own strength, being strong even for an alpha, which did mean that he was more or less squishing the living shit out of Namjoon.

Namjoon was overwhelmed by Jackson’s calming scent of herbal tea, but then again he really needed to breath in air and not excessive amount of herbal tea scent “Jackson please” he whined almost out of breath “You are killing me.”

“Sorry” it came with a giant grin, but he did let Namjoon go, not that he really let Namjoon catch his breath before grabbing his arm, and his bag. Then preceding to drag Namjoon through to dorm towards the nest located in the back of it. The younger bts leader managed to catch a glint of BamBam sitting happily on top of Yugyeom’s lap who was blushing with how the omega was unashamed licking at his scent gland. BamBam was the kind of omega who wwas proud of being an omega, and he gladly took up all the affection anybody was willing to give him and when he didn’t think he got enough, he would take it himself.

Yugyeom was… very different from that, Namjoon could still remember the night that Jackson called him, half screaming in excitement about how their little maknae was an alpha. Namjoon had tiredly asked Jackson if they were talking about the same person, because Yugyeom were many things small was not one of them. Jackson just went on like Namjoon hadn’t said anything, and Namjoon knew better than to try and stop him when he first when on a rant about something.

It was much better to let Jackson just exhaust whatever topic he picked to ran about that day, it was kinda adorable the way Jackson still saw the youngest alpha as this small little puppy, even if was a giant and now even an alpha. Sub genders didn’t really matter for Jackson it seemed like, Jackson had two categories of people ‘Mine’ and ‘Soon mine’. He cared and took care of all the people in his pack no matter what their ranking were, for worse or better. Namjoon somehow had managed to fall into the group of ‘Mine’ and no matter how much he told Jackson that he belonged to Bts, Jackson either didn’t get it or just refused to accept it.

Namjoon himself might also be the cause of this, the more his own pack tried to push him away, the more he almost clung to Jackson and the way he and the rest of got7 always seemed happy to give him the affection that he so desperately needed. They saw him as Namjoon the slightly destructive leader of Bts, instead of The dud that happened to lead Bts. While they sometimes kind hearted joked about Namjoon’s scent, they never made him feel like he was less because of that scent.

Namjoon was almost manhandled unto the shared pack bed, first time Jackson has done that Namjoon had loudly protested, not wanting to get his smell all over the bed, but Mark had caused tackled him, and started tickling him until he apologised for saying shit like that about himself, yeah Namjoon was happy that he knew these people.

When Jackson had finally managed to place Namjoon how he liked, he spooned up behind Namjoon entwining their legs and making sure that every part of their bodies touched, “Jackson have you thought of maybe you know… putting on a shirt?” the youngest protested, even tho he did enjoy the the warmth he could feel from Jackson’s bare chest against his back.

“Shirts are for losers,” Jackson just laughed burying his head in Namjoon’s hair, releasing a content sigh “also, I look good without a shirt, just ask the internet! Or anybody else.”

“Good to know that your confidence is still perfect,” he couldn’t keep himself from lightly giggling “also I think that the internet might be slightly biased, and your pack even more.”

“PACK! I FORGOT! MARK IS GOING TO KILL ME!” Why did Jackson have to yell when his mouth was right next to Namjoon’s ear.

He winched in pain, covering his ear with his hand “Please tell me you didn’t forget that it was your turn to court Mark, I will actually slap you if you did that. And then pack Mark up with a little bow before delivering him to Suho.” Namjoon wasn’t kidding and he knew that Jackson knew that.

Jackson got up from the bed, causing Namjoon to let out a little whine he didn’t bother keep in, he knew Jackson didn’t care that he didn’t act like a dud should “I thought you were on our team here!”

“I am on team Mark, also known as you better fuck respect his decision and take this serious!” he grumbled not happy about being denied cuddles, Jackson was looking for something in what looks to be Mark’s part of their giant shared closet.

“I know! I am taking it serious, but yeah we need to talk about that as well. Just need to find.. Ah there it is!” He pulled out what looked to be a giant… plushie? “Mark was sorry that he couldn’t be here, he couldn’t cancel on Yixing and Kyungsoo” He sounded slightly annoyed just mentioning the Exo members.

Namjoon wanted to answer but before he had the chance the giant stuffed bear was thrown in his head, and the giant meant the same size as Namjoon who definitely weren’t short, the bear smelt almost overwhelmingly of Mark’s trademark vanilla scent. Namjoon always lowkey thought Mark had the best scent in got7, it wasn’t as unique as Jackson's herbal tea, or as trademark omega light BamBam’s strawberries, but it always made Namjoon feel calm the second he smelt it. It wasn’t dull vanilla like vanilla powder, it was fresh vanilla like the vanilla bean had just been cracked open.

“Jackson!” Namjoon yelped out in panic, as he hurried to push the bear off of him “I am going to get my scent all over it!”

“Well duh!” He assaulted Namjoon with the bear again “That is the point! Mark said since he couldn’t be here this would be his stand in, and this bear doesn’t leave anybody for shitty Exo packs! It’s a win win!”

He manhandled Namjoon back into position before spooning back up with him, the younger couldn’t deny that the plushie made him feel better and more calm that he had in days, maybe even weeks, “you seem like you aren’t okay with this as you pretend to be” Namjoon mumbled face buried in the Mark smelling bear.

That caused Jackson to sigh and pull Namjoon almost impossibly closer to him, “It’s not like I have a choice is it? I can’t say no to it, I can just say that they can’t court him or that he can’t accept it.”

Namjoon really felt sorry for Jackson and the rest of his pack, but he also knew that they had gotten themselves into this mess. The entire problem was that Mark, even if he was the oldest hadn’t joined to pack, and had straight out said and he didn’t have a plan too for now. It sounded cruel, but it made sense, while yes it was common for people to join the pack that they were group member of it wasn’t required. Jongin from Exo had joined the SHINee pack long before Exo was even a thing, Super Junior had two different packs, and Jessica from snsd had unexpectedly joined the 2ne1 pack instead. And a lot of rumors had been flying around that BigBang’s resident omega had been courted by up to 4 packs.

The entire problem was rotted in which kind of alpha Jaebum and Jackson were, overprotective and touchy feely. It worked very well with omega’s like BamBam who soaked up the attention like a sponge. Mark wasn’t that kind of omega tho, he needed time for himself and needed to feel like he wasn’t the omega. It wasn’t that Mark was ashamed of being an omega, he loved being an omega he always made that clear.

Mark had said from the start he needed space, but the two oldest alpha’s didn’t quite seem to understand what space meant. Jackson was by nature very affectionate person and with his missing scent smell, he always felt he had to be in physical contact with people to understand what was going on. He didn’t understand that there could be such a thing as too much cuddles, or personal space.

Jaebum wasn’t much better, the pack alpha was mildly to say over protective of everything that he had deemed worthy. Even Namjoon had felt that, when Jackson had accidentally taken a joke too far and hurt Namjoon’s feelings, pair that with a very traditional upbringing and he was the ‘perfect’ alpha. BamBam always raved about how Jaebum would hold doors for him, and always asking him if he was okay, always making sure no alphas were too close to him. BamBam loved it, sadly Mark wasn’t like that. He saw it like Jaebum didn’t trust him in protecting himself from other alphas, that he was incapable of doing stuff.

It first Namjoon had observed it all and thought it would slot back in place, but every time Mark spoke up about it something changed for a week before things were back to it again. It had taken for Mark to come home, smelling like Rosemary and Sandalwood for got7 to realise just how serious this was. Mark had straight up told them that he was being courted by Exo, and nothing they could say could get him to turn down that offer for courtship, they didn’t owe him and he needed to see if Exo was a better fit for his pack.

Exo tho… were a completely other beast to handle. Namjoon had friends in the pack, not as close as the friends he had in got7, but still friends. They pack had had a devastating year for the pack. With 5 alphas, 3 betas and 3 omegas even at the start the pack was struggling, but they had worked it out. Namjoon had always loved seeing how the Exo pack worked, but then they lost Yifan first and Namjoon knew shit was going to hit the fan. The loss of an alpha was not the worst thing that could have happened, the issue was what followed. They all saw it coming, Namjoon included, Tao left only 2 weeks later, chasing Yifan back to China unable to let go of what he saw as HIS alpha.

That had left them with 4 alphas, 3 betas and 2 omegas. But then loss striked again and this time nobody had expected it. Lu Han had left for China as well, Lu Han had been the oldest omega of the group, especially close with both Sehun and and oldest alpha Minseok. To this day Namjoon had no idea what had happened to course him to run back to China, but he knew for a fact it wasn’t the excuse that SM had put out. Something had happened, and the fact that Sehun was still in Korea and not chasing Luhan down with Minseok made Namjoon a little bit worried for them.

Now Exo was left with 4 alphas, 3 betas and 1 omega. 4 alphas and 1 omega wasn’t unheard of, BigBang was the same, but add in 3 betas and the power dynamic was off.

Namjoon had to focus back on the world a little lost in his own mind, with Mark and Jackson's scent all around him it was easier for him to relax and feel calm, luckily Jackson didn’t seem to have noticed how Namjoon wasn’t listening, he had more or less just been mumbling complains into Namjoon’s hair, “Namjoon?”

“Yeah?” Namjoon felt sleepy, it had been long time since the voices had shut up this long, and maybe just maybe tonight would be the night that he would get some real sleep.

Jackson was running his hands lightly under his shirt feeling around his ribs “Can we talk about how much weight you lost? I am worried about you again.”

Namjoon flinched as he pushed Jackson hands away, and pulled down his shirt “It isn’t like that, I’m better now! It’s just… I have to be better, and I’m not like the other guys so I just… You know… I’m better now I promise.”

“Joonie, you are throwing up again aren’t you?” Namjoon could feel how the tears were starting to form in his eyes, he knew what he was doing was wrong. He knew it… But he needed to be better, the voices said so, the internet said so.

He nodded unable to answer him with words, he couldn’t lie to Jackson, “God I am going to kill those fuckers, and then I am going to kill the internet.” Jackson was almost growling at this point, clearly done with everybody's shit “And don’t even fuckign argue with me that it isn’t their fault! You guys are suppose to be a back! You are suppose to help each other! They aren’t suppose to push into something like this”

“It’s not their fault” Namjoon whispered, tears streaming down his face and being soaked op by the bear “It’s my fault, I just… I need to be better, that is the problem… Everything will be good if I am just better.” He needed Jackson to understand this, they weren’t bad guys it was Namjoon’s own fault.

Jackson hugged Namjoon tight to his chest, his hands once again finding his way under Namjoon shirt slowly following the outline of Namjoon ribs “You are already perfect Joonie, I know you can’t see it right now, and I know that the voices says something different. But you are perfect the way you are, and while I might not know how right now, I am going to figure out how to make you see it.” He nuzzled his face into Namjoon’s scent gland.

Namjoon didn’t answer, he didn’t know how to. Jackson was wrong, oh he was so wrong but he also couldn’t be argued with and it felt so good to be held like this. He couldn’t explain what it was, he couldn’t explain why a stupid dud like himself got calmed by being held by an alpha while calming omega scent made him feel grounded. It was all too much for him. So Namjoon just let to tears flow down his face as he let himself be held, while Jackson mumbled things that into his scent gland.

At some point he couldn’t cry anymore, it was like the tears had finally dried up and he felt much lighter, he hugged the stuffie wishing it was Mark instead, he had no idea how long time they lied like that, but a soft knock was heard on the door and a smiling BamBam stood in the doorframe “2 hours! That is all I promised! Now Jackson get out of here! I want me Namjoon cuddles as well and to be frank, you suck nobody likes to cuddle with a guy who has the same density as a rock.”

“Brat, you love to cuddle with me.” Jackson mumbled but he faithfully let go of Namjoon with a groan “I was so close to sleeping as well, is Mark home yet?”

“He called he is sleeping at Exo’s place, said he would be back in the morning” all cheeriness in the younger omega’s voice was gone with that message. Namjoon rubbed his eyes, he had been close to sleep as well.

“At Least Yugyeom likes to cuddle with me,” Jackson grumbled as he grabbed the nearest shirt, which Namjoon was pretty sure was not even his and left the room.

BamBam yelled after him “Jaebum dragged him to the gym! Yugyeom is close to his rut so they might actually just be angry fucking! If you are fast you can join in!”

“Already leaving!”

BamBam giggled and Namjoon looked confused at him “Yugyeom wasn’t close to his rut? He didn’t even smell a little bit like it.”

The omega was looking through Mark's closet again “I know, but now he is going to run to the gym with a hardon, just to notice that nothing is going on!”

“You are cruel” but Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from giggling along, BamBam’s laughter was so infectious “You don’t have to cuddle with me, you have a scent of smell so I understand”

BamBam seemed to have found what he was looking for, a much smaller plushie “Jackson didn’t tell you? Typical! We found this cream, when you smear it under your nose it filters all smell out for 12 hours! It’s great!”

The big bear that Namjoon was still cuddling got ripped from his arms and replaced with a warm BamBam instead as he placed the small plush unicorn next to their faces, it smelt like Mark. For a second BamBam looked at Namjoon then at himself, and then at Namjoon again, “Shirts off!” he declared already dragging his over the head.

Namjoon hesitated for a second, he didn’t like having a bare upper body around people, but he looked forward to having BamBam’s warm body pressed against his, the omega’s natural strawberry scent was already lulling Namjoon in, so he dragged his shirt of as well, throwing it somewhere on the floor. The shirt hadn’t even hit the floor before he was attacked by a happy omega, like Jackson he placed Namjoon how he wanted him to, both on their side legs intertwined noses almost touching each other.

The little unicorn plushie was kept safe by Namjoon while BamBam arranged them, now letting it rest between them will they held each other's hand over it, a constant reminder of the omega missing. BamBam looked down it for a second, and it was like a shadow fell over his face and he just looked sad.

Namjoon wanted to desperately remove that look from BamBam’s face, “Do you wanna talk about it?” He whispered in a low voice.

“Is it my fault?” That wasn’t the answer the Bts leader expected, he had expected the younger just to be missing Mark not to be blaming himself, then again he should have been expecting it. It was omega’s nature, they always took the blame on themselves on that level Namjoon could sympathize with them, after all he did the same.

“Of course it isn’t your fault, Mark told you so as well, why do you think these silly things” He let go of his hand in favor of grabbing him around to waist to hug him closer. With the cream removing his scent he didn’t have to worry about that, he could focus on making BamBam feel better.

“If I weren’t so needy… So omega… maybe the guys wouldn’t treat Mark like that, and he would still want us… still want me.” BamBam’s voice was shaking he had clearly been holding this in for a while.

“Mark wants you… You know this, even if Mark chooses the Exo pack over this pack he will still want you. I’m not in your pack and I still want you don’t I?” Namjoon tried to reason with him, petting the younger's hair “And even if you were like Mark… that just meant that they would be pushing two lovely omega’s away, this isn’t your fault… This is something they need to work on baby, never had anything to do with you.”

He could feel how BamBam’s was clawing at his naked back, he was almost sure he was going to have marks tomorrow, but for now it didn’t matter all that matter was making BamBam feel better “You can let it out sweetheart, I know you have been holding it in… Just let it out, I won’t judge you.”

That seemed to break the dam as BamBam started to cry for real, his tears running down his face onto Namjoon’s neck. Namjoon just petted his hair while rocking him softly in his arms, he knew that the younger needed to get it out.

When BamBam finally stopped crying he had exhausted himself, falling asleep there in Namjoon’s arms. Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from smiling at the clear sign of BamBam’s trust in him, omegas never really slept around people they didn’t trust. That was why nests were built around the omega.

“Thank you for giving him somebody to talk to, I couldn’t get him to talk no matter how much I tried.” Namjoon hadn't even noticed how Jinyoung had sneaked into the Bedroom, he was now calmingly carrasing BamBam’s hair, “Don’t tell me what the issue were, I am just happy that he found somebody he could feel like talking to.”

“He doesn’t have any omega friends other than Mark does he?” Namjoon ask in a hushed voice, afraid of waking the sleeping omega.

Jinyoung shook his head, the betas toffee smell was slowly filtering into the room as Namjoon continued “That’s the problem, omega’s need other omega’s to talk to.”

“Then it’s good that we have our adopted omega here isn’t it?” Jinyoung messed with Namjoon pastel purple hair as he blushed.

Namjoon hid his head in BamBam’s neck mumbling “I’m not an omega, I’m dud remember?”

“Naaah, you are our adopted omega, I don’t care what the rest of the world say. You are our omega for now, just cause your smell is off doesn’t matter” The feeling inside of Namjoon couldn’t be explained, he felt… Happy?

Chapter Text

Namjoon wasn’t sure when he had fallen asleep, it had to be while he hushed talking with Jinyoung. The combined scent of strawberries and toffee plus all the pressure and stress he had been under had finally gotten the better of him as he had fallen asleep with BamBam still in his arms.

That wasn’t how he woke up the, BamBam had escaped from his arms during the night instead sandwiched between the two beta’s. Namjoon didn’t have to turn around to know who had their arms tight around him, Jackson had gotten his prefered spot spooning up behind Namjoon head buried in his hair and arms possessively around him. In Front of him close enough that Namjoon could actually feel his breath against his lips Yugyeom was sleeping quietly.

That young alpha had like Namjoon also a pair of arms possessively around him, these did belong to Got7’s leader and head alpha. Namjoon took a second to look over Jaebum in the almost darkness, it had been a long time since he had seen him, with Got7’s comeback Jaebum had been busy and he had heard from Jackson that the oldest alpha had been skipping out on sleep in favour of staying up making sure everything was right.

Dark circles was clear even in the moonlight, but lying there possessively hugging their youngest alpha to his chest made him seem somehow less rundown. Namjoon couldn’t keep himself from smiling, but he also felt uncomfortable even with the scent of all of them around him, here in the moonlight he could hear the voices again. Telling him that he needed to get out of there, that he needed to make sure that his scent didn’t corrupt all these things. He was taking a spot not meant for him, he was spreading his scent in things they weren’t meant to be, he needed to get out.

Even if he felt the panic built up in himself he was very gentle in untangling Jackson’s arms from around him, and it almost hurt his heart how the blond alpha let out an annoyed whine as he lost grab of Namjoon, who thinking quickly grabbed the bear from where it was discarded on the ground and replaced himself with it. The sleeping Jackson didn’t seem to happy about it, but he accepted it disgruntled in his sleep. Yugyeom didn’t seem to happy with the changes as well, as he sleepily grabbed for where Namjoon’s hand should be.

Namjoon lead his and Jackson’s hand together and it somehow settled the sensitive alpha as he hugged Jackson’s hand to his chest. Sometimes Namjoon thought that Yugyeom would have made a great omega, and whatever god there was cruel, but then again the redhead seemed more than happy with being an alpha.

A small smile found its way onto Namjoon’s face as he looked over the got7 pack all cuddled up in their nest. ‘Good job, now you don’t poison them’

‘Shut up!’  He couldn’t go back to his own pack at this time, first of all he didn’t bring his keys and waking the rest of them up at this time would get him into trouble that he didn’t feel like dealing with, and he didn’t really feel like getting dragged back to the got7 dorm against his will by a fuming Jackson and eyebrow raising Jinyoung. Or simply thrown over the shoulder of Yugyeom… Yeah once was enough for that, thank you very much.

Namjoon ended up making himself comfortable on the couch, it was a little cold but he didn’t want to get his scent all over the blanket. He could live with this, he didn’t want to be a bother, why did he forget his shirt in the bedroom again? He was stupid wasn’t he? Stupid silly Namjoon.

The couch smelled like butterscotch and spearmint, the two alphas had clearly had some ‘fun’ on the couch if the intensity of the smell said anything. Namjoon found it comfortable tho, and with the scent of alphas surrendering him he managed to ignore the cold and fall asleep again.

Namjoon was again by a hand lightly petting his hair, he was still in his sleepy state not completely awake, he was warm and comfortable with a strong but calming sense of vanilla clouding his mind and numbing his senses, “It’s too early to wake up baby, go back to sleep I will be here when you wake up.” a voice spoke lulling Namjoon back to sleep with the lovely sense of vanilla keeping him safe.

He wasn’t really sure how long time he slept when he woke again a warm thigh under his head and a lovely long fingered hand petting his hair lightly. Namjoon slowly started to wake up again slowly being guided up from the sleep he had been in “Slept well?”

First then did Namjoon realize who it was under him “Mark?” he asked with his voice groggy from sleep.

Mark’s comfortable vanilla sense got even stronger as Namjoon mentioned him “Hey Nammie” Namjoon didn’t need to open his eyes to know that Mark was smiling his nice comfortable smile.

Namjoon still didn’t want to completely wake up he was comfortable, he buried his face in Mark’s stomach with a light whine “Shouldn’t you be somewhere else?” he mumbled into the olders shirt.

“Well I wanted to see you, you guys goes into promotion soon and then we won’t get to see you at all.” he kept petting Namjoon’s hair with a calming movement “I’m sorry I had to leave before you got here.”

“It’s okay” the younger pastel haired male mumbled sleepily “What you are doing is important, I want you to be happy”

“That is why you are such an amazing person Nammie, but you know that I come back early for another reason. So I need you to wake up baby, this is important. I am not Jackson, I am not going to forget this.” Namjoon knew this, he knew that he would have to talk about this at some point, he had somehow hoped that he didn’t since Jackson hadn’t brought it up.

“I don’t want to.” he pushed his face more into Mark’s shirt clad stomach, before he grimaced “You are to skinny.”

Mark just laughed “Look who's talking, we need to talk about that to, but I want all the guys there for it, this is just going to be between me and you, now open those pretty eyes and look at me.”

Namjoon sighed as he rolled over still lying on Mark’s lap, but he opened his eyes meeting Mark’s calming eyes. Mark looked fluffy like this, his hair was back to it natural color and had no product in it and his face was bare and freed from any makeup high might have worn on his date, “Do we need to do this? I… Don’t want to talk about it.”

The oldest omega just shook his head “Nammie... You sounded terrified when you called Jackson, you never call him like that. We have to drag you to us, I need you to tell us what is wrong, you know you can’t keep it all in. Please don’t wall us… Don’t wall me out.”

Namjoon tried to look away but Mark was keeping his head still with gentle hands, he wasn’t getting out of this no matter how much he wanted to, “It wasn’t anything important, just a simple misunderstanding.”

Mark’s eyes softened “This is the problem baby, you always do this, you think that it isn’t something important because it is you that happened to.” he ran his fingers over Namjoon eyebrows in a calming movement.

“I promise, it really wasn’t something. I overreacted, he didn’t mean to do it. I just pushed him too far, I did something I shouldn’t have.” This was the problem, he shouldn’t have called them. He knew that he shouldn’t… He had just needed a hand, he just… wanted to feel wanted.

“What did he do, I promise I won’t be mad. I promise none of us will ever be mad, I just need you to talk to me.” Mark pleaded with Namjoon. The thing was that Namjoon knew that Mark just wanted the best for him, other than Jackson Mark was one of his best friends.

“It was Kookie… He… They told me to not sleep in the nest, so I”

“THEY DID WHAT!?” Mark interrupted Namjoon, almost making him fall of Mark’s lap, “Please tell me you are kidding, please tell me that they didn’t do that.”

Namjoon felt this need to defend his pack “It just made sense, Jungkook was struggling to sleep because of my scent, and Jimin was struggling to sleep without being up close with one of the other guys. I didn’t want to cause them issues, so it just made sense.”

He could feel how Mark tensed under him, and Namjoon rolled around again to bury his face in Mark’s soft shirt while running his fingers over his thigh in a calming movement, “You know how I struggle sleeping without other people’s scent, so I kinda stole some of their cloth. Just so I didn’t have to bother them.”

“You are never a bother to anybody, you know this we told you. What ever they said wasn’t true” Mark tried to calm down the clearly upset male.

“He alpha ordered me” Namjoon admitted out of the blue, and he could feel the pressure building up in his chest again, he got reminded of the crushing feeling of the blanket over his mind, how he felt like he couldn’t control himself. Like he had lost himself

Mark didn’t say anything at first, his hand that he been lightly playing with the younger's hair had frozen, Namjoon misunderstood this like Mark was angry with him, and he almost curled in on himself still lying in the olders lap “I’m sorry.”

The omega’s voice had a cold undertone that Namjoon had never before heard “I am going to kill him, I don’t fucking care with Jinyoung says anymore. He deserves to be killed. Who was it. Tell me who it was, I am going to fucking kill every single one of them just to be sure.”

Namjoon sat up with a set, the blanket that had been covering him falling of and exposing he still naked chest to the chilling air “It wasn’t Kookies fault! It was mine! I pushed him too far and didn’t want to tell him the truth.”

Mark hit the table in front of him in an angry movement “Don’t defend them!” his voice was almost a whisper but the edge in his voice was deadly “This is all their fucking fault, they made you like this! They made it so you didn’t feel you mattered. How would you feel if it was me? What if it was Jackson who gave me an alpha order! Forced me to do something I didn’t want to? What if it was Jaebum that forced me through alpha order to make a choice! Would that be okay? If anything I would deserve it by your logic.”

The thought of any of the Got7 alphas doing that to Mark made Namjoon’s blood run cold, and he felt incapable of logic thought, his mind consumed of Mark of being forced to be a mindless slave. He scrambled to place himself in Mark’s lap, even it it was slightly awkward with Namjoon being taller, he grabbed Mark face with soft hands “No! Don’t say that!”

Mark just laughed resting his forehead against Namjoon’s “So it’s okay that they do it to you for something  so meaningless, but not to me.”

“You are an omega! You are important! I am just a dud, I don’t matter.” Namjoon still wouldn’t let go of Mark’s face.

“This is the problem baby, you matter so much no matter what you think. You could be a gust of wind and you would still matter so much. It doesn’t matter what sub gender you are, or what I am. What matter is you.” The problem was that Mark knew this was a losing battle, the self hatred was grounded so deep in Namjoon’s personality that it didn’t matter what Mark did to lessen it. They had all tried, but they couldn’t get through to him.

“Can I ask something?” Namjoon asked so hesitant that Mark almost cooed at him, he liked having Namjoon in his lap. Namjoon gave him the same calming feeling that BamBam did.

“Of cause you can,” The fact that Namjoon felt that he had to ask permission to speak was really part of the issue wasn’t it?

“Have you ever… Uhm been ordered?”

Mark just shook his head “No, alpha’s are thought not to do it. Ordering an omega can be dangerous to their health, and alpha’s can be put in jail for it. What was done to you was wrong.” He said it in a manner of fact voice.

“It’s his hormones, he can’t control them. He is trying very hard, he would never do it to Jimin, he is trying very very hard” He defended the maknae.

“Golden Maknae my ass” Mark mumbled “Can’t even do basic things. Can you do a thing for me Nammie?”

Namjoon nodded eagerly, putting a bit of distance between them but still not removing himself from his lap. Mark put his hands lightly on Namjoon’s hips before tilting them both to the side so they ended up lying on the couch instead. Course both of them to giggle lightly at the tilt “I want you to repeat after me, can you do that?” Another nod “I am worth happiness”

That was not what Namjoon expected to hear, and he blushed lightly, he wanted to hide from Mark’s intense stare, but there was nowhere to look other than him with how close they were, “I am worth happiness” he mumbled in an unconvincing voice.

“Again, and don’t whisper this time” Mark smiled at him.

“I am worth happiness” It still wasn’t as convincing as Mark wanted it, but it was a start. The worst part was that they all felt that they got progress done with Namjoon every time they spend time with him, but then he went back to Bts and all their progress was gone.

The worst part about it was that he couldn’t do anything about it, none of them could. Dud’s couldn’t take the bite of pack, but he still belonged to the Bts pack, if he was part of their pack instead both Jyp and BigHit would instantly swap around their living conditions. It was one of the few positive parts of being an idol. Doing to an law companies like this had to be supportive of whatever pack their members joined, and all members should be given the option to live with their pack and never questioned about it. Companies weren’t allowed to pressure their members into joining a specific pack, and even just a member accusing a company of doing this could cause massive issues.

If Namjoon was a part of their pack he would be with them at all other times than when he had important stuff to do with Bts, it would be like any other job. But in the end of the day he would return to them. Mark knew that they could help Namjoon, that they could make him feel better, that they could help make him feel like a person again. He never knew what Bts’s problem was, they always treated Namjoon like he was just a dud. Even if he was a dud he deserved better than this! They put all their information in stereotypes, and they were slowly destroying this amazing person in his arms.

Mark knew he shouldn’t push the topic more, by trial and error they had learned how far they could push Namjoon with these talks. Pushing too far would push him into a spiral and hurt him more than it would help him, Mark ran his finger over Namjoon’s still bare rips in a teasing wfingertips.

Namjoon tried to keep in his laughter, but as Mark did it again a giggle escaped him and he smiled at the omega “stop it you know I am ticklish.”

For some time they both just laid there enjoying each others company until Namjoon remembered “You never told me why you came home this early! And don’t tell me it was because of me, you came home while I would be sleeping.”

This coursed Mark to blush a heavy color and it was now his turn to look away from Namjoon embarrassed, and that was when Namjoon noticed, why hadn’t he noticed before just how strong Mark’s scent were, and how it had this sweet and lovely undertone “You are in preheat!”

He just nodded embarrassed and tried to hide his face in Namjoon’s neck, which in turn caused his scent gland to be right in front of Namjoon face and now that Namjoon allowed himself to really smell it he was almost overwhelmed by the sweet scent of preheat. He knew he shouldn’t be affected by it, he shouldn’t even be able to smell the sweet scent, but he did and he could feel the effect on his body. He had never before been this close to an omega getting ready to go into heat, the rest of the guys always kept Namjoon away from the nest when Jimin was getting ready to go into heat.

“Mark you should be with the guys, or even with exo you can’t be here with me when you are going into heat” Namjoon tried to reason. God he just wanted to take care of Mark, not in the ‘I must own and knot this omega’ alpha way, but in the ‘I wanna take care, cares and make sure that everything is okay for him’ kind of way.

Mark shook his head still hiding his face “I can’t, if I spend my heat with either of them they will just think that I am picking them, I don’t want to lead them on.”

“Mark they have both been courting you in forever, how many heats have you spend alone?” Mark whined deep in his throat.

“All of them, can we not talk about this… I… Ehm… If I think about the heat, I can’t control it” the younger had to admit he was kinda impressed by Mark, the omega had to have an iron grip on his self control.

Namjoon nuzzled his head into his neck “Mark you are 23, that’s 1 heat every two months for 5 years, that’s not good for you.”

He knew that he should let Mark go, that he was poisoning mark with his scent, but the sweet smell of omega was amazing. He wanted to be selfish, god he wanted to be selfish and keep him here in his arms. Mark seemed to keen in Namjoon’s arms, the cream making him not give zero shit about Namjoon’s scent, he just liked how Namjoon’s presents made him feel more calm. While they had their talk it was easy for him to ignore the low burn of the preheat especially since the conversation was so serious, but now he could clearly feel it, “Mum taught me that you should only spend your heat with your pack, my first heat is going to be when I join my pack and get my bite.” Namjoon couldn’t keep himself from smiling into Mark’s scent gland.

That was so Mark, the idea that you had to wait for your pack to share your heat was long since stopped, but Mark was a romantic inside so of cause that was what he wanted. “Nammie we need to put some space between us, I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable” that was when he noticed that Mark was indeed hard against his leg.

Now both of them were blushing now, it was the first time Namjoon had been put in any kind of sexual position. Everybody always hid it away from him, it was weird now that Namjoon thought about it. With over 66% of the planet going into ruts and heats the world was fairly open about sexual activities. Namjoon knew that every single member of his own pack had had some kind of fun with somebody outside of their pack.

Jimin needed another omega, Lu Han had been his favorite when he was still in Korea, now he favoured Hongbin. The rest Namjoon never really kept up with, it was normal after all, “I… uhm… could take care of it, “ he blushed deeply “Just if you want of cause!”

At this point they were both blushing like wallflowers, “I don’t want want to force you into something you aren’t into.”

“Are you kidding Mark? Have you seen yourself, or smell yourself?”

“Aren’t you… you know… Asexual? We read that dud’s doesn’t feel sexual urges at all, I don’t want to push you.”

Namjoon was just confused at that point, he had never thought himself as asexual, he had very very clear sexual urges… He just never had a chance to feed those urges, “No it’s just… you know my scent… So people don’t really see me that way” Namjoon felt so ashamed admitting it, he felt like he was showing Mark all the reason this was a bad idea.

“You mean that?” Mark still didn’t look convinced, but then again… Mark had always been very careful with Namjoon, might come from the fact that the first time they met Mark walked in on him having a panic attack in a closet at an award ceremony.

Namjoon nodded now looking hesitant as well, had he pushed for to much? Stupid stupid wNamjoon, he should have known better. Mark was to good for him anyway.

Mark licked his lips eyeing Namjoon’s “Would you let me… uhm… Grind on your thigh?” Mark looked so shy, something he rarely saw the self assured omega be.

“Is that what you want?” Namjoon was confused, he knew how this normally worked, and he expected… something different, but then again the thought of Mark in his lap slowly taking his pleasure from Namjoon as he wanted it was really hot. Then again, Mark could pretty much ask to do anything and Namjoon would probably find it hot. He always dreamed about his first time doing anything like this would be with one of his packmates, but this was okay. Yeah… Namjoon liked this, Mark was nice… Mark was safe and warm and he made Namjoon feel happy.

Mark kinda awkwardly laughed “Don’t laugh at me it's just… You have really great thighs, and I’m afraid if I do anything more my heat is going to start completely, and I really just want the top of.” Namjoon could feel how Mark’s entire body was heating up, and the sweet vanilla smell mixed with even sweeter preheat smell was going to Namjoon’s brain.

Namjoon nodded quickly, he didn’t know if it was just himself being eager or that with a mix of Mark’s fucking amazing scent, it was the first time in so long that Namjoon could remember feeling wanted, like really wanted.

Mark gently rolled them over, so instead of lying on their side facing each other he was now in the youngers lap with one of Namjoon’s thighs between his, it seemed that Mark had finally decided to stop babying him as Namjoon could feel Mark’s erection through his shorts, “Grab my upper thighs Nammie, that way you can help me but I am still in control, okay?”

Namjoon just nodded ready to follow whatever Mark told him to, quickly placing his hands on Marks smooth upper thigh. Yeah he could do this, but then the omega started to lightly grind into Namjoon’s thigh and all his senses felt like they had gotten a boost. He was keenly aware of the fact that he had a pre heat omega on his lap, and that preheat omega was Mark.

“That good Nammie, not too hard you are guiding not controlling.” another grind and Mark let out a light moan. That sound… It was the same sound that he had heard from Jimin through the wall so many times, that sweet amazing omega moan, and he… Namjoon was the cause of it.

Namjoon had no idea how long they were like that, Mark grinding on his thigh, he felt completely lost in the omega above him, was this like it always was? Like everything other than the other person stopped existing? That was when Namjoon felt… something wet running down Mark’s thigh. Oh… “Mark... “ Namjoon ran his thumb up stopping right under the edge of Mark’s shorts gathering the slick with it.

Namjoon was fascinated by the slick he gathered, since he wasn’t an omega he didn’t create slick. Was it like Mark? Vanilla? I smelled like vanilla, he didn’t even think about before stuffing his thumb into his mouth, letting the taste of the slick explode in his mouth. It tasted like Mark, like the most amazing taste he ever tasted? How did half of got7 not live in Mark’s ass at this point, did all omega’s taste this good?

“Okay yeah... you need to stop that, I am going to cum… Like yesterday” Mark moaned out, staring at Namjoon’s mouth where he still had his thumb in his mouth.

“I thought that was the point?” Namjoon asked confused.

Mark just looked at him with wide eyes, “yeah… I’m going to kiss you now,” he leaned down to kiss Namjoon but before he managed to Namjoon had already lifted himself up a bit to meet Mark. The second their lips meet in a very simple kiss, Namjoon felt Mark go tense above him and release a moan as he came, and then went slack over him.

The omega more or less just went completely limp above Namjoon, resting his full weight on him. Namjoon let him tho, running his hand through Mark’s hair as Mark’s preheat body slowly cool down to its normal temperature as the preheat left his body.

As the both cooled down, Namjoon doing his best to think of naked old people to will away his erection, he suddenly couldn’t stop himself from giggling, causing Mark to giggle with him without even knowing the reason “Was my orgasme face that funny? Or I’m I just that bad at kissing?”

“It was my first kiss,” Namjoon giggled.

Chapter Text

Namjoon kinda expected them to just relax lying on the couch, maybe for Mark to dose of while his smaller frame was comfortable on top of Namjoon’s. That wasn’t what happened, after a few minutes of silence Namjoon felt Mark starting to rub his face against both sides of his face, it felt really good but Namjoon felt slightly awkward “What are you doing?”

“Lie still” Mark just ordered him, as he was starting to rub his hands all over Namjoon’s still exposed upper body.

Namjoon could feel himself flush, with all that had gone on he had kinda forgot that he wasn’t wearing a shirt, and his body heat up in a weird way with the way that Mark touched him, “Markie… are you scent marking me?”

Mark didn’t answer, he just nuzzled his face into Namjoon’s scent gland completely ignoring question set on whatever he was doing, leaving Namjoon not knowing what to do. The last time he had been scent mark was when he was a kid by his parents, but parent’s stopped scent marking their kids around 14 so they could slowly come into their own scent. Nobody had ever scent marked him since he had become a dud, most people didn’t go close to him.

But here Mark was rubbing his sweet vanilla scent all over him, he had cuddled with the rest of Got7 no doubt about it, but nobody had ever scent marked him before. Scent marking was deeply personal and many times sexual “Mark you can’t do this, it’s wrong I’m dud”

“I will stop if you have an argument that doesn’t have anything to do with you sub gender.” That left Namjoon’s mind blank, he never really thought about anything like that without thinking about his identity was his sub-gender. All anybody ever saw was BTS leader Namjoon, or that kpop star who are dud.

“I like Kim Namjoon, the overly cuddly guy who pretends he isn’t. I like the guy who fall asleep in our arms because he works to hard. I like the guy I can trust to take care of BamBam if I’m not here. You are more than just a dud. Now lie still, I never got to do this! We always had a rule to keep sex stuff away from you since we thought you didn’t like it, but now they can’t stop me without dragging me away from you.”

Mark said it in a matter of fact way that he clearly left no room for disagreement, he never thought of himself like that, was Mark right? Could he be more than his sub gender? “You are all using that cream, nobody can smell it on me anyway so it doesn’t matter” Namjoon tried to argue.

He couldn’t deny the fact that he really liked what Mark was doing to him, specially when he liked Namjoon on the side of his neck that had no scent gland. The omegas hand was now holding down his shoulder to keep him from moving, “I know it’s there that’s all that matter.” He scent Namjoon a grin, “Is this the first time somebody marks you? Scent marks?”

Namjoon could feel himself blush again, to admit that nobody had ever done something this basic to him was embarrassing, he was to ashamed to answer so he just nodded in agreement. “I want to do something different, can you lie still for me Nammie? This might feel weird, but I want to be the first.”

With the way that Mark looked at him with a giant shit eating grin, laughter showing in his eyes, Namjoon really couldn’t deny him anything. The older could have asked to stab him, and Namjoon would probably have agreed as long as he kept looking this happy, Mark was rarely this happy lately, “I trust you.”

“Turn your head around, expose that side of your neck with no scent gland on it to me.” Namjoon easily obeyed the command, not sure what Mark wanted to do to him.

That was until he felt a set of lips on his neck, and then he felt the pressure as Mark started to suck on his neck. Oh… Mark was marking him up! “Markie… Are you sure this is okay?” Namjoon’s voice was slightly whiny and high. He couldn’t explain why it felt the way it did, he knew it wasn’t just the physical pleasure of having a very good looking male on his lap sucking on his neck. It felt weird inside his mind, it was like his mind was relaxing and calming. It was kinda in a way like the blanket that Jungkook put on his mind, but much less effective, he knew he could get out if he wanted to he knew that he was okay. However he also felt like he belonged.

“Shh, just let me do this I promise you will like it… and the outcome I promise” the omega went back to marking him up right under his jawline, first seeming content when a giant multicolored hickey was covering the left side of his neck.

“See! Now I got your first kiss, your first scent marking, and the first mark you ever got to bear was mine!” Mark sounded way happy with himself.

“You aren’t going to make fun of me for not having done anything before?” he asked hesitantly. He was 22, the fact that he had done something just proved how nobody wanted him.

Mark seemed to finally have decided that Namjoon was marked enough as he went back to just cuddling, Namjoon felt… content… The voices had stopped in his head, his entire body was warm and content, there was a happy bubbling in his chest, “I would never make fun of you. Your pack are stupid, and now all your firsts belong to me.” Mark did his rendition of an evil laughter, but it mostly came out as a cute giggle, and he pressed a light kiss to Namjoon’s lips again “You have to protect me now tho.”

“From what?”

“FROM ME! MARK I WANTED THE FIRST GOT7 OMEGA KISS! THIS ISN’T FAIR YOU CHEATED!” it came whiny and shrill from the entrance to the nest, the next second Namjoon felt the air getting knocked out of him as BamBam jumped on top of Mark and him.

Both Mark and Namjoon let out loud whines at the same time as BamBam’s weight crashed onto them, the young Thai omega didn’t seem to give zero fucks tho “Joonie! How could you let Mark get away with this! You are mine!”

Namjoon was pretty sure that he was forgiven tho if the was that BamBam nuzzled Mark’s scent gland was anything to go by, he was pretty sure that BamBam was just happy to have Mark home as his strawberry scent mixed with Mark’s vanilla, “You can’t do that” it was Mark’s turn to have a breathless voice now “I am in pre-heat, you are going to push me over the edge. I want to stay until Namjoon has to leave before I go and hide.”

BamBam’s eyes got comically large as he looked from Namjoon to Mark, “Oh my god you guys” He pointed back and forward between them.

Mark just send him a shit eating grin, while Namjoon still lying under both of turned his head away in embarrassment, what he didn’t think about was that he was now clearly showing of the hickey Mark had proudly giving him “MARK! THIS IS NOT FAIR! You got to spend preheat, kiss and mark him up!”

“And scent mark him” Mark was way to smug about this.

“Guys it is way too early to be this loud” and there was the last member that Namjoon hadn’t really gotten to talk to as Youngjae walked out of the nest as well “Why are you guys trying to crush Joonie-hyung?” He rubbed his eyes with his sweater paws as he yawned.

Namjoon always questioned how a beta was allowed to be that cute, anybody who looked at Youngjae like this would assume that he was an omega, but no Youngjae was their adorable little beta, BamBam didn’t seem to care that half of their pack was still sleeping as he yelled out “Mark cheated!” he was up from the couch to shake Youngjae clearly annoyed that the beta didn’t magically know what had happened “He kissed Joonie! And Joonie got him off! And he even scent marked him! AND GAVE HIM A GIANT HICKEY! IT’S NOT FAIR!” BamBam was now full on puppy eyes and pouting trying to get the sleepy beta to see his side.

“So you decided that you guys needed to crush him so he couldn’t breath? Cause he was nice enough to help Mark with preheat?” He leaned his head on BamBam’s shoulder, looking like he was going to fall asleep standing up.

“We had an agreement with Exo that none of us would but a hand on Mark during preheat or heat while we were both courting him, I am going to kick Minseok’s ass” It seemed that their loud (By their he definitely meant BamBam’s) yelling had woken up the rest of Got7, Jaebum had made his way into the living room as well.

The pack alpha looked a lot more well rested than he did when Namjoon left the nest, the bags under his eyes were almost completely gone and he looked good as he stretched shaking to last of sleep from his mind. Like the rest of Got7 Jaebum didn’t seem to have a big believe in shirts, and it made Namjoon feel self conscious about his own shirtless state, he wanted to grab the blanket to cover himself with, but Mark was still lazing on top of him loo, still looking smug as fuck.

“No Joonie helped him, is nobody focusing on the point here!?”

“Namjoon helped who?” and as if it were a shitty comedy show, in walked Yugyeom, looking extremely confused about why his pack was yelling this early in the morning.

Namjoon couldn’t keep himself from giggling, BamBam’s completely lost expressed was just too good, “Okay all of this shitty pack here now!” BamBam grumbled storming into the bedroom to probably drag the two remaining members out of the nest.

Youngjae looked like he was going to fall if it hadn’t been for Jaebum being quick and grabbing a hold of him “This is what happens when you spend most of the night teasing your pack members instead of sleeping, you fall asleep standing up.” Even tho it was said as an reprimand, his voice was soft. People could say what they wanted about Jaebum, but in reality he was one big fuzzy teddy bear who loved his pack more than anything else.

Youngjae didn’t answer instead just leaned on Jaebum with his eyes still closed, BamBam came out dragging a sleepy Jackson and not at all amused Jinyoung, “I suggest we deport Mark to Monsta X instead.”

While Mark stayed with closed eyes, almost purring like a cat as Namjoon petted his hair, the rest of Got7 looked like BamBam had just suggested that they become a girl jazz group, “Excuse me what?” It came from Jinyoung “Are you okay?”

BamBam stamped in the ground clearly not amused “He cheated!”

Now it was Jackson’s time to look regretful, and Namjoon was happy Mark had decided to ignore the rest of Got7, Namjoon hated how Jackson blamed himself for Mark not joining them “BamBam we been over this, he is being courted by Exo, that doesn’t make it cheating.”

“Actually, that is rude as well, but this is more important than Exo’s inability to keep an omega! MARK STOLE NAMJOON’S FIRST OMEGA KISS FROM ME!” That seemed to actually wake up a tired Got7 that all now looked at Mark like he had grown an extra head. Mark to his credit seemed to have finally decided to pay attention to them.

Jaebum surprisingly was the first one to react “Mark, what the fuck, you know we had a rule! Not push him!”

The omega seemed to have realized that he was in some deep shit at this point “It’s not like that! I didn’t force him! He asked me to!” And for the first time in what seemed like hours he removed himself from Namjoon in favour of trotting up to Jaebum poking him in the chest “Do you really think I would force myself on him! He came to me! We were wrong, he isn’t asexual! Which we could have figured out much sooner, if some stupid alpha hadn’t decided that it was better not to talk about in fear of making him awkward.”

A squawk came from Jackson “His… HOW DID NOBODY TELL ME THIS!?” Namjoon had to admit, it was fun seeing Jackson and the rest of Got7 throw a tantrum, he never thought it would be like this… They were arguing for him, not against him, it made him happy. They wanted him didn’t they? He couldn’t keep in a giggle as they all started arguing over who should get Namjoon’s next kiss. Was this how feeling wanted was like?

He never managed to hear what they decided on, cause Youngjae had decided to slide into his lap ignoring the rest of the arguing “Is this okay?” He asked in a low voice with a smile on his lips.

Namjoon smiled at him, like he could ever deny the cute beta anything “Of course it is.” He wanted to say more, but he never got the chance to cause Youngjae took his mouth in a soft kiss.

He kissed differently than Mark, Mark took control and clearly liked showing that he had the control, Youngjae was different. With Youngjae it was an equal and soft dance, he didn’t take control of the kiss, but he didn’t let Namjoon take it either he instead just let them be on equal foot. Namjoon couldn’t pick one he prefered, they were both so them.

Youngjae didn’t take the kiss very far, it was soft and mild, and then he broke it resting their foreheads together. His soft smile, but still slightly sleepy and dopey, coursing Namjoon to giggle “Thank you Jae.”

“Awww that was almost cute.” It seemed like Mark had gotten tired of what ever lecture that Jaebum was giving him about personal space.

Jinyoung laughed from his space on the other couch “While the rest of us argue, Youngjae just goes for it.”

“I WANT MY JOONIE KISS NOW!” BamBam was almost red in his head now clearly he was not having this shit anymore.

Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from blushing and trying to hide his head in Youngjae’s shoulder, the young beta couldn’t stop himself from smiling… Namjoon was just so cute, “You guys are making him shy, you guys all want the same. Why not just go by age?”

“You can easily say that you already got your kiss!” BamBam whined, but Jaebum shut him down.

“maybe we should ask Namjoon if he is okay with this, and then we can go by age”  Jaebum was using his packleader voice, but.he wasn't making it an alpha order.

Namjoon was still hiding his face in the betas shoulder, but he nodded hoping that they would notice, he wanted it he really did. After getting his first kiss he wanted so much more, he wanted to find the difference between all of them, “aww look at him, so shy. Our baby doesn't know how to ask for kisses, actually does that mean I get another kiss?” Mark


“no it doesn't, Joonie can you come over here?” Jaebum seemed to finally have decided to take control, and after Mark he was the oldest one.

wJaebum was leaning against the wall signalling Namjoon to come to him, Namjoon was shy lifting Youngjae of his lap. He only just got into Jaebum’s personal space as the got7 leader grabbed him by the wrist, Namjoon just lead himself be lead until Jaebum had him like wanted, hands above his head and pinned against the wall.

“Let's make Jackson jealous Joonie, he wants you so bad. I promise that it's going to be so fun, trust me?” It was whispered into Namjoon’s ear, and the younger nodded eagerly he would do anything he was asked. Namjoon couldn't explain why, but the feeling of submitting to the older alpha gave Namjoon butterflies in his stomach.

The kiss that Jaebum gave him was nothing like any of the the other kisses he had gotten, it was mind searing and dominating. While Mark had controlled their kiss it was nothing like this, Jaebum consumed his entire being, he took and controlled and gave Namjoon no chance but to submit.

His hands were still held above his head by his wrist, the other of Jaebum’s hands were cradling his face, holding it like he wanted it. Namjoon could get lost in Jaebum he was sure of that, he could get lost in this feeling of being blanketed by the alpha. The kiss didn’t least nearly as long as Namjoon wanted it to, and when Jaebum was moved from him, when he stop pumping those amazing alpha pheromones around it Namjoon was slightly unstable on his feet and without Jaebum still holding his arms, he wasn’t sure he was standing.

Like water popping in his ears sound welled over him like a tsunami “Okay I think that is enough!” Jackson’s voice was heard, oh… He was the one who pulled away Jaebum.

Namjoon flushed at how Jaebum was looking at him, like he was something the older alpha wanted to eat, the scent of spearmint was dancing around them, the look in his eyes almost made Namjoon worry, had Jaebum lost control of his inner alpha? But Jaebum just winked at him, this was all a show.

When Jaebum released his hands Jackson was already in his personal space pushing against his side, in what Namjoon was sure was suppose to be a protective movement, “Don’t you think you took it a little too far Jb?” Jackson questioned, Namjoon could almost hear the pout in his voice “We don’t want to scare him away!”

“I am not scaring him away, we are all fine… Right Joonie?” Again he blinked with a smirk on his face, but this time Jackson saw it as well.

“You are too much… too fucking much!” the younger alpha exclaimed.

Namjoon giggled lightly, he felt so… safe here. With all of the got7 pack, he felt safe, “Jackson it’s fine, I am not a baby. If i´_I’m not comfortable, I will tell you… I promise.”

Didn’t really seem to make Jackson less pouty “Cause yeah… That worked so well every time they shitheads you live with does it.”

The mention of Bts made Namjoon feel like he gotten slapped across the face, he hated that they saw Bts like the villians. They weren’t! They were just… misunderstood, and they didn’t always understand why something they did hurt Namjoon, they might act like they didn’t care, but they did… They had to right?

“Jackson… It’s complicated, they are good people. Can we… not talk about it.”

Jinyoung ended up being the mood saver as he said, voice slightly mischievous “Jackson, doesn’t always think about how his uses his mouth, that is why the rest of prefer to gag him. Much better.”

“You didn’t complain about my mouth last night?”

“Last night your mouth was too full to even be able to say something love, on your knees with your mouthful.” Jackson blushed at that, and so did Namjoon. He tried to shake the image of Jackson on his knees in front of Jinyoung from his mind.

“You guys are making Namjoon shy, weren’t there supposed to be kissing involved, or is Jackson surrendering his turn?” Yugyeom asked from his space sitting cross legged on the floor.

Jackson glared at the youngest alpha “You are all mean,” but their was no mean spiritedness behind it, “Namjoon can I kiss you now?”

Namjoon just nodded, feeling a little bit too shy to use his voice, luckily for him Jackson was more than happy to lead this. He didn’t corner Namjoon like Jaebum had done, he softly pulled the younger towards him and lead their lips together. Jackson didn’t kiss like any of the others did, he controlled the kiss, but he was busy teasing. His teeth would nips at Namjoon’s full bottom lip and teasingly drag his tongue over it without any intention of deepening it.

Namjoon tried to keep up with Jackson, but he had no real idea what to do, all the kissing experience he had was from today! He tried to copy Jackson, but almost jumped back when he felt their tongues touching, forcing the kiss to be broken. Both of them was blushing as they looked at each other, but Namjoon definitely felt like he was the biggest mess out of both of them.

The next person to lightly grab his arm with Jinyoung “I guess it’s my turn now” the beta smiled calmingly at him, he always had a calming effect on Namjoon, it was one of his best qualities. Jinyoung’s kiss was just like Jinyoung himself, calming and relaxing. He didn’t push Namjoon or anything, he showed Namjoon how to handle it. He guided Namjoon’s hand to the pack of Jinyoung’s neck, as he guided Namjoon through it amazingly.

When the kiss was broken he didn’t feel the heat running through him like with Jaebum, he didn’t feel the embarrassment like with Jackson, he just felt calm and centered. Not that he got long time to feel that way, cause BamBam was entirely done waiting for everybody to finish their shit, “It’s my turn now!”

Namjoon was always surprised with just how much strength BamBam had in his smaller body, as he pushed Namjoon onto the couch and got onto his lap. Namjoon found BamBam’s kissing style adorable, he was like an overeager puppy. None of them had any control over the kiss, they just went with the flow. At first Namjoon wanted to back away from BamBam’s strong grab on his hair, but the more the kiss went on the more he found that he liked the little tucks at his hair, it sent electricity down his spine in a good way.

The kiss was definitely the longest, but then again. Namjoon didn’t really think he could count it as one kiss, it was more a lot of smaller kisses and bites in a short amount of time, but when BamBam finally decided to let Namjoon breath they were both giggling.

Namjoon felt a light tap on his shoulder, when he turned to see who it was a soft kiss was placed on him, Yugyeom kissed exactly as expected, shy and softly. His kiss was without a doubt the shortest, but it didn’t mean that it took his breath away any less than the rest of them.

For a moment it seemed like none of them knew where to go from there, but Mark didn’t let the slight awkwardness stay “Sooo… who is the best kisser? It’s me right?”

He never ended up answering that question, cause the rest of the pack was over Mark in a second, playfully knocking him around protesting what he said. It was moments like this where he could find himself wishing that he could stay, wishing that this was what he came home to. Got7 cared about him right? They had to… why else would they treat him like this.

When evening came around Namjoon knew he had to leave, he had to go back home. The vacation was over, Mark had left earlier to wherever he played on spending his heat alone. It was time for Namjoon to leave as well, BamBam almost begged him to stay, and he almost did, he didn’t want to leave.

It ended up with Jinyoung and Youngjae escorting him home to the Bts dorms, first Jackson wanted to go, but one strong look from Jaebum settled him down without any struggle, even if did mumble that he had self control. The closer they got to the dorms, the more he could feel his hands shaking, first when Youngjae grabbed one his hand intertwining their fingers did the shaking stop. Both beta’s looked sad and regretful as they gathered him in a hug outside of the door to the Bts dorms, Toffee and white chocolate swirling around him in a perfect combination, “You know you can come to us anytime Joonie, no matter what, even if we have schedule or you have schedule.”

Namjoon just nodded, hugging both of them one after the other. He didn’t know what it was that coursed him to hug them even closer, but somehow he knew that it would be a very long time since he would see them again, might have been his instincts. He took a deep breath before he opened the door, like he knew something bad would happen when he went inside, and god was he right. Yoongi stood in the entrance hall, ice cold and stance hostile “Been out whoring yourself out? You smell like a brothel.”

Chapter Text

Namjoon froze as the door closed behind him, he had never had Yoongi’s anger turned at him, most of the time the older rapper just ignored him, acted like he wasn’t there “It’s not like that.” he tried to defend himself.

“Drop the act, I can smell them all over you. And it smells like Mark is about to go into heat. How can you do this? How can you be this stupid? Do we mean nothing to you?” It felt like a solid kick in his stomach, Bts meant so much to him! How could Yoongi even say that.

He was stupid wasn’t he? He had been so happy at the Got7 dorms that he had forgotten one of the most important things, he was just stupid silly Namjoon, “You guys mean everything to me!”

“Oh that’s a way to show it! Whoring yourself out! Isn’t Jimin enough of an omega for you?! You need to fuck around with other! Do I need to go and get Jimin so you can tell him to his face how you don’t give a fuck about him! How he isn’t good enough for him!” Yoongi’s voice was cutting him like a blade, but he hadn’t moved from his spot leaning against the wall arms crossed and brows frowned.

Somewhere in his mind he knew that Yoongi was using his own fear against him, he knew that Yoongi was using how much he cared against him. Namjoon knew that Jimin by nature was an insecure person, Namjoon never wanted to make that worse, he wanted Jimin to have have the world, and the omega never deserved to feel insecure, “Yoongi! I promise it isn’t like that!” Namjoon desperately pleaded with the alpha.

Namjoon could feel the voices returning, bombarding the inside of his skull with all the thought of how this was all his fault, he had hurt his pack by being stupid and thoughtless! “What are leader you are Namjoon, can’t even stop himself from hurting his members. What would happen if the public found out that our leader is whoring himself out to whatever pack that want him for a day!”

He could feel the tears gathering in the corners in his eyes, how could he have been this careless “Please… I never wanted to hurt anybody, you guys was busy so I just went to visit Jackson!"

“Oh so the second we aren't paying you enough attention you run off and give yourself to the first person you see! How selfish are you! We have an entire pack to take care off, we can’t always be babysitting our leader!”

Why had he even gone to Jackson? He should have known better, he should have stayed with HIS pack. He should stop being so fucking needy! “I am not going to do it again! I swear! Please don’t throw me out!” as soon as he said it Namjoon felt like he was going to have a panic attack, he had fucked it up for himself right? Yoongi was going to kick him out of the pack because he was an attention seeking needy whore! He wasn’t an omega, he should stop needing the attention so much!

“They don’t care you know that right? They just find you easy, why would they care. They are already fighting to keep Mark, you really think that they want you? You are broken, you are no use for them!”

No… No… they cared, they said they cared! They had all promised him that they cared about him! They wouldn’t lie to him? “They said they cared! We are friends!” Namjoon weakly protested, but he couldn’t look at Yoongi anymore, he was talking against his pack alpha. How dared he do that! He wasn’t even a real person, and now he dared speaking like he mattered.

“That is what people say when they want to sleep with something, they want nothing else from you. To them you are just a playtoy, just a standing until they get Mark back, they could have anybody. You know that! But you are easy so they just settled for you for now, don’t think that they are going to stick around!” There was light growl in Yoongi’s tone.

He was right wasn’t he? Why would they want him? He was just silly stupid Namjoon, he should have known better. How could he had been so stupid? How could he had let Got7 play him? How did he think that would even care about him, look at them! An alpha like Jaebum and Jackson could have anybody they want! Jinyoung was like the perfect beta, he was supportive, and always had your back! They were all so much better than him, he had just been easy hasn’t he? “I’m sorry Yoongi! I won’t do it again! Tell me what I can do to make it all better, I never wanted to hurt our pack! I love you guys you know it!”

“Give me your phone and let me block them,” Yoongi’s voice left no room for argument, and had Namjoon been in his right mind he would have noticed the light smirk on the alpha’s face. He was clearly getting what he wanted, even if the taller male didn’t notice it. He just grabbed his phone from his pocket handing it over to Yoongi.

Yoongi went through his phone systematically deleting and blocking first every member of Got7, then deleting all conversation and call logs so Namjoon couldn’t track them down even if he wanted to. Yoongi then went into Namjoon’s gallery just doing a full delete of the entire gallery, deleting every sign of Got7 on his phone.

He wasn’t done tho, he started deleting and blocking a few other of Namjoon’s friends, this included Zico and every member of his old crew. First when Yoongi was sure that no trace of anything was left on the phone, and that he had blocked every option that they had of contacting Namjoon did he give back to phone to him. “See it’s going to be fine, we won’t let them use you anymore, we protect you.”

Yeah… His pack had his back right? He knew that he could trust Yoongi, Yoongi was his pack alpha he just wanted to best from Namjoon. Namjoon needed protection, he clearly let other people play him to easy, why had he trusted Got7! Why had he been such an attention whore! They were probably laughing at him back in the dorms, laughing at the stupid dud that thought they cared! “Thank you Yoongi, I will do better.”

Yoongi patted him on the head “I know you will, you don’t want to disappoint us.”

Namjoon was lucky that he had a pack that cared about him this much, he knew that Yoongi and the other didn’t have to care, he was just a dud after all. But they cared! They had his pack, he wasn’t going to disappoint them again! He would be better now, he would.

His heart ached when he saw Yoongi leave him alone in the hallway, clearly aiming for the nest that he was banned from, he remembered how Jackson and BamBam had wrapped around him keeping him safe. No he had to shake it from his head, he was a dud! He didn’t need it! He didn’t deserve it, they had played him, they didn’t care!

Problem was he could still smell them over him, specially Mark’s sweet vanilla scent from where he had scent marked him, and Jackson’s herbal scent from where he had been in almost constant physical contact with Namjoon while he had been there. Where Jackson had kept the voices away with his meer present, the voices was back now, but it was okay. They were his constant companion, and they weren’t really that bad, they were just telling him the truth.

When they weren’t there he got deceived, most importantly by himself, he needed them there to remember what he really was, how disgusting he was for being so selfish and for being such an attention whore.

He needed the scent’s off him now! He felt like he was betraying his pack for even carrying other people’s scent’s like this. He scrubbed his skin red in the shower but still didn’t stop, tears running down his face, why wouldn’t it get off! He couldn’t have it like this, he was wrong! Why was his skin trying to absorb the scent like this, only omega’s should be like this. Omega’s were designed to absorb other people’s scent, while their own scent was working and strong, omega’s were calmed by people they trusted scent, it helped regulate their hormones. Beta’s and alpha’s could easily wash scent of their bodies since it was like a thin layer on top of it, he should be able to! He should be able to wash it off, but no matter how he tried to scent wouldn’t get off.

He collapsed against the wall in the shower, hugging his knees to his chest, the to warm water running over him almost scolding his already sensitive skin from all the scrubbing, he couldn’t even present right! And now he couldn’t be a fucking dud right! He couldn’t do anything right, he was a failure. He couldn’t keep in the tears anymore, this was all too much. He tried so hard to be the best he could, he tried to be the best he could but it was never fucking enough!

Why was he such a fuck up? Why couldn’t he be anything right, he raked his nails up his upper arms trying to center himself. He couldn’t breath, it was all too much. And then it happened, he dug in his nails a little bit too hard ending up drawing blood, he let out a low gasp as the pain coursed through him. But the pain allowed him to focus, even if it was only for a short while. He picked in the wound a little, the pain allowing him to be able to focus he could breath again.

Never before did he understand why people self harm, was this why they did it? It allowed them to focus, it cleared their mind. He could understand now, when the panic in his mind was becoming numbing and he couldn’t fight his way through it, would this help? Somewhere in his mind he knew this wasn’t right, he knew that self harming wasn’t the right thing to do. But this way he could fight the panic attacks without needed the rest of the guys, he didn’t have to bother them any! This way he was less of a burden, this way he could handle this himself.

Namjoon at that point didn’t realize just how bad this was, he was so proud that he had actually found a way to deal with this, he wasn’t going to disappoint anybody anymore, he would be the best leader of any group! He ignored the empty feeling in his chest, he ignored the pain. As he finished up his shower, he hunted down the scent neutralizing spray that Jin used on the furniture when he cleaned it.

He looked at the spray in his hand, it had a giant mark showing that it wasn’t to use on humans. Was he really going to do this? Normally Jin made sure they were all out of the house when he used it, and he only used it while wearing a glove and mask. It could and would really hurt the skin, but luckily it didn’t leave any marks.

Would it remove the Got7 scent from him? Might even dull his even scent a bit? It was worth a try wasn’t it, even if it didn’t work as he wanted it to. He could do this for his pack, he had been selfish long enough. As long as it didn’t leave physical marks on him, he might not be the best looking member of Bts, but he still needed his face and body to look good. He wouldn’t destroy their chance of becoming one of the biggest kpop acts.

He clenched his eyes tight and sprayed it on his arm, the pain was much worse than he had ever expected it, he wanted to stop, the skin on his arm was feeling like it might fall off. Tears was starting to roll down his cheeks again, and he bit his lip so hard that it started bleeding just to keep the screams of pain in. He wanted to stop! But he knew he couldn’t he needed to do this! For his pack!

When he finished the first arm he was almost heaving for breath, this hurt more than anything he had ever experienced, but he couldn’t stop. He had to do this! He imagined Yoongi’s proud smile when he smelled that the Got7 smells were no longer on him! He didn’t need to tell the pack alpha what extremes he had to go to to get it off, he just needed the alpha to know he would do anything! ANYTHING! To fit in with his pack.

The next arm didn’t hurt any less, Namjoon would almost say that it actually hurt more. His face was wet with the spilt tears that was slowly dropping to the floor, but he ignored it! This was for his pack! What if this made his scent a little less prominent! He imagined Jungkook not fleeing any room he was in! It was worth it! He wanted to scream from the pain, it felt like he was peeling of his skin with a knife, but he couldn’t scream, he would wake up his pack member! He could imagine Jin waking and searching for the source of the sound, what if he got to close to Namjoon and some of the spray getting on the motherly beta.

No he couldn’t risk it, he needed to keep the sound in! He couldn’t hurt any of them like that. As he finished his hand off, the pain worse than anything duo to the sensitive joints there, he imagined the one waking being Taehyung instead, the beta was way to curious, he to would go on a search for the sounds. Namjoon could imagine Taehyung hoping (and believing) that it might be aliens. He would sneak up on Namjoon before the older would even notice it, causing Namjoon to accidently spray him, Taehyung would be a crying mess on the floor. The beta never really handled pain that well, Namjoon didn’t want to hurt anybody, and Yoongi would be so disappointed in him.

The fear of accidentally hurting a pack member was what kept him from crying out from the mind numbing pain. It was time for what Namjoon knew would hurt the most, the course of all the vanilla scent. The scent mark on his neck, with one hand covering his mouth and nose, he bit into his own pinky… and then spray.

Had it not been because he had stuffed his finger in his own mouth he would have screamed in pain, it was worse than anything he could have prepared himself for, if his arms had felt like peeling of the skin with a hot knife, this felt like he was getting burned alive. Even as he dropped the can, his hand spasming from the pain, the pain didn’t stop, instead it spread, it was like the spray was actively seeking out both his own and the foreign scent that was buried in his skin, digging into his skin like it was needles and then removing it.

Namjoon knew now that it worked, he knew that pain was worth it. He imagined finally being able to give Jimin a hug without the omega pushing him away, he would be able to get hugs maybe! Even if he didn’t get all the scent away the first time, he could keep doing this, he wouldn’t be a burden anymore!

He collapsed on the ground as the pain finally stopped, his legs shaking to badly to be able to keep him up anymore. He tried to smell himself or anybody else on him, but he couldn’t! While yes his own scent was still mildly present, but it wasn’t nearly as of offensive as before, it was much better. As he laid on the floor trying to catch his breath he tried to imagine Hoseok, the older dancer had been the most calm towards Namjoon out of any of the alphas. He was the calm sensible alpha to Yoongi’s more fiery and angry passion.

Hoseok would like him better like this wouldn’t he? Yeah Namjoon was sure, he liked himself better like this! Maybe they could finally touch him again, the pain would be worth it even if it was just a little touch he would get from them. And with his scent like this Jin had much less work cleaning of the scent after him, yeah this was the right thing to do!

The voices was telling him that he was still a burden, still useless. Which kind of leader needed other people to clean up after him? Which kind of leader was a needy little bitch who needed other people to touch him? It was adorable when Jimin or BamBam would pout at a pack member signalling without using words that it was time for somebody to pay them attention, all of the pack would almost fall over themselves trying to get to the omega.

It was just weird when Namjoon was like that, he was way to fucking tall to be cute like those two. They were just pretty, soft and adorable. Namjoon was just weirdly tall, and he wasn’t build like Jimin or slim like BamBam he was just all wrong.

He hid away the spray can in his room before going to bed, he ignored the empty feeling he had going to bed without anybody else's scent on him, he didn’t need it. He was a dud, he needed to stop acting like an omega!

It was much much harder to fall asleep than it normally was, no matter how tired physically and emotionally Namjoon was, but somehow he managed to get some sleep in the end. His arms and neck hurt even more when he woke up, he looked himself in the mirror Mark’s hickey was still clear on his neck, but his scent was gone and Namjoon’s scent was very weak.

He grabbed a black turtleneck to put on, black was slimming right? Maybe nobody would notice he wasn’t thin enough then. He wasn’t really happy with his appearance when he looked it the mirror, he rarely was now a day, he couldn’t do much about the pastel purple mess on top of his head he called hair, it would have to work for today he couldn’t do anything about it.

At first Namjoon was worried he hadn’t done the right thing, but when he entered the kitchen the rest of Bts was already there, all turning to look at him, at first nobody said anything until Jimin exclaimed “Oh Joonie, you smell much weaker than normal!” For any other person that would have been an insult, but Jimin’s smile was wide and happy, he clearly approved.

Namjoon seeked out Yoongi on the other side of the kitchen with his eyes, the shorter alpha was leaning against the counter, as their eyes meet it was clearly Yoongi knew what he had done, but he gave a short approving nod at Namjoon, showing he had done the right thing. Yeah… The pain was worth it for his pack.

Chapter Text

The next month went almost without anything happening, the negative voices were  getting worse but he could handle them. He would handle them, he would not  be a burden anymore. He still used the spray almost everyday before bed the pain  somehow lessening  until the only negative part of it being that he sometimes had a hard time feeling anything on the area  he used to spray on directly, but it was a very small price to pay for his pack not running away from him  each time they smelled him.

He had even managed a full conversation with Jungkook that wasn’t  about work, which  marked the first time that had happened since Jungkook’s presentation. Namjoon had also found a perfect way of getting out of meals. Normally Jin would be cooking for them early, fitting in all of their diets making sure  they all were eating right. Even after he got kicked out of the nest Jin had still done it even for him, but now if Namjoon leaves  for the studio before Jin got up, the older didn’t try to hunt him down with food; assuming that Namjoon had gotten food himself.

His weight was finally starting to drop, and each time he weighed himself he couldn’t stop from smiling seeing the numbers slowly going lower and lower. He would end up being as pretty as the rest of them. Overall it was all going very well for Namjoon he thought, if he just lost a little more weight, if he just worked a little bit harder they wouldn’t kick him out.

They were working on their new album which meant that Namjoon spent almost all of his time in the studio writing, mixing, and producing with either Yoongi, Slow rabbit, or whoever ended up being there. Yoongi had started spending less and less time in the same studio as Namjoon, but it was okay because things were getting better he knew it! Now Yoongi would sometimes pat him on the head, Namjoon lived for those small moments of contact between them, this was sign that Yoongi cared right?

Namjoon wasn’t sure how long time he had been sitting working over the track he was working on. Since they had gotten the clear to all have their own tracks on the albums he knew that he wanted his track to be something special, but it came out way too depressing each  time! He wasn’t depressed, why couldn’t he write anything even mildly happy? Out of  frustration he threw the notebook he had been working on at the door, which cause nothing ever went Namjoon’s way, opened and instead of a the solid door he hit none other than Bang PD-nim himself right in the face.

The CEO looked more confused than anything. “I can come again later if this is a bad time?”

Namjoon flushed red, “I’m sorry!” He quickly exclaimed, getting up to get the book now laying on the ground, “I’m just struggling with some lyrics, and I got mad.”

Bang PD just smiled lightly at the flushed rapper, he always had a soft spot for Namjoon, the slightly clumsy guy was one of the main reason BTS even came to exist “Can I see? Maybe I can help?”

The younger shook his head in an almost desperate manner “It’s not very good, really not worth looking at!”

“I have a hard time believing  anything you write can be that bad, let’s see if we can save it?” He knew that Namjoon was always too  hard on himself, especially  when the older he became  the more insecure he grew in his own skills.

Namjoon couldn’t really deny Bang PD anything, he owed his entire career to him so he just handed  the man his notebook with slightly shaking hands. “It’s on the last page, it can’t really be saved sorry.”

He couldn’t really stand the idea that he had or would disappoint the man who had put so much trust in him. As silenced stretched between them Namjoon became more and more worried as Bang PD read over the finished song not once but twice, “Namjoon this is…”

He never really got to finish the sentence before Namjoon interrupted “I know, I don’t know why I can’t write anything less depressing, nobody how many times I write this it just becomes so... sad.”

“Your song doesn’t have to be happy, this is really good.” He looked at Namjoon, the younger was refusing to meet his eyes staring at the floor while he was nervously wringing his hands. “Namjoon are you okay?”

That got a reaction out of him “Yes! Of course, why wouldn’t I be okay? Thing are great! People are really liking our music, and the pack is great!”

He noticed how Namjoon called it ‘the pack’ instead of ‘our pack’, like he didn’t really see himself as a part of the pack. When he was younger, one of his pack members had a sister who was a dud, Bang PD himself had never gotten to meet her, but the way his friend and pack member had talked about her made him sympathetic to Namjoon. He remembered how his friend had talked about how useless he had felt, how nobody would take his sister serious or  even consider her for anything. This was one of the reason’s he had a soft spot for the rapper. Namjoon was very talented, he didn’t want him to lose his chance of a future because of a stupid thing like sub-gender.

He always tried to stay out of BTS’s pack dynamics, by law he had to. No company could interfere with a pack, but he still wished that Namjoon would go and see a doctor so he could get a formal diagnoses, even if his scent left only dud as an option he would feel a lot better if a piece of paper had the fact that Namjoon was a dud clearly stated on it. He had once made  the mistake of trying  force Namjoon to see a doctor, but the thought itself had stressed the younger so much he had gotten a panic attack; so unless Namjoon showed major problems he would follow the rapper's own wants. “I think this should be your song for the album.”

“Really?” Namjoon looked shocked that Bang PD would even consider it.

“It’s a good song, it still needs some work yes, but I think it would go very well with your fans and I think this is something you need out.” If Namjoon wouldn’t see a doctor, this might be a healthy way for him to get out his issues.

The younger rapper looked like he thought it over for a second “Yeah… I can do that, it can work?”

“Yes, are you sure that everything is okay? I know you don’t want to see a psychiatrist but I am here to talk if you want.” He knew something was up with Namjoon, but he also knew that he couldn’t force him to talk if he didn’t want to.

Namjoon just shook his head “I am fine I really am! I am just a little bit stressed with the new album coming out and stuff like that! Everything will be back to normal soon.” Bang PD could hear the fake cheer in Namjoon’s voice, but for now he didn’t call him out on it, though he mentally wrote down to make sure and keep on it later.

“Have they put you on a new diet? You look thinner than normal?” Actually, he looked a lot thinner than normal He hated how they were all forced to diet too hard. Sadly there was nothing he could do about it, but this was a little too far wasn’t it?

Again Namjoon shook his head “No it’s the same as always, I have just been a little busy lately.” Namjoon knew that he shouldn’t lie to Bang PD, but he couldn’t stop himself. He was so used to the lie now that it flew out of his mouth without a second thought.

“Make sure you eat more, I feel hungry just looking at you.” Both of them tried a friendly laugh, even if it was for two very different reasons. “I am going to leave you to it then, remember that you can always come to me if you need anything Namjoon… Anything, my doors are always open for you.”

Bang PD’s next stop was the vocal training room. He needed some kind of answer or at least some peace of mind and hopefully Seokjin could give that to him. He was lucky that practice seemed to have just ended when he entered the room. Seokjin was packing up his things, everybody else having left already. “Bang PD-nim? Is there an issue?”

He always liked the oldest beta, he was calm and down to earth, exactly what BTS needed. “No everything is fine, I just wanted to ask a few questions.”

“I will try to answer them the best I can.” Out of all of them Seokjin was the one least calm next to Bang PD, he had never gotten used to how casual the rest of them were around their CEO.

“I am sure you will,” he sat down and signaled for Seokjin to take the seat across from him, “so how is the pack? I don’t get to hear much from you guys anymore so I am curious.”

Seokjin seemed to think about the question for a second before slowly answering “We are fine, Jungkook is slowly getting used to being an alpha, it is taking him a little bit longer than normal, but we are getting there. Taehyung is much happier now that he has accepted he is an beta and it’s okay we love him as we are. Both Jimin and Hoseok spends most of their time in the practice room rehearsing for our comeback but both of them seem very happy with it. Yoongi has more or less locked himself away in the studio, but we make sure that he eats and sleeps, so overall… We are happy and content.” Bang PD noticed how Seokjin talked about all the members, other than Namjoon which concerned him.

“What about Namjoon?” he couldn’t stop himself from answering.

Again Seokjin seemed to hesitate before answering “He is fine as well, he’s in the studio most of the time, but Yoongi says he is fine so I trust that.”

There was another problem. There was no arguing that Yoongi was a very talented rapper and performer, but Bang PD still found himself wishing that the pack had chosen Hoseok as pack alpha instead. Bang PD knew about Yoongi’s past and he couldn’t find it in him to completely trust Yoongi with the day to day life of the pack, or with Namjoon’s dud status.

“How is Yoongi as a pack alpha, if you don’t mind me asking? For me it would seem more logical that you guys picked Hoseok.” He knew he was getting close to the line here, the law stated that no company or employer could question or change anything about a pack he or she wasn’t part of.

The beta seemed to notice that as well, his eyes become a little bit more guarded “Hoseok isn’t really much of a leader, don’t get me wrong Hobi is great, but Yoongi knows how to control the pack. He can get the maknaes to listen and both Hosoek and I respect him. Yoongi is a good leader, and makes sure we are all happy.”

Again he didn’t even mention Namjoon, Bang PD knew that it was different to have a dud in the pack since they prefered to stay alone, but the way Seokjin seemed to keep leaving Namjoon out without even noticing it showed a very sad pattern, “I trust your guys choice, I was just curious. I will leave you to it.” With that he took his leave, not at all more calmed than when he first came to talk to him.

Across town another pairing was worried about Namjoon as well, this one a little different. Jackson wasn’t even sure what show they were on, he was so tired and worried about everything. Mark spent much more time with Exo now than he did with them, and would have been easier if Mark had at least looked more happy; but every time he came home from spending time with them it looked like he had just eaten a lemon. hen there was Namjoon… Jackson had gotten used to sending the male pictures of everything he did, but now his text’s came back with a failed to deliver, and it was the same for the rest of the group!

He didn’t know what had happened, when Namjoon left they seemed like they had finally made some kind of progress. It had come to the point that him and Jaebum had actually sat the rest of Got7 down to talk about adding Namjoon to the pack, which had gotten a surprisingly good result from all other than BamBam who had complained that they should have asked him while he was there so he didn’t have to come home. Jackson knew that bringing Namjoon into their pack wouldn’t be easy, but they were all willing to try their hardest!

And then nothing, just silence from Namjoon! None of them could contact him, and he didn’t contact any of them. It was hitting BamBam the hardest out of all of them, which surprised Jackson, but it turned out that Namjoon was the one that helped BamBam when he was struggling with Mark and Exo. Now it left BamBam to almost growl at Baekhyun when they ran into each other, that had not been pretty. The other omega had looked almost scared as the shorter looked like he was going to eat him.

The only choice they had was to actually call Yoongi and talk to him, which they would have had to do anyway since he is Namjoon’s pack alpha… The call hadn’t gone well.

Jaebum had been respectful  to the short alpha first, just asking to talk to Namjoon, but Yoongi had icecold said that it wasn’t going to happen, that Namjoon had asked for them to be kept away from him, saying that he wasn’t comfortable with Got7 being this close to him. Jackson wanted to call bullshit on it, he knew Namjoon! Namjoon was to fucking pure to just drop all contact without saying anything! He knew Yoongi was up to something, but he couldn’t prove it!

He always had a distrust for the BTS pack alpha, they didn’t see eye to eye, but more importantly he knew way too much about how he lead to BTS pack to trust him on this, problems was he couldn’t prove anything. He knew Namjoon had his number memorized so if the dud rapper really wanted to talk to him, Yoongi couldn’t stop him, but no call came to him… Or any other member.

They were stuck in this weird fucking limbo where they didn’t know what to do! Jackson felt so fucking useless, and everytime he tried to sleep he imagined the worst things possible. Did anybody look after Namjoon and made sure that he eat enough? Did anybody make sure that he wasn’t getting lost in his own mind? The problem was that he knew the answer to these question, and the answer was no.

In frustration Jackson hit his head on the table in front of him with a loud unpleased sigh “I’m pretty sure that table hasn’t done anything to deserve this treatment Jackson.”

Sitting in a chair on the other side of the table was Zico, the beta had somehow managed to take a seat and throw his feet up on the table without Jackson even noticing “Fuck the table.”

“Now that’s a little bit rude, what the issue? Is it still Mark?” Zico and Jackson were… friends? Jackson wasn’t sure if he would go that far, but they knew each other and had talked before. And like the rest of the kpop industry Zico of course knew about Mark being courted by Exo.

To be honest Jackson mainly knew him through Namjoon, wait a second… “NAMJOON!”

“Oh wow you are really messed up aren’t you, no I’m Jiho, I’m the one with the less stupid Rap Name.” Actually he had a point with that, Jackson did feel messed up.

“I know who you are? How you talked to Namjoon in the last month?! This is important!” Were they the only people that Namjoon was ignoring?

He seemed to think for a second before he slowly answered “Now that you mentioned it, my texts haven’t been delivered, I just assumed that he had gotten a new phone and forgot to tell me the number, is that not the case?”

“Unless he forgot to tell our entire group, and half of exo his new number, no I don’t think so.” Jackson could feel the anger gather up inside him. This wasn’t fucking normal!

Zico seemed to have understood just how serious this was “You don’t think that Yoongi...?”

“Oh that is exactly what I am thinking, at this point I could be convinced that he kills children for sports… Did you know that their maknae gave Joonie an alpha order?”

“You are kidding me right? Even they know better than that, you don’t even fucking give alpha orders to fucking pets… Let alone to a fucking person! What are they thinking!?”

Jackson was slightly taken aback by the anger coming from the beta, that was until he remembered that Zico had known Namjoon way longer than he had, “Namjoon has been spending time with us lately, his mental state is… It’s not fucking good, and if he can’t contact anybody… What could happen to him? I’m fucking afraid.”

Zico seemed to finally understand just how bad this was, “How do we get in contact with him, how you tried talking to Yoongi? This might just be a misunderstanding”

“We tried fucking everything, I don’t know what to do anymore, Jinyoung and Jaebum even went to their dorms but they never got to see him.” Jackson knocked his head into the table again “I feel so fucking helpless.”

“You guys really care for him don’t you?” Jackson just nodded head still resting on the table.

“We wanted to take him into our pack, but all of this.. It’s so fucking stupid! BTS  doesn’t even care, but they still keep onto him with nails and claws.”

Zico sighed “I thought about the same thing, we all care for Namjoon deeply, but we have to many beta’s to make it work. I wanted to offer him a spot when we got put together… Then I saw he got put together with BTS and I thought it would all have worked out, of course it doesn’t,  because nothing works out ever.”

Jackson now glared at the rapper, he didn’t like Zico’s comment on how they originally wanted Namjoon in their pack, that made Zico competition in some far back part of his brain, “Calm down Jackson, had Namjoon been an omega… heck even an alpha it would be different, but as dud he would work like a beta… and we simply just have to many, it would create an off balance, hurting everybody too much, also shouldn’t we focus on maybe trying to figure something out.“

“Text everybody you know who also knows Namjoon, see if anybody isn’t blocked … I will do the same, we will talk in a few days and see if something has came up.”

Zico nodded “We are going to figure this out Jackson, a lot of people care for him, and even more people respect him… Nothing is going to happen to him.” God Jackson hoped he was right, if anybody touched a single pastel purple hair on the stupidly tall rapper he might actually kill them.

What neither Zico nor Jackson knew was that a certain Got7 packless omega was not happy waiting, drunk out of his mind Mark Tuan was knocking relentlessly on the BTS dorm… Was he about to walk into the lion’s den? Or was he about to take over the lion’s den?

Chapter Text

Mark was drunk… He couldn’t argue with that. He would say though, that he was drunk for a reason. He was angry, heartbroken, depressed and sad. The reason for all 4 of those were different, he was angry because he just knew that this had something do with fucking BTS no matter how much everybody said that he was just holding a grudge. He was heartbroken because Lu Han really deserved fucking better! He was depressed because he now didn’t know where he fit in at all what he thought was going to work, and it just blew up in his head. And he was sad, because he knew that something was up with Namjoon. He knew that somebody was pulling the strings!

He had seen pictures of Namjoon today entering the BigHit building, and the younger rapper had lost even more weight; even fully dressed Mark could see that, did nobody watch him!? Mark knew that idol life could be hard, he knew they all had crazy weight goals they needed to meet, but two things about that; Namjoon was already skinny, and had gone from skinny to unhealthy! God he was angry! And Namjoon HAD FUCKING BLOCKED HIS NUMBER!?

What was he suppose to do now?! He emptied another soju bottle and slammed it into the table in front of him, he was in some weird hole-in-the wall bar where nobody recognized him. Then again, everybody here was more or less 30 years older than him and didn’t give a fuck about him. Clearly this was where people came to drown they their issues in soju, which was just what he was going for.

He stared frustrated at his phone, on it where texts from both Kyungsoo and Yixing, both betas seeming very worried about him. Then again he did leave after they told their story without a  word. It wasn’t their fault it really wasn’t and Mark understood he really did, but it felt like rejection. It felt like knowing he would never really be accepted. He knew that wasn’t what they meant for, he knew that they were sincere when they started to court him, they still were sincere!

GODDAMN IT! He just wanted to talk with Namjoon about. He couldn’t go to his own group and talk to them, they were to involved in this. And yeah he could call his parent’s pack. He knew that they would just use it in their list of ‘20 Reasons Why Mark Should Have Stayed in the US, and Never Become a Kpop Idol’. Oh, and he had no idea what time it was in the US. Namjoon knew everything that had gone on! And he understood Mark, he understood why this was so important to him, he understood why he couldn’t just join a pack without trying out his other options.

With angry movements he thumbed out another, probably sad and pathetic message to the BTS leader, just for it once again to pop up with a failed to deliver sign. This wasn’t fucking fair, the world wasn’t fair! That was when he came to a conclusion; if Namjoon wouldn’t come to him he would come to Namjoon! He was pretty sure he could still remember where the BTS dorm was.

Was this generally a good idea, probably not, but it didn’t stop Mark from going. He had no idea how long it took him to find the stupid dorm, mostly because he was still drunk out of his skull. Had he been in his right mind he would have realized just how easy it was for him to get noticed, pictures of him being drunk was probably not a good image for Got7, but for now Mark had more important things to attend to!

He stumbled his way to the door and none to gently banged the door. “I KNOW YOU FUCKERS ARE IN THERE! LET ME IN!”

The door was opened and a slightly terrified Taehyung stared at Mark. “Mark-hyung what are you doing here?”

Mark just pushed past Taehyung, “I am looking for either your shitty pack alpha, your shitty baby alpha or MY Namjoon!”

Taehyung didn’t even know how to answer the Got7 omega, he was clearly drunk and not aware of what he was saying, what did Mark even want from them. Luckily for him Jungkook decided to join him in the hall. The maknae line and Namjoon were currently the only ones home. “Mark-hyung you are drunk you should go home.”

“There you are, you useless little fuck!” More than one thing happened at the same time. Jimin joined them in the hallway curious about all the noise. Taehyung pulled himself away from the older omega and young alpha and Mark grabbed Jungkook by the collar pushing him up against the wall where Jungkook just froze.

The alpha’s instincts were at war, the aggressive side of his instincts wanted him to show Mark where his place was, the other side couldn’t accept that an omega was pushing him around! The more rational part of his brain told him never to hurt an omega, it was wrong. So he just did nothing, and tried to calm down the aggravated omega. “Hyung you are drunk.”

“Yup!” Mark said in a way to cheery voice “And you are probably the worst alpha to have ever joined a pack, are we done stating the facts now? I would like to spend as little as possible time with your shitty face.”

Now it was Jimin’s turn to interrupt, he didn’t like how Mark was talking to his baby-alpha “You can’t say that! You don’t know what happens in our pack, it’s none of your business!”

“See, I in general have nothing against you. Hoseok and you seem to be the least terrible people in this pack, but you are so fucking naive it’s insane! You blindly believe what they tell you and don’t even try to think for yourself!” Mark didn’t even look at Jimin he just kept staring hard at Jungkook, who suddenly felt like he was no longer the predator in the room.

He tried to free himself, but Mark was a lot stronger than he looked (plus adrenaline) “Leave Jimin out of this, you clearly have some mental issue with me not him.”

“You are the one with a fucking mental issue!” This time it was yelled instead of spoken like a threat. “How would you like it if Jaebum or Jackson alpha ordered Jimin?” Mark sneered at Jungkook.

Every BTS member in the room froze completely, Jimin in almost fear of what Mark said looking over his shoulder like he expected one of the alpha’s to show up.Taehyung tightened his grip on Jimin’s hand pulling the smaller omega to him suddenly feeling like he needed to protect him. Jungkook went rigid in Mark’s hold “You wouldn’t do that.” he whispered.

The idea of their Jimin having his control taken from him by somebody else scared him, he felt how Mark’s tight grip on his collar his was slowly starting to cut off Jungkook’s airway. He was pulled closer to the omega so Mark could whisper in his ear “Don’t worry, my alphas are real alphas… They would never order anybody around, they are men not kids.”

Jungkook suddenly knew what this was about… Namjoon.  “That wasn’t the same! You can’t threaten Jimin like that because I accidentally ordered Namjoon! It was an accident, and Jimin is an omega Namjoon is a dud! It’s not the fucking same and you know it!”

How dare Mark compare the two? They were two very very different things, and it wasn’t like Namjoon cared right? “You are such a fucking shit head!”

Yeah, that really hadn’t seemed to calm down the drunk omega. “This is all of you guys fucking problem! You think Namjoon is worth less than Jimin just cause he is a dud! It’s fucking disgusting!”

“Jimin is an omega! It’s our job to take care of him!” Jungkook argued, looking over at where Jimin was hiding in Taehyung’s embrace, the scent of aggressive Vanilla was getting attacked by equally aggressive peppermint.

“Jimin is a fucking adult! It doesn’t matter what sub-gender he is! He isn’t a fucking baby! But that isn’t the issue right now, you all treat like Namjoon like he isn’t really part of this fucking pack!”

“HE IS A DUD, HE ISN’T REALLY PART OF IT! AND HE DOESN’T CARE!” With that Mark released Jungkook to follow up with a straight right hook to Jungkook’s face sending the young alpha in the floor… Oh turned out Mark should actually thank Jackson for teaching him to defend himself, although it probably wasn’t how he was meant to use it…. Well he was sure that Jackson would approve.

Mark calmly turned to the other two BTS members. “Which one of you fuck heads is going to show me where Namjoon are? Do I need to rip this entire place apart to find him?”

Taehyung pointed towards a door down the hall with half shaking hands, and Jimin was already on the ground next to Jungkook checking on the young alpha.

“Good puppy.” Mark praised patting Taehyung drunkenly on the top of his head, making his way towards the door.

The door luckily was not locked, and as Mark entered he saw Namjoon sleeping in his bed. Mark couldn’t stop himself from grinning, it was adorable how he could sleep through all that. Now to barricade himself in the room, he wasn’t really sure he could take on Jungkook without the advantage of surprise on his side. Mark somehow managed to lock the door and push 2 pieces of furniture in front of it, making sure that nobody could interrupt them.

Mark couldn’t stop himself from snapping a picture of Namjoon sleeping calmly no matter how much noise he was making. He forwarded the picture to all of Got7 before putting his phone on mute to make sure he wasn’t disturbed. Now to wake him up! Problem was that Mark is still pretty drunk, and logical thinking was not his brightest point right now. So his drunken logic was to wake Namjoon by poking his cheek where he knew his dimple would show if he was smiling “Nammieeeeeee… Wake up… Naaaaaaaammiiiiieee!”

That seemed to do the job, and Mark almost squealed as Namjoon yawned and rubbed his eyes sitting up, Namjoon was so cute! “Mark what are you doing here?”

“I have been looking for you, why did you block me?!”

Only then did Namjoon really realize Mark was in his room and not just in his dream, “Mark you can’t be here!” Oh god, what if the rest of the pack saw him, what if Yoongi saw him here! He was trying to prove that he was good enough for his pack, and Mark wasn’t helping right now!

What could Mark even need from him? He had so many other people he could go to, he didn’t really care about Namjoon, Namjoon knew that now. Mark had taken a spot on the other side of Namjoon’s bed, looking confused at the rapper “Why can’t I be here? We are friends?”

“Yoongi is going to get mad at me!” Namjoon couldn’t stop his voice from raising, he didn’t want to get kicked out!

Mark’s drunk mind didn’t realize what Namjoon was really saying, just that he was yelling at him “Why are you yelling at me…” Tears started to gather in his eyes.

No, No! Mark couldn’t cry, Mark should never be sad. All of Namjoon former anger disappeared from him when he saw Mark’s expression. “Mark please don’t cry!” he tried to calm him.

“Why are you mad at me… Do you hate me now Nammie?” Tears was now running down his face.

That was all it took for Namjoon to almost attack the omega in a hug, cuddling him to his chest. He knew that he was betraying his pack, but he couldn’t just let Mark cry. Mark was precious, that was when he smelled it… Soju? Yeah that was soju mixed with Mark’s natural vanilla scent. Oh that was why Mark sought him out, he didn’t really want to talk to Namjoon, he was just drunk and didn’t know where else to go.

“Mark why have you been drinking? This is your date night with Exo, did something go wrong?” He knew he shouldn’t care, Got7 had just used him because he was easy, but he couldn’t stop himself from caring. This was Mark after all.

That was when the floodgates really opened and Mark was now desperately sobbing into his shoulder “They will never accept me!” he wailed.

This made no sense to the rapper, Exo had come to Mark not the other way around! “I’m sure that’s wrong, they want you. They came for you!”

“Yeah some of them did! But Minseok and Sehun are never going to accept me! They can’t even pretend to like me! And I can understand why! I wouldn’t like another fucking omega if I had gone through that, they are trying so hard to be strong for their pack, but they are both so fucking broken!” Mark was desperately clinging to Namjoon now.

Namjoon just caressed his hair trying to get him to calm down. “Do you wanna tell me what happened?” He knew Mark, he would keep it all inside until it exploded, he needed to help Mark get it out.

The omega had finally stopped crying, but he was still sobbing, “Can we cuddle?”

The dud knew that he should say no, he knew that cuddling and getting Mark’s scent all over him would make it worse later, but even if Mark didn’t care about him he couldn’t just leave the omega like this, “Big or little spoon?” he just asked instead.

“Big” Mark sniffled, before pushing Namjoon into the position that he wanted him in and then cuddling up behind him, trying to cover the taller with his smaller body. Like always his hands found its way into Namjoon’s shirt running the tips over his ribs getting his hands familiar with Namjoon’s thinner upper body.  

“What happened Mark? This isn’t like you.”

He could hear Mark sniffle again “It’s about Lu Han” Namjoon had guessed as much with the way the chinese omega had left exo, it was suspicious at best, “You know what Sekacod is  right?”

Namjoon nodded “It’s the contraceptive for male omegas right? I know Jimin uses it? Both you and BamBam uses it as well?”

“99.5% of all male omega’s use it, it has almost no side effects and doesn’t mess with out hormones and it has no known case of failing to prevent pregnancies.” Mark sniffled again “SM swapped Lu Han to Lilifan instead, they weren’t happy with him. They said he was to aggressive and not soft enough for an omega, Lilifan changes his hormones. It forces his body to produce more submissive pheromones and hormones.”

Namjoon went rigid in Mark’s arm, what SM did was illegal Namjoon knew that, companies were not suppose to mess with people’s hormones or their contraceptives. “They can’t do that… That’s not legal.” Why would they even try to change Lu Han? Namjoon always liked Lu Han, he had delivered Tao to their dorm more than once. He had a vivid memory of Hoseok looking over Tao an extra long time when he came to spend time with Jimin. Namjoon knew Hoseok never meant anything by it, he just got his attention taken by the Lily of the Valley scent Tao carried with him. Lu Han had not accepted it though, he had pointed at Hoseok, “You are coming with me! I am not leaving him here with you, come along knot head.” Lu Han had said it like it was nothing, like he hadn’t just stood up and insulted an alpha from another pack. Hoseok the stand up guy he was had just gone with Lu Han with a smile on his face.

Yeah they had all liked Lu Han. Mark tightened his grip on Namjoon “I know it isn’t… And that isn’t even the worst part, Lilifan is less effective, it has a chance of failing as a contraceptive.” Oh no. Namjoon wanted Mark to shut up, he didn’t want to know how it ended! He knew where this was going, but Mark continued his story “He spent his heat with Sehun and Minseok, and after that… He was pregnant. Being Lu Han he wasn’t overjoyed about it, and a little bit worried with their comeback coming up. He thought it would be okay, by law SM is supposed to support him… Nammie they… They wanted to force him to have an abortion.”

Now it was Namjoon’s turn to be crying, he knew how much pregnancies and babies meant to pack, but especially to omega’s. Abortions were only really used if the baby had a defect, or the omega had been raped, they were never used on pack babies! Everybody was way to possessive about it. It could lead to major mental issues for the omega in question, some even killed themselves, their mind unable to accept what had happened.

“Their contracts are different than our, I always knew that SM was the devil, but it is so much worse than we thought. They sign kids, very young kids. Force them to sign these...long long contracts, they force them to sign away their rights to choose as a pack. Jongin got lucky that SHINee is a SM pack, and that Exo already had a lot of alphas or  he would never have gotten to join them. They told Minseok…” Mark choked up as he cried “They told him that if Lu Han didn’t accept the abortion… That they would kick Lu Han out of exo, and that Minseok should remove the pack bite from Lu Han. They kicked him out of his pack Nammie! While he is pregnant! How could they do a thing like that!”

Namjoon’s heart hurt for Lu Han, he couldn’t imagine happening. He knew SM was bad, but this was… This was horrible! He was impressed that Lu Han was still okay, having to go through pack withdrawal, having to deal with the pain of getting the bite removed, all the while being pregnant. The small omega had to be under immense stress. Namjoon didn’t know if he would have been able to do what Lu Han did.

“Is Lu Han okay, is the baby okay?” he tried to ask it mildly, praying the answer was yes.

That seemed to break Mark even more as he started to cry even harder. “They don’t know! All communication is banned between them! They don’t even know if he got to China in one piece! Nammie that’s 6 months ago! What if Lu Han has no people around him? What if he is going through this alone?”

It all made so much more sense to Namjoon now. Since Minseok and Sehun had spent the heat with Lu Han it was either of the alpha’s child, a child that they would probably never get to see, a child that was probably never going to know them. And Minseok had to remove the bite from his pregnant omega! That was why they would never accept Mark, they would always see him as a replacement for the omega that they lost.

“Are you okay Mark?” He could feel Mark shake his head on his shoulder.

“No, I’m not okay. I can’t stop imagining it, them wanting to rip the baby out of him, them now hiding him.”

That wasn’t what Namjoon had meant, so he tried again “Are you okay with knowing this? Do you still want to join them?”

The silence between them was deafening for almost 5 minutes before Mark finally spoke up “I’m going to ask Jaebum for the bite tomorrow.” He said it with a firmness that almost made Namjoon forget he was drunk still.

“Are you sure? Before you said you wanted to try out different things, making sure you found out where you fit into.” It seemed weird to Namjoon that Mark would suddenly want theo bite without any question.

Namjoon winched as Mark buried his nails in his ribs, “This has made me realize, all packs have issues. Yes sometimes it is going to annoy me that they are overprotective, but a pack is more than just it’s alphas. Our pack is all of us, I don’t wanna loose them Namjoon… I don’t wanna lose them like Lu Han lost his pack. I was so set in my own mind about wanting to find the perfect pack that I didn’t realize that there is no perfect pack, we all have issues, but a real pack looks at the issues and works on them. I don’t want to loose them Namjoon.”

This had clearly shook Mark more than he had expected, but Mark had a point. The main problem Mark had was that Jaebum and Jackson was overprotective, but Got7 was more than that. They were Jinyoung’s friendly guidance, holding Mark’s hand but letting him find the way self. They were BamBam trying to cuddle him to death, BamBam hanging all over him while they were signing. They were Youngjae cute facial expressions and soft smiles. They were Yugyeom always worried that he was being too ‘alpha’ with Mark, even if he was really just a giant puppy.

“I realized that… I would get mad if they gave up on me, if they took another omega instead of me.” Mark mumbled, but he couldn’t stop himself from thinking ‘unless that person was Namjoon’ “They all belong to me already, I think it’s time that I belong to them as well. It doesn’t make me less of an individual, it doesn’t take anything away from me. Loving them doesn’t mean I loose some of me. I just gain something.”

Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from smiling, he was proud of Mark that the omega had finally realized that it was okay for him to give himself to somebody else, that he didn’t loose something from being loved. He also felt his heart ache a little, Mark’s sentence that he didn’t want anybody else in Got7 other than him kinda hurt a little, he was happy with BTS he really was… But a little voice in his head had always said that it would be nice to be part of Got7, that he could be happy there as well. It was okay though, he could be and was happy with BTS just as Mark deserved to be happy.

“Mark you should go and tell them now, they are worried about you. They are afraid that they are going to lose you at anytime, you should go talk to them now.” This would be the last thing he did, he needed to send Mark to Got7, and then it would all be over. They wouldn’t need Namjoon anymore.

Now Mark yawned, his crying had left him tired, “But I’m tired.” He complained, still drunk.

“They deserve the truth right? It’s time for this thing you guys have been playing to be over, go home and be happy.” Problem was that the two males understood Namjoon’s sentence as something very different. Mark understood it like it was time for him to finally join Got7’s pack, that the game he had been playing with being courted by so many different groups was over, it was time for him to go home. Namjoon understood it like it was time for Got7 to leave him alone, that it was time for Got7 to stop playing with him.

Mark slowly raised himself from Namjoon’s bed, he had stopped crying but tear tracks were still visible on his face “You are right Nammie, it’s time for the game to stop.” He looked at the door that he had barred, “Uhm can I jump out of your window?”

Yoongi had been right… They had just been playing with him, Namjoon wanted to cry, somewhere deep in his mind he didn’t want to believe it… but Yoongi was right, of course he was, Yoongi would never lie to him, Yoongi was his packleader! “Yeah, go ahead.”

Mark grinned and kissed Namjoon on the forehead. “Thank you Nammie, this was just what I needed!” Had he not been drunk he wouldn’t have been this stupid, he would have remembered to ask about the block numbers. He would  have asked so many questions. He would have noticed how Namjoon’s heart rate was unhealthily high while just lying down, he would have realized how Namjoon’s hands were way too cold... But he noticed nothing and asked no questions.

Namjoon just sat and stared out where Mark had left him, but he was ripped out of his thoughts as a knocking on his door started.  “NAMJOON COME OUT HERE NOW!” Oh god, he had never heard Yoongi that angry… Namjoon was scared.

Chapter Text

His first instinct was the hide and never comeback, but he knew that it wasn’t an option. He had to face Yoongi, he had to face his very angry pack leader, this was his own fault. “Namjoon now!”

The low growl present in Yoongi’s voice made a chill run down his spine, it had an edge of alpha anger. Namjoon knew the older pack alpha would have been angry over Mark being in the dorm, but something had to have happened to make him that angry, what had Mark done? Did he really not care for him even a little bit, so he just made it worse without caring?

“I just need to move some stuff, I will be out there.” He somehow managed to hide the fear in his voice. He slowly started to move the furniture that Mark had put in front of the door. Well no matter what happened Mark was happy now. He didn’t need Namjoon anymore, he had finally found his happy ending. Mark deserved his happy ending.

What sounded like a loud kick was heard and the door shook under the pressure “NOW!” Oh god, it sounded like Yoongi was loosing a little bit of himself to his inner alpha. It wasn’t a full alpha order, and with no contact it only had very limited effect on Namjoon, but that didn’t stop him feeling it inside of himself and picking up the pace which he was removing stuff.

He had a little bit of a struggle removing the last piece, he never used to have issues doing it. Now today it felt like he had no strength left in his arms at all. When he finally managed to free his door his felt out of breath and sweaty, he didn’t even take the time it would take to center himself, just hurrying to open the door.

“To my room, I need to talk with you Namjoon.” Yoongi’s voice was ice cold and Namjoon knew he was in deep shit. He took a second to look over the rest of the pack, Jungkook was the first one that really caught his attention, the young alpha had a red mark on his otherwise flawless tanned skinned. Aggression was rolling of him in waves that was hardly kept back by Seokjin and Taehyung who each had an arm around him.

Both beta’s didn’t even look at Namjoon, much more concerned with making sure that Jungkook didn’t do anything stupid, everybody could smell his scent of peppermint being mixed with something sour… So much for thinking that his hormone problem would solve itself. Where he would normally be calmed by Seokjin’s scent of roses it just felt like it pushed him more now. Jungkook knew he wasn’t in his right mind, his vision was slightly blurred by red as anger took over his brain.

The normally calming scent of Seokjin; the closest thing he had to a pack mum, now felt like it was suffocating, all he could focus on was the throbbing feeling from where Mark had hit him. The older omega hadn’t just slapped him, instead knocking Jungkook to the ground with his fist not giving five shits about Jungkook being an alpha, he wanted to push down Mark and show him his place as an omega. No that wasn’t right, you couldn’t treat omegas like that! He knew that something was wrong in his mind, but he couldn’t stop it. The alpha anger was taking over him, and while he could smell that Mark was long gone… His mind instead choose to focus on Namjoon, their leader was bathed in Mark’s scent and it was him Mark had come looking for.

Jungkook knew that it wasn’t right, Namjoon was their leader, he might be dud… and it wasn’t fair for Jungkook to take out his anger on him, but his inner alpha didn’t give a fuck. If he couldn’t have Mark and show him his place Namjoon would have to do.

Yoongi was struggling to keep cool as well. His inner pack leader saw a blatant attack on his pack. Mark had put his hand on Jungkook! He had told Namjoon to cut all contact with the Got7 members! How dare he lie to Yoongi! He was the fucking pack leader! Red was slowly making its way to the side of his vision, he knew he shouldn’t give himself to the anger. But he had given Namjoon a fucking chance, a chance to prove himself!

Namjoon might not be a real member of their pack. But he was not going to leave them, nobody got to leave them! Namjoon leaving meant that he would have failed as a pack alpha and failing was not an option! How dare Namjoon betray them like this? Anger was taking over his common sense.

Taehyung was scared, not that he wanted to admit it. He liked to call Mark a friend of his, and the older omega was normally calm and the idea that he could actually hurt another had never crossed his mind. Jungkook hadn’t deserved that right? Now here he was trying to calm their Maknae down, even though he looked like he wanted to kill Namjoon. This wasn’t Namjoon’s fault right? He couldn’t control what Mark did and he knew that Namjoon wasn’ really a part of the pack since he was dud which meant couldn’t take the bite, but still they shouldn’t turn on each other. And with all the alpha anger swimming around the room he was actually scared of what was going to happen.

Seokjin still wasn’t sure what had happened, he had been out with Yoongi and Hoseok until Jimin had called him, half in tears. He told him that Mark apparently had knocked Jungkook out while screaming at him that he was the worst alpha ever, and after that hiding out in Namjoon’s room all the while drunk.

At first Seokjin didn’t believe it, he thought this was some shit joke by the maknae line, but as they arrived home it turned out it was very much the truth. Mark’s vanilla scent was mixed with Jungkook’s own peppermint, he seemed to finally have woken up when they arrived. And Seokjin could instantly feel the change in Yoongi beside him the pack alpha checked on Jungkook to see that he was okay, before stomping towards Namjoon’s door mumbling what sounded like “How dare he!”

The eldest member of BTS could already feel the anger coming off Yoongi in waves, cinnamon mixing with anger and aggression, this wasn’t going to turn out well. He didn’t know what went down between Namjoon and Yoongi, he knew that the two of them have had a talk, Yoongi being annoyed that Namjoon was whoring himself out to other groups. Seokjin could see where Yoongi’s announcement came from. Namjoon was a dud he didn’t need to contact like they did, when it came out and it always did cause Jackson seemed to be documenting his ‘time’ with Namjoon on instagram, fans were going to see it very differently.

Jimin needed other omegas to stabilize one and another, and it was normal for alpha’s to challenge each other, even for betas it was positive to be around other betas. Getting away from dealing with the stress from dealing with heats, ruts and stuff like that, they needed it! Namjoon didn’t… Namjoon didn’t even have a sex drive, no dud did, they were born with defect scent glands. Seokjin couldn’t understand why Namjoon was doing it, the younger rapper had to know it was bad for them right?

Namjoon was normally always so careful, it simply made no sense. Why would Got7 even care? Didn’t they have enough trouble as it was, with Mark clearly being out of control! Yoongi said they were just using Namjoon for a quick release, but it left a sour taste in Seokjin’s mouth that he couldn’t really understand. They wouldn’t do that right?

His grip on Jungkook tightened, he wasn’t going to let Jungkook fall to his inner alpha. He knew that he should have forced Jungkook to the doctor. His hormones were a complete mess, something like this shouldn’t have made it so his eyes had shifted to a complete red! Jungkook made another move to free himself, but Seokjin wasn’t having it. He had been the person dragging Jungkook to the gym and while the baby alpha might look stronger Seokjin knew he wasn’t, he wasn’t going to let Jungkook do something he regret.

Jimin was frozen in the corner his mind trying to catch up to what happened. Mark had hit Jungkook and what had he meant with Jimin being naive? He wasn’t naive right? He wasn’t some wallflower. Just because he liked being more of a traditional omega than Mark, didn’t make him worth less than Mark! He knew that Mark was independent and didn’t answer to anybody. But just because Jimin liked having alphas taking care of him and just because he liked having them all baby him didn’t mean that he was naive right?

Even Namjoon babied him! Namjoon would help him by getting things he couldn’t reach, he would get things for him if Jimin asked, they all did! Jimin liked being babied, there was nothing wrong with that! He couldn’t believe that Mark was really that hateful towards him. Another thing the older omega had said was stuck in his mind, the alpha order. He knew Mark would never do anything about his threat but even though he did, he knew that neither of the Got7 alpha’s would ever agree to order an omega.

Jungkook hadn’t meant what he did, Jimin knew it! Jungkook might be a little hotheaded at times, but he wasn’t actually a bad person he really wasn’t! He had just gotten mad because Namjoon had stolen his shirt. Which Jimin would agree was a little weird, it was such an omega thing to do. Omegas would scent hoard when they were feeling vulnerable or sad, but he had never heard of a dud doing the same. Hell duds couldn’t even smell the scent, Jimin didn’t understand why Namjoon had done it, and the older rapper had refused to answer the question every time Jimin had asked.

But Mark was right in some way wasn’t he? Even if it shouldn’t have affected him at all, even if the effect was minimal on a dud that didn’t make it okay. None of them had talked about it again. They had all just acted like nothing had ever happened, they did that a lot didn’t they? Jungkook hadn’t even apologised to Namjoon had he? Yoongi might be packleader, but Namjoon was still their leader and he was still the person that they could thank for being where they were right now, they should respect at least that. Yeah Jungkook should apologize to Namjoon. He had just huffed and grabbed his shirt that Namjoon had still been holding onto and stomped to his room.

He knew that Jungkook had hormone issues, but all the anger that Jimin could feel from him right now made him uncomfortable and he didn’t really know what to do. He felt trapped between two angry alphas and even if the anger wasn’t directed towards him he could still feel the pressure, omegas were sensitive towards true alpha anger, which going by Kookie’s case fully red and in Yoongi’s case partially red eyes, was what was going on right now. He had only really felt alpha anger from Yoongi twice before, once at a music track he couldn’t get to work and once at an alpha who had dared to grab Jimin and make him uncomfortable. He never knew that he would ever feel the anger turned towards one of them, he knew that Namjoon wasn’t a real part of the pack… he was just a dud after all… but he was still part of BTS!

Hoseok was the person who was most worried about the situation, he knew that Yoongi had trouble controlling his anger when he first gave into the alpha inside of him. That was why the older alpha had iron control over himself normally, Hoseok knew he had to do something as Yoongi was leading the really scared looking Namjoon towards Yoongi’s room. God scared didn’t even start to explain what the younger rapper looked like. The way he tried to make himself smaller and flinched with each of Yoongi’s steps it reminded Hoseok more of the times he had seen alpha’s turn their anger towards the omegas back in his family's pack.

He made a decision, he couldn’t let Yoongi do this! He grabbed Yoongi by the arm. “It’s a bad idea, we are all okay… Maybe let’s all sleep on this and look at it tomorrow with fresh eyes?” he tried for a casual tone.

Yoongi’s focus turned to him like a laser finding it’s target. “Do you question my authority?” he sized up the taller alpha. “Are you challenging me?”

Hoseok quickly let go of him, “You know I’m not… I’m not trying to pick a fight, but we are all tired after a long day. And I feel like it’s a better idea if we all sleep on today events so we can be logical about it.” He gulped, he really didn’t want to fight Yoongi, he was much more of a lover than a fighter. “Yoongi your eyes are almost completely red, you know that you won’t be able to have a real discussion when it’s like this. This has clearly riled you up, but Mark is gone and Namjoon might have been the reason why Jungkook got hit, but he wasn’t the person who did it.”

Namjoon tightened his hand, nails digging painfully into his palm. Hoseok was right… He was the reason this had happened.

Yoongi growled at the younger alpha, in his angry mind he saw Hoseok as challenging him. He was the packleader of this pack, he was going to get the respect he deserved! He had always been of the thought that when things got sticky a pack alpha should not back down. He wasn’t going to back down, that would just show him as a weak leader. He wasn’t weak! “Do… you… challenge… me?” He asked each word cold and in a low growling tone closer to his rapping voice.

Namjoon couldn’t let this happen. His pack was turning on each other, this was all his fault. Hoseok was nice enough to stick up for him but he didn’t understand that this was all Namjoon’s fault. That Yoongi had every right to be angry with him! That he had failed to keep his promise to Yoongi. Clearly cutting all contact with Got7 wasn’t good enough. “Hoseok it’s my…” he never got to finish the sentence.

Yoongi turned on heel towards Namjoon and his open hand hit Namjoon on the cheek with a loud smack. The force turning Namjoon into an angle that couldn’t be comfortable “I DID NOT SPEAK TO YOU SLUT!” Yoongi yelled out, eyes now completely red.

The entire room froze, nobody sure what to do. Jimin was the first to react as he saw tears running down Namjoon’s face his omega instincts kicking in. He ignored the scent of rot as he pushed closer to Namjoon. It was a lot weaker than it was months ago, he could mostly only smell Mark’s scent of vanilla on him. He gently touched Namjoon’s jaw trying to get him to correct the position of his head, “Joonie you need to move your head, I need to see the damage.” It was kind of awkward trying to console the much taller male, but he couldn’t just leave a pack member in pain.

Yoongi took one step towards the two males, but that caused the rest of BTS to finally react. Before they didn’t think Yoongi would ever hurt a member of their pack… Even if it was Namjoon, they were friends before presentation had forced them apart but now it wasn’t just a threat to a pack member, it was a threat to their only omega. Seokjin and Taehyung tightened their grip on Jungkook with one hand while reaching out for Yoongi and grabbing the small alpha by either of his arms.

Jungkook tried to free himself, his inner alpha sensed danger to their omega! He had to protect, “DONT TOUCH HIM!” He yelled out as he couldn’t free himself. Hoseok put himself between the two males and Yoongi, so much for not wanting to fight him, “Yoongi step back, we don’t want you to hurt ANYBODY anymore.” He put emphasi on anybody. Namjoon might not be a real pack member, but he was still their Namjoonie tho!

Yoongi’s eyes slowly returned to their normal color and he looked a little dazed towards what had happened. Hoseok himself had never lost it to alpha anger, but what people had explained was it’s like somebody else was fighting for control of your body. “I would never hurt Jimin.” Yoongi mumbled now looking at the ground instead.

Seokjin still kept his iron grip on both alpha’s. “You shouldn’t hurt any of us, you are our pack alpha.”

Yoongi didn’t seem to know how to respond to that. He knew he shouldn’t have hit Namjoon. That wasn’t the kind of alpha he was, he was just so angry. Namjoon probably slept with Mark just because the older omega was bored and had no respect for the BTS pack. It was Namjoon who ended up speaking up for him, in a low voice with a sob hidden in it. “It’s okay guys, it’s my fault. I broke a promise I had with Yoongi.” He was still holding his head in a awkward position.

“You could have stabbed his dog and you still didn’t deserve this,” Jimin mumbled as he inspected Namjoon’s cheek the best he could. His omega instincts had taken completely over and his nurturing side was showing.

Namjoon tried for a light smile, but his cheek hurt so much. Yoongi seemed to have put a lot of strength in it but it was understandable, Namjoon was just a disappointment anyway. He couldn’t let the pack be angry at their packleader for something that was Namjoon’s fault. “I am okay really, it wasn’t even that hard.” A straight up lie. “A good night's sleep and it will be as good as knew. We have an early schedule tomorrow, maybe we should go to bed now?” He needed to be by himself to let out the tears, god it hurt so much.

Jimin looked at him suspiciously. “Are you sure? No real pain at all? It looked like he put his entire weight in it.” He don’t know what it was, but he had this feeling that something more was going on that he was being told, call it his instinct. Something wasn’t right.

“It’s fine ChimChim, can I just go and sleep it off?” His voice was slightly desperate.

“You can go Joonie, we will look at Kookie and make sure he is okay.” Seokjin assured him, pointing Namjoon towards his room they were all standing in front of.

No more words were exchanged between them as Namjoon just shuffled inside his room, they all kinda just froze not sure where to go from there, but it was Jimin who spoke up. “I don’t want you at my heat next week Yoongi, if I can’t trust you with our pack’s health I can’t trust you with my body.”

Chapter Text

The first thing Mark noticed when he woke up was that he was hot, the second thing he noticed was how much the inside of his skull was trying to release out into the world. God how much did he drink last night?

Mark groaned in pain, why did he do this to himself? He tried to move a little only to notice that he was indeed pinned down from all sides. Jackson and Jaebum were clinging to his side both holding him where he was lying on his back. Yugyeom and BamBam had apparently decided that his thighs were a pillow, and at this pointt Mark’s thighs couldn’t really feel anything anymore.

Their two resident betas had both spooned up behind the two alphas, and were now holding their hands over Mark’s shirtless tummy. Where did his shirt go? Actually stupid question, when had they ever worn shirts in the nest? Oh! That was where he was! He was in their nest! That was when Mark remembered why he had started to drink. Oh god Lu Han! His inner omega curled up in pain just thinking about the older omega. How could that happen to anybody?

He pushed the thought from his mind again, he had way too big of a hangover to be able to deal with being sad on top of it and god why couldn’t he remember what had happened after? He knew he ran away from the Exo pack after Yixing had told him the story, it had all been to much for him to digest while sitting there.

Where had he gone after that? He had clearly gone somewhere else before returning home to Got7, they would never had let him drink like this. Think about it Tuan, where did you go after? Distant memories of some hole in the wall the bar. How he was kind of afraid to go in there at first, the place was more or less screaming everything his family had always warned him to stay away from. He had been desperate enough to get drunk without any body recognizing him as Mark from Got7 that in the end he had entered the place.

The alcohol had tasted like shit, but it had done the job. After that his memory was blank, it felt like he was missing something important. He couldn’t tell what it was, but it felt like he was missing something important, something he really should remember. He let out a loud groan, which in hindsight was a big mistake. His hangover made it self even more present at that, and his throat felt like sandpaper. Oh and he really needed to relieve himself. He tried to get Jaebum’s attention from where he was sleeping on Mark’s right shoulder “JB please… I need to pee.”

He tried to whisper it, even with a hangover, a sore throat and a desperate need to pee he still didn’t want to wake all of them up. It was so rare they got to spend a morning sleeping in like this, and he didn’t want to be the one breaking this happiness. He got no response from the pack alpha, Jaebum if anything just tightened the grab he had on Mark, well that wasn’t helpful. God he was going to pee on them all if they didn’t let him up.

“Guys please!” He said a little bit louder, this managed to wake up BamBam who looked up at Mark with big confused eyes.

“What’s wrong?” He mumbled, before closing his eyes again not ready to give up on sleep yet.

Mark whined high in his throat, which he regret only a second after. “I am going to pee on you if you don’t let me up.”

That seemed to finally get BamBam to react, he shrieked when he noticed just how close he was to Mark’s dick and therefore how close he was to getting peed on, “Yugyeom! Run! You are going to get peed on!”

If it wasn’t for the hangover Mark was suffering from, he would have found it hilarious.But instead BamBam’s loud voice just made the pounding in his head even worse. And just to make it worse, the youngest omega’s loud voice stirred Yugyeom awake with a start, which meant that his forehead nicely collided with Mark’s dick.

“What’s going on?” Youngjae seemed to have woken up by all the noise going on, “Why is BamBam doing his best impression of a banshee?”

Mark spoke quickly before BamBam could start a big and long argument, “I really need to pee and you are all holding me down. Please let me go.”

Youngjae finally gave him the response he was hoping for, as he helped Mark free himself by removing the overly cuddling alphas, who both slept like rocks, were the hardest task. But they did succeed in the end leaving Mark to rush to the bathroom, cursing his hangover the entire way.

The rest of the pack had finally woke up looking after Mark, Jackson ended up being the one to speak up. “Do we tell him that he asked for the bite, or do we ignore it?”

“We tell him!” BamBam demanded. “He wanted to join us, we are not going to ignore it!” He was not going to let Mark get away from them now.

Jinyoung ran a soothing hand over his back. “This is still Mark’s choice, I know it hurts… But we can’t bind him to something he said while drunk. It has to be his choice.”

BamBam whined, burying himself in the beta’s soothing embrace. “It isn’t fair.”

“We know.” Yugyeom agreed hugging the upset Thai from the back, sandwiching him between them.

Mark emerged from the toilet, and the light blush he was carrying clearly showed that he had heard everything going on in the nest. “I can’t remember saying that, I was very drunk… I am not even sure how I got here.”

Both Jackson and Youngjae looked like they just got kicked in the stomach. Those two and BamBam were the only ones who had allowed themselves to get their hopes up. Mark felt like a horrible person, why had he said that? He wasn’t ready to pick was he? Some distant voice in his head was trying to fight back the block alcohol had put on his brain, was he really not ready?

He knew he couldn’t join Exo now, he wasn’t that kind of omega. He couldn’t replace Lu Han he knew that, and he also knew that both Minseok and Sehun would never be able to accept him. Both of the alphas knew that one of them had put a child in Lu Han, and their kid was now kept from them and they might never see Lu Han or the kid again.

Mark couldn’t blame them for not being able to accept another omega, and especially not an omega like Mark who was so similar to Lu Han. It left Mark feeling like he was the second best choice, even if he knew that it was not what they had meant when they started courting him. He belonged with Got7 didn’t he?

He knew the answer to it, he might have known the answer for months, but he had been afraid of seeing it, afraid of regretting his decision. He had tried other things now, but he still returned home every time. This was home. “I want to take the bite.”

Now all 6 of his group mates, and hopefully soon pack mates, looked at him like he had just told them that he was actually an alpha. He got nervous for a second, was this not the right thing to do? Had he waited to long? Had he strung them along to long? He didn’t get to worry for too long before he was attacked with a hug from both of the youngest members of Got7, which Mark had to admit was a weird feeling. Yugyeom being much taller than BamBam which left the double hug feeling weird, but not in a bad way. Mark kind of liked it, he belonged here… But his head was still killing him.

“Guys please. My head is trying to murder me, can we like… Just cuddle and then deal with this later?” Mark whined.

BamBam giggled in a way Mark hadn’t heard him do in a long time, and let himself be pulled onto the bed by him. He was attacked with hugs from all sides as soon as he was placed in the nest, everybody was taking a time to hug and scent Mark… Well everybody other than Jaebum.

Mark looked at the pack alpha hesitantly, if Jaebum didn’t approve he wasn’t going to be allowed to join. But the alpha just asked hesitantly “Are you sure? We are willing to wait if you need more time, we are always ready to wait for you.”

He just shaked his head. “I don’t want to wait anymore, I am ready to commit now… I am sorry that it took me this long to understand that this was my home.”

Jackson hugged him a little too tight to his chest. “It’s okay, you’re home now and it’s all going to be okay now!” Mark didn’t need to see Jackson to know that he was grinning into his shoulder.

Mark looked hesitantly at Jaebum. “Can I have the bite now? I kinda… I just want to belong to you guys.” He felt so vulnerable right now. He just wanted them to belong to him, and he to them.

“You sure you don’t want to wait until your next heat, we all know that you are a softy on the inside.” Jaebum teased kissing him softly between the brows.

BamBam was the person to whine about it. “Don’t give him the time to regret it!”

He had really done BamBam dirty hadn’t he? If the younger really thought that he would ever regret joining them... Even with his head pounding like crazy he managed to gather up the younger omega in his arms and hug him to his chest, nuzzling his head into BamBam’s scent gland until he got a happy purr from the younger. “If it’s okay with you JB I would prefer to get the bite now… I kinda just want to belong. And my heat is two months away, we have this ones to deal with first.” He nuzzled his face into BamBam’s scent gland again forcing a giggle from him.

“Aww I wanna be adorable as well.” Youngjae pouted as he spooned up behind BamBam stealing a quick kiss from Mark over BamBam’s shoulder.

“Come here Mark, I can give it to you now. You are right, it’s time for all of us to belong to each other.” Jaebum patted his lap showing where he wanted Mark.

Mark scrambled for his spot between BamBam and Jackson to get on Jaebum’s lap, presenting his scent gland to the pack alpha. He was a little tense he had to admit. He had no idea what to expect from the bite. It was seen as rude to ask other people about their bite, so nobody had ever told him how it feels. Would it hurt? He didn’t want it to hurt.

But Jinyoung had read his mind as he kissed Mark in the nape of his neck “You need to relax baby or else Jaebum can’t give it to you, I promise it won’t hurt. You are going to feel little light headed and floaty when he does it. And a lot more floaty when it starts to settle in as your body reacts to your mates, but it’s not going to hurt I promise.”

The beta’s words were all he needed to relax a little, but Yugyeom’s hand grabbing his and squashing it also helped alot. Mark expected Jaebum to just go straight for the bite, he had always been the kind of guy to skip any kind of foreplay, but this time he kissed the gland instead giving it a light kitten lick, clearly trying to ease the bit of tension still there out of him.

Mark had to admit it worked, as the rest of the tension just flowed out of him relaxing him completely in Jaebum’s lap. Then he felt it, Jaebum burying his teeth in his neck forcing him to release a low whine. Mark instantly understood what they had meant with how he would be floaty, it was like his world went out of focus and his pounding hangover released him from it’s gasp as everything just kinda… relaxed around him.

Jaebum removed himself from Mark’s neck way before the omega was ready for it to end. He tightened his grip on Jaebum’s shirt. He wasn’t sure that he would have been able to stay upright if it had not been for the rest of his pack holding him up. “Markie pooh are you okay?” It was Jackson’s voice… right?

Wow his entire world was out of focus, he could feel so many things. It was like his mates were finally slotting into the right spot in his mind, for those few minutes he knew where all of them were without even needing to open his eyes.

He could feel their worry and happiness and oh god it was all too much… There was to many of them. He couldn’t find his own feelings anymore, he was overwhelmed by everybody else's feelings and it was like he was drowning. He didn’t even notice he was being laid down on his side, all of his pack members cuddling him close. They all knew how overwhelming it could be, there was so many of them that it took Mark’s body getting used to it, they all had vivid memories of how their own feelings was shortly pushed away from them as everybody else's emotions took foreground.

Yugyeom who was the last person to take the bite, who had the most people to get used to, was petting Mark’s hair softly. “I know it’s a lot, just a little bit longer and everything is going to be normal again. I know it feels like you are drowning in all our feelings, just hold onto our feeling of love for you and it’s going to be okay… I promise baby.”

Had Mark not been so far gone he would have laughed at the young alpha, if anything Yugyeom was his baby no the other way around, he was all of their baby alpha. He managed to bite a hold of that word, he needed to make fun of Yugyeom and as the haze slowly removed itself from his mind he managed to mumble. “You are all my babies if anything… I am the oldest.”

They all stared at him in disbelief for a second, he had just gotten his bite and that was the first thing he said. But Mark just continued like nothing. “You now all belong to me, you are now all my babies.”

They all exchanged a glance over Mark who was now cuddling into Yugyeom and pulling BamBam closer to his back, clearly enjoying being sandwiched between the two younger pack members. BamBam suddenly seemed to realize something. “Does that mean you are going to stay for my heat? Not run away?!”

Oh yeah… Mark just nodded letting himself be cuddled even closer by the happy overeager omega. “You are never going to get rid of me now.” he mumbled.

“Not that any of us would ever want to get rid of you, you belong to us… Finally.” Youngjae grinned from the spot where he had been wrestled into being the little spoon by Jackson who decided not to disturb the Mark sandwhich going on.

“Nope… You are clearly misunderstanding how this works. You might think you have claimed me… but really I have claimed all of you guys now, you are mine now.” Mark just said it like a fact, and none of them had it in them to disagree with him they were all just happy they finally got to have their omega with them.They were almost complete now… Then something struck Mark.

And he sat up with a start. “NAMJOON!” It all shocked the rest of Got7, not sure what the omega meant.

“What about Namjoon?” Jinyoung asked hesitantly.

“I went to visit him last night! Oh god… I hit Jungkook! And cussed out Jimin… Oh god Jimin looked like I was going to eat him. Or kill him and then eat him.” All of the memories flooded back into Mark.

Jaebum looked shocked at Mark “You hit an alpha? An alpha you know is unstable! Mark you could have gotten hurt!” He knew Mark was strong and could defend himself, but he had been drunk and Jungkook was clearly unstable.

Youngjae had another focus, he asked in a low voice. “Was Joonie okay?”

Mark tried to focus on what he could remember, it was all so unclear. “Yes… No… I am not sure… He was way more skinny than before, and he seemed… cold. I don’t think he is okay.” He tried to remember what he could. “His scent was very… weak, almost not there…”

He was interrupted by a call on Jinyoung’s phone, they all recognized his tone as the one only put on for important things, and Jinyoung grabbed for the phone looking confused when he saw the caller ID read ‘Gangnam Yonsei Sarang Hospital?’

He picked it up fast. “Yes?”

“Is this Park Jinyoung?” The voice on the other end asked.

“Yes, what is the problem?” He couldn’t see any reason for the hospital to call him, if his family had gotten hurt they wouldn’t be on Yonsei Sarang hospital…

“You are listed as the emergency contact for  Kim Namjoon?”

Oh god, it felt like Jinyoung had just been kicked in the face… What had happened? “Is Namjoon okay? Please tell me he is okay!” That got the attention of the rest of Got7 who now looked at Jinyoung with scared eyes.

“Mr. Kim went into cardiac arrest caused by severe malnourishment while having a meeting with his company's CEO, he was rushed to the hospital and we have managed to stabilize him. We just finished running a series of test on him and we need to talk to you about his future. It doesn't look good.” The lady on the other end stopped for a second, taking a deep breath. “ A pack is trying to claim him as theirs, but since Mr. Kim is an undocumented omega with no bite this seems to be untrue, we would prefer if you would come to the hospital to sort this out.”

It was all too much information for him, Namjoon… Oh god no… Tears were starting to run down his face, then he bit into the last thing she said “Omega?”

“Yes we assume that Mr. Kim was a suppressed omega, his body forced presentation on him to save him. Without it we wouldn’t have reached him in time. We will be waiting for you Mr. Park. Please hurry”

Chapter Text

None of them said anything as they got a ride to the hospital. Mark was rubbing his new bite mark with a lost look in his eyes. He blamed himself for this, he should have seen what was wrong with Namjoon when he had been there, why had he been so drunk? Well he might not be the fault for it, doing nothing was just as bad.

BamBam was sitting on Yugyeom’s lap, the two youngest members seeking comfort in eachother no longer sure of who was comforting who anymore. Youngjae had seeked comfort in their pack alpha, sitting next to him hugging his arm close. Jaebum didn’t say anything. As the pack alpha he felt he was to blame as well, Namjoon might not have been an official part of  their pack but they had treated him like he was and that made him Jaebum’s to protect.

Jackson was shellshocked he had an almost bone crushing hold on Jinyoung's hand, his normally healthy tan was now a scary pale color. What if they were too late? Why hadn’t he done something faster, why hadn’t Zico and he been faster… Shit. Zico, he deserved to know.

Not releasing Jinyoung’s hand, he grabbed his phone with the other shooting Zico a quick text.

‘Come to Gangnam Yonsei Sarang Hospital, Joonie had a heart attack because of his weight, stable but not good. Presented omega! We don’t know more, please come, BT SHITS are here as well’

Jinyoung wanted to cry again, he really did… But he wasn’t going to let himself, his pack was falling apart and Namjoon had a heart attack. He couldn’t let himself fall apart as well, he needed to be strong for all of them. He could cry and cry later, but right now… His pack needed him to hold them all together. Namjoon needed him to take care of this, even if Namjoon didn’t know it. He wasn’t going to let Namjoon down again, especially not when BTS’s claim on him was not valid anymore, Namjoon could now belong to who ever he wanted to.

When Got7 finally got to the hospital they were shown to a waiting room, where they were meeting with BTS all looking equally shocked. A doctor was standing waiting for them, she was a small woman he could smell showing as an omega, but her facial expression clearly said ‘Dont fuck with me’, and Jinyoung was sure that this was the woman he had talked to on the phone.

“They are here. Now, tell us what happened to Namjoon.” Yoongi demanded, he was not at all happy having to wait for Jinyoung to arrive, and less happy that he brought the rest of Got7 with him. They didn’t need to be here… This wasn’t their business.

The Doctor raised one eyebrow at them. “I have told you this once Mr. Min and I will do it again. I am letting you stay here out of the goodness of my heart, you have no claim on the patient so I can and I will kick you out of here. Don’t think you idol types have any sway here, this a hospital not a high school!”

Yes, Jinyoung turned out to be right, fucking with this doctor was clearly a bad choice. She clearly didn’t care what her sub gender said or that they were idols. Her job was to care about her patient and she didn’t care about anything else. She turned towards Got7. “You guys might want to sit down, this isn’t going to be easy.”

Yeah, that was not the right thing to say if she wanted to calm the pack down. But they did as she said. BamBam took the spot closest to be BTS having Jimin on his left, where he was more or less silently crying into Jungkook’s shoulder.

Yugyeom took the spot next to BamBam, feeling slightly protective of the older omega after having heard what Jungkook had done, but he also felt conflicted… He and Jungkook were friends. They had talked less since he had presented, but still… Could presenting change him so much?

Jinyoung took a deep breath, he could do this, Namjoon had trusted him as his emergency contact. “Okay, how bad is it?”

“I’m Doctor Choi, I’m the neurologist connected to Kim Namjoon’s case. When he arrived at the hospital our ambulance personnel had managed to stabilize him mostly, but after looking him over we decided that it’s much better to put him in an artificial coma to ensure his health. His cardiac arrest was triggered by severe malnourishment caused by anorexia nervosa. From my expertise I would say that the only reason that it went this well was Mr. Kim’s body forcing it’s presenting on him. Triggering his inner omega managed to help stabilize his heart.”

“Omega? Namjoon is a dud.” Jungkook interrupted, confusion clear in his mind, “he is 22, it is way too late for him to present.”

“Shut up, and let her speak.” It was the first thing Jackson said at all since they got the call, and his voice was like a legion of small knives. “She is a trained doctor, and you are kpop idol… I think she knows this better than you.”

Doctor Choi just ignored both of them. “Dud is very very rare medical condition where both the scent gland and the brain isn’t developed right. A dud has no sense of scent or pack at all, and their emotions are very shallow. It is my professional opinion that a dud would not be able to make it in the entertainment world. They simply don’t care enough.” That didn’t fit Namjoon and it seemed to hit all of them at the same time, BTS maybe a little bit harder than Got7, and they all slowly started to digest it. Namjoon was an omega.

“What Namjoon is instead is what we refer to as a suppressed gendered. This happens a lot more common than what people think. Back in the days it was even more common. People who are scared of being who they really are, scared of what will happen if they become their true self forces so their bodies reject their true sub-gender. It’s like pregnancy. How omega’s can want to be pregnant so bad that their body starts producing the pheromones for pregnancy, they start lactating and can even cheat a home pregnancy test. The mind is a very powerful thing.” Her smile was now soft and calming, she clearly cared a lot about all her patients. “Normally suppressed gendered people never go this long, they would normally see a doctor when they hadn’t presented at 19. Here they get the mental health and emotional support they need. That leads to my first question, do any of you have any idea what has caused Mr. Kim to reject his omega status? It’s rare we find omegas doing it nowadays, it’s mostly alpha’s who are afraid of the violent and unpredictable way the media portrays them.”

They all seemed lost for a moment, omegas were treasured nowadays, especially male omega’s. That was when Yoongi decided to speak up. “Because being an omega means he loses everything.”

He said it in such a matter of a fact way that all focus was suddenly on him and Mark could feel how the pit of his stomach tightened up. Yoongi couldn’t mean what he thought he meant, Doctor Choi looked just as confused as the rest of them felt. “I’m not sure I understand.”

The mint haired alpha just shrugged his shoulders. “Omegas aren’t rappers… And especially not leaders.”

They just looked at him as if he had said that he was preparing to debut as a ballerina. Seokjin looked at Yoongi with big eyes, he knew Yoongi had grown up in a very traditional environment, but he couldn’t mean that! This wasn’t just some random omega, this was their Namjoon?

Jungkook nodded in agreement with Yoongi. “Yoongi-hyung is right, he would never be taken serious as rapper if it got out that he was an omega.”

That spiked the fire in both of the Got7 omegas who were up and standing before anybody could stop them. BamBam was the one taking the lead in the angry yelling “It doesn’t matter what sub-gender Namjoon is! He is a great leader! Sub-genders don’t define us. What fucking era are you from! Both Mark and I are omega rappers!”

Yoongi didn’t seem fazed by the angry omega staring him down. “Vixx has an alpha leader, B.A.P has an alpha leader, BigBang has an alpha leader, Super Junior has an alpha leader, Monsta X has an alpha leader, 2ne1 has an alpha leader, you guys have an alpha leader! The rest have beta leaders! Nobody want’s an omega to lead them! Leaders are strong! And you aren’t a real rapper, you were put as a rapper because both of you weren’t good enough as singers! Don’t call yourself a rapper!”

Both Hoseok and Jimin looked almost shocked at Yoongi, they knew their packleader had some old school views, but this? They had always chalked it up to either a joke, or just ignored it. It had never been targeted at them, yeah Yoongi was very possessive towards them, but still…

Got7 wasn’t surprised, but still felt very protective, it was their omegas that Yoongi was slinging shit at and they knew BamBam had struggled with antis saying the same thing about him. A fight was very close to breaking out but Doctor Choi was not going to let it happen, she put a light hand on BamBam’s shoulder shaking her head as he turned towards her. She looked at Yoongi with a strong stare. “This is your last warning Mr. Min, you will either keep your toxic comments inside or you will leave this hospital. You have no claim on my patient.”

Yoongi looked like he had swallowed a lime, but he kept his mouth shut. It was his omega that they had kept in there, He had let Namjoon stay while he was a dud but Namjoon belonged to them. They needed a second omega and Got7 did not need a third omega.

Doctor Choi looked over the two groups sitting in front of her and she sighed. “Outside factors are the cause then. That leads us to the… less than fun stuff I have to tell you about.” She shook her head a little. In all of her career as a doctor specializing in suppressed gendered this was the worst case she had ever had and if this was whom saw himself as his pack leader she could understand. “First his weight, his weight was critically low for his height, this was as your heard what caused his heart attack. We have him on a drip right now hoping that he will regain some of the weight, but more about that later. We took a scan of his brain and the results weren’t good. You might know that an omega’s brain goes into slow shutdown if its gets denied its needs; scenting, closure, stuff like that. Luckily it doesn’t seem to have been all 4 years, but I would say around 3 to 4 month with small boosts of gettings his needs filled. Did anything special happen around that time? It could be very useful to us.”

Jaebum bit his lip, he knew what had happened and he needed to tell her right? “They kicked him out of their nest.” He pointed towards BTS. “He is in their kpop group, its standard for our kind that even if you aren’t in the pack you sleep in their nest. It helps us when we are to far away from our own pack, or haven’t chosen one yet. They kicked him out because they didn’t like his scent.”

Most of BTS at least had the decency to look down in shame. Jimin felt like was getting suffocated, if Namjoon was really an omega that meant that they were the reason for all of this… They weren’t bad! Right… Right? It felt like they were just now basic villains in a poorly written k-drama. What had they done?

Jungkook didn’t seem to have understood what the major this problem was. “What did you want us to do? It was impossible for us to sleep with his scent there! You don’t get it cause you didn’t have to deal with it.”

“He slept in our nest!” Youngjae erupted, unable to keep it in.  He sniffed once he wasn’t going to cry again! “When you guys let him visit us.” He added almost in a mumble.

Doctor Choi felt anger inside her, but she didn’t let it out, she needed to do right by her patient and anger was not going to work. “I understand, the next issue is the self harming. We found multiple fresh scraps from self harming, and even some that have scarred. These were all in places easy to hide, and they all look like they were made by nails, this is good. If we go with a case of omega negligence this is seen many times before, since it causes both depression and anxiety. Has there been any signs of either of these?”


“Yes.” It came at the same time, a no from Taehyung and a yes from Jinyoung. Jinyoung stared Taehyung down until the other beta looked down in shame.

“We have had multiple issues with Namjoon putting himself down, we thought we fixed his eating disorder once, but we are a different group and we don’t get to see him a lot… Especially when he is kept away from us, we haven’t seen him at all in the last month, but he always talked about how he needed to be a better him, it got really bad sometimes.” Jinyoung moved his stare to Seokjin, the fans always talked about how Namjoon and were like a married couple, oh how the public image could be deceiving.

Again Doctor Choi nodded noting it on her papers, “Then we have our most puzzling result, when he presented, his scent gland went into overwork. He is producing over 10 times the scent he needs to, normally I would chalk it up to his presenting but the scent is much weaker than it should be. So we took a skin swab and blood test, the results were… surprising. Both tests came back positive for CBTY, it's the chemical used for removing scent.”

No… Oh god no. Jackson had this crippling feeling in his stomach that he knew how that came to be on Namjoon’s skin but Namjoon wouldn’t do that right? That would have hurt way too much… just touching it by accident hurt more than Jackson would ever like to admit, he had to say something. “What if he had sprayed himself with scent removal spray?”

She frowned and look on her papers “He would have had to use it regularly for at least 2 weeks and he would have had to use it once a day. That would have meant immense pain for him, but it would give this results.”

Jackson wrung his hands “Namjoon hated his scent more than I can explain. He probably believed that if it wasn’t there, people were more likely to accept him. He just wanted people to accept him.” God he wanted to kill the members of BTS, he understood they had their own issues, but why did it have to come to this for them to see it was their fault. Had BTS just let Namjoon go then he could have been happy with them instead. He didn’t even need to present, the all accepted him anyway.

Doctor Choi sighed, “It will be flushed from his system, but it will be slow and it might take even longer for his scent gland to stop pumping out so much scent. When he wakes up I want no alpha to be alone with him. That brings me onto the the next point, heats. Normally since he has presented he would soon go into his first heat, but he is way to underweight to be able to support a heat right now so his body has shut it down completely. If he gains weight slowly he will be able to, but for now there is no way of telling when he will be able to have his heat.”

For the first time Jimin spoke up in a low voice, “Is he going to be okay?”

She looked at him, her eyes hard as granite. From all she had heard today she wasn’t a big fan of BTS and for another omega to let that treatment go on, it made her sad. “Physically yes, his mind is something very different. If he hasn’t had his needs fulfilled for up to 4 years, and he is so afraid of being an omega. His self hatred is out of this world. If he gets the time he needs, and the support he needs, then yes I believe he can become a healthy and happy man. The thing is you idols rarely get the time you need to heal.”

“He will get the time, I promise you that.” Entering the room was no other than Bang PD, “I apologize for being late, but I had some business to take care of. It is in place that Namjoon will get the time he needs to heal, he is the leader of BTS. Without him there is no BTS.”

Doctor Choi smiled and gave quick bow to the beta, she had talked with the man earlier and she was happy that he seemed to care about his artists alot, he had even rode in with Namjoon in the ambulance, only leaving after everything was explained to him to take care of business around this. “I am happy to hear this, you still wish to be the one next to him when he wakes up?”

“Yes I believe it’s the best thing, he will blame himself for getting behind on work, and he needs somebody who is less attached to tell him about what happened. I fear that he might be worried that I will take his title from him, that will of course not happen. Namjoon is the only person who can lead BTS. Doctor Choi, 2 young men, an alpha and an omega, will arrive in a few hours. They are to be let in after me.” The sentence was said with a sharp glare at Yoongi, who in that moment had looked like he was going to protest. “Yoongi before I join Namjoon in his hospital room I would like a talk with you.”

Yoongi let go of Taehyung’s hand that he had been playing with to keep himself from speaking up, he slowly stood up in a stiff way. “Of course Bang PD-nim.”

The older beta lead the young pack alpha into an empty room, “Something will have to change Yoongi, I know how you were raised and your past, but I have ignored it for too long. I thought you guys would handle it as a pack, and that Hoseok and Seokjin would keep you from going too off the road, I see now that isn’t the case. I know you don’t feel like you have done something wrong and that is part of the problem.” He sighed and looked over the alpha, his stance was stiff and hostile. “Yoongi I want you to go to therapy, and this isn’t a request it’s an order. I am putting you on hiatus if you don’t. Not BTS, just you. This is not just pack business anymore.”

“You can’t mean you are keeping Namjoon as a leader! He is an omega, not a leader!”

“ENOUGH!” This was the first time ever he had raised his voice towards any of the members. “I understand that you had a rough childhood, and I understand your past, but this is enough! May I remind you that BTS was built around Namjoon? Namjoon is the leader of BTS for a reason, he could present as a dancing reindeer and he would still be the leader! And you will respect him as your leader! So which do you accept? Therapy or hiatus?” Bang PD had to be honest, he had no idea what Yoongi would choose.

Chapter Text

Namjoon felt confused when he woke up, what happened? Where was he? His body felt heavy like he couldn’t move. He needed to open his eyes, why were they so heavy? What had happened?

“Don’t strain yourself Namjoon, the doctor said you shouldn’t force yourself, let your body slowly wake up. You have been out for over 12 hours.” That was Bang PD-nim’s voice… he was sure of it!

Oh god, he was looking at Namjoon sleep slacked face, he was wasting Bang PD’s time, he needed to wake up! Why was he even in Namjoon’s room, had Namjoon forgotten a meeting? He finally managed to open his eyes, oh this wasn’t his room.

“Where am I?” His voice was rough and dry, and it hurt to get the words out of his dry throat, he was so thirsty, and it was like his brain was working on half speed at best.

Bang PD looked at the confused omega, his scent of peaches and cream was still weak, but Doctor Choi had said that with a few weeks of medicine the scent should be back to it’s natural level. “You are in the hospital, can you remember why how you  ended up here?”

Namjoon shook his head, or he tried to shake his head instead it ended up being a pathetic attempt of headshake. He simply didn’t have the strength, that was when his brain actually caught onto what Bang PD had said. Hospital? No no no no, he couldn’t be in the hospital! He wasn’t sure why, but he knew he couldn’t be in the hospital. He knew they would find something he didn’t want them to! What if they had already found it? How did he even end up here?

“I’ll take that as a no.” The older beta sighed, he knew that this conversation was important and he also knew that if he fucked it up there was a serious chance that it would really hurt Namjoon for a very long time. He had a chance to help Namjoon undo some of the damage done to him, he just had to do it right. “You had a heart attack due to anorexia, they managed to stabilize you.”

How did he have a heart attack? He wasn’t even skinny enough, not even close, it didn’t make any sense. That was when he noticed the i.v drip in his arm, and his mind instantly realized what that was. “No!” he tried to get the drip out of his arm, but his entire body was way to heavy for it to work, and Bang Pd easily stopped him by putting a gentle hand on Namjoon’s shoulder, “Please I need it out, they are ruining it!”

His voice sounded almost in tears, and Band PD could feel his own heart almost breaking. There went the chance that he had starved himself by accident. Namjoon really believed that he needed to lose the weight. “Namjoon you need to keep it in, you are way too skinny, you are going to die if you keep it up. God you already had a heart attack, next time you won’t be as lucky, we can’t lose you.”

“You are wrong… I… I need to be better, I need to be better for them. You don’t understand! There is nothing wrong with me.” That was when Bang PD knew that he had made the right choice, even if Namjoon wouldn’t be able to understand it right now, but BTS right was not having a positive effect on the newly presented omega.

He kept a very light grip on Namjoon’s arm making sure that he wasn’t going to rip out the drip that was forcing nutrients into him. “You are already good enough, BTS was formed around you, not the other way around.” He had to tell Namjoon that he had presented didn’t he? He knew ripping off the bandage was the best choice, “You survived because your body forced presenting on you… Namjoon you presented omega, you aren’t a dud.”

He wasn’t sure what he really expected, maybe for Namjoon to be happy, being an omega… Especially a male omega, was positive! Instead he saw dread hit Namjoon’s face. Namjoon felt this was his worse fear becoming true, of course it was, but he couldn’t make a scene. He just had to accept it, it wasn’t Bang PD’s fault. It was Namjoon’s. Stupid stupid Namjoon. The only thing he could do was trying to help him with the transition “I… I think Yoongi is a good choice, he is a little rough around the edges, but he is a good pack leader and the others listen to him.”

“What are you talking about?”

“As a leader of BTS, I think Yoongi could do it well and he's an alpha so it fits him.” Namjoon’s voice was a little sad, but he tried to stay strong. It wasn’t Bang PD’s fault that Namjoon was useless.

Bang PD finally realized what Namjoon was talking about. He thought that he was taking the leader spot from him. “Namjoon no! I would never take the leader spot from you, you are the leader of BTS! How could you think I would do that, you have been a great leader for them.” What really irked him was how Namjoon thought that Yoongi would make a good leader of the group, was he really that deep in self hatred that he thought that he deserved everything done to him? Had he really gotten so bad without any of them noticing?

He knew the boys weren’t really bad people, but had they really been the neglectful? Just because Namjoon was a dud didn’t mean that he shouldn’t be treated like he wasn’t worth something! “I’m useless.” Namjoon whispered in a low voice, “I’m sorry… I didn’t try to be an omega! I really tried not to be one! I did everything I could… I’m sorry.” The last two words were said with such regret and self hatred that Bang PD was actually taken aback by it a little.

“Nothing is going to change Namjoon, when you get out here you will still be a rapper you and you will still be the leader. I promise you, nothing will change that.” He wasn’t sure how to fix this. He knew Zelo would be by later when things had slowed down and hopefully the giant tree of an omega could make Namjoon see a little bit more of the truth but for now he needed to try and make Namjoon realize the truth. He also need to break the truth about the new living arrangements for Namjoon.

The omega looked almost shocked at Bang PD “You mean that? I… get to stay? Even as an omega?”

“Do you want us to kick Jimin out? He is an omega he is one also.”

“NO!” The loud voice was a strain on Namjoon’s dry vocal cords. Bang PD couldn’t do that “Don’t please don’t! Jimin is a good omega! He worked really hard on both his dancing and singing, he even helped with his solo song. Please don’t take that from him! He has worked so hard!” The young omega begged, he wouldn’t let that happen to Jimin… Jimin was good.

“So it’s okay to kick out you? But not Jimin? Even if you are the same sub-gender?” Bang PD answered with a raised eyebrow, hoping Namjoon would get his point.

Namjoon shook his head, making himself dizzy and confused. “Jimin is good! I’m just… stupid.”

He actually believed that didn’t he? He actually believed that about himself didn’t he? “You have one of the highest IQ’s for an idol. I’m pretty sure that means you aren’t stupid and I know it’s hard to believe. I know just as well as you do how rappers used to talk about omegas, but it isn’t like that anymore. Do you think that Zelo or Ravi are worth less as rappers because they are omegas? Should they be removed from their group based on something they can’t control?”

Namjoon’s still confused mind didn’t really fully grasp what Bang PD was saying. He just heard it as a threat to his friends, he just heard it as somebody questioning people he saw as his friends “No! They are both good rappers! Their groups needs them!”

The still pleading tone in Namjoon’s voice was one of the saddest thing’s Bang PD had heard, Namjoon just wanted to protect everybody else, but he clearly didn’t care about himself. “Namjoon I want you to repeat after me okay? Can you do that?” He got a nod as response. “Repeat: Nothing is going to change the fact that I am the leader of BTS.”

Namjoon seemed dubious like he still didn’t believe what was being said to him, but hesitantly he repeated, “Nothing is going to change the fact that I am the leader of BTS.”

Bang PD nodded approvingly “It could be a raining dancing unicorns and I would still be  respected and a good rapper.”

“It could be a raining,” Namjoon had to stop mid sentence to giggle at how silly the sentence was, it had clearly been the goal of it. It was good hearing Namjoon laugh or in this case giggle again. He hadn’t thought about how long of a time it had been since he had last heard the young man do it.

“Come on say it I know you can” The beta teased the BTS leader.

“It could be a raining dancing unicorns and I would still be respected and a good…” He hesitated a bit on the last part, like he wasn’t sure that he was actually meant to say it, but with a helping nod from Bang PD he continued “rapper.”

“Good, if anybody ever tells you that you aren’t a rapper or that you aren’t anything just because you are an omega tell them that.” He knew that he hadn’t fixed Namjoon, he knew that Namjoon was mostly just saying it to make the beta happy. But he hoped this was the start. That this was a stepping stone that they could all use to build up Namjoon again.

He knew now came the less pleasant part of this, he needed to have an important conversation with Namjoon. “We found evidence of scent removal spray on your skin. Namjoon why was it there?”

Namjoon just looked away, like a child who had been caught with his hands in the cookie jar. “Namjoon you aren’t in trouble, I promise you nothing is going to happen to you. We just all want to know so we can help you.”

It was the truth, he couldn’t blame Namjoon for anything that happened to him.This wasn’t really Namjoon’s fault. If anything it was everybody but his fault! BTS should never have let it happen, he should have sent Yoongi to therapy before, he should have been more in check with what happened to Namjoon. Got7 should have contacted somebody else about it instead of trying to deal with it alone.

“I just wanted the scent to go away,” Namjoon mumbled still not daring to look at Bang PD “my scent was annoying people, so I wanted it gone. I just wanted to help.”

He sounded so ashamed, Bang PD knew he couldn’t blame him. “It’s okay Namjoon, I understand why you did it. You did damage to your scent gland, it is trying to make your scent as strong as it’s meant to be. The next few weeks you will feel very tired since you are producing way too much scent.”

Namjoon now just looked terrified “So now everybody can smell it much stronger? I’m sorry I tried!”

“You have your omega scent now Namjoon, you smell like a healthy omega now.” Okay so that was a little bit of a lie, while yes Namjoon’s scent was very pleasant, it was also a super bad pun. His scent wasn’t really healthy smelling, his scent was signalling to the world that he was depressed, it was a sign that omegas scent when they didn’t get their needs filled.

“I… Don’t smell like rot and death anymore?” Now that Bang PD thought about it, Namjoon had always kinda smelled like rotten peaches, so it wasn’t a different scent he had had. It was just  scent rotten.

“No, but you do smell like peaches and cream…” He couldn’t stop himself from laughing, and Namjoon joined him with a giggle “I am not lying!”

“So I… I smell good now, they won’t hate my scent anymore?” Namjoon asked hesitantly.

Bang PD shaked his head “No, it’s a very good scent.” But Namjoon’s question made Bang PD think of another important thing he needed to talk to him about, and this wasn’t going to be happy conversation.

“I am moving you out of the dorm’s.” He didn’t know how else to say it, he couldn’t let Namjoon stay with BTS, he was to vulnerable for it.

Yeah maybe that wasn’t the right way of saying it, Namjoon just looked like Bang PD had killed a puppy in front of him. “I thought you said you weren’t throwing me out of BTS.” He didn’t even sound accusatory, he just sounded like he was giving up on the world.

“I am not throwing you out of BTS! I have gotten you a place you can stay for yourself. So much different stuff has happened between you and the pack, and you need a space you can call your own, a space you can keep for yourself.” He wasn’t sure how to make Namjoon realize that BTS wasn’t good for him, he would have to reveal what he knew didn’t he.

“Namjoon you are now an omega without a pack, and I want you not to join the BTS pack. I want you to give other people the chance to court you.” Namjoon looked confused “I know you don’t think other people want you, but you are well respected idol, rapper, and a male omega. There are a lot of packs who would want you to join them and a lot of them are close friends of yours. So I am giving you a space where you can decide who can be there and where you can just be you. You can invite anybody over there if you want them to. And even if you are going to spend all your time in different nests, this is going to be space that is your own. But Namjoon I want you to look me in the eyes and promise me that you are going to give other packs a chance. I know you think that you owe BTS to join them, but this isn’t about BTS. You guys are still going to be a great group without you in the pack, this is about you and your mental health. This is your future, you need to find the right pack for you to join.”

“But I’m part of the BTS pack.” his voice was so low, and it was clear that even he was doubting if he really was.

“They haven’t treated you like you are part of the pack, and you don’t have a bite from the pack. You don’t owe them anything, you have worked tirelessly as their leader. You deserve to be happy, you can let BTS court you as well, but I want you to give other packs the chance as well I know that there is a very eager Got7 pack that wants to see you outside.” He smiled lightly, hoping that the mentioning the other pack would make Namjoon happy, he knew that they meant a lot to him.

Instead Namjoon just looked sad “They used me, they just wanted release. They don’t actually want me, they were just using me.”

“Where do did you get this from?” Bang PD asked confused, he didn’t know the full story between Namjoon and Got7, but he knew that they cared deeply about the BTS leader.

The omega looked away “I talked to Yoongi he made me see the truth.”

Oh… Of course… Fucking Yoongi, the worst part was he knew Yoongi wasn’t evil, but god the young mint haired rapper made it hard to sympathise with him. He had half a mind and tell Namjoon about all the shit Yoongi had done, but he knew it wasn’t right. Yoongi and Namjoon needed to talk like adults at one point and Bang PD couldn’t get between that. He needed Yoongi to realize himself what he had done, instead he just went with “Yoongi was wrong, they were here as fast as possible and they have waited up all night waiting for you to wake up even after they got told that they wouldn’t get to see you for a while.”

“Why not?” Namjoon asked confused, but he had also lit up when he heard about Got7, yeah the Got7 guys really did have a chance when Namjoon realized he didn’t owe BTS anything.

“I demanded to be the one to be here when you woke up for the first time, since I am your CEO it wasn’t hard to get that right, and I am going to stay here until you fall asleep again. When you wake up, there is going to be somebody here instead who is looking forward very much to talk to you. If I were you I would really listen to what he says. He really knows what it means to be an omega in this industry, and he seems to have a soft spot for you.” He smiled fondly remembering the phone call. Namjoon really needed somebody like that in his life, “Oh but I promised Mark to apologize for him, he is very sorry that he didn’t notice last time. He also promises never to drink that much again.”  

With the mention of Mark it was like a lightbulb turned on in Namjoon’s head and that desperate look was back in his eyes. “You would never put Jimin on different contraceptive, and then when he got pregnant force him to leave the group and pack, and then lock him up in China right?!” The fact that Namjoon was still worried about Jimin instead of himself made Bang PD sigh.

“So you heard about Lu Han, I did wonder when it would start coming out. My guess is from Mark right? Who got it from the rest of Exo?” Namjoon nodded “I would never do that I promise, we all tried to get them to stop, but there are nothing we could do. You can’t tell anybody about it, if it gets out into the public you are putting both Lu Han and the baby at risk. And the rest of Exo, promise me you won’t tell people.”

Namjoon just nodded seeming happy with the answer he got from Bang PD, his mind was still so scrambled trying to contain all the information that had been given to him. “Tired?” he asked.

“Yeah, my mind is so heavy, I can’t really focus” He rubbed his eyes in a tired movement.

“Sleep Namjoon, everything is going to be okay I promise. It might not seem like it right now, but it’s going to be okay. And somebody else is going to be here when you wake up.” he promised.

Namjoon didn’t want to sleep but he could feel himself being pulled under again, the conversation had tired his already starved body.

He wasn’t sure how long of time he had slept, but it was darker in the room as he woke up and somebody was stroking his hand with the unfamiliar scent of blueberries was swimming around in the room as he opened his eyes.

His gasped when he saw who was sitting next to him “Daesung-sunbaenim?!”

Chapter Text

Namjoon could feel the panic well up in him as he saw Daesung sit next to him, what had he done? He knew that they got accused of copying Big Bang a lot, but he never thought that it would attract the attention of Big Bang themselves. He should bow? Omg! He should really bow, he tried to sit up to bow to the omega in front of him.


It really didn’t work out for him, he was still way to weak and instead of bowing he ended up kinda just flopping back into his pillow with a high pitched whine that really didn’t fit his vocal cords.


Daesung just looked shocked at him quickly reaching out to help his fellow omega. He really should have seen this coming shouldn’t he? He always forgot how the younger groups saw him… Saw them. You would think that he at this point had gotten used to being a ‘legend’, but to be honest he still felt the same as he did when he debuted. Okay maybe a little less awkward on a good day, but mostly the same.


“Please don’t strain yourself, I am going to get kicked out if you do. And your doctor is scary, so let’s please not anger her.” He tried to calm the younger rapper, putting a what he would like to believe was a soft hand on Namjoon’s shoulder to push him back down onto the bed.


Then again, he was in a pack with 4 alpha’s and no other sub genders. Pair that was his more muscular build and gentle didn’t really come naturally to him no matter what his own sub gender was.


The blue haired omega looked over his fellow idol in the bed, when he had been asleep it had been clear how underweight and unhealthy the younger was, but now that he was awake it had never been more clear. He had to admit he hadn’t known much about the BTS leader until a few hours ago. They had all followed the success of newer groups, and both Jiyong and Youngbae seemed to enjoyed BTS’s more hip hop based music, but Daesung had only looked over it briefly.


All of the older generation groups had a soft spot for omegas, especially male ones. That was what happened when almost no omegas had been put into groups when they were formed. Daesung was lucky, had he presented earlier he would probably have been kicked out. At least they weren’t Super Junior, two omegas in a group of 13 was a hard one to swallow for a pack. Atleast generation had gotten less terrible, now male omega’s were celebrated, and companies tried to put as many into groups as possible.


That didn’t stop most older groups for having a soft spot and wanting to protect them, especially in a case like this. While he knew that he hadn’t gotten a full story, but he had heard the gist of it and he couldn’t just do nothing about it anymore. Even if he was sure it was much worse than what he had heard. He also felt a bond with Namjoon in a way he knew the feeling that Namjoon was going through. He knew that BTS desperately needed another omega and that Namjoon even if he didn’t know, would feel pressured to join his own groups pack to help. The same pressure that Daesung had felt so many years ago, he didn’t want Namjoon to make the same mistake he made and he didn’t know what it was about the tall omega but he just felt this need to protect him.


Namjoon looked with eyes still big at Daesung who just smiled at him not sure what to say. Namjoon couldn’t even think of why he would be in his hospital room, let alone treat him this gently. “If we have done something Daesung-sunbaenim, I apologize. We never meant any harm and we all look up to you very much.” He looked at the floor instead of at the blueberry smelling omega, feeling he didn’t deserve to look at him.


Daesung kinda wanted to just pick up the much taller omega and cuddle him to death. He himself had had low points in his life and at one point where he felt that he was useless. But he always had the support around him. He couldn’t imagine having reached Namjoon’s point and not have done something stupid and dramatic.


“You haven’t done anything at all, I just wanted to talk to you.” He still had a light press on Namjoon’s shoulder, worried that he would try and move again.


Namjoon didn’t move though, he just looked confused like couldn’t understand why Daesung took any interest in him. He hadn’t done anything other than just being a useless piece of garbage. But no matter how confused he was, the light scent of newly plucked blueberries did help him, it made him relax. He always wondered why omegas had that effect on him, it was like he was dehydrated and whatever omega was near him was the first water he had seen in days.


He had to control himself hard not to nuzzle into the tempting scent of Daesung’s arm so close to his head. Daesung almost cooed at Namjoon’s almost starved reaction to his scent, but then he frowned. Didn’t BTS have an omega? He knew BTS had an omega, the short dancer? Jimin? Why did Namjoon seem to be scent starved? Even if he hadn’t presented?


God, it was good that Jiyong had at least been pessimistic about this whole thing. After Seungri had told them about how he ran into the underweight Namjoon at an award ceremony. He had noted that not only did the BTS leader look very thin, he had also instantly reacted like a scent starved omega when Seungri accidentally ended up a little bit too close to him.


“Namjoon, I have something for you.” He reached for the bag in front of him pulling up… Five dolls? Then Namjoon noticed what they were. They were 5 nursing dolls. He had read that when babies were born either prematurely or had to be separated from their parents for any reason. The dolls were specially made so they had the same ability as  an omega to absorb scent. The parent’s could put their scent on it, making it so the babies always had their parent close to them. He took a closer look dolls, they all looked very different from the dolls that he had seen in the article. The one that Daesung was giving him first had it’s hair colored in a blue color, and instead of the normal dot eyes, they were drawn with sharpies like little smiles. Was this… supposed to be Daesung?


With a weak hand he took the doll given to him and couldn’t stop himself from burying his face in its soft texture, it smelt like Daesung. Daesung wanted to chuckle over how cute the younger omega looked but it also kinda hurt his heart seeing a follow omega so scent starved. He was lucky enough to have a pack that even after this many years, still thought a day should be started with scenting.

“It was Jiyongs idea. We knew that a lot of different packs are going to court you and you might not feel comfortable having any of their scent near you. We thought that you would feel you were having to pick a side in it, at least that is how I would feel. Don’t ask why we have them. I don’t even know and I’m not sure I want to know. 10 years of living with them and sometimes I feel like it’s just better not to question it.” He tried to keep his tone as chipper and positive as possible, he didn’t want to stress Namjoon. They still had to have a less than happy conversation.


Namjoon looked shyly at Daesung. He wasn’t really sure what to correct respond to being gifted with somebody's scent when you looked up to them. “Are you sure this is okay, I don’t want to be disrespectful.” Daesung was at a point in his life where he was sure that all rappers were bipolar. Both Jiyong and Seunghyun made a full 180 in personality when they got off stage and it seemed that Namjoon did the same. He liked this Namjoon though. The tall omega was soft and fluffy like this, his galaxy colored hair a much lighter version of what Daesung himself was currently sporting.


“Of course it’s okay, we all agreed on it. That is why there is one from each of us. I did promise Seungri I would tell you that his smells the best but I wouldn’t take his word on that. If you want a classic alpha smell I would take Seunghyun’s, but if you just want to feel calm I would recommend Youngbae. He is like calm in a bottle.” Daesung had never really seen himself as being an especially intimidating person, he left that to Jiyong who seemed to enjoy scaring younger idols with his presence, so the omega wasn’t really sure how to make Namjoon relax completely in his presents. Then again with everything he had went through maybe there would be a very long time before Namjoon relaxed around anybody.


Namjoon reached for the doll who had gotten the sides none to gently ripped of and dyed a blond color to represent the short vocalist’s signature mohawk. He also noticed at the same time as Namjoon, that Jiyong seemed to have cut off the doll's feet and both omegas let out a giggle. “I’m sorry about that,” Daesung giggled “Jiyong likes to bully Youngbae about being short. Which is weird since he is short himself.”


Namjoon took the chance to bury his head in the new doll instead. Freshly washed linen invaded his nose. He could see what Daesung meant by it being a calming smell, he was pretty sure that if they could bottle this scent they could cure panic attacks. “177 isn’t that short.” Only 4 cm shorter than him.


This time Daesung let out a full bodied laugh like Namjoon had told a joke. “It’s kinda cute you know his official height but that is also completely false. Even fans at this point have realized that he needs some serious insoles to even cross 170.”


Namjoon couldn’t keep in another giggle at the thought of his idol being that short. He took the pink haired doll next, crude tattoos was drawn over it. It was clear whoever made these failed basic art class. He didn’t even have to put it up to his face to notice the strong scent of chili radiating from the doll like an aggressive cloud trying to grip unto anything it could. Daesung smiled as he saw him move onto the next doll, this one with a head of oddly colored blond hair and the word idiot written over the face. Yeah Jiyong had had way too much fun with this it seemed. The younger omega seemed confused as he brought the doll to his nose, the scent of candy apples invading his senses a very very sweet scent for an alpha.


He didn’t even have to ask before Daesung answered. “Seungri likes to call himself alpha light, his scent is light like that. It’s very nice though, fits him very well.” He couldn’t stop a fond smile from finding its way onto his face at the thought of his pack. Daesung was very pretty when he smiled like that Namjoon decided. He wasn’t classically pretty, especially not for an omega, but he was very pretty Namjoon decided. Was that how he smiled when he thought of BTS? He wasn’t sure. He wasn’t even sure that anybody in BTS smiled like that.


Namjoon reached for the last doll, this one had a crude joker smile drown onto it and it’s hair was left alone to show a normal brown color as this was supposed to resemble Seunghyun. Leather. Of course he smelt like leather Namjoon thought, Seunghyun had a classic alpha look so of course he had a classic alpha smell as well.


“Are you sure I can keep them, I don’t... “ He wasn’t even sure what it was he didn’t want to do anymore. It just… felt like too much, Daesung wasn’t even supposed to know who he was!


Daesung reached up to instead ruffle his hair up. “Of course, I’m pretty sure everybody is would get very offended if you refused.” It was meant as a joke, but the way Namjoon’s eyes went comically large at the word offended... yeah he should have expected that.


It seemed to be the time to actually talk to Namjoon about the real reason he was here. “Namjoon how much do you know about how Big Bang formed as a pack and our pack dynamics?”


Namjoon, having gone back to hugging the Youngbae doll, instead thought for a second. “You have 4 alphas and 1 omega. T.O.P-sunbaenim is the pack leader and you guys don’t like to talk about it in interviews.” He tried to remember more, but very little came up. “There was rumors when you presented… two years into BigBang, that you guys weren’t going to be a pack.”


Daesung nodded at everything Namjoon said. “The reason that the rumor started was that I presented over a year late and Seungri had already presented alpha at this point. People expected me to present beta, and a pack can’t work without an omega. It’s hard enough to work without an beta, but it is impossible to work without an omega.” Namjoon nodded, he hadn’t followed Big Bang that closely back then and first only really found out about the drama later on. Daesung continued his story.  “Luckily I presented as an omega and only 2 hours after presenting did I take the bite. I was so stupid, I didn’t understand how important that decision in my life was.”


Namjoon kinda felt like he had been kicked in the stomach. The Big Bang pack was always the pack he looked up to for always being there for each other. It was Namjoon’s version of a fairytale and now the idea that they might not be happy with each other as he expected, was kinda mind crushing for him. Like as if his parents had told him that they were splitting from their pack. “You regret joining the pack?”


The blue haired omega looked confused for a second. “Oh no, that was not what I meant. I love my pack. But I want you to understand that what I did was brash and childish. I didn’t know if I would have fit into the pack. Had we another omega it would have been different, I would have taken my time. I would have thought about it. But I felt my pack needed me, they needed an omega. So I made the decision to take the bite and while it ended up being the right decision for me, it could very easily have gone badly and ended up hurting all of us.”


Namjoon knew what Daesung was saying, he knew that he was right. He would have wanted Daesung to be happy and he would have wanted it even if it wasn’t with Big Bang. He understood that what Daesung did was brash and not thought through, but the situations weren’t the same. He wasn’t Daesung, “I understand, but they need me.”


Daesung just smiled a sad smile “A lot of groups need an omega? Does that mean that groups with more should be taken from their packs to be put with another? Being a pack isn’t a job, it’s not part of being an idol. A pack is what you go home to when you are done being an idol for the day. You are BTS leader and you do a good job as that, but it isn’t your job to complete their pack. I know it’s hard to understand because it took me years to understand it myself. But I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did and join the pack without being sure, just because you feel that they need you.”


He grabbed Namjoon’s bigger hand in his own to hold it softly, “I know this is hard, but you deserve a chance of happiness and I’m not saying that you can’t end up with them. But you should give other people a chance, as far as I am aware of, you have a lot of other friends who would probably love to have you in their pack. Just give them a chance?”


Daesung was touching him… a member of Big Bang was touching him… holding his hand.  He wanted to fanboy but managed to hold it in. It didn’t really seem appropriate at this moment. Also… He had a point, he always just felt that he owed it to BTS, he never thought that there was another way. Did other groups even want him there? Then he remembered last time he had been in the Got7 house. Jinyoung had called him their omega. He hadn’t even presented at that point but he still made it seem like they would want him. Now that he was actually an omega, did that still count?


Yoongi had said that they had just used him, but was that true? He didn’t think that Yoongi would ever lie to him, but maybe Yoongi had gotten it wrong? And both Daesung and Bang PD-nim said that he should look at other packs as well. Was this really okay? Could he do this?


He knew that… He could be happy with another pack, he could, he just never thought it was an option. Never thought anybody else would want him. Maybe he was wrong. “I can do that, I can give them a chance.” Namjoon wanted to say that he wasn’t sure that anybody wanted him but the way that Daesung spoke made him have hope. Hope that there was a better future ahead of him.


“Oh that reminds me of something!” Daesung exclaimed from his spot still holding Namjoon’s hand. “Can I have your number?”


Namjoon felt like he was in some kind of dream, did the older omega just ask for his number? This felt like the start of a very weird wet dream he had when he was younger. He felt the need to actually pinch himself. What did Daesung even want his number for? Luckily Daesung seemed to understand how his request pulled out of thin air like that was a bit weird.


“You need somebody around you that actually cares about you and doesn’t want to join their pack. I think you might need somebody to show you what being an omega really means, somebody you can talk with. I want to be that person for you, if you will let me?”


Did Daesung actually expect Namjoon to say no? Did he not know how much Namjoon looked up to Big Bang? How most young idols looked up to Big Bang? “I’m not sure where my phone is, I’m not even sure which hospital I’m in.”


“That is understandable, maybe just give me your number? And then I can send you a text that you can see when you find it again?” Namjoon nodded and rambled out his number. Luckily a heart attack didn’t seem to affect his memory, that was good. He wasn’t really sure what he would do if it had.


Daesung smiled brightly at him sending a text to the number, he looked like he wanted to say something more, but their conversation was interrupted by a loud yell that clearly belonged to BTS’s youngest alpha. “GET THAT NEEDLE AWAY FROM ME! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME! HANDS OF OLD MAN!”


Daesung sighed at the same time as Namjoon did. The oldest exclaimed “What have you done now Seunghyun, play nice with the kids.”

But with how out of character Jungkook had been acting lately, Namjoon had a feeling that this one might be all on Jungkook himself.

Chapter Text

As he looked over the chaos in the hospital waiting room, Seokjin couldn’t keep himself from thinking about what landed them here. Jungkook was fighting T.O.P.-Sunbaenim yelling like a crazy person, his eyes red as his inner alpha had taken complete control. Doctor Choi was holding a syringe with sedative slowly approaching the raging baby alpha.

Seokjin had to be impressed by her. Jungkook was pumping out an immense amount of alpha pheromones, he himself wouldn’t be comfortable getting close to Jungkook now, and he was a beta in part of the youngers pack. The fact that an omega doctor gave so little shits about the danger she faced was actually kinda badass.

Worst part of it was Seokjin knew this was their fault. He looked at Yoongi next to him the short mint haired alpha looked like he had gone into catatonic shock over what was happening. They both knew they were at fault here, they had ignored this. It was now over a year since Jungkook presented. They had ignored all the signs up till now and oh how it had blown up in their faces.

It had started when Jungkook had presented and since his rut had hit at the same time, Hoseok and Yoongi had decided to bring him through it. Both alphas had at that point already been able to feel just how much underlying rage, refusing to let him near Jimin or any of the betas.

Seokjin should have known back then, he should have fucking known that something was off! He should have known that Yoongi would hold his hand over him. To protect him. His stupid fucking alpha pride! They had gone so far as a pack that he sometimes forgot that Yoongi didn’t see things like they saw it! That he was still stuck in an older mindset! Seokjin was normally a very peaceful guy, he hated violence, but he really wanted to kick Yoongi’s family’s pack in the balls, or send somebody else to do it… Yeah the last sounds like a better idea. Messing with the alpha filled pack seems like a general bad idea. Stupid traditionalist.

It didn’t stop at the rut itself. While neither of the alphas never really told anybody what happened, he had seen the marks that Hoseok was still carrying. Yoongi had refused to wear short sleeves after it for almost two weeks. When he had asked Jungkook what had happened the baby alpha had just said that it was ‘alpha business’ and that should really have been a sign just how wrong things were right? Since when did they  start having secrets from each other? And since when were those secrets based on what sub-gender you were?

It went downhill from there but none of them had wanted to admit it. None of them had wanted to see just how bad stuff had gotten, with them all working on their new album and all of them having their own solo’s. They just… ignored it.

Seokjin remembered how Jungkook had lost it and alpha ordered Namjoon. Oh god… Jungkook had alpha ordered an omega and they just let it go like it was nothing. They had fucked up hadn’t they? Not just a little, not even just a survivable amount. Jungkook had committed a crime! He alpha ordered an omega in a situation where it wasn’t needed. Where it wasn’t the omega hurting themselves or anything else, he had done it just to get information! THAT WAS ILLEGAL!

He buried his head in his hands as Jungkook fell unconscious in T.O.P-Sunbaenim arms. Two male beta nurses took the young alpha from his arms and Doctor Choi looked at the remaining BTS pack. “I know this seem like a bit much, but from my professional opinion he suffers from severe hormonale imbalance. His body is producing way too much alpha hormones and that is what is causing him to behave like this. We will check his hormone level and after that it will be as simple as taking a pill for it.”

She kept judgement out of her voice, reminding herself that she was a professional and even if this pack was dysfunctional she would treat everybody like they were equal.

Taehyung looked at her with big eyes. “That is it?”

They had all heard to horror stories of alphas getting their scent glands removed because they were too aggressive, both of the youngest remaining members of BTS had kinda expected something much worse! At the very least surgery.

Hoseok looked at both of his hyungs for an answer for the doctor, but Seokjin had his head buried and his hands and Yoongi just had this empty stare into the air. Okay it looks like that left it up to him to be the voice of reason. He kinda felt like throwing up to be honest. He never wanted to lead shit and he didn’t feel ready to make decisions but he knew he had to. “Tae and Minnie go with Kookie, we will stay here and wait for Joonie so we can talk with him when he is ready.”

Both of the younger boys just nodded, not questioning just following Doctor Choi like little ducklings. Hoseok would normally have laughed or at least smiled at the idea of the maknae line acting like little ducklings, but now everything just seemed grim. That was when Seokjin dropped a bomb “He alpha ordered an omega… we let him… “

Hoseok didn’t really get a chance to react before an almost insulted yell came from Got7’s group of huddled together members… Oh yeah he had forgotten they were still here. “ARE YOU ACTUALLY KIDDING ME?!” Jackson was on his feet now staring down the hyung line of BTS.  “NOW YOU CARE? PLEASE TELL ME THAT YOU AREN’T ACTUALLY THIS MUCH OF A BUNCH OF ASSHOLES!”

“Jackson...” mumbled Yugyeom grabbing the elder's hand trying to drag him back down into his seat, but Jackson was way to angry to care about being nice.

“No! They have gotten away with being disgusting dick bags long enough!” He stared at Hoseok mostly since he seemed to be the only person really listening to Jackson rant. “You guys didn’t give a fuck about alpha ordering him when he was a dud! But now that he is an omega, it’s all ‘Oh no! We are so sorry! We are BTS the most shit pack in history! We only really pretend to be caring people, because we cause our leader to run to another pack because we are destroying him mentally!’” The blond alpha heaved for breath.

That seemed to wake up Yoongi as he meet Jackson's accusing glare and Seokjin had faith in their pack alpha, that was until said pack alpha opened his mouth. “It’s different… Ordering an omega is illegal but ordering a dud isn’t.”

All 9 idols stared at Yoongi like he had just declared that he was retiring as idol to live out his long life dream of becoming a professional ballerina. What happened next was not amazingly thought through on Jackson’s part. He was just really angry and nobody was physically holding him back as he spit on Yoongi. “That isn’t illegal either, but it’s in bad taste and I shouldn’t have done it. Ass hat.”

It was like everybody in the room just froze, nobody really sure what to expect as the spit glided down Yoongi’s cheek. The mint haired alpha not even moving to remove it from his person. Both fellow BTS members kinda expected their pack leader to explode in rage, but nothing.

As the minutes snailed past them they heard a light laugh from the door to Namjoon’s room. Daesung looked over the younger idols. “Good to see that manners are still not a thing for idols when they aren’t in front of the camera. I was worried for a second that people actually knew how to behave.”

“Daesung-sunbaenim, it isn’t like that!” Jaebum tried to explain, feeling that he needed to stand up for Jackson’s behavior.

The omega just shrugged. “I don’t care. Your inner pack struggles are not my business, but here is what is. Any of you guys decide to fuck over, harm, or in anyway push Namjoon-ah into something he isn’t ready for. You can wave your career gone. Okay?” he smiled that wide smile that fans always fawned over, but it had a slight… psychotic edge to it, and the younger idols weren’t really sure if he was threatening to end their career… or their life. Though they were all sure that he was going to do something.

Hoseok never thought that he would be terrified of an omega but then again seeing Daesung's build, he was also sure they older male could probably choke him to death without any problem… Oh that was morbid, he shook his head to free his mind of the thought of the older man murdering him.

“We just want an honest chance to court him.” It came from BamBam still perched on Yugyeom’s lap.

Daesung smiled a real smile this time and patted him on the head. “Good answer and I am sure that you will get the chance. Now has anybody seen my silly pack alpha? He was meant to wait for me… but unless one of you are hiding him it seems that he has failed to do that.”

Hoseok looked over at Yoongi worried that the alpha would speak up against Daesung. Hoseok really didn’t favor dying today, but Yoongi didn’t say anything. He just sat there in almost shock with Jackson’s spit still drying on his cheek. He wished that one of his hyung’s would wake up mentally because this was all too much. “T.O.P-sunbaenim went with Jungkook when they took him away, I think he wanted to see how it ended. Jungkook… Uhm he yelled some not so nice things at him and hit him… In the face.”

Daesung just laughed lightly. “Good to know that he makes friends, let’s hope that the next time we see each other it is less tragic.” And then he just left as suddenly as he arrived.

So they just got to meet two members of Big Bang, which all of them looked up to. First one of them is punched in the face and then the second one threatens to ruin them. Neither pack really feels like they are doing to hot right now, but the way Daesung spoke about Namjoon made it sound like they had at least talked to each other. Which meant Namjoon would be okay right?

All of them were kinda deep in thought that nobody really noticed the humming of the mission impossible tone, as the OG tall as fuck maknae snuck into Namjoon’s hospital room, Zelo wasn’t really a big fan of waiting in line for people, and as he closed the door behind him he mumbled. “Who is the golden maknae now bitch? That’s for taking my title! And hitting my idol.” Before turning to watch the sleeping Namjoon with a smile on his lips. God the newly presented omega was so cute!

Outside the room nobody dared to go into Namjoon room without specific permissions from Doctor Choi. Seokjin felt like he was going to throw up, have a panic attack, or a combination of both. He needed to get out of here. He couldn’t deal with this, he couldn’t sit outside of Namjoon’s room when he felt like he had been an active reason as to why he was even in there. “I need some air.” He mumbled to nobody specific as he left the room in a hurry, leaving the BTS pack with only two members left.

Only when he was out of the hospital in the light drizzle. Rain dropped all over his makeup free skin as it was mostly misty outside and the sun had started set. He knew he couldn’t completely leave the hospital grounds it wouldn’t be safe. So instead he found the hospital garden. Sitting on the wet bench he threw his head back letting rain fall onto his face, as the tears he had been fighting finally released.

He didn’t know how long time he just sat there and cried his eyes out. He needed to let it out but he couldn’t do it around the pack. They all had to much on their minds he needed to try and be strong, he was the oldest and whatever Bang PD-nim had told Yoongi left the younger alpha in a near catatonic state, pair that with his interaction with Jackson he didn’t seem like he was going to be much help at all. He knew Hoseok didn’t want to take the reins, their happy go lucky alpha didn’t want to lead, he knew that he hated leading. He knew that he was afraid that he was going to turn into a monster he had seen other alpha’s be.

All member of BTS had their own issues that they all liked to ignore, but now it felt like all of their issues was coming up through the cracks. He thought they were good… He thought they were stable.

He almost let out a scream of alarm as a hand came to rest on his shoulder, to say he was surprised with what he saw was an understatement, behind him was… JYJ’s Junsu?! The white haired male gave a calming smile, and the omega made a hand motion towards the spot next to him, as if to ask if he could take the spot.

Seokjin knew that he should get up and bow, but he couldn’t even stop crying let alone actually get up to bow, but Junsu didn’t seem to mind. He took the spot next to Seokjin and leaned his head back like the beta. “The sky is pretty isn’t it?”

That was not what he had expected to hear at all, but he appreciated that Junsu didn’t question the unstoppable tears running down his face mixing with the rain. “Yeah.” He didn’t recognize his own hiccupped voice.

“Even though I must admit, I would have prefered if that it wasn’t raining but you seem to enjoy it huh?” His smile was light and calming, Seokjin had to confess that the older man was very pretty for being 30, his currently white hair was wet and clinging to his face, but he still had a certain childlike features, and if Seokjin didn’t know better he would actually believe that Junsu was younger than him.

Junsu’s casual good looks made Seokjin feel slightly self conscious, he hadn’t slept at all waiting for Namjoon to wake up the last 24 hours and the rain had probably made his eyeliner  from before the hospital run. Yeah he probably wasn’t the BTS power visual as he normally was. “I’m sorry about… This.” he mumbled while pointing at his face.

“Don’t fish for compliments Seokjin-ah.” the older male teased, “We both know you are good looking no matter what.”

The pink haired beta blushed as the tears finally stopped running down his face. “What are you doing here Junsu-sunbaenim? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Are we talking about the hospital or this garden specifically? I am in the hospital to get a check up.  Making sure you are healthy is something you learn to appreciate being after leaving SM,” he giggled lightly at that comment making Seokjin laugh as well, “And I saw you run past me in the hallway. I wanted to make sure you were okay. I recognized you as Seokjin from BTS, and I know how hard it is being an idol, I wanted to make sure that you… you know didn’t kill yourself.”

Junsu seemed a little embarrassed at that but only half as embarrassed as Seokjin felt. “I am sorry! I just… I needed air.” he hanged his head “Today has been a lot of stress.”

“Wanna talk about what happened?” the older rested a light hand on Seokjin’s shoulder

“I don’t want to put our issues on you Junsu-sunbaenim.” He felt that telling all his issues to somebody else was putting it on somebody wrong, he didn’t want to trouble Junsu.

Junsu just smiled at him. “You know what, somebody else’s problems sounds good right about now. If anything it would make me feel better.”

Seokjin took a deep breath, he really wanted to talk to somebody about it. Heck he needed to tell somebody, he needed to talk to somebody who wasn’t part of his pack. Hopefully somebody that would understand that even if his actions had spoken differently he wasn’t a bad guy! “We thought our leader was a dud and we didn’t… We didn’t treat him right. We all respect Namjoon, that’s his name, but we didn’t treat him right. I see that now. Back then, we never thought anything about it since his scent was off we moved him to another room, none of us had any physical contact with him unless we were forced to. We more or less treated him like he wasn’t there unless it something to do with BTS. We didn’t even treat him like a friend, the worst part is that we still claimed him as part of our pack but we didn’t accept it when he went to other packs. Like he wasn’t an sub-gender, he didn’t need to be stabilized by other people, so why would he need them? The answer to that is, because no matter what sub-gender you are, you still need people to actually love you!” Seokjin buried his head in his hands as the tears came again and Junsu rubbed his back lightly to calm him down.

“I’m sure it isn’t as bad as you make it sounds Seokjin-ah.” He tried to calm the crying beta.

Seokjin just laughed a hollow laugh. “I haven’t even told you the bad part yet! We didn’t even notice he was starving himself! We were so busy with our own shit that we missed our leader starving himself, and we don’t even know why he was doing it!”

“A lot of idols have issues with eating, I think we have all struggled with not feeling good enough.” Junsu tried to reason.

Seokjin’s rose scent was starting to have an undertone of depression in it, but Junsu wouldn’t let it be as he softly ran his hand through the beta’s pink hair to calm him down. Before the younger male felt like he keep going with his story “But how many idols have a heart attacks due to being too thin?” Another sob took over his body. “We let our baby alpha alpha order him. Well we didn’t let him but we really didn’t treat it serious enough. We just treated it like he had accidentally slapped Namjoon. Even if was a dud we shouldn’t have treated it like that! What Jungkook did was serious! Worst part is, Namjoon is an omega! A fucking omega, who is ashamed of being an omega and do you know who didn’t help him accept it?! HIS FUCKING PACK! If anything we just made it worse. How could we treat Namjoon like that?!”

“Is Namjoon okay now? I assume that is why you guys are here in the hospital?” Junsu asked in a non-judgemental tone.

Seokjin just nodded, refusing to move his head from his hands. “Yeah… But our pack is falling apart at them seams and I don’t know what to do!”

“As the resident expert in fucked up packs, I might actually be the best person you can talk to about this.” Junsu commented light heartedly, forcing Seokjin to blush. Yeah he remembered all the trouble TVXQ had had and the public surprise when it became known that they would stay as a pack. He was pretty sure that the public still didn’t know the full truth.

“We all… We all have our issues. Yoongi, that’s our pack alpha, he was raised in a very traditional pack, he has a hard time understanding that everybody is equal no matter what sub-gender they are. He sees Namjoon’s omega status as he can’t lead BTS. Hoseok, that’s our other alpha, the pack alpha in the pack he grew up in… she abused her power, he hates being an alpha. He is terrified of having to lead anything. He thinks that even getting a bit of power means that he turns into her. Jimin, that is our only omega, he struggles with body image issues. There simply isn’t enough of him to make him understand that he is amazing like he is. No matter what we do we can’t make him understand!” Seokjin hated it, he hated that they couldn’t make Jimin understand, it was like they were missing something. “Taehyung… There is something he isn’t telling us, sometimes it’s like he looks at us and doesn’t really see us. He doesn't do well with drama, especially not like this. And then Jungkook, that’s our baby alpha, he has some kind of hormone imbalance and he has more or less been raised by us, he looks up to Yoongi in a crazy fashion he is like Yoongi now. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to fix this! I am the oldest, I am suppose to fix this!”

Junsu combed his hand through the wet pink locks. “Seokjin-ah, it isn’t your job to fix everybody. And you said you all had issues? So what is your’s then?”  

Chapter Text

Namjoon woke up to somebody nuzzling into his scent gland. At first he could feel panic gather up in his body, but then the scent of sweet sakura flowers hit him and he knew who had taken residence over him. When did he even fall asleep?

Oh yeah then he remembered, he had started feeling drowsy right after hearing Jungkook yelling, and one yawn was all it took for Daesung to tell him that it was time for him to sleep. At first he wanted to refuse he felt that it was rude for him just to go to sleep with somebody here but Daesung had just smiled at him before he had started to calmly card his fingers through Namjoon’s galaxy dyed hair lulling the younger omega to sleep with his sweet smell and soft touch.

He finally managed to open his eyes. God why was it so hard to open his eyes, he has done nothing but sleep lately! It really shouldn’t be this hard to wake up! As he opened his eyes he was meet with… just a head of blond hair as Junhong still was just cuddling him with his head buried in his neck, “Junhong what are you doing here? Isn’t it Daehyun’s heat right now?”

Him and Junhong weren’t the closest, but Namjoon could call him friends, personally he was closer with Yongguk yet he would count most of B.A.P as his friends.

Junhong gave a lick to Namjoon scent gland, sending a full body shiver through him before the blond omega seemed to be happy. “Yup! The plan was originally to send Yongguk over but since you are banned from seeing alphas alone and Yongguk has the best knot. Also I lost to straw pull so you are now stuck with me instead. Which while I love omegas and heat, I am not regretting it that much. I get to be one of the first to smell you other than Daesung-sunbaenim!” He was now sitting up, which was getting increasingly weird for Namjoon since he was perched right on Namjoon’s lap. But then again, through all the time he had known the younger omega, Junhong had never really understood what personal space was, especially not with omegas.

He still remembers trying to have a serious conversation with Daehyun before the then newly presented Junhong had wrapped his arms around Daehyun and started to gnaw at the older omega’s scent gland. As both Namjoon and Daehyun had stopped the conversation for two very different reasons. Junhong had just looked at them “Something wrong?” He had asked with a raised eyebrow like he had done nothing at all.

After that he had kinda just learned to live with the fact that Junhong had no sense of personal space, and had a weird love for omegas. “How did you even find out that I was here? I didn’t think it would go public this early.”

“Oh it didn’t. Jackson wrote to Jiho, who wrote to Shownu, who wrote to me!” He seemed way to happy about it, and Namjoon just seemed mostly confused as to why so many people would care what had happened to him.

“What are you doing here Junhong? I am not going to die. You could have waited until after Daehyun’s heat or until I was out, you didn’t have to trouble yourself like this.” He hated the idea of him being in the hospital inconvenienced his friends and forced Junhong not to be with his mates during a heat like this.

Junhong crossed his arms, making sure that he was resting his weight on his legs instead of on Namjoon’s hips. He had to admit it had been a time since he had seen the now presented omega. Both had been preparing for comebacks and with Namjoon thinking that a comeback meant ‘I must lock myself in the studio and not see sunlight, because inside I am really a vampire no matter how tan and pretty my skin is’. They didn’t get that much time together but damn why had everyone let him get this skinny?

He knew that manners were a thing that you were meant to have, but had nobody thought that force feeding was a thing? He knew that Namjoon was independent and when he put the leader personality on he wasn’t to be argued with, but still! Force feeding! It was very simple! He pouted at the male under him trying his best to look cute. “You know it’s not trouble! You know that we would do anything if you just… you know… texted us back… or called back… Or at least sent a fire signal to tell us you weren’t dead!”

It hadn't meant to sound as accusatory as it did, but Namjoon was very well known for being unable to text back because he was a silly silly panda. “I’m sorry, I have been busy!”

“Don’t apologize!” Junhong teased. “Just maybe pick up your phone next time. It’s hard enough that the rest of us give our dear pack alpha enough grey hairs, let’s try not to give him any more.” He laughed messing up Namjoon galaxy dyed bed hair even more. “That reminds me! Welcome to the ‘Oh My God I Am Way Too Tall To Be An Omega Club!’” He had already decided that he wasn’t going to bring up the reason that Namjoon was in the hospital.

While Namjoon was still shorter than Junhong, but then again at 187 cm most people were shorter than him. He could still appreciate the older omega’s height, he had around 1 cm on both Yongguk and Himchan which him and Namjoon had a lot of fun reminding the two oldest B.A.P members of. Namjoon let out a light laugh that bordered on a giggle. Aww he was so cute! How did none of them guess that he was really an omega? Actually, it was the rapper personality! Damn rappers! Okay he was a rapper himself, but that didn’t count! Always being dark and hot while on stage and then fluffy off stage!

“I didn’t know ‘The Way Too Tall To Be An Omega Club’ was a thing.” Namjoon smiled at Junhong.

“Well that is because it’s very exclusive, right now the only real members are you and me. The main point of the club is making fun of alpha’s who are shorter than us!”

“Aren’t you one of the tallest idols in general?”

He stuck out his tongue in what he hoped was a cute movement. “After Kris ran away from the evil slave masters of SM, yes I think. YOU ARE ALL TINY CREATURES BOW DO...!” He never managed to finish the sentence before Namjoon was nice enough to finally have enough arm strength to put his hand in front of Junhong’s mouth,

“Something tells me you're aren’t meant to be here before my own group, so maybe don’t yell.” He knew that the younger omega took stuff like rules very light hearted and he didn’t believe in waiting “Junhong!” He scolded as he felt something wet lick over his palm he hurriedly pulled his hand to himself.

The smile that the taller omega send him was way to cheeky to be appropriate for a hospital, “Sorry I’m not into gagging.”

The comment made a blush form on the high point of Namjoon’s cheeks. He knew that Junhong liked to spew sexual innuendoes a lot, but they had never been directed towards him before. Everybody had always been to scared to say anything even mildly sexual towards him. Even the few times he had seen Junhong do it he had always apologised to Namjoon, but it seemed with him presenting as an omega the kid gloves were off.

And that was when he remembered. Oh god he had presented as an omega. With everybody being so nice towards him it had been easy to forget what really had happened and he didn’t know how to explain why he hated being an omega so much. He never had anything against omegas. He liked being treated like an omega sometimes, some of his best friends were omegas. Why couldn’t he accept being an omega? He couldn’t explain what was going on inside his mind, he couldn’t explain while his stomach clenches with the thought of him being an omega.

Junhong looked down at Namjoon from his place still perched on top of him. Yongguk had warned him about this, he had warned him that Namjoon might not take easily to his new sub gender. This was another reason why he was here instead of a more self controlled beta like Himchan. Junhong loved his sub gender, nobody could tell him that he was worth less because of it. He was happy as an omega and he could kick ass just as much as any alpha or beta, if anybody could convince Namjoon that being an omega was amazing it was him.

“That reminds me I have something I want to show you!” He pulled a piece of paper from his too tight to be good for his circulation in his legs pants and he waved it at Namjoon who only really managed to see the title ‘Reasons Why Being an Omega is Fucking Amazing!’

“That really isn’t necessary.” he hated the fact that Junhong had gone through the trouble of creating this for him, he didn’t want to trouble anybody.

Junhong kinda just wanted to slap some sense into Namjoon, but he felt that violence might not be the way to go about it. “The fact that you don’t think I carry this around all the time is silly! You never know when you meet a stupid alpha who needs to be informed about just how amazing omegas are and right now you are that silly alpha”

“You know I see omegas as equal, I never treated you or any other omega like they were less! I love you guys!” The thought that he had treated his omega friends like anything less than equals hurt more than he would admit.

The younger omega just laughed “That’s not what I meant, I know you respect us, but you need to respect yourself as well. I know that at 21 suddenly becoming an omega is hard and I know that old school rap has been bitches to us. But I wanted to show you the upsides to being an omega. I wanted to show you all the reason why I love being an omega! And why you should love it as well!”

Namjoon just nodded, he didn’t know how to answer, he never put much thought into being an omega at all. Other than what he was taught in health class; They need more physical contact than other sub genders, they are able to become pregnant, they had sweeter scents and stuff like that.

“Number one! Cuddles! The best thing about being an omega is that everybody is up for giving you cuddles. You want a hug, just walk into the living room and look slightly pouty and everybody will fall over themselves to feed your need! This works on everybody, not just alphas, both betas and fellow omegas are always ready to help! I know it sounds weird, but you can’t deny that you love cuddles, hugs, and physical contact! And when you are an omega, everybody is ready to give it to you without you even asking for it!”

Namjoon had to admit that he had a point, he loved cuddles and hugs. That was why he had loved spending time with Got7 so much, they had given him hugs and cuddles without him having to ask. Now that he was an omega… would he have the same as Junhong? Alphas who were always ready to wrap an arm around him when the weird voices in his head became to much? Betas who would lovingly pet his hair when he was struggling with a rap. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling.

“Number 2! People don’t expect us to be badass! So when we are, because of course we are, they get even more impressed by us! Which I know sounds like a negative that they don’t expect it out of us but since we don’t even have to try to be badass we just are. We seem even more amazing without even trying!”

That one really didn’t seem to make too much sense to Namjoon, if he were to be completely honest with himself. But he knew better than to try and argue with Junhong, “Number 3! Other omegas!” Yeah Namjoon should have seen this coming… Junhong had an omega fetish. He wasn’t even sure if that was a real fetish, but if it was… Junhong had it. “Stop with that face it is important! You will learn this now you are one of us! First of all since you are also an omega, no other omegas are around you same age, which that point is important... Maybe don’t do this with the SNSD omegas or Heechul... Maybe Daesung, but that is  because apparently he has a soft spot for you... What point was I making again? Oh yeah! No other omega will find it weird when you go over a hug them or stuff like that! If you were an alpha they would scream and push you away!”

“I’m pretty sure that they will still scream if you do that.” Namjoon commented.

Junhong just laughed. “Well you let me do it! And lick you scent gland, so it clearly works! I don’t think I have had a real conversation with Baekhyun, but I have definitely made out with him. He is so little and cute! But if Lu Han comes back don’t try that with him! He slapped my ass! HARD! Devil omega!”

“You are kinda of a hoe Junhong, what would your fans say if they knew?” he teased.

Which did earn him a light slap. “Don’t call me that! Which brings me to point number… Four? Yeah let’s say it’s number four! Fan’s love us! With the new change in people’s views and a lot of our fans are omega’s as well, they love omega idols! It’s a little weird when younger girls call me their son, but I learned to live with it! Alphas have to pretend to be stoic and shit! We can be happy and shit! And people love us for it! And omega fans aren’t as shy around us!”

He never thought about that. Jimin was one of their most popular members and their fans loved him more than Namjoon could even start to explain. Many of the fans were more hesitant to meet Jungkook after he had presented as an alpha, now that Namjoon was an omega would fan like him more? While he definitely still had fans before, they were alway more hesitant to say hello to him, with his scent being off and him not having a sub gender. There had been fans who were rude to him, but they have all had their share of rude fans before so nothing special about that, but… Could he get to connect more with armys now? Would they like him better as an omega?

“Junhong… Can you tell me what my scent is?” He was hesitant to ask, but he really wanted to know.

The taller omega smiled at the comment. “Peaches and cream! Actually, isn’t that from your rap in your guy’s new song? You showed us your rap and I’m pretty sure it had peaches and cream in it!”

“Yeah.” He couldn’t stop a giggle this time, he didn’t know why he had chosen peaches and cream for his rap, but now it was just kinda funny.  

“Wait! Don’t distract me! Number five! Heats! I know that people are negative about heats but they are actually the best thing ever! You get to have it exactly how you want it! You want somebody to eat you out while somebody else plays with your nipples and make out with you? Cool you get it! It’s the one time nobody says no to you! You want them to finally stop acting like you are made of glass just because you are the maknae and finally double penetrate you? Heats! You want your fellow omegas to go insane over just how good your slick smells? Heats! You want everybody to be all over you? Heats! And knots, don’t even get me started on getting knotted while you are in heat! While knots are amazing always, being in heat it’s even better! Your scent while in heat is even more powerful and the alphas will do everything to give it to you as much as possible, it’s amazing!” Junhong sighed in memory, Namjoon felt he now had a permanent blush on his face. He could feel how his body was heating up, other than that moment with Mark, this was the first time people had someone actually talk about sex in front of him like this. He couldn’t stop himself from imagining what Junhong was saying, he couldn’t stop himself from imagining him being the omega, even though it was clear that the blond omega hadn’t meant to talk this much about it, but he had kinda just got carried away when he started talking.

“Please stop it Junhong.” He mumbled while looking away, since Junhong was in his lap he would be able to feel if Namjoon got… a little to interested in what he was saying, yeah Namjoon knew what that heat in his body was.

Of course it didn’t stop Junhong, this was his domain. “What’s wrong Joonie? You like that? You like thinking of how good we are all going to take care of you when you go into heat?” Was the hospital the right place for this? NOPE! But give him a hand and he will take an entire arm! That was basically the story of his life!

Namjoon whined high in his throat, shaking his head while trying to hide his face with his arm, he didn’t want to show Junhong just how much he liked it, but then Junhong lightly rocked in his lap getting another whine from Namjoon. “I think you like it, I think you like knowing that we are all going to take such good care of you, not just us, but I know that the guys from Got7 are going to as well. They are all out there right now, they would be so jealous if they could see what was going on here.” He teased, Junhong was now leaning forward in Namjoon’s lap so he could whisper the filth into Namjoon’s ear, he licked across the now exposed scent gland, this time Namjoon couldn’t keep in a moan.

Junhong was now rocking into Namjoon’s lap in a steady pace creating friction between them, as he licked Namjoon’s scent gland before he went back to Namjoon’s ear. “I can’t wait to find out what get’s you going. Are you really into foreplay? Or will you get whiny and loud if I keep teasing you too long? I really like to eat people out, omegas especially, we taste so good. I am going to lap it all up, before your slick can even leave your body! I might have to fight Himchan for it though, I swear he would live in Daehyun’s ass if it wasn’t for us dragging him away. He is amazing with his tongue.” He licked the outer shell of Namjoon’s ear. “He can get you off so easy with it if he decides to be merciful. A few weeks ago he decided I was a brat and he tied me down and used his tongue on me for what felt like hours. Youngjae ended up dragging him off me because he was worried that Himchan wouldn’t be able to sing after it. Joonie it was so amazing, he didn’t let me cum but it felt so good, I don’t even know how much slick I produced it was insane, I would have lost my voice screaming if it hadn’t been for the gag. I can’t wait to hear what kind of sounds you are going to produce when you get close. You are going to be so amazing, with that voice of yours you are going to sound so good aren’t you? You are going to sound so good for us?”

He bit Namjoon’s ear gently as Namjoon nodded, but that wasn’t good enough for Junhong. “Word’s Joonie, I want to hear you say that you are going to sound so good for us, I want to hear you baby. I know you can’t be loud right now or we would have 5 alphas a little to interested in it, and that is a little too early for you.”

Namjoon didn’t want to say anything first, he didn’t want to embarrass himself, but he always wanted to do what the other omega asked him to, it felt so good, and he didn’t want Junhong  to stop moving in his lap “I am going to sound good for you.”

“Good boy” Junhong grinned into his ear, he was impressed with how easy Namjoon went with this, but then again the newly presented omega probably didn’t have a lot of experience before and it probably would take all 5 of the packs a long time before they had put Namjoon back in a spot where his body wasn’t crying for other people. Yeah Junhong knew just how many packs wanted Namjoon not that he could blame them. He did blame Namjoon for being so likeable though, but him being the first here hopefully helped him.

Junhong could feel himself getting close as well, he liked how Namjoon was panting under him while Junhong was licking, kissing, and biting at his scent gland. The shorter omega’s scent wasn’t as heavy as other omega’s scents were when they were aroused, but Junhong was sure that it was just temporary and luckily Namjoon’s body was more than happy to show him just how close he was without having to rely on his scent. “You are so close aren’t you Joonie?” He mumbled in his ear.

“Yes please!” Namjoon felt like his mind was going blank, he wasn’t focused on anything other than what Junhong was telling him. He couldn’t concentrate on anything, he was so close! “Then come,” and Junhong then gave him an intense bite over his scent gland. Not enough to draw blood but enough to send extreme pleasure rolling over Namjoon’s body as he came. Junhong’s hand holding back the loud moans that he couldn’t suppress. Junhong felt himself tip over the edge just a few seconds after Namjoon panting into his neck.

They both kinda just laid there for a second before a giggle took over Junhong’s body. “Jongup is going to kill me.” He giggled into Namjoon neck.

Feeling light and happy after his orgasm Namjoon joined in the giggling, wrapping his arm around the younger’s bigger body to hold him close, sweet scent flowing over them. None of them noticed the door opening before Doctor Choi commented. “You guy’s are aware that Mr Kim is wearing a heart rate monitor right?” But her tone and smile was kind, forcing both of the omega’s into another round of giggles.

In the other end of town Seokjin was working in the BTS dorm kitchen. After his meeting with Junsu he knew he couldn’t go back to the hospital and the omega left him with this need to bake chocolate chip cookies. Hopefully it would make the rest of BTS happy, and he wanted Junsu to try them as well. He clenched his hand around the piece of paper with the elders name.

Shortly after Seokjin left Yoongi had as well, now standing on top of the hospital roof. Wind and rain had now picked up ripping in his clothing and hair while he looked to the dark sky. He was conflicted. He was being forced to pick between two parts of himself, either music which is his life… Or the person he was raised to be. He felt like agreeing to therapy meant agreeing to give up on his past, meant giving up who he was? Was he losing himself to this hard mainstream music industry?

Hoseok sad alone in the hospital room, the rest of his pack having left him. He felt like he was drowning. He had to make decisions now. What if those decisions made him be like her? Was he strong enough not become her? He didn’t know the answer.

Jimin was holding an unconscious Jungkook’s hand as he waited for the younger alpha to wake up. He leaned down to give Jungkook a kiss on his forehead. The image of the dirty look both Big Bang members had sent their baby alpha as the left, was seared into his mind. He knew that he should have defended Jungkook but he just couldn’t... He couldn’t make more excuses for him, he loved him… but sometimes that wasn’t enough.

Jimin hadn’t even noticed that Taehyung had snuck away, he couldn’t be there anymore. The smell of hospital burned in his nose and he couldn’t do it anymore. It brought up memories that he couldn’t deal with, that he wasn’t ready to deal with. And with two members of BTS in the hospital, oh god no he couldn’t think about, this was all his fault. Stupid useless beta… Tears ran down his face as he ran through the darkened city, luckily his destination was close by, a place that he could find in his sleep. A place he always felt safe, the only place where there were no secrets. As he knocked on the door, body shaking from his rain soaked clothing he finally felt like he was able to breathe. He could see the light being turned on in the dorm and he knew that the door would open soon. And he was right, as Woozi opened the door the short alpha found his arms full of a crying and drenched Taehyung. He closed his arms around him as he heard Taehyung saying that it was all his fault, that he was a stupid useless beta.

Chapter Text


Doctor Choi had noticed Junhong sneaking into Namjoon’s room, but she had decided to let him. After spending 30 years as a doctor she would like to believe that she was good at judging people’s characters, and she didn’t find the very tall omega to be threatening in any way. He kinda just felt like a very very over sized puppy to her, an oversized puppy with an agenda. So she let him sneak in, she had a good feeling about him.

When she saw Namjoon’s heart monitor slowly rising, she knew what was going on and she shook her head laughing quietly to herself. Oh kids, she could remember when she was that young, she had to admit they moved a lot faster that they did in her time, but who was she to judge!

She did her duties before returning to Namjoon’s room, she had to admit even with his half starved body she could not deny that the new omega was a looker, not in the normal idol way, but he had something about him.

While Namjoon seemed shy about the fact that she knew what they had been doing, the tallest of the omega’s just seemed proud. “Visiting hours are long over, I have sent everybody else home and it’s time for you to go home as well Mr?”

“Choi, Choi Junhong,” Junhong told her, still perched on Namjoon’s lap. “I understand, may I do something first? I got a little… Distracted.” The last part he giggled out.

Doctor Choi nodded, “Yes go ahead, but I expect you to leave no matter what the answer is.” While she was pretty sure she knew what Junhong wanted to ask Namjoon, she didn’t know these two’s friendship and she couldn’t expect Namjoon to say yes.

Junhong suddenly looked very serious. “Namjoon I know we aren’t as close to you as your own group, or Got7, but we are friends. You know we respect and like you for you and not just your new sub-gender. We don’t need a new omega we have a perfect balance with all the sub-genders, but we would like you. We could love and respect you in the way you need. You are a great leader of your group and you are nice and soft when you need to. Would you allow us to court you?” He cringed inside, it didn’t come out right and he didn’t get to say all the things he had been told to say. It more or less just became word vomit.

Namjoon’s first instinct was to think that Junhong wasn’t being serious and that he was simply making a joke on Namjoon’s account. But then he remembered Daesung’s and Bang-PD’s words to him, that combined with blondes hopeful facial expression made Namjoon think that this was actually real. He was actually asking him… Namjoon… If they could be allowed to court him.

Did he want to be courted? Could he see himself joining the B.A.P pack? Could he be happy with them? What about BTS? No, he promised that he would let himself be open to other packs, and he could see himself being part of the B.A.P pack. He liked all the members. He liked the fact that even after all the drama with their label, that they all seemed to support each other. He could see himself with them… He would be happy with them. He nodded slowly at first, before remembering that something as important as this probably deserved a verbal response. “Yeah, I would like that… Just please be patient with me. I don’t always get these kind of things, and I still don’t really understand that I am an omega.”

And then he was attacked with a kiss, he was mostly shocked over having a way too tall boy in his arms kissing him that he didn’t even get to enjoy it or react to it. Doctor Choi laughed a soft laugh from where she was standing. “I am sorry to break this up, but it’s time for you to leave Mr. Choi and time for me to talk a little with you Mr. Kim.”

Junhong just nodded, he still felt happy that Namjoon had actually agreed to letting them court him. He thought he had botched it with his poorly worded speech vomit. He jumped off the bed giving Namjoon another quick kiss heading for the door, before he took his leave he turned around in the door entrance and smiled at Namjoon. “Please text us when you get out of here, or we will just assume that you died and prepare for your funeral.” He stuck his tongue out at Namjoon before leaving the doctor and patient together.

“So Mr. Kim, I am Doctor Choi I will be your doctor while you are here for your stay and after. I am sure you have some questions for me, and I have some for you as well.” She sat down in the chair next to his bed.

Namjoon thought for a second, he wasn’t sure where to start he had so many questions. There was one that was more important than any other question though. “What is wrong with me?”

She sighed mentally, sometimes she hated being right. She had hoped that presenting as an omega would take the worst of the doubt away, but sadly it didn’t. “It seems like we need to take this from the start. Mr. Kim there is nothing wrong with you at all, you were always an omega. It seems to be that a toxic mindset and environment has lead your body to believe that to be able to survive you would have to be something you weren’t. This is a defense mechanism, we can track it back to olden days were packs would mate away their omegas seeing them as useless. Now that society understands that omegas are needed, and especially with the recent rise of omegas in media we see very few cases like yours, but there is nothing wrong with you.

That… Wasn’t what he expected, even after what everybody else had told him he expected some long list of all the things that was wrong with him, was this really it, no… no “There has to be something wrong with me, I… there is something in my head, it keeps… I can’t explain it.”

“That doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you, it’s your omega body telling you that you are not treating it right. Your friends have told me how most physical contact with you has been avoided, this means that your body hasn’t gotten the kind of stimulants that it needs. You have more or less starved it of that one thing that it needs… Contact. Now that it is clear for everybody what your needs are and that your needs should be filled.While the voices and depression will take awhile to get rid of that doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you.”

Namjoon felt like he couldn’t breath. There was nothing wrong with him! But why did he feel like there was, he grabbed onto one of the scented dolls next to him without even thinking about it. As he hugged it to his chest the smell of freshly washed linens washed over him, calming him. Huh, Daesung was right, it really was the most calming scent. He couldn’t look at the doctor, he felt like an idiot to be honest.

Doctor Choi didn’t push him. She could understand how he was feeling and she knew that pushing him right now wouldn’t do his mental state any good. So she pushed onto another important topic. “While you and Mr. Jung were having your fun did you produce any slick?”

She knew it wasn’t really a comfortable topic, but she was a doctor and knew that this was important, and it couldn't be ignored just because they found it awkward. Namjoon buried his head in the doll as he shook his head.

The statement made her relax her shoulders. “This is good, that means that your body has realized that you are too underweight to support a heat. Had you produced slick that meant that your body would start going into heat soon, as it is normally supposed to after presenting. This doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you.” She tried to stress the last part as much as she could, she had worked with suppressed omegas before, never anybody as long as this, but she knew how toxic their minds could be.

“So I am still going to have a heat at some point? I’m not broken?” Up until now he never thought that this was a thing that he was worried about, but with Junhong talking about heats and Doctor Choi mentioning it.

She smiled at him, a calming smile that made him feel a little bit of hope. “With the tests we conducted on you while you were unconscious we came to the conclusion that your body is still able to go into heat as soon you are at a weight it can support. I will also say at the the best of my expertise you will be able to carry children as well, at this point I would like to put you on birth control already today, with you career I assume that unplanned pregnancies might not be a good idea.”

Oh god, he could have kids? Oh god that was a terrifying idea, he could destroy a phone now a child? Yeah birth control sounded like a good idea. Birth control… that meant he would be having sex, real full sex? In a nest… He would be allowed in nests! His face lit up like a christmas tree.

“Do you have any more questions?” Namjoon just shook his head. For now he didn’t have anything more to say, he had already been given more than information to take in. “Then I think it’s time for you to sleep now, it has been a very long day for you, and you still aren’t done healing yet.”

Namjoon just nodded. He was tired, which seemed like it was his natural state of being recently as he closed his eyes to sleep he didn’t even notice how he cuddled closer the doll still in his hands, he was so tired.

On the other side of town Hoseok got home to an dark house, a dark house that smelt of fresh baking. At first he was happy, that meant Seokjin was home! He almost ran to the nest. He still didn’t know where Yoongi was, Jimin had been allowed to sleep by Jungkook’s side, Taehyung had disappeared as well, and he desperately needed his pack. The problem was when he arrived at their nest, the bed was cold and empty. He felt like he had been kicked in the stomach. He started searching for Seokjin, what if something had happened to the older beta!? It turned out Seokjin was fine, he was in the other guest bedroom that they never used. Hoseok didn’t know why he hadn’t just gone to sleep in the pack bed, but something stopped him from just picking up Seokjin and carry him to the nest like he normally would. Seokjin had chosen not to sleep in the nest. Hoseok walked back to the nest with his head hanging low, what was happening to them?

As he laid down to sleep he never felt this alone since they started BTS. They had promised him he wouldn’t have to lead anything, why did it feel like suddenly everybody forgot about all their promises to each other? As he closed his eyes he felt lost and cold… Their nest was close alone.

Jimin looked at the bed they had prepared for him next to Jungkook’s but he knew that he wouldn’t be using it. Instead he climbed into Jungkook’s hospital bed to cuddle closer to the young alpha who was still knocked out. He placed a light kiss to his cheek. “I know you can’t hear me Kookie, but things are going to change soon I can feel it. We are going to get you healthy and get the help you need. I’m sorry I didn’t notice how wrong things where, you have always tried to help me when I have felt bad. I’m sorry we weren’t there for you as well.” He nuzzled his head into his scent gland.

“I know this is my fault as well, I know… I know that I take a lot to handle sometimes, with my insecurities I know. But I’m going to do my best. We are going to get you fixed, and then we are going to make sure Yoongi is okay, and then get our Namjoon back, and we can all be happy again.” Jimin knew it wasn’t going to be that easy, but he had to believe! Somebody in this pack had to believe in it.

He rested his head on Jungkook’s shoulder, he couldn’t sleep there were to many thoughts in his mind, he needed to work hard to get this to work. He picked up his phone from the bedside table and opened a password protected folder called ‘motivation’. Every single one was a screenshot hate comment. He used the to make himself better, looking at them made him work harder. If he ever thought of skipping a day in the gym all he needed was to look at the pictures of anonymous people on the internet calling him fat, and suddenly it was easy to go to the gym.

“I will work hard for all of us Kookie, believe me we are going to fix all of this.” As he put his phone away, his mind finally tired out, as his eyes closed his last thought before sleeping was, I can do this for us.

Yoongi found his way into the hospital room hours later, his short skinny body was shaking and water was dripping from his mint green hair. He stroked Jimin’s cheek softly first before kissing Jungkook’s hair. “Hyung doesn’t know what to do.” He sighed, hours on the roof he still had no idea what he was suppose to do. He couldn’t understand why Bang PD-nim thought he needed therapy, there wasn’t something wrong with him! But he couldn’t give up music either, and if he was removed from BTS would he be allowed to stay in the BTS pack?

Music meant so much to him, but while he could go back to the underground he would never get the same amount of respect after having been an idol. “Don’t worry, hyung will find out the right thing to do. There is nothing wrong with you Kookie, just a little bit of hormones. Minnie even if we don’t always have the time to tell you you are amazing, our little omega.”

He left another kiss on top of both of the other males before he left the room. He stopped in front of the door to Namjoon’s room and he rested his hand on the door. “We need to talk don’t we? I am not sorry for what I did, I am sorry for what the outcome was, but I stand by what I did. We will talk, you know you belong to us. I’m going to make you see it!” He wasn’t ready to really see Namjoon yet.

Time to go home and check on the rest, he almost decided to walk before he realized that it was probably a much better idea to get an uber. Him accidentally getting killed was not going to help anybody. The smell of chocolate chip cookies hit him as soon as he entered the dorm and he wanted to stop for a second to look over what Seokjin had made. But his instincts told him that he needed to find his boys. His first stop was the nest, where he expected to find both of his boys locked in a big cuddle ball.

He turned out to be wrong, instead he finds Hoseok alone in a bed looking way too big for him. He was curled up with all of the blankets looking like an actual physical nest around him. Yoongi knew he did it to be surrendered by everybody's scent, the shorter alpha fluffs the pillows around him. “I know you don’t want to lead, but you might have to step up soon babe. I know it’s going to be hard and it will trigger some memories, but it has to be done. I trust you.”

Another soft kiss to Hoseok’s cheek before he starts searching the house for the rest of BTS. He finds Seokjin sleeping with small smile on his lips. “Hey hyung, it’s nice to see you smile. A lot of changes are going to happen, I think we both know it. I know that your anxiety is going to work against you baby, but you need to work with Hoseok to keep the kids under control and happy. I don’t know what Bang PD-nim are going to do when I refuse to go into therapy. There is nothing wrong with me Jinnie you know there isn’t.” He ran his hand through Seokjin’s soft pink hair. “Please protect them when I can’t.”

He searched the rest of the house for Taehyung, but their resident 4D was gone. Yoongi sighed. Taehyung did this, when something was very stressful or especially if one of them had to go to the hospital. He would disappear for a day or two and then come back with tons of different scents on him acting like nothing was wrong. He sighed and hoped that Taehyung was at least warm and safe. He put his shoes back on and headed for the studio he could atleast get some work done before he got put on hiatus.

Got7 was all cuddled back in their nest. Zico spooning up behind Jackson, having showed up shortly before they all got sent home. After having explained what had happened to Namjoon they had taken the Block B member back home with them. Block B’s dorm was a lot farther away than their dorm and Zico was the only member currently in Seoul. When they had gotten to the dorm they had left him alone to talk with his pack on the phone, but when he had come back he looked determined. “We have decided that we want to court Namjoon.” He said it like they hadn’t already known.

Jaebum nodded. “So have we, but no hard feelings? We all just want Namjoon to be happy.”

“Yeah, I am happy if he is, I just don’t trust BTS.” Zico helped Jackson pull off his shirt before he spooned up behind the shorter alpha.

BamBam who was currently being sandwiched by both  of the betas mumbled into Jinyoung’s collarbone. “Does any of us really? Junhong texted me, Namjoon agreed to letting them court him. He also mentioned Shownu says that they plan on asking permission as well when Namjoon is less… Surrounded by people.”

Mark laughed a little. “Wonsik says that they want to talk to him as well, that one just as friends, he seems to take anything done to rapper omega’s very personal.” They all laughed a little at that, Wonsik was a scary as fuck omega when he wanted to be.

Youngjae spoke up. “5 packs. That’s how many want to court him… Suddenly I feel better knowing that it is much less likely he will pick BTS with those odds.”

They all just nodded, tired after the long day at the hospital and one by one all the idols fell asleep.

In the studio farther away a certain mint haired alpha had found something Namjoon never wanted him to. Tears were streaming down his face as he read the lyrics ‘Oh god what have I done’

‘One morning, I opened my eyes
And wished that I was dead
I wish someone killed me
In this noisy silence’

Chapter Text

Most of seventeen had gone to bed, only Mingyu, Woozi and Seungcheol was still awake. The youngest alpha had Taehyung on his lap, it had taken them over an hour to calm the beta down.

They still didn’t even know what had happened, but they all had an idea about what it could have been. “TaeTae are you ready to talk about it?”

He just shook his head burying it even more into Mingyu’s shoulder scent of pine taking over his senses.

Seungcheol knew that they couldn’t push Taehyung too fast, while he wasn’t sure what had happened he also knew that pushing him into talking too fast could also be bad for his health and mental state. “We all have tomorrow off, how about we go sleep in the spareroom and then talk about it tomorrow?”

He ran his hand through his fellow beta’s hair trying to get him to calm down. Taehyung still refused to remove his head from Mingyu’s shoulder, but he nodded in agreeance to the proposal.

Mingyu thought about it for a second before he decided that carrying Taehyung there was probably the fastest way of getting anything done. Carrying Taehyung like a toddler, the normally cheery male linked his arms behind his neck and just let himself be carried by him. Mingyu and Jihoon caged him in between them, Seungcheol spooned up behind Jihoon kissing the smaller alpha’s hair.

He looked at Taehyung between the three of them. The younger had fallen asleep between them all, dried tears were still on his face, but overall he looked more calm than he had an hour ago, but that might be because of the fact that he was sleeping.

Jihoon sighed as he buried his head in Taehyung’s hair taking in his scent. “It’s getting worse, each of his episodes are getting worse. I’m worried that he is going to do something drastic next time. Why aren’t they handling this? Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against taking care of him, I like when we take care of him. But we can only help so much.” His voice was low and mumbled, but the rest could clearly hear him.

Seungcheol kissed the small alpha’s hair. “I know, but we have to be here for him, he trusts us. And with his history we should be happy that he even opened up to us.”

There was no more chatter after that, the Seventeen members instead decided on just sleeping. Taehyung didn’t know how long time he slept but when he woke up, half a head of long reddish-brown hair was tickling his face. The sweet smell of a post heat omega was surrendering him, scent of thick maple syrup trying to pull Taehyung back into the realm of sleep, “Jeonghan?”, he questioned voice rough from sleep and the crying yesterday.

He was pretty sure that Jeonghan hadn’t been there when he had gone to bed last night, he had been very out of it, but he would of been able to remember right? “Talk later, sleep now.” The omega mumbled into his neck, tightening his thin arms around Taehyung.

The beta wanted to argue, but the sweet scent tired him and yeah… sleep sounded good who could say no to sleep? The second time Taehyung woke up, was like the first. He blinked a few times to clear his vision, the first thing he really noticed was Jeonghan with his head still buried in his neck, normal pristine brushed locks in a mess on top of his head and he had a death grip on the back of Taehyung’s shirt. Tho it wasn’t in a mean kinda a way, more like, you are now my cuddle buddy and you can’t leave.

This didn’t really surprise Taehyung, he had spent enough time with Jeonghan to know the older omega just really liked sleeping and cuddling. He was the first one to always be down for a nap. Their legs were intertwined and their fronts were almost glued together. He felt so much better with the omega’s scent around him. “Jeonghan can we wake up now?” He mumbled, even if his voice didn’t seem very convincing since he was very comfortable.

Jeonghan yawned into his neck. “I can smell food, yeah it’s time to get up.” He mumbled finally letting go of Taehyung. “When did you get here last night? I didn’t know that we were having sleepovers and to be honest I am fairly offended that I wasn’t invited.

As he sat up, a loose tank top that clearly wasn’t his falling of a thin shoulder, long hair a disaster and eyes still tired, he looked like a mess… but a cute mess. He yawned not bothering to cover his mouth.

Taehyung couldn’t stop himself from giggling at the cute mess in front of him. “It was late last night…”, he looked away a little ashamed, “I needed to feel safe.” He whispered the last thing.

“Oh. More important question, why did you sleep in your jeans? They are really itchy.” Jeonghan climbed out of the bed, pulling on a loose pair of shorts that he had discarded before claiming Taehyung as his cuddle buddy this morning.

The younger couldn’t stop himself from blushing. “I… uhm… last night was bad. Mingyu carried me to bed, I kinda ran here in the rain.”

“That explains why your cloth smells like shit, shower now.” Jeonghan commanded him, not even waiting for Taehyung to answer before he lightly pulled him towards the bathroom.

As they entered the hallway, the smell of food hit him and his stomach growled. The last he ate was from the hospital vending machine and that wasn’t real food. He shook his head. He couldn’t think about the hospital, he wasn’t there anymore. He lingered in the hallway for a second wanting to follow the smell of food, but a light tug of his wrist made him follow Jeonghan the rest of the way because he was right. Taehyung really didn’t smell very nice and his still damp jeans were chaffing his thighs in a super uncomfortable way.

First when he got into the bathroom and Jeonghan showed no sign of moving out did he realize that the older had the intent of showering with him. It wasn’t like Taehyung had never showered… or did other things… with Seventeen, but Jeonghan was normally less open with stuff like that, preferring to just cuddle up to people and nap.

“I can do it myself, you don’t have to worry about me.” Taehyung mumbled ashamed looking at the ground after having pulled his shirt off.

“Then you shouldn’t look like a lost puppy then,” he messed up Taehyung’s hair, “you known we don’t mind. We like you like you are, and sometimes you need more hugs than other times doesn't matter. I have been cuddling with you so I smell like wet dog as well, which is really not a smell I want to keep.”

Taehyung just nodded, he still wasn’t convinced. He always felt bad when he came down from an episode. “Thank you.” He still didn’t look at Jeonghan.

He felt two fingers forcing the sides of his mouth up and he couldn’t stop himself from actually smiling and showing off his boxxy smile. “That is better. Now get those jeans off, I am actually itching just seeing them. You can borrow some clothes while we wash that, or burn it… I haven’t decided yet.”

“It’s Yoongi-hyung’s shirt!” Taehyung protested.

The omega didn’t look impressed by that. “That explains why it’s child sized.” His tone wasn’t hostile or mean, so it caused Taehyung to giggle. Yoongi was very small especially for an alpha. “It also explains why it stinks.”

Taehyung pouted, he liked Yoongi’s scent, but then again he was biased. “You are mean.”

The long haired male just laughed throwing his own oversized tank top at him. “You still love me.”

“That’s because you smell good!” Taehyung protested, even if they both knew that it was a lie. Jeonghan like the rest of Seventeen had a very special place in his heart.

Jeonghan just stuck his tongue out discarding the rest of his clothes, stepping into the now heated spray of water. Taehyung admired the water running down his tall thin frame for a few seconds before he quickly threw of his own clothing, almost falling over getting the still damp jeans off his legs. The bathroom was filling with steam and Taehyung could feel how the rest of the stress in his body melted out of it, before he stepped into the shower as well.

“Can I get some water also or do you want all of it?” He teased, before running a hand up Jeonghan’s wet back and ending up playing with the tips of his hair. He always liked his hair none of the guys in BTS had long hair like Jeonghan, and he himself prefered to keep his very short.

Jeonghan didn’t answer instead dragging Taehyung in front of him, so they were again front to front and incredibly close. Even though they were both naked and wet there was nothing sexual about it. Water ran over Taehyung soaking his hair, forcing him to close his eyes as he stood right in the spray.

He felt long thin hands in his hair making sure that it was completely wet, before he was pulled a little bit more away from the spray. “Let me wash your hair, stand still.” he was commanded.

With the warm water still heating most of his body he felt relaxed and calm. So he didn’t argue with the older as he started messaging scent neutral shampoo into his hair. Jeonghan was one of the people who prefered not to use any artificial scents, preferring his own and other people’s natural scents to shine through.

He just let the omega move him like he wanted to being pushed back and right into the spray closing his eyes when he was told. Then it was out again as his hair now being drenched in conditioner, Jeonghan mumbling something about stupid bleach and how he should take better care of his hair, that was kinda right wasn’t it.

As he was told that the conditioner needed to stay in awhile he opened his eyes looking at Jeonghan feeling a little shy now. “Can I do your hair now? Please?” So he really liked the omega’s hair okay? Sue him!

“You sure you can reach?” He teased

“You are one cm taller than me!” Taehyung whined, causing Jeonghan to giggle. The BTS member was not used to being teased or being short, because he wasn’t!

“If you say so shorty,” but the tone was sweet as he gave Taehyung the shampoo, “At least your idea of washing isn’t trying to actively removing it from my skull.” He sighed a pleasant noise as Taehyung gently covered his locks in shampoo.

“Vernon?” Taehyung asked, tongue half out of his mouth focusing on doing a good job.

Jeonghan nodded “Yes, omg I am never letting him near my hair ever again. He tried to braid it since he used to do it to some of the girls in his old pack. I’m pretty sure that he was trying to make me go bald instead.”

The BTS beta could easily believe that. Vernon was a really nice omega, but good at being gentle he really wasn’t. For being such a shy and cute person, he wasn’t great as being gentle. Taehyung’s own hair had been the victim with Vernon when, before he had presented, had tried to pet his hair.

The white shampoo suds were slightly turning reddish-brown as it started to grab a hold of the dye in his hair signalling that it was time for him to get it out before he washed all of the dye out. Jeonghan seemed to enjoy the hands in his hair though, as he mumbled. “You have really nice hands though, you would think that with such big hands you would be destructive.”

Taehyung blushed at the compliment as he started washing the shampoo out, and then applying conditioner. When his job was done he looked over Jeonghan and he couldn’t stop himself from giggling. He was sure that they both looked silly with conditioner in the hair and their bodies started to turn red from how hit the water was set.

“Let’s wash the smell of wet dog off you. I know you love dogs, but I promise your own scent of peanuts is much better. I feel like this is a perfect opportunity for a doggy style joke, but I think that might turn on me.” He teased as he grabbed a sponge a red bottle of soap.

“You think?” Taehyung said in a teasing zone, on this topic Jeonghan had no leg to stand on, especially since Taehyung himself had taken Jeonghan in doggy style and watched other members doing it before. “Does that mean it’s not the time for a joke about how you act like a bitch in heat the second someone puts you on your knees?”

That caused Jeonghan to blush. “Shut up.” He mumbled, but not disagreeing. He started washing Taehyung as Taehyung himself grabbed a sponge to return the favour. It turned into playing much more than anything else. Both males could be childish at times, having started to make soap beards on each other, until they heard a very insulted voice from outside the shower. “You guys started showering without me!?” Jihoon looked way too adorable for any alpha. He was wearing a tanktop that for once looked to actually be his and running shorts

“We are almost done,” Jeonghan laughed, “not my fault that you guys thought it was socially acceptable to go to the gym at shit in the morning.”

“It was 11am!” The tiny alpha argued.

“As I said, shit in the morning, is there food ready?” He asked while starting to finally get the soap and conditioner off Taehyung.

Taehyung didn’t need to look at Jihoon to know he was pouting. “Yeah food is almost ready, piggy.”

Taehyung giggled, then started coughing as water founds its way into his mouth. He could hear the tall omega exclaim. “See! You are trying to kill Taehyung! Rude alphas!”

“Shitty omegas.” Jihoon mumbled loud enough for the beta to hear, he felt a light slap on his ass. “Go and join the rest in the kitchen, your stomach is loud enough that it sounds like an earthquake and somebody has to make sure that our little pack alpha washes his ass.”

“HEY! Can we at least pretend that you respect me.” The scent of cantaloupes was spreading from the pouting pack alpha. Taehyung did as Jeonghan told him, grabbing one of the big fluffy towels to dry himself, he had some of the idea that it wasn’t really cleaning that was going to happen in the shower.

He never really understood the balance between Jihoon and Jeonghan, but he couldn’t help but admire it. While Jihoon was technically the pack alpha nobody was really afraid of saying anything to him. He never tried to control any of the members and he even let the omegas top him most of the time. He thought about BTS, he had once tried to top Jungkook because he thought the young alpha would enjoy it, but Jungkook had more or less kicked him off him, half yelling how that wasn’t right and how alpha’s didn’t do that! That wasn’t an alpha thing!

That was why he liked Seventeen, nobody really treated subgenders like they mattered. Here he could forget that he was just a beta, that he was really just a disappointment. He shook his head, no he couldn’t think about that now! Even with the heavy air between Jeonghan and Jihoon, the alpha was quick to notice what was up with Taehyung. Over all the time Taehyung had spent with Seventeen, Jihoon almost had a special Taehyung radar always understanding when the thoughts took over the younger’s mind. “TaeTae, Wonwoo placed some clothing for you outside, unless you prefer to eat naked?” He teased knowing that it would make Taehyung focus on the present instead of the thoughts that haunted him.

Taehyung just blushed, even though all of the older Seventeen pack had seen him naked “Is everybody home?”

“No the kids went to train I think, they were gone when we came back. So either they left to train or got kidnapped.” Jihoon casual said as he ripped off his sweat soaked running top, looking at it like it had personally offended him.

Taehyung still didn’t completely understand the Seventeen pack thing, the two units, HipHop and Vocal were a pack. Then the performance was a different pack, them just waiting for Dino to present before they could claim him. The idea of having two different packs in one group sounded weird to Taehyung. But it worked for them, they were all as close as a group even if they weren’t all pack.

Taehyung just nodded. “I’m just gonna… uhm yeah.” He pointed towards the door half awkwardly.

Jeonghan laughed “You are always welcome to stay.” He teased as Taehyung blushed.

The beta just shook his head and half rushed out of the bathroom leaving a friendly laughing behind. He was always shocked how they could laugh like that but he never felt like he was a target of a cruel joke.

He almost fell over Wonwoo who sat outside the bathroom playing on his phone. He looked up at Taehyung a kind smile was on his lips. He always wondered how fans could think Wonwoo was cold. Yeah his eyes were sharp and he was an alpha, but he was really a sweetheart. “Jihoon said you had cloth for me.” Taehyung asked shyly.

He didn’t know why he was being shy, maybe it was because of how bad his breakdown had been this time. Or the fact he knew that he would have to talk about what had happened to make him like that.

Wonwoo pointed at a set of clothes. Oversized hoodie that was sure to be too big on Wonwoo himself and even bigger on Taehyung. There also was a pair of running shorts, but what really had Taehyung freeze in place was the bright yellow duck on the front of the hoodie. It was just like… Mr. Duckie.

As that thought hit him, he was forced into a flashback that he always tried to keep away from himself. His biggest secret that only Seventeen knew.

‘Taehyung hadn’t always been weird like everybody said he was. When he was younger he was mostly just a sweet adorable kid like Jimin. He always thought that he had one of the most loving packs in the world, which to this day he stood by.

His pack consisted of 2 alphas, 2 betas and 3 omegas. Taehyung was born to an omega father and his mother had been the pack alpha, but even though he was genetically theirs, all of the pack had treated him like their own. There pack had gotten Taehyung fairly young by accident, back then birthcontrol hadn’t been like it was now where it was completely safe. It had failed and Taehyung had been born when he father was only 19, it didn’t stop all of them from loving the tiny Taehyung. While they did decide that they would wait a good while until having more children… Sadly they never got to.

After they all finished school, they had traveled out into the country and ended up settling in on a farm away from society. They thought it would be the perfect place to raise the then 7 year old Taehyung. The farm had its own well and solar cells on the roof so they mostly could rely on themselves, even though they did all work as well.

When their dog died from bladder cancer an alarm bell should have rung in their heads, but they hadn’t thought about it. Many animals died of cancer, so they had just let it go. Taehyung had forgotten about Warwick and moved onto loving the ducks in the pond near them. At 9 years old, he had loved ducks so much he could spend hours down at the pond just watching them swim around. The pack had gotten him small duck toys, or clothes with ducks on. His favorite had been a big duck plushie that he would drag everywhere. He would sit at the pond and talk to Mr. Duckie while pointing at the ducks.

Everything was good and happy, and then suddenly in the span of 1 year his world fell apart. He knew that his pack had been a little sick, but he had never thought about it much, he felt fine and he was just a kid. Then the ducks started dying, he could remember running back to the house with a dead duckling in his hands. He had never cried so much.

They had finally managed to calm the young child down when their youngest omega collapsed on the floor as she started to throw up. Panic had spread around them, they ended up going to the hospital.

Stage 4 bladder cancer caused by arsenic poisoning. It turned out that the well they had been drinking from wasn’t safe like they had been promised. After that, frantic testing had started, they were all terminally sick, other than Taehyung.

The young child had always been picky, he hated water and most of the time the only way to get him to drink it was buying him coconut water. It turned out that that fact ended up saving his life. His father had been the first person to die, his body had always been frail and none of the treatments had saved him.

Seeing his father, the man that had raised him lying in the bed dying had been destroying for Taehyung, but he tried his best to be strong. Crying into Mr. Duckie as he was told that daddy wasn’t with them anymore.

Slowly his pack started dying around him, they all tried their best to appear happy and healthy to their little baby duckling, but slowly they all lost the fight with cancer. Atlast it was just Taehyung and his mother left, the once strong and happy alpha that would throw around Taehyung when he was younger, now struggled just lifting his hand.

He sat by her side, even as his caregivers had told him he didn’t need to be there for this he knew he had to stay! His mother’s skin was unhealthily pale and looked like it was hanging on her bones, her long healthy hair long gone, her eyes sunk into her head.

She knew she was dying soon, she knew that she was going to leave her son behind. She patted him on the head that last day. “It’s okay duckling, mommy’s friends are going to be good to you baby, you like Auntie right?” Taehyung nodded, tears running down his face, he had seen this before. He knew somehow that this would be the last time he would get to talk to his mother.

He wasn’t lying, his auntie was a very nice lady and her pack treated Taehyung like he was born apart of them, but they weren’t his pack! No he had to be strong for mommy! “TaeTae, you are going to be great. I know it baby, you are going to be amazing. Even when we aren’t here we are going to watch over you.” He nodded again, tears and snot running down his face.

Taehyung reminded her so much of his father, there was no doubt in her mind that her little baby was going to be an omega, he was going to be the best. She was sad that she wasn’t going to be there to see it, but she had faith in her baby. “You are going to be the best baby. And even when we are gone, we will always be in your heart… You’re always going to be our little omega.” Taehyung cried.

That was the last things he ever heard from his mother… and 9 years later as he presented as a beta… He knew that he had let his mother down… He had let his family down… He was nothing but a disappointment.    

Chapter Text

Jungkook’s head was pounding when he woke up, other than just that his stomach kinda felt like he could eat an elephant or a blue whale, and then he remembered what had happened before.

Oh god… He had hit and a yelled at a member of Big Bang, Big BANG! Why had it seemed like such a good idea at the time? At that was when he noticed something else, his mind was… different, he couldn’t explain it but it was like he didn’t have that cloud on his mind. He moved to sit up when he noticed his upper body being weighted down by… Jimin? Had he slept in the hospital!?

“Minnie?” He whispered not wanting to wake him up too drastically, not that it worked because the door was immediately opened none too gently.

“Mr. Jeon, I see you have woken up finally up, we were starting to worry that the dose we gave you inflicted with you abnormal hormone levels.” Namjoon’s doctor was standing with a medical board looking down at it.

She looked different from the day before. She had looked like the enemy yesterday, somebody who wanted to change him, today she was just Doctor Choi. Why had he thought that? Why hadn’t he listened?

“I can see you're confused, this is a good sign that means the medication has started working. Were you aware that your hormone levels were at an almost dangerous level?” Even though he had yelled at her, even though he had been a terrible person to her she was smiling and talking kindly to him.

He couldn’t look at her, he didn’t feel like he deserved to. “No I didn’t know, I just thought that was what it felt like to be an alpha. Yoongi Hyung always said that alpha’s had to be in control, he said nothing was wrong with me.” Why would Yoongi lie to him?

Doctor Choi sighed, again with that pack alpha. She wanted to tell him that his pack alpha was shit, that he was living in the past, but she was a medical professional and it wasn’t her place to tell him. “Your pack alpha isn’t a medical expert. It’s not expected that he knows stuff like that.” It’s just expected for him not to be a horrible person, but that might not be the best idea to say.

Doctor Choi didn’t believe that Jungkook was actually a bad person, she better than most people knew that you were a victim of your environment. Plus he was an idol and they often left their family packs behind very early to train, she felt sorry for the young alpha. He looked so lost, the worst part was… She wasn’t sure if it was too late for him, she could fix his hormones and maybe let him see the wrongs of his ways, but as soon as he returned home he would be back in a toxic environment.

In front of her she just saw a child, a child that had been dealt a bad hand, she saw how he held the omega, Jimin, close to his body as if to protect him, he refused to meet her gaze. This was nothing like the alpha who growled and yelled at people. “I understand this is all very confusing to you, but I need a little bit of info from you. The anger you felt inside you, has it been there since you presented?”

“Yeah, I just thought that was how alpha’s always felt, I thought it was normal.” It was how Yoongi acted most of the time, he did nothing wrong right?

Jimin yawned as he sat up, freeing himself from Jungkook’s arms “What’s going on?” He asked while stretching.

“I’m just asking your friend a few questions, he is responding positively to the new medication.” At least that was positive.

“Pack mate.” Jimin corrected, he wanted to make sure that she understood that they were pack they weren’t just groupmates, even with how split and dysfunctional they were… They were still a pack.

Doctor Choi just nodded, she had strong feeling about this pack but she would never let her personal feelings get in the way from doing her job. “Yes of course, Mr Jeon you do understand that the behavior you have been showing is highly inappropriate and borderline abusive?” Well time to rip of the bandage.

“Abusive!?” Jungkook almost threw Jimin of the bed in his hurry to get up “I haven’t abused anybody?”

“Multiple people has told of your violence tendencies and how your ordered Mr. Kim around, do you think this is okay?” She wasn’t sure if this way would get to him. She rarely dealt with patients with hormone issues, and she had the feeling that Jungkook’s issues might be deeper than just hormone issues.

Jungkook shook his head almost violently. “Namjoon wasn’t an omega at that point! I couldn’t know.”

“So just because Mr. Kim had yet to present, an issue that is rooted in his own group's inability to make him feel comfortable with himself, that makes it okay? A lot of things aren’t illegal but is not okay. You understand this right Mr. Jeon?” She questions while writing down notes.

While Jungkook didn’t feel the red anger flaming up in him like he was used to, he could feel low simmering anger inside him. She was an omega! And she was treating him like he was child! Like Jungkook was some kind of monster!

He was about to say something he shouldn’t until he felt Jimin’s small warm hand on his bare upper arm. “Kookie calm down, I know this is hard and it is our fault for not seeing it earlier, but we can fix this don’t worry.”

“I know that the red anger is wrong, but it’s pride Jimin! She is disrespecting me as an alpha!” Jungkook complained, but he kept staring down Doctor Choi.

Jimin wanted to yell or throw stuff, but he knew it wasn’t going to fix anything, “Yoongi never fixes anything with yelling.”

“All alpha’s defend their pride in different ways, Yoongi-hyung taught me that!” he peeled Jimin’s hand of his shoulder, but he was still not being rough with Jimin, Jimin hadn’t disrespected him like Doctor Choi had. “She is saying I’m abusive! I’m abusive?”

Jimin didn’t know how to say it to him, he wasn’t ‘abusive’ and Jimin knew that Jungkook loved him, but Jungkook also didn’t see him as an equal. He wasn’t as good at hiding it as Yoongi was, but he had learned from Yoongi who had learned it from an alpha pack. They had always just ignored it, they had learned to live with it.

The problem was, that with all their issues put out there and with what they had put Namjoon through. Jimin kinda noticed that maybe it was time that they actually tried to fix what was wrong with them. Even if Jimin didn’t want to admit that there was something wrong with them. “Kookie please, it’s not that you are abusive you are just a little rough with us sometimes, and you hurt Taehyung.”

“He wanted to fuck me!” Jungkook half yelled out.

Doctor Choi looked at the young males in front of her and decided that it was probably time for her to leave, this wasn’t something she should get involved in. She had learned from trial and error that some issues could only be solved by the pack themselves, as much as she wanted to help. As much as she felt the oldest of the pack showed sign of social anxiety and she just wanted to wrap him up. No matter how she knew that something wasn’t right with their other beta and she just wanted to cuddle him, as much as she wanted to save Namjoon from them and just protect him she knew she couldn’t.

That was the hardest thing of being a doctor for cases like this, she needed to be professional and she knew that interfering would cause more issues, she had to trust that Jimin could solve these issues. She quietly left the room to leave the pack members to their argument, but she waved one of the guards over. This was a unit for alphas with issues which meant that they came with guards.While she didn’t think that Jungkook was going to hurt Jimin, he seemed disrespectful and full of himself, he also wouldn’t hurt an omega on purpose, but she also knew that he might not be completely okay with his hormones.

“Watch over what happens, if the alpha makes a move towards the omega step in, but don’t mind the yelling. They have some things to solve.” She sighed, the guard was a young lady a well built beta.

“One of those couples?” She asked fixing her shock baton in her belt, Doctor Choi nodded with a sigh she hated weapons.

“Idols,” god she was getting too old for this “their pack alpha seems to be from one of the alpha packs, he had left a strong impression on their youngest alpha plus he suffered from hormonal issues.”

“Alpha packs?” The guard questioned, the hand tightened around her baton showing her clear opinion of those kind of packs. “I thought those were long eradicated, aren’t most of them filled with abuse and inbreeding?”

“They are almost gone, but there are still a few left. The inbreeding is just a rumor that we can’t support medically, they normally find the most dominant omega, breed them and more or less beat them to submission. Their idea is that they are trying to breed only alphas, and alpha’s are the superior sub-gender, it's a very toxic community. Just keep an eye on them, I want to make sure that they are okay, their omega seems very soft and naive.” It was easy to forget that while her generation and the generation before them had dealt with alpha packs regularly, the new generation just knew them as more or less old cults all died out, sadly it wasn’t like that.

“Don’t worry Doctor Choi, I won’t let them hurt each other.” The guard assured her as they heard Jungkook yell out from the room.

“HE IS JUST A BETA!” Doctor Choi knew that it was going to a be a long road for the pack, she just hoped that they would all make it through in one piece.

Jimin was up from the bed now, arms crossed in a strong movement, Jungkook was standing at the other end of the room having a put distance between them. Jimin wanted to try and make himself bigger and more scary looking but he knew he couldn’t trick Jungkook. “You let Yoongi-hyung top you!”

“That’s different!” Jungkook insisted “Yoongi-hyung is our pack alpha, he is the only person I would ever humiliate myself for like that.”

“Humiliate? Bottoming is humiliating? You seem to have no issues when it’s me bottoming!” Jimin growled, he felt personally attacked by what Jungkook was saying. He knew that the media liked to humiliate omegas and call them weak for being submissive but hearing that him preferring to be fucked instead of fucking, was like he was getting his worst fear thrown in his face.

“You are an omega, that’s different! It’s you job!” Jungkook was half red in the face with anger, but this time he didn’t have the red in front of his eyes to take over him. This time he was just angry at Jimin, how could he ever act like it would ever be okay for Jungkook to bottom.

“It’s my job to bottom for you? It’s not humiliating cause I’m just an omega?” Jimin said, he voice had lost its fight now, he was just hollow. It was like somebody had ripped away the rose tinted glasses from his eyes and forced him to see Jungkook for the first time. When had they allowed his mind to be this poisoned? Was Yoongi really this bad as well?

Jimin backed closer to the door, tears were starting to threaten to free themselves from his eyes, all the negative thoughts that Jimin had ever thought of himself made it to the forefront of his mind, and he just wanted to hurt Jungkook as much as the younger had hurt him. He knew it wasn’t right or healthy, but he needed somebody else to hurt as well “I… I need to get out of here… I can’t trust you… You are a monster, you are monster that scared Joonie, you are monster that was rude and rough to Taehyung.”

A single tear was gliding down his cheek, and then he took the cowardly way out as he turned around at ran, he didn’t stop running until he was out of the hospital in front of a cab. The tears were now running free on his face as he got into the cab and gave the address he wanted to go to. He needed to be safe, only one person who Jimin knew would keep him safe.

Jungkook was left in the hospital room frozen as Jimin ran out, the word monster kept being repeated over and over again in his head. It wasn’t right! He couldn’t be a monster, he almost felt like collapsing on himself, but he forced himself to keep standing. He thought back instead of thinking about what Yoongi taught him, he tried to remember what his family pack had taught him, back before everybody knew he would be an alpha.

He remembered long walks outside, the pack had always loved being outside. Jungkook could remember just being a little kid, his father trying to keep him close by as his papa chased him through the forest little Jungkook screaming in delight, one of the packs other kids had been hanging on one of the beta’s hips still too young to being allowed to play around on the ground even if he tried to get down.

Jungkook tried to remember of his papa had ever treated his father like an omega, or the packs other omega. No… He couldn’t remember anybody treating people like Yoongi had taught him. Was everything he knew a lie? Even if it was… He couldn’t stop, he didn’t know how to. He never tried to be angry, the anger just came to him without trying, he had been taught to be defensive of his pride.

A young female beta in a uniform stuck her head in. “You okay? Doctor Choi left, you are free to walk around the hospital, but you can’t leave we still need a few more tests from you.” Her smile didn’t reach her eyes, and it was clear that she heard the argument and even more clear that she was judging him.

Jungkook looked down at his tightly fisted hands, he didn’t know who he was anymore, and he didn’t know who to turn to. The only alphas he really knew were his own and… he didn’t know if he could trust Yoongi right now, and Hoseok hated himself for being an alpha. He used to be close to Yugyeom, but after Jungkook had presented he had just kinda stopped talking to him. It had been weird in the start, but now it just made sense. He hadn’t stopped talking to Jungkook because he was busy, he had stopped talking to Jungkook because Jungkook had changed.

“I’m… I’m going to take a walk around the hospital I need to breathe… Am I allowed to see Namjoon?” Jungkook questioned, he… he should apologize shouldn’t he?

The guard just shook her head “No, I’m sorry.”

Hanging his head Jungkook just nodded, maybe keeping the new omega away from him was a good idea. He had alpha ordered the older, god he hadn’t even seen him as a real member of the pack! “You can still take a walk around the hospital, just stay out of the omega area and try not to course any trouble.”

She tried to smile in a soothing way for him, but it was clear to Jungkook how the woman really saw him, Jungkook just nodded he couldn’t even blame her. It made so much more sense now why Hoseok avoided spending time alone with him.

Jungkook wasn’t even sure how long time he had just wandered around in the hall, he wasn’t even sure what he was looking for. He knew that Jimin had left long ago, and the rest of BTS other than Namjoon probably wasn’t here yet, that was when he saw a 3 familiar figures.

Wonshik, Taekwoon, and Hakyeon was leaving the omega ward. All 3 Vixx members seeming to be in a happy mood as Wonshik lightly hit Taekwoon on the shoulder as he teased. “You are such a fucking omega.”

Every muscle in his body tightened as he expected a verbal clapback from Taekwoon. Wonshik an omega was clearly disrespecting Taekwoon who was the Vixx pack alpha.

The clapback physically or verbally never came instead Taekwoon just raised an eyebrow. “At least I’m good at it, something you can’t be.” There was no heat in his voice at all, no change in his stance or anything. It was like he didn’t even care that he got disrespected, was this what a real alpha was like?

Hakyeon just shook his head at the two redheads. “You are both brats that it what you are.” The omega just looked completely done with his packmates shit.

Jungkook was… Shocked… yeah that seemed to be the real word, he had never before thought about how other packs were. He only ever paid attention to his own. He had never really thought about it before, could he be an alpha like Taekwoon? An alpha who didn’t feel the need to protect his honor, an alpha who didn’t see himself like others.

He got ripped out of his thought when Taekwoon noticed him “Jungkook-ah? Namjoon isn’t allowed visitors until later, apparently they need to do tests on him.”

“Please teach me not to be a monster!” Yeah… Yeah maybe that wasn’t how he should have asked…

Jimin had finally arrived at his destination, and only when he knocked on the door he did realize that maybe he should have called ahead. But it seemed that luck for once was with him as Baekhyun opened the door looking confused. “Jimin?”

Jimin didn’t answer, he just threw himself in the arms of the redhead. Luckily Baekhyun seemed to have expected it as his fellow omega tightened his arms around him in a comforting hug until he noticed… “Jimin! How far along in preheat are you!?”

Chapter Text

Namjoon woke up to whispered yelling in his hospital room. “Jackson stop pouting like a little kid!” That was… Jiho?

“But I wanna smell his scent too!” Namjoon didn’t even need to open his eyes to know that the alpha was pouting, he could hear it in his voice.

Namjoon kinda just wanted to fall back asleep. The drugs still in his system making him drowsy, but Jiho’s rebutted. “Peaches and cream! It’s not that hard!”

Jackson didn’t seem to agree. “What does that even smell like!?”

“It’s your scent gland being fucked, not your nose.”

“Your face is fucked!” Yeah Jackson was straight up whining.

Jiho just laughed and Namjoon could now hear multiple people moving around in the room as a small hand was gently removing a piece of hair from his still closed eyes. “No I fucked you, you are clearly wrong in this.”

“You guys fucked in the shower just now didn’t you? God at least try to keep it in your pants.” Oh so it was Jinyong petting his hair, if he could just keep going a little bit Namjoon could fall back asleep. “Also I know you are awake Joonie, not that I’m sure how you missed the first part of those kids yelling. Or BamBam falling over his own legs and waking probably the entire hospital.”

“I said sorry! This is bullying!”

Namjoon opened his eyes to just see… Something yellow? Groggily he reached up to see what it was that was impairing his vision, it turned out to be a posted note. Youngjae who was sitting on the opposite side of Namjoon explained. “It was here when we arrived and we decided that removing it would be rude so we didn’t. It’s from Wonshik.”

The newly presented omega squinted his eyes to focus on the notes it said with almost childlike font. ‘You were sleeping when we got here, and Hakyeon said we couldn’t wake you up because that would be rude. So instead call us when you get tired of all those alphas fawning around you, and don’t let them push you around! You are better than that!!!!!!!! - Wonshik!’

Yeah that was definitely from Wonshik, the Vixx omega was… special. “Did you guys see him when you left?”

“Yeah he was physically dragging Jungkook away, with Hakyeon seeming completely done with him. I swear one day he is going to lose it and strangle both of them in their sleep.” Jinyoung laughed.

As Namjoon’s mind woke up a little bit more so did all his memories, and while he knew he couldn’t trust what Yoongi had told him he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about it. Did Got7 really use him? He didn’t know what to trust anymore.

“What is wrong? Does something hurt?” Namjoon focused on Jaebum who looked worried from his position as physically far away from Namjoon as he could be. Actually both Jackson and Yugyeom were doing the same?

“No… I’m just…” He needed to explain stuff. He wanted to shut himself up and ignore everything, but he had learned something the last few days… Ignoring stuff just made it bigger, ignoring stuff created all the issues.

“Yoongi hyung said something to me the night I came back from your guys place, and… It’s the reason I haven’t talked to any of you.” He looked down, he couldn’t look at them. He was about to find out that either they actually didn’t care for him and had just used him or that he had ignored them, deleted their number and let himself be manipulated. He wasn’t sure which one was to be prefered.

Everybody in the room was silent and you could have heard a pin drop in the room. Namjoon wasn’t sure how to start until he felt Youngjae reach out the grab his hand in a soft hold running his thumb gently over the knuckles. “No matter what have happened Joonie we don’t blame you and we aren’t mad at you. We understand that you haven’t been in a good place, and we are partial to blame for what ever have happened, this isn’t your fault.”

Namjoon wanted to fucking cry, they were being so gentle with him he didn’t know how to handle it. Got7 had always treated him nicely, but with everybody doing it now he simply didn’t know how to deal with everybody's eyes being on him and looking at him so softly. He could deal with the fans, and while he loved Army’s he also knew that he couldn’t take them yelling that they loved him to serious, they mostly only knew Rap Monster.

“Yoongi got mad when I got home that day… He told me that you were all just using me, that you really didn’t care about me at all. He made me delete and block all your numbers. I trusted him! I didn’t think he would have a reason to lie to me. I just… I wanted to fit in, I wanted them to accept me!” Namjoon felt the words leave his mouth in a word vomit and as he first started he couldn’t stop it. “I didn’t know what to do! I never saw any reason not to trust Yoongi, and even if I wasn’t a real member of the pack, I saw him as my pack alpha, I wanted to fit in and be happy with them! I just wanted to be good.”

Namjoon heard a low growl, and surprisingly enough it didn’t even come from a Got7 member, instead from Jiho that Namjoon had more less forgotten. “He made you delete and block my number as well didn’t he? How many of our old and current friends did he make you block?”

Jiho knew something was wrong, but he had no idea how bad it really was. He thought Namjoon had purposefully ignored them. He had never thought that Yoongi’s control over Namjoon was this deeply rooted. He tried to imagine his pack alpha… U-kwon telling him to delete all his friends from his phone, Jiho would just have laughed and have told him to go fuck himself. Pack alphas yes were leaders of a pack, but this didn’t meant that anybody should follow them blindly and he couldn’t imagine doing it. That wasn’t how pack’s were meant to run! The BTS pack was toxic!

“All of them… We needed to focus on our new album.” Namjoon sounded so ashamed, and that was how he felt as well.

A loud noise was echoing in the room as the chair BamBam had been sitting on hit the ground as he stood up in a sudden movement. “That’s it! I’m going to strangle him, and I’m going to enjoy it!”

“BamBam he is an alpha do, try and remember that.” Jinyoung tried to calm the omega down.

BamBam stared down Jinyoung even though the beta just raised an eyebrow from his comfortable spot next to Namjoon’s bed lightly. “You think I can’t take him? We are the same height and he is build like a… a very short underfed breadstick!” The younger challenged.

“I’m more worried that you can actually take him, and we will have to face murder charges for killing BTS’s pack alpha. May I remind you that dabbing is illegal in prison.” Jinyoung countered.

BamBam scowled at him. “You win for now, he will live another day, don’t tell me I am not a merciful god.” But he didn’t sit back down and his stance was still hostile until Mark came up behind him and wrapped him up in a back hug. Namjoon was almost amazed when he saw how the aggression almost melted out of BamBam who just leaned his head back on Mark’s shoulder.

Youngjae lifted Namjoon’s hand up to his mouth and placed a light kiss on his knuckles. His hand was still wrapped up lightly protecting it since he had hurt it when he had fallen after he had the heart attack. “We would never use you like that Joonie, we respect you… And…” He looked at Jaebum as asking for permission.

The alpha just nodded, he took a step forward then seeming to regret the decision and stepped back against the wall against grabbing Jackson's, who was standing next to him, hand and lightly squeshed it as to reassure both alphas.

Youngjae looked back at Namjoon. “We would like to court you, we would like for you to give us a chance to show you how a pack really loves a member. We loved you way before you presented as an omega, but we always thought that you belonged to BTS and didn’t have a chance with you, but now that we do… We would like to try. If you will let us?” Youngjae’s smile was soft and reassuring and he was holding Namjoon’s hand still, but not restricting or harsh, just reminding Namjoon that he was there to support him.

He looked around the room, Jinyoung still gently petting his hair, alphas standing up against the wall looking out of place like they weren’t really sure what to do about themselves. Lastly he looked at Mark and BamBam, they were omegas… Were they alright with another omega? Were they okay with having to share the attention with somebody else, but BamBam and Mark both just smiled to him in a calming and nice way. Both seemed eager for him to answer and to be honest BamBam kinda just looked like an happy oversized puppy in Mark’s arms.

“I think I would like that, Daesung-sunbaenim and Bang PD-nim explained it to me, and I think I understand… It’s okay for me not to choose BTS, or at least not choose them right now. I… I can be happy with somebody else and it’s okay, it doesn’t make me less of a person.” And then Namjoon looked up at each person in the eyes slowly before he said. “I would like to be courted by you guys.”

Everybody's  face turned into a giant smiley faces and BamBam made a move to almost jump ontop of Namjoon. Luckily Mark was faster as he tightened his grip on the younger. “He is in a hospital bed idiot, do you really want to make it worse?” Mark just shaked his head. “I have only been part of this pack for 3 days and I already feel like I’m babysitting the pack baby! I didn’t sign up for this!”

The room was silent for a moment, before it was broken by Namjoon who couldn’t hold back a giggle, this whole situation was weird. So he just opened his arms up towards BamBam for a hug. “Just don’t knock out the IV, I ripped it out twice because I was unhappy and if I do it one more time they are going to put me in the closed part of the hospital.”

Mark hesitantly let go of BamBam who quickly got into the bed and Namjoon’s lap to give him a hug. Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from giggling when that reminding him of just how him and Zico had been the day before, and then blush when he remembered what it had lead to.

“Actually the IV thing we should talk about, but… I think that maybe it could wait until we get you out of this place. But we will talk about it at some point Joonie!” Jinyoung exclaimed.

“Way to ruin the mood Jinnie,” Mark teased as he sat down next to the beta. “Also… you guys are making everybody including Namjoon really awkward, you aren’t allowed to be close to him yet, but at least take a seat instead of looking like you are in front of a fire squad, it is really just awkward.”

Namjoon looked confused at the alphas. “Why aren’t they allowed to be close to me?”

“Oh your doctor told us you are banned from seeing alphas and especially if they are alone. We just want to be on the sure side since I’m afraid she might actually kill us and make sure we are never found again.” Youngjae casually answered.

Jiho spoke up next. “Well, what happened to I get to ask him first? You are all rude. I can’t beat these fuckers, but we… which means all of us even if it is just me here, since some of us have a job, would like to court you as well. I know we haven’t done as much as an effort while you were a dud as these ones. But with so many betas already, we just couldn’t. I have known you longer than anybody else. I have known you even longer than your own group, and I think you could fit really well in with us, if you want to give us a chance?” He smiled at Namjoon.

He was right, Jiho was probably the person who knew him the best out of anybody. He was the person who had known him the longest, before all of this dud stuff. “Are you sure that this is what you want to do?” Namjoon didn’t want Jiho to commit to something he wasn’t ready for.

“Namjoon I think we need to work on your sense of self worth! Courting you is not something negative or a duty to take on.” Jiho placed a light kiss on Namjoon’s forehead. “Is that a yes though?”

Namjoon bit his lip hesitantly and then nodded. “Yeah… it’s a yes.”

“Awesome!” He smiled big “Now the more important question, have you talked to your highly dysfunctional group?”

He just shook his head. “No, I heard that there were some issues, but I have been told Hoseok should come by today?”

“Issues… yes let’s call them that.”  BamBam jumped down from Namjoon’s lap. “Sadly the reason we got here so early is that we have dance practice. So we have to leave now to attend multiple hours of torture that people like to pretend is calling practice.”

Namjoon nodded, he understood he really did. They were all idols and they had shit to do so he smiled at them. “Go then, don’t be late cause you had to be here first!” He was just so happy that they had worked out their differences, to find out that they didn’t actually use him. To know that he had a chance to be happy with them, that he in general had a chance to be happy. “Oh! I said yes to letting B.A.P court me as well.”

“Oh we know, we also now have probably 200 pictures of you sleeping. Zelo was really excited about having snuck in and he really was happy you said yes.” Jaebum insisted.

“Oh.” Namjoon couldn’t help himself from blushing. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that.

“Don’t worry about it, you were adorable! And we are actually happy you get a lot of options! Yeah we prefer you pick us, but we are friends before anything. After everything you have been through it is really just important that you end up happy!” Youngjae gave his hand one last squeeze before he got up to join the rest of Got7 at the door.

For the first time since Namjoon had woken up Jackson said something. “Call me or text me when you get out of here please? I know you and your phone have a complicated relationship, but it would mean a lot to me?” The uncertainty in his voice showed that he wasn’t yet completely sure of how to treat Namjoon now that he was an omega. Which he could understand, god he wasn’t even sure how to act yet!

“I promise! Now go or I will actually get up and personally shove you all the way there.” Namjoon could feel the leader in him show itself.

A low party of laughter came from the members before they took their leave. Leaving Namjoon smiling in his bed with only Jiho left. “You don’t have to go as well?”

“Nope, I first have to go back later so I’m gonna stay if that is okay with you? It’s been awhile since we have just hung out?” He took Jinyoung's abandoned chair.

The omega nodded “Yeah… I would like that.”

They talked for hours, only stopping when the nurses needed to take different tests of Namjoon and came with food for both him and the beta. Namjoon had forgotten how much he loved just talking with his friend. They didn’t talk about anything important and avoided all talk of the reason why Namjoon was there. They bounced lyrics, talked about old times and Jiho told weird stories about his pack making Namjoon laugh.

It has been a while since he had been this happy.

Sadly happy was not something that could be said about all members of BTS. Yoongi hadn’t moved out of the studio since he found the lyrics. He had no more tears to give, and the lyrics sheet he found was almost unreadable. He had tried to understand them any other way but he knew he couldn’t. This was the truth, this was how it was, this was his fault.

He had never wanted Namjoon to think this about himself! He just wanted Namjoon to understand, he just needed Namjoon to stop fucking around with so many different packs when he didn’t have to! How could he have ended up doing this? He never meant to.

“So you read it I assume?”

Yoongi looked up at the figure in the doorway. Slow Rabbit PD-nim was looking at him, his stare none too kind. “I found it right after Namjoon-ah had the heart attack… It wasn’t pretty to look at let me tell you that. I went through his old lyrics to see if there were any hints of it we had missed. I found that one called always, and another one called Reflection. This is all our fault, but it’s your specifically.”

He closed the door behind him. “I don’t need to be soft like Bang, I don’t need to be politically correct. I care about you guys! You know I do, but we have all let you run free for to long. We have ignored what was infront of him because we didn’t want to be like SM and interfere with packs. We have let it happen because you are an amazing talented musician, but it’s too much now! You almost killed him! You understand this right? Had he actually been a dud he would have been dead! Do you understand this Yoongi?! You almost killed your own leader!”

“I DIDN’T MEAN TO!” Yoongi yelled almost desperately, pictures of a dead Namjoon flashing in front of his eyes, as he shook his head desperately to free himself.

“I don’t care what you meant to do, you almost killed. You almost killed a guy who has done nothing but support you all the time! Look at those lyrics! Look at every line! Remember that you did this!” There was none of the normal friendliness in Slow Rabbit’s face. Seeing Namjoon almost die in front of him had left nightmares in his mind he would probably never be free of. As an alpha he knew what alpha duties were, and Yoongi was so out of line!

Tears were now streaming down Yoongi’s face. “Please stop… I… please stop…” He whispered.

“Like you stopped your torture on an innocent guy just because he didn’t do what you wanted? A guy who saw you as his pack alpha, imagine telling Jimin and Taehyung that you killed their leader? Imagine looking them in the eyes and telling them you are murderer? Because you almost were.”

And that… That broke Yoongi. Uncontrolled crying as he curled in on himself… Slow rabbit had done what nobody else could… not any of the pressure from his family pack, not his own toxic mind… He had broken Min Yoongi’s mind.

Chapter Text


Seokjin woke up early that morning, the smell of chocolate chips cookies still in the air from last night. He was… He was happy, even though all of the dorm was silent for the first time in forever and he was pretty sure that everybody else was out he was actually happy. His talk with Junsu had actually really helped, the older man being surprisingly helpful, and now he had a promise to fulfill!

It had started at Seokjin getting a little distracted by Junsu’s scent of chocolate chip cookies, it had made him want to go home and bake them. Which he had admitted to the older omega who had somehow made him promise that he would come back with some the next day before he went back to the hospital.

It first he had thought that the JYJ member was just kidding, but after Junsu had pushed his phone towards Seokjin for him to put in his number he had realized that the man was very much not kidding. When the oldest BTS had returned home he had gotten a text with an address and the added message

‘Don’t forget my cookies!!! >-<’

It had left Seokjin giggling in the empty kitchen, which lead to the morning where Seokin was gathering the now cooled down cookies in a container to talk them to the TVXQ/JYJ shared housing thing… Actually…. Seokjin still didn’t understand that one, and he hadn’t dared question it when Junsu had mentioned it.

He hadn’t even thought of looking through the dorm as he left it. He just smiled and happily hummed along on the song currently playing on his phone. It took him a few tries to find the right building but when he finally managed to, he was a little shy to knock suddenly worried that Junsu hadn’t actually meant it.

He took a deep breath and was about to knock when the door was opened. “Please tell me you’re not a sasaeng fan, because that would be really awkward also… Did you plan on just looking at the door, I promise it doesn’t bite.”

The man that stood in the door entrance wasn’t actually Junsu instead the JYJ alpha Jaejoong and a strong blushed took over his face. “No I’m… Uhm… Junsu invited me… I have something for him.” Yeah… he wasn’t good at this.

That caused the blond alpha to to smile widely “Oh! You are Seokjin right? From BTS! Junsu said you would be coming and that I should be nice, he will be back soon! Since we didn’t know when you would come and when ‘morning’ was for you he went to the gym! Please come in it’s cold outside!”

Seokjin hesitantly followed the man inside, hugging the cookies to his chest as a support line, not really sure how he felt about all of this. “Nice… uhm… place.” He tried.

Jaejoong just smiled “I make you nervous don’t I… hmmm… When Junsu said he invited somebody you aren’t what I expected, you can’t be more than 19… What is Junsu doing with kids.” He took Seokjin’s jacket and hung it up.

Seokjin felt almost offended. “I’m 24!”

“What really?” Now it was Jaejoong’s turn to look slightly awkward. “Fuck I’m sorry! How about we try this again, please don’t let me scare you away Junsu will kill me. Im Jaejoong formerly for TVXQ now of JYJ and I’m from 1986.”

“I’m Seokjin, I’m from 92, nice to meet you Jaejoong-sunbaenim.” Seokjin bowed still holding the cookies.

“So I don’t want to be rude, but I was told you had cookies? Can I have one?”

“Yes of course!” Seokjin hurried, handing the older idol the entire box, which the man opened pulling one out while showing Seokjin even farther into the room.

The livingroom was peacefully decorated and clean in a way Seokjin could only wish theirs back home was. He took a spot on the couch Jaejoong pointed him towards. The alpha seemed very focused on the cookie he was currently chewing.

Seokjin felt nervous, for some reason this felt like he was at a cooking exam that he couldn’t remember signing up for. He was starting to almost sweat when the verdict finally came. “Wow these are good, you managed to somehow match Junsu’s scent completely! I tried for years and haven’t managed! You got to give me the recipe!”

Jaejoong was kinda looking at him like Seokjin had told him that he could make water into wine not just because he made Chocolate chip cookies.

That somehow managed to launch them into the conversation about cooking. It turned out that Jaejoong was the one that cooks in the household, which meant they spent over an hour talking about different recipes until Jaejoong looked at him and said “BTS most be really happy to have you?”

Seokjin looked confused for a second, yeah he was proud of his looks, but he never thought much other than that. “I’m just a beta.”

“Just a beta?” Jaejoong looked actually offended. “Yeah I understand that betas aren’t as flashy as omegas and alphas but they are important. Yes some packs like the Big Bang pack can work without one, but most of us can’t. Even those of us who don’t have an beta are missing one. There is a reason there are three sub-genders, we are all meant to work in harmony. As I said, your pack is lucky, even though Junsu did explain to us all the trouble that is currently going on in your pack, you should never feel you aren’t something special just because you are a beta.”

The worst part was that Seokjin knew this, but with all the troubles going on in his own pack he rarely felt appreciated. He was just the oldest and a beta, all he did was take care of people without getting any thing in return.

Back in the BTS dorm Hoseok woke up to Seokjin already gone, and the normally warm and loud dorm was now abandoned and cold. As Hoseok slouched his way through a morning routine, he noticed that the cookies from the night before was gone, he could hope that Seokjin had gone to either feed their missing pack alpha or maybe say hello to Namjoon, but somehow he knew that it wasn’t the case. In a way he couldn’t explain he knew that Seokjin wasn’t with either members of BTS.

As he dressed himself in front of the mirror he rested a hand on one of the many thin silvery scars still on his hipbone normally covered by jeans. ‘I won’t be like her… Yoongi will be back to lead soon, I just need to hold on a little bit more. Alphas are not to be trusted, that includes me… especially me, I got abuse in my blood.’

His breakfast was light, he felt like he wouldn’t be able to keep the food down even if he tried to, especially since he had to face Namjoon today. The walk to the hospital wasn’t long, but it was grueling. Every time his foot hit the ground and the impact traveled up his spin he was more and more aware of the fact that he was slowly moving towards what he always feared being.

He went to see Jungkook first, but the baby alpha was missing from his room. The lingering scent was still in the sheets so it was indeed his room, but Hoseok had no idea where he was now and the maknae didn’t pick up his phone. Instead Hoseok started the slow walk towards Namjoon’s hospital room, really he just wanted to run away.

He saw Jiho leaving Namjoon’s with a smile on his lips, both idols freezing in the hallway looking each other up and down. Jiho noted the normally smiling dancers face was now stuck in a sad grimace that didn’t fit him. Jiho wanted to hate BTS he really did for what they did to Namjoon, but he also knew that it was childish. He didn’t really believe that majority of them were bad people, the problem with being from a small company is that they didn’t have older idols to guide them through those years in their life.

“You look like you might want to swap positions with Namjoon. Sure you aren’t the person who should be in the hospital?” He lightly tried to ask. He was a little worried about his fellow rapper.

Hoseok just sighed. “We… have some issues we have to deal with, I’m sorry for what happened to Joonie. I know that you guys are really close friends.” He ran a hand through his now oily caramel orange locks, he needed a shower, but he found himself not caring that much about personal hygiene at that moment.

“Hoseok-ah, we are mad about the fact that you guys let Namjoon get this bad, and yes we are mad that you guys were blind to the abuse going on, but you can’t take all the blame on yourself. You clearly aren’t okay.” The beta tried to reason. He was actually a little terrified about the alpha’s state.

“I’m fine.” Hoseok half snapped out, but the second aggression found its way into his voice he regretted it. It was like he could almost feel a physical pain on his scars. No he wasn’t that kind of alpha! “I’m just here to see Namjoon, none of us have seen him since they incident and… we owe him an apology.”

“Some of you do, but I’m not sure you are one of them. As far as I understand from Namjoon, you actually tried to stand up for him. Don’t be to hard on yourself.” Jiho wasn’t sure what to say to make it better. He wasn’t even sure what was wrong with Hoseok, but it was in his beta nature to try and fix issues like this.

Hoseok just shook his head “Don’t worry, we are going to fix things, we are a pack after all.”

Jiho went from worried to shocked, did Hoseok actually believe this. Had nobody filled BTS in on what was happening. “Hoseok-ah… Namjoonie is not part of the BTS pack, he is an unbound omega, and… he has agreed to be courted. You are welcome to ask for the right to court him like the rest of us, but he doesn’t belong to you guys. He belongs to himself and it’s time for him to make a decision for himself as Namjoon instead of making them as Rap Monster.”

He… He should have expected that shouldn’t he? He had just assumed that Namjoon would join BTS. Even after all the issues they had. Namjoon was their leader, he always did what was best for BTS. Hoseok hadn’t even thought about the fact that Namjoon was an omega, an unbound one, he hadn’t thought about the fact that of course other packs would want him.

“But he is our leader, he is part of BTS.” Hoseok weakly protested, he knew that it was to no avail.

Jiho kinda felt sorry for Hoseok as much as he didn’t want to he couldn’t stop himself. “Yeah he is part of the kpop group BTS, not the pack BTS.”

Hoseok sighed. “I understand, I’m going to talk to him now… Thanks for not being a jerk,” The last part was mumbled as he walked past the older beta, who just looked after the younger not sure what to do.

Namjoon had an intense facial expression when Hoseok entered the room. The omega was writing something down on a piece of paper, Hoseok could easily recognize it as songwriting mode. His tongue stuck out slightly to the side while biting it and eyebrows frowned. “I thought you were meant to relax Joonie?”

Hoseok tried for a casual tone, still staying away from the omega in the bed. He knew he wasn’t supposed to be here alone since he was banned from seeing alphas alone. Namjoon looked a little surprised to see Hoseok right after Jiho left. “Hobi? You are here alone? Where is everybody else?”

He knew that something was wrong, something was very wrong. The thing was that he also knew that pressing Hoseok for what was wrong early in a conversation would never lead to anything good. He would feel caged and start to panic, Namjoon knew his members well.

“People are a little bit busy, you know with our comeback coming up.” Hoseok opted for a little white lie, not wanting to worry Namjoon, but his leader knew better than that. He knew that Hoseok was lying. How he was rubbing his hipbone was a sure tell that the alpha was lying, but he choose to play along.

“I understand, shouldn’t you be helping with the dance? Just because I am useless doesn't mean we have to stop all preparation.” Namjoon was still a little wary around BTS, he wasn’t sure how to treat them.

Just because Bang PD-nim said that he was still going to be the leader he wasn’t sure that the rest of BTS saw it like that. “Is there a special reason you are here Seokie, or did you just miss me that much?”

It was clear that both of the 94-liner’s were uncomfortable and not sure how to treat each other. Namjoon still wasn’t sure what his place in BTS was anymore, and Hoseok hated the fact that everybody was forcing him to be act like a pack alpha. And he wasn't sure how you apologize to somebody for not noticing that the rest of your group and pack was forcing you to starve and almost kill yourself.

“I talked with Jiho when he was leaving, and I realized that I have something to ask you.” Hoseok’s entire mouth was dry, this wasn’t his job… It was Yoongi’s where was Yoongi.

“Just because I’m no longer a dud doesn’t change anything Hobi. I’m still your leader and friend if you have any problems you can talk to me.”

And that was what really broke the dam for Hoseok, they had treated Namjoon like shit! No they had treated him worse than shit, they had treated him like he was worthless! And even after the now omega had presented he still just sat there flashed his dimpled smile at Hoseok and told him that they were still friends and he would still help him “No! Stop it! Be angry!” Hoseok said between gritted teeth.

“Angry?” Namjoon wasn’t sure what Hoseok was on about, he had no reason to be angry.

“Yes! We treated you like shit! I swore I would never let anybody be abused again! But I let myself and Yoongi be the worst kind of alphas there are! WE TURNED JUNGKOOK INTO IT AS WELL!” The last part was yelled, “This is everything I’m against! I swore to myself I would never be an abuser like her! But not only did I turn into that, I also let other people I care about turn into it!” He was against scratching the scars through the fabric of his jeans.

“Hoseok please calm down, we can talk about this. I am not mad at any of you, none of you did anything wrong! This was my own fault, please calm down!” Namjoon desperately pleaded, it was the first time since he presented that he felt anger coming from an alpha like that, and it was to be honest a little bit overwhelming.

“This is the entire problem! You don’t see it! This is stockholm syndrome! Look at me and tell me that Yoongi did nothing wrong! Tell me that there is nothing to forgive! That nothing has changed!”

Namjoon took a deep breath and spoke truthfully to his heart. “Yoongi did nothing wrong, there is nothing to forgive and nothing between us has changed.”

Hoseok just kinda stared at him with a sad look, Namjoon really believed that didn’t he? He believed that nothing that they had done to him had been wrong! And then he couldn’t hold it all in anymore as he let out of loud scream in frustration. “WE ARE NOTHING BETTER THAN MY OLD PACK!” And then he fell to his knees and for the first time since he got away from the family pack, for the first time since dancing and Bang-PD had saved him, he let tears fall down his face.

Namjoon took one last look at the IV drip in his arm that kept him to the bed. Fuck it he had to help Hoseok. He couldn’t just sit here doing nothing, he ripped it out ignored the pain a few blood drops that came from the wound and on unsteady legs managed to get his way over to Hoseok where the older alpha was sitting crying on the floor. Namjoon closed his arms around him in a hug, it was the first time outside of music shows and award show he saw Hoseok cry and he knew that this was somehow different.

“Just let it all out.” He pushed Hoseok’s head into his neck on instinct without even thinking over it. His omega instinct taking over mixed with his already duty as a leader. “It’s okay Seokie, just let it all out”

Namjoon could feel Hoseok’s hands tighten a grip on the back of his shirt, and years of kept in emotions was released from the alpha. They sat there for almost ten minutes, before the door to his hospital room was slammed open. “Mr. Kim what have you done?” Dr. Choi looked at Namjoon’s bed worried that the omega was having another setback and she would actually have to lock him up.

Instead she saw the two males on the floor, and she knew that something was wrong. Knowing very little about the BTS pack, but just going by the abuse the younger rapper had gone through, her first thought was to look him over making sure that there was no visible damage done to him. There seemed to be nothing he just looked lost at her, like he wasn’t sure what to do. “Dr. Choi you said that you had found me a psychiatrist to help me accept who I am, is there a chance that the same shrink, might be able to help Hoseok?”

She looked at the alpha. “I’m not sure he can help unless I am told what the problem is.” She tried to be as soft as she could, even though she felt like she was choking in the room with how much thick honey scent the alpha had pumped into the room.

Hoseok lifted his head from Namjoon’s neck, he knew this was it. He had to make a choice. He had always refused to get help with his mental state, he had always been afraid of admitting what had happened to him, to how much he hated it. So he always smiled, and he became sunshine behind a fake smile. He let Yoongi and Seokjin run what he did and just followed. He looked at her, he couldn’t go on like this. “I hate being an alpha… I… I hate myself for being an alpha. Because alphas are monsters”

Chapter Text

Hoseok got escorted out by Doctor Choi, who wanted to talk a little bit more with him. Even though she wasn’t a shrink, she still wanted to make sure that she sent him to the right spot. Which again left Namjoon alone in his room, scribbling down whatever lyrics came to mind. Who knew that traumatically presenting would be good for your muse?

He hadn’t expected to get any more visits. To be honest he was a little surprised that anybody at all wanted to visit him, even more that they wanted to court him. He pouted a little when he looked at the IV back in his arm. He was lucky that Doctor Choi understood why he pulled out. He wasn’t really sure that he would do well in a closed part of the hospital.

And then Namjoon heard a knock on the door. Well that was the first time since he got here that anybody actually knocked, mostly people just snuck into his room to look at him while he slept, which he didn’t really understand why people did. He had just… decided to not question why people found it necessary to look at his sleep slack face. “Come in?” Could he tell people to come in in a hospital? What if it was a crazy fan!?

It turned out it wasn’t. Instead it was Minhyuk, Kihyun and Hyungwon standing in the doorway a little hesitant. “Are you okay for us to come in?”

“Yeah of course, at this point you're the only group of people who hasn’t just walked in here while I was sleeping and proceeded to take pictures of me.”

Monsta x was one of the groups that Namjoon in the last year had gotten closer with. With BTS pushing him out he had found himself spending more time with them. Especially Wonho who even though he was an omega acted and seemed to be an alpha. And Hyungwon and he had spent hours before talking about clothes. Overall he would call them friends. Even though he was a little confused about the mixed group before him.

“Zelo?” Hyungwon asked knowingly, the beta taking the chair closest to Namjoon’s bed. “He was very happy sharing those pictures around. I would be surprised if he didn’t send them to every person on his phone. Which saying it outloud does sound a little weird.”

Namjoon didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He really didn’t need pictures of him sleeping in the hospital bed to reach fans. It really wasn’t how he wanted people to see him. “I swear to god, I’m going to get a lock for the door.”

Minhyuk took the chair on the other side of Namjoon’s bed. Choosing to pull his knees up to his chest, making him look even softer than the blond hair and soft features already said. Minhyuk to this day was still an enigma to Namjoon. He was an alpha he knew, everybody knew that, but his mannerisms and his sweet scent of nutella screamed omega and to protect more than anything. “You think a lock will hold Zelo out? He got in here while you were guarded by two packs and a doctor. I don’t think a lock is going to do the work.”

Namjoon knew he had a point, but it didn’t stop him from pouting. “Why am I the only one who is mildly disturbed about him taking pictures of me while sleeping?”

Kihyun instead decided to take a seat on the foot of Namjoon’s bed. “It is a little weird I will admit that, but more importantly how are you feeling? We heard little pieces from everybody else, but I would prefer hearing what really happened just from you, if you are up to it?”

Namjoon looked away, not being able to look at his fellow idols. “It’s… complicated… Apparently I wasn’t actually a dud, but I had suppressed my own sub-gender. And not having the needs of an omega filled made me unstable.”

Kihyun kinda wanted to point out that the unstabilty  might also come from his extreme light weight, paired with a tall body. “Are you feeling better? You know about this whole omega thing now? I understand that it’s a hard change for you.”

“I never saw myself as an omega.” Namjoon thought about lying for a moment, giving them the answer that he knew that they wanted. But then he just sighed, he couldn’t go on just lying to people. “I’m a rapper… and a leader. Since when are either of those things an omega?”

“This is why I told you that we should have brought Hoseok instead of me.” Minhyuk protested.

Kihyun looked at him unimpressed. “Do you really want Hoseok to hit Namjoon? Because you know he will if he hears him talking shit about omegas.”

“I would prefer not to get hit, if that is okay with you guys?” The newly presented omega hesitantly stated.

Hyungwon decided to maybe save Namjoon a little from the awkward moment. “Don’t think about. You know Hoseok’s omega protection spree. I’m around him all the time, and bound to him, and I still don’t understand the whole ‘I’m an omega, who acts and talks like an alpha, but I’m proud of being an omega thing.’”

“Hard omega.” Minhyuk protested, it was a term that Namjoon had heard from the Monsta x pack many times before. Hard omegas were omegas who liked who they were, and were comfortable with acting more like alpha, but still liked being omegas. Soft alphas… people like Minhyuk, were alphas who were happy being an alpha, but were soft like an omega and acted more like it. Known soft alphas would be Seungri from Big Bang or Jondae from Exo.

“I love both of you and respect you, but I can’t say I understand.” Kihyun smiled at the blond alpha, who just gave him back a smile.

“I apologize Joonie, you get used to being on the brink of getting diabetes from those two. I promise that after while you get used to it.” Hyungwon insisted, while he was playing with the sleeve of Namjoon’s hospital gown. “So I’m going to be real with you for a second, you are not rocking this dress at all.”

And for the first time since he got admitted he realized, that yes he was wearing a dress. Heat flamed up in his cheek as he blushed. “I’m not allowed to wear my own clothing until I leave. The doctor doesn’t trust me to not rip out my IV.”

Minhyuk nodded slowly, the alpha looking at Kihyun for the omega to start the conversation. Kihyun took a deep breath. “While yes we wanted to see if you are okay, I think we both know there is another reason we are here. I know that we are the last group to be here, but I think we are different and could be good for you. You know that we are more diverse in our sub genders, and even if you don’t end up choosing us it might be good for you to learn that being omega isn’t just what the media shows us as. While yes some people like me are happy being a classical kind of omega, there are more kinds.”

While Namjoon had kinda of expected this, he somehow was still surprised that they asked. He was still surprised every time somebody wanted to court him. He kinda wanted to ask if they were sure. He wanted to make sure that they didn’t actually regret it later, but Hyungwon took him out of his thought process. “You forgot to ask the most important part of the question, can we at least do this right?”

It was then Kihyun turn to blush, an honor which seemed to fall all of them at some point. “Yeah… ups… Namjoon will you please let us court you? We all think you could be happy with us.”

Namjoon slowly nodded. “Yeah I would like that, but I’m getting courted by other packs as well.” He didn’t want to lead anybody on. “And I’m still struggling with understanding that it’s okay for me to not join BTS, that it’s okay for me to try if I work in other packs.” It was hard to admit, much harder than Namjoon thought it would.

He wished that he could just be okay, that fixing his issues was just giving him some medicine or waving a wand over his head. Sadly it wasn’t that easy, and he had to constantly fight himself in remembering that he didn’t belong to BTS. That it was okay to try other things. He belonged to himself and he needed to remember that.

“We know, and it’s okay. What you went through is very traumatic and we get it, it’s completely understandable, we are all here to try and…” He never got any further when the door to Namjoon’s hospital got slammed open and Jungkook got dragged in, by his ear, by what looked to be Hakyeon with a thundercloud above his head. “You know what to do.”

And then something happened that Namjoon had never in his life thought would happen, Jungkook got down on his knees and… bowed? Namjoon wasn’t even sure that he could trust his own eyes anymore?

“I’m sorry Namjoon-hyung!” Wow, Namjoon couldn’t remember the last time that Jungkook called him hyung when they were in private. To be honest having Jungkook bowing on his knees for him made him a little uncomfortable, and he wasn’t even sure what Jungkook was apologising for. “I’m sorry for being a terrible alpha to you, I’m sorry for ordering you, I’m sorry for everything!”

Jungkook tried to lookup but Wonshik was there to press his head down. “We have been over this, you look up when you have been forgiven. Not before then do you deserve to look up.”

Okay Namjoon was a little concerned now. They were being very rough with Jungkook he was just a baby alpha who didn’t know better. “Wonshik, please this is too far, you are being very rough with him.”

The Vixx omega just looked at him with a brow raised. “I’m sure that prison for alpha ordering an omega would be more rough on him, and apparently violence is the language he speaks best. And he asked for this.”

Tears were now hitting the floor from where Jungkook was kneeling, but it wasn’t from Wonshik tight grip on his hair. If anything it helped him focus on what he had to do. Helped him focus on the fact that omegas… omegas like Namjoon weren’t like less, that he needed to be better. Not just for BTS, but for himself, he needed to cleanse Yoongi’s teaching from his mind. “It’s okay I asked for it! Just… I need you to understand that I’m sorry! That I know what I did weren’t okay, I’m not in a right place right now! But I’m going to do better, not just for you and Jimin, but for myself and BTS as well. Please! I’m sorry, nobody deserves to be alpha ordered around, please forgive me.”

Namjoon was shocked to say the least, he never thought he would see this day. He hadn’t even really thought about it, he hadn’t seen the order as anything important. He had been in the wrong he had done something he shouldn’t have done, Jungkook had just put him in his place. “Do you forgive him Namjoon?” Taekwoon asked, the pack alpha still standing outside the room, seeming to respect the limit that Doctor Choi had sat.

Namjoon quickly nodded. “Yes of course! There is nothing to forgive!” This caused everybody other than Jungkook and Namjoon to stiffen. They all knew what an order meant, also knew how illegal it was, but Namjoon continued. “I forgive him, now please just let him up this is making me very uncomfortable.”

Wonshik almost pulled him up by his hair, but decided that that was probably not the correct choice. He was already freaking Namjoon out and the point had more been that Jungkook should understand how bad what he had done was compared to Namjoon understanding how bad it was. Taekwoon locked eyes with Hyungwon from across the room. The alpha did a nod towards Namjoon as a signal of ‘You guys take care of that.’ As much as he wanted to make sure that the taller rapper understood how bad what had happened to him was, he had to trust that all of the packs that were currently looking to win Namjoon’s heart would be there to help him heal as well.

He pointed towards his phone, clearly signalling that he wanted to be added to whatever group chat was currently going on about Namjoon’s condition. He had been an idol long enough to know that there was a groupchat, there were group chats for everything! Actually it was getting slightly out of hand. Hyungwon just nodded. He understood with Taekwoon wanted, and while he personally didn’t know the members of Vixx very well, he knew that they cared about Namjoon.

“Thanks Namjoon-hyung.” Jungkook got up from the ground, still not looking Namjoon in the eyes.

“Kookie are you okay?” Well clearly he wasn’t, his eyes were red from crying, and his ear red from getting pulled. So it was safe to say that Jungkook probably had days that he was more okay on.

Jungkook dried his eyes with an angry movement. “I’m ok… Me and Jimin had a fight, and it made me realize… I’m not okay, I’m not treating people… omegas like they are supposed to be treated. I keep treating you guys like you are below me and that isn’t okay. What Yoongi taught me isn’t okay… I’m… I’m getting help, and I’m going to go back to being myself again. So both you and Jimin don’t avoid looking me in the eyes or flinch when I move suddenly, yeah I noticed that as well… I just thought it was respect, but it wasn’t was it? It was fear, I made my own group scared of me, because I took Yoongi’s word as gospel.”

“Yoongi never wanted to hurt you, he just tried to do the best he could.” Jungkook didn’t answer he just looked away and stepped back from Namjoon.

“I’m going to leave now, see you as training Namjoon-hyung and please be careful and enjoy this break.” and then he kinda just walked out of there.

“I thought we agreed to teach a grown adult, not babysit a kid.” It came from Wonshik who just looked after where Jungkook left. “Fuck it I’m going after him I’m draggin him with me see you guys at home. Oh and Namjoon? Think about the note I left you, if you ever feel overwhelmed you know where we are, and we promise to keep the dog in the bedroom while you are there, and the dog for people who didn’t get it is Jungkook.” And then he went after after Jungkook. “Coming back here you baby!”

Hakyeon messaged his temples. “Why does he have to be so extra? Don’t you laugh you are part of the problem you encourage him.”

Taekwoon just laughed a light laugh, it was rare to hear him laugh out loud with other people there but Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from giggling as well. It always looked on the outside like Hakyeon wasn’t just the leader of Vixx, but that he also was their mother, Kihyun just looked at the omega with pity. “Oh god I get this, I get this way too much.”

The two omegas had a moment of solidarity before Hakyeon looked back at Namjoon. “Wonshik in all his madness does have a point, if you feel it’s all too much you know where to find us. Now let's go and find our insane omega before he decided to check if Jungkook is house trained.”

Taekwoon just gave a smile to Namjoon and waved before following his leader. They were out of sight for a while before Minhyuk spoke up. “I don’t know why but Taekwoon terrifies me.”

“What?” That confused Namjoon more than anything.

“Let’s be honest, if it turned out that he killed babies would you be surprised?”

Kihyun facepalmed himself. “Yes, yes we would all be surprised. There are something wrong with you.”

“I actually think Minhyuk is onto something here, think about it for a second. He is stoic, doesn’t speak a lot and tries to avoid laughing with other people near him. Classic serial killer material!” Hyungwon injected.

“Does that mean that we should all worry that Shownu is storing dead babies in your guy’s freezer?” Namjoon tried to logic, trying to hold back a laughter. Silly arguments like this made him feel a lot better.

“Oh believe me I check there every night!” It came from Minhyuk.

A strangled noise came from Kihyun. And for a movement Namjoon was worried that he was dying until he looked at the omega, who just looked constipated as he kept facepalming himself. “Uhm I don’t think that is good for your health?”

“These two aren’t good for my health!”

“Oi! Remember that next time you need somebody to fuck you through your heat!” Minhyuk proudly said with a smirk on his normally soft features.

Another strangled noise from Kihyun. “Don’t say it like that!!!” His voice was now much higher than what Namjoon ever heard it before, and his entire face was red with embarrassment.

“Oh you prefer I say, next time you need somebody to gently place their knot inside you?”


“Namjoon is an adult, I’m pretty sure he understands where knots go. Right Namjoon?”

Now it was Namjoon’s time to blush, his most sexual encounter ever was still having two different omegas grinding on his lap. While he was to awkward to do anything, he just nodded to embarrassed to say anything.

“Oh my god you are virgin aren’t you?” Hyungwon questioned, the beta having almost sparkles in his eyes at the thought.

Namjoon couldn’t get himself to answer he just looked away, refusing to meet anybodies eyes. “This is amazing! I can’t wait to tell the rest of the group!”

“No you can’t tell anybody!” But it was too late Minhyuk was already gone, leaving Namjoon whining in the bed.

“Uhm… I’m pretty sure he meant the group chat… not just Monsta X.”  

Well fuck Namjoon’s life.


Chapter Text

“Taehyung!” Wonwoo’s voice seemed far away fro Taehyung, the whole world seemed to be floating for some reason.

“What happened?!” Jihoon’s voice was high and sounded… scared? What happened? Why did his head feel so heavy?

“I don’t know, he saw the cloth and then he just zoned out and when I touched him he just collapsed! I only just managed to catch him before he hit the ground.” now Wonwoo’s voice was full of panic as well “I don’t know what I did! I never meant to hurt him! He just normally like cute things, so I thought he would like the shirt! He was fine when we went and fed the ducks two weeks ago! I’m sorry!”

Then Taehyung felt a sudden pain his right cheek as something smacked him accross the face, and it was like he get jerked back into his own body as he opened his eyes and gasped for air suddenly aware of the fact that all member of the older Seventeen pack was standing around him. Seokmin was the one leaning over him with his hand raised “I’m sorry, but I were worried when you didn’t react.”

Taehyung nodded still a little confused about it all and he rubbed his cheek, then noticing he was more or less lying on Wonwoo “It’s okay Seokie, I… I don’t know what happened, I saw the duck and I…”

Then he remembered what he had seen and he looked away from them “I just remembered thing’s I didn’t want to remember.” he mumbled a little ashamed of his episode.

“Ey don’t do that.” Wonwoo mumbled, still holding the beta close to his chest “You don’t have to hide from us, we know the whole story, it’s okay around us.” he was half hiding his face in the olders hair, he had been worried that he had somehow broken Taehyung.

Before Taehyung could speak up Seungcheol did it instead “What about we all get some food, and some of us have vocal practice to attend to.” With that he looked at the vocal unit members one after another.

Wonwoo helped Taehyung up on his legs showing him the kitchen shutting the door behind him leaving Seungcheol with the vocal members, Joshua being the first to speak up “I thought we were in this together! All of us! You can’t just ship half of us to practice, we all care for Tae!” his normal soft and wellmanered person gone.

Seungcheol sighed “That is not what this is about, I’m not trying to push anybody out or doing so only we spend time with Tae… But I don’t want to overwhelm him right now, and you guys do actually have practice. So we spend the time now, get him to calm down and talk, and when we go to practice later you guys will be here and we don’t overwhelm him.” he looked at Jihoon for assistance, the pack alpha just nodded.

“He is right and we all know it, we still have no idea what happened with BTS to push him to this point, but it is the worst point he has been in in a long time, and I don’t want to overwhelm him with to many people, neither do I want to leave him alone when we go to train.”

Surprisingly it was Seungkwan that acted first, grabbing Seokmin and Joshua under the arm “The faster we get there and finish the faster we get back here, now stop complaining.”

And then the youngest omega of the vocal group somehow managed the drag both an alpha and a beta out of the room, leaving Jeonghan, Jihoon and Seungcheol behind. The omega looked after his leaving members “So I understand that Taehyung needs space, but is there an option where I just go back and sleeps? I promise I won’t overwhelm him.”

“You lazy bastard, we are going to practice,” by that Jihoon grabbed the long haired omega by the wrist to start dragging him “And please be careful with Tae, I have this feeling that something bad have happened, much worse than we think.”

The Seventeen leader just nodded looking after them, he had the feeling that it was much worse than they expected as well. He wasn’t really sure what he expected when he went back into the kitchen, maybe a hostile and none welcoming environment. What he definitely didn’t expect was Taehyung sitting on Wonwoo lap while Vernon was busy trying to shove way too much rice into his mouth, Mingyu looking like he was about to die from laughter as Taehyung’s cheeks swelled up like chipmunk.

“Do I even want to know what is going on?” Seungcheol asked laughing a little under his breath.

“I’m feeding our baby!” Vernon exclaimed, trying to hold back the laughter.

Taehyung didn’t seem to agree with this point “I’m older than you!” he exclaimed with rice going everywhere, just coursing everybody to laugh more “And I can feed myself.”  

“Shhhh babies don’t speak” Wonwoo teased, holding him in his position when he struggled to get down.

Taehyung looked at Seungcheol with a begging look to free him, while yes it was fun the oldest beta ended up taking mercy on him, “Let Taehyung down, it looks like he is about the be killed by rice down the wrong pipe.”

“You are so boring,” Vernon teased but he removed the food away from Taehyung’s mouth as the BTS member got let down, quickly taking hiding behind Seungcheol.

“They are evil!” he theater whispered into Seungcheol’s ear, which made a light laughter settle over the entire kitchen, before everybody sat down to actually eat.

The table was in comfortable silence until Wonwoo broke it “Are you sure you are okay? You cheek is very red.”

Taehyung had completely forgotten that he had gotten slapped and as he lightly touched the skin it was sensitive and hot, but it didn’t really annoy him “It’s fine, I needed it I couldn’t focus for some reason it was very weird.”

“I can’t wait for your fans to see you with a handprint on your cheek,” Vernon teased mouth full while he spoke making Seungcheol look at him disgusted, “I can’t wait to see who they blame!”

“Maybe they blame your rude ass?” Mingyu teased.

Taehyung felt so happy sitting here between them as they teased each other, it had been a long time since his own pack was this carefree with each other. With all the issues going on, and their seeming inability to talk to each other moment’s like this had been sparse and long between. This was what he missed, the light teasing each other without anybody feeling threatened. Moments while an omega like Vernon could tease the older alpha Mingyu without feeling threatened.

Taehyung could remember before him and the rest of the maknae line had presented, Jimin could tease Jungkook without flinching every time he moved. He missed those days, he missed just huddling up and nobody thinking about their sub gender, “Tae? You are spacing out again, and you dropped your rice onto your towel, had you noticed you are still only wearing a towel?” Vernon questioned while casually eating, like he had just asked Taehyung if he had noticed that it was raining outside.

Taehyung looked down, and… yes he was indeed still only wearing a towel! How had he not noticed this?! “The cloths is still in the hallway if you are okay wearing the shirt?” Wonwoo was hesitant with this, which he should be cause he got slapped in the back of the head by Mingyu.

“Of course he isn’t okay with wearing it! Do you even try to use our brain?” even tho the younger was scolding him, there was still no heat in his voice, and really it just coursed Wonwoo to whine out loud

“Stop hitting me, asshole!” this just coursed Vernon laugh, cause apparently he was a kid that still found the word asshole funny, which coursed Taehyung to giggle as well trying to cover his mouth.

“Please stop, I’m fine wearing the shirt it was very cute. I just hadn’t expected it.” he giggled, eyes sparkling and box smile showing, which stopped the two alpha’s bickering.

“If all we need for them to stop fighting like small kids is for you to smile at them, we are keeping you and that was not a request.” Seungcheol teased.

Vernon had gone back to eating, and again spoke with his mouthful “I’m pretty sure that it’s foreplay for them!”

Instead of denying it both alpha’s just blushed and looked away from each other, which made Taehyung look for person to person with a wide grin on his face “oh my god! You are right! It’s totally their pre fucking ritual!”     

“Go find you cloth Taehyung! See if I ever get you something again just because it’s cute!” Wonwoo pouted now, looking much more like a sad puppy with his long black bangs falling into his eyes than the oldest alpha of the pack.

“Don’t worry TaeTae! I will get you cute thing’s instead! I am the leader of cute things!” he jumped up the grab Taehyung’s arm to once again drag the beta around, this time to his cloth.

Taehyung blushed as he looked at the cloth and then to Vernon who didn’t look away, “uhm are you going to turn around?”

At that Vernon just looked confused “Why? I have seen you naked before? You rode me during my heat! You have nothing to be shy about?”

Again Taehyung blushed, this time a full body blush “We agreed on not talking about that!”

“Why it was hot! Jeonghan agreed!” the omega couldn’t stop himself from teasing Taehyung was just too adorable to not.

Taehyung threw his towel at Vernon’s head quickly grabbing for the underwear to get on, which he didn’t manage to finish before a light slap was delivered to his ass coursing him to whine “Vernon!”

“Sorry! I couldn’t stop myself, you can get dressed now I promise!”

Taehyung quickly pulled on the rest of the cloth, a pair of loose shorts smelling faintly of pomegranate telling him that they were probably from Wonwoo’s closet, the sweater tho smell completely clean and seemed to be knew, the fabric soft. As he pulled it on the sweater was big enough to glide down one of his shoulders the giant yellow duck proudly sitting on the front of it “This is new isn’t it?”

“Yeah we got it for you, so you don’t have to borrow cloth from everybody else!” Vernon said again dragging him towards the room he shared with Seungkwon.

“Why do I feel like I have been kidnapped?” Taehyung asked a little hesitantly when he got pushed down onto the bed and then arranged however he wanted before Vernon koaled up behind him hugging him close with both legs and arms.

“Don’t call it that” Vernon laughed, teasing Taehyung by blowing into his ear, Taehyung’s scent of peanuts mixing with Vernon’s own twix scent.

“We smell like the world's best Chocolate bar!” which coursed both of them to giggle and Taehyung relaxed into Vernon’s sweet omega scent, with only having Jimin as an omega in BTS and Jimin prefering to cuddle with the alpha’s it was so rare that he actually got to enjoy this until he noticed something.

“Are you trying to inhale my hair?”

Vernon just giggled and went back to burying his head in Taehyng’s hair “Laugh all you want, we only have 2 beta’s and Seungcheol is busy doing leading stuff whatever that means! And Joshua is rewatching one piece, which you are not going to make me do unless you have a gun at my head!” he whined.

Taehyung couldn’t stop himself from giggling at that, “I understand that way too much,”

“So is this a cute chocolate-bar party thing only or can the rest of us join since you rudely left us?” seemed that the rest of Seventeen’s HipHop unit had finally noticed that they were missing for to long to just be getting Taehyung some cloth.

“You sure you aren’t busy with leader stuff?” Vernon pouted sticking his tongue out at Seungcheol who just shook his head.

“You are still pouty that I weren’t home for your heat aren’t you? We are 9 people and you still get pouty when we aren’t all here.” The leader teased, and from Vernon’s spot behind Taehyung he could feel how the omega was blushing, “Taehyung? Are you ready to talk about what happened, you know it feels better after you talked about it.”

Seungcheol took a spot on the floor resting against the wall, not overwhelming the BTS beta with two many people being too close to him at once, not that Mingyu seemed to care as he sat infront of Taehyung leaning his back against the bed so Taehyung could lightly scratch his hair and play with the undercut his hair was currently in. Wonwoo ended up pushing Seungcheol around until the olderman was sitting between his legs and he himself was leaning against the wall.

Taehyung took a deep breath, he knew that they were right he always felt better after talking, and they were the only people that he could actually talk to about this, “Namjoon presented as an omega.”

“Aren’t he dud? And 21? That’s a little late to present.” Vernon questioned gently petting Taehyung’s stomach under the oversized sweater.

“Yeah, turned out he wasn’t a dud. He was suppressing his sub-gender without knowing, he was starving himself to be a better idol… We didn’t notice, so he ended up having a heart attack that forced his presentation on him. He was in the hospital, and I were already feeling bad cause I hadn’t noticed how our leader was suffering. We… We had kicked him out of the nest, Jungkook was having trouble sleepings, and kicking out an omega is… it’s bad, and Jungkook had alpha ordered him when we found out that Namjoon had been taking Jungkook’s shirts, probably for the scent. Then Jungkook flipped out, I didn’t really understand what happened, I were in my own head. Suddenly T.O.P-sunbaenim was holding him while the doctor was knocking him out with a needle. Then Jinnie left, running away, so me and Jimin agreed to follow Jungkook to where he was going to wake up, cause it turned out that he had problems with his hormones.” Taehyung took a short break to center himself again, Vernon’s strong present behind him and Mingyu’s hair under his fingertips, he could do this, “We had to walk past the cancer ward… one of the doors were open and I saw a child crying next to what look like her mother’s bed. I all got to much… I needed to get out of there.” He hadn’t noticed he had started crying until Vernon was whispering sweet nothing into his ear to calm him down.

“Tae it’s understandable that you got upset, Mingyu had turned around so he were now looking at Taehyung, taking his hands between his “You shouldn’t feel bad, I understand that the issues with Namjoon are bad, and it’s something you guys have to work on as a pack, but you shouldn’t feel bad for getting out of there. I know that you don’t feel comfortable sharing with them the reason, or sharing it with anybody really, but you can’t help anybody if you don’t help yourself first, you understand that right baby?” Mingyu’s voice was mild and calming and Taehyung just nodded, he knew that Mingyu was right it was just hard to deal with. Had he not been in shock over what had happened to Namjoon and he hadn’t really noticed that they were in a hospital he would probably have freaked out.

Most of the time he freaked out just with the mention of a hospital and specially with the idea of going there, they held too many bad memories. That made Taehyung think of the first time he really met Seventeen, it had been after a some kind of award show they had still been at, Taehyung had long since forgot which one it was he could just remember that Jimin had hurt his leg quite badly. They would have to go to the hospital, and Yoongi was freaking out a little bit, it was the first time Jimin had gotten hurt since he and Taehyung had presented, Yoongi was trying to get them all to the hospital with Jimin but Taehyung had freaked out. He couldn’t go to the hospital! He knew he couldn’t go to the hospital!

He had refused, hit Yoongi when he had reached for him, he couldn’t explain why he could go he simply wasn’t ready! Yoongi hadn’t understood, all he knew was that their only omega was hurt, that he was the pack alpha and his beta was acting like a child! In the end he had just given up yelled at an already scared Taehyung that if he was going to be a child about it he could just stay here and found his way home alone!

He had left Taehyung standing in the room alone, the moment Yoongi was out of side Taehyung had tears running down his eyes, and he couldn’t breath as he felt an panic attack coming up, as he reached a point where he thought he was going to die, where the breathing problems just got too bad somebody was there to guide him out of it. Telling him to take deep breaths, and yes that was good, he was being good boy, just to keep breathing like that.

When the worst of the panic attack was finally over and Taehyung opened his eyes, he found Jihoon the pink haired alpha was… a lot shorter than him, but he was smiling softly at Taehyung “That’s better?”

Taehyung nodded slowly a little ashamed that he had been caught having a panic attack “Yeah… Thank you, uhm… how much did you hear?”

Jihoon just shrugged his shoulder’s “All of it , but we doesn’t have to talk about it. I understand, I also understand that you are all alone here now? We are going home to get food we got a spot for one more if you want?”

“Really?” Taehyung had been surprised that they would allow that, but then he hesitantly nodded. He wasn’t sure how to get home really, and he knew he didn’t want to return to their empty dorm.

“Of course! We are so many people already that one more doesn’t hurt!” Jihoon had said, taking his hand in his much much smaller one, wow he had smaller hands than Jimin! And showed him over to the rest of Seventeen that happily welcomed him, a good few of the members hadn’t presented yet, and some of them was even older than Taehyung.

He ended up actually enjoying his time with Seventeen, and he became close friends with them, but that wasn’t the day he told them the full story, that was months later. Jungkook had presented and BTS had had a fight, this time about how Seokjin would just in the middle of conversation get up and leave, Taehyung had needed a space to feel safe and that was the Seventeen dorm. When he arrived there only a few members had been there, and Taehyung had broken down and confessed everything, his past, how he felt that he was a failure to his mother because he wasn’t an omega. The sad memory of that day had turned happy, and he no longer remembered it as the time his pack fought but the time he finally told the truth.

At the present Taehyung had fallen asleep crying, exhausted himself. Mingyu leaning over to kiss him on the forehead, pulling back when Wonwoo spoke up “Don’t get too attached Min… You know he isn’t ours…”

“But he could be… He could be happy with us.”

“No Min… He is happy with BTS… We are not going to ruin that for him.”

“You love him to!” Mingyu insisted.

Wonwoo just smiled sadly “Sadly… Mine or anybody else in this packs feelings doesn’t matter… So yes… I love him just as much as you do… Enough to let him go, you and Jeonghan need’s to do that… You know I’m right.   

Chapter Text

Jungkook couldn’t explain as he followed Taekwoon, Hakyeon and Wonshik back to their dorms, his instinct was telling him to go back and demand that Namjoon forgot all he said and how he acted pathetic. He knew that it was the right thing to do, but he also couldn’t stop himself from thinking it was wrong.

His head was one big mess, and he had a hard time keeping track of all that had happened. First he had been in the hospital, Hakyeon had managed to convince the doctor that since there were technically nothing wrong with him as long as he took his medicine, that they… They meaning the rest of Vixx… were a much better place for him to heal his mental state than the hospital, somehow he had made her agree.

Then came the point where he had to sit down and explain to all three of them what had gone on, and every time they thought he lied they would push him for the truth. God he was sure that Taekwoon was actually a fucking lie detector at this point.

When he got to the point with the alpha order, that was when things kinda turned sour. It was like he could physically sense the room temperature drop. “You alpha ordered your group leader? As the maknae in your group and newly presented alpha you alpha ordered your leader?” Wonshik sounded like he couldn’t actually believe what he heard.

“He was a dud! I couldn’t know that he was actually an omega, he just really annoyed me!” Jungkook hung his head, not wanting to look at the two very angry omegas and Taekwoon who just looked disappointed in him.

Hakyeon snorted in an unattractive way. “Well if annoying is the classification for getting alpha ordered you are fucked Wonshik, you are going to be under forever.”

Wonshik for once didn’t take to the joke just staring down Jungkook. “Not now Hakyeon, to important for jokes. You are going to apologize to Namjoon. You want to stop being an asshole and learn how to be more than the alpha Yoongi taught you to be, this is how you start. I want you to apologize to Namjoon, not just apologize I want you to get down on your knees and beg him for forgiveness.”

That got Jungkook to actually look up from his hands. “You what? I can’t do that!”

“Well okay then you are on your own then, let’s go home I think the rest are waiting for us. If they have actually woken up yet.” Taekwoon got up from his chair, as if to leave the two omegas following.

Jungkook bit his bottom lip as he reached out to grab the other alpha’s wrist. “Okay, I will do it… I want to change, but you have to understand this is hard for me. It’s against everything I have learned.”

He got the first smile since all of this had stopped when Hakyeon patted him on his head. “It’s okay, admitting you want to change is the first step. We are going to be patient with you.”

“We are?”

“Don’t listen to him, Wonshik is special. He likes to seem all hard on the outside, but he's a softy on the inside.”

“He is?”

“I am?” Taekwoon and Wonshik questioned at the same time.

“Ignore them. Let’s go and see Namjoon now, it has been a few hours he might be awake now.”

The meeting with Namjoon could technically have gone worse, he managed to do what was asked of him even if he had to fight his own instinct to make sure he didn’t do something stupid. The worst part of it was how frail Namjoon looked in the bed, and the fact that he couldn’t remember the last time he had seen the BTS leader smile.

When Taekwoon found him he was standing in a corner taking deep breath and cradling his hand from where he had hit the wall. Which turned out to be much stronger than his hand. “I understand that it was hard, but you did really well Jungkook you should be proud of himself.”

“It’s the first time I have seen him since Yoongi hit him. I didn’t think much about it when it happened, I didn’t even do anything to stop him. I might be the youngest, but seeing Namjoon like that makes me sick to my stomach. You know what the worst part was? Some part of me still wants to put him in his place. I know that it’s okay and he should be courted by other than just us, but a part of me wants to lock him up and demand he stays with us, since he is ours. How fucked is that? He is Namjoon! The same person who sat me down when I just arrived here to explain to me that he understood that I missed my family pack, but it was all going to be okay because they were going to look after me. Now I just want to treat him like some thing.” Jungkook hit the wall again in a frustrated movement. “And he would let me! That’s the fucking problem! He sees no issue with what me and Yoongi did! If Yoongi arrived right now, and told him that they were going home and removed him from his friends, I’m not sure Namjoon would say no!”

Taekwoon laid a gentle hand on the younger alpha’s shoulder. “You see it now. That’s good we can work with that, but you need to let it go and trust that everybody else will be here to protect Namjoon from himself. You need to focus on getting better Jungkook first then can you help everybody else.”

Jungkook sighed and looked up at Leo, first then did he notice… Oh god he was going to be shorter than all of Vixx wasn’t he?

Jungkook was quiet on the entire way back to the Vixx dorm. They stopped shortly at his own to get some of Jungkook’s clothes. The BTS dorm was weirdly empty and cold something he wasn’t used to.

Wonshik was the person nosey as ever that noticed Namjoon’s room. “Who sleeps in here? I thought you had 1 nest not 2?”

Oh yeah, he had forgot to tell them about that. “That’s Namjoon’s room he slept there since I presented, his scent was off as you guys know. I had a struggle sleeping.” The words were like mud in his mouth, he knew that sending Namjoon to the room to sleep by himself was wrong. But he also couldn’t help but feel it had been the right choice. He was a young alpha he needed sleep, no that was wrong! Alphas weren’t worth more than any other sub gender! ‘Get out of my head Yoongi!’ he thought.

“You guys sent him to sleep in a room alone, because you had trouble sleeping. This is a joke right? Please Jungkook tell me this is a bad joke, tell me you and Yoongi aren’t actually that heartless and the rest of BTS spineless.” The disappointed look had made a return to his face with an added harsh grimace.

Oh how Jungkook just seemed to be amazing at disappointing people lately. “I… I’m out of excuses… I just wanted to sleep, you know we hardly get enough sleep as idols.”

“Yeah… Maybe you wanna talk with Namjoon about not getting enough sleep. I bet he loved sleeping by himself for months as an omega.” Wonshik didn’t even look at him when he turned around. “I’m going to wait outside, I need to make a call so the rest of the guys know you are coming.”

Jungkook felt like he wanted to cry, he hated disappointing people and for some reason it felt even worse that it was Wonshik. “Don’t take it so hard, he is going to come around,” Hakyeon was leaning against the doorframe, “He knows that he isn’t always amazing at controlling himself so he removed himself before he said or did something he would regret. Jungkook you have to understand that as an omega to be removed from the people we see as pack and forced to be around with no scent, it would slowly drive omegas insane. We need other people around us and if we can’t have that we substitute it for scent. This room smells like nothing it’s like it’s dead. Namjoon probably didn’t get more than a few hours as max here.” He patted Jungkook lightly on the head. “You're a good kid, just a little missguided.”

“I’m 18 I’m not a kid!” Jungkook protested, “You’re just an old man!”

Hakyeon just laughed lightly. “Let’s help Taekwoon get the rest of your stuff, and then go and find Wonshik. God knows it’s a bad idea to leave either of those two alone for an extended amount of time. A good rule of thumb while you are at our place, if both of them are trying to get you to do something, run away. They get up to weird shit.”

“I thought he was pack alpha? Doesn’t he have to be serious?”

“God, this is why you need to finish high school, Hyuk can tell you the history of pack alphas and their importance, he actually likes that stuff. And Taekwoon likes to pretend he is serious and stoic in interviews, but really he is just… Taekwoon, I don’t know how to explain it any better. We had a week where Wonshik decided he was the pack alpha, idiot forgot his heat was coming up… That was a weird week. Those two are a push pull thing, it’s complicated.” Hakyeon held the door open for Jungkook, lightly pushing him towards the exit.

When they got to the dorms Jaehwan was waiting for them outside, sitting up against the door under the half roof drawing something, until he looked up noticing them. “Oh, I thought you had died at the hospital or Wonshik had been captured and put in a closed ward.”

“Haha you are so funny,” the other omega mumbled, “has everybody else woken up yet?”

“Define woken up? They haven’t left the nest, but they are very much awake.” He mumbled around the pen his was chewing on.

Hakyeon sighed. “Of course we get stuck with the two betas who fuck more than omegas in heat, I’m gonna go and see if I can drag them away from each other enough for them to meet our guest.”

Jaehwan looked over him for a second and then sent him a grin. “You are short for an alpha.”

This made everybody laugh and removed the awkwardness. Even if Jungkook was pouting mumbling that Jellyfish must of fed them something weird, because it wasn’t normal everybody was this tall.

Wonshik offered to show him where he could put his stuff down. He expected to be shown to the nest of the pack, it was pretty much normal between idols that you slept in the nest with group when you were at their place. Jungkook himself had slept in more nests than he would probably admit to so when he got showed to a guest room that had nothing more than a bed and a closet he was a little surprised. “I won't be staying in the nest with you guys?”

Wonshik just smirked at him, and Jungkook never saw what he needed to call home about this was about how he had made Namjoon sleep in the guest room. “At some point maybe you will, but for now you will stay here. I don’t trust you around our omegas so until I think you are trustworthy and treat them right you will stay here, and if you think it’s bad think about the bright side, atleast we treat you like a human with worth.”

“You are aware that you are an omega as well? You speak like you aren’t”

Wonshik just grinned. “I know what I am, but I could break your arm and enjoy it, so we both know that you aren’t a threat to me. Now grab your gym clothes we are getting something to eat then heading to the gym, you need an healthy release for your anger. Cya in the kitchen baby knot-head.”

As Jungkook looked surprised after Wonshik, a little bit afraid of what he had gotten himself into and maybe a little bit amazed because he's never had an omega talk to him like that, Jimin had been guided to the spare nest in the Exo dorms.

Baekhyun gliding his hands through his own hair in a half panic. “Jimin your heat is way too close for you to be able to leave here without issues! Why aren’t you back home?!”

Jimin let out a hollow laugh that wasn’t him. He just stared at his hands that were lightly shaking. His entire body was overheated from what Jimin now recognized as preheat. “Yoongi is gone nobody knows where he is, other than Bang PD-nim texted us not to worry he is okay, Hoseok is having a mental breakdown and Jungkook thinks what omegas does are humiliating, and I don’t trust him,” he looked up at Baek with tears in his eyes, “I didn’t know where to go, you are the omega I knew the best. I was scared.”

“Aw Jimin,” Baekhyun gathered Jimin up in his arms slowly rocking him back and forth in his arms, “I told you that you needed friends that weren’t just the people in your pack. Please everything is going to be okay you are safe here now.”

“Please don’t throw me out, I don’t know where to go.” Jimin’s skin was hot and slightly sweaty against the exo member’s skin and Baekhyun knew the signs. Jimin wasn’t just in preheat he was very close to a full blown heat. He had to make a decision now, and he knew what the right one was.

He might not know the full story of what had gone on with BTS, but he knew that he couldn’t call them to take care of Jimin. There was only one right thing to do. “Jimin look at me baby, I need you to listen to me and for you to give me a clear answer.” He leaned his forehead against Jimin’s  looking in the tear filled eyes. “Are you still in your right mind to give me real answers?”

Jimin nodded slowly, he could feel the heat creeping up on him, but he was still clear minded, “Good, Minnie we have choice now. You can’t go home and I don’t think getting your pack here is a real option. Do you trust me enough to help you through your preheat? We have spent time together before, I know it isn’t like a heat, but I want to keep you safe and don’t want you in heat.”

Baekhyun could see how Jimin was thinking as he lightly bit his bottom lip. “Yoongi is going to be so mad at me.” He whispered. “He only accepts it since we have no other omega.”

The older omega had some very strong thoughts about Yoongi, he didn’t specifically like the BTS pack alpha, he always thought he was to possessive and he didn’t like the way that the younger alpha treated omegas. “Minnie this isn’t about Yoongi, this is about you and your body. There is nothing wrong with spending you heat with somebody else we both know this, think back on school. Remember how nurses and Biology teachers always told everybody how omegas bodies are their own and alphas don’t own them. Your body your choice.”

Baekhyun knew that something was wrong in the BTS pack. Since Lu Han had left their pack he had gotten to spend a lot more time around Jimin. omegas needed each other for balance. While yes they have been courting Mark, he never felt right to him. He had instead prefered to spend the time with Jimin, he liked Mark no doubt about it, and he would have made a good addition to their pack, but Baekhyun couldn’t really pretend that he was to upset that Mark had chosen Got7 instead of him.

“Won’t Minseok-hyung be mad at you?” Jimin mumbled, he didn’t want to go through a heat alone, but he really didn’t want to get Baekhyun in trouble with his pack alpha. He knew that Yoongi would not accept him helping somebody through their heat, especially after Jimin saw him slap Namjoon for sleeping with Got7. Which Jimin wasn’t even sure that he had done!

Baekhyun giggled a bit, grabbing Jimin’s hand to hold it gently. “No of course not, Minseok and everybody else understands, he might be a little huffy puffy over not getting invited, but that is what happens when you have 4-5 alphas and only one omega. Is that a yes, you would accept me helping your through it?”

Jimin slowly nodded giving Baekhyun’s hand a squish. “Yeah… I… I don’t want the pain, the pain scares me, and I don’t want to be alone. Heat makes me feel like I’m drowning when people leave me alone too long.”

The older bit his own lip a little, Jimin had complained before that his heats were so strong, and Baekhyun wanted to make sure that he had the best experience he could give him, but he knew he couldn’t do that alone. He raked his brain. He knew that another alpha would be a bad idea, that would made Jimin feel guilty about Yoongi, fucking possessive asshole, his first choice would have been Jongdae a soft alpha who would have worked wonders with Jimin. Baekhyun had an idea that Jimin would really enjoy that, but soft or not… Jongdae was still an alpha. That left Kyungsoo, Yixing and Junmyeon.

“Jimin, I want to make this the best for you as I can, but I need help. Especially since I want to make sure I don’t go into a sympathy heat.”

“Sympathy heat?” Jimin looked confused, and his eyes were starting to be a little unfocused in front of Baekhyun.

“Oh god I keep forgetting you guys never had another omega, sympathy heats is something that two omegas who are close can go into if one helps the other through a heat. Tao and Lu Han always went into sympathy heats with each other, it was actually pretty funny, but I know you don’t want an alpha here, so I want to go and get Yixing if that is okay with you. He is home and he is a beta which can really help us.”

Jimin didn’t have to think long he just nodded. “I trust you, but please don’t be gone long.” His grip on the others wrist was hard and he was a little scared of the other omega leaving him alone.

“I promise, I will get us some food and water as well you will need it.” Baekhyun went to place a kiss on his forehead before thinking, ‘fuck it I’m helping him through his heat’ and placing it on his lips instead.

Chapter Text

Baekhyun managed to calm Jimin down enough so the younger omega let go of him. He was pretty sure that the main reason he managed was the promised of water and a protein bar. Jimin had been at the hospital for 2 days, he hadn’t been eating or drinking enough for a normal person, but especially not for an omega going into heat.

The exo omega ran right into Jongin on his way out of the room. Jongin could smell the scent of heat lingering on him and he wrapped the shorter male up in a hug. “Are you okay? It’s way too early for you to go back into heat, you could get really sick! What happened?”

While Jongin wasn’t part of the Exo pack, he did spend A LOT of time with them and he was a little protective of Baekhyun since they had already lost two omegas and a heat right now could make him really sick. Baek just bopped him on the nose. “It’s not mine you silly alpha. It’s Jimin’s.”

“Do you need me to call the rest of BTS while you keep him calm?” Hearing that it wasn’t Baekhyun’s didn’t really calm him down that much. Jimin was far from home and having his heat. So okay he was protective by nature, he blamed it on Taemin and his need to never say when things are wrong until they blow up in his head.

Baekhyun just lightly shook his head. “Things are bad with them, I will be spending his heat with him instead.” The older of the two lightly bit his lip. “Could I get you to grab a few heat supplies for me? He has been in the hospital the last few days with the rest of BTS so he hasn’t eaten a lot and it worries me a bit, and then after warn the rest of the group? Especially the alphas, Jimin will panic if he smells another alpha. He think’s Yoongi will get angry with him if he spends it with another alpha.”

Jongin just nodded, he wasn’t emotionally linked to Baekhyun which was probably why it was so easy for him to keep calm. “Of course, but can you atleast ask a beta to help you or call an omega, I’m not  comfortable with you doing this alone.”

“I’m asking Yixing, he is probably the best bet on being somebody that Jimin can feel comfortable with. Then you go and see your own pack, don’t worry about me. You are having black circles because you have been to busy with us! Go you silly alpha, I’m an adult and your hyung.” Baekhyun lightly scolded Jongin who just looked sheepishly at Baekhyun.

“I will get the stuff, text people and the manager then leave. Be careful Baek, I know you are just being a friend, but we also know that you get attached way too quickly. I’m seeing through you, you might act like you are okay. But I know that you miss Lu Han and Tao the most out of everybody.”

“Don’t speak about them.” Baekhyun’s voice was cold now, but also soft and fragile. “We don’t talk about them you know that.”

“I’m sorry.” He placed a light kiss on the other male's forehead. “Yixing is in the shower.” Baekhyun just nodded and left in a half run towards the bathroom as Jongin sighed looking after him.

He wished that Baekhyun would accept that it was okay for him to have emotions. Just because Sehun and Minseok were a mess from LuHan and their child getting taken away from him that didn’t mean that it wasn’t okay for Baekhyun not to be the strong one. ‘Don’t get too attached Baek, please. You are just going to get hurt.’

Baekhyun didn’t knock before opening the bathroom door, he was in a hurry and manners weren’t really something that he used anymore. He did stop for a second to admire the water running down Yixing’s long body. “Baek?”

The beta looked actually surprised. “I thought you hated showering with other people?”

“I do, you are all terrible people that bath in cold water.” Baekhyun mumbled, still a little distracted by the naked body infront of him, to his defense it was a very good looking body.

Yixing just laughed washing the last shampoo out of his hair. “That or you shower in boiling water. Something wrong or did you just want to inappropriately stare at me while I shower?”

Baekhyun stuck out his tongue at the chinese beta. “You’re my packmate, which means that this is the appropriate way to look at you, so… how are you? Got your energy back after my last heat?” He asked in the most innocent voice he could muster.

“Is that your way of asking me to bed?” He turned off the water and grabbed the shower, and then he noticed the low scent of heat mixed with Baekhyun’s normal cotton candy scent. “No, that is way too early Baek you need to see a doctor now, your body is not ready to carry another heat this early!”

Baekhyun just sighed annoyed. “Both you and Jongin are so over protective, and stupid. Have I showed any sign of preheat at all? No! Good so it isn’t my heat! It’s Jimin, he got here not even noticing that he was in heat! BTS has issues, and I’m not letting him go through the pain of doing it alone! So I’m helping him, and I want you to join me.”

Yixing looked confused for a second. “I understand why you wouldn’t get Kyung since Jimin is still a little scared of him and I understand why you wouldn’t get Minnie or Sehun they still aren’t ready. But why not Yeol? If it’s because Jimin prefers alphas more soft then get Jongdae, an alpha would be better with him.”

“Jimin is scared of having an alpha with him, it’s complicated. Tldr, fuck Yoongi, just trust me on this one. And I know you, you’re good a fit for this, please? I know it’s a lot to ask, and I know you haven’t been with an omega that isn’t me since… that time, but I could really need your help! You don’t understand how bad heats can hurt, and he is in a bad shape.” Baekhyun was actually worried that Yixing would say no now, he had first now thought about how the beta had avoided any kind of physical contact with Mark that wasn’t platonic.

Yixing kissed Baekhyun softly. “Of course I will help, we are a pack and you need me to do this. And I might not know Jimin as well as you do, but I don’t want to see him in pain either.”

“Thank you so much,” he threw his arms around Yixing's neck to hug him tightly, “this means so much to me. Jongin is getting some supplies since Jimin hasn’t really eaten anything, you dry off and do whatever you need to before. I’m going back to Jimin I’m uncomfortable with him being alone this long time.”

Yixing just nodded looking after Baekhyun who left and he sighed lightly. ‘Don’t get too attached Baek, it’s just going to break your heart again.’

When Baekhyun came back to the room he saw that Jimin had discarded his shirt, burying his head in the pillow he knew were carrying Yixing’s light scent of Chamomile. He was a little jealous of Jimin’s body if he had to be honest, Baekhyun himself was the classical slender omega build, but Jimin while short like most omegas seemed to suffer from was also strong.

Strong thighs were showing through his jeans and his back muscles were showing as he tried to bury himself more into the pillow, hips lightly grinding into the mattress to ease ome of the pressure. It was clear that the heat had really hit now, making Jimin desperate for any kind of release. Baekhyun petted Jimin’s hair lightly. “Smells good doesn’t it? It’s very calming.”

“Baek!” Jimin’s head came up with a start, and then Baekhyun was almost tackled in a hug as Jimin buried his head into his scent gland nuzzling it. “I thought you left, that you weren’t coming back!”

Yeah Jimin’s heat had definitely set in, the desperation in his voice was enough. Baekhyun couldn’t stop himself from letting a very light moan out. The pleasure he got from getting his scent gland nuzzled was strong and Jimin’s scent of caramel was mixed with the sweet undertone of heat. It had been so long since he had smelled heat that wasn’t his own. “I’m sorry I just needed to fix some stuff. I promise you that I’m here now!” He nuzzled Jimin’s scent gland back trying to calm the other omega down. He knew what Jimin wanted, but it was to early they needed to slow it down and get some water and sugar in him first before the full strength of the first wave of heat hit him.

He could feel Jimin’s small hand at the bottom of his shirt trying to get it off. “Please Baek, I need skin please please please.”

Baekhyun bit his lip thinking it over for a second before pulling his shirt off joining Jimin in shirtlessness hoping that the feeling of skin against skin was enough to calm the need that had grabbed Jimin at least a bit. “We need to slow down Jimin, some water and food are going to be here soon and you need that before it really hits.” He held Jimin’s head between his hands gently leaning their foreheads together. “Look at me please, in the eyes.”

Jimin’s pupils were big almost filling his entire iris, and they were blurry and unfocused when they looked at Baekhyun, but he could still see that the heat hadn’t taken complete control yet. “Good boy,” the oldest omega praised, rubbing their noses together, “keep looking at me and focus.”

“Well isn’t that adorable,” it came from Yixing in the doorframe, holding a basket of different stuff, “but I think we should get some water in him, don’t you agree Baekie?”

Baekhyun nodded, breaking the eye contact with Jimin, but pulling him closer to him so their bodies were flushed against each other sitting on their knees facing each other. “Did Jongin get all the stuff he needed?”

“Yup, water, gatorade, chocolate protein bars, towels, heating pads and what looks to be a knotting toy if he needs it.” He sat down on the edge of the bed, he had dressed in a loose white tee and shorts. “Hey Jimin, how are you holding up?” He placed his cold hand on the lower back of Jimin’s overheated body slowly getting Jimin used to him being there, not wanting to overwhelm the omega.

Jimin blinked a few times trying to clear his brain. “I’m… okay, I’m really hot.”

“Well that I won’t disagree with,” Yixing lightly teased, opening a bottle of gatorade, “I need you to drink this, can you do that?” He held the bottle up to Jimin’s lips, having an idea that the younger might not want to let go of Baekhyun just yet. Probably finding comfort in his hold on the older omega.

Jimin tipped his head back lightly letting the gatorade run down into his mouth, drinking dutifully until the bottle was empty and getting a light kiss on his throat by Baekhyun as a praise. “That’s good, now you just need to eat this for me.”

Jimin first shook his head. “No, I’m not hungry.”

“I know you aren’t,” Baekhyun commented, holding Jimin’s hips tightly in a iron grip so he didn’t move it against Baek’s thigh as he had started doing, “but you have to. You haven’t gotten to get ready like omegas normally do. So you need to eat this or else you are going to be really sick, we don’t want you to be sick do we?”

The youngest slowly shook his head in a confused movement, he knew that the exo members had a point but it was so hard to focus and he really just wanted somebody to touch him already. But he dutifully opened his mouth and eat every little piece of chocolate Yixing fed him. Each little piece rewarding him with a peck somewhere on his neck or shoulder by Baekhyun and pet on his lower back by Yixing.

“That’s good Jimin.” Baekhyun praised. “Are you a little more clear in the head now? And feel better?”

Jimin just nodded leaning his head on Baekhyun’s shoulder taking in the omega scent of cotton candy, it was so rare that he got to do this with another omega. Baekhyun was enjoying the scent of another omega as well. Yixing was just looking over the two omegas both having their eyes closed with a little smile as he let them have their little moment. He knew that the peace would soon be over as Jimin got hit by the first wave of heat.

He might not know Jimin as well as he knew Baekhyun, but he knew omegas well. After all he had been the one that spent LuHan’s first heat with him back when they were still trainees even though he hadn’t even presented at that point himself and it technically wasn’t allowed. But he just couldn’t deal with the sounds of pain LuHan made. He had been the one that together with Kris helped Tao through his, he knew omegas very well.

“I think we should all lie down and relax for a second before Jimin’s heat really hit.” He suggested, knowing that the longer they could keep Jimin relaxed and have him deal with the pre waves the better it was for all of them. Without being able to really knot Jimin it was better for them to take it slow and ride the heat slowly.

Jimin slowly nodded, after getting something to drink and eat he did feel the heat slowly coming down a little so he could breath. “I would like that.” He couldn’t stop himself from giggling as Baekhyun tipped them both to the side so they fell down lying on the bed. Jimin laid down so his head was buried in Baekhyun’s scent gland, and Yixing spooned up behind him after pulling his own shirt off, lightly stroking his bare side as Baekhyun did the same to his jean clad thigh.

They managed to cuddle for almost 15 minutes before Baekhyun let out a loud moan as Jimin had started nibbling on his scent gland, grinding his ass up against Yixing’s crotch. The two exo members looked into each other's eyes over Jimin’s head and nodded once, clearly showing that now was the time.

Yixing gave Jimin what he wanted, working with the younger omega in grinding against him while Baekhyun zipped open his jeans, swearing mentally at the tight fabric that they should have gotten of him earlier.

Jimin moaned low as he felt slick form and started to create a wet spot on the inside of his boxers. The combined scent of Chamomile and cotton candy matched and mixed way better than Jimin ever thought it would and he felt calmed and cared for. Even if he did feel a little overheated and very turned on.

He started placing marks around Baekhyun’s scent gland, but he had still enough brain power to avoid the bite, as much as he wanted to place hickies all over it he also knew that it wasn’t his to touch. “Jesus christ Jimin you are damn vampire.” Baekhyun moaned out, his scent gland getting this much attention was turning him on as well, and he gave up on being gentle with Jimin’s stupid jeans just ripping them down.

Jimin didn’t answer him, instead started to work on the soft skin of Baekhyun’s shoulder, determined to cover the other omega in as many hickies as humanly possible! Who knew that being with another omega during heat made him this possessive? Was it like that for every omega? He couldn’t stop a whine for releasing from his mouth, the boxers still on him was itchy like clothes always were when he was in heat.

“We know Minnie, we are just trying to be slow so we don’t take it to fast. We are going to get the clothes off you in a second.” Yixing mumbled, Jimin was very good at grinding to say it mildly, it was clear that the male was indeed a dancer who knew how to move.

Baekhyun kinda had to agree with Jimin though, they were going so slow! But that might be Jimin’s heat going to his brain, while he knew he wasn’t going into a sympathy heat, he also knew that heat’s always affected him. It was the same for most omegas and alphas. That was why betas were so important during heats, they knew how to keep their head and not overwhelm the person in heat.

Baekhyun pulled down Jimin’s boxers as well, even if Yixing had said they needed to take it slow he also knew how itchy clothes felt when the heat hit! Also he kinda wanted to look at Jimin naked, which turned out to be a view that he very much liked. Jimin’s thighs were thick and strong as his jeans had shown, stomach flat and abs faintly showing, which was stupid! No omega should have abs during heat! They were suppose to eat up to heats! He kinda wanted to get a look of Jimin’s ass, because the way that his jeans had hugged it suggested that it was very much worth looking at, but sadly Yixing seemed to be covering that very well, which instead lead him to look at Jimin dick which was… “Awww baby you are so small even for an omega.” Baekhyun couldn’t stop himself from teasing the younger omega.

That got him a hard glance from Yixing over Jimin’s head. So okay making fun of somebody's dick when they were in heat might not be the nicest move, but it was so cute and tiny, Jimin stopped biting at Baekhyun’s shoulder for a moment to whisper shyly. “I think it’s cute.”

Awww the BTS omega was so cute, Yixing seemed to agree as he lightly kissed the back side of Jimin’s shoulder. “It is very cute, fits you very well.” He praised and with that the awkward mood was gone, and this was why Baekhyun had gotten Yixing. He was always good at making everybody comfortable. His teasing was always light, and never as hurtful as Baekhyun’s sometimes could become without him wanting to.

Baekhyun wrapped his hand around Jimin’s tiny dick, giggling lightly as he saw his hand completely cover it, adjusting his grip so he was only touching it with two fingers to jerk it off a little, causing Jimin to groan out with a whiny moan and he instead of going to mark Baekhyun up some more went to take Baekhyun’s lips in a soft kiss full of experimental tongue.

So Yixing had to admit seeing the two omegas makeout turned him on even more than he already was, there was always something special about seeing two omegas with each other, if it was soft and cute like this, or the way Tao and Lu Han used to make out, aggressively with teeth and nails.

He lightly let his hand glide from Jimin’s hip to his ass, checking if he was starting to become wet. He knew that it could take some time for omegas to become wet with new people, it took a lot of trust by their bodies, which was why he was surprised to find that Jimin wasn’t just wet he was fucking drenched.

“Somebody is excited.” Yixing teased as he ran his finger lightly over Jimin’s rim before abandoning it to grab Baekhyun’s hand instead,  leading the omega’s smaller hand to Jimin’s entrance showing just what he meant.

Baekhyun broke the soft kiss, nibbling lightly at Jimin’s bottom lip pressing the tip of his pointy finger inside. “He is right, you are so wet baby it’s insane. I can feel your hole trying to suck in my finger, you are so desperate for more aren’t you baby? Your ass just want to be filled badly doesn't it?”

“Be nice Baekie, or I might tell him about just how much of a desperate slut you can be during heat.” He let his own finger in next to Baekhyun’s forcing the omega’s finger farther in. Now he could see why Baekhyun wanted him here, Baekhyun was pushing Jimin too far without knowing what he was into. He sent him a hard glare that clearly meant ‘be nice’.

Baekhyun pouted a little before licking his way back into Jimin mouth, refusing to give Yixing an answer while he knew Yixing was right. He didn’t have to tell the chinese man that. He let the beta control their fingers, focusing on softly exploring Jimin’s mouth, running his tongue along the roof of his mouth before engaging Jimin’s tongue in a dance they only the two of them knew the rhythm for.

Yixing was just happy that he had decided to avoid underwear just wearing the loose shorts. They were loose enough that he could just enjoy the view of the two omegas making out while working Jimin open, sometimes giving Jimin small kisses on the back of his neck all their scents had mixed the room now and Yixing had to admit that the cotton candy and caramel of the two omegas made a mouth watering scent together.

He lightly pulled out Baekhyun’s finger as the omega turned out to be more in the way than anything else seeming much more focused on trying to suck out Jimin’s tongue from his mouth. He couldn’t stop himself from grimacing when the slick covered fingers found its way to Jimin’s hair pulling the omega’s head closer. God they would all need a shower after this because that was disgusting.

He now focused his full attention on opening up Jimin, finally looking away from the breathtaking picture of the two omegas making out instead looking at the undoubtedly equally breathtaking view of Jimin’s ass taking 3 of Yixing finger’s like it was nothing. More slick was running down his cleft and wetting both the bedding and the omega’s thigh’s. Oh they had forgotten the heat bedding, well Junmyeon was going to kill them, great.

Yixing knew that he didn’t need to stretch Jimin this well, omegas in heat were designed to be able to take an alpha knot without prep, but Yixing could never get himself to not prep and omega. Not only did he love watching people chase the feeling of his fingers inside him (even though Jongdae was his favorite, the alpha was beautiful begging for more,) but he was also way to afraid of accidentally hurting anybody.

Jimin didn’t seem to have the same patience as Yixing though, as his hips had started fucking himself on the beta’s fingers without Yixing doing anything. It was an amazing view, until Jimin freed himself from Baekhyun’s mouth who had very effectively been swallowing Jimin’s moans directly from his mouth. “Yixing please, I’m ready!”

“I know you are baby, but your ass looks so good filled with my fingers that I couldn’t stop myself from watching it.” Jimin whined high in his throat as Baekhyun nipped at his adam apple.

Yixing just smiled kissing the back of Jimin’s shoulders again, slowly spreading his fingers inside the omega coursing a very loud whine to be let out. “How do you want it Minnie? I can use the toy on you if you prefer, or Baekhyun could fuck you or whatever you want.”

He himself didn’t know Jimin enough to assume that Jimin would want to be fucked by him. Not sure that the trust was there, but he got proven wrong as Jimin moaned out. “You! I want you please, not some stupid toy.”

“Are you sure Jimin?” Yixing was serious for a second, he didn’t want Jimin to feel like he had to just because he was here. “I’m not an alpha, I can’t knot you if that’s what you are looking for.”

He pulled out his hand from inside of Jimin and was a little bit of a struggle as Jimin’s hips tried to chase the feeling not ready to give up on Yixing’s fingers just yet. “Yes I’m sure! This is not the heat speaking, I just want you inside me, I don’t need a knot! I need you to fucking fuck me already!”

“Such a potty mouth,” Baekhyun teased, “you better do what said Yixie, or the baby might start crying.”

Yixing thought of refusing for a second, but a strong look from Baekhyun told him it wasn’t an option. This was Jimin’s body, it was his choice. “Can you get on your hands and knees for me baby, it’s better the first time of the heat.”

Jimin hesitated for a second, not really ready to let go of the comfort the other omega gave him, but Baekhyun just nodded once before kissing the tip of his nose. “I’m not going anywhere little bean, but you know Yixing is right. The heat is long, we can do whatever you want after, but for now we need to get rid of the first wave so we can clear that little head of yours.”

The BTS omega nodded and let go of Baekhyun, he trusted Baekhyun. Even with his head clouded he trusted him, said omega helped Jimin up on his elbows and knees presenting his ass to Yixing who very much appreciated the view. Jimin couldn’t stop himself from wriggling his butt a to try and get the beta to hurry up a little. Instead Yixing just ran a light hand up Jimin’s ass.  “You are on the pill right? The 100% one right?”

Jimin nodded and whined, he wanted Yixing to hurry up, Baekhyun laid down on his side next to Jimin holding his hand. “You need to use your words so we know the truth baby.”

“Yes! I promise I am on the pill, Yixing please it hurts!” Jimin was speaking the truth about that, it had started hurting the heat over him in full control and he struggled with focusing on what was going on other than the fact that he was so empty!

That was all Yixing needed, having discarded his shorts while Jimin got on his knees. He spread Jimin’s cheeks taking one last look at his entrance, not being able to resist running a teasing thumb over it, seeing it greedily opened under it, causing Jimin to whine again and Baekhyun shushing him gently.

Yixing guided the head of his cock to Jimin’s entrance resting it there for a second, giving Jimin one last chance to decide that he wanted to backout. But when he got nothing he slowly pushed in, holding a tight grip on Jimin’s hips to prevent him from forcing Yixing inside him faster than the beta wanted it.

It was slow as Yixing finally managed to bottom out, resting his head between Jimin’s shoulder blades panting a little himself, trying to catch his own breath as Jimin squeezed him tight.

“God why are omegas always so tight, I don’t understand it. You guys take cock like a champ, but you are always so fucking tight!” He panted, as he felt Baekhyun’s hand in his hair, the omega clearly trying to help him, which was appreciated, but really didn’t help, the feeling of one of his mates touching him really didn’t help!

“Yixing, please… move.” Jimin sounded like he was actually sobbing now, and for a second Yixing was worried that he was hurting him. Looking nervously at Baekhyun who just smiled calmly, clearly showing that everything was fine. That Jimin was just a little overwhelmed with the new sensation.

Yixing slowly started to thrust in and out of Jimin in a steady pace. While he wanted to be soft with the young omega he also knew that he needed to satisfy the heat burning in said omega’s stomach. He also knew that the first wave was going to be fast and he wouldn’t have to work that hard to wring Jimin’s orgasm from him. Which was good because Yixing himself felt like he was closer to the edge than he liked to admit.

For a few minutes all the sounds in the room was Jimin’s low moaning and unintelligent words and Yixing very low moans. Baekhyun had focused on Jimin’s facial expression and making sure that he was always okay, until he suddenly spoke up. “You are close aren’t you baby?”

Yixing and Jimin spoke a soft yes at the same time, causing a laugh to go through all of them. Not really sure who Baekhyun had actually spoken to. “Yixing go a little faster with your hips, Jimin start moving against him meet his thrust.” Baekhyun lightly commanded as he ran his hand through Jimin’s hair centering the younger omega.

Both males did as directed, they were both so close that all they needed were a soft. “Cum for me,” said by the oldest omegas for them both to fall over the edge. Yixing emptying himself inside of Jimin and Jimin to release untouched onto the bedspread under him.

Yixing physically manipulated Jimin back into the position they started in. While he couldn’t  knot him he knew that omegas prefer that their partner stayed inside them after release.

It took the both Yixing and Jimin a moment to get their breath back, in that time Baekhyun had gathered a towel to lightly dry both of them of the worst of the spare slick and sweat. Then Jimin spoke up with a yawn. “I have never laughed during sex before.”

Baekhyun kissed him lightly between his brows.  “Sleep baby, your second wave of heat hits soon and you need some sleep first.”

While BTS’s omega fell asleep between them, their pack alpha was sitting in Bang PD’s office looking down on the papers in his hand that needed his signature. “I never meant to hurt anybody,” he said his voice empty and void of emotion, “I just wanted everybody to be safe.

The oldest beta was sitting with his mouth open Jaejoong guiding the food they had cooked together  into his mouth with the chopstick and a light laugh at how eager the younger man was to taste the food. It was nice to finally have somebody who loved cooking as much as him they both thought.

Their baby alpha was lying in his bed at the Vixx dorm he could hear Hakyeon laugh lightly through the wall, but the room was completely empty and void of any scent other than his own and he had no idea how to sleep like this. Somehow he knew that he wouldn’t get a minute of sleep here. ‘I’m so sorry Joonie’

Taehyung was sitting in the bath with Seungkwan throwing bubbles as the omega, while Jeonghan looked at them like they were insane from the counter he was sitting on, but also with a light smile. To see Taehyung’s box smile finally showing and laughter filling the room.

Hoseok sat in front of Doctor Choi in the hospital. “You really think this man can help me?” She nodded slowly. “This man is my son, and I wouldn’t recommend him unless I believed he could help you. I promise you this.”

On the other side of the hospital Namjoon was sleeping, for the first time in a long time he slept easily with a smile on his lips. The scent of blueberries filling his noose as he hugged the doll Daesung gave him close. Everything was going to be okay was he last thought.

Chapter Text

Namjoon smiled as he reached to press Doctor Choi’s hand. “I can’t thank you enough for what you have done to help me.”

“You don’t need to thank me for doing my job Namjoon.” The mention of his name made him smile, it had taken forever for him to convince her to actually use it instead of Mr. Kim.

His smile was soft and while it still had an undertone of sadness and he was still too thin for comfort. He still looked a lot more healthy than when he arrived. “You know you didn’t have to do as much for me as you did, thank you for what you have done not only for me, but also for Hoseok you are sure this shrink is good for him?”

“He is my son, and if I may say one of the best in the business, plus he helps run group therapy for people like Hoseok whose identity should be kept underwraps away from the public.” She smiled a soft motherly smile at Namjoon “Remember what I said, there will be days where it’s bad. You have an eating disorder, there will be days where you don’t want to eat, there will be days when you feel terrible, those days it’s important you aren’t alone. And from what I have seen you are very loved, so it shouldn’t be an issue.”

Namjoon sighed a little rubbing the point where the IV had been in his arm earlier. While there wasn’t any pain anymore other than phantom pain it was still a reminder. “I know, I want to get better, for everybody just not myself.”

“That’s good.” She felt a little hesitant, she wasn’t ready to let him go yet. She was worried what being back in the real world would do to him. He hadn’t been allowed on social media while there, and she knew that while BTS had many fans they also had an almost army of anti’s who would give him shit. “You have my number, if anything feels wrong both mentally or physically please call me. Your health is important and we don’t know how your body will react to presenting 4 years late. And remember what I told you about your heat?”

“That you don’t know when I would go into it, I need to gain more weight for it to be able to support it with my body, but when I do it could be very bad since I am so much late on it.” Namjoon recited bouncing a little on ball of his foot, eager to get out of there.

“I know you are acting like it’s nothing, but this is important. Also your omega traits are running insane in your body, you can’t ignore them anymore! You need to be near people, this is important, if you ignore them once more your depression could get much much worse.” She lectured, but she was sure that Namjoon more or less was ignoring her having been told this so many times before.

“I know, can I leave now? I promise I will come to the appointments you have set up for me, and that I will look out for myself. I promise! But a driver is waiting for me, and I feel like I need to shower 30 times to wash of the smell and feel of hospital. I can feel it crawling under my skin.”

Doctor Choi could have told him that he was probably more clean than he had ever been in his life, but she was pretty sure that Namjoon already knew this. And she also knew the feeling of hospital was a very real thing, so she just waved him goodbye smiling after him as she hoped that she wouldn’t be seeming him again for a very long time. So okay maybe she had set herself as his doctor and she hoped that the next time she would see him would be in a good amount of years with a stomach rounded with his own kids… he deserved happiness for the hand the world had dealt him.

As Namjoon sat in the car, going through his pack of his stuff to find his phone he was a little hesitant. Bang PD-nim had showed him pictures of his new home and explained that it was important and he understood, but it also felt weird. As he stared at his phone he also knew that he would have to make a decision. It was time for him to live his life, and that meant that he needed to start spending time with the different packs that were courting him.

Namjoon wasn’t sure how he would organize it, he had his own schedule and he assumed that most idols ran on the same ‘We don’t sleep enough’ schedule, so he could probably make it work. Plus his schedule was light since he was still recovering, so he could make this work! That brought another issue as he looked at his phone. He had promised to call Daesung which he now didn’t feel very comfortable about.

He couldn’t just call the older omega could he? Daesung probably just meant to to be nice, not because he actually cared or meant it, Daesung didn’t actually know him that well! And while yes he had slept with the dolls that the Big Bang members had given him, they were just trying to be nice.

When he finally got to his new place, he couldn’t help but smile a little. All his stuff was there, and yeah it was small, but it was warm and actually felt homely instead of empty. He could smell the traces of Jackson’s herbal scent and Seokjin’s rose traces around the place. The two idols had clearly worked together to make sure that the room felt as homely to him as possible.

He could even spot a hoodie in the corner that smelled strongly of Jiho and Kyung’s combined scents of Fig’s and vanilla bourbon and when he lifted it up he could recognize it as one of the old ones from their time in the underground. Actually now that he thought about it, he was pretty sure that over 5 years ago this was actually his hoodie, of course Jiho still had it, sentimental hoodie thief! It didn’t stop him from smiling and burying his head in the soft material. It reminded him of the old days before his own presentation, even if Jiho had presented as an beta there and he hadn’t known the rest of Block B yet. Jiho was right, he was really the person who knew Namjoon the best, the one with the most history, and especially the one with the most history that wasn’t tainted.

As he went to the kitchen he saw his fridge was full of what looked to be home cooked meals with a little sticky note from Seokjin. ‘Remember to eat Joonie-ah <3 Gotta stay healthy, we miss you - Seokjin’

God Jin was such a fucking softy, he had only gotten to see Seokjin very shortly when he went to visit him alone. Actually he hadn’t seen any of BTS together since forever. He had tried to ask Seojin, but he had just avoided it. Instead lecturing him in eating right and that food was his friend. As he went to explore more following his nose he found something he didn’t expect.

It was a little puzzle box, it was meant so that you could only open it if you solved the puzzle. The little box didn’t have a strong scent but the weak smell of white cherries on it made it very clear that it were from Yongguk meant to help him if he got bored. Speaking of B.A.P members there was a strong scent of Sakura flowers leading to his bathroom. As he followed it he couldn’t stop himself from laughing, there was a set of Sakura flower shampoo conditioner and bodywash. But the scent around them wasn’t artificial which made him think that Zelo had spent more time than just placing the things in here. More sticky notes was placed on the mirror in a form of a smiley, each containing one word ending up with. ‘Don’t miss me too much <3 actually please do!’

Namjoon had smelled the scent of herbal tea when he got in, but he hadn’t found it where it was from so he decided to track it down until he found the little doggy basket… Omg Rap Mon!? A little sticky note was on it ‘I have kidnapped your dog, he is mine now - Jackson’ it made Namjoon sigh a little more comfortable. Actually wasn’t Rap Mon with his parents? Of course Jackson knew that having Rap Mon around him would make him feel better, that or the alpha had actually kidnapped his dog, that wasn’t out of the question. As he turned the note around he saw almost unreadable scribbles from BamBam ‘Jackson might be kidding, but he is so cute! How did you hide him from me?! This is betrayal!’

He couldn’t stop himself from giggling, that also meant he knew where he had to go first. Actually that might have been the JYP idols plan all along, they were evil geniuses, or they really loved dogs… or both. There were two last scents in his little place that he needed to track down the first was the scent of lemons which lead him until a little note on top of what looked to be a new lyrics book’s. He knew from the scent it were from Wonho the last of Monsta X’s omegas.

‘I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you at the hospital, but we didn’t want to overwhelm you and I’m not amazing with my spoken words, so I decided to write this to you instead.

I know that being an omega is confusing as first, I was confused as well as you probably know. I just saw what the world seemed to tell me an omega are, and it didn’t fit me. I know I’m not a rapper like you and that is a whole other form of pressure on you, but I understood not feeling you fit in. I didn’t. I was worried I would have to give up my body that I worked so hard to get. I were worried that I would have to give everything up.
You don’t have to give up, I learned that being an omega doesn’t change who you are, I turned out to be a hard omega, who acts more like an alpha than an omega, but I also learned to love being an omega. This is what I wanted to tell you, there is nothing wrong with being an omega, even if you don’t act like one it is important that we learn to love our subgenders. That’s all I wanted to tell you. Oh and the lyrics book! I thought maybe a new start would be nice for you, start a clean project. While you don’t have to forget the past, see this as an opportunity to be the best version of you, you can be. So yeah, that’s what I wanted you to know, and even if you don’t end up joining us, even if you decided after only spending 10 minutes with us that we aren’t for you. I hope you know that you can talk to me, out of everybody I probably understand what you are going through the most… shit I’m rambling in fucking writing… Sorry… eat well!


Namjoon sat still for a second just looking over the paper, reading it and then rereading it so much. This… he needed this, he had never thought about the fact that Wonho probably understood the best of anybody what he were going through. So yeah the male wasn’t a rapper like Namjoon, but still. That made Namjoon realize how important it was for you to find somebody that you felt you could understand.

He needed to be that for their fans, knew that most of their fans wouldn’t understand. But if there was at least one of their fans that needed help understanding that you were okay whatever sub gender you were he needed to help. He grabbed for his phone. Taking a deep breath before opening twitter, he had talked with Bang PD-nim that he kept underwraps why Namjoon was really in the hospital. While they couldn’t keep it under wraps that Namjoon was an omega they kept the eating disorder out of it.

While Namjoon wasn’t ready to read what their fans were saying he wanted to do something. He checked how he looked a in mirror, not half bad and snapped a quick selfie, slapped a filter on it and uploaded it to twitter with the caption. “Real first day as an omega, missed all of you!” Then he closed the app before he could see the response.

It was a start, he didn’t manage to set down his phone before it rang when he saw the number he were surprised. ‘Daesung-sunbaenim’ was calling him, he almost dropped his phone in his hurry to pick it up.


“Hey Namjoon-ah, I thought you promised me to call when you got home.” Namjoon blushed heavily, feeling shy.

“I thought you didn’t actually mean it, actually how did you know that I got home?”

Daesung’s laughter was nice and short. “RiRi is stalking your guys social media, and of course I meant it. I wouldn’t lie to you. I actually want you to see me as a friend.”

A weird rustling came from Daesung’s side as the older omega made a weird sound and then a complete other voice were speaking into the phone. “Did you see what I left at your place?!”


“Oh god, you are still making him call you sunbaenim? You are so weird Dae, yup it’s me! Now did you see what I left at your place? Also call me hyung!” Seungri sounded way too eager, and again a rustle came from the Big Bang members side as another fighting over phone started which Daesung seemed to win as Namjoon could hear Seungri very quietly protest. ‘Don’t hit on me! This is unfair’ ‘shut it brat’ ‘your face is a brat’

“I’m sorry Namjoon-ah, Seungri is a little… brat.” “HEY I’M NOT!”

Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from giggling at the silly fighting between the two older idols. “It’s okay, I’m just a little surprised, I thought you were just trying to be nice, not that you actually meant it.”

“You aren’t used to people wanting to do stuff for you are you?” Daesung said softly and Namjoon could almost feel the olders smile through the phone.

“No, this is very new for me.” Namjoon felt a little awkward as he sat on the couch pulling his long legs up to his chest wrapping his free arms around his knees.

“I want to be your friend Namjoon, we all do, but me especially. I understand what you are going through, and I’m not connected to this like so many of your friends are. I can be more objective about it, and since I don’t know your group mates I can be more helpful towards you and only you. Now for the point I called, how are you feeling?”

Namjoon thought about if for a second “Better… “ he decided that if Daesung really wanted to help him he shouldn’t lie. “I still have strong moments where I hate myself or hate being an omega, but I feel better. I’m a little overwhelmed, I didn’t think anybody would want to court me, but five different pack’s want to and I just don’t know where to start. I still feel like I owe BTS my own group to stay with them, and they are blaming Yoongi for things that wasn’t his fault which I don’t know what to do about.”

On the other side of the line Seungri and Daesung exchanged a glance, since Daesung and Seunghyun had returned from the hospital and told the rest about what had happened they had started digging around in the BTS members past and present. Turned out, it is a lot easier to get information when you are very famous idol, what they had found out… About all of the members made them a little worried, especially since the west alpha pack that Yoongi was from were very well known for manipulation, and the fact that Namjoon blamed himself… made them worry. Seungri signalled to get the phone from him he had an idea how to avoid Namjoon going straight back to BTS without giving everybody else a chance, the omega hesitantly gave Seungri the phone.

“Namjoon-ah I have the perfect idea! While I was there I saw the little things, and there is clearly only one thing to do! Whoever has your dog is clearly the group you should go to first, while you are there bring the hoody and the puzzle box when you manage to open the puzzle box see what’s inside it and then go and see that group! When everything feels to much and you need comfort go to the hoody group. Then the group with the lyrics sheet, I decided not read the letter even I felt that might be a little too much.” Seungri of course knew who all of the groups were, and he didn’t want to lie to Namjoon and he technically wasn’t, but he really wanted to give the other groups a chance and this were the only way of doing it. “And if you feel pressured and need a break from everybody courting you, come and see us! Ji wants to meet you, something about omega rapper and liking your technic, which is sadly not as dirty as I thought it was.”

“G Dragon-sunbaenim wants to meet me!?” That was most of what Namjoon got from Seungri’s long rant. “Are you sure?” His idol wanted to meet him.

“Yeah well technically we all want to meet you, you seem a lot more interesting than most people and you seem to need a hand. Plus Daesung has taken a liking to you, but did you get what I said?” Seungri prodded again.

Namjoon slowly nodded before realizing that Seungri couldn’t see him, what the alpha said made sense. “Yeah… Thank you, it makes it a lot easier, it’s a lot of decisions and I’m scared of making the wrong one.”

Daesung had gotten the phone back now. “Luckily you have of time, and we are all here to help you! Now get going, you aren’t supposed to be alone for a long time!”

“Thank you… Both of you, this means so much to me.”

Daesung smiled as the younger hang up then patting Seungri on the head from where he was still under Daesung. “Good job RiRi also you were suppose to deliver it not snoop around in his house!”

“Sorry.” Seungri weren’t sorry, “I know this means a lot to you, I know you feel this is making up for previous mistakes that you think you made, and we will all help you do the right thing, also he is cute.”

“He is isn’t he?” Daesung just laughed, kissing Seungri.

Chapter Text

Namjoon had decided to actually take Seungri’s advice and do what he had been told. Not before he had searched every place he could think of for what Seungri had said he had left, Namjoon hadn’t found anything though, nor had he found any of Seungri’s candy apple scent. He was sure for a few seconds that he could smell the light scent of Daesung’s blueberries, but just as quickly as he smelled it it was gone again.

It had only taken one text asking if he could come over to Got7 to set up a short stay over there. He packed enough clothes, the puzzle box, letter and what ever else he needed. If he was going to do this, he was going to do this right, he needed to give everybody a chance.

And to be honest he actually looked forward to seeing the members of Got7. Even if he could feel the lingering tentacles of doubt trying to pull him under. He knew what Yoongi said was a misunderstanding, that they didn’t mean it, but those words had affected him so much, it had shaped his view on reality for months. He knew that he could trust them, he knew that they wanted what was best for him, his subconscious just needed to catch up with what his mind really knew.

He was shy as he hesitated outside of the Got7 dorm. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other his hand hanging awkwardly midair hesitant to really knock. He almost wanted to run away, but he knew he couldn’t, luckily he didn’t have to actually knock as something jumped onto his back, with a light scream. “JOONIE!”

Two things happened at the same time then. Namjoon’s lanky limbs that had no self control lost the balance on the step he was on and his still malnourished body gave up in carrying both his own weight and now BamBam on his back. He collapsed at the same time as he fell forward knocking his head into the door before landing on the ground with BamBam still attached to him.

“BAMBAM WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” Jinyoung’s voice was loud and worried as he ran up to the two males on the ground having dropped the shopping bags on the way. “Fuck BamBam please get off him, Namjoon are you okay? What were you thinking BamBam! You are an adult not a tiny cat, you can’t expect people to carry your weight.”

Namjoon tried for nothing is wrong, but his head was spinning to put it mildly and he couldn’t really breathe until BamBam got of him, apologizing worried and fast in a language Namjoon couldn’t understand.

The door the newly presented omega was resting his head against opened removing the support his head was using. “What is going on out here? Why is Namjoon on the ground?” Jackson’s voice was even more panicked than the other two members, as he reached down to help Namjoon up. That was when something happened Namjoon couldn’t control.

As Jackson’s bare skin touched Namjoon’s he flinched as warning signal popped up in his brain just screaming ‘alpha’ at him. Both Jackson and Namjoon stared at each other Jackson’s arm hanging awkwardly in the air. Jinyoung looked between them before understand what happened, quickly stepping in to help Namjoon up.

Namjoon himself didn’t even know why he reacted like that, it was like a panic button in his mind. He stared at Jackson. He had never felt unsafe around Jackson before, but now it was like his body was against him.

The rapper didn’t get long to think it over before BamBam was in front of Namjoon grabbing his face between his hands. “I’m so sorry! I just got eager, please tell me if you are okay! Did I hurt you?”

Namjoon tried to shake his head, but BamBam had a tight grip as his other hand was checking  Namjoon features check for injuries. “I’m fine I promise… I’m just a lot weaker than I’m used to. Doctor Choi says eating healthy and starting to move around again should make me return to normal.”

Even as his world was lightly spinning and his knee did hurt a lot, he smiled at BamBam and it wasn’t a faked smile. The warmth from the palm of the younger omega’s on his cold skin felt nice and he leaned into one of them with a smile. “See I’m fine, you just surprised me.”

“While I’m not against hug parties and definitely think we should make that a thing, but it is january and really cold outside so maybe you guys should come in. And if you don’t want to, then please close the door because I’m freezing my ass off here.” Mark’s voice were sarcastic from where he was standing behind Jackson looking over the blonde's shoulder.

Jackson was still standing stiff and awkward, not sure what to do about himself. He just nodded and moved away letting the 3 men standing outside in. BamBam had grabbed Namjoon’s bag from where he had accidentally dropped it and happily skipped away heading for the nest to drop it off, clearly not giving the Namjoon an option to get out of it, not that he wanted to.

Mark had decided to help Jinyoung with the groceries mostly because he was actually really hungry and somebody… BamBam… had eaten all the cookies leaving him in snack hunger pains. This left Jackson and Namjoon in the entrance, staring awkwardly at each other, Jackson not knowing what to do. He had little self control when it came to touching people, and the idea that Namjoon didn’t want him to made him concerned.

For Namjoon the worst part was that he didn’t want Jackson to not touch him, he didn’t know why his body had reacted like that. It was like his subconscious had more or less told him not to touch alphas. This was the first time an alpha touched him since Yoongi hit him, only two other alphas had been close to him. Minhyuk - who was a soft alpha so that didn’t really count. And Hoseok, who had been crying and it was Namjoon that had initiated the contact. Actually maybe that was the answer.

It was the first time ever he was the one initiating contact. Jackson had always been the one coming to him, maybe it was time for Namjoon himself to do something. So he stepped closer to the shorter alpha and wrapping him up in a hug. “I missed you.”

The confused expression on Jackson’s face was amazing until he relaxed and then return the hug tightly. “You made me so fucking scared, don’t ever do that again.”

Namjoon could still feel the warning bells in his head, but they weren’t loud enough that he couldn’t ignore them. Instead he rested his head against Jackson taking in the calming scent of the herbal tea. “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to.”

“I know.” Jackson mumbled, his hug on Namjoon was bordering on a little bit too rough, but Namjoon knew that it was just because Jackson had been so worried about him. The Got7 member buried his head in Namjoon’s shoulder. While he couldn’t smell Namjoon’s scent and be calmed by that like the rest of people, it was enough to know that Namjoon were safe here in his arms. Even if he was still way to skinny. He couldn’t explain how relieved he was, it was like a breath he had been holding since that phone call was finally released and he could relax. “Now let’s get some food in you.” As much as he wanted to, he couldn’t keep Namjoon for himself all this time. Namjoon time was to be cherish and shared.

That didn’t stop him from grabbing Namjoon softly by the chin, and angling him down for a kiss, since they were now courting he could actually do that! The kiss was kept very soft with closed mouths, but it left both idols smiling before Jackson ruffled his hair. “Let’s go. Everybody wants to say hello to you.”

Namjoon grabbed his wrist before he could leave, he felt he needed to explain himself as he softly caressed Jackson’s wrist with his thumb. “I’m sorry for the flinching and pulling away. It’s not you, it’s… my mind, this is the first alpha contact I have had since…” He almost said since Yoongi hit him, but he knew that Jackson would make it worse than it was and Namjoon was sure that Yoongi actually regretted what he had done. Plus it had been Namjoon’s own fault a little bit. “It’s the first time in a long time. I promise it’s not because I don’t want to be near you or any other alpha I really do. Your scent is actually really calming for me.”

Even though Jackson’s smile did have a little bit of an edge it was mostly just soft and understanding. “It’s okay, you went through a lot of shit both at the hospital and before. I will try and control myself.”

“You don’t need to, it’s not that I don’t want it. It’s that my body hasn’t caught up with my brain,” Namjoon sighed, of course when he thinks one thing is fixed, his stupid mind makes up more issues, “I promise I’m fine.

Jackson just nodded as he gave Namjoon’s hand a light kiss. “I trust you.” Before leading him into the room with the rest of them.

The next two hours were filled with laughter and smiles. Jackson was right when he said that the rest of Got7 really wanted to make sure that Namjoon was actually okay. While both Jaebum and Yugyeom sensed Namjoon being a little uncomfortable around them, they had both gotten pulled aside by Jackson and then explain what was really going on. They both understood.

Yugyeom seemed to be the alpha that Namjoon relaxed the easiest around, which was probably since he was the alpha who showed the least ‘alpha’-ness’. BamBam had more or less been glued to Namjoon’s side since the male had entered the living room. At least it was until Mark pulled Namjoon away, under the guise of wanting to show him something.

Mark had pulled him to the nest, where both omegas sat down and talked lightly. “I know it can be a little suffocating at the start, you looked like you needed to breathe a little.”

Of course Mark understood, Namjoon should have expected that. “It’s not that I don’t enjoy it. I like that you guys are touching me more. It is like… It calms to voices.” Namjoon pointed at his head in an effort to explain what he meant.

Mark lightly drew figures in Namjoon’s palm he had in his lap. “It’s your inner omega, it needs other people around you. Especially since you have been so deprived of it. And I understand, I like the touching as well, I really do. But I also know that it can become a little too much with so many people.” The older omega leaned over to finger kick him on the forehead. “And you don’t know how to say stop or no. You will learn of course, but for now I will help.”

Namjoon sighed, but it wasn’t sad or angry more a little happy. “Thank you, I don’t really know how to be an omega yet.”

“There is no right way of being an omega, look at me and BamBam we are very different kind of omegas. Look at Wonshik or Kibum, very different kinds as well, or… Lu Han… “ Mark hesitated a little as he absentmindedly rubbed the bite on his neck without thinking about it.

“You told me about Lu Han,” Namjoon confessed, “you were drunk. I know it’s a secret… But if you need to talk about it I am here for that.”

Mark seemed to hesitate for a second and he had a guilty look on his face. “I know that I made the right choice, I know that being with us…. That being here was the right choice for me. I don’t regret it, but I can’t help myself but feel I lead them on.”

“They knew that courting doesn’t mean that you would pick them.” Namjoon turned their hands around so he were now the one petting Mark’s hand. “Is this about what you found out about Lu Han?”

Mark nodded sadly “How much more shit like this is SM keeping from us? From the public? I saw Jongin they are actively trying to keep him away from SHINee, and they have been pack since before he was 18!” Mark just looked sad and Namjoon didn’t know what to do other than wrap him up in a hug.

“I know it’s terrible but this isn’t your fault, and you shouldn’t feel bad just because you didn’t pick them. The best we can all do is try and support them as friends.” He gave Mark a slight squish, he probably hadn't told the rest of Got7, not wanting to give Lu Han and Exo’s secret away, he also knew there was more that Mark wasn’t telling him. But what happened between him and Exo was not something Namjoon would snoop in.

They sat there for a decent amount of time before Mark sniffed once clearly having kept in the tears. “Ready to go and join the others?”

Namjoon just nodded extending his hand out to Mark wanting to hold hands causing Mark  to laugh lightly. “Aren’t you cute?” He kissed Namjoon’s cheek and took his hand leading Namjoon out of the well smelling nest into the living room.

The scene they entered to was a mess. Youngjae was sitting on Jaebum’s legs holding them down while Yugyeom was holding down his arms. BamBam was straddling his hips and tickling the Got7 pack alpha. The alpha’s laugh was loud and sounded almost painful, as Jackson just laughed in a corner while Jinyoung looked slightly confused at what is going on.

“You are having tickling battles without me!? Traitors.” Mark let go of Namjoon’s hand but instead of approaching Jaebum to either help or make it worse he decided to jump over the couch and attack a very surprised looking Jinyoung who really should have seen it coming.

Jackson decided to actually help Jinyoung, mostly because getting on Jinyoung’s bad side meant that he would be put on the couch again. The alpha and beta managed to overwhelm Mark together pinning the omega to the ground tickling him.

Namjoon stood in the door watching with a smile on his face. He didn’t feel excluded, he was just happy seeing the other males obvious happiness. Even though he wasn’t physically part of the moment, he still felt like he was part of it. He didn’t feel like they had let go of him, he just smiled as warm pit of happiness form in his stomach. The only person who didn’t seem to enjoy this was Rap Mon who managed to half walk onto Jaebum sitting himself on his face, clearly not happy that he wasn’t part of this weird game these humans were playing.

It was like the whole room froze, Jaebum still being held down now with a dog on his face, before BamBam started laughing so much that he actually fell down from his spot straddling his leader. And that was the way that RapMon managed to get all the attention he needed.

The rest of the evening with Got7 was spent like that. The members were still tired after the practice they had today, but they were in general high spirits. The only awkward moment they had was at dinner. Namjoon wasn’t hungry, but then again he wasn’t ever hungry. He tried to excuse himself, but the hard stares he got from all of the members meant that he knew he wouldn’t get away with it.

Namjoon felt like he was physically forcing food in, but the smiles he got in return were worth it. They all decided for an early night in, Namjoon didn’t want to admit how much he was actually looking forward to the big mess that was sleeping with Got7. While the dolls he had gotten from Big Bang had been a very big help, it couldn’t replace actually sleeping with another person.

Namjoon went to brush his teeth, he lightly hummed around the toothbrush before he heard the door locking behind him. He saw Youngjae in the mirror, he raised an eyebrow confused. He didn’t even know that the locks in the dorm even worked. “Somebody has  to tell you the truth, and sadly I don’t think anybody else seems to want to do it.”

“The truth?” Namjoon asked, pulling out the toothbrush now facing Youngjae who was awkwardly wringing his hands. “Are you okay?”

“It’s not about me… It’s about Jackson. We didn’t tell you since we weren’t courting you, and it isn’t fair to put our issues on you, but we can’t court you without being open to you.” Namjoon got worried now, he didn’t know that anything was wrong with Jackson, how had he not noticed? “Jackson is fine Joonie, it’s not like that… I want to tell you how he lost his ability to smell scents.”

Namjoon just nodded. “I thought he was born like that?”

“A pretty lie he prefers to tell people. Jackson presented early… Like really early, 15. You know how we all had weird ideas what subgenders were at that time? Jackson had just watched a movie about how alphas were killers and rapist. He was alone in the house that night when he presented. Almost all alphas go into rut when they present, Jackson was no different. Problem was that he was 15 and hadn’t even been told yet what to expect from presenting! He had no idea! All the scents were overwhelming, but most overwhelming were the scent of an omega in the house next to his. He could smell her and she smelled so good, he just wanted to go over there. He was just a child, it wasn’t like he was going to do something to her, he didn’t even know what he was supposed to do in a rut, but he knew that the movie had said that alphas were bad people.” Youngjae sighed as he sat down leaning against the door, it was clearly hard for him to tell.

Namjoon could understand why, presenting that early could have some dire consequences, and he knew that Youngjae was sensitive towards other people’s pain. Explaining how much pain Jackson had been in must be terrible for him. But Youngjae didn’t stop, he just took a deep breath before preparing the next part of his tale. “He thought that he wanted to hurt her, and nobody was home to tell him that wasn’t what he was trying to! If anything alphas are just protective during ruts, not dangerous. He knew that the scent gland was important to alphas, he thought that he could fix this himself! That he just had to work hard, he… he…” Youngjae were now crying, as he whispered the rest of the part,“he tried to dig his scent gland out with his fingers. He wanted all the good smelling scents to stop, so he violently tried to get it out. He didn’t stop until he fainted, and if the pack alpha of his family pack  hadn't gotten home in time to smell Jackson in rut and quickly rushed him to the hospital he would have died. He almost did.”

Namjoon just sat and stared at Youngjae in disbelief. Scent glands were sensitive to the touch, how could Jackson have even attempted to dig it out, it must have hurt so much. “Joonie, he almost died because he didn’t want to become an alpha, because of the stupid media! They managed to save his life, but his ability to smell scents is gone. That is why Jackson’s bite is right over his scent gland. It’s a mess of scars that we wanted to help him cover. That is why Jackson always wants to touch, he can’t smell himself on us. So he tries to overcompensate, his inner alpha can’t get sated because it thinks it can’t mark his mates. Even though we keep telling him that we love him and he knows he is a good alpha and that we love him… His body keeps telling him that he is a failure.”

Chapter Text

Jimin knew the second he woke up that his heat had lifted. It was the first time he felt like he could actually access his higher brain function. He was warm and sated with Baekhyun’s body pressed tightly against his. Both of their naked bodies felt a lot less gross than he knew they should be, meaning that somebody had cleaned them while Jimin was sleeping or passed out.

As he became more aware of his surroundings he noticed that Yixing was missing. How long had his heat even been, after the second day his mind had more or less been gone? It had was the first time he didn’t get knotted during a heat, and the intense pain that normally followed his heat, it was actually pretty refreshing.

Jimin almost thought of going back to sleep, the soft and warm body of Baekhyun enough to pull him back under until he heard the door open. He expected Yixing to enter, but instead of the chinese beta it was Junmyeon, who came in with what looked to be a thermometer? “Oh you are awake! That’s good, we were starting to get really worried, Yixing said that your heat seemed to be over. Could you please open your mouth for me, I like to take your temperature.”

At that was when everything hit Jimin, oh god he was naked, he grabbed for the nearest blanket that was half shoved off the big bed to cover himself with an almost girly scream. Which didn’t really come out as a scream since it sounded like his vocal cords had been abused, which knowing himself they probably had.

The exo beta were quick to turn around. “I’m sorry! I overstepped my boundary, I will find some clothes to bring you and then we can check your health!”

Jimin just nodded blushing, having pulled the blanket up to under his chin hiding. It didn’t take the exo member long to find a fresh set of clothes. “Those are Baekhyun's clothes, they might be a little tight on you, but I think the scent might be the least invasive of us.” The younger just nodded awkwardly, too shy to let go of his blanket. Which was kinda silly wasn’t it? He had been fucking two of Junmyeon pack mates! “Oh would you like for me to turn around?”

Baekhyun seemed to have decided that it was time to wake up as well. “Nah, he likes for you to creepily stare at his post heat body, because you know we omegas feel really not sexy after a heat.”

“I’m not being creepy!”

“So you are staring?”

Junmyeon just puffed annoyed at Baekhyun. “See if I ever cook you food again! You are such a brat.”

Baekhyun seemed to take that as a challenge more than anything as he sat up, clearly not ashamed of his naked body. “But I’m hungry, Oppa please?”

That was enough to make Junmyeon flush completely red, as he fumbled and threw both the clothes and the thermometer at Jimin before leaving the room in a hurry without saying anything. Leaving a laughing Baekhyun while spread starfish on the bed not shy one bit. “He gets so shy it’s amazing!”

“He actually likes it?” Jimin was still a little shy, but he let the blanket fall from his chin now leaving his upper body bared now.

“What being called oppa? Yeah he probably left to spank it, or find somebody else to help him.” Baekhyun rolled over on his stomach looking at Jimin. “How are you? 6 days is a lot for a heat, was it early as well?”

Jimin slowly started getting dressed, his body was a little sore and spent, but he felt okay, a little hungry, but finem “Yeah it was early, over a week early and the preheat was very short.” He was a little shy about it. “I’m sorry for how I acted when I got here, I didn’t know I was that far along.”

Baekhyun just smiled at him, leaning up to lightly boop their nooses against each other. “It’s okay, now let’s get you dressed and some food in you before we let people fawn over making sure that you are healthy.” He sighed a little. “I should warn you… we are little over protective over omegas given our history… It’s better just to go with it, and if Sehun is being a brat and aggressive against you, he doesn’t mean it. He still hasn’t gotten over what happened and it’s affecting him a little more than the rest of us, he is more sensitive than he likes to show off.”

Jimin wanted to ask what was wrong with him, what had happened to leave such mental scars on the rapper, but he also knew it wasn’t his place to question it. He was a little hesitant to pull the blanket off his lower body to get dressed. Now that his heat was over he was a little shy to be naked around Baekhyun. “Aww are you shy?”

The worst part was that Baekhyun knew he really shouldn’t push Jimin, but he couldn’t stop himself from running a hand under the blanket and up Jimin’s heated thigh. “You weren’t this shy earlier when you slobbered all over my cock like a good boy.” It had taken Baekhyun and Yixing until round two to find out that Jimin very much got off on being called good, cute and beautiful and stuff like that.

“You can do that!” Jimin blushed moving away from Baekhyun’s hand. “I’m not in heat anymore!”

“Well technically we are omegas so it’s okay for us to play around.” But he pulled his hand to himself again. As much as he loved pushing and teasing Jimin, he didn’t actually want to push him too far.

Jimin was from that quick to pull on the rest of his clothes. “Don’t you want to get dressed as well?”

“Why would I want to cover up this body? I’m good looking.” With that Baekhyun stretched his body like a cat ready and happy to show of.

Jimin managed to convince Baekhyun to atleast put on a pair of boxers, before letting the older omega drag him towards the kitchen. Something that Jimin couldn’t disagree with he was so hungry, a down side to heat. What he hadn’t thought about was the idea that every single current member of exo was sitting the living room lightly chatting when they got in there.

Baekhyun found Junmyeon instantly plopping down his lap. “Feed me, and the other guy.”

The exo leader flushed a deep color as Baekhyun leaned up to whisper something in his ear that the rest couldn’t hear. Even though Jimin was pretty sure he knew what was being whispered into the beta’s ear. Especially since he grabbed Baekhyun’s hand and kinda manhandled him into the kitchen, but with the giant grin on Baekhyun’s face it seemed that it had always been his plan.

Jimin was kinda impressed by Baekhyun’s stamina to be completely honest. Jimin felt a hand on his shoulder and a soft voice. “Come and sit down, Yixing was just catching us up. You are probably tired.” Jongdae's voice were soft and the scent of almonds that followed him was very calming to him. He had never spent a lot of time around a soft alpha, but he could now see why they were so treasured. While he still had the alpha effect around him it was much more calming.

Jimin just nodded, quickly taking a spot to Yixing the person in this room that he was the most connected to. Yixing just smiled softly at him wrapping an arm around. “Sore?”

Jimin just nodded, feeling shy and very much aware that everybody was looking at him. “A little, but it’s better than it normally is. I feel a little weird though.”

From the corner of the room currently having his hair stroked by Kyungsoo, Jongin spoke up. “It’s spending your heat outside of your pack, I have been forced to do it a few times. Your body should return to normal soon.”

“I called your dorm and talked to Seokjin. I have a few notes I promised to tell you. Namjoon left the hospital earlier today, he has gotten his own place to stay, you guys are supposed to take it easy on him in dance practice. Jungkook is staying with Vixx for a reason Seokjin would not disclose. Yoongi will be gone for a little while and not attending practice either.” Minseok rambled it all of like it was a list.

“Thank you, you didn’t have to do that.”

Minseok just looked confused at Jimin. “Of course I had to, I’m the pack alpha here. Somebody had to tell your pack where you were. They would have been super worried for you.”

At the mention of pack alphas Jimin just looked away, but surprisingly enough it was Kyungsoo who spoke up next. “You know it sounds like shit is going on in your own pack, you are welcome to stay here if you need to. Pack drama is never funny.”

That was when Jimin remembered, Kyungsoo had been in a pack before exo. It wasn’t known by the fans, but most idol’s knew. “It’s a little complicated,” Jimin mumbled, “with Namjoon presenting and everything, we are going to be fine!”

Kyungsoo just nodded slowly. “I never said you guys weren’t going to be fine, but you need friends Jimin, we all do. Jungkook is staying with friends you are allowed to take a breather as well. God knows I need time away from these fuck faces sometimes.”

“OI!” Chanyeol yelped out.

“Case in point.” Kyungsoo continued. “What I’m trying to say is, that yeah we might not be the closest of friends, but you managed to stand Baekhyun for 6 days so you are basically family now. We have adopted you… You are now our kid… or dog, depending on what you feel less insulted by.”

Still having Yixing’s arm around him he could stop himself from smiling. Having friends sounds like somebody he desperately needed, Jimin liked people after all.

On the other end of town, a member of BTS who normally loved talking to humans was now hiding in a corner of the room for group therapy. He knew that he had nothing to be ashamed or afraid of, a lot of the people in the room he actually recognized from other places, younger and older idols, model, singers, rich kids. People who couldn’t attend a normal group therapy in fear of their secrets being let out.

When he had talked with his shrink he was the one who told Hoseok that the most help he could get would actually come from group therapy, what he needed was somebody to sit down and listen to his story. He had agreed first, but now that he was here it all just felt like it was too much. He wanted to turn around and run until he felt a light hand on his shoulder and the scent of red ginseng ran over him. “You looked like you are about to run?”

Hoseok turned around surprised to see no other than Yoseob from Beast standing there. The older omega smiled at him. “You are J Hope right? From BTS?”

“Uhm... “ Hoseok kinda blanked out for a second, he was terrible at meeting people he actually looked up to. “Yes! I’m J Hope… Hoseok… Yes I’m Hoseok, from BTS.”

Yoseob just laughed at his fumble, but not in a mean way. “I remember how it was meeting my elders as well. I promise you it doesn’t get better! Want to go and take a seat, you’re early we first start in another hour.”

“I was afraid that I wouldn’t go if I didn’t get here in good time.” Hoseok admitted, something about the omega made him want to be truthful.

Yoseob nodded, floppy brown hair going over to cover his eyes a little. “First time can be scary, are you here alone?” Hoseok nodded. “Do they know you are here? Your pack?” That earned him a head shake from Hoseok as he was guided over to a very comfortable chair. “It’s okay you know, not telling them. Rest of my pack doesn’t know I’m here either. The fact that you are here shows that you are working on your problems.”

Hoseok couldn’t stop himself from smiling a little, he was glad that somebody understood why he didn’t tell his pack. He was afraid that he would be judged by it, but Yoseob just smiled at him. “You wanna talk about why you are here? I know we are supposed to share it in circle, but it might be easier with just one person here instead of many.”

The young alpha bit his lip hesitantly, he wanted to share his story, he wanted to share all of the shit that had happened in his life. He could feel how the words were trying to force their way up his throat, but he didn’t know Yoseob! Yeah he knew he was a member of Beast, he knew tons about him as an idol, but he knew nothing of the man Yoseob. He had just met him, Yoseob seemed to understand. “Would it be easier to tell if I told you the reason that I’m here?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, this is a lot harder than I expected.”

“Don’t apologize, we all come to terms with things in our own pace. I’m here because Hyunseung fucked me up mentally and even after all of it… I still love him, and I would take him back even if he would just look at me.” Yoseob swung his legs a little sadly while sitting. “We tried to make it seem like it was something we all came to a decision about, but really we were blindsided both by him leaving Beast and leaving our pack. He said some really fucked up stuff to us before he left. He didn’t even make Doojoon remove the bite, he managed to reject it by himself and we have no idea how long of time he has had it rejected. He said he never wanted to be part of our pack, it was just easier. And that is the same man that we have shared our nest and love with for 7 years.”

Hoseok knew that Hyunseung had left Beast and the pack, but he didn’t know thought it would be this bad, they had all seemed so happy! He had seen the rest of Beast not that long time ago! They were all smiling, but then again that was the point wasn’t it, you never really knew the struggles that people had behind doors. “Are you okay?”

Yoseob shrugged. “Some days are bad, some days are good. It’s better the days I don’t have to look at Big Bang.” He admitted.

“I’m sorry I don’t understand?”

“Hyunseung never got over not getting into BigBang, he blames us for not being good enough to reach their level. He is a good guy no matter what his actions say, he is just blinded by his hatred for them and especifically Seungri.” Yoseob’s facial expression was sad and even though he tried to smile, Hoseok could see the sadness in his eyes.

Hoseok wanted to make him feel better, but he wasn’t sure how to do it. Normally he never struggled with making people happy, he was supposed to be sunshine. He was people’s hope, why was it that he couldn’t do that now. Yoseob seemed to understand anyway. “It’s okay, it really is. While yes I struggle with accepting what happened sometimes, I am much better now. This is actually the last time I’m going to be here.”

“I’m happy for you,” which he actually was, he didn’t know Yoseob that well, but the older omega seemed like an amazing person, “does this actually help, the group therapy?”

“Oh yeah! It works really well, especially since nothing you say here will ever spread, nobody will judge you here.”

Hoseok wanted to disagree, people would judge him if they knew what really happened, they would call him weak and make fun of him like she had. “My issues are different, yours aren’t your fault, mine are.”

“That guy over there, kicked the youngest omega in his packs stomach because he was jealous that she got pregnant first, whatever you have done we won't judge you.”

“I let my pack alpha beat me, whip me and abuse me because I was to weak to stand up for myself.”

Yoseob looked disturbed to say it mildly. “You need to tell your management, you can’t let your alpha get away with that!”

Oh, yeah that was not what he meant. “Not my current alpha! My family pack.” Yoongi did some questionable things yeah, but he would never beat somebody.

“I’m sorry, I made the wrong conclusion. Is this the first time since then you are getting help? Or talking about it at all?”

Hoseok nodded, now he looked away feeling a little ashamed to admit the truth. “Yeah, I first got out of there when I joined BigHit. I didn’t want to worry the rest of my pack, they just know that I don’t like acting like an alpha. They don’t know how much I actually hate it, how much I wish I was never an alpha. I don’t want to be a monster, I don’t want to be like her! But every time I feel like I become more and more like her!” He couldn’t stop the word vomit that he had kept in for so many years. “I can’t even take off my shirt, because I’m so ashamed of everybody seeing my scars! And with all the shit going on right now I have to step up and be the leader, but I can’t because every time I do it I want to throw up! Everytime I close my eyes I see her, every time I sleep I have to relive those moments! When my shirt rubs against the scars I feel like they are being branded on me again! And I don’t know how to make it better! I don’t know how to unfuck my mind!”

When he finally finished his word vomit he was breathing heavily. Yoseob looking at him his normally friendly face forced into an ugly grimace that didn’t fit his soft and friendly features, and then the short omega almost tackled Hoseok in a hug. A hug containing way more force than his small body should have been able to give out. “It’s okay! Everything is going to be okay, you are safe now.”

The way that even though he was a lot shorter than Hoseok he hugged him close like he wanted to protect him, pushing his face softly into Yoseob’s scent gland the scent of red ginseng surrounding him and forcing him to breathe more calmly. Yoseob patted his head one more time. “It’s okay just let it all out.”

That was it, somebody finally knew the whole story, and they said it was okay and Hoseok just couldn’t hold it in anymore and he cried, he finally let it all out. He finally let out all the tears that he had been holding in, while Yoseob just guided him through it.

In a gym near the Vixx dorm Jungkook was sent flying to the ground again by a well placed punch from Wonshik. Jungkook had learned a lot of things while living with the Vixx pack, one of the most important ones was that Wonshik was a sociopath and seemed to enjoy kicking the shit out of him.

The omega’s fighting style was not amazing, and Jungkook was probably a good match for him, but he couldn’t get himself to punch back. Wonshik was an omega, omega’s weren’t fighters, it would be unfair if he fought back! But as he ended on the ground yet again, staring up at the ceiling he was rethinking a few life choices.

“Are you going to keep just being my living punching bag? I am not complaining, but most people get it at this point.” Wonshik stretched his sweat covered body. He had long since dropped his shirt wearing now only shorts, gloves and a shit eating grin.

“You are abusive.” Jungkook mumbled as he couldn’t even be fucked to get up from his spot on the ground.

“You agreed to it, it’s not my fault you are a pussy.” What felt like the content of an entire water bottle was emptied out over Jungkook. “You looked like you were overheated.”

Jungkook just sighed, he had been living with Vixx for 6 days now and to say that it was different from living with BTS were putting it mildly. In the day yeah he would go to training. Which right now was pretty empty with Taehyung being at vocal practice and both Jimin, Yoongi and Namjoon being gone, leaving only him Hoseok and Seokjin to train.

When he got home from training Wonshik would drag him to the gym, helping him work some of the anger and aggression he had inside him out, which really worked! He felt a lot less aggravated after it. Problem was that after that Wonshik would drag him to what looked like a makeshift boxing ring, throwing him a pair of gloves and tell him not hold back. Jungkook at first had first laughed thinking that Wonshik was kidding, but the first hit went right to his stomach sending him to the ground.

When he got up to ask Wonshik what the fuck he was doing he was put on the ground again by another punch. They were all in soft areas and clearly not meant to actually harm him more to prove a point, the worst part was that Jungkook could see them coming as the omega wasn’t doing anything to actually hide it. Jungkook could have stopped them and done pay back, but he couldn’t get himself to do it! Wonshik was an omega!

On the sixth day Jungkook was tired of being a punching bag. “How I’m I suppose to learn to respect omega if you want me to hit one! That is not respect!” He sat up, still sitting in the puddle of water Wonshik had emptied over him.

The omega in question didn’t seem to give five shits about the youngers outburst. “Because refusing to fight back is not respect, you see me - an omega, as a weaker and frail being that can’t protect myself. That isn’t respect, that is disrespect. I’m not asking you to go around beating up omegas I am asking you to see me as an equal, because what you are doing right now is just as bad.”

Jungkook just huffed. “So if I yell and hit I’m abusive, but if I don’t I’m disrespectful!? I don’t understand anything anymore!” He just plopped down to a lying position again, feeling like just giving up on the world.

Wonshik sat down next to his head finger flicking his forehead. “You are putting too much thought into it. Your problem is that you have everybody sorted into a little box of what they are. The point I’m trying to make isn’t that you should treat omegas better than you are treating anybody else. I’m trying to prove that we are just like everybody else and you should treat us as people instead of as subgenders.”

“This is all way to complicated.” Jungkook complained, this was basically against everything Yoongi had taught him. He had learned that there is a clear line between alphas, omegas, and betas they aren’t the same! You treated them different. “You wouldn’t treat a baby like you treat an adult, this is the same!”

Wonshik just looked insulted down at the younger. “Are you trying to say that I need somebody to change my diaper, that I can’t feed myself, that I can’t do anything by myself?”

“No! That is not what I’m saying!” Jungkook wasn’t actually trying to insult Wonshik!

“But that is what you are saying, the reason we don’t treat babies like adults is because they are stupid. They can’t do anything by themselves, omegas aren’t like that, we can do just as much as alphas can, your mindset is so oldschool. Did you know back in the day female alphas weren’t allowed to be pack alphas? They were treated like second grade humans because they weren’t seen as as strong as male alphas”

Jungkook looked weirded out at him, he had never been an amazing history study and gender studies were such a boring topic. Plus his family pack alpha was a female and nobody had ever thought that she was weaker than any of the male alphas. “That is stupid, females are just as good alphas as males! We shouldn't treat them differently!” He defended, he felt like Wonshik’s words were an insult targeted as his family pack alpha.

Wonshik just laughed. “I finally find a way to get through that thick skull of yours! That is my point, it is the same with alphas and omegas There is a reason there are laws against discriminating based on subgenders and genders! It doesn’t make any logical sense!”

The worst part was that Jungkook could see Wonshik’s point, he took a deep breath. “Okay let’s try this one last time before we go back.” The Vixx omega just grinned at him.

“If you think you can take it.” He emptied the bottle of water before putting his gloves back on. “I won’t go easy on you just because you are a kid.”

Jungkook got up and put his own gloves up slightly pouting. “I’m not a kid!”

“Yes you are! A short and young kid.” Yes it turned out that every single member of Vixx was taller than Jungkook, and they liked to point it out to him! All the bloody time!

This time when the first punch came Jungkook cleared his mind, stopped thinking of Wonshik as an omega as somebody that needed to be protected and instead just as his hyung that seemed to enjoy beating him up. And let his body react as it wanted to. His punch was blocked leaving them standing in an awkward position. “Not the face though, I need my face, but it’s a start. Now we just need to house train you.”

“I’m not a dog!”

Jungkook got a sweat soaked towel thrown in his head as Wonshik left for the shower. “Whatever you say!”

The trip back to the Vixx dorms was actually pretty chill, Wonshik seemed to actually be pretty proud of Jungkook’s progression. When they got back the first thing they heard was Taekwoon’s voice much louder than Jungkook had ever heard it before. “NO GET AWAY FROM ME!”

Taekwon was standing in a corner protecting himself with his arms stretched against Jaehwan who were armed with a… brush. “Come on Woonie! I just want to try! I promise I won’t hurt you!”

“Wonshik said the same! And I still have a headache from that!” Taekwoon sounded actually scared of the prospect of letting the younger anywhere near his hair.

“It isn’t fair! You let Hakyeon do it! Why can’t I?” The omega was now full on pouting towards the alpha. “You are being stupid.”

Jungkook could feel a pull in his body again, it was that pull he felt every time anybody in Vixx, especially the omegas, said anything that could be mildly disrespectful towards their pack alpha. It would never happen in BTS, Yoongi would never let any of them disrespect him like that. Yeah Taehyung and himself could get away with being playful sometimes, especially if there was cameras on, but never in the same way that Vixx seemed to like testing Taekwoon’s patience.

He tried not to react, but he was helped along by Wonshik he were still standing behind him placing a heavy hand on Jungkook’s shoulder giving it a light squeeze. “One step at a time, you are doing good.” He mumbled to the younger before speaking up. “What about we let our adopted baby try?”

Taekwoon looked a little hesitant. “Well he can’t be as violent as the two of you.” He then surrendered.

Turned out that Taekwoon was wrong in that assumption, Jungkook was sitting behind Taekwoon brush in hand tongue sticking out surrounded by the pack alphas scent of mocha. Jungkook was slightly jealous of the amazing mocha scent. It was rough like coffee, but it had sweet chocolate undertone that was just so much Taekwoon. As Jungkook ran the brush through Taekwoon’s  shoulder length black hair he focused. The hair was another thing he was slightly jealous of. Not because he wanted it, but because he loved playing with hair like that, sadly it didn’t fit any member of BTS. Well let’s just say that it turned out Jungkook wasn’t any better than Wonshik or Jaehwan at brushing hair, the more he tried to free it from knots the more there seemed to become.

Taekwoon was trying his best not to wail out in pain, it was the first time they had gotten Jungkook to really relax around them and he didn’t want to break that, but it really really fucking hurt! Hakyeon ended up taking pity on their pack alpha as he as gently as possible sat himself down behind the BTS baby alpha trying not to make him uncomfortable with his back pressed against Hakyeon’s front.

Jungkook was way to focused on getting this right to actually be annoyed or startled by Hakyeon as the older placed his hand gently over Jungkook’s holding the brush. “Here let me show you.”

Jungkook let his movements be guided by Hakyeon watching in almost amazement as the knots disappeared leaving the hair smooth and soft under Jungkook’s fingertips.

As Jungkook makes progress with his mental state Yoongi himself is at a crossroad, at least figuratively. Physically he is standing in front of the door to a psychologist office, he knows that he has a choice to make right now. He can open the door, by that admitting that there is something wrong with him, that he is the reason his pack seems to be falling apart. Or he can turn around and deny that this is his fault, he can live on with what he learned, what he always believed in.

He touched Namjoon’s lyrics sheet in his pocket, a piece of paper that he now always carried around to make sure that he remembered why he was doing this, and then he opened the door it was time to stop being in denial, it was time to do something.

The man sitting at the table was around Yoongi’s age he realized surprised. He couldn’t be more than 28 at max, writing on a piece of paper with glasses resting on a straight noose. His skin pale enough to rival Yoongi’s, but he also looked to be taller than even Namjoon. “Mr Min, good to see that you decided to come here tonight, it’s actually much farther than I thought we would get in today’s appointment. I’m Dr. Choi Minjun, and I am as you have already learned been assigned by my mother as your psychologist. I also want to mention that nothing we speak of will leave this room and I will not be telling you anything from my appointment’s with your pack member Jung Hoseok or your group leader Kim Namjoon.”

Minjun’s voice were low like Taehyung’s, but it was pleasant in a relaxing way but not fake like many psychologist. Overall the older man was both handsome and nice sounding. If it weren’t for the outdated haircut, and the bag’s under his eyes from too much work Yoongi could easily have believed that the psychologist was actually an idol. Yoongi was uncomfortable where he was standing swapping between leaning his weight on each foot and his mind instantly went on defensive with him even trying to make up for him being uncomfortable. “Did you get your doctorate degree through your mother?”

The comment was rude and Yoongi knew it, but he couldn’t stop the words from leaving him. Wanting to make the older man as uncomfortable as he was by instinct. Minjun just smiled a friendly smile at him. “I have heard much worse insults on a first meeting, but no. Sadly medical license aren’t genetic no matter how much I wish they were, would you like to take a seat.”

“Am I not suppose to lie down and spill all my secrets to you?” Yoongi’s tone was hard, and his cinnamon scent was being pumped into the room by buckets almost.

“I do have a couch you can go and lie on if you are more comfortable, but most people prefer sitting. That leaves the power balance more open between us.” Yoongi just nodded before taking a spot.

That was when he noticed, Minjun didn’t have any scent at all. It wasn’t that his scent was just really weak, he didn’t have one at all. “You are a dud.” Well Yoongi wasn’t good at being polite right now it seemed.

“And you are an alpha, good we know each other now. I looked over your physical that you turned in, and you know there is a few things we have to talk about.”

Yoongi cringed he had hoped that the injuries were healed enough that they couldn’t be tracked anymore. “There really isn’t a need to, it is taken care of.”

“Mr. Min your ribs have been broken over 8 times and there is no medical records of you getting any help for it, and most of them seem to be from your teenage years.” Minjun showed him an xray. “Most of them don’t seem to have healed correctly.”

“It is really nothing I promise.” Yoongi tried to avoid, he didn’t like to talk about it. He had learned his lesson, he was a strong alpha, he had learned to be strong, he wasn’t a disappointment like they had thought back then.

Minjun took off his glasses resting his head on his folded hand looking at Yoongi with a sad smile. “What about I tell you what I think happened? I think you got beaten as a teenager, with your short stature and thin build your pack thought you would be an omega or and beta. Since you grew up in one of the last alpha packs still working, it wasn’t acceptable for you to not be an alpha.”

Yoongi looked at him with widely open and scared eyes, “How…”

“You don’t think you are the only person we get from alpha packs? Most of them are betas and omegas who were thrown away seen as worthless, but sometimes we see cases like yours. I’m going to be honest with you Mr. Min, me being able to help you is all about how much you let me help. I understand that you are here because there have been some incidents in your pack.”

Yoongi wanted to deny it, he opened his mouth to do it, but then the words took hold in his mind. He couldn’t get the help he needed if he didn’t try, he needed to try, this time he almost killed Namjoon. What would happen next time, when somebody's presentation wasn’t enough to save them from him? “Is calling it the incident your kind way of saying ‘I heard you almost killed somebody’”

Minjun looked over Yoongi, what he saw was a broken man not much younger than him. Who while yes had made some really bad choices who had done some really fucked up shit, he was also very much the victim of his past. But he also knew that sugar coating it for him wouldn’t work. “While what happened with Mr. Kim is partially to blame on you and the rest of your pack, the world is also to blame. From what I understood from Mr. Kim he felt pressured by the hip hop world in general.”

“The hiphop world didn’t make him hate himself.”

“No you and a lot of other people made him hate himself, but you are never going to be able to make it better if you don’t let it go and move forward. Forgive, but don’t forget. Use the memory to move forward, remember that next time it might be your omega, or maybe even one of your betas. I know that your mind is filled with ideas placed there by other people, but you can’t keep blaming them, you need to take responsibility and move forward.”

It was the first time anybody had actually said that this was Yoongi’s own fault, everybody had been so busy making excuse for him. When he was a little too rough with Taehyung, Jimin was quick in excusing that it was just a reflex that Yoongi hadn’t meant it even if he had. When he had told Jungkook to stop acting like such an omega and grow up to be an alpha instead, Hoseok had excused him. When he had insisted on only ever taking Jimin on his hands and knees with his face turned away from him Seokjin had been the one to kiss Jimin and tell him that some people just had things they liked. Even if the real reason he did it was because that was how Yoongi had learned you bred people under you. They had all made it so easy for him to pretend that nothing was wrong. When he had forced Namjoon to delete people off his phone the only person he had told was Jungkook because he knew that Jungkook would agree, that the baby alpha would agree that nobody should touch what is theirs.

He had forced Jimin to stretch the times between he saw and spend times with other omegas so far that the short omega was barely hanging on. He had done it because Jimin had been his and he didn’t want other people to touch him. He had been happy when Tao had left for China, since Tao had prefered Jimin as another omega and liked spending time with him, and Yoongi hated that. But Jungkook had excused him saying that he just really loved Jimin. How was this poison love. “I… I understand, it was so easy for me to act like nothing was wrong, everybody just made excuses for me, everybody was ready to defend me.”

“I understand, admitting this is the first step and you are doing good Mr. Min, I do have a few questions I want to ask you. I want to remind you that this is a safe space, and nothing you say will ever leave this room.”

Yoongi just nodded, and let MinJun go on. “Have you ever been physically assaulted by your family pack before you presented?” Another nod from Yoongi.  “Would this happen often?”

“Yes… They… They thought I was going to present as a beta, not soft enough for an omega, nowhere near hard enough for an alpha. I was small for my age, and skinny. Betas… They are useless…” Yoongi cringed at his own words, he couldn’t believe that he himself said that. “No they aren’t useless, but we were thought they were useless, they couldn’t carry as well as omegas.”

Minjun wrote a few notes on the journal in front of him. “I understand that only hard omegas are allowed to carry children in an alpha pack?”

The older man knew the answer, but getting Yoongi to say it would help the idol accept what had happened to him. “Yes, there was a belief that if only alphas and hard omegas bred you would be able to only create alphas and hard omegas. They weren’t treated like hard omegas though, they were mostly treated like breeding cattle. They learn that they aren’t worth anything other than made for breeding. Other omegas and betas are allowed to leave when they present, oh god… We are inbreeding aren’t we?!”

Yoongi never thought about that, while yes new hard omegas did join the pack, but any hard alpha presented in the pack got forced to stay. That was inbreeding! He was lucky that the omega who carried him had been new to the pack, and with alphas mostly staying in the pack. Packs were meant to only be one generation, Minjun nodded. “That is the sad point of alpha packs and why they are dying out. Most rely on inbreeding especially now days since it is so hard to recruit new members into it. They are like cults we all know they are there, we know they do crazy shit… But we don’t know how to stop them. I have another question… Were you sexually assaulted during the time with you family pack?”

Yoongi swallowed dryly, he wanted to say no, this was his biggest secret. Something he kept denying something he refused to believe had happened to him. But this was the time for the truth, and nothing left this room he wetted his dry lips and nodded. “Yes, more times than I can count.”

“Was this assault ever done by the alpha who is you father, or the pack alpha.”

Again a nodded from Yoongi. “They are the same person, and yes, I were just his disappointing son, all I was good for was some bodily pleasure.”

Back at the BTS dorm’s Seokjin were having a minor breakdown, as Namjoon was being released no matter how much he turned it in his head this was his fault. Namjoon had a heart attack cause of anorexia, anorexia is not eating enough. Who makes food in BTS? He did! This was his fault!

It almost felt like he couldn’t breath, he knew he was having an anxiety attack, he knew that he needed to calm his breathing, he needed to deal with his emotions but it was so much harder than people said.

As he breathed in and out trying to force his breath to become actually workable his phone rang, and even tho one of the last things Seokjin wanted was to talk, but that was the tone he had set for Jaejoong. He couldn’t just ignore him so with a shaking voice he picked up the phone “Hello?”

“Ey! It’s Jaejoong! I found a weird old cookbook, I wanted to hear if you wanted to come over and try it with me? Everybody else are just looking weirdly at me for being excited.” The older alpha’s voice were happy and cheery.

The worst part was that Seokjin really wanted to go, he had found that he enjoyed spending time with the older members of JYJ they were nice, respectful and funny it made a good break from the shitstorm that was BTS right now, but at that moment the idea of going outside and seeing people were overwhelming for him “I… I’m sorry, it’s not a good idea right now Jaejoong-sunbaenim”

Something in his voice must have given it away cause the next question was just a soft “I told you to call me hyung, and is your anxiety is being bad?”

It was the first time that somebody had actually put a word on it, Seokjin had tried to hard to make sure that nobody knew that it was how he felt. He didn’t want that word over him… Anxiety… giving it name somehow made it worse more real “How… How did you know? I haven’t told anybody?” Seokjin were to startled to be polite like he normally were.

“Yunho had the same issues when we were younger, I understand that it’s hard, but being alone is not going to help you right now. Take a deep breath” Seokjin did as asked “You don’t have to come over here for you, then do it for me. Everybody else is at practice and I’m to injured to practice. We don’t have to look at the cookbook, there is a new Jonathan Sparks movie out and Yoochun refuses to watch it with me.” Seokjin actually really wanted to see the movie no member of BTS seemed to like romcoms the same way he did.

“Are you sure?” he didn’t want to push he presents onto the older idol.

“Yes I’m sure,” Jaejoong’s voice were soft in a way he weren’t used to alpha’s being, then again Jaejoon were different for an alpha “I have candy we won’t tell our managers about?”

Romcoms and cheating on his diet sounded like the best idea he had heard in awhile “I’m leaving now.”

“Good I look forward to seeing you.” Seokjin could still feel the anxiety in all of his body, but it was manageable now…. Yeah this could work.   

It wasn’t even 10 minutes after Seokjin left that Taehyung opened the door to the dorm and finally arrived home. He had spent the last 6 days with Seventeen and doing vocal practice for their upcoming album. Which his voice being so unique, it was often that he got vocal lessons alone. While yes it had been amazing being in the main nest with almost to many arms and legs to count and enough hugs and cuddles going around that everybody was happy, Taehyung had missed his own pack.

The thing was when he got home, it was empty cold and empty. “Hello?” The air in the dorm was mostly stale like there hadn’t been enough people to fill it with new and fresh scent. Seokjin’s rose scent was still lingering in the room, but anything else was gone. No Jungkook peppermint, not strong cinnamon from Yoongi, no soft caramel from Jimin to even it all out, it just seemed to abandon.

As he made it’s way through the dorm he found that two of the solo rooms seemed to have been slept in one filled with the sweet but strong honey of Hoseok, the other by soft Seokjin roses.

When he got to the nest it seemed even more abandoned, everything just seemed dead. Even though he had told them he would come home today, his legs gave out from under him as he ended on the ground on his knees. “I missed you… Why didn’t you miss me?” And like that all the good work Seventeen had done, become undone.

Chapter Text

As Namjoon dressed in his sleep wear, just loose shorts and a tank top he thought of Youngjae’s words. It did make sense in the way Jackson was acting. He had always been the person to start any kind of physical contact, he always seemed to need the contact to feel calm and collected.

He made choice as he shuffled into the nest which was just one big mess of blanket, pillows, comforters and 7 guys. Yugyeom was sandwiched between the two omegas, which with his height looked really funny. Jaebum had managed to half wrestle Youngjae into a position that suited him, which was with Yongjae lying half on top of the pack alpha, with his face lightly buried in his scent gland.

Namjoon sat down next to Jackson who looked a little hesitant, still remembering how the newly presented omega had flinched away from his touch. Namjoon kinda cringed since he remembered how bad it most have been for Jackson with his already known issues. “Can we cuddle?” Namjoon was a little hesitant to ask, but he wanted what he wanted.

Jackson just looked surprised. “Are you sure?”

“When have I ever said no to a cuddle?” Jackson’s grin was big and he seemed like an overexcited puppy.

At first he tried to do like they normally would, on their side spooning with Namjoon on his right side so his scent gland pushed into the mattress. But Namjoon placed them both on their side this time, but with his scent gland free. Jackson was a little hesitant at first, so Namjoon took the reins guiding Jackson’s hand under his tank top and backing himself up so they were body to body. Jackson’s body was stiff in an uncomfortable way. “Are you sure this is okay? I don’t want to push you.”

“Jackson, I trust you… “ That was all that needed to be said before Jackson seemed to lose control of the hard reins he was using to hold himself back With as he buried his head in the spot where Namjoon’s neck and shoulder meet nuzzling the scent gland there.

Namjoon couldn’t keep himself from letting out a little hiss in surprise over how intense the feeling was. This was the first time he got scented since he presented and it turned out to be very intense. He felt almost drowned in Jackson’s herbal scent. Jackson from his point was in almost heaven, he had wanted to scent Namjoon since they had become friends. Back then it was of course just as friends, with Namjoon flinching and seeming uncomfortable around alphas. He was worried that he would never get to do it, so he was in heaven right now. He kept at it, focused on his task until he felt a hand grasp strongly at his hair and pull him up.

Jinyoung’s face was close to his and his hand almost painful in Jackson’s hair that he used to control Jackson. “Remember what we talked about getting offered a hand and taking an arm? That is what you are doing right now.”

“He said I could scent him!”

“Yes he did, but you are overdoing it and you know it. And Joonie doesn't know how to say stop yet.”

Jackson pouted, but he knew that Jinyoung had a point. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t say that to me, say that to Namjoon.” He let go of Jackson’s hair, letting the alpha look down at Namjoon who he still had his arms around who looked a little overwhelmed about what had happened. “Shit I’m sorry Joonie! I get a little overeager sometimes!”

Namjoon took a deep breath centering himself. “It’s okay, it was just a little overwhelming. I am okay.”

Jackson looked a little scorned, but Jinyoung just laughed before lying down in front of Namjoon tangling their legs together. “Just hit him if he is going to far, it works for the rest of us.”

“Or maybe don’t hit the innocent alpha.” Even if Namjoon couldn’t see Jackson he knew that the older were very much pouting, and he intertwined their fingers still under Namjoon’s tank top giving the older man’s hand a slight squish.

“I will remember that.”

“No! See what you did! You turned him against me.” He buried his face in Namjoon’s soft galaxy blue-purple hair.

Namjoon yawned he still very easily got tired and it was late. “Never, always on your side.” He mumbled closing his eyes, happily falling asleep between the beta and alpha. Jinyoung couldn’t stop himself from lightly aweing at how cute that rapper was.

The night went without issues every member of Got7 and Namjoon slept well, and Namjoon couldn’t argue that it was a long time since he had slept that well. While yes the dolls from BigBang had done amazingly it couldn’t substitute actual cuddling.

Namjoon was ripped from the soft holds of sleep by BamBam licking him on his cheek. “What!? BamBam what are you doing!?”

“Yeah! They said I couldn’t wake you like that!” BamBam looked way to happy with himself.

Youngjae barged into the room. “I am so sorry, I didn’t actually think he would do it!”

That was when Namjoon noticed that nobody else was in the nest and while it was still warm and full of scent it were clear that the rest of Got7 had woken up. “It’s okay, I was just a little surprised, why didn’t you guys wake me? I need to walk Rap Mon.” Namjoon rubbed his eyes trying to get the sleep out of them with a yawn.

“Jaebum took him with him out for a run this morning, it’s fine. He should sleep the rest of the day, because sadly he doesn’t have the option like the rest of us to say NO when Jaebum wants to go and run.” BamBam said happily, and that was when Namjoon notice that he was throwing clothes at him that very much weren’t his own.

“I brought my own clothes with me! Also are you sure it’s okay? It’s my dog, I should take care of him.”

Youngjae kinda hung over Namjoon’s back kissing his cheek. “Well we went to pick him up from your family pack, so it is kinda our responsibility as well. Also you might have your own clothes, but they doesn’t smell like us!”

BamBam finished dumping a pile of clothes on Namjoon’s lap. “This should all fit! Now go get changed, there is food in the kitchen.”

Namjoon just nodded, but as he stood up he ended up down on the bed again with the whole world spinning around him and being severely confused about what had just happened. He blinked confused. “Namjoon? What is wrong?! Are you okay?! Should we call the hospital?! Are you dying?! Oh my god, you can’t die now!” BamBam sounded like he was closer than Namjoon to dying, heavily hyperventilating.

“I’m fine, I am just dizzy. Please breathe or it might be you we have to call a doctor for.” Namjoon himself took a deep breath. “Doctor Choi warned me this might happen, since I am still not completely fine and my body has spent most time lying down. Even small physical activities make me really tired and dizzy, it might have been all the walking I did yesterday. I promise I’m fine.” BamBam didn’t look like he completely believed Namjoon and neither did Youngjae who was now lightly rubbing up and down Namjoon’s spine.

Youngjae cringed behind Namjoon’s back with how he could clearly feel the older man's spine through his thin tank top. “Are you fine fine? Not fine as in just trying to make us feel better?” He asked hesitantly, Namjoon had said he was fine before as well, but the fact that he had a heart attack from anorexia told them that it probably wasn’t true back then.

“I promise it’s fine.” Namjoon tried to insist as the stars cleared from his vision. “I just need to drink something.” He made another try to stand up, this time actually succeeding in getting to stand up without being to dizzy.

BamBam slowly nodded biting on his lower lip hesitantly. “Don’t take to long to get dressed or I will personally break down the door to check on you.”

That seemed to break the tension in the room as Youngjae laughed out loud and Namjoon raised an eyebrow looking over his fellow omega’s then build. “When you say that you are going to break it down, you really mean that you are getting Jackson to do it right?”

“Well, everybody belongs to me anyway, so technically it would be me personally doing it.”

Youngjae seemed to disagree with BamBam as he grabbed him from the back wrestling him down onto the bed. “Now who belongs to who you little shit.”

Namjoon left the room with a soft smile on his face happy to see that both of the younger members seemed more calm now. He got dressed and brushed his teeth fast in the bathroom, before deciding to track the rest of Got7 down. The kitchen was filled with laughter and warmth. Mark was sitting at the countertop too busy stuffing food in his mouth to even give anybody else a second glance.

Jaebum and Jinyoung seemed to be going over schedules while trying to eat at the same time, while Jackson seemed to be asleep with his head on the table. Jinyoung looked up from his papers at Namjoon. “Morning Joonie, did you sleep well?”

He nodded yawning again. “Where is Yugyeom?” he asked confused as he hadn’t heard the baby alpha at all which was slightly confusing.

“He isn’t human, he left for dance practice already. You would think that he actually enjoys practice.” it came from Mark who still had his mouth full.

Jinyoung just sighed. “Mark don’t speak with food in your mouth, I am not your mother please don’t make me act like it.”

“Eommaaaaaa.” Jackson piped in without raising his head from the table.

“God I’m leaving this group.”

Jaebum looked almost scared at Jinyoung. “Please don’t leave me alone with this shitshow, atleast take me with you!”

“Who is leaving?” BamBam asked as he entered the kitchen which was on the back of Youngjae who was giving him a piggyback ride clearly having lost the debate of who owns who.

“Appa and Eomma are getting a divorce since Eomma is leaving.” Mark explained.

“Does that mean there are no rules anymore?”

“NO!” Jinyoung yelled out a little louder than what it seemed he planned for. “Rules stays, nobody is leaving. God you guys are making me age way too fast.”

BamBam just grinned, but his facial expression got more serious as he looked over at Namjoon. “Are you feeling better now?”

Which was actually what Namjoon had hoped he wouldn’t ask because just as he expected he suddenly had the attention of every Got7 member. Jaebum stood up from his chair walking closer to Namjoon, still hesitant to get to close as he put the back of his hand over Namjoon’s forehead. “You do feel a little warm, are you sick?”

Namjoon just shook his head. “No I’m fine I promise, I just get dizzy quickly and still feel a little weak. My doctor warned me that it might happen. It might be better if I don’t go in for training today. She warned me about not overworking myself, or I can kiss any chance of being part of our comeback goodbye. Bang PD-nim has already been informed of it, so it’s okay if I don’t turn up.”

Jaebum looked over at Namjoon then at Jinyoung. “Jinyoung you have the best grasp of both the choreo and the vocals could you stay home with him.”

“That is really not needed!” Namjoon tried to intercede. He didn’t want Got7 to get behind because they felt they needed to stay home with him and wait. “I’m going to be fine on my own, I can even go back to my own place if that is better!” He tried to offer, he hated being an issue.

Jinyoung just smiled from his spot on the table. “Namjoon it isn’t just for your fault, but for our own benefit as well. Do you think we could really focus if we knew that you were back home maybe dying? I think I talk for all of us when we say that the rest of them are going to be able to focus much better knowing that somebody is here to watch over you and make sure that you are actually okay.”

BamBam were surprisingly the one who spoke up. “They are right, nobody is going to be able to focus if we think you aren’t okay. Please just agree to this.”

BamBam’s big puppydog eyes were enough to make Namjoon agree. If nothing to stop making BamBam look at him like that, it made him feel like a horrible person. “Okay, if it makes you feel better.”

It took the rest of Got7 a little over 40 minutes to get out of the dorm waving and kissing both Jinyoung and Namjoon goodbye. All promising to take care of themselves and make sure Yugyeom didn’t work to much or to hard.

He helped Jinyoung clean the kitchen, or well that was a lie he didn’t as much help as he sat and did what Jinyoung told him which was to eat and look pretty. Having heard enough stories about Hurricane Namjoon to trust him around anything. “I promise it isn’t that bad!”

“I don’t trust that, also eat!”

“I am older than you.” Namjoon whined but one strong look from Jinyoung was enough for him to actually take another bite.

Jinyoung didn’t look impressed at all. “Yeah by 10 days, it’s sad you don’t use your wisdom of being older to do anything other than lead your group. How is that somebody who is as smart as you seem to be unable to take care of himself at all?”

“I try!” Namjoon insisted “I just kinda forget sometimes!” He looked away sadly, he didn’t want to admit that he had starved himself on purpose to reach some kind of fucked up version of pretty.

Jinyoung seemed to notice that this was clearly not something Namjoon wanted to talk about so he just kissed him on the cheek and smiled. “It’s okay, you are perfect the way you are?” He put the last dish in it’s place. “You wanna watch a movie? And by that I mean, do you want to pretend to watch a movie while you scribble down lyrics because I can see you are itching to work.”

This was why Namjoon liked Jinyoung, he always seemed to understand. Even if they were two very different people he never made Namjoon feel like he was weird. “Yeah that sounds nice, anything you want to watch?” He grabbed the lyrics book Wonho had given up, thinking that this was a good a time as any for a new start.

“What about the new star wars? We just got it on dvd and it’s supposed to be a lot better than the prequels.“

“Lea should have hugged Chewie,” Namjoon mumbled before giving Jinyoung a smile “yeah, I watched it it’s really good!” He wanted to spoil it, but he also wanted Jinyoung to live through it.

The next few hours were spent with Namjoon’s head in Jinyoung lap while he mostly just scribbled down few words while Jinyoung’s soft hand movement in his hair and his commentary. When it finally got to the moment he were waiting for he almost got pushed of the beta’s lap “NO! That’s not okay! I know their pack broke up! But they are still former pack mates! That bond stronger than most! Why didn’t she hug Chewie!?”

Namjoon couldn’t stop laughing. “I know! It is so stupid!”

Jinyoung looked downright insulted by the movie as he more or less tackled Namjoon that was already in a hug. “Even if you don’t pick us, will you still hug me before a stranger if somebody dies?”

The omega couldn’t stop himself from laughing louder than he had in awhile, even if he were dizzy and a feeling a little sick he hugged Jinyoung closed. “I promise you! I will always hug you before a stranger even if you just need a hug,”

“Awww you are such a turtle, hard on the outside but sweet on the inside! I told you before you are always our omega, even if you don’t pick us, you will still be!” Jinyoung placed a raspberry on his cheek which made Namjoon make a weird noise between a laugh and insulted groan.

“Did you just call me a turtle!” Jinyoung just laughed at him. “Then you are a… house cat! Prefers to lie in the sun all day, and is secretly controlling everything!”

Jinyoung smiled. “The house cat and the turtle, sounds like a children's book from the discount shelf.”

“You are a discount shelf.” Namjoon mumbled childish, but not moving from the cuddle spot on the floor, even if it wasn’t super comfortable. Jinyoung was warm and his scent of toffee almost made Namjoon think that it was time for nap, actually that might just be his exhausted body.

“I have something I want to talk about.” Jinyoung said in a much more serious voice. He was currently lying with his head on Namjoon’s shoulder and a leg thrown over his thigh hugging his side.

“Mmmh?” Namjoon mumbled, he was so close to closing his eyes and give in to sleep, but he knew that the tone in Jinyoung’s voice meant that it was serious.

“I wanted to thank you for trusting me.”

“What do you mean? I have always trusted you, why wouldn’t I do that?”

Jinyoung sighed cuddling almost impossibly closer. “I meant for letting me be your emergency contact, it means a lot to me.”

Namjoon was more awake now but a lot more confused about what the hell Jinyoung was talking about. “We talked about it before, did I not tell you? I’m confused.”

“Most people would have said that you should go with an alpha, because you know… Alpha. Or an omega because they are more in touch with their emotions.” Jinyoung mumbled this into the fabric of Namjoon hoodie that he were pretty sure belonged to Yugyeom. The only person with long enough arms that the hoodie somehow actually made sweater paws.

“No… I didn’t pick a beta.”

“Yes you did?” Now it was Jinyoung’s turn to look at Namjoon like he were an idiot. “You picked me remember? I am the one that got the call that you were in the hospital.”

“I picked a friend that I knew would always do the right thing for me, I picked a person that I trusted would be there for me. Sub gender doesn’t matter, you of all people should know that sub gender isn’t everything… Aren’t you the one who tried to teach me that earlier?”

Jinyoung looked at him with comically large eyes, but he didn’t answer instead he more or less just attacked Namjoon with a kiss… Because yeah, sometimes a person preaching self worth, needs a little bit of reminder, that betas are just as special as the two other genders.

Chapter Text

When the rest of Got7 got home Jinyoung and Namjoon had swapped position. Instead of laying on the floor Namjoon was now napping with his body covering the betas and his head resting on his shoulder while the other idol was watching a starwars marathon focused on finding out why she didn’t hug Chewy!

At first Namjoon had been hesitant to cuddle like that, he kept worrying that he was too heavy for Jinyoung which was a laughing matter. Even before his eating disorder he was still skinny like most idols were and it wasn’t like Jinyoung was built like a stick… He wasn’t BamBam.

As he watched Princess Leia in a slave costume he let his mind wander as he gently petted Namjoon’s hair looking over his relaxed face as he slept. His scent still weren’t very clear, but lying this close to each other Jinyoung felt like he was almost surrounded by the smell of peaches and cream. He had never thought about it, but the scent fit Namjoon so well, the scent of peaches were fresh and with a strong undertone, but the cream had a sweet and soft undertone it showed Namjoon personality so well, both fresh and strong, also sweet and soft.

He couldn’t stop himself from thinking about the first time he meet the now omega. It was two years ago just after they had debuted and they went to a music show, while yes they hadn’t won that time it had been worth it to meet the other idols. 2014 was also the time were Namjoon had the bleach blond hair, it had been what Jinyoung liked to call ‘trying way to hard to be badass’-era.

Jinyoung giggled a little at the thought. It wasn’t that they had been bad performers or that their songs were bad. It was more than every single member had tried so hard to seem like the most hardcore badasses, even though half of them were actually softies… cough cough… Jin and Jimin. But that wasn’t important, it was to nobody's surprise that it was Jackson who ended up finding Namjoon and started talking to him.

The truth was that Namjoon was a little scary to approach by most new idols. Since the BTS leader was clearly a dud something that most people didn’t even know about until they googled it most people didn’t know how to treat him. But poor Jackson who had no sense of scent had no idea why some people walked in a circle around the tall cute blond rapper. Namjoon had been leaning against the wall doing that thing where he chews at his thumb watching over what his group had gotten up to. Jackson had tried with his best suave act which turned out the be horrible as he leaned on the wall next to Namjoon. “You are from BTS right? The leader? Namjoon-hyung?”

Namjoon turned towards him looking more than a little surprised that somebody was actually talking to him. Especially somebody he didn’t know but he giggled a little. “You are older than me Jackson-hyung, I saw your guys performence you are really good.”

Jinyoung had been watching from the chair that he had captured for himself. Mostly because Jackson seemed to have this ability to get himself in trouble without even trying so Jinyoung worried about him. Especially since they were rookies, he stood up to stop Jackson from making himself a joke until he saw Namjoon giggle at something Jackson said.

“Jackson-hyung? I thought you were going to help Mark-hyung get ready?” At that point they hadn’t been pack yet, but they were working towards it. It was just that nobody had wanted to hurry it up, wanting to make sure that everybody had thought it through.

Jackson almost stuck his foot in his mouth when he said. “Namjoon looked lonely! I wanted to see why people tried to avoid him it looks rude!” Oh god Jackson didn’t know Namjoon was a dud, none of them had told them just assumed that everybody had known.

The beta looked at Namjoon apologetic as the BTS leader just looked awkward. “I’m so sorry, he has no sense of scent so he doesn’t know he never meant to offend you.”

Namjoon just smiled a smile that was hiding way to much pain than a man his age should have. “It’s okay, I’m not offended I was a little surprised why he did come up and talk to me. I kinda thought I was about to get shived.” His laughter sounded almost fake like he was trying to make light of a sad time. “It was really nice to meet both of you, but we need to get on the stage in a second. Good luck on your promotions, you guys are great.”

Jackson and Jinyoung exchanged a stare as the rapper got ready to leave them, and Jinyoung felt like his heart was almost hurting, like he knew that something were wrong, and he wanted to do something. “Can I have your number?” Jackson word vomited out before Jinyoung did.

Somehow that made Namjoon look even more confused. “Are you sure? You got the answer to your question?”

The alpha quickly nodded. “I don’t care about your sub gender as long as you don’t care that I can’t smell scent. But you sound cool and god knows I need friends, mine are back in Hong Kong and looking at them all the time might stress me out.” Jackson sent Namjoon what Jinyoung had learned to recognize as his wide slightly up to no good smile.

But it worked, it made Namjoon’s smile reach his eyes for the first time in a while. “Yeah… That would be nice.”

That was how Namjoon had gotten to know all of Got7, from there they had all agreed that something wasn’t well with Namjoon. But nobody had wanted to say anything to him at first, and then they had all just become friends. It had taken almost 1 year before Namjoon opened up to the issues he had with BTS. It had taken alcohol and a special bad day for Mark to be the one to get the truth out of Namjoon. How he felt that BTS didn’t care about him, like he wasn’t really there.. How he felt lonely… and never good enough.

He had said so many negative things about himself that Mark… Mark who rarely cried… Started crying telling the all back, Namjoon hadn’t remembered what he had said the next day. But it didn’t matter, while Got7 hadn’t told the BTS rapper what had happened, they made sure that he always felt welcome in their dorm. Because if BTS couldn’t keep him happy, they were going to damn well try.  

Over the time they had all gotten a little too attached to the suppressed omega. You know that person you are in a love with, but he or she is an a relationship, but you love her so much that you want the best for them and would do everything to make sure that everything were okay. You would be the person to mediate the relationship and try to fix everything, that was how Got7 felt for Namjoon.

As a dud he felt that he needed to be with BTS and they knew that it would never be an option to court him or try to get him away from BTS. So they had tried their best to make Namjoon’s pack work, tried to support him, but sometimes it was hard. The hardest point had been when BamBam had found Namjoon throwing up the food he had just eaten. That had led to the admission that Namjoon wanted to be skinnier and better looking.

Yeah… There had been moments where everything seem to be impossible, but this moment with Namjoon sleeping against Jinyoung with said beta’s hand buried in his hair while petting his sharp hipbone had been worth every struggle, Namjoon was worth every struggle.

When the door to the dorm banged open it was none to gently and Jinyoung was quick to cover up Namjoon ears as the omega left out an almost adorable little whine as sign that he really didn’t want to wake up and Jinyoung didn’t want him to wake up either. Yugyeom was the first one to enter the living room, but it was his back pushed by the much shorter BamBam who had a predatory grin on his face, and the very clear uncovered bite sitting on the maknae’s collarbone showed what Jinyoung was pretty sure was a pretty heated makeout session.

“Go to the nest if you want to fuck around, please. Namjoon is sleeping and I don’t want him to wake up.” Jinyoung’s voice was low as his hands still covered Namjoon’s ears, but his eyes were piercing. It had taken so much convincing to get Namjoon to lay like this to sleep and a pair of maknae’s were not going to ruin that.

BamBam looked pasted Yugyeom’s stupidly tall body to notice the two on the couch. “Awww I lost, I thought for sure that you two would be messing around.”

Jinyoung looked almost offended. “You really want one of his first sexual moments to be while he is sick with only one of us here? Don’t you think he deserves better?”

BamBam just pouted “You suck.“ He then strutted over to give the sleeping Namjoon a kiss on the cheek, before dragging the blushing Yugyeom to the nest.

“I swear to god, those two are bunnies, how does any of them even have the energy.” Jinyoung mumbled as he uncovered Namjoon’s ears and petted his hair a little before turning his attention back to the movie.

“Who are bunnies?” It came from the doorway as Mark entered, the newest member of the Got7 pack smiled at the sight he saw. Those two were so cute!

Jinyoung just sighed. “BamBam and Yugyeom, they are in the nest fucking…”

“Without me!? Fuckers… The promised to wait I just needed to shower first.” And that was all Mark said before he also disappeared down to the nest. Jinyoung should have expected that somehow. The two omegas had taken to tag teaming who ever they felt like, and god know that one of them were a lot to handle, both were almost impossible to keep up with.

Jaebum stuck his head inside. “Is it safe?”

“Double trouble have already found their victim you are safe.” Jinyoung just laughed, keeping his voice low to not wake up Namjoon.

The alpha just sighed, stepping over to first kiss Namjoon on the cheek and then give Jinyoung a real welcome home kiss. “I couldn’t even get it up if I wanted. I am so dead on my feet it’s insane, I’m thinking of running away to become a farmer?”

“That bad?”

“Since you weren’t there I seemed to get both your and mine normal feedback. Fun fact he isn’t a fan of either one of us.” Jaebum complained as he collapsed on the other couch face first into the cushion.

Jinyoung just laughed. “That is because he is the only choreographer who values how much shit you can get up to, we are simply not brats enough.”

“I could be.” Jaebum mumbled, but his words were slurred as he sounded like he was ready to join Namjoon in dream land. Jinyoung didn’t feel like answering, knowing that Jaebum didn’t expect him to just letting the alpha sleep.

When Youngjae and Jackson came home it was with an equal amount of worry. Both members not seeming to appreciate hurricane MarkBam today. “You are all safe, their thirst has been sated they will not find another sacrifice until tomorrow, and I have already voted for Jackson.” Jinyoung teased.

Jackson just whined high in his throat. “Please don’t do this to me, how can they even fuck around after this much training and Yugyeom was there hours before us. I swear to god this isn’t human! They are vampires feasting on sex!” He collapsed half on top of Jaebum who didn’t even wake up just lightly wriggled around until he found a better spot to sleep with his fellow alpha half on top of him.

Youngjae didn’t seem to appreciate it though as he looked at the two cuddling couples with a pout as he whined. “I want to cuddle to.”

Namjoon finally seemed to have woken up as he rubbed his eyes with the sweater sleeve that reached past his hand. “You can have my spot, I need to get up and move around my legs are sleeping.”

“You would leave me alone?” Jinyoung asked playing offended, for a second Najoon seem to actually think that Jinyoung was offended, but as he lifted his head and saw the soft smile on Jinyoung’s face he understood it was just a joke.

The omega still had to get used to people being so open and teasing about affection, a thing that he himself sometimes felt starving for. “Yup you are too skinny, not comfortable.” As he stretched his body like a cat he could almost hear his bones pop while getting up.

Jinyoung were the one to now pout. “That is like the pot calling the kettle black,”

And then for the first time Namjoon reached down to initiate a kiss, it was nothing hot or heavy, but it was meaningful because it was the first time Namjoon started the kiss which made it even more important. “Your kettle is pink with little cupids.” He giggled, before walking towards the bathroom leaving a slightly blushing Jinyoung behind.

Youngjae laughed looking after Namjoon, his laugh was loud and refreshing as he plopped himself down on his fellow beta going straight for the scent gland to scent him… Youngjae liked to scent people, a lot… It was his life kink, somebody had pinky holding, or noose bopping Youngjae had scenting.

Which yes was weird for an beta to like to scent, it was mainly an alpha or omega thing, but fuck gender stereotypes! “They grow up so fast.” He couldn’t stop himself from teasing the older beta.

Jackson was the one answering. “You are making it sound like he is our pup, and that means I want to fuck around with our pup… and that’s to weird even for me.”

Youngjae laughed and as the rest of the living room joined him in the laughing Namjoon finished his stuff in the bathroom when he noticed that he hadn’t checked out the puzzle box still in his pack. He did remember what Seungri told him to do, oh god his phone was still in his bag and he hadn’t checked it at all!

The problem was that he had been sleeping under all the conversation about the fucking in the nest. So he just assumed that they were still at training, so he just opened to door and didn’t even knock, what he saw when he opened the door was not what he expected at all.

Yugyeom was on the middle of the bed on his knees with his arms restrained behind his back by what looked to be his own shirt being pulled half there. Behind him was BamBam who was naked from hip and up and the youngest omega had his face buried between the alpha’s ass cheeks and looked to be very very eagerly eating out the younger Got7 member. In front of Yugyeom was Mark who had only really been fucked to open his pants and pull them down a little.

The oldest of them looked to be most in control as he leaned against the headrest of the bed. One hand was buried in Yugyeom’s hair and the other was caressing his throat. His throat which Mark’s cock was currently down as the older omega controlled how deep and fast Yugyeom took him.

The two omegas had full control of everything that happened, and from where Namjoon could see that Yugyeom’s heavy alpha cock was wearing a cockring and SINCE WHEN DID YUGYEOM HAVE A NIPPLE PIERCING?!

A nipple piercing that must have been there for a while with the way BamBam with one hand was lightly pulling it while the other hand was massaging Yugyeom’s balls. At the same time as he made sure to run his hand over his cock a few times as well really teasing the younger man. Namjoon could see tears running down Yugyeom’s cheeks, he wasn’t sure if it was from all the teasing BamBam was giving him or how Mark seemed to be abusing his mouth. Namjoon knew that he should leave he knew that he should turn around and give them the privacy they wanted in their own dorm… in their own nest… a space he wasn’t part of, but some part of him didn’t want to leave.

The thing was that everybody had hid this sexual world from him thinking that he was disgusted by it since he was a dud, but he wasn’t a dud he was an omega… an omega who’s only view into the sexual world was twice letting another omega grind on top of him. Fuck he hadn’t even seen another real human naked before in a sexual setting! The next thing he noticed was that Mark was almost completely silent as he fucked Yugyeom down on his cock, the only sounds that left his mouth were a few grunts.

He thought omegas were suppose to be loud and needy during sex, but then again Mark had always liked to break stereotypes. The most sounds didn’t come from him our Yugyeom for that point, but that might be because it was hard to make sounds with a cock deep in his throat. Instead it came from BamBam who was actually the one getting the least personal pleasure, but he also seemed to be the one enjoying himself the most with how eagerly he were eating Yugyeom’s ass out. Namjoon almost felt sorry for Yugyeom for how eager BamBam was and how neither of the omegas seem to give him the time to breath, but then again Namjoon knew that they would never do something to him that he hadn’t consented to.

Then Mark ripped Yugyeom off his cock by his hair, and the maknae seemed to understand at the same time what to do as he stuck his tongue out and Mark came over his face with the loudest sound Namjoon had heard him do in all this time. At the same time Mark came Namjoon couldn’t keep in his own little gasp of surprise, which alerted the Got7 members to his presence, and while BamBam didn’t let up forcing a moan out of Yugyeom both of the two others looked at Namjoon who was now blushing.

While Mark just grinned at him Yugyeom looked just as terrified as Namjoon felt. Namjoon did the only logical thing he could do when getting caught looking at his friends have sex, his stammered out. “I’m sorry!” And then ran out of the bedroom without getting what he came for.

Namjoon didn’t feel like actually going to the living room after that, one of the reasons was that he was a little turned on by what he had seen, and the fact that he was very embarrassed about being caught. So he hid in the spare bathroom that Got7 tried to avoid using since the water there was never really warm enough.

The rapper wasn’t sure how of long time he had sat there when he heard a knock on the door and a low voice. “I know you are in there Namjoon-hyung, can I come in?”

“Yeah of course.” Namjoon was confused Yugyeom had dropped the hyung in private many months ago, and now they were courting him… Why would he start on the hyung again, they were closer than that?

Yugyeom looked a lot more put together now, wearing a high collared shirt to cover all of the marks on his throat and he shuffled into the room he looked so… sad? Why did he look sad? Yugyeom should never look sad!

Namjoon was almost ready to ask when Yugyeom came in front of him. “Please don’t reject us because of this! Please! I promise I can be normal! I can be a good alpha! Please just forget what you saw… I can be a real alpha… Please… I promise!”

Oh… That was not what Namjoon expected.       

Chapter Text

Namjoon just looked with big eyes at Yugyeom, and then he understood what Yugyeom meant. “No… Please don’t say that. I like you the way you are.”

Yugyeom looked straight up confused. “But… You are from BTS, you guys only like real gender roles. I’m just a weirdo.” The way the tall alpha said it was like he was repeating something told to him before and that was when it hit Namjoon.

As he looked at Yugyeom he didn’t really see Yugyeom anymore. He saw Jungkook or what Jungkook could have been if he had been allowed to flourish instead of gotten other beliefs pushed on him.

Namjoon could remember the earlier days before both Jungkook and Yugyeom had presented. Oh god they had been inseparable back then. Every time Namjoon went to visit Got7 Jungkook had almost begged for him to go as well and almost attacked Yugyeom in hugs when he got there which the other idol had very much reciprocated. They had been so much like over excited puppies, that Jaebum had even teased that both BTS and Got7 should be worried that they would run away to live on a farm as one of those rare 1 on 1 couples the world had.

How had Namjoon not noticed that something was wrong with the two maknaes shortly after they had both presented. They had just stopped talking to each other and they went from being so similar to being like earth and wind. Namjoon had never really thought what pressure Yoongi’s mindset had put on the rest of BTS, but the proof was right here in front of him.

Yugyeom had been under Jaebum and Jackson, both would accept him no matter how he was, and if he came out tomorrow and said he was actually an omega inside, they would support him. Jungkook was on the other side had had it very differently, he had had Yoongi and Hoseok. One alpha that was strict and only accepted being the most ‘alpha’ as possible and Hoseok who hated being an alpha. Of course Jungkook had ended up like that.

It made so much more sense why Yugyeom was worried that Namjoon wouldn’t accept him for who he was, if he had already had Jungkook push him away. Namjoon did the first thing he could think of doing, the thing he wished that he could go back in time and do to Jungkook. He wrapped his arms around Yugyeom in a tight hug as much as his malnourished body could handle and mumbled. “Don’t ever say stuff like, I like you for who you are and whatever you like during sex would never change that.”

Yugyeom sniffed a little before hugging Namjoon tight as well after a few hesitant moments. Namjoon faintly noticed that his instinct wasn’t screaming at him to get away and to be careful of the alpha, but it was probably because his inner omega knew that Yugyeom was a not threat to anything other than maybe his tear ducts. The younger had still yet to say anything as he just hugged Namjoon, so the rapper continued. “Do you… have issues with your sub-gender?”

Yugyeom giggled a little before pulling away from Namjoon, rubbing his eyes a little and while no tears had been released he still looked like he was close but his smile was genuine. “No, I love being an alpha, I like me as I am. It’s just… You saw what you saw and then you ran away, I was worried that you were disgusted by what you saw. I know that it means so much for everybody that you are here,” he then seemed to catch what he had said as he quickly interrupted himself “it means to me as well! I promise!”

Namjoon just giggled. “It is okay, I knew that this is more knew between you and me than the rest, since you always had Jungkook. It is okay, it just means we haven’t had as much time as the rest.”

Yugyeom sat down on the floor on the bathroom. “What about we change that, the floor has heat in it and it is nice.” He patted to floor next to him.

The omega was a little hesitant, but then he sat down next to Yugyeom and he leaned his head on Yugyeom’s shoulder. That was when he noticed one big difference between how he normally sat with people, Yugyeom’s shoulder were higher up than his. It was really comfortable, now it made so much sense why people always did it with him!

Namjoon knew he had to ask a question. “What happened between you and Kookie, I first noticed now, but before you presented you were both impossible to separate, now I never even see you guys together. What happened?”

The alpha kinda giggled awkwardly. “Uhm… We might have been a little closer than you guys knew.”

Somehow Namjoon knew he wouldn’t be a fan of what he was about to be told. “What did you guys do?”

“You know how we would often lock ourselves in the spare room in either dorm? We might uhm… have been fooling around?”

Namjoon sighed in relief. “You know that is normal right? A lot of people mess around, but they are just playing to help with pheromones and feeling close to people. Sex isn’t love Yugyeom, you and Jungkook were very very close, it makes sense that you guys fooled around.”

“Before we presented.”

“YUGYEOM!” Namjoon yelled out as he started at the younger, “You know that is wrong! You weren’t ready for it! This isn’t an age thing, before presentation you simply aren’t ready for it!”

“You don’t understand how it is being the youngest! You know everybody is messing around, but they are hiding it from you and you aren’t allowed to join, not even look!” Yugyeom pouted “People won't even answer your questions about it, we got curious and started fooling around! It was very mild stuff, like touching and rubbing! No full penetration!”

While Namjoon wanted to yell at Yugyeom, he wanted to tell him what he did was wrong, but he also understood. Everybody keeping something away from you, decided thing wasn’t for you. “I understand I really do. Everybody has done the same for me, but you need to understand that what you guys did could really hurt both of you, you simply weren’t ready for such a big decision.”

Yugyeom just nodded sadly. “I know now, but that is not what messed up our relationship. It was after we had presented, we were fooling around and I told him how Jackson had almost accidentally knotted me. He thought Jackson had raped me, he couldn’t understand why an alpha would let another alpha fuck them, he got… he got really nasty with his words, he called me a freak, he got mad when I touched him. He didn’t want a freak to touch him, said it was too nasty. That was the last time I talked to him, I was pretty fucked in the head a few weeks after that, but I learned that nothing is wrong with me. I’m not any less of an alpha just because I like different things!” He sighed “I feel sorry for Kookie though, he wasn’t like that normally. I think under those hormone issues and those ideas he has in his head he is just like me. I think it would be good for him to put away that dominant persona for a second and stop pretending that he is something he isn’t.”

Namjoon hated to admit but Yugyeom was right. He knew that Yoongi had never wanted to hurt a soul, but his methods weren’t always the best and they hadn’t been good for Jungkook. “He is staying with Vixx for a few weeks and he is having his hormones fixed, so there might still be hope for him, we might still have Jungkook back.”

Namjoon leaned his head back on Yugyeom’s shoulder who kissed his hair. “That would be nice, if anybody can teach him that being an alpha is many different thing it’s those guys… I’m worried that Wonshik is going to kill him though.”

“He isn’t that bad.” Namjoon argued, he was pretty good friends with Wonshik especially after the Bobby accident and he really liked Wonshik.

Yugyeom laughed a light laughter. “You say that. One of the rookies accidentally called Ken a stupid omega, I was so sure that Wonshik was about to actually rip his head off.”

“Okay he is a little defensive.”

“A little?”

“Okay a lot! But he only wants what is best for people.”

Yugyeom just giggled. “It’s okay, you don’t need to explain yourself I like him as well. He is something special, but hopefully Hakyeon will stop him from murdering Jungkook if he calls Taekwoon weak or a freak.”

“I’m more worried that Hakyeon might hold him while Wonshik guts him, sometimes I question how sane Hakyeon really is.”

“Can you blame him?” Both just laughed and a comfortable silence fell over them.

Yugyeom played with his hand, and Namjoon found it pretty funny how the alpha actually had a bigger hand than him. That never happened, the thing was that Namjoon actually really had a question that he wanted to ask. But he was a little shy so he kinda stuttered a little when he asks. “Are you always - uhm… “ he pointed towards the bedroom trying to make Yugyeom understand what he meant.

“Submissive?” Yugyeom tried to help.

Namjoon just nodded linking his and Yugyeom’s hands together, closing his eyes enjoying the youngers thumb caressing his hand. “Not always,” the alpha tried to explain, “I like being submissive though.”

“Why?” Namjoon questioned, but his voice was soft and nice so it was clear that he wasn’t judging the other, he was actually just curious.

“I never really thought about why I like what I like. I like it with Jackson and Jaebum because I know I could never out dominant them, and it is always almost overwhelming to be the sole focus of those two, they are very intense. Especially Jaebum, he has this way of making you feel like everything other than you stops existing. Where he is the one who is actually most careful with me, he is also the most dominant. It was from him where I learned that dominant doesn’t mean harsh. Jackson is a whole other story though. Where Jaebum makes you feel like you are the only person that exists, Jackson make you feel like both of you are in the eye of the storm, and all you can do is hold on and trust that he will get both of you out whole.”

Namjoon didn’t need to open his eyes to hear the smile in Yugyeom’s lips and the way he explained it sounded so much like both of the alpha. It also sounded different than he had ever thought about sex. He always thought that sex was just insert A into B, and empty into B and done. But Yugyeom made it sound so different.

“BamBam is very different, he can go from being very submissive to very dominant. I mainly only sub to him when Mark is with us. It’s something special being between those two. I can’t explain how intense it is with both of their attention fully on you.” Yugyeom laughed lightly. “Youngjae is… different, he isn’t as much into full on sex on a 1 on 1 base, he prefer just rolling around and scent each other for hours getting off on just rubbing against his partner. And then there is Jinyoung, the only person that he completely dominate, because he is such a bloody pillow queen!”

“Pillow queen?” Another thing Namjoon wasn’t familiar with.

“It’s hard to explain, he doesn't like doing the work, but not in a bad way! You know how betas have a hard time taking a knot?” A nod from Namjoon, “Jinyoung really likes being knotted, but I am the only one who can actually really do it.”

That just confused Namjoon, he was pretty sure that neither Jackson nor Jaebum had sexual issues and Yugyeom seemed to notice that he had a hard time understanding what the issue was. “Not all knots are the same, both Jaebum and Jackson are wider than me, where I’m longer. That means that Jinyoung has a lot harder time taking a knot from somebody who is already wide, when it’s me he can take it without it hurting.”

“Does it actually feel good for a beta to take a knot?”

“I think so, he moans loudly and comes hard so I hope he likes it. It’s always really hot when you see and feel somebodies body just eat up your knot.” Yugyeom sounded actually dreaming about, and Namjoon had to cross his legs since this talk about knots was getting to him.

“Uhm… can we talk about something else?”

And in that moment it was very clear that Yugyeom was indeed part of the maknae line as he looked at Namjoon with a grin and then down to his crossed legs. “What does it turn you on.”

Namjoon didn’t know what to answer at first, while yes it turned him on he was also so used to being excluded from anything sexual that he almost denied it. But he didn’t have to do that anymore! He was an omega, he didn’t have to be ashamed of his sexual needs so he nodded a little hesitant. “I’m sorry.”

The grin from Yugyeom’s face hadn’t disappeared. “Don’t apologize, I… Can help you if you want?”

“You would do that?”

Yugyeom looked surprised that he would actually ask that. “Of course! If you would let me, we can do it in a way where you feel like you are in a little bit more control, I know you are still having a few issues with alphas.”

“It’s not on purpose I trust you guys!” Namjoon tried to explain, he didn’t want Yugyeom to think any different, “And… you seem to be easier on my mind for some reason.”

“It is because I pump out much less alpha scent than the rest of them. Have you done anything like this before?”

Namjoon nodded a little now blushing “Mark and Junhong have both uhm - rubbed against me, until we came.”

A weird noise came out from the younger alpha. “Now I really want to see that, omegas are so hot together you should make Mark and BamBam give you a show at some point, they are so hot together… What about you sit between my legs, that way you can always get up and away if your mind feels it like that? If you are still up for it.”

Namjoon had to admit that the thought of Mark and BamBam together was hot, but the thought of actually relieving the ache between his legs, not by himself sounded great as well. “Are you sure you want to do that, I can’t touch you like that.”

Now it was Yugyeom that blushed. “Uhm… That is probably for the better… I… uhm… BamBam he… uhm…” Aww Yugyeom looked so cute struggle to say his sentence, “he told me to keep on the ring until tonight.”

Okay yeah, that was also kinda hot. The fact that Yugyeom in his most private place was still wearing a mark showing him where he belonged. “Please stop if it gets too much”

“Of course! Consent is important! It’s the first thing they taught me!” Yugyeom’s smile was wide and happy like it was him getting off and not Namjoon. He let go of Namjoon’s hand to spread his own legs and pat on the warm bathroom floor between them for Namjoon to sit, which he did.

This was another position he rarely sat in, for many reasons, this meant that the person behind his head was right at Namjoon’s scent gland. Something that most people avoided, also the fact that Namjoon was so tall, which allowed Yugyeom to just fit right though.

For a moment they just sat there as it was like Yugyeom hesitated not sure that he could actually touch him until Namjoon leaned his head backwards on the younger's shoulder. “It’s okay, I promise I can still remember how to say no.”

That seemed to give Yugyeom the confidence he needed as he sneaked his hand under Namjoon’s shirt, which surprised the omega. He had kinda expected Yugyeom to go straight for his privates. But he let him do as he pleased, since Yugyeom probably knew more about this as Namjoon did.

Yugyeom’s hands were rough from the hours of dancing, how you roughed your hands up while dancing Namjoon never understood, but when those rough fingertips started circling Namjoon’s nipples under his shirt he relaxed more into Yugyeom’s grasp. He hadn’t even really started touching him yet, but it still felt so good especially when Yugyeom mumbled. “You look really good in my hoodie, you have these cute little sweater paws. We should start buying hoodies way too big for you as a standard so you could always be this cute. We could take turns wearing it before you so you smelled like us.” Yugyeom was right, he did smell like the undertone of Yugyeom’s butterscotch.

He started rolling the little knobs between his forefinger and thumb with gentle movement’s. “But then again, when your scent starts to come back to natural, I would be careful of your own clothes. Because some people are clothes stealing hoes. I don’t even think Youngjae has his own stuff anymore he just steals ours, I think he would look really cute in your stuff as well. Don’t you think so as well?” Namjoon just nodded, having his lower lip between his teeth worried that he would moan already, how could something so little as having his nipples touched feel so good?

“Don’t hold in your noises, we have nothing to hide. The rest is going to give us the space we want don’t worry, you can let them out.” Yugyeom’s voice was so hypnotising that Namjoon just did as he was told and let out a quiet slightly whiny moan. Which was rewarded with a kiss to the side of his head and a little bit more of the sweet scent of butterscotch coming from the alpha.

While one of Yugyeom’s hands swapped sides over to Namjoon’s other nipple he slowly ran down his chest, Yugyeom tried to focus on the warm and cute omega in his arms other than the fact that he could feel the olders ribs in a way that very much weren’t right. Slowly, oh so slowly worried about scaring Namjoon away from him he ran his hand down to Namjoon bulge, until he felt… Namjoon didn’t seem hard at all, which started warning flags in Yugyeom’s mind.

And he dropped the low tone he had been speaking to Namjoon in for a much more serious one. “Joonie if you aren’t into this it’s okay! You don’t have to force yourself.”

Namjoon just seemed confused, he had very much been enjoying what Yugyeom was doing. “I don’t understand, it feels good?”

“Namjoon you aren’t hard.”

And that was when Namjoon realized what had happened and he blushed even more than Yugyeom thought possible as he crossed his legs embarrassed. “I’m hard! I’m just… very small okay!”

That made Yugyeom embarrassed, he hadn’t meant to make Namjoon feel self conscious. He had just been so worried that even if he had gotten verbal consent it hadn’t been enough and he had crossed a line Namjoon wasn’t ready for. “Shit… Namjoon I’m sorry!”

Namjoon looked away blushing, he was on one hand a thinking adult and knew that Yugyeom had done the mature thing, and stopped what was going on when he thought something were up. On the other hand he was also just questioned on his dick size, “Can we uhm… not stop?”

That idea Yugyeom was more than up for it as he went back to where he was. Starting slowly with rubbing Namjoon’s nipples until he had the omega completely relaxed again him again, and then running has hand down to his bulge. This time he didn’t stop when he couldn’t feel him hard at first, but just rubbed him a little harder until he could feel it, yeah there it was. He slowly unzipped Namjoon’s pants when the omega had pushed his hips up to meet Yugyeom’s hand giving a clear sign of consent.

With a little bit of help from Namjoon he had managed to get both Namjoon jeans and boxers down to his thighs, and when it was done Yugyeom went back to his slow approach. Keeping everything he had ever been told about omega’s and people's first time. He remember how slow and careful Jinyoung had been with him, it had been his first rut and while it hadn’t spiked yet the older beta had helped him take the edge off. Letting him bite into Jinyoung arm to mute the sounds so the stagehands wouldn’t hear him. Jinyoung had talked him gently through it and when he had accidentally knotted his hands being too young to control it, Jinyoung had just kissed and cooed at him until it had fallen down and he could let go.

This was the kind of time he wanted to give Namjoon. Okay with less chance of getting caught by a stagehand yelling at them that they needed to get on the stage soon, but still like that soft and happy. With one hand still under Namjoon shoulder, he started rubbing up and down Namjoon’s tanned thighs. They were unnaturally thin for Namjoon who normally always had such full and good thighs, but Yugyeom ignored it just and reminded himself to sneak Namjoon more candy because this wasn’t okay! Namjoon’s thighs were his best features, other than his dimples… and smile… and that way he scrunched his face up when he was trying to be cute. That was beside the point!

Slowly Yugyeom ran his hand down to give his balls a light squeeze. They were small like Namjoon’s dick, but that was normal for omegas. They didn’t need to be able to release the same amount of sperm as an alpha, so it was natural that they had small balls. Namjoon’s cock was cute, almost angrily red begging to be touched, with the tip of the head sticking out his foreskin.

Yugyeom kinda wanted to suck him off, the good thing about sucking of omegas was that they in general had small dicks, making it easier to take all of them down his throat. Alphas and even sometimes betas had so stupidly large cocks for no reason at all!

The moan Namjoon let out was so cute and so not a sound Yugyeom had expected out of him. It was a whiny breathless moan coming from high in his throat the second Yugyeom touched his the tip of his cock spreading the precome over his tip at the same second that he pulled the foreskin down a little.

So okay yeah Yugyeom did find it really hot that he could close his hand and completely cover Namjoon’s erection. He let his fingers run down it in a teasing movement as more precome came to the tip and he kissed Namjoon softly right over his scent gland. “Can I scent you while I do it? It makes it feel better.”

Had it been anybody else he would just have done it, but this was Namjoon and he couldn’t just assume that he had consent. Luckily Namjoon nodded making Yugyeom burying his head in the place where his neck and shoulder met and his scent gland laid. He licked, nipped, and caressed the gland with his nose, and at this point Namjoon had given up trying to keep in his sounds.

Yugyeom could hear a movement right outside the door and he had a really good idea what was going on. But Namjoon seemed to gone to realize it, letting Yugyeom do another light bite sucking a mark over it, where he knew BTS would see it at practice. He made sure to not break skin but still leave his mark and scent of Namjoon as he speed up the jerking movement of of his hands. The hand that had been playing with Namjoon’s nipples had now instead went down to massage the now tight balls under his erection.

As Namjoon’s body tightened up, and Yugyeom could see that he was ready to cum. But it was like something was holding him back so hesitantly he licked over Namjoon’s scent gland one last time and mumbled into the tank skin. “Cum for me.”

And Namjoon did, right on cue did he cum. His hand tightened into the meat of Yugyeom’s hand as he whined the alpha’s name on his tongue. Namjoon was breathing heavily, his cum covering Yugyeom’s hand and his pretty little cock lying limp against his thigh. Yugyeom couldn’t stop himself from calling out. “Jackson you are being creepy.” and with that the door opened with Jackson standing a little ashamed outside the door, and a his hand down his pants with a dirty spot on it.

At first Namjoon was a little embarrassed, but as Yugyeom trying to shoo Jackson away to clean up the omega, Namjoon just giggled. “It’s okay.”

The two alphas helped him clean up, a job Namjoon could have done himself, but he liked the two alphas attention on him, and their small touches and soft words.

When they got into the kitchen Namjoon could see something was wrong as Jinyoung looked at him with worried eyes and his phone in hand. “I’m sorry it kept ringing so I went to turn it off, but it was your choreographer so I thought I would take it worried that they really needed you… Jungkook has hit Taehyung, and Jimin scratched up Jungkook’s neck and arm pretty bad. With both Hoseok and Yoongi still gone he had no idea who to call other than you… They have no idea where Taehyung is, and Seokjin went into a panic attack. They had to take him to the hospital since they couldn’t get him to breathe right.”  

Chapter Text

“And why do you want to leave again?” Hakyeon asked looking over the baby alpha in front of him. Jungkook was sitting on the couch looking at the ground. He wasn’t in a good shape. Nail formed marks were sitting over his cheek and over the scent gland free side of his neck. Tear marks had dried over his cheeks, and his hands were shaking where they were lying in his lap.

“I already told you, I am happy for how much you have tried to help me, but it turns out that there is no helping me.”

Hongbin was watching with a sad look at Jungkook. “Why don’t you tell us the full story before we judge anybody. I’m sure it isn’t as bad as you are saying it is.”

Jaehwan and Taekwoon exchanged a glance behind everybody's back. A nod was exchanged as the omega got up and left to fetch something because both of them had a bad suspicion that they knew what really was going on. Jungkook started explaining what had happened at training.

It had been a hard training. Without Hoseok there the choreographer had more or less decided to make it hell for them, since apparently Hoseok was his favorite. For Jungkook it had been a pretty shitty day. He had a headache since he started taking his medicine and it refused to go away. Drenched in sweat he emptied the rest of his water bottle into his mouth, looking at it sadly when he noticed it was empty.

The thing was for some reason they didn’t drink tap water. It was a weird thing that Bang PD-nim had told them, Jungkook had never understood it, but he had followed the rule. The thing was that at that point to fill up his water bottle was across the building, and he couldn’t really imagine having to wonder all the way over there when there was a tap right outside the dance room.

He made sure that the choreographer was busy trying to make Seokjin’s body do the right moves, and then he sneaked out to fill up his bottle. Just because he was nice he grabbed both Jimin’s and Taehyung’s bottles as well since the rest of the maknae line looked just as thirsty as him. But none could really be fucked to walk all the way over to fill it up. Jungkook had almost felt like a jewel thief as he filled up the bottles and quickly went back into the room, throwing the bottles both to Jimin and Taehyung.

Jimin who was currently leaning against the mirror looked at Jungkook with a big smile. “You are a hero, did you run all the way to fill them? You were fast.”

Jungkook just shook his head unscrewing the lid on the bottle “Nah, I just filled them up from the tap, it’s a stupid rule as well.” Jimin just laughed patting him on the shoulder as the youngest brought the water bottle up to his mouth ready to take a big gulp and he was suddenly pushed by… Taehyung? This caused him to spill some of the precious water on his already sweat stained shirt.

“Taehyung what the fuck?” Jungkook couldn’t stop himself from half yelling out annoyed.

Taehyung’s eyes were almost wild and his words so hurried that they almost fell over each other. “We can’t drink water from there! You know we can’t drink from the tap!”

That confused Jungkook since Taehyung had never been the person to follow to rules that closely and Jungkook could feel his headache get worse and red to start squirming its way into his vision as he felt anger rise up inside him… No! That were supposed to be gone, the baby alpha shook his head focusing on the beta in front of him. “Other people drink from it! Just back off it’s fine! I’m dying here.”

Jungkook could feel the familiar tendrils of anger as he thought Taehyung would backoff now. He was wrong as he again brought up the bottle to his lips just to get pushed again by Taehyung, this time much harder causing Jungkook to spill more of the water on himself and almost fall on his ass. This time he couldn’t control the yelling. “TAEHYUNG WHAT THE FUCK?”

Normally Taehyung would back down when he felt Jungkook get angry, everyone other than Yoongi would back down from Jungkook’s anger. But this time he didn’t, his wild eyes weren’t focusing on Jungkook, but instead at the water bottle. With one precise strike he managed to knock Jungkook’s bottle out of his hand into the floor letting the tap water flow onto the floor. Jimin, Seokjin and their choreographer all held their breath looking at the two youngest members of BTS waiting for all hell to break out.

Which it did when Jungkook could no longer hold back the anger that was building inside him. The red of the alpha anger he thought he would never see again floated over his vision and took over his logic, and then he did something he never thought he would do. He took one step towards Taehyung and then hit him square in the jaw. Taehyung who hadn’t seem to have expected the hit at all, as he stumbled multiple steps back looking scared at Jungkook whose eyes had now gotten taken over completely by the alpha red.

Jungkook didn’t really know what was happening. He just knew that he was angry and Taehyung was the reason. Seokjin stood at the other end of the practice room and just froze. He couldn’t move or access his higher brain function, he was scared… No he were terrified of Jungkook, the snarl Jungkook’s face was put in didn’t fit his pretty features instead it looked like a distorted mask.

Luckily Jimin’s instincts kicked in when Jungkook took another step towards Taehyung who was now sitting on the ground looking up at Jungkook. The wild in his eyes gone and now just replaced with a look of true horror. Jimin just felt that Taehyung was in danger, and he needed to do something. While he normally would never stand up to an alpha like Jungkook and Yoongi when they were like this, but he had no choice. He half launched himself at Jungkook and did the first thing that came to mind, he scratched Jungkook right across the face, all thought of having to make sure not to hurt his face out.

Through the haze of alpha anger Jungkook felt the pain of the nail’s biting into his soft facial skin, but it wasn’t enough to rip him out of it. Then he felt another set of nails bite into the side of his neck and the pain was intense forcing him out of his alpha haze. He could feel how the nails had actually managed to draw blood and he let out a confused noise. Jimin had now stepped multiple steps away from him, blood still on his nails and Jungkook could feel how it was slowly gliding down his neck.

Then he focused on Taehyung who was still on the floor, looking at Jungkook like… like he was a monster. Jungkook reached out for Taehyung wanting to make it all better, wanting to explain that he hadn’t meant to hurt him! That he was just tired and exhausted, that he had to deal with a near constant headache and for some reason his alpha anger problems weren’t fixed by the medicine! He wanted to make it all up to Taehyung, but he didn’t succeed as the younger almost crap walked multiple steps backwards trying to get away from Jungkook with big confused and scared eyes.

And then suddenly he was up on his feet and he ran away?! He straight up ran away, out of the training room not even looking back on the members that he left behind. The glint in his eyes when he looked at Jungkook one last time showed that he was clearly still terrified of what had just happened.

Jungkook kinda just stood awkwardly in the middle of the room with his hand still reaching out for Taehyung who was no longer there, and then a lot of things happened at once. Seokjin fell to his knees and the choreographer was over him in the same second. Seokjin gasped out that he couldn’t breath and Jungkook had no idea what were happening. He took a step towards the beta on the ground, but then… Jimin hissed at him?

The omega looked just as surprised as Jungkook over what he had done. Like at first he didn’t really understand that the sound was actually really coming from him, but it did make Jungkook stop in his tracks ending in a staredown between the two dancers. Jimin’s eyes were hard and the normal friendly look in them were gone, and Jungkook knew what was happening. Jimin thought that he was going to hurt Seokjin! His instinct told him to protect, people always said that alphas were the protectors. But it was also very known to not cross an omega who were in protect mode. Jungkook was just confused and sad, he never wanted to hurt anybody! He just wanted to help!

They were ripped out of their staring contest when they heard a yell. “Call an ambulance now!”

That made Jimin move as he hissed out at Jungkook, “Go, now!” then quickly went for his phone to call the ambulance, while trying to calm Seokjin down the older man on the ground clutching at his throat and having panicked sporadic breaths and Jungkook did the only thing he could think of, he listened to Jimin and left the room.

“And that was what happened.” Jungkook explained back at the Vixx dorm, he had decided to walk home hood up ignoring the rain that was falling heavily at that point. When he had arrived at what he was currently calling home he was a mess. He had managed to keep his face mostly out the rain with the hood, but not dry as a mess of tears had decided to take over his features and the blood on his cheek and neck had stiffened. The rest of him was drenched in rain and when Hongbin had opened the door to let Jungkook in he had been scared out of his mind and it hadn’t been helped by Jungkook just saying. “I’m leaving… Turns out I can’t be helped.”

That was what led to where they were at that moment, Jungkook sitting on the couch retelling his tale refusing to look at any of them, currently flanked by the two betas both holding one of his hands helping him get over the periods of his tale where new tears took over him.

“You understand now, I can’t be helped, I was stupid for thinking it.”

That was when Jaehwan came back into the room with Jungkook’s pill bottle. “This is the ones you are taking right?” Jungkook just nodded as Jaehwan through the bottle to Taekwoon who looked it over. “We were right.” he mumbled not seeming to happy with it.

Jungkook just looked confused and sniffed on more, looking more like a little kid than an alpha capable of hitting anybody right at that moment. Hongbin gave his hand a soft squeeze feeling nothing but pure and almost violent sorrow for the alpha in that moment and Taekwoon started to explain. “At first we thought the medicine was just working really slowly, but you started getting mad at smaller and smaller things. While yes you were quick at trying to force the anger down again. It was a sign that the medicine wasn’t working and if anything it was making it worse. So we started googling around, and now that we look at the bottle… Jungkook they have given you the wrong bottle, this is for omegas… not alphas, that is why it has become worse.”

Jungkook for some reason didn’t feel relieved about this, he felt like he had gotten told that he had murdered a kindergarten class, but there were a logical reason to why he had done it. “I still hit Taehyung!”

Jaehwan tried to be the logical person. “I know you did, but it wasn’t really you. You are having issues, you just need to explain to him what happened. Get some new pills and then you are going to be okay. Jungkook it’s going to be okay, I promise you that when he know’s the truth he is going to forgive you, he could never be angry with you when he knows the truth.”

It still didn’t calm down Jungkook. “That doesn’t matter! I still hit him! I’m still a monster! I hit my own pack member!”

Sanghyuk tried to calm him down by lightly caressing his hand. “Nobody thinks of you like that.” But new tears streamed to the young alphas eyes as he couldn’t keep them in.

“I still hit him! We can never be square after that! I’m abusive.” Suddenly Jungkook felt himself getting hit right in jaw like he described how he hit Taehyung, and he looked confused at a very angry Wonshik who was now standing instead of sitting on the ground as he had when Jungkook got in.

“You want to be square! There! Now stop being a bitch and man up! What happened to being an ‘alpha’ as you told me about?” He clearly had enough of Jungkook’s pity party for himself and opened his mouth for another word vomit to exit it when Hakyeon took control.

“Take a walk Wonshik.” The younger omega looked like he wanted to argue, but the older just cut him off. “Now unless you want to sleep on the couch for an entire week.”

That didn’t seem to stop Wonshik to much, as the omega seemed to have more things he wanted to say, but now it was Taekwoon’s turn to speak up supporting their leader. “Go take a walk.” It was the closest Jungkook had ever heard to Taekwoon using an alpha voice, while it technically had no alpha order behind it and therefore had no effect on him it still made Wonshik stare at him almost insulted, before he seemed to decide that arguing with both his pack alpha and Vixx’s leader was a bad idea. So he just grabbed his running shoes and left.

Jungkook looked worried after him, since from his point of view Wonshik hadn’t really done something wrong. “It’s raining outside.” He mumbled sadly.

“Well that might help him calm down,” Hakyeon mumbled. “We apologize, but you have to understand that we like you, and it’s hard for us to hear a friend talk about himself like that.”

“I’m sorry but it’s the truth.” Jungkook understood what they were saying, but he also felt that they didn’t understand him.

Jaehwan bowed down in front of him, having gone to pick up a cold cloth in the kitchen lightly dabbing where Wonshik hit him. “But he has a point, if you wanted to be square that is it, you are square now. You need to focus on apologising and explaining what happened. You have made progress, I know you don’t see the progress because your own body is fighting against you, but you have to see it. This anger isn’t you and you have made good progress in seeing us as equals.”

Taekwoon and Hakyeon exchanged a conversation with only their eyes before Taekwoon spoke up. “I think you have learned your lesson, at this point we are doing more damage to you than good, by forcing you to stay alone. You can join us in the nest now, you understand what you did to Namjoon. Now it’s time for you to heal.”

Jungkook looked confused, and probably pretty pathetic as well. “But Wonshik said he didn’t trust me around omegas.”

Sanghyuk laughed lightly at that. “Wonshik likes to pretend that he is big and tough, he is really just a big sweetheart on the inside. Wonshik only has one sixth of the say in this pack, and the rest of us trust you. We just wanted you to see what it felt like being alone.”

The pack alpha still sat on the floor in the same position as he had when Jungkook had gotten here crying and bleeding his glance was soft as he looked at Jungkook. “Do you still want to leave? We won't force you to stay if you really don’t want to, but we would like to keep you around until you feel you have reached what you want to learn from us.”

At that moment Jungkook felt like was he was, an 18 year old kid that had been an alpha for less than 6 months and had been forced to grow up way too fast. “I would like to stay please” and with that he was almost violently attacked by a hug from both of the betas next to him.

“Of course you can! You are our new puppy!”

On the other side of the city at the Got7 dorms Namjoon was staring at the phone Jinyoung gave to him and sighed. He should have expected this to happen, somehow the BTS pack alway had a way of collapsing on itself when he was relaxing the most. “Thank you Jinyoung, I am going to go and uhm… deal with this.”

Mark was the one to grab his arm before he could leave. “You don’t have to hide away to do it, we know you are still the leader of BTS, just because they are also courting you doesn’t mean you have to hide the fact that they exist. You can be BTS leader while still being here with us, Kim Namjoon and Rap Monster doesn’t have to lead different lives.”

Namjoon looked actually relieved at Mark, he was worried that he would have to separate the two from each other feeling that it was weird dealing with it in front of them, worried that he would hurt their feelings. So he ended up sitting on the floor leaning his head back against Jackson’s thigh as he laid on the couch more or less half dead to the world while running his hand absently through Namjoon’s hair with a soft touch, in Namjoon’s lap was BamBam head.

The younger Got7 member in his lap had playfully bit his thigh through his sweats, before Namjoon had lightly slapped him on the shoulder for him to behave while he made his calls, his first call was for Seventeen. The thing was as BTS leader, he knew a lot more about where his members and everybody around them were at all times. While Yoongi might not have cared that much where his betas spend their nights. Namjoon cared where his vocalist were. He knew that Taehyung spent a lot of time with Seventeen, feeling very at home with the members near his age plus Taehyung liked that there were so many members… Taehyung always loved being surrounded by people.

Doing a quick thought experiment, he tried to decide who were least likely to sit with Taehyung so he didn’t interrupt something. Seungkwan was the person he ended up calling and instead of answer with hello and a respectful ‘Namjoon-hyung’ as he normally got from the younger omega he got. “This has to stop, my heart is not meant for seeing him cry.”

Namjoon just sighed. “I wasn’t there when it happened,” then he thought over it and sighed of course… he was in the hospital and Taehyung were there… Of course how could he have been so forgetful. “How bad is it?”

“He won’t let any of the alphas near him, Namjoon-hyung he is terrified and at this point I think Jihoon is going to start crying himself he can’t help him. We can’t get out of him what happened? Did an alpha fan touch him or something? He had what looked to be a hit mark on his face.”

Of course the face Jungkook really classy. “It’s a long story and I don’t know all of it, but it was Jungkook who hit him, they had some kind of argument and fight.”

Seungkwan sighed. “We got him, and we are going to make sure that he is okay, do you want to text your manager or?”

Namjoon sighed just as heavily as Seungkwan. “I will do it, you think he will be okay for practice tomorrow?”

“If you keep him away from Jungkook yeah probably, his main issues seem to be alphas right now… You know about the omega issue right?”

“I don’t know the full story, but yes I know the issues. It’s Taehyung’s story to tell me, but I will move stuff around so he is mostly be in vocal where he can be alone with Minnie.”

Seungkwan made a weird noise not seeming to happy having Taehyung with another omega, but it was clear that his want for Taehyung to be safe and happy won over. “Okay, we will find a way to escort him there and pick him up again. He is staying with us, and with all the respect in the world… I don’t care what you think of it.”

Namjoon didn’t argue with him just agreed before hanging up. He knew that Seventeen was attached to Taehyung, but something told him it was a lot deeper than just friendship which made him sigh sadly. Nothing good would ever come out of this. The only way Taehyung would leave the BTS pack for them were if the pack dissolved, and that would never happen. Even if Taehyung was sad and no longer loved them anymore he would stay, because that was the kind of guy he was, he was faithful like a puppy.

Jaebum sat down next to him as Namjoon stared at his phone gently kissing his cheek. “Everything is going to be okay Joonie I promise, and if you need somebody to talk to… we are here for you.”

Chapter Text

The next call that Namjoon made were for Wonshik, he knew that Jungkook would be there now and Wonshik were the member that he was closest with personally. When the other omega picked up the phone Namjoon could hear the rain falling “Wonshik-hyung what are you doing outside?”

“I got told to take a walk, also known as I got on Hakyeon’s bad side and Taekwoon is whipped.” he grumbled as it sounded like he seeked shelter for the hard rain.

Namjoon sighed as he leaned his head back into Jackson’s thigh and BamBam kissed in his thigh through his jeans, clearly able to feel have Namjoon’s whole body language tightened up, Namjoon rewarded him with a light pet on his hair which he leaned into like a cat “That means you don’t know where Jungkook is?”

“He is fine he is with us, jesus christ Namjoon, do you guys run a brain watching cult behind closed doors? Or did nobody think of sitting Yoongi down and telling him he is fucked in the head?” well Wonshik always did seem to get to the point, but he also seemed to regret his hard words “Shit I’m sorry, it isn’t right to take out my frustrations on you, you suffered just as much as Jungkook did. But I think we have all gotten attached to the brat,” he sighed “I thought we had made progress, but it turned out the the pharmacy gave him the wrong medicine, he got the one for omega’s as well. I failed to notice that while his mindset was getting better his anger was just as bad as before.”

That made Namjoon relax a little, that meant there were reason behind what happened and it wasn’t just Jungkook that were fucked in the head behind measure “I think we were all just happy pretending that everything were okay, our pack.. No that is wrong, their pack. It was fragile, it had always been so, it like… If we removed one stone we knew that everything would crumble, and sadly my hospital trip were that stone, i think everybody were and still is afraid of what comes out on the other side. Did you guys get out of Jungkook what happened?”

Wonshik quickly caught him up on everything Jungkook had said before he sighed again “the marks on his neck might scar, Jimin really put his strength to it.”

Namjoon closed his eyes leaning against Jackson’s thigh while the older alpha combed lightly through his hair in a calming movement, the thing was that while Namjoon were technically not part of the pack he were still the leader of BTS, and he still had duty to perform and these people were his close friend’s that meant everything to him “Taehyung is terrified of alpha’s right now, but he is safe I already made sure of that. I’m going to call our manager and get him to move stuff around so him and Jungkook don’t have to see each other at first, I should hopefully be okay to go in tomorrow and then I will talk with everybody and see if I can fix this. I know that you are demonizing Yoongi, but he really isn’t that bad, he is a little misunderstood, but he never wanted anything but the best for us.”

That was when Wonshik’s voice got even more serious “how are you tho, I promise you Jungkook and Taehyung are going to be okay, but you are jumping into leading again very fast how are you.”

Namjoon looked around the room, he wanted to tell how he had a hard time with alpha’s in general, but it didn’t feel like the right thing to say with 3 alpha’s in the room, but Jackson’s lazy hand in his hair patted gently once more “You can tell him,” he mumbled, clearly having been listening with half an ear.

Namjoon looked relieved at the older alpha, before returning back to his call with Wonshik “It’s complicated, I… I don’t hate myself anymore, there are moments where I want to crush a mirror” It was clear now that everybody in the room paused what they were doing to listen to Namjoon’s phonecalll, which now that Namjoon thought of it actually made sense, he had never really told them how he felt, normally tried to avoid it. He prefered to look strong and like he could take everything on himself “Alpha’s are an issue for me, even tho I know they would never hurt me, my body and subconscious raises all defense around them. It is worse around the alpha’s who are more traditionally alpha, but it’s still bad.”

“Is it something you can fight past and still be normal around them, or is to bad.” Wonshik asked softly.

“I can fight past it, I need to remind my mind that it’s being stupid and nobody would ever hurt me.”

“Fuck Yoongi,” Wonshik mumbled to himself, but quickly picked up before Namjoon could defend the small BTS rapper “I think distance is good for everybody in the BTS pack, many of your members were very young when they joined the pack, just give everybody a few months to find themselves and remember who they are without the pack, there is a reason that most older members refuse to give the maknae lines the bite early, you can quickly end up with refusing them exploration of themselves.”

“Are you saying that the pack should breakup,” Namjoon asked almost disturbed, that had never crossed his mind.

Wonshik just sighed again, this time more playful “You do always go to the most extreme don’t you? That is not what I’m saying, the pack should stay and be just as strong as always. What I’m saying is that everybody should have the chance to find who they are as people without the pack, most of them doesn’t have friends outside of the pack Namjoon. Everything we could get out of Jungkook was that he used to hang out with Yugyeom, but that broke for reasons. Everybody needs friends and a support system outside of their pack. It took me 4 months to convince Taekwoon that I were actually ready for the bite, you are meant to get it the day you present!”

The oldest omega left out the part where he meant that it was all Yoongi’s fault and that the alpha lived in the past where yes you got the bite on your birthday, but Namjoon… no everybody seemed blind to Yoongi’s fault, silly BTS.

Namjoon didn’t really want to admit that Wonshik had a point instead he just sighed “you might have gotten your way anyway, Jimin spent his heat with Exo and Taehyung is with Seventeen right now.”

“It’s going to be good for them Joonie, just trust me they will comeback as stronger people and know who they are. It’s good for them and they need friends.”

“Just… be gentle with Kookie please? He is a good kid.”

Wonshik just laughed lightly “You know that they are courting you right? Calling him a kid isn’t really the was to express that you see him as a possible mate,” that coursed Namjoon to blush a deep red color on his already tanned skin.

“That was not what I meant!”

“I know, I’m just teasing. I’m going to go now, see if I will actually be let back in at home, or I’m still in the dog house, and I promise we are going to be good to him.” and with that Wonshik hung up and left Namjoon to just look at his phone a little pouting, it was not what he had meant!

A text came in that second:

From unknown number to Kim Namjoon, 21:38
I kinda want to see pictures of the dog! I sent you to a place with a dog and you didn’t send me pictures! This is treason!

Namjoon looked disturbed at the phone, this was his private number and he couldn’t remember giving it to anybody, and not for that person to ‘send’ him somewhere, he was a little hesitant to answer, but in the end he did with BamBam looking up at him with a grin, while he clearly wanted to see what Namjoon was doing he also knew that looking at other peoples text’s were rude.

From Kim Namjoon to unknown number 21:39
Excuse me who is this?

The answer was almost instant like the person on the other end had been sitting and waiting for the answer.

From unknown number to Kim Namjoon 21:39
Oh! I forgot didn’t I? Seungri!

From unknown number to Kim Namjoon 21:39
From BigBang!

From unknown number to Kim Namjoon 21:39
Daesung’s group!

At each text came in Namjoon felt more and more awkward, did Seungri really not think that Namjoon knew who he were without having to specific which group it were and then even more having to say that it was Daesung’s group! Who didn’t know BigBang?! IT WAS BIGBANG!

From Kim Namjoon to BigBang Seungri-Sunbaenim 21:40
I am so sorry Seungri-sunbaenim, but where have you gotten my number from?

Namjoon felt really weird about the fact that Seungri were texting him! IT WAS SEUNGRI! From Big Bang! A group Namjoon looked up to! So yeah, he had had conversations with Daesung, and he had said that he wanted to help Namjoon, but this was so weird.

From BigBang Seungri-Sunbaenim to Kim Namjoon 21:40
Hyung! Sunbaenim makes me feel old! And that is not my job in this group! And Daesung gave me your number!

From BigBang Seungri-Sunbaenim to Kim Namjoon 21:41
Technically I took it from his phone, but he didn’t tell me not to and it weren’t locked.

From BigBang Seungri-Sunbaenim to Kim Namjoon 21:41
Okay so it were locked and I used his finger to unlock it while he slept, but he didn’t tell me I shouldn’t do it.

From BigBang Seungri to Kim Namjoon 21:42
Okay so Youngbae told me not to, but that technically weren’t about Dae’s phone.

Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from giggling at every message, and it was clearly harder and harder for BamBam to not look at what was going on, so Namjoon showed him the message which coursed a cascade of things.

First BamBam started laughing at the message’s and then he could just gaped like a fish “Seungri? FROM BIGBANG!?”

And that made every member of Got7 focus on him, and they all looked like Namjoon felt… like a giddy school girl that senpai had finally noticed, it was first another text from Seungri that brought him back to the world

From BigBang Seungri-Sunbaenim to Kim Namjoon 21:50
Are you ignoring me? >-< >-<

Followed of by multiple stickers of dogs in teacups, cause of course! BamBam just looked at Namjoon like he had grown horns “Since when do you have contact with BigBang? And why didn’t you tell me?!”

Namjoon just awkwardly looked down on the ground “Daesung-hyung came to see me in the hospital, he wanted to talk to me about making sure that I let myself be courted by other packs.” He decided not to tell them about how Daesung had told what had happened to himself, that was the older omega’s own story to tell the world “and then I talked on the phone with him and Seungri, it was actually Seungri who came up with the order of who I should stay with first.”

“So he just text’s you sometimes… and Daesung-sunbaenim wants to more or less mentor you, I need to go and lie down! How could you not how told us this?!”

Before Namjoon managed to answer another text beeped in on his phone.

From BigBang Seungri-Sunbaenim to Kim Namjoon 21:57
I can see you are reading these!! >-<!! Did you find the thing I left behind?

“He left something in your house?” BamBam were now sitting in Namjoon’s lap instead reading along on his phone “this is amazing! How can you even text him, I would be to scared to even try! I swear at an award ceremony I walked past G Dragon and almost fainted, how can you talk to them!”

Jackson who had now half woken up from his nap not really a nap looking at what happened “You should answer him, he doesn’t seem like to type to just accept that you are ignoring him.” he lied his head back down and started playing with Namjoon’s hair again, clearly Jackson was more or less dead after dance training today.

Namjoon quickly went on to type a message to Seungri attaching a photo of Rap Mon sleeping on Mark across the room.

From Kim Namjoon to BigBang Seungri-Hyung 22:04
I’m sorry, I’m sitting in the living room and a lot is going on atm, did you need anything?

From BigBang Seungri-Hyung to Kim Namjoon 22:07
Nope we are just rerecording the same song for the 12th time and will probably do it 500 times mores before we get this album out because Ji is a devil from hell.

From BigBang Seungri-Hyung to Kim Namjoon 22:08

From BigBang Seungri-Hyung to Kim Namjoon 22:09
We can’t have a dog.

From BigBang Seungri-Hyung to Kim Namjoon 22:09
Cause I accidentally killed our fish… and then that means we can’t have a dog.

It turned out that Seungri were the type of texter that refused to put what he wanted to say into one message instead spreading it over as many as possible, and it made Namjoon giggle a little, he could clearly see why Seungri were the moodmaker of BigBang, he were genuinely funny even when he weren’t trying to,

From Kim Namjoon to BigBang Seungri-Hyung 22:11
I haven’t seen what you left or me, I left right after I talked with the two of you, I am currently at Got7’s place.

From BigBang Seungri-Hyung to Kim Namjoon 22:12
Oh… I should leave you to it then… Text me when you find it! Oh and when you see what is inside the puzzle box, I’m curious! Or if you are bored!

From Kim Namjoon to BigBang Seungri-Hyung 22:13
I will I promise! Thank you for looking after me Seungri-hyung!

All he got back was a few more stickers if tiny panda’s in teacups and then silence, leaving both him and BamBam to giggling.

After that Namjoon had one more uncomfortable phone call to make… To Jimin.

He picked up at the first ring and Namjoon awkwardly moved a little from side to side where he was sitting, now with BamBam hanging on him like a panda. It should be uncomfortable, but BamBam’s lips resting against his pulse were calming more than anything, it made him feel grounded as Jimin asked in the other end “Joonie?”

You didn’t even need to know Jimin very well to be able to hear just how shaken he were by his voice only “Hey Minnie,” he almost whispered into the phone, he had missed Jimin, “How are you holding on?”

Jimin took a deep breath from the other end, he knew that he couldn’t tell Namjoon about how he felt like he was falling apart, how he had scrubbed his hands almost to blood trying to get Jungkook’s blood gone from under his fingernails, he needed to be strong right now even if he felt as far away from strong as possible “It’s okay” he whispered back, he held Seokjin’s hand and gently caressed it  while talking on the phone “Jinnie is going to be okay, it was nothing major just a panic attack, they are just keeping him overnight for observation, I called Hoseok already. He is going to be staying a couple of night’s with some friends he meet at support group that is why he weren’t there, he said that it helped him accept stuff.”

Jimin wanted to question why a stranger was easier for Hoseok to trust than his own pack, but he didn’t cause somehow he could understand it, he thought back to the conversation he had with Junmyeon right before he left the Exo dorm, it really wasn’t that hard to believe, he still hadn’t told BTS about how he felt, Namjoon on the other end of the line didn’t know how to feel ,but he then thought about what Wonshik had said

“I think space could be good for you guys, for everybody. You will still see each other everyday while we are working, but Jimin who is your closest friend outside of BTS.” the way that Jimin hesitated before answering in a small voice ‘Baek…’ but the tone he said it clearly showed that he weren’t really that sure in it.

“That’s the issue Minnie, your mate’s are also your only close friend’s, we all need friends. So Jungkook is staying with Vixx for a while, but you knew that, they are helping him feel better. Tae is with some friends, and Hoseok is with some friends. It’s okay for you to go and spend time with friends, find out who you are as a person outside of BTS.”

As Namjoon’s soft voice filled him Jimin almost wanted to cry, Namjoon cared so fucking much about them and they had treated him badly. Why was it that they had treated him so badly? Jimin just kinda wanted to hug Namjoon, but since he couldn’t he instead just mumbled “You are right, but you deserve to be happy to, I look forward to seeing you at training, and tell whoever you are with to treat you right or I will kick their ass!”

Namjoon just giggled, even tho he knew that the happiness in Jimin’s voice weren’t real it was nice to feel Jimin have some of his spirit back “I will, and you get some sleep as well.” and then he hung up.

He weren’t really sure if he felt better or worse after the call, he just felt confused, he weren’t sure what the right answer were, but as BamBam presses a light kiss to his pulse and Jackson twirled a tot in his now arguably a little bit to long purple hair he thought that maybe the right answer could wait, Jimin was right… He deserved to be happy for a little bit as well, as he lightly pulled BamBam’s face a little bit up to kiss the younger omega.   

Chapter Text

The rest of the evening went pretty relaxed for Got7 and Namjoon. It was how Namjoon expected that most nights with Got7 was. The banter was light and at least 2 members were half sleeping exhausted of the long day of training. Tonight those two members were Jackson who had decided that the world was out to get him and passed out on the couch ignoring the rest of the world.

The other were surprisingly enough Jinyoung, but Namjoon had an idea that might be caused by the gentle hand movement of Jaebum who he was sleeping on. The Got7 pack alpha had taken to reviewing their schedule for the next day while gently petting the beta who was lying on his chest watching the movie, and by then the gentle petting became too much for him leading to the disturbingly cute image of the two vocalists on the couch.

Almost 30 minutes after Namjoon’s phone call with Jimin, BamBam was pulled away from his current pastime of playing a koala on Namjoon to instead being pulled away by a very insistent Yugyeom. Which made Namjoon realize the reason for it the blush and looked over at Mark who was very intensely playing a game of candy crush. “Shouldn’t you?” He awkwardly pointed towards the door where the two youngest Got7 members had hid behind.

Mark just laughed. “That game of teasing and denial is BamBam’s job not mine. I will play along, but it’s not my kink.” Again Namjoon blushed, so yes it was a joke that he was a perv, and yes he had watched porn before, but it was mostly a joke between all of the members of BTS from before they had become a pack.

Since Namjoon had always been a dud, the world had hid all sexual activities from him. He was treated like somebody who hadn’t presented yet. So it was completely new to him that people actually talked so openly about it around him. He looked confused at Mark. It wasn’t that he didn’t knows what those things were, he weren’t an idiot. But he always expected Mark to be the kind of guy who was fan of slow and teasing. “I don’t believe you.”

Mark looked actually impressed at Namjoon for speaking up and it got Youngjae’s attention as well who seemed to instantly understand what was going on. “That is because he is full of shit!” Youngjae laughed. “He loves teasing! He just gives in to Yugyeom way to fast.”

The oldest member of Got7 didn’t look to happy about getting called out. “It’s not my fault! You are all just as soft for him as I am!”

Jaebum laughed lightly disturbing the other sleeping vocalist, but quickly falling back asleep by the still gentle hand movement. When the alpha spoke he kept his voice soft as to not disturb the sleeping male. “Everybody is weak for Yugyeom that is just how it works, it’s magical maknae power.” Namjoon giggled a little, Jaebum had a point it seemed that in every group people were in general weak for the Maknae. That was the reason why Zelo got away with as much shit as he did, and a reason why the rest of of BTS would probably forgive Jungkook. Even if he went berserk and murdered a baby cow with a spoon and they would still love him.

It was decided that it was ready for bedtime when Mark accidentally dropped his phone on his face from being tired and Jaebum got worried that they would have to deal with more phone injuries.

When they went to the nest Yugyeom and BamBam were already sleeping and surprisingly enough cleaned and dressed. Which Namjoon hadn’t actually expected, but pleasingly surprised.

As they all got ready for bed and laid down Jaebum and Jinyoung were back to cuddling. Mark just kinda collapsed on the edge of the bed away from most people. Which as Jackson took his spot behind Namjoon to spoon him made him feel a little (a lot) uncomfortable. Had he been hogging Jackson’s attention. He had always been so used to having Jackson almost glued to his back when they were cuddling, but if he had to try and be in the Got7 pack he was no longer the guest and he couldn’t just take all the attention for himself. He needed to share.

He turned a little in Jackson’s arms and said in a low voice so not to wake the rest of the pack. “You should go and sleep over there.” He pointed vaguely towards Mark, not wanting to specify that he wanted the older to go and cuddle with the other omega. Mark hated when other people asked stuff for him, but he looked so lonely lying alone.

Jackson just looked weirdly at Namjoon. He felt like he was getting told to fuck off in the kindest of ways. He wanted to argue but he also knew that he needed to give Namjoon space, he might not like cuddling all the time. The older alpha just nodded before crawling over to lie closer to Mark where Namjoon had pointed.

Youngjae flopped himself down in front of Namjoon cuddling his face into the chest of the omega. Namjoon smelled nice, a little weak… but nice. “Something wrong?” He mumbled looking up at the older.

Said omega just looked weird at Youngjae. “No should something be wrong?” The words were a little slurred as Namjoon was somehow tired.

“You sent Jackson away,” Youngjae looked a little worried at the older male, “are you two fighting?”

Namjoon woke up a little at that. “Of course not, I just… I have been hogging his attention and felt like it was unfair that I should give him a chance to actually be with the rest of you instead of being selfish, and Mark looked lonely.”

That was when Youngjae realized that they had forgotten something very important when they brought Namjoon into their pack. They had forgotten to tell him of how dynamics and other casual things like that worked. Namjoon was no longer a guest. “Joonie shit, I am so sorry, we never really told you did we? Mark sometimes needs space, when he chooses to sleep away from us, we know that he need the space. Also we have more or less have our own sleeping spots and Mark just joins whoever he feels like. BamBam and Yugyeom are sleeping together mostly, because Yugyeom has no problem with BamBam just sprawling over him and half lying on top of him all night, he finds it kinda cute. How getting crushed is cute, don’t ask me it. Jaebum and Jinyoung sleep together. Since they are the one who get up the earliest and they are actually married at this point, plus the scent of a beta is more calming than the scent of omegas. And then there is me and Jackson, I am the person who likes scenting the most and have no issues with it when he half does it asleep, and he lets me scent him without question.”

Now Namjoon felt like shit and he looked away from Youngjae sadly. “I’m sorry… I just… I didn’t want to take all the attention, and… I just wanted to share.”

Youngjae kissed him easily under the jaw before stretching to kick Jackson who was curled up a little away from them. At first he didn’t get any reaction, the second time he did it Jackson looked at them offended, but that got removed to that of a happy puppy when Youngjae made a head movement for him to join them. The alpha happily flopped down behind Namjoon and gathered the bigger omega up in his arms. “You aren’t mad at me?”

The eager and happy voice of Jackson made Namjoon feel even worse. “I just thought I was hogging all your attention for myself and by then taking you away from the rest of the pack, I’m sorry.” Namjoon intertwined his fingers with Jackson’s under his shirt shortly until Youngjae whined quietly.

“I want cuddles as well!” Which caused Namjoon to laugh a little, and with a light pat on his tummy him and Jackson managed to change how everybody was lying. Youngjae ended up in the middle cuddled by both the alpha and the omega, and as they fell asleep the last thought on Namjoon’s mind were… he could get used to this. Sleeping surrounded by all the scents warm and happy, yeah he could get used to this.

Namjoon had no idea how long he actually slept, but when he slowly got pulled out of the haze of sleep the pleasure around his scent gland was intense. Namjoon couldn’t keep a moan in when somebody sucked a hickey into his skin right next to it, before letting a very eager tongue run over it to sooth it. Namjoon didn’t need to open his eyes to know who it was, the soft scent of white chocolate was enough to make it clear that it was Youngjae.

“Youngjae?” He mumbled, not able to give enough of a fuck to open his eyes. It was only the second time since he became an adult that he was scented, and it was so nice. Even though he knew that his own scent was still to weak meaning that he couldn’t smell his own scent of peaches and cream getting mixed with Youngjae’s white chocolate, it was still nice. There was one problem though, he was getting turned on more than he would like to admit.

“Morning Joonie.” Youngjae was now rubbing his face into Namjoon’s scent gland seeming more determined to actually spread his scent on Namjoon instead of the licking and sucking he had been doing before.

Namjoon could feel himself waking up more and more. “What are you doing?” His voice was a little more breathy and whiny than it normally was. He knew that scenting was something deeply sexual most of the time and after you presented your scent gland got extremely sensitive, but he never knew it was like this. When Jackson had scented him earlier it was a lot more innocent, it had no sexual undertones. This… does.

Youngjae just laughed a little. “You don’t like it? It is one of my favorite ways to wake up people.” Namjoon remembered what Yugyeom had told him, that Youngjae loved scenting. And as he slowly woke up more and more he started becoming aware and that was when something hit him.

“Can I try and scent you to?” He let out a low moan when Youngjae nipped right under the scent gland.

The two were still lying on their sides with Youngjae happily making a mess out of him, but when Namjoon asked he pulled himself away a little. “Yes! How would you prefer to do this, me on top or you?”

“You.” He instantly said, as he didn’t want to crush the younger beta with his weight. Youngjae just nodded rolling Namjoon over onto his back even if the omega really didn’t need the help. He pulled off his shirt to give Namjoon even better access and he grabbed Namjoon’s hand lightly making him lightly run his fingers over Youngjae’s scent gland while he straddled him. “So this is where the scent gland is, each person has a different style of doing it. Some people just rub their face against it. I like to tease around the area first, either with my tongue, teeth or lips. Don’t ever put your teeth on the scent gland, it is not meant for that and unless you have perfect control and know the other person’s body perfectly you can easily hurt somebody.”

Youngjae bowed down a little presenting his neck to Namjoon, and for the first time in his life he felt this deep need run through him. It wasn’t the same as sexual need, god knows he had felt that more than a few times, but this was the need to mark and rub his scent on Youngjae to make the younger carry his scent instead.

At first he was careful as he placed a light kiss high on Youngjae’s throat wanting to go slowly. But the beta didn’t seem to agree with him as he ran his hair through Namjoon’s hair getting a soft grasp on the dyed locks before leading Namjoon’s head to his scent gland. “Don’t worry I promise I won’t break.”

He remembered what Jaebum had told him about making sure he was still being slow and not overwhelming Namjoon. But yesterday had also proved to him that they couldn’t hide from Namjoon who they were. Courting was yes about showing the best part of yourself, but it was also about showing what being part of the pack was, they all needed to show Namjoon who they really were, the good and the bad parts.

Namjoon went with Youngjae’s movements easily taking directions from the younger beta. Youngjae had to admit that those lips were not disappointing as they at first tried to suck a mark low on his throat not able to get the act right at first, but making up for it with eagerly trying again. When Namjoon finally placed a soft kiss right above Youngjae’s scent gland he was completely scent drunk. He felt like he was floating and it was amazing! How did people not do this all the time? The feeling of being completely surrounded by the beta’s scent was so amazing. Youngjae was a little on the sweeter side for a beta scent, but it was so him, it was unique and completely him!

At this point Youngjae had completely given up on trying to hold back the noises and focused on giving Namjoon just a good of a scenting that he was getting. It was kinda adorable to see how easily the older get scent drunk. He was like a pup scenting for the first time, but then again… Namjoon kinda was a little pup scenting the first time, an adorable not very little pup.

Namjoon tried to focus on the scenting and not the growing problem in his sleep shorts. When Youngjae gave in to a very insistent hickey right under his jaw he couldn’t keep himself from pushing his hips up to Youngjae’s getting rewarded with a breathy moan from the beta.

No matter how much scent he managed to put on Youngjae some part of him still didn’t feel that it was enough and his hands had found a place to Youngjae’s hips ripping his inner wrists against the hipbone rubbing his scent on the private area.

Youngjae knew that in some part of his mind he should stop this, make sure that Namjoon was completely okay with this. He should stop it, he should be the adult, but it had been such a long time since anybody who wasn’t Jackson had been this into a good round of scenting. Youngjae forced their body to roll in the big nest so suddenly Namjoon was on top of him instead giving Youngjae the option to now grab at the olders hips.

It was a little disturbing how easy it was for him to turn around the much taller. But he knew that his concern about Namjoon’s weight had to wait a little. Namjoon himself didn’t actually seem to notice that much changed as he went back to marking up the most of Youngjae’s neck. He knew he was overdoing it, but he had 3 years of instinct that had been held down that just wanted to mark and rub his scent on the beta under him.

Youngjae had moved his hands to now be on Namjoon hips instead lightly guiding the grinding they were doing against each other, while eagerly giving as good as he was getting. Even though Namjoon’s scent was still weak and not as strong at it should be, he had still managed to get Namjoon to release buckets of the sweet scent that hung around him. It matched so well with his own scent. Namjoon’s scent was like BamBam’s who were both fruits fit so well with his own chocolate that it were insane. Youngjae just wanted to bathe in it! It was simply amazing, even more when one specific thrust upwards made Namjoon release a loud moan that he was sure could be heard outside of the nest.

He had never guessed that Namjoon would be vocal in bed. With his rapper persona and sometimes hard as hell he would almost assume he was like Jackson who rarely did more than grunt unless he let his mouth run with the most filthy words able to leave them.

Instead he was like Yugyeom, he seemed to surrender control of his body just focusing on scenting while trusting Youngjae to guide him in the right way, way to scent drunk to even think of the whiny breathy moans that left his mouth.

Youngjae almost wished that it could last forever. That this would never have to end, but he could also feel himself getting closer and closer to the edge. As Namjoon did one bite over where Youngjae’s pack bite was located was enough to push him over the edge while memories of that night played behind his eyes. That seemed to be enough for Namjoon as well who only a few seconds later followed Youngjae over the edge before collapsing half on top of him.

Had Youngjae not been so gone in his high he would probably have thought about the fact that he couldn’t really feel Namjoon’s weight at all, but he let it slide both males breathing heavily trying to catch their breath with heads spinning and Namjoon being more than a little scent drunk.

When he finally got to himself he couldn’t stop himself from whining out loud. “Why does all of my sexual encounters end with me coming in my pants? This is not normal!”

On the other end of the house BamBam was looking at the scent locking bag. Many times it was meant if a pack member had to leave their pack for a while and prefered to keep the packs scent with them, but BamBam could recognize the hoodie through the clear plastic bag. He had seen multiple members of Block B wear it before, but that wasn’t what actually made him stop and look at it, it was normal for Namjoon to want to keep people’s scent around and BamBam was okay about. It was the fact that he could see that the inside of the hoodie had a little mark that said ‘Kim Namjoon’ in almost faint sharpie.

He didn’t really know how he knew, but he knew that this was a very old hoodie that used to belong to Namjoon, and that was when it kinda hit him. That while it felt like they had an advantage since leading up to it, they had spent the most time with Namjoon, but that truth was that… Every pack had a very good reason why Namjoon should pick them.

Block B was the only pack that Namjoon had known longer than he had known BTS. Namjoon had still been a kid hanging around Zico when he got put into Block B, even if they had been busy lately, there were no way to deny that they were simply the pack Namjoon knew the best. And they had mostly betas which seemed to work much better with Namjoon.

Then there were B.A.P. Even the fans knew how close he was with Yongguk, and through all the struggles that they had nobody could relate to Namjoon better than they could. Zico the person everybody thought would be an alpha turning out to be an omega could support Namjoon in ways that nobody else could.

Monsta X… they were different than most rogue element of the packs, but they also made sense. While they had always been friends with Namjoon especially Shownu and him, they also had both a hard omega and soft alpha which would make Namjoon fit in more. They were a little bit more removed from all of the shit that gone down, and sometimes you need a fresh start he could get that with Monsta X. He could get a fresh new start removed from everything with a pack that had tried a little of everything and could support him in that way.

And then BTS who should probably fix themselves before they could fix their relationship with Namjoon. BamBam sighed, suddenly he felt a lot less secure in this whole thing. Suddenly he felt like maybe this wasn’t going to be a simple slam dunk.   

Chapter Text

The rest of the day went without to much stuff going on. It was Sunday and all of them had the day off, which was spent lying around after both Namjoon and Youngjae had gotten themselves cleaned up a bit. Namjoon did have to endure a little bit of teasing which ended up with him hiding his face in Jackson’s chest who did not seem to disagree with that at all.

There were one thing off though, BamBam… Namjoon couldn’t explain what it was, but it was clear that something were wrong. It was clear that everybody else knew what was wrong other than Namjoon and he didn’t know how to deal with being held outside the loop. He ended up not being able to take it anymore later that day and when Jinyoung asked him if he wanted any snacks he just shook his head deciding to track down the youngest omega who was napping in the nest.

Namjoon couldn’t deny that BamBam was adorable sprawled starfish in the giant bed that looked way too big for him when he was there all alone. He wore an almost threadbare tank top that was way too big for him hanging of one shoulder and pulled up slightly to expose the flat stomach underneath. He looked way to cute, in sleep he didn’t have the worried facial expression that he had been wearing all day, instead just a relaxed smiling look as he slept.

Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from crawling into the bed and curl up next to him gently petted the tummy skin showing. It was almost amazing knowing that he could touch like this now and how he could feel BamBam relaxing under his petting even more. Namjoon wasn’t sure how long they just laid there until the younger slowly started waking up.

“Joonie?” The voice was confused and still heavy with sleep. “You okay?”

It was kinda sad that BamBam just assumed that something was wrong with him just because he was here with him alone so he shook his head. “I was worried about you, so I went to check on you. But you were sleeping and I didn’t want to wake you up.”

BamBam rubbed his eyes before rolling over on his side so he were looking Namjoon in the eyes. “It’s nothing… Just my stupid head.”

The other omega reached out to gently brush some of his hair out of his eyes. “Nothing is stupid when it comes to how you feel you know that. You can tell me if I did something to hurt you, or if anything else is hurting you. I’m suppose to try be a part of the pack, and that means you need to treat me as an equal not a kid that needs protection.”

BamBam sighed, he knew that Namjoon had a point. “I saw the hoodie you have from Block B, it is just… While I know that you are getting courted by other packs, it was so easy to forget when you were here with us, and I felt… I don’t know how I felt, but it wasn’t nice.”

Namjoon sighed resting his forehead against BamBam’s. “I can’t promise that I am going to choose to stay with this pack, at this point my mind is one big melting pot of thoughts, but I can promise you something else. That no matter what happens, no matter who I choose or anything you will always mean something special to me, you all will.”

BamBam looked a little hesitant, but Namjoon could also feel how his shoulders had relaxed a little as he smiled at Namjoon. “I’m sorry to put that on you. I don’t want you to feel pressured to pick us, or to pick anybody. It’s just that sometimes I can’t control how I feel.”

Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from pulling BamBam into his arms. “I don’t need you to control how you feel, I just want us to be honest with each other. I’m a big boy I can handle it. Your mental health is just as important as mine.” He kissed BamBam on the top of his hair as BamBam smiled into his chest. This was why Namjoon was so good for them, he had such a big heart it was fucking stupid.

When they went to bed that night Namjoon got pulled from his normal cuddle position between Youngjae and Jackson to instead to join Yugyeom and BamBam. It was kinda cute with Namjoon’s head on one of the alpha’s shoulders and BamBam’s on the other, both omegas had a thigh swung over the maknaes more or less pinning him to the bed. Not that Yugyeom minded this was his prefered way to sleep and he just hummed happily with an arm around each of the cuddly omegas quickly surrounding the the realm of sleep.

The morning was a mess, everybody being all over and messy trying to get ready. “Namjoon breakfast!” Jinyoung called while Namjoon tried to pull on his jeans which were awkwardly baggy on him after he lost the weight.

“I will eat after dance training! I have dance first coming up and I feel really bad when dancing after eating, and nobody needs me to throw up on the floor.” Namjoon yelled back from the nest as he started packing his bag, a change of dance clothing, his old lyric notebook, the new one he had gotten, his keys, studio keys, calendar plans, a pair of indoor shoes for dancing.

He went over the list in his head as his phone rang, his lift to the studio was there god he had forgotten how stressful being an idol was as he threw the rest of his stuff down into the bag without to much thought about it safety quickly pulling on his shoes. “I have to go! My life is here!” he yelled almost leaving as his wrist got pulled and he got turned around to look at Jaebum, which kissed him on the cheek.

“Have a good day Joonie, and take this with you try and see if you can solve it if you need to take a break.” He gave Namjoon the puzzlebox from B.A.P. the“You aren’t the only person who is curious what it is, it could either be really really cute and sentimental… or it’s a box snakes about to jump in your face and there is no inbetween.”

That made Namjoon giggle as he leaned down a little to kiss Jaebum on the lips. “I feel like I should be scared.”

“You probably should,” Jaebum laughed before lightly pushing Namjoon out the door, “you are going to be late, try not to get yourself hurt! And if you are feel sick, there is nothing wrong with stopping and taking a break!”

Namjoon just smiled over his shoulder as he ran to the car, somehow managing to not fall over his own way to long limbs which was actually a miracle.

Looking over his schedule while being in the car, made him feel slightly dizzy already. God they were going to start promotions soon, Namjoon loved their fans and being an idol. But nobody was made to greet people for 10 hours, his ass hurt from sitting down that long after a session! And his hand cramped!

Thinking of the fans Namjoon took the time to log back into their twitter, it had been pretty dead by other than Jimin who seemed to atleast try and keep up the pretense that they were all just fine. Namjoon decided that he should probably help his fellow omega. He didn’t look his best maybe, but his skin was clear and he had actually managed to get enough sleep for once. It took him a good 30 pictures until he took one that he was actually happy with, and captured it ‘back to training! Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!’

He didn’t stay on to see what the fans wrote back. He still wasn’t ready to deal with the fans reaction to being an omega. While he had hoped that it was positive he also wasn’t ready to deal with antis. Finally arriving was kinda a surreal experience for Namjoon. He hadn’t known that he would some day actually look forward to dance training, but he was right at that moment actually looking forward to it, forward to going back to having a normal life.

He wasn’t sure how he would react when he saw the rest of his group, but he didn’t get much time to think about cause as soon as he entered the building he meet Jungkook. Both of them froze. “Namjoon-hyung.” The words were just hanging in the air.

It had been forever since Jungkook had ever called him hyung in a private setting, Jungkook looked like… Shit, if Namjoon had to be honest. The nail marks on his cheek didn’t seem to be deep, but the one over his neck and clavicle did seem like they would scar, and Namjoon’s fingers itched to check it out. “Kookie.” He responded, on purpose going with the nickname to hopefully getting the maknae to feel more.. Safe? Around him.

Jungkook for his part didn’t know how he was supposed to react around Namjoon. He no longer had the scent of death or rotten fruit around him, instead there were just a weak scent of peaches and what smelled like cream? Without thinking about it he reached out for Namjoon to hug him, somehow his body needed to know that this was actually real, but the second his hand touched Namjoon’s shoulder he flinched.

It wasn’t a small almost controllable flinch that he had done around Jackson and Jaebum, it was a full body flinch and pulling away from Jungkook as his body reminded him of the feeling of the alpha order being placed on him, and it was to much for his mind as he blanked for a few seconds.

Jungkook looked like a lost puppy with his hand still hanging in the air. “Joonie-hyung?” His voice was so sad, and there for a second he wasn’t an 18 year old alpha, but the same kid that started out with BTS. Now felt like he had been rejected by the one person he thought he could always trust.

Namjoon wanted to make Jungkook feel better, but he had no idea how to do it right now. He wanted to forget about what had happened between them, but he simply couldn’t. His brain refused to let him forget that this was the alpha that ordered him, that had violated him in one of the most private ways there was. But he was still the leader of BTS and he needed to make this right. “I’m sorry, I still don’t have complete control of what my body says.”

Jungkook almost wanted to cry, everything that had happened the last couple of days and now he was such a monster that he couldn’t even touch Namjoon it was all simply to much as he sniffed a little trying to hold back the tears that wanted to make a return to his life. “I never wanted to hurt you…”

Namjoon had to force his hand to pat Jungkook on the head, he looked so sad and lost. “I know, we are going to be okay I promise, it might take a little while, but we are going to be okay. Are Vixx treating you okay, are you getting enough sleep and remembering to eat?”

It was first after he had said it and Jungkook was smiling widely that he listened to how much he said like a nagging mum saying that and he wanted to facepalm himself, but it made Jungkook feel better. “They keep calling me a puppy.” Jungkook pouted, trying his best to look cute.

Namjoon laughed a little as well. “Well try not to pee on their carpet, they are going to give us so much shit when they find out that we didn’t house train you.”


“And I am not taking shit for that,” then suddenly he got serious because he had things that needed to be said, “I have moved Taehyung so he is vocal training today, I know you are sorry, but I need you to not seek him out.”

Jungkook shook his head in almost desperate movement. “I need to tell him the truth! That I didn’t mean it, that my meds were fucking up! That I am going to do my best to make it up to him.”

Namjoon just sighed, he knew this wouldn’t be easy. “He is scared of alphas he wouldn’t even let Jihoon close to him, and he is the least threatening alpha in the world. I know that you didn’t mean to do it, but please just for now stay away from him until then.”

This time Jungkook was more somber in his body language as he nodded sadly. He knew that Namjoon was right that he needed to do this, but it didn’t make it any easier. Taehyung was one of the members he were closest with, especially before the device of Taehyung being a lower rank that Jungkook had split them up. It was Jungkook’s job to protect him and he had fucked that up.

“I promise, I will make this right and if Taehyung needs some time then it’s going to be okay.” He were hesitant to ask his next question, his mind was still a mess and he wasn’t sure if it was how the world worked or another thing he had gotten wrong. “Are you… going to step down as leader?”

It was like a punch to Namjoon stomach and he pulled away from Jungkook as he shook his head. “No, I have already talked with Bang PD-nim about it. I will stay as leader of BTS.” He knew that he could do it as an omega, but hearing somebody voice the doubts he had in his head wasn’t doing amazing things for his mind.

Jungkook instead just felt awkward it seemed that it was one of those things that he had gotten wrong. That wasn’t actually real. Fuck. “Joonie that wasn’t what I meant… I uhm… I.” It had been such a long time since he had felt awkward around Namjoon and now he felt like he was back at square one as he hung his shoulders sadly.

“We both have a lot of growing to do, in the end we will be a better version of ourself,” he tried to smile what he hoped was a calming smile, “Bangtan fighting?”

“Bangtan fighting.” Jungkook answered with a little hesitation. “I’m gonna… go, since we don’t have dance training all together I am going to go and hit the gym first, okay with you?” It was clear for Jungkook that Namjoon wasn’t comfortable around him and Namjoon really didn’t need more of a challenge when it came to dancing.

Namjoon nodded. “I’m gonna go and find Seokjin, don’t overwork yourself.”

“Don’t worry, I have Wonshik-hyung for that,”

Namjoon ended up finding Seokjin stretching alone in the dance practice room they normally used. He didn’t seem to have noticed Namjoon as he tried to push himself into a stretch he clearly would never be able to do. “You are just going to hurt yourself.”

The newly presented omega had never seen Seokjin move that fast as he got up from his spot on the floor and almost attacked Namjoon in the most aggressive hug he had gotten to date. Which if Seokjin hadn’t expected it had landed them both on the ground, instead they managed to stay upright which was actually impressive.

“Namjoon!” After Seokjin had hugged him he held Namjoon out with two hands to inspect him like a mother would do. When he took off his rose tinted goggles of ‘everything’ is okay he could really see it. Namjoon was so skinny, and he felt the still resting part of him that blamed himself. “I’m sorry.” he couldn’t hold it in anymore, this was his fault.

Namjoon was mostly confused about what Seokjin was going on about. “I don’t understand? You are the person who has the least to apologize for. It’s me that needs to apologise for not being there for you when you clearly needed me.”

“Oh you heard about it.” The beta had really hoped that he hadn’t heard about it, he really didn’t need to add more stress to Namjoon’s plate.

“Jinnie hyung, please you know you can talk to me.” Namjoon said sadly and now it was his turn to take Seokjin into a bear hug. There was a reason why the fans always joked about how him and Namjoon were married. Because they were very close. Seokjin seemed to be the one in BTS who cared the least about the fact that he was a dud. He had been able to smell him from the start which means he didn’t have the awkward transition as Namjoon had with the Maknae line of the first moment they would smell Namjoon after presenting.

Seokjin remembered what Jaejoong had said to him. It was okay to talk about how you felt, you weren’t a burden for your feelings. “I… I have high functioning anxiety.”

The thing was that Namjoon already knew this. He had never tried to confront Seokjin about it, he had always assumed that it was pack business that he had no part in. He thought that they were dealing with it, but now the more he got involved he learned that nobody dealt with anything. They had just all ignored all the warning signs and just played pretend that everything were okay. Namjoon hugged him as close as his body could. “I know, and it’s okay. It doesn’t change the fact that you are Kim Seokjin. You are perfect the way you are I promise and we could never want anything better than that.”

The hug the two men shared was almost crushing, but both had missed each other more than they would like to admit. Pack or no pack they were close friends. “I’m sorry for not noticing, I’m the one in control of food and I didn’t notice you weren’t eating. This is my fault.” He needed it out.

Namjoon just shook his head. “No, it is my fault for not eating. There was food and I avoided it, this is on me and my mind. I know that you guys are taking the majority of the blame, but the truth is that I were the one who didn’t eat. This is only on me, all of it.”

“But… Yoongi.”

“No this is not Yoongi’s fault, Yoongi just did what he thought was the best for the pack. Yes sometimes his methods weren’t the best, but that isn’t Yoongi’s fault. Both you and I knew that he is a victim of his past, this isn’t his fault.” Namjoon shrugged as he let go of Seokjin. “I don’t blame Yoongi and you guys shouldn’t either.”

Seokjin was looking at Namjoon hesitantly. He didn’t really agree with what Namjoon were saying but he didn’t get a chance to disagree as the choreographer entered the room he looked over the two subpar dancers. “So this is what I have to work with right now.” It was clearly a jab at their dancing ability, but his smile was kind. Over all they all had a good relationship with their staff, one of the perks of a small company and… not being a dick.

Namjoon smiled an apologetic smile. “Please take care of us?”

Five hours after, both idols were lying on the ground out of breath wanting to swear away their choreographer who was stretching easily like he hadn’t just done the same amount of dancing as them since they needed to be showed the moves all the time. “You know, for the fact that both of you just came out of the hospital that was actually halfway decent, we might still make dancers out of both of you.”

Namjoon laughed a little, even though every part of his body hurt it felt so good to be back at work. This was where he belonged. Okay in the studio creating music not in the dance studio hurting himself, but the point were still there. “Don’t worry Seokjin and I are going to debut as a two man dance troupe, we are going to call it grandpa swag.”

Seokjin looked almost insulted at Namjoon. “I am an amazing dancer thank you very much.”

It caused the two other men to just laughed as the choreographer got his stuff together to leave. “I am meeting Jungkook and Hoseok at the gym for a lesson over there. Make sure you don’t die here while I’m gone.”

The two idols just laughed a little, but not bothering getting up from the floor as they just laid there both half dead until they heard Seokjin’s phone go off with multiple texts with the mario coin sound. “Somebody really want to get a hold of you.” Namjoon teased.

What he didn’t expect was for Seokjin to blush. “It’s Jaejoong-hyung I said I would be done by now with dance training.” He managed to peel himself off the ground. But instead of standing he crawled to the bag, grabbed his phone before collapsing on the ground again.

“Hyung? You move fast, what does he want?” Namjoon eyeballed his water bottle, thinking for a second about getting up to get it before he just sighed and decided it wasn’t worth it he could die happily here on the floor.

Seokjin giggled a little awkwardly. “He wanted to know if I wanted to stay the night again, apparently he is alone for the night and he has a recipe he wants to try.” Namjoon found it kinda adorable that Seokjin had found friends, and then he remembered what Wonshik had told him. This was what he had talked about, how they all needed friends.

“You should do it.”

Seokjin looked confused at Namjoon. “Are you sure?”

“Taehyung is with Seventeen, Hoseok hyung is with some friends, Yoongi hyung is who even knows anymore. Jungkook is with Vixx and Jimin needs some friends, don’t even argue with me on this one. And you deserve some time to yourself as well. Wonshik made me open my eyes, we aren’t healthy, we need friends that aren’t already our pack or group.”

Seokjin said teasingly. “I feel like we should be worried that Wonshik is about to steal our baby-alpha.”

Namjoon himself laughed at the idea. “If Kookie was an omega, yeah you should probably worry. But if anything he is going to give up halfway through and just mail him back to you.”

“You do have a point, if it wasn’t because they needed an alpha and Taekwoon is… Taekwoon they wouldn’t have an alpha at all.”

The two idols laughed, it felt good. It was the first time in forever Namjoon laughed and had real fun with a BTS member without feeling he wasn’t good enough. Maybe there was still hope for this all to workout, with or without him joining the pack.

Namjoon got up from his spot on the floor finally and sighed. “You go, I have to go and talk with Minnie and Tae,”

“You sure you don’t wanna go and catch dinner first? It can’t be a fun conversation that you need to have.” Seokjin started gathering his things, while texting Jaejoong.

Namjoon just shook his head. “I’m gonna grab something later, I can’t wait with this sadly. Have fun and make friends… Old friends, but friends!”

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Chapter Text

Namjoon took one deep breath standing outside of the vocal practice room. He didn’t get to open the door as it opened by it self and their vocal coach stepped out. “Oh you are back, that is good! I hope you feel better!”

Their vocal coach was a nice older lady, around 50 she was an omega and had always treated all of them with respect even the rapper who she never really had anything to do with. “Yes thank you.” He did a slight bow before hurrying into the room.

“JOOOOONIE!” Was all Namjoon managed to hear before a whirlwind of limbs came over him and a heavy weight crashed into him and he lost balance as the scent of peanuts came over him.

Normally he would have no problem carrying Taehyung’s weight, but his body was against him and he was already a little unsafe on his feet. Taehyung was luckily fast as he felt them going down managing to wrap an arm around Namjoon head saving his IQ from losing a few points from the impact. The fall still punched the air out of him, but he felt okay and even if it hurt he couldn’t stop himself from giggling thinking about how BamBam had done the same thing when they had met him again.

“Taehyung! I told you you can’t do that!” Jimin’s voice was worried and half panicked as Namjoon heard steps coming towards them. “Namjoon are you okay?!”

Taehyung still had the arm around Namjoon’s head meaning Namjoon couldn’t really see shit as his face was pressed into the beta’s shoulder. “I’m fine Jimin don’t worry.” He tried to say but the words got muffled by the younger shoulder.

Namjoon felt Taehyung squish him lightly before finally letting him go. “I’m sorry Joonie.” He did look sorry as he awkwardly ran a hand through his hair that to be honest looked like he needed to wash it. But other than that and the visual mark on his face from the punch Taehyung looked okay. Namjoon knew him better than that he could see the sadness behind his eyes and could see how fake that box smile was today.

He couldn’t stop himself from sitting up with Taehyung still on his lap and hug him close as to keep him safe. “It’s going to be okay, you don’t have to pretend. There is no stage here for you pretend to be happy for, it is okay to be sad even as the moodmaker.”

Taehyung stiffened in his arms as Jimin sat down on his knees next to them and joined the two in a hug, almost drowning Taehyung in their combined scent of caramel added with peach and cream. And he once again started crying, unable to hold it back.

He had promised himself that he would be able to get through the day, that he would be brave and strong today and that he wouldn’t pull everybody else down with him. But the truth was that he wasn’t okay. He had smelt Jungkook’s scent in the hallway and almost had a breakdown, and he knew it wasn’t right he knew that Jungkook didn’t actually mean to hurt him. “I’m sorry, I can’t control it! I just... I just didn’t want him to die! I told him to stop doing it, I told him not to, but he didn’t listen!”

Jimin felt so confused, like there were some story that nobody had told him and tried to look at Namjoon for some help but their group leader just smiled a sad smile at Taehyung. That was when Jimin noticed how deep Namjoon’s dimples had become with his rapid weight loss, it wasn’t really cute or charming anymore if anything it made Jimin worried about him.

He knew that Namjoon had lost weight, and he knew from the hospital again, but right there in this moment it was like somebody had pulled away his rose tinted glasses and he saw Namjoon for what he was. Which was somebody who looked like they would fall about very soon. Oh god what had they done, and why was Namjoon still so focused on fixing them!? He should be fixing himself, the worst part that Jimin knew that they should have helped Namjoon so much earlier.

He knew that they all ignored issues, it was so much easier to pretend that nothing was wrong with any of them. That was really what had landed them in this problem wasn’t it? Namjoon didn’t focus on Jimin at all though instead he looked at Taehyung petting his hair. “Don’t worry about it, nobody blames you. And nobody is going to force you to tell us your story until you are ready for it, we don’t own you.”

That was when it really hit Jimin. Namjoon had no idea how to be an omega did he? He still thought that he was in control of everything, Jimin would have to actually explain all of this to him before he got himself hurt messing with something he had no reason being a part of.

For Taehyung’s part it was what he needed to hear as he sniffed. “I almost made Jihoon cry,” he looked really shy over that, “I didn’t mean to, but I couldn’t deal with alphas they all made me think of… What he did, his eyes were almost red I thought he was supposed to get better.”

Of course nobody had actually talked to each other after. It was stupid of Namjoon to actually think that communication was something that this pack would do. “Jungkook got the wrong kind of medicine, it had pumped his system even more full of alpha hormones. I am not apologizing for him and saying it is okay what he did, but he is really sorry, and you need to take the time you need to and then talk to him, he is your pack.”

Jimin added. “He is your alpha, he just wants what is best for you.”

Taehyung dried his eyes. “I’m sorry, I can’t seem to stop crying lately, and there is more important things to talk about. Like how you smell so cute Joonie, and you need to redye your hair. Your roots are showing”

That made Namjoon laugh leaning back on his arms still with Taehyung in his lap but no longer hugging him. “Maybe I am trying to save my hair, god knows that it actually really need it.”

Jimin who was now sitting next to Namjoon leaned his head on his shoulder taking in the still very weak smell of Namjoon’s scent. It was still sweet but also with a fresh edge over all it fit Namjoon perfectly. “I’m sorry it is way too late to save your hair, let’s be honest the only person who will have hair when they are thirty is Kookie.”

He caught to late that he mentioned the baby alpha, but while Taehyung did stiffen he seemed to not be to bothered as he just smiled at Jimin. “You are right in that, he thinks dark colours make him mysterious.”

Then Namjoon thought about what Wonshik had told him and he could no longer hold back his giggle leaving the two younger BTS members to look at him weirdly. “Puppy,” Namjoon managed to giggle out like it explained everything, “he is a puppy. That is what they call him Wonshik says.”

That made the rest of them laugh as well. The thought of their baby alpha just taking being called a puppy by the older pack was kinda funny. But Taehyung was one who stopped laughing the fastest. “Is he staying with them for a while?” That made Namjoon stop laughing as well, it was time to do his job actually lead this quickly sinking ship.

“Yeah,” he sighed a little not sure how to explain it, “he is not happy with how he is treating other people, and if anybody can make him respect omegas it is them. He is going to stay there until our next comeback, he will still train with us. I talked with Wonshik and we decided that it was a good idea that we all spend some time apart. We don’t really talk with anybody other than each other and that isn’t healthy. That is why you are being cleared to stay with Seventeen for a while as well. We talked with their manager as well so he knows you are there.”

Taehyung looked actually happy being told that he could stay there. “Thank you Joonie, I know it couldn’t have been easy to actually plan all of that. It means a lot to me that you actually did it.”

The older just shrugged. “Not really, it was actually fairly easy. Bang PD-nim agrees with me that we need it.”

Jimin looked a little confused. “Is it only the two of them or...?”

Namjoon shook his head. “Yoongi is spending some time alone while he is going through therapy. I am with Got7 right now and some other people later, “ he said that fast hoping that nobody would question it, “Seokjin is going to spend some time with some friends he met and Hobi met a few people at support group.”

That was when something happened that Namjoon should have seen coming. Jimin half stuck out his bottom lip in a stubborn move. “I will wait at home for people to come home then.” Taehyung and Namjoon exchanged a glance, god they should have seen this coming.

Both of them knew that while Jimin had stood up against Jungkook, it was only because of his choice of words. He was almost half as brainwashed as Jungkook. Had Yoongi said that to him instead of Jimin, there were a real chance that Jimin would actually have agreed to Yoongi’s saying. The thing was that while Jimin really hadn’t had any problems with his family pack, he wasn’t really close to them either. He had moved away very early, and most of his influence about omega’s he had gotten from dance school or Yoongi neither being very positive.

Namjoon almost wanted to hug Jimin close and never let him go. It was crazy how one person having a fucked up childhood could influence so many people. Bang PD-nim had really seemed to put the most fucked up people into one group. He knew he had to do something. He knew that Yoongi would never hurt Jimin like he would never hurt Namjoon, and while he kept defending Yoongi and he believed that Yoongi really just wanted the best for all of them. There were some part of his mind screaming at him that he needed to get Jimin out of there. So he made a decision he lightly pushed Taehyung of his lap. “I really need the toilet, wait for me? We still have more to talk about.”

Taehyung who other than Namjoon himself was the person most in sync with people's emotions nodded, and he had an idea about what Namjoon was about to do. The older omega didn’t even manage to make it all the way to the bathroom before pulling out his phone and dialing a number he hadn’t used in a long while. It only took 3 rings until it was picked up. “Namjoon?”

“You still owe me a favour.” He was quick to say, as he was typing on his phone while he spoke through his headset.

“I see you left your manners in the hospital, I am still your hyung.” His fellow omega whined out. “Welcome to the team by the way.”

“I’m sorry,” Namjoon mumbled “but I am a little bit in a hurry. I need you to get Jimin to spend the next bit of time with you guys. I don’t care how you do it.”

“Does this have something to do with Yoongi?” Baekhyun questioned, but Namjoon could hear that he had started typing on his phone as well.

It was kinda sad that everybody seemed to know what was going on with BTS and how they were collapsing from the inside. Namjoon sighed a thing he seemed to do a lot around BTS. “Yeah… yeah…”

“He seemed terrified of the idea of another alpha helping him through his heat, which is something completely normal! What do you guys brainwash your omegas with.” Baekhyun seemed half distracted, but also half offended.

Namjoon had to actually stop himself from sighing again. “Long story, but short version alpha packs. Does that mean you can do it?”

“Can I live with an adorable omega who smells really cute, saving me from the struggle of having to actually go outside to find another omega to stabilize myself with? Yes I can do it.”

“And the rest of your pack.”

“Both Suho and Yixing has a soft spot for him, and he isn’t the same kind of omega as Tao and LuLu. So the rest should be fine as well, don’t worry Namjoon we got your back on this one. We don’t want to see him hurt any more than you do.”

“Thank you, it means the world to me.” God he did sigh to much didn’t he?

“Now go and actually enjoy being courted!”

Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from giggling along with Baekhyun before hanging up. He might not be specifically close with the older omega, but he had helped him when he really needed it around the time that that LuHan left them. He hadn’t asked any questions about what had happened, he had known that it was much worse than SM had let out, but he had also known that it was to early for Baekhyun to talk about it.

Now that he knew the truth he kinda wanted to say it, but he didn’t want to break Mark’s drunk trust. Also he didn’t want to bring up the pain that Baekhyun most have felt, he didn't deserve it so he just says his goodbyes and hung up.

After that he waited a while until he made his walk back to the practice room. When he was back there Jimin was being uncomfortable as he was rocking awkwardly on the sole of his feets and he looked at Namjoon when he came back in with big eyes. “Is there a chance that you can work out with Bang PD-nim that I also spend some time away from the pack, as long as I come and practice every day?”

Namjoon played dumb the best he could. “Of course I can do that, but I thought you wanted to stay home? Did something happen? Are you okay?”

“Yixing called me, apparently Baekhyun is going through a tough time since it is so close to the time LuHan left. He thinks that it might be better if Baek has another omega around him to you know… make him feel more calm or something. I really owe him alot and he has gone through so much already that I just want him to feel better.”

Namjoon smiled at him the biggest smile he could. “That is nice of you, but you have been cleared to do it all the time like the rest of people, so you don’t have nothing to worry about as long as you remember to show up for training and practice. Can you promise me that?”

Jimin nodded like an eager puppy, it is was nice to see a real smile on his face again. Jimin’s face had been stuck in a grimace to sad to be part of him. Taehyung looked up from his phone and bit his lip. While he wanted to spend more time with Namjoon he was also hungry and just got a text that dinner was almost ready. “Joonie? Can you call me later? I wanna talk, but I’m starving, and they are making my favorite!”

The older just gave him a quick hug. “You go, you have been here since early!”

Jimin smiled after the beta as well. It was nice seeing Taehyung being this happy even if it wasn’t about BTS since lately everybody had been a little to sad. Then it was Jimin’s turn to sigh, he knew what he had to do now even if he didn’t like it. “We have to talk about something.”

That left Namjoon a little confused. While yes he did want to talk to Jimin the serious mask was back over his face and he had a feeling he wouldn’t like what he was about to hear. “Is something wrong?”

“I know you aren’t used to being an omega and you are still getting used to it. But you have to give some of the responsibilities over to the alphas, you aren’t an dud anymore. You don’t have to worry about stuff like that anymore, they will take care of it for you.” Namjoon just looked confused and worried at Jimin as the younger omega ran a hand through his hair. “And you can’t speak like that about Yoongi, while you aren’t in our pack yet he is still a pack alpha. I know it is hard since you are our leader outwards, but it will come as natural to you to let the alphas handle some of the stuff, and you will enjoy it.”

Jimin actually thought that didn’t he? Namjoon wanted nothing more than to wrap Jimin up in a blanket and protect him, this was actually worse than Kookie wasn’t it? Because Jungkook knew what he did was wrong, he wanted to change. Jimin had no idea that what he was doing was actually wrong. Namjoon also knew he couldn’t argue with Jimin. While he disagreed with other people that it was Yoongi’s fault, but it was clear that something was wrong with Jimin’s mindset.

Namjoon just bowed down and kissed him on the chin. “I will think about it, but I think you need to go home and pack if I’m not wrong. And I promised that I would be back for dinner, see you tomorrow?”

“Oh I am with Hobi in another dance studio practicing for something else.” Then he grabbed his stuff looking a little worried. It felt like Namjoon didn’t actually understand what he said was actually really important, he would have to talk about it again later. Maybe get Baekhyun to help him explain it.

Namjoon did stand a good 5 minutes looking after Jimin as he left him with a light hug, this wasn’t going to be easy was it.

When Namjoon did come home the dorm smelt like food. But there was a lack of screaming and yelling that made him worried, and when he stepped into the kitchen it was only Jaebum standing there. Which in itself was weird, but the fact that nobody from the Maknae line was standing there trying to eat the food with their eyes were even weirder. “Where is everybody.”

“ARGH!” Jaebum half yelled out as he dropped the spoon that he had been…. Eating with? Turned out that Jaebum was kinda eating while he was cooking. “Uhm they are still at practice, I got home early because our big baby was getting sick.”

“Fuck you!” Came a pained yell from the living room which was no other person than Jackson.

Jaebum looked at Namjoon with the best puppy eyes he could. “Don’t tell Jinyoung? I promised not to eat while cooking,”

Namjoon could feel his own stomach growling since he hadn’t eaten anything all day. While he knew that he shouldn’t really eat it smelt so good and a little taste couldn’t hurt right? “Only if I can have a taste as well.”

The truth was that any mention of Namjoon and actually wanting to eat something made Jaebum happy. Which meant that he easily let Namjoon taste and the younger omega just happily chewed. “It is really good! I didn’t know you could cook?”

“You burn enough food and in the end you end up actually learning how to cook, unless you are Mark… Then you never learn and you should be banned from the kitchen forever.” Jaebum teased even tho the other omega wasn’t here as he himself sneaked some more food. “Could you go and check that he isn’t dead? He threatened to go and die when I wouldn’t let him hang on me like a koala. Because normal Jackson is extra, sick Jackson is even more extra.”

Namjoon quickly agreed, he had experienced sick Jackson before and Jaebum was right he was very very extra. Jackson was lying spread eagle as much as he could on the couch in… only his underwear.

The younger couldn’t stop himself from blushing a little. While he had seen Jackson like this before he simply couldn’t stop it as he looked over how they were hugging Jackson close. “Did you breakup with your clothes”

“I’m hoooooooot,” Jackson complained while making grabby hands at Namjoon like the toddler he mentally was, “come heeeeere”

God Jackson really was extra and a child. “Didn’t you say that you were actually hot?” Namjoon questioned, while he did want to cuddle with the older he also didn’t want to make him better.

That seemed to be enough for Jackson who generally felt that nobody understand him right now. While yes he was hot and he felt like he was dying, he was also lonely and needed hugs and cuddles from everybody. Was it so hard to understand? He just needed to know everybody was safe and here, but they weren’t were they?!

He got up and pouted at Namjoon as he noticed the height difference between you. “I want to kiss you!” He demanded, because he could actually do that now. Especially since Namjoon hadn’t even flinched when he got close.

“What is stopping you?” Namjoon had started to feel more of himself and less like he was scared for being judged from being an omega. Which means his personality shined through and he could actually tease Jackson like how he used to.

“Well I can’t reach asshole.”

Namjoon wanted to do many things, like teasing Jackson for being a short little thing, or just generally teasing Jackson’s facial expression. But instead he just smiled and leaned down to kiss Jackson.

Chapter Text

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful. Jackson was very much a puppy who needed attention from all of them, but they all just went with it. Even Namjoon just bared his neck for Jackson to lightly scent him. It wasn’t the same sexual scenting that Youngjae and he had done, instead it was much more of Jackson just wanting his scent on… everybody!

Mark assured him that it was normal, that alphas when they got sick always wanted to mark people, it was in their biology. Since they would be too weak to actually defend anybody, they needed something to prove that they still belonged. Even Jaebum bared his scent gland for Jackson to rub his herbal scent over. Something that made Jackson almost purr as he settled into half cuddling on Jaebum’s lap napping while the pack alpha used his phone behind his pack. Apparently Jaebum weren’t completely forgiven for not letting Jackson be a koala if the light bite over Jaebum’s own pack bite which made him yelp out was anything to show. But Jaebum just lightly smacked the other alpha over the head.

Namjoon had to admit, sick Jackson was just kinda adorable. He was like a cat that needed attention on him, and as soon as somebody left the room his eyes were focused on the door the left, only calming down and relaxing when they returned. His attention seemed even more focused on Namjoon as the second Namjoon went to go to the toilet, Jackson almost followed him before he was half tackled by Yugyeom and BamBam. “Time to nap old man.”

While Jackson’s eyes were still focused on Namjoon nobody said no to the maknae line. They were adorable. At dinner Namjoon even managed to eat something, mostly to satisfy Jinyoung who was watching over him like a hawk.

This time with Got7 had actually started to feel normal, like a routine. It didn’t feel like he was a guest anymore which was a nice feeling. It was nice feeling like you belonged somewhere, it was nice sitting in the living room writing on his laptop and fixing schedules with Mark playing with his hair while watching TV. This was what it used to be in BTS before Jimin presented and they became a pack. Back when everything was so easy, and they could easily be BTS and friends without all of this.

“Purple and roots aren’t as hot as your blond and roots were. Still pretty cute though.” Mark commented while attempting what felt like little braids in his hair for that.

Namjoon smiled easily. “So I’m hot when it’s blond and cute when it’s purple? Who knew all I had to do was change hair color for you to view me differently.”

“Ignore him, he is just sad the only two haircolors he can pull off is red and blond.”

Mark let out an insulted almost bird like squawk. “Are you saying you don’t like my hair now?”

BamBam raised an eyebrow from his position flopped over Yugyeom watching tv. “It’s just a lighter version of your normal hair color.”

Namjoon kinda zoned out from the rest of the argument, but he couldn’t explain how good it felt to just sit in the middle of all of it. Feeling that he could be part of this if he wanted to instead of feeling he didn’t have a choice. He felt like himself again, a self he had only really been allowed to be at fan meetings and stuff like that, where his group had to accept him if they wanted to or not.

When they went to get ready for sleep Jaebum pulled him aside to the kitchen. Namjoon could feel his old insecurities come up. The fear that he wasn’t good enough that he would be told to leave. He knew Jaebum wouldn’t do that to him and he thought he was loose for those demons, but it seemed that they had more control over him than he thought.

“Tea?” Jaebum asked with a smile while he was preparing a cup for himself.

Namjoon just nodded slowly still not sure what this is about. “Did I do something wrong?”

The group leader just looked at him in surprise. “No of course not. Oh is that why you think I called you here? I just noticed that it had been awhile since we had talked just the two of us, since before the hospital.”

Jaebum was right in that Namjoon noticed. The only time he had been alone with him had been that morning, the pack alpha had been very understanding of his still hesitance towards alphas. While he hadn’t pulled himself away from the younger he had still had a respectful distance from him.

Namjoon felt like he had to tell the truth. “This was what Yoongi did when he had bad news. He would pull me aside so not to upset me and tell me it. I understand why he did it, but it seems to still be stuck in my head.”

Jaebum wanted to argue that what Yoongi had done hadn’t been okay. He wanted Namjoon to stop defending the other alpha, but that conversation would have to wait. “I’m sorry for that, I just wanted to chat with you. Is it okay if I touch you?”

The new omega hesitated for a second before nodding biting his lip. As long as he knew it was coming and he could prepare for it it was okay. He could still feel his body fighting against an alpha being there but he could logic with it and make it all okay. Jaebum abandoned his tea making to wrap Namjoon up in a hug. Namjoon was proud of himself when he didn’t even flinch when Jaebum leaned his head on the side where Namjoon’s scent gland was.

“You know what the best thing about you presenting an omega is? It has nothing to do with you actually being an omega. It is the fact that you finally seem to be okay in your own skin. You used to always apologise for even being in a room. I think your scent annoyed nobody as much as it annoyed yourself,” Jaebum placed a kiss right under his ear, “that is the best change. That you are actually happy with yourself now. I know there are still some issues to work on, and everything isn’t all sunshine and puppies yet, but the fact that you are letting me do this without feeling the need to tell me you are sorry… that is the best change that could ever happen.”

Namjoon had never really thought about it before, but yeah Jaebum had a point. He was no longer scared of leaving his scent on anybody or anything, he never felt like pushing people away when they accidentally touched him. He could accept Got7’s hugs and touches without problems now. When any of them hugged him he could pull them closer and enjoy it instead of being worried if he left his horrible scent on them. It was more freeing than he could ever explain. He also couldn’t explain just how good it felt for people to finally touch him again.

Doctor Choi had told him that he was touch starved, and it was very normal for him to be craving to be touched a lot. He had basically been ignoring it for 4 years, and even though he hadn’t presented he was still an omega with omega needs that hadn’t been filled.

Namjoon tightened the hug and leaned his head on Jaebum’s shoulder. “Yeah.. I feel better over all, thank you for understanding how hard this is for me.”

Jaebum tried to break the hug, but when he sensed how strongly Namjoon was still holding on to him he just relaxed into the hug kissing the taller on his cheek. “You are important to me… to us,”

“You guys have always been willing to help me without getting anything in return and I never understood why.” Namjoon mumbled, he was a little sleepy.

“Do you really think we got nothing in return? You were the one who finally made BamBam talk about what was wrong when we couldn’t make him talk. It is you Mark goes to when he is homesick. You are many things to us Namjoon. You aren’t just another idol we help, you are a close friend to us even if you don’t pick us we are always going to be close friends. Even though I will kick your new packs ass if they don’t treat you right.”

That made Namjoon giggle. “You are a fucking softie and you know it. You might look like you are a big scary alpha sometimes, but we all know you aren't.”

“I could be!”


Jaebum looked actually insulted. “You have spent too much time with Bammie and Jackson, time to go to bed! I can’t believe you would insult me like that.”

Namjoon just nodded, his eyes and body feeling heavy after the day of dancing. “Sleep now.” He rubbed his eyes a little trying to stay away even if he knew it was a fight that he would lose.

Cooing lightly over how cute the omega looked Jaebum lightly dragged him along to the nest leaving the now cooling cup of half made tea behind. He dragged Namjoon over to Jinyoung where the older beta was quick in gathering up the half sleeping omega until he was lying between them. Easily manipulated in his sleep heavy state, when Jaebum closed his eyes spooned up behind Namjoon with his hand on Jinyoung’s hip his last thought before he fell asleep was ‘this is all going to be just fine.’

The morning when Namjoon woke up was… chaos. It was the first time he woke up completely alone, but the bed around him was still hot clearly showing that it hadn’t been that long since the rest of them had left. The first thing that caught his attention as he sat up rubbing his eyes was this smell close to him. It smelled amazing! He crawled around in the nest to find it until he finally found the pillow it was on. Namjoon couldn’t explain just how good it smelled as he kinda curled in on himself and buried his head in it.

It smelled like Jackson, but it also had something weird as an undertone. Weird as in the best fucking thing Namjoon had ever smelled. He couldn’t explain what it was. He took deep breaths trying to get more of the scent in, what was it even? And how had it been hidden from him?! This should be bottled, god he felt so happy and… safe? It was hard to explain, all he knew was that this pillow was now his and he would fight anybody who tried to take it from him.

He didn’t even notice that the loud voices had stopped from the other end of the dorm as the door to the nest were opened. “Joonie?” It was Mark’s voice as he checked if the younger omega was awake.

He had expected to find Namjoon sleeping, not curled around what looked to be Jackson’s pillow… oh… OH! Of course Jackson’s scent was still in the main nest. They had all woken up in such a flurry of prep that they hadn’t even thought about it! Namjoon had never smelled rut before, while Mark did think it was kinda adorable watching Namjoon clearly enjoying his first nose full of rut scent. But he also knew that it couldn’t be fresh anymore he hesitantly asked again. “Joonie?” since he got no reaction from the first.

Namjoon looked up from the pillow that he had decided that he would marry. Only looking up with his eyes still having nose and mouth buried in it, he was probably drooling a little on it but the pillow would accept him for who he was even with his flaws. “What?”

Mark did struggle a little hearing what Namjoon was mumbling into the pillow, but he understood the meaning. “Aww, you like the smell.”

Namjoon just nodded, it wasn’t like being scent drunk he still had control of his body and mind and he still knew what he was doing. When he had been scent drunk, he wasn’t that sure if Youngjae had done something he didn’t want, if he would have been able to stop him.

“As much as it pains me to pull you away from your first real scent of rut, we need to talk about something.” Namjoon coocked his head to the side in question. “Jackson isn’t sick, he is in rut.”

That made Namjoon actually let go of the pillow and look up at Mark in surprise. “He can’t be, his rut is in the first of a month.”

Mark just shrugged. “Well he is very definitely in rut, we think it’s because you are here and while the rest of us can smell ourselves on you and feel like that way you are part of us, Jackson can’t. And this seem to be the way that his body reacts to it.”

“What do we do? Is Jackson going to be okay?” Namjoon had let go of the pillow completely now, much more focused on making sure that the older alpha was actually okay.

Mark hesitated a little. “That is why I am here. Jackson is going to be fine no matter what, don’t worry about that. What I wanted to know is what you want to do.”

Namjoon himself hesitated. What did he want to do? Months no… weeks ago he would have run and hid, felt like he had nothing to do near somebodies rut, but now… He wanted to join, he… he wanted to help. He knew that Mark had helped with ruts even when they were courting him, he knew that it was a normal thing. He took a deep breath and looked at Mark. “I want to stay, and help… if you guys will let me.”

That made Mark smile, that was what he expected. “Good, now you need to help me convince everybody else that it is the right choice.”

“I would never hurt Jackson!”

Mark just winked at him. “For that I am sure, just… follow my lead, trust me.”

Namjoon was hesitant, but Mark had never given him a reason to not trust him. So he did what he was told and he took Mark’s hand and let the older omega lead him to were the most of the loud noises were coming from the kitchen. That seemed to be where people argued over things.

The first thing Namjoon noticed was that Jackson wasn’t there, which Namjoon was both sad and happy about. Sad because he really wanted to see Jackson. Happy because arguing and yelling could not be good for him when he was in rut. Everything stopped when Namjoon came into the kitchen, and Jinyoung run a hard through his hair with a big sigh. “Oh I was worried that Mark had ate you at this point. He caught you up to what is going on? Like we are so sorry, we had no idea that it was going to happen. We thought everybody was far away from ruts, heats and whatever else shit Youngjae goes through.”

Namjoon bit his lower lip and nodded. “Don’t apologize it’s biology. It isn’t like he sat down and thought ‘I’m gonna go into rut now’”

That made Yugyeom laugh a little from his spot sitting on the floor eating cereal. He clearly thought that this argument was stupid. “See I wouldn’t put that past him now let’s be honest.”

Jinyoung looked stressed as he ran his hand through his bird nest of hair. But Mark didn’t let him speak up, instead interrupting him. “Namjoon wants to stay and take part.”

That made both Jaebum and Jinyoung stiffen awkwardly in their postures. They both look at Namjoon like they weren’t sure what to say. Instead Jaebum turned towards Mark. “You suggest we let Jackson wild on him. He is not ready for that!”

Mark puffed out his cheeks. “First of all, he is an adult and he can decide what he wants. I know your overactive caveman alpha brain doesn’t see that right now. Secondly, no I’m not! Since when is anybody ever alone with anybody during ruts or heats? You guys are all the human version of teddybears that can’t be left alone. One of us will always be there, and let’s be honest it’s better that he stays with us and Jackson. This is triggered because he is here. Don’t you think that it is better for him and Jackson that he stays here and joins, and if it makes your caveman brain feel better than he will only stay here when it you or Jinyoung here.”

Jaebum sighed at that, he knew he was taking it too far again. “I’m sorry Mark.” He knew the older omega was right, but he just wanted to protect Namjoon even if he didn’t need it.

Then it was Namjoon’s time to actually speak up. “If it goes too far and I’m not okay I can say no. I know that I haven’t done the best with it. But give me a chance to prove it, I know this is a sexual thing and you have a hard time seeing me with this, but it isn’t like I’m untouched and… I would feel better if I were there, this is might fault as well. I just want to make sure Jackson is okay as much as you want to.”

Jaebum still look hesitant until Jinyoung lightly touched his shoulder. “He is right and you know it, I will take care of him and make sure he is all ready. You go to your meeting. I promise you the dorm will still stand when you are back.”

Oh so there were the real issue. “Okay… Just call me if there is any issues we can all comeback!”

Jinyoung laughed a soft laughter. “I can handle it, now go! The quicker you go the faster you come back.”

Jaebum sighed, it seemed that it was a thing sighing was thing, and he called out for Youngjae and Yugyeom who quickly gathered their things. Namjoon knew that while companies made sure not everybody were busy doing a heat or rut they couldn’t deal with everybody taking days off. So the fact that they had places to be wasn’t to hard to believe.

He had kinda zoned out until he felt Jinyoung grab his cheeks. “I need you to understand that you can say stop anytime. No matter how far Jackson is gone in his rut he will and so will the rest of us. We want you to enjoy this time, also I am not letting anybody fuck you, other things maybe, but not that. Not while the rut can go to your head, do you understand that?”

Jinyoung’s tone left no room for argument so Namjoon just nodded agreeing with him. After all he did found it acceptable, he wasn’t sure if he was ready for it yet. “Is BamBam with him now?” The youngest omega was the only person missing, and Namjoon was damn sure that they hadn’t left him alone.

Ruts were different from heats, while heats could be taken care of by just one person or even by yourself as Mark had proven. Ruts need people, and they first start after an alpha has joined a pack. While yes they were sexual they weren’t about reproduction like heats were. Namjoon knew from biology that some alphas didn’t even knot during a heat, it was about having their pack around them.

Namjoon always found them to be a stupid idea. He still to this day thought they were stupid, but stupid things that smelled good. “Yes Bammie is…”

“Whore,” it came helpfully from Mark who was gathering water bottles, “pack bicycle, thirsty ass bitch, knot slut, any combination of those words.”

Jinyoung looked like he wanted to give up on the world. “You can't… I… Whatever “

“Hey he calls himself that, but should we go and save Jackson from him or just...?”

Namjoon looked confused now. “Wouldn’t it be the other way around? Saving BamBam from Jackson.”

“I keep forgetting you have never slept with BamBam. If you are under the impression that anybody has control over BamBam sexually you are going to be disappointed. Even if you tie him up and gag him… he is still in control,” Mark laughed, “now come on slowpokes.”

With what looked like tons of water bottles and protein bars he wandered towards the second nest leaving Jinyoung and Namjoon to kinda waddle after him. The sight that greeted Namjoon the second he looked into the nest could not be described any other way than amazing. BamBam and Jackson were completely naked both standing on the knees with Jackson arm holding BamBam to his chest, and because Namjoon had amazing timing the second he entered the door a high moan was heard as BamBam came over himself and the bedsheets. Holy fuck.   

Chapter Text



Namjoon sighed heavily as he stretched in the chair, finally he was finally done with the track. Everybody else had left many hours ago, but he had refused to move until he was done with this. Even Yoongi had left, and that man didn’t know how to take breaks or stop working.

The BTS omega could almost feel his spine popping as he stretched, he reached for his phone to message that he was on his way home, but as the idiot he were he had forgotten to charge it, leaving it to die on him the second he looked at it.

He just shrugged, his pack knew that he would be home at some point they trusted him, even if they did worry about him sometimes.

It didn’t take Namjoon very long to pack the rest of his stuff up, and lock the studio. He enjoyed the cold winter chill as he decided to walk home instead. Nobody was out at this time, which meant he could go around without worrying about everybody noticing who he was, which was nice.

The dorm was dark when he got to it, but the air was nice telling him that people were actually home. He tiredly made his way to the nest rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand trying to stay awake.

As he managed to find his way into the nest his pack was one big mess of people in the bed, crawling to his normal spot between the packs only other omega and pack alpha. He felt an arm around his waist as he got pulled closer to his pack alpha and a sleepy voice asked confused from behind him. “Joonie? It’s 3 am.

“Sorry.” Namjoon yawned as he felt the older omega cuddle up behind him entwining their fingers giving them a light squeeze. “I finished the song.”

The young baby pack alpha mumbled out. “Can both of you just sleep. I am so tired.”

“Sorry Hwasa.” Both Solar and Namjoon mumbled out both omegas clearly tired as Namjoon kissed Hwasa’s collarbone before falling asleep. For the first time in so long… He was happy and safe.

Chapter Text

The scent of Jackson’s rut hit Namjoon in the face like a knockout punch. He had of course smelled ruts before, but the only time he had been in the same room as somebody in rut was when Kookie presented. At that time he hadn’t even presented and he had wanted to almost jump the younger. But now even though he had presented he felt like he control over it, he still wanted to touch Jackson he still wanted to submit, but he could control it.

He couldn’t explain it, but knowing that BamBam was already with him that he was already making sure that Jackson was getting what he needed somehow calmed him. Was this what really being an omega was about? He looked confused at Mark who still had a soft grip on Namjoon’s hand, luckily Mark seemed to have taken a class in ‘how to understand your Namjoon 101’ and he just smiled softly and nodded as to telling him that it was all normal.

It seemed that even being fucked couldn’t keep BamBam quite for long. “Namjoon?! Mark you deserve a nobel peace prize!”

Namjoon kinda wanted to argue that that wasn’t what the nobel peace prize was about, but Mark was there before him. “It was his own idea, he wanted to help.”

Jackson’s eyes were still a little hazed out, but he didn’t seem gone like Jungkook had done under his rut when Namjoon had seen him. But that might be because he already had stated his claim on one person, his voice was hoarse and a little worried as it zoned in on Namjoon. “Are you sure that is a good idea? I don’t want to hurt him by accident.”

Namjoon was ready to argue that he trusted Jackson, but he never got to as everybody started laughing out loud. Jinyoung just looked at Jackson like he was an idiot. “I know you like to believe that you are big and scary since you are an alpha, but you are about as a scary as hamster. Do I need you to remind you that you almost cried over a rollercoaster? Also he is going to join us yes, but you are going to be fucking him. Secondly, even if you had it in you to hurt anybody you think we would let you do it? Mark had a point this is triggered because of Mark’s joining the pack and Namjoon being around you all the time. It is better to sooth your alpha.”

Jackson still didn’t look convinced, but his confused look turned whiny as BamBan crawled away from him and towards the edge of the bed that way removing Jackson from still inside of him. For a second the alpha looked like he wanted to make grabby hands towards the omega leaving his side, but him seem to just settle for low whine. BamBam though didn’t seem to be over grabby hands as he clearly signalled for Namjoon that he wanted him to join him on the bed.

Namjoon only took a second to think about it, while he was still feeling shy and embarrassed he also really did want this. He needed to trust that BamBam and the rest of them knew what the best thing for him and his body was. They had promised him that Jackson wouldn’t be doing… that… to him, since he wasn’t sure he was ready for that, and he wasn’t sure that the first time he wanted it to be while Jackson was in rut.

Namjoon didn’t even manage to get that close until BamBam grabbed the bottom of this shirt he was wearing pulling him down onto the bed so he could kiss him. BamBam kissed like he did everything else eagerly and putting everything he had into it. BamBam smelled really good there was no way to get around it. Not only had his strawberry scent reach max strawberry freshness it was also mixed with Jackson’s rut filled scent of herbal tea.

Namjoon lost the ability to really notice much else around him as he just let BamBam pull and arrange him as he wanted to. He trusted BamBam, they ended up on their knees BamBam’s naked chest against Namjoon’s still clothed chest. Luckily BamBam had grown past his tiny state meaning Namjoon’s neck didn’t hurt too much as he had to lean down a little to kiss the omega. While he had found it interesting and exciting with Yugyeom where he was smaller he had found that he really did enjoy being the tallest. It didn’t even have anything to do with dominance he just liked it.

He tried to meet BamBam’s eager kissing technique mirroring what the younger was doing to him, how he was seeking out Namjoon’s tongue and almost trying to wrap around it even though that was not how tongues works! Namjoon had lost himself so much in the kiss and focusing on breathing through his nose. Why was kissing so much more complicated than in the movies?!

He didn’t know what to do with his hands. They were just awkwardly hanging down his side not really knowing what to do until he felt another warm and clearly shirtless body behind him that he could identify as Mark by his sweet vanilla scent that mixed so well with his pack mates.

Mark helped guide Namjoon’s hands, one into BamBam’s soft hair cradling his head and another onto his hip pulling the younger closer. When BamBam finally broke the kiss and allowed him to once again to return to the mortal plain it took him more than a few seconds at orienting himself about what was going on. Jinyoung and Jackson were standing almost mirrored at him and the other omega with Jinyoung behind Jackson both on their knees with the beta holding Jackson’s hands behind his back while he was petting is thighs and whispering something Namjoon couldn’t hear into his ear.

Jackson’s eyes were both hungry but also content. He was clearly happy for now with just watching and having Jinyoung take care of his body. Namjoon blushed a little since Jackson was still completely naked with his entire body on show for Namjoon. So yeah okay Jackson’s body was great, his muscles were defined and stomach flat, thighs lean and strong and his erection somehow already present again even though it wasn’t that long since he came.

Was that a rut thing? Being able to get hard that quickly after? Namjoon didn’t get long to think about it before both omegas had decided that his neck was the perfect canvas for them to show off their artistic skills in hickey making. Namjoon couldn’t stop the moan from being let out as he had to close his eyes to focus on actually not falling and letting the other support his weight.

It was almost too much with everybody’s attention on him. He didn’t know what to do with himself and he felt how his body went rigid instead of relaxed as his thought took over how he wasn’t good enough to have all this attention. The thing with having people this physically close to you is that they can feel when your body language changes. Both Mark and BamBam stopped their painting of his neck and BamBam this time was the quickest at figuring out what was wrong. Turned out he had also taken classes in ‘how to understand your Namjoon 101’. “Joonie focus on me for a second.” Namjoon blinked a few time quickly after each other to focus himself looking down on BamBam a little confused.

Both of the other omegas knew that just because Namjoon for the most time looked like he was mostly okay stuff like what happened to him doesn’t just go away. It isn’t just a given, it was the same reason that he wouldn’t really be doing anything with Jackson. It was important that they took it slow. “Do you want us to slow down?” Mark questioned so the other two members on the side couldn’t hear it. It wasn’t in anybodies best interest to worry Jackson, an alpha in rut was meant to protect and stuff like that. Knowing that one of the omegas was struggling wouldn’t be good for him. Especially when he really couldn’t make it better only worse.

Namjoon still looked confused, he really didn’t want them to stop. He just felt overwhelmed he couldn’t even really understand what he wanted this was all so confusing. “I don’t know.” He kept his voice a low whisper as well. “I… I feel… weird… overwhelmed, but I don’t want to stop, it is hard to explain.”

BamBam decided to try something else. “What about we undress Markie-pooh? He is a little overdressed don’t you think?”

That was something Namjoon could get behind. Something that moved the focus from him but still let him be part of it. It seemed he wasn’t that ready for everybody to be looking at him. He had kinda expected it for it to be slow and sensual for them to slowly undress Mark. But he shouldn’t have expected that after all he did know BamBam, as the youngest omega removed himself a little from Namjoon after a very short kiss and then tackled Mark to the bed. Something that made Namjoon fall half back in bed with a laugh. BamBam always had the ability to make him feel better and less self conscious. That was one of the reasons why BamBam was BamBam, why he was amazing.

Mark laughed a little as Namjoon ghosted his hand over his ribs while helping BamBam undress him. “That tickles.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t wear so many layers.” Namjoon teased, he felt a lot more comfortable like this and did kinda enjoy more and more of Mark’s pale skin that was getting revealed.

BamBam giggled a little at  this. “It is much worse when he wears weird as fuck belt. It is impossible to get off, and nothing kills a boner more than having him struggle to get it off while you can clearly see him wet his pants because I swear to god he produces enough slick for an army of omegas!” That made Mark blush and suddenly the normally cocky omega tried to cover his face.

“I told you I can’t stop it! It is not my fault!” That made Namjoon think of that morning that felt like it was years ago. When Mark had been in preheat how his slick had run down his thighs even without Namjoon touching his ass. He remembered how good it had tasted and his thought at that moment. He knew what he wanted to try, but he wasn’t sure how to ask for it.

BamBam who while teasing Mark and pulling down his pants had still kept a focus on Namjoon noticed his change in demeanour. “Namjoon?”

Namjoon felt frustrated with himself, he didn’t know why he was constantly so shy and awkward he just couldn’t stop it. “I… there is this thing I want to try.”

That got both of the omegas attention. It was the first time Namjoon had actually said there was something sexually he wanted. All other times he had just went with the flow. Mark reached out to touch Namjoon’s still clothed thigh from his position on his back on the bed. “You know we won’t judge you for stuff like this right? Like there is nothing to weird.”

Namjoon swallowed heavily, maybe it was the scent of Jackson’s rut that still made his head spring that gave him the confidence. “I want to eat Mark out… Please?” He added the last thing because he was a very polite guy… sometimes.

“Yes! Yes! Good idea, best idea you have ever had!” Mark seemed very eager for it as he started kicking of his jeans almost hitting BamBam who laughed a little.

He looked up at Namjoon with a grin. “Should I be insulted that it is Mark’s ass you want to eat?”

It was meant as a joke and Namjoon knew it, but he felt like he had to apologise. “I am sorry! I didn’t mean it like that, it is just he was on my lap and slick! My hands, and it was so good! And the smell” Namjoon was rambling at this point trying to explain that it wasn’t that he prefered Mark over BamBam. They were both equal in his mind, that neither were better than the other.

Mark smacked BamBam’s naked thigh. “See now you made him shy with your shitty joke! Namjoon he was just trying to be funny, plus Jackson’s cum is still inside him and nobody needs that.” He got a return whine from BamBam who was rubbing the red spot on his thigh.

“Mark is mean.”

“Mark wants to get his ass eaten, so now please remove yourself from between his legs so he can get on his hands and knees you are in the way.”

Namjoon giggled at that, it was kinda cute and a little weird hearing Mark talk about himself like that. Which had clearly been Mark’s goal as he winked at Namjoon. “Can you do me a favour if you are comfortable with it?” He got a nod from Namjoon who were eager to please. “Undress please.”

At that Namjoon did hesitate a second. He was still a little (a lot) uncomfortable with his body. But he knew they wouldn’t judge him for being a little pudgy. They would never do that to him so he started undressing himself slowly and a little hesitant.

As Namjoon kicked off the loose sleep shorts he had been wearing he heard a loud moan this time from Jackson who’s eyes were still focused on the omegas playing around. Not that Jinyoung seemed to mind that the attention wasn’t on him as he was resting his head on Jackson’s shoulder stare also resting on the omega’s while he was lazily jerking off Jackson. The way his grip was and the way that Jackson was trying to fuck the fist while half growls and moans were forced from him made Namjoon realize that Jinyoung’s grip was nowhere near tight enough to get Jackson off. Jinyoung was really just teasing him.

When Namjoon turned back to the omegas he himself couldn’t stop a moan from being released from his mouth. The sight that greeted him was a Mark on his hands and knees and BamBam holding his cheeks apart presenting the wet hole to Namjoon, and oh god Mark were so wet. So wet it was almost insane clear slick was sliding from the hole running down to his thighs leaving behind little marks. Fuck.

“I told you! He is as wet as a whore, it is insane!” Mark seemed to have enough of all this talking.

He shook his head a little as he fell down on elbows instead presenting his ass so prettily. “Can one of you just do something now, or I will leave and find a toy that doesn’t feel like having a conversation first.”

BamBam exchange a grin with Namjoon. “Princess get’s what princess wants.” He just grinned before giving Namjoon a kiss. “One last thing though, can I you know… Touch your ass while you do it. I promise if you are uncomfortable I will stop.”

Namjoon was quick to nod at that, he knew how sensitive and good an omega’s ass is supposed to feel and he hadn’t gotten to try it yet. If anybody knew how to make him feel good it would be BamBam right? “I trust you.” And that was the last thing Namjoon said before he got down on his own hands and knees mind set on at least trying to blow Mark’s mind.

While he had never eaten anybody out, or had it done on himself, he had watched enough porn to knew at least the basics about it. Okay and maybe he had fantasized about it after he had gotten a taste of Mark’s slick last time.

He started with letting the flat of tongue run right over Mark’s entrance trying to get as much as the sweet amazing slick he could. There was no way he could really explain the taste that exploded onto his tongue. It was better than anything he had ever imagined, better than the taste he had gotten last time and he moaned out, done with trying to hide his sounds anymore.

He decided to rest his weight on one arm instead as he used the other to grab at Mark’s hip to drag him closer to his mouth as he eagerly licked up all the slick that had already escaped Mark. He didn’t even stop to focus on BamBam’s hands sliding up his inner thighs, he was to focused on now driving the tip of his tongue into the place where that wonderful slick came from.

Namjoon’s point from weeks ago was still standing. He had no idea how the rest of Got7 weren’t living in Mark’s ass, it was so good and it tasted so good! The taste of Mark on his tongue and the scent of Jackson’s rut in the air, god this was heaven wasn’t it? He hadn’t even noticed how he had eagerly started to lick directly at the hole, it was so fucking mindblowing it was insane.

It was first then he felt his own cheeks getting spread and cold air hitting his entrance. Normally he would have felt shy and embarrassed, but at this point he were so busy with the wonders that there were Mark’s ass that he didn’t even have the time to focus on it. He could trust BamBam! He knew he could, BamBam would never hurt him. Something small and wet was touching Namjoon’s entrance, he knew that he couldn’t produce slick himself yet. While yes it was a hit to his confidence for some reason he couldn’t explain, he also knew that it was going to be fine… at least he hoped.

He had never before had anything inside him, and the feeling was what felt like BamBam’s pinky breached him was… good… it felt good. A soft kiss was placed right on his upper thigh. “Good just relax for me.”

Namjoon didn’t really focus on BamBam’s words, he focused on fucking his tongue in out of Mark a thing that he had found gave the most noise from Mark and made even more of that amazing slick run out of him. Namjoon at this point was well aware that his entire lower face was probably covered in slick, but he couldn’t get himself to care even one bit about it.

As BamBam slid two fingers into him and Namjoon was forced to stop his eager rimming of Mark to try and calm himself down for a second. He couldn’t stop himself from moving himself back on BamBam’s fingers, eagerly chasing something he himself didn’t know what was.

He took a second to look over at Jinyoung and Jackson, but they were no longer standing chest to back instead Jackson was on his back on the bed as Jinyoung was slowly oh so slowly fucking himself on Jackson’s cock. The tight grip he had on Jinyoung’s hip was starting to mark red finger prints on the soft skin of the beta’s hips. But it was clear that Jinyoung was still in control and Namjoon managed to hear a few of the sentence exchanged between them. “They look so pretty doesn’t they? Our omegas?”

Something in Namjoon preened with the thought of belonging to somebody. He of course knew that Jinyoung didn’t mean it in a degrading or mean way, and that he himself was his own and even the pack he joined wouldn’t own him… but it was still a nice thought. He kissed the spot where Mark’s ass and thigh meet getting another whiny moan from Mark and Namjoon noticed how Mark was jerking himself off at the same time.

“Look at BamBam opening him up with his own slick, some of your own cum is probably there. You like that don’t you, silly alpha.” Jackson didn’t say anything just a low growl as his eyes met Namjoon’s. Jackson’s eyes were dark and clearly gone in rut, but he wasn’t like alphas were always made out to be soulless beings with no trace of themselves. He could still see Jackson in those pretty eyes as they smiled even if Jackson’s mouth wasn’t able to as it was busy releasing deep groans and growls.

Namjoon wanted to return it, but at that moment BamBam hit something inside him. He of course knew what the prostate was and he knew what it did, but he had never thought that it would feel this good as he couldn’t stop the full body shiver that was released. He gave a few kitty licks to Mark’s entrance gathering the slick that had gathered there. While he could feel Mark was full on shaking now, clearly close to coming. God Namjoon hoped he was close, because he himself was so close already.

He eagerly went back to work, determined to make Mark come before him. That turned out to be impossible as the world was against him. BamBam who apparently seemed to have some amazing skill at fingering people was now hitting his prostate with every push into Namjoon. Mark’s noises were so pretty, but that wasn’t what really sealed it all, instead it was the warm overheated hand he felt on his thigh. A hand that very clearly didn’t belong to BamBam but a certain alpha.

Namjoon had to bite his lip not to moan out Jackson’s name as he came the hardest he ever had before, his mouth on Mark’s ass, BamBam’s fingers inside and Jackson’s hand on his thigh.

Chapter Text

The rest of Jackson’s rut was memorable if not at times a little weird. Namjoon himself came more times without an alpha even really touching him. Once was when Mark decided that he would pay Namjoon back from his apparently above average rimming skill. He had tried to turn Mark down since he didn’t produce slick, but the older omega refused to take no as an answer, which was how he ended up on his back with his legs over Mark’s shoulders while the other eagerly ate him out.

The pleasure was intense, and the only thing really keeping him grounded was Jinyoung’s soft petting of his hair, while Jackson and BamBam were going at it again. He could still feel Jackson’s eyes burning on him, but BamBam was nice enough to do his best to distract the alpha knowing that he was making Namjoon uncomfortable.

When Namjoon came he felt like he could sleep for the next century. In his defense it wasn’t like he had really ever tried to build up his sexual stamina. When Jaebum and the rest returned they swapped out leaving the alphas alone.

Namjoon was almost out of the room when he heard a rough voice behind him. “I know I can’t really touch him or anything, but can I atleast get a kiss before you guys go… This doesn’t feel right.”

The question was clearly asked to Jinyoung who had found himself being Namjoon’s kind of guardian. But Namjoon didn’t need the permission from the beta as he took a few steps to the bed bowing down to give Jackson a chaste a kiss. When he was the one who started it, it was a lot easier dealing with the fact that it was an alpha, and he did want a kiss himself.

When it was clear that both of them wanted to make more of the kiss, they both also knew why they couldn’t and both pulled away. Which was good for multiple reasons one of them being that Namjoon wasn’t sure he could even go again if he wanted.

When they were all pulled into the kitchen apparently Jinyoung wouldn’t let them sleep until they had replaced all the calories they had lost. Namjoon was surprised seeing Youngjae sitting there shoveling in cereal like it was nobody's business. “Shouldn’t you be with Jackson?” Namjoon couldn’t stop the words from escaping him, since the younger hadn’t been with them when they had their turn with the in rut alpha.

They wouldn’t leave out Youngjae right? He was still respected as a beta right? Namjoon was worried for a second until Youngjae just smiled at him. “I choose not to. I will help the next team that goes in there instead. I don’t feel it right now, plus I really don’t want to be caught up in the all alpha smexxy time going on in there. Rough sex is not a turn on for me, but that necklace of hickeys you are wearing looks good on you. Did our vampires get to you?”

Namjoon flushed a deep red colour. He had completely forgotten about the marks that the other omegas had placed on him. He didn’t get a chance to answer before he was being captured in a back hug. “He is so pretty like this right!?”

How did BamBam even have the energy to be like this after all they had just been part of. Namjoon could feel his smile into the naked of Namjoon’s back, while he had put on his shorts again he had decided to leave off his shirt like the rest. “BamBam you are making him embarrassed.”

It was Jinyoung who seemed to have taken pity on him as he placed a hand on Namjoon’s shoulder and sent him a kind smile. “You are okay right? It wasn’t to much for you?”

Namjoon shook his head. “I’m fine… I just… uhm.. “ he pointed to his neck, what happened to him being a smart person? Why couldn’t he seem to be able to say what he wanted recently? It was all stupid!

Jinyoung understood him though, since apparently everybody had taken ‘How to understand your Namjoon 101’. “It is a little overwhelming carrying somebody's mark on your body. Even if it isn’t permanent like the bite. I thought they would have a little self control, that was my mistake I clearly expected to much out of them.”

“No it is okay! I promise. I… I kinda like it, it is like something inside me is happy about it.” It was hard for Namjoon to explain, but Mark was there to pick up his slack.

“It is your inner omega. I had it the same way, it is since you are over 21 and still not bound by a pack. It will get worse the older you get, but temporary marking like this will help you. It lets your body and inner omega feel that you are willing to bond with people just waiting for the right pack.” It was so easy for not only Namjoon but the rest of Got7 to forget that Mark had only just joined them. He had been unbound for 4 years before he finally took the bite, that was a long time.

The rest of Got7 got a little silent after that. So much had happened since Mark took the bite that they had almost forgotten it was less than 2 weeks ago since he took it. “You feeling okay Markie-pooh?” The tone was teasing, but it was clear that BamBam actually meant it, and was worried about Mark.

Mark just rolled his eyes. “This is why I haven’t brought it up. I swear to god you guys are way to overprotective! I am fine, if something was wrong or my body was rejecting the bite I would pull somebody aside to talk about it. You trust me to do that right?”

Namjoon wanted to point out the time Mark had come drunk to him, but he also knew the reason Mark was so out of it was because it hadn’t been his secret to keep. It hadn’t been him who had suffered. Thinking of that night made Namjoon rub his cheek where Yoongi had hit him. He kinda missed the fiery alpha, he knew that Yoongi really cared for him, right? He had just been doing tough love.

Youngjae was the first to speak up, while many people called him oblivious he really wasn’t he just tried to keep out of arguments and stuff like that most of the time. “Of course we do Mark, but we are also your pack now it is natural for us to be worried about you, it means we care.”

Mark puffed out his cheeks like a chipmunk and pouted. “You are all so protective that you should think that you were all alphas.” With that the weird tension in the room was cleared, but it made Namjoon think.

It was clear that Mark was still getting used to being in the pack. His problem was that he was very much an individual, sometimes he felt that them caring and being overprotective meant that they didn’t trust him. It was the same issues that they had when they courted him. They had problems accepting how Mark sometimes needed time for himself that he wasn’t like BamBam or even Youngjae, who took attention and sucked it up and turned it into their life fuel. But Namjoon had hoped that the longer they were a pack the more it would work out.

He knew with Jackson’s issues with scent they had some long battles ahead of them, but Mark had picked them. That meant that he believed in it as well. Which gave Namjoon hope, that they could do this, and maybe with him as well some day. He still remembered what Daesung had said to him, he needed to give everybody and himself a fair chance. That he would know when it was right to join somebody and that he couldn’t push himself to feel ready.

He smiled a little sleepily when he sat down at the table to eat. It was easier to eat when he was tired like this and he didn’t need to think about how much he had to exercise to burn it all off. He could just tiredly eat, even taken a few bites that Jinyoung were feeding him to tired to really think about. It was nice to not think about it.

He could faintly remember a few coos as he was pulled into the rut free nest where he was cuddled up between the two betas falling asleep with the two calming scents around him. Namjoon wasn’t sure how long he was napping, but he was aware there was only one person in the nest when he woke up. It wasn’t any of the people that he had fallen asleep with instead the scent of soft butterscotch told him that it was instead Yugyeom cuddling him from behind.

It was hard to explain why it was so much easier for him to accept Yugyeom close to him compared to Jaebum and Jackson. First Namjoon thought it was the age, but after he had meet Jungkook it was clear that age was not a factor. So the only logical reason was that while Yugyeom wasn’t a full on soft alpha, he wasn’t a full on aggressive and normal alpha, he was kinda soft and sweet around the edges, and his scent much less aggressive than normal alphas.

Namjoon turned around in his arms cuddled into the crook of his neck. Even with his still sleep heavy eyes he could see the aggressive marks spanning most of his neck and shoulder around his bite. He still smelled faintly of both Jackson’s rut and Jaebum himself it was actually really nice as he cuddled closer, happy that Yugyeom had at least put on his shorts.

Yugyeom seemed to wake a little as he tightened his grip on Namjoon, but not tight enough that it actually would hurt Namjoon or that he couldn’t get out if he wanted. “You awake?” The baby alpha’s voice was soft enough that he wouldn’t actually wake up Namjoon if the older was sleeping.

“Nah, how long was I out?” Namjoon yawned a little, he was warm and safe. “Is it over?”

Yugyeom clearly caught Namjoon’s yawning as he couldn’t stop himself from yawning as well. “A few hours, and no. Normally it would be around the end now but with Mark’s bite and you being here means that it had adjusted for three omegas so it is going to take time before it is over.”

“Who is with him now?”

“Jaebum and Jinyoung, Youngjae and BamBam were there earlier, but they had to go and train. Mark decided to join them because and I quote ‘This place stinks’, which I think is Mark talk for ‘This is turning me on to much, and I’m not feeling it.’”

Namjoon giggled a little and not for the first time since he got here he was struck with how much the younger reminded him of Jungkook. It just made him feel a little worse about how much they had failed Jungkook and now the baby alpha thought that he had failed them. “You don’t want to join them as well?”

“Maybe, but I needed a nap as well and you looked warm and smelled nicely! Your scent is slowly getting stronger. I’m not sure if it that is the medicine is finally working or if  Jackson’s rut is pulling it out of you, but I like it alot. It fits you very well.”

That actually made Namjoon happy to hear, since he couldn’t really smell his own scent he had to trust everybody else to tell him when his scent was getting stronger. Also maybe he kinda liked the fact that people seemed to like it. Having a scent that was hated by everybody including himself, it was nice to finally feel accepted.

“They did a job on you though.” Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from teasing pressing a little on one of the marks on his shoulder. What he didn’t expect was for Yugyeom to blush and look a way. “I’m sorry to far?” Namjoon was quick in excusing himself, he never meant to make Yugyeom uncomfortable.

Yugyeom just laughed a little higher than his normal voice. “It’s not that, they do it because I like it?”

Namjoon nodded a little hesitant, he could kinda understand it. It had felt good when they had been placed him and he told Yugyeom that, but the younger corrected him. “That is not what I meant. I like when they are on me. I don’t take scent marks as well as omegas or even betas do. But these,” he motioned towards the many red marks on him, “they stay on me. That make me feel like I belong. It is hard to explain, I know that I am not actually a soft alpha, but sometimes I feel like I am.”

Yugyeom was clearly struggling in explaining himself, and Namjoon could feel the leader inside himself coming to the surface as he lightly petted Yugyeom’s hair. “It doesn’t matter you know that right? Everybody loves you like you are, you don’t need to be a soft alpha for that. And even if you aren’t you are still soft around the edges, a giant softie is what you are. Why else do you think that you are the only alpha that never seems to make me uncomfortable?”

It was good to see that he hadn’t lost his touch with knowing exactly what to say as Yugyeom sent him a huge smile like a puppy. Namjoon could almost imagine a little tail flopping around. “Thank you, it is hard to explain it to people. People just think I’m weird.”

“The only thing weird about you is the fact that I think they have fed you growth hormones and maybe that haircut as well.” Namjoon was feeling like he could finally joke with people again, like before everybody had presented.

Yugyeom whined again like a puppy. “It is not my fault everybody else is short!” He hid his head in Namjoon’s shoulder this time.

Yeah Namjoon was happy like that. Yugyeom and he talked a little bit more before they both made it to the kitchen. The second nest was mainly scent proof and soundproof so while they could still smell a little of Jackson’s rut it was mostly like they were alone. Turned out that neither of them should really be trusted in a kitchen so they ate some ramen instead. Light conversation flowing between them until Namjoon almost dropped his bowl on the floor since he was still the most destructive human in existence.

Yugyeom took the bowl from him setting it down and then asking him. “Do you want to go and see what they are up to and if they need 2 more people?”

Namjoon was hesitant, he wasn’t sure if he could be touched by this many alphas. “Yugyeom… I still struggle with alphas”

The maknae looked a little hesitant before asking instead. “What if only Jinyoung touches you? I promise we can keep Jackson in control.”

Namjoon trusted them, he really did so he nodded a little hesitant. “Okay,” so maybe he really wanted to see Jackson again in that wonderful smell of rut. He looked really good with that glaze over his eyes and maybe it was nice to feel wanted when he couldn’t even look in the mirror without feeling disgusted. “Are you sure that you guys don’t just want some time alone? I know it is weird having to babysit me like that.”

“Namjoon we all have moment like this. I have helped Jinyoung more than once running interference when Mark needs to be left alone. Sometimes Jaebum and Jackson need to be kept from each other during a tough heat. I promise you, this is really nothing.”

Ah so Yugyeom was the one helping Jinyoung. He should have expected that shouldn’t he. No disrespect to BamBam or Youngjae, but they were both as depending on physical contact on the two alphas and they didn’t always understand that Mark wasn’t like that.

That was what lead to the third time Namjoon came during the rut. It was very different from the first time. Yugyeom and Jaebum were a lot harsher with the alpha than both Jinyoung and BamBam. While Jinyoung had been in control over Jackson it wasn’t like this. Namjoon was almost scared when Jaebum forced Jackson to present his scent gland to him and show who was really the pack alpha.

Namjoon almost wanted to stop them, afraid that somebody was getting hurt. But Jinyoung stopped him softly petting Namjoon’s hip. “It’s okay, look at them. What Jaebum is doing is grounding him, forcing himself to not lose himself to much to the rut it keeps his mind clear. See it is like the haze is a little gone from his eyes. Jaebum would never do anything that could hurt him, problem is since Jackson can’t smell his own scent or any scent at all his rut really fucks with his body. Every rut is different of course, Jaebum’s nearly non sexual at all. Yugyeom’s is much more about him needing to feel that he still belongs to us instead of us belong to him like it is with Jackson. No rut is the same, it shows their position in a pack.”

The younger nodded a little looking at the three alphas half rolling around until it ended up with Jackson between Yugyeom’s legs and rutting against his ass again making Namjoon a little worried. “He is going to fuck Yugyeom while in rut right?”

Jinyoung shook his head rubbing his hand infront of Namjoon’s shirtless chest the sight in front of him had started turning him on. “He can’t really fuck Yugyeom at all without hurting him, and even in his rut he knows that, he just going to rub off against him. Yugyeom can really only take Mark and BamBam without issues and me and Youngjae if we are careful and prepare him well. Since he isn’t a soft alpha, his body can’t really take it, but it is okay.”

Namjoon bit his lip to hold back a moan, not wanting to pull attention on himself instead keeping his focus on the three alphas on the bed close to them. As Jinyoung had predicted Jackson was rutting against Yugyeom’s ass with Jaebum softly petting Yugyeom’s hair and at the same time keeping a grip on Jackson’s. Namjoon wasn’t sure if it was to control him or what, but Jinyoung was ready to explain to him. “He likes it, he likes having his hair pulled no matter if it is like this or somebody doing it while he is fucking them.” He gave Namjoon a soft kiss over one of the many hickies the two omegas had placed on him. “I want to try something if you trust me?”

Namjoon was quick to nod, he knew that he could trust Jinyoung. It wasn’t like he would ever do something to hurt him. Jinyoung just smiled “On your back. I want to open you up like BamBam did, but this time you focus on me instead of eating somebody out. I want to see your face when you come and showing me the pleasure of what I do to you.”

That made Namjoon quickly get on his back, still careful to not interrupt the alphas. God the scent was starting to get to Namjoon’s head again and he could clearly see that it was affecting Jinyoung as well, as he a grabbed a bottle of… lube? Oh yeah of course how else would he do it. Namjoon was slow today. He easily opened his legs for Jinyoung to place himself between as the beta guided one of his legs over his shoulder that way exposing his entrance. Namjoon felt a little shy about being bared like that but a soft kiss was placed on his inner thigh which calmed him down a little and only a few second after did he feel the first finger of Jinyoung slowly and oh so softly pressing into him, his body easily accepting it into him.

Even if he wasn’t able to create slick yet, he was still an omega and his body was made for this. God if he had known this would feel so good he would have changed his maturbation habits long ago!

It didn’t take long before Jinyoung let a second finger join him slowly scissoring him open. He had to close his eyes and focus on not being too loud, instead just small mewls coming from his mouth. Again he didn’t know what to do with his hands other than the one pressing on his mouth, that was until he felt another hand find his and intertwine their fingers. It made him open his eyes to look to his side.

It was Yugyeom, he hadn’t even noticed how close they had ended up to the alphas. His position was mirrored to Namjoon’s. Jackson was still rocking almost desperately against him, his face now buried in Yugyeom’s scent gland mouthing and biting at it placing more marks. That was when he noticed Jaebum’s heated eyes on him watching what him and Jinyoung was doing. But his smile was calming when he smiled at Namjoon clearly showing that he was still in control of himself and he was respecting Namjoon as he petted the baby alpha’s hair again. “You both look so cute like this.”

Yeah that made the two youngests cheeks flare up and Namjoon wanted to say something, but at that time it seemed that Jinyoung had finally found what he was searching for as he jabbed his fingertips into Namjoon prostate. This time not even Namjoon’s hand in front of his mouth could keep him quiet. He had always known it was natural to him to be loud and this turned out to be the same.

He knew he wasn’t going to last as Jinyoung started massaging his balls in his other hand. “Don’t hide your sounds Joonie, you sound so pretty.” Yugyeom gave his hand a little squeeze and both turned their head to the side their noses were touching making them both smile at each other, until a moan was forced from both of them.

Jinyoung seemed very eager to make Namjoon come and he now had 3 fingers inside of Namjoon pressing on the little nerve inside of Namjoon that made him see stars. He wanted to warn Jinyoung that he was going to come, but he never got to as in that second soft lips were pressed to him and the soft scent of butterscotch took over his senses. When he came it was with a whine of Yugyeom’s name into said alpha’s lips.

Chapter Text

Namjoon’s life after Jackson’s rut slowed down a lot, and it almost became normal and a routine. He didn’t feel like a guest anymore, he would wake up later than the rest of Got7 his body still craving more sleep with at least one warm body cuddled up to his, most of the time Youngjae who were basically always sleepy.

He would try his best to get out of eating, it wasn’t like he was starving himself he was just trying to keep an idol body! Then he would leave and head to the BigHit building. Many times he would get kisses and hugs from different members of Got7, but it no longer felt like it was because they felt they needed to, but because they wanted to. It was nice to feel like he belonged.

Two days after Jackson’s rut he got called to Bang PD-nim’s office, to be honest he was terrified. Namjoon thought over all the different things that could happen. Was he getting kicked out? Was he going to be removed as the leader of BTS? Was everybody okay!?

He was calmed instantly by the soft smile on the older man's lip. “You worry too much Namjoon.” Was the first thing out of him when Namjoon closed the door behind him.

Namjoon had deep respect for Bang PD-nim. He personally choose Namjoon and he believed in Namjoon when nobody else did. “I’m sorry,”

Bang PD-nim just smiled at him still. “Everything is fine I promise, I just wanted to catch you up on a few things.”

“Yoongi?” Namjoon was eager to hear more news about his BTS pack alpha. He knew that Yoongi had to still be working since he still found traces of him in the studio. Leading him to believe he was working at different times than Namjoon who were still struggling with his stamina to work that long hours.

Bang PD-nim just shook his head. “Yoongi is fine don’t worry, he is working with the same psychiatrist as you. But that is not the point I am pushing back BTS’s comeback.”

“No!” Namjoon quickly realized how rude he seemed and looked away slightly blushing. “I mean, please don’t they all worked very hard on it. Don’t let me be the reason for that. I promise I can keep up.”

The older male signaled for Namjoon to sit down. “This isn’t just about you. I am worried that if we push a comeback now we might break all of you and that is going to be the end of BTS. Plus if we push the Young Forever comeback later it will fit a lot better. Plus it gives you guys more time to write for the next album. You are still all committed to have a solo song each right?”

Namjoon nodded quickly, he knew that it was a big chance they were all getting to have a solo on their next comeback. He knew not every group was lucky enough to have that. “Shouldn’t we be worried about the public forgetting about us?”

Bang PD-nim should have expected this. He knew that Namjoon wouldn’t just accept a break luckily he had a backup plan. “I am thinking of having you do another Japanese comeback? It would be easier for all of you and less stressful. Plus it will give everybody a chance to return to a normal state of mind.”

Namjoon thought it over for a second. It made sense he knew that plus a Japanese comeback would be a good break for everybody. “When did you plan for us to do it?”

“Mid march?”

Another quick think over and Namjoon found that it actually fit perfect. That gave everybody two months of connection with new friends and falling into a more healthy version of their relationship. It was almost perfect it was almost like somebody had planned for this happen who knew what everybody was thinking. “Yes that fits very well.” He couldn’t stop himself from smiling he knew that they were lucky. While it was against the law to work against a pack and deny them basic rights, he also knew that a lot of companies didn’t care about the idols or the packs that worked for them. “Thank you Bang PD-nim.” And he meant it from the bottom of his heart. He knew that it would all be much harder if they had been signed under another company.

Bang PD-nim just smiled at him again looking over his paper. “We have two more things to go over before a let you go home. First of all I want to praise you for how well you dealt with the pack. Splitting them up like this is very healthy for them,” he sighed a little, “One of my concerns with only having one group and everybody else working here being so far away from you guys in ages. I am always worried that you guys are isolated from everybody who isn’t part of the pack. That is one of the reason I have always told all of you that it is okay for all of you to spend time with other packs, that we are going to find a way to make it work.”

Namjoon was actually a little surprised. He knew that they weren’t just a group and company that it was much more like a family here, but it was always surprising for him to hear how much people actually cared. “Thank you, I… I hope it is enough.” He thought for a second about if he should keep one of his concerns to himself, but he decided against it. He could trust the older man. “I am worried about Jimin, everybody has issues, but he is so good at hiding his issues even from himself. I don’t think he actually understands that his mindset is toxic.”

That was what the beta had feared, he wouldn’t break the secrets he held for Yoongi, but he also wanted to offer the young leader som help. “It is partly my fault, while I can’t tell you anything since it isn’t my secret, but Yoongi he turned out a lot more troubled than I first had thought. It seems like he thought he was out of his past, but it slowly sneaked up on him. I am not saying that he should be forgiven for what he has done, but I think the only way to fix this if for them to sit down right before you guys go to Japan and talk about it… And sadly I think it is something they have to do without you.”

Namjoon nodded in agreeance. “I never blamed Yoongi, looking back at it with a more clear mind it is clear that he was getting worse with time. We are all victims of our past. Yoongi is no different.”

While the older man didn’t completely agree with Namjoon he went to the next topic he wanted to discuss with the young leader. “As far as I understand you are going to be courted by Block B as well?”

At that Namjoon blushed a little, he still had a hard time understanding that so many different people seemed to want him. “Yeah, I am spending time with Got7 right now.”

That made the beta laugh. “Oh I know, you hadn’t noticed that dispatch has been following you?”

To be honest Namjoon really hadn’t. He had been way to focused to finally getting inside the warm dorm and to get the hugs that he found himself craving during the day. “I’m sorry! I am going to do better!”

“You really need to stop blaming yourself, there really isn’t an issue. Most of the fans seem surprisingly supportive. It helps a lot that you guys and Got7 have always seemed close. That and now that you are an omega people support your right to pick your own pack. Most seem happy that you’re compared to the maknae line and actually seem to think about which pack you are joining. But that is a whole other conversation for another day.” He pushed a couple of photographs over to Namjoon so he could look at them.

The photos were from before he signed with Big Hit back in his underground days. He was smiling up at Jiho who had an arm around his shoulders, Kyung was leaning against Jiho from the underside. The beta looked so small even back then compared to him and Jiho. Thinking back Namjoon could actually remember when this was, it was around the time the two older betas had signed up as idols.

He could remember how he was actually happy for them. He knew that a lot of their friends were mad at them for becoming ‘idols’, but Namjoon saw it as a chance for them to spread their music. Yeah… It had been a good day, before all this weird omega shit.

The soft smile on Namjoon’s lips told Bang PD-nim all he needed to know. “When you go and see them. I want you to talk with them about the past. I think it could be good for you to talk with somebody who lived with it. Maybe in the end you will learn something about yourself and learn to accept yourself as an omega more. Plus it will be good for you in general, but I have a favour to ask of you.” Namjoon quickly nodded, he would do almost anything for Bang PD-nim. “Don’t focus on just Kyung and Jiho. I know that it is the the two you know the best, but you can’t join a pack based on only two members.”

It made a lot of sense. While he knew all of Block B and they were decently close as friends he could easily fall into just spending time with the two he already knew instead of getting to know everybody more. “Thank you not just for this, for everything. You didn’t have to care like this and we both know it. We are very lucky all of us.”

Bang PD-nim thanked him before waving him off. “It is late and I think people are waiting for you! Also… you can tell them that it is okay to post on social media while you are there. We aren’t hiding you from the fans… We aren’t SM.”

Oh the shade, but Namjoon saw the sad look on the older man’s face and it was clear at the same time that they both thought of Lu Han. Namjoon quickly left trying to free his mind from the sad memories of the older omega in whatever situation he was in. Nobody deserved to be treated like that, fuck SM… just fuck them.

As Namjoon sat in the car another big change in his life happened as a text pinged in on his phone. Seungri and Daesung… it kinda felt like they were trying to adopt Namjoon to be honest. There didn’t even go 12 hours where he hadn’t gotten a text from Seungri even if it was just something silly like another picture of fanart of him as a panda. He always knew how to make Namjoon smile.

He never thought that he would ever be in a point of his life where he felt comfortable just calling up a member of Big Bang. But as he saw the text he instantly called up the older alpha. “Seungri-hyung? Are you okay?”

Seungri sounded confused and a little sleepy as answered. “Joonie? Yeah? Why should I not be okay? Am I dying? Are you dying? Oh my god are we dying?”

That made Namjoon giggle a little he found Seungri’s silly nature funny and a nice change from how serious his work life was. “You said you had to shut down one of your dance schools?”

“Oh shit yeah, you first saw that message now? Namjoon! That is like 3 hour old news! You are like Jiyong he also just ignores me!”

Even if Namjoon knew he was just kidding he felt the need to explain himself. “I was working!”

Seungri just whined as Namjoon could hear him stretch. “I’m sorry did I wake you?” Another whine from Seungri, who really did embody everything about a soft alpha.

“Nah I’m on the couch in the studio. I am supposed to record vocals when the slave driver decides that he is done torturing Youngbae.” Namjoon heard somebody speak up in the background, but it was to far away for him to be able to hear the words. “Jiyong says he isn’t slavedriver and I’m being a whiny brat.”

It was all said with a way to happy tone that it was clear that neither alpha really meant it. The more Namjoon had talked to Big Bang’s maknae line the more he had found how he wanted his pack to be when he finally found who he belonged with. Even if they shouldn’t work 4 alpha’s and one omega with no beta’s they worked without any issues. It was almost like a movie pack. He hadn’t talked to either of the rappers. But he had talked shortly with Youngbae when the older alpha had stolen the phone from Seungri after the soft alpha had complained that Youngbae was being evil.

Youngbae was like his scent, calming to talk to. Namjoon could clearly see why has was when Daesung told him he was reason why they hadn’t all killed each other yet. “Hyung, you still haven’t told me why you closing your dance school?” If there were two things Namjoon had learned about Seungri while texting and talking to him it was that A) there was no such thing as Seungri getting enough attention and B) he was really passionate about his projects. It simply didn’t make sense that he would close them.

“A professor started a pack with a just presented omega! How am I supposed to be able to keep a school open after that? I can’t tell parents to trust me with their kids when there is a chance they get bound the same day they presented with a 35 year old teacher who breaks from his own pack to start a new one!” Seungri was high key whiny as Namjoon heard a slap getting placed on his head and another whine as somebody threw himself on top of Seungri.

“We told you that you should have written it into the teacher's contract.” The voice came from Daesung Namjoon could quickly decipher and he was close to the phone probably resting his head on Seungri’s shoulder.

“Oh I’m sorry that I didn’t expect my teacher to fuck a student! I thought it was logical!”

“Maknae you are up!” The voice this time was closer by and clearly belonged to no other than Kwon Jiyong better known as G Dragon. So while Namjoon had gotten more comfortable with Daesung and Seungri it was hard for him to even think about the Big Bang leader. While he looked up to every member of the group… G Dragon was something special.

Even though today he clearly sounded tired and from what he had heard from Daesung and Seungri the older alpha had worked for days in the studio rewriting and reproducing the last three songs for their new album.

Namjoon knew the stress of feeling like you just couldn’t nail that song that you were trying for. That feeling nothing you did seemed to make it better. It couldn’t be easier for G Dragon who had much more pressure on him than most people had. A shuffle was heard from the other end as Seungri got up leaving his phone with Daesung, who asked softly. “Namjoon?”

“Evening Hyung.” It always made Daesung giggle a little when he called him hyung, in the start it had made Namjoon worried that he was making fun of him, but Daesung had explained he had just found it cute.

“How are you doing Namjoon?” He would always ask Namjoon this, and if he tried to just answer with ‘fine’ he would ask again. It was always amazing how Daesung just seemed to understand him even if they hadn’t known each other that long.

“Our comeback is being pushed back.” He admitted a little bitterly, he still felt that it was kinda his fault even if it had been explained to him that it wasn’t he still couldn’t stop blaming himself.

Daesung hummed a little. “Seems like a good idea. There is such a thing as too many comeback.” Something was yelled again from the other side and the older omega sighed. “Seems like I have to go, sorry I promised to be the one to pull Seunghyun back into humanity.”

Namjoon wanted to ask what he meant about it, but he also didn’t want to overstep his boundaries so he just let it go, as they softly said a goodbye to the other. It was nice Namjoon decided, it was nice to have people that seemed to care about him as Namjoon and who had no connection to majority of the things happening in his life.

The rest of the way back to the dorm he was fiddling with the puzzle box, he felt like he was so close to getting it open! He wanted to see what was in it! He also knew that he needed to soon see another pack, he wanted to be fair and split his time fairly between all of them.

Everything was a lot different when he got back to the Got7 dorm. The first thing that happened was that he got pulled to the side by BamBam and Mark who both looked like gleeful kids. “We need your help.”

Somehow Namjoon knew this wasn’t going to end well. He knew that this was an overall bad idea, but he still had no idea how to say no. “What is wrong?”

“We need you to help us annoy the alphas!” BamBam looked like what had just said made completely sense, which in Namjoon’s head it didn’t.

“Excuse me what?”

“Annoy the alphas.” BamBam then went into a long rant about how it all made sense, but Namjoon had to be honest that he didn’t really understand what the younger was saying for multiple reasons. One of them being that he was speaking way way too fast. The second being that he was slipping between Korean and Thai.

Logically he should say no right? Because he had no idea what was even going on, but all it took was one set of doe eyes from BamBam and Mark combined and he knew he couldn’t say no. So he just sighed. “Okay I will help.” God what had he gotten himself into?

Chapter Text

To say that Namjoon was confused about what was going on was to put it mildly. He had no idea what he had actually signed up for. He had somehow gotten caught up in hiding Jaebum’s planner with BamBam without even knowing how he got here.

The most realistic answer would probably be that he was just in general weak for BamBam and he never really had much control over what he was doing when it came to the younger omega. The real question was why the two Got7 omegas were acting like this, it made no sense to Namjoon. It was like there was something going on that he didn’t know about.

Luckily Jinyoung ended up pulling him to the side only a few hours into the ‘game’. Namjoon was worried that he had failed his fellow omegas and had given them away. But mostly Jinyoung just looked like he wanted to sigh. “Do you know what a half is?”

Namjoon felt Jinyoung was being a little insulting of his intelligence and put on his best posh voice. “A half is an equal dividend something, 50 percent, what you have after you cut something over in the middle.”

Jinyoung ended up actually sighing at that point. “I know that, I know you aren’t in first grade, I mean a half heat?”

The taller of the two frowned a little trying to search through his memories to find any mention of half heats, but he came up blank. “No I don’t think so.”

“Don’t feel to bad about it, very few omegas still get them, and especially in kpop groups where there is in general more beta and alphas than omegas. A long long time ago half heats were a biological trait that helped omegas get the attention of alphas and betas even when they weren’t in heat. It was to help them stay more competitive to who would be bred during a heat.” Jinyoung explained with a light smile and he couldn’t stop himself from laughing when he saw Namjoon’s features scowl up at the word ‘bred’. “I know, bad word choice, but that is what BamBam is having at the moment.”

That lead Namjoon to be even more confused. “But you said that it was about attention from both alphas and betas why are they leaving you guys out then?” He started to feel bad, betas were important to!

Jinyoung again just laughed under his breath leaning up to pat Namjoon softly on the hair. “You are really just a softie aren’t you? They aren’t leaving us out. Youngjae joined them many times in the game and I have straight up made it known that I want no part in this. Since I can’t stand when my things go missing and I am not whipped enough that I will let them get away with it. I do love them all I really do, but I am not so weak and I will not let them get away with anything with cute puppy eyes like certain alphas.”

Namjoon just stood there for a second thinking over all the information he had just been told trying to digest it. “Mark can’t be having his half heat as well, it is way too early, he just had his heat.”

“Mark doesn’t get half heats, but since it is no longer about competing to get bred it has more or less turned into a game of getting all the attention. Mark joins in sometimes, neither him nor Youngjae joins in every time. Both of them need time for themselves sometimes. BamBam is probably happy that you are here now so you can hopefully join him since Mark seems to feel it as well.” Jinyoung had gone back to chopping vegetables, and while Namjoon wanted to help he knew that he would probably just do more damage than he would help so he just looked at the beta while he did it.

“Is it really okay that I join them?” He kinda… liked the idea a little. He had no idea why, he never before saw himself as somebody who craved people’s attention on him.

Then he thought over what Doctor Choi had said to him, he was making up for 4 years of his needs not being met. Maybe it was normal for him to like the idea of having people attention on him! Maybe he didn’t have to feel bad about it, maybe he could accept it and be happy about it. Jinyoung seemed to agree with him as he put the knife down to stand in front of Namjoon.

While Namjoon didn’t tower over him like he did people, such as Jackson, there was clearly still a decent height difference between them. It didn’t stop Jinyoung from reaching up and squishing Namjoon’s cheeks together the best he could.

So okay with Namjoon still being under weight it wasn’t extremely successful, but it still kinda had an effect making Namjoon look cutely confused. “Of course it is okay for you to join them Namjoon, you are an omega and at this point of this time you are spending here is to see if you fit into the pack here, and this is one of the things you will have to live with. So I am actually happy that you are going to join them, it lets you test if it is actually something you really want.”

“Aren’t you supposed to try to and only show me the brightest points to convince me to join?” Namjoon’s voice was a little slurred since Jinyoung was still pressing his cheeks together. It was meant as a joke, but Jinyoung’s facial expression turned very serious.

“Please don’t ever think that, we all have… Every pack that is courting you, agreed that we are going to show you the reality of being in our pack and not sugar coat it. While we all want you to join us, we also want you to be happy. If we only showed you what we found to be the best point of our pack and then 2 years in you saw what it really was and wanted to leave… that would hurt all of us including you and we could have avoided that hurt if we had all told you the truth.”

Namjoon had never thought about the fact that they had all talked about this without him, it made sense of course. He just never thought himself as an interesting enough topic for them to talk about. He also… He was thankful for how much they all seemed to care for him, it was so hard to explain. They all seemed to care more about him than he cared about himself, which that was a new feeling for Namjoon. He did the only thing he could he pulled Jinyoung close in a hug letting the betas calming scent fall over him. “Thank you.”

“For what?” Jinyoung mumbled into the taller boy’s shoulder, not really sure what was going on.

“For caring even when I myself struggle to do it.” It was the first time Namjoon had admitted out loud that his mind wasn’t always fighting for him. While Jinyoung of course knew of Namjoon’s struggles, he hoped that admitting it like this out would be a turning point for them, that it meant that he was ready to get better.

Both males lost track of how long they were actually spending there hugging until, Jinyoung had to go back to making dinner with Namjoon sitting on the counter getting fed different pieces of vegetables. Vegetables didn’t matter right? Those were healthy? So it didn’t count! At least that was what Namjoon told himself.

After that he was more onboard with BamBam”s and Mark’s game. Their first target seemed to be Jaebum, which involved leaving pictures of the ‘bounce’ all over his personal stuff, hiding his snack bag (Don’t get between Jaebum and food! This was something Namjoon learned. The alpha almost looked like he was starved when he got home from practice that day.) Bounce was also played all over the house at weird times, even if that one seemed to make Jinyoung feel like the target more than anything.

Then after that it was time to swap to Yugyeom, which made Namjoon feel a little mean as the baby alpha pouted when he found out that his dance practice was moved from his favorite practice room to his least favorite.

That was how he ended up with a not so smol alpha in his lap poking his dimple he couldn’t keep from deepening as he laughed. “You still love me right hyung?”

Yugyeom was way too cute pouting and sticking his tongue half out. “Always, is something wrong?”

That lead Yugyeom to hide his face in the place where Namjoon’s shoulder and neck met and his scent gland was and whined out like a 5 year old. “They are teasing me! They bound my laces together while I sitting down so I fell on my face! Right in front of Suzy-noona!”

The young alpha sounded so embarrassed. Namjoon petted his hair and stared down Mark who looked a little embarrassed in the doorframe. Namjoon had actually talked them out of that prank that morning. As another way to tall person he knew falling over your own legs was really not funny and he had been afraid that they would actually hurt the younger.

“Is anywhere hurting?” He was feeling up Yugyeom’s arms to make sure that the younger didn't have any injuries.

Yugyeom whined again. “Only my pride! What if this is what she is going to think of me? I am just going to be that guy who fell over his own legs when he met her! Namjoon I need to swap my name and move I can’t live with this!”

Good to see that Jackson and BamBam weren’t the only over dramatic members of this pack. “It is going to be fine I promise, at least she is going to be able to remember you which is something isn’t it?”

Yugyeom seemed to keep with his idea of being a giant baby as he just whined again hugging Namjoon closer. The older omega was at that point actually starting to lose the feeling in his thighs as if Yugyeom was a giant dog who still thought they was a tiny puppy and didn’t always think about just how big he was.

“What about we go out? I have to turn in some lyrics at the studio and I promise to go out and eat ice cream with Daesung-hyung?” Yugyeom perked up at that.

“Are you sure that is okay? I don’t want to interrupt something.”

Namjoon sent a quick text to Daesung.

To Daesung-hyung:
Is it okay I bring Yugyeom? BamBam is in half heat and is a terrorizing him.

The response came almost instant.

From Daesung-hyung:
Ofc!!!! (✿◠‿◠)  I am finishing up at the gym now! ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ I need Ice cream so badly >-<

One thing he had learned from all this time spent texting Daesung is that the older seemed to have a never ending supply of smilies, which was kinda adorable. Another good thing with bringing Yugyeom with him was that this being the first first time that he had to meet Daesung by himself after the hospital. Hopefully Yugyeom would be just as shy as him which would either make it much more awkward or not… hopefully the later.

“He is okay with it. I am leaving soon you might want to change first, before we leave?” Yugyeom was still in his training clothes, which made the younger instantly jump of running towards where he kept his clothes in an almost panic.

Namjoon felt soft hands in his hair and instantly recognized the scent as Jaebum and he let himself close his eyes and enjoy the soft movement for a movement. “Even if you don’t pick us, we might need to hire you as a babysitter.”

Leaning his head back over the back of the couch so he could look Jaebum in the eyes no more words were exchanged just a light laughter and soft smiles. BamBam whom they met in the hallway did pout a little as Yugyeom stuck his tongue out at him and Namjoon bowed down a little to kiss his hair at the same time whispering so only the younger omega could hear it. “I told you not to go too far, you really made him sad.”

That made BamBam look embarrassed, it was clear that he had never meant to actually hurt anybody. But as Namjoon had figured out BamBam wasn’t capable of thinking completely clear during this half heat and his instincts just took over.

“Yugyeom?” BamBam called after them when they left, causing the baby alpha to look back at the omega who was shyly looking down on the ground. “I love you.”

That seemed to be everything Yugyeom needed to send a giant smile back at the omega in the doorframe. “I love you too Bammie! See you later!”

The trip out actually went surprisingly well, both Namjoon and Yugyeom were wearing big hoodies and snapbacks so nobody hopefully could recognize them or at least that was what they were going for as they hand in hand walked through the town towards the BigHit building.

It was nice. It had been a long while since either had enjoyed some real air spending most of their time in stuffy practice room or recording booths. They made soft small talk while walking through a park a shortcut towards the BigHit buildings, keeping their voice down so nobody would catch on to who they actually were.

That was what lead to something awkward, Yugyeom chose to stay in the lobby while Namjoon went to turn in some lyrics to Slow Rabbit PD-nim. Namjoon should never have done that, because when he came back to the lobby two tall alphas were staring each other down.

The heavy scent of aggression in alphas was thick in the air and Namjoon didn’t know what to do. He knew what had happened between them from Yugyeom, but he also knew that Yugyeom was ware of what Jungkook had done to him. Even if what Jungkook had done hadn’t been on purpose or to try and hurt Namjoon, Namjoon also knew that nobody seemed to believe him in that.

It was the first time he had smelled two alphas almost going at it on each other. Namjoon had expected Yugyeom to be the one to back down, but Yugyeom didn’t. Namjoon remembered that even though Yugyeom had traits of a soft alpha he wasn’t actually a soft alpha and he just stared down Jungkook.

Namjoon could see how Jungkook was struggling, he had read that it could take weeks if not months for the excess hormones to slowly bleed out of Jungkook, and he clearly wanted to put Yugyeom in his place, but he was also holding himself back his hand tightly fisted and his nails trying to draw blood.

Namjoon almost felt he was grounded to the floor. Like he wanted to either run away or present his neck, but he couldn’t! He wasn’t going to! He was Jungkook’s leader, he was not going to let the younger get into drama he didn’t need. He breathed out heavily focused on finding his higher brain function instead of  giving into the scent and giving into his instinct of letting the alphas fight it out.

He knew Jungkook had spent time with his trainer, the younger wanting to look his best for their new tour in Japan. Each step towards Jungkook was harder, but as he finally reached him raising his arm to guide Jungkook out of the lobby to the gym. Jungkook snarled at him. “Don’t touch me!”

The way he ripped his arm from Namjoon’s grip was harsh enough to make it unstable and caused underweight Namjoon to tumble to the ground. Which… That was what really started the shit storm as Yugyeom growled a sound that Namjoon had never heard before. That was sweet and soft cinnamon roll Yugyeom who just growled loud enough to make Jungkook step backwards a few steps.

“Why do you always hurt people Jungkook? Go! You have done enough damage already! To everybody!” Yugyeom couldn’t really control the words coming out of his mouth, all the feelings of disdain he had for Jungkook after that night so long ago were all building up in him, and Jungkook had just hurt Namjoon… AGAIN! While he respected Namjoon, and he knew that the older could protect himself, but he was blind when it came to BTS and especially Jungkook and Yoongi. He just wanted Jungkook to hurt like he had hurt both Yugyeom and Namjoon.

“This is what your kind of alphas do! You just destroy people around you, this is why omegas are scared of you! The only way you can keep omegas is by brainwashing them into believing that you aren’t a monster! You are one, and you know it!” The thing was that Yugyeom and Jungkook had been friends almost since they debuted. Yugyeom knew Jungkook better than most people, he knew how to hurt him, and he was now using that power for evil.

Jungkook stumbled a few more steps back his eyes almost comically large. Namjoon reached out for Jungkook his instinct both as an omega and just as Namjoon was to make Jungkook feel better. He needed to do it, but without Namjoon even managing to reach him he flinched like he had been burned, and then he seemed to do the most BTS thing to do, since nobody in that pack liked to ever actually talk about things, he turned around and ran.

Yugyeom was breathing heavily and looked a little scared. Namjoon had to admit he was a little shaken as well, but he also was worried about Yugyeom he had never seen the younger act like that before.

He did the first thing that came to his mind, he wrapped the younger up in tight hug. “Are you okay?”

Yugyeom just shook his head. “I didn’t mean to do that… But he hurt you… and he hurt me… I just wanted him to hurt like I did?” He looked down at Namjoon with teary eyes. “Does that make me bad?”

Namjoon rested his forehead against Yugyeom trying to guide his breathing. “No you could never be bad, you know that Yeom. I promise you it is going to be okay.”

“Kookie looked really sad, I really hurt him.” Yugyeom mumbled, and that was such a Yugyeom thing, even though he had thought Jungkook deserved it, he still felt sorry for Jungkook and didn’t actually want to hurt him. This was why Yugyeom was too good for this world.

Namjoon smiled a little. “I will text some people who will make him feel better, now let's go and get some ice cream in you to make you feel better.” Yugyeom smiled a little at that before nodding.

As the walked the rest of the way to the ice cream parlor Namjoon sent a quick text to Hakyeon about what happened. Deciding that Hakyeon was probably the person who could deal with it the best. Since Wonshik did seem to have adopted Jungkook more or less and might be a little over protective over him. Also he might not be the best person in the world to manage the sea of ‘other people’s emotions’

Daesung was already sitting in the corner snapback abandoned on the table as he was very eagerly devouring the ice cream. The older omega had clearly rushed here after the gym, his hair still wet from the shower and his skin still a little red from where the warm water had hit him. His face was completely bare of makeup where both of the younger idols were wearing BB cream wanting to look their best, since they were meeting a bloody Big Bang member.

The spoon was still in his mouth as he looked up at the two younger idols just staring at him with big eyes. “Is something wrong?” His words were kinda weird with the spoon yet to be removed from his mouth.

He then seemed to realize what was the problem was he pointed towards his ice cream. “Sorry… Preheat… four alphas and no other omega means 3 weeks of preheat and me just constantly being hungry.” He grinned a little. “Thanks for joining me though. I am supposed to eat healthy so nobody wants to go out and get ice cream with me other than Seungri, and he can’t keep his mouth shut.”

Yugyeom stood there like a fish opening and closing his mouth a little. Even though he knew that they were meeting Daesung here, it was still a little overwhelming. Namjoon however was happy. He didn’t know what he had expected, but he had been worried that it had been different meeting Daesung in real life than constant texting with him and talking, but Daesung was the same person anyway.

Daesung then looked at Yugyeom. “You are the maknae right? From Got7?” Yugyeom nodded like a obedient puppy. Then again Daesung could probably believe that he was the lead singer of Twice and Yugyeom wouldn’t have it in him to say that he was wrong. But then the older just laughed. “You can’t tell that to Seungri, he is having some mental issues with every maknae being way way to tall.”

That was when Namjoon realized something, Daesung was short! At least a lot shorter than he was supposed to be, but that could probably be explained by the fact that he was wearing converse that had no option for insoles in. “Are you guys just going to watch me eat, because I am starting to feel like you are judging me.”

The rest of the stay was actually really good. Namjoon managed to get out of eating icecream saying he was lactose sensitive, instead digging into some fruit instead while Yugyeom just as eagerly as Daesung dug into the ice cream.

Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from smiling. Little did he know that this was the most peace he was going to get for a while… After all they hadn’t even started messing with Jackson yet, and he only had one lock left on his puzzle box to open, and did he ever find Seungri’s gift? For now… He would just relax, he deserved it.

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Jungkook felt like he was almost in a trance after his meeting with Yugyeom and Namjoon. He had no idea how it went wrong so fast. He knew that Yugyeom and Namjoon had every right to be angry with him, but neither normally hold a grudge and he never thought that Yugyeom would ever say stuff like that to him.

But then again, could he blame him? After all he had a point, he was right he only spoke the truth. Jungkook was a monster, he had thought that he could hide it that he could get better, but Yugyeom knew him too well. He knew the rot inside.

He got sent home from his training session after he managed to almost drop the weight upon himself. The only thing that really saved him was the fact that his trainer was spotting for him. He got sent home with the order of first coming back when he had fixed whatever was going on in his head!

He knew that most of Vixx wouldn’t be there when he got ‘home’. He had actually enjoyed the last two weeks with Vixx, it was so different from what he was used to. Even though he still felt uncomfortable when the rest of the group was teasing Taekwoon, teasing the pack alpha something that would never happen in BTS. It left Jungkook to wonder if this was what a real pack was suppose to be like?

Of course since Vixx only had one alpha Taekwoon never had to show somebody that he was the leader like Yoongi was forced to with Jungkook and Hoseok. But in general the oldest alpha never looked like he wanted or needed to show anybody in control, and more often than not he had seen the pack alpha get ordered around by Hakyeon, which he didn’t seem to mind. Was that how it could be for BTS with Namjoon as their leader, just doing his job, did none of them had to think about the fact that Namjoon was an omega, that would be nice… yeah.

When Jungkook got back home he had kinda hoped the dorm was empty which was a wish he didn’t get to see filled as the 10th one piece opening was being blasted on full volume from the living room showing that at least Sanghyuk was home. Sanghyuk was the person that Jungkook had never really thought about being somebody that he would end up being close to, but it turned out that he was wrong.

Sanghyuk was easy to be around both of them being maknaes which was something they could bond over, while Jungkook stuck to stories before he presented since without thinking about it. His life had changed a lot since he had presented.

“Jungkook?!” Came the yell from the livingroom. This voice belonging to Vixx’s second beta and visual Hongbin who was another person that Jungkook had taken a liking to without really thinking about it. It did help that both of them seemed to be slightly emotionally constipated, but he was always more than happy to play overwatch with Jungkook. Which just made him an amazing person, because video games are amazing.

Yeah overall Jungkook liked the two betas they were easy to be around. They reminded him kind of Seokjin and Taehyung which were the people that Jungkook had found it easiest to be around. Nothing in his body was telling him that he needed to treat them a certain way, because they were ‘just’ betas.

Jungkook hadn’t noticed that he had more or less spaced out in the hallway until Hongbin stuck his head out there. “You are home early?”

Jungkook didn’t know what he was suppose to answer, so he just did what he seemed to doing best recently. He was a terrible person by lying. “Yeah I got done early.”

He voice was empty and devoid of emotions, just like it had been that first day he had gotten to the Vixx house which was something that slightly scared Hongbin. Jungkook had started being a happier version of what had arrived there, and Hongbin had learned to really like the version of Jungkook with his walls down. Not just because he was the only person who could really challenge Hongbin in overwatch, but also because he could be funny and slightly bratty.

He didn’t know what he was supposed to do to make Jungkook feel better, or how to make him tell what were wrong. So he just did what he did best he took a grab of Jungkook’s hand as soon as the younger had taken of his shoes and more or less dragged Jungkook to the living room where Sanghyuk was sprawling his way to long body over one of the couches. “Come and watch with us, I could use some support, this show is getting weirder and weirder.”

That made Sanghyuk unglue himself from the screen when he saw the two idols enter the room. “Jungkook!” He made grabby hands towards him.

Yeah that was another thing that Jungkook had learned about Sanghyuk he was a cuddle snog. It was insane, the youngest beta was at his best when he had as much of another person as possible pressed against him.

Jungkook had yet to come to a point where he could let himself be the little spoon. Luckily Sanghyuk didn’t really seem to care about that, even if he was taller than Jungkook he was more than happy about playing little spoon.

It took some maneuvering until they all got comfortable. Hongbin who had decided that the octopus cuddling on the way to small couch was not something he wanted to be part of and had instead taken a spot on the other couch. Jungkook had a strong arm around Sanghyuk’s waist keeping him from falling off the couch while the beta were busy laughing at what was going on the screen.

Jungkook couldn’t get himself to focus on the anime which he normally found funny enough to follow. Instead burying his head in the back of Sanghyuk’s neck thinking over what happened between him and Yugyeom not just today, but what had ruined their friendship.

His friendship with Hongbin and Sanghyuk reminded him very much of him and Yugyeom before they presented. Other than of course that him and Yugyeom got frisky and of course he wasn’t like that with Vixx.

Even though he had walked in on the two youngest, since apparently those two were mildly nymphomaniacs, who seemed to be all over each other all the time. In general everybody in this house seemed to have a lot more sex than he was used to. Jungkook wasn’t allowed to wallow in self pity for too long before Hongbin spoke up.

“How were your day?”

To be honest, Jungkook had no idea how to even answer that question. How had his day been? He had done really well in practice today and Taehyung had smiled at him when they had crossed each other in the hall! Which that was a first since the incident, even if Jimin had told him that Taehyung was not angry with him.

“Nothing happened.” Jungkook mumbled into the undyed soft locks of Sanghyuk’s hair the soft scent of coconut filling his nostrils, he smelled really nice okay.

Sanghyuk decided to speak up then. “Jungkook you don’t have to lie, if something is bothering you we are ready to listen. We will even promise not to tell the rest if you don’t want them to know. You know that keeping it all inside is not going to help you it is just going to make you explode when you can’t keep it in anymore.”

The other maknae’s voice was soft and nice as he was petting Jungkook’s hand where it had grabbed his loose shirt to keep ahold of him. Jungkook thought about it for a second. They were right, he was bad at keeping it all inside and he didn’t want to hurt anybody if he accidentally lost control again. “I hurt Namjoon I didn’t mean to! Yugyeom and he were at the BigHit building I was just done with dance practice and I went to my gym session. But I saw Yugyeom in the room,” he sighed a little not sure how to explain it, “we used to be friends. But something happened I did something stupid and we stopped being friends. Namjoon is currently being courted by them. I know he is angry with me and he growled at me. So we more or less started a stare competition. I started to feel the anger inside me again. I did what Wonshik-hyung told me to do! I tried to stay calm, count inside my head and focus on good things! I just needed a moment to calm myself, but Namjoon reached out to touch me before I was ready. I was so scared of hurting him or anybody again! But I pulled my hand to myself a little too hard, it wasn’t my fault! He is so underweight still that he fell to the ground I didn’t want to hurt him!”

Jungkook could feel how the tears were starting to form in his eyes. He hadn’t meant to do any of this! He had really not meant for anybody to get hurt, he had on purpose done it so people wouldn’t get hurt! “Yugyeom got mad at me and he told me that hurting people was just my nature. That I was just a monster.”

That was all Sanghyuk had to hear to turn around in Jungkook’s arm to hug him close instead. Sanghyuk was trying to take his new responsibility as hyung serious plus Jungkook was really just a puppy. A puppy that was raised badly that needed to get corrected. Sometimes it was like he didn’t understand how big he actually was and how easily he could hurt people. Sanghyuk didn’t say anything just hugged him close and while Jungkook was silent the beta could feel the wetness from his tears wetting the hollow of his neck gathering there.

Hongbin had gotten up as well sitting on the armrest of the couch petting Jungkook’s hair as well. “He didn’t mean that, he was just worried about Namjoon-hyung. I’m sure he didn’t mean to say stuff like that.”

Both of the betas were a little scared of how Jungkook was just breaking down. Hakyeon had told them what had happened and had made sure that they both knew that Jungkook needed positivity around him positivity to feel more calm. They thought it had worked, they hadn’t heard him speaking down about himself in a while and he had managed to get back to himself after the Taehyung accident.

He still needed some practice against his toxic mindset that all of them had an idea was running a lot deeper than they were aware of right now, but other than that he was getting better. He still seemed almost scared at the moment around Taekwoon. But that might have something to do with Taekwoon not being the best at showing his emotions and his past with Yoongi. As Jungkook seemed to have calmed down a little Hongbin finally dared to ask. “What happened between you and Yugyeom.”

For a second Jungkook thought about refusing to tell them the truth. He had never told anybody it, it was right after he had presented and he needed to be a strong alpha, but maybe… maybe it was okay for him to tell what was actually going on and how he was feeling. With that Jungkook started his story. “We were best friends before we both presented, we are the same age, both maknaes so it was easy to become friends. We were frustrated with the period where everybody else had presented and we hadn’t. We felt like we were being left out of our packs. We knew it was because it was the right thing to do, but it felt a little lonely as well, so we spend a lot of time together.”

Sanghyuk could understand that, it had a been a terrible time where he felt like he wasn’t as important as everybody else. He felt left out when Jaehwan had gone into heat and he was trapped with just Wonshik where everybody else was helping the omega. Wonshik was not paying him any attention since he could smell Jaehwan’s heat. As a hard omega he wanted to be there, he felt he needed to be there.

It was a horrible time, and he was glad that Yugyeom and Jungkook had each other during that time too. “Sounds like you guys were dealing well with it. Where is the issue?”

Jungkook sighed, this was the part he knew they both fucked up and did something they weren’t suppose to do. “We played around… sexually.”

Hongbin hesitated a second. “I know that it is something that it recommended that you don’t do, and it was a little irresponsible to do, by both of you! Your body wasn’t ready for it yet, but I don’t see how that would ruin your friendship.”

The laughter Jungkook produced was empty and weirdly hollow. “That is not what ruined it, it was me. Right after we had both presented and while I had of course joined the BTS pack and Yugyeom was for some reason holding out, we met up again. It went a like it would normally, other than we could now smell each other and it smelled amazing he uhm… he tried to touch my ass, even though I am alpha! He overstepped!” Jungkook didn’t know how to explain it. “Alphas don’t get touched there, that is not right! It is below us! I… I called him some not so nice things, when I found out that he… that he let people touch him there.”

There were so many things with what Jungkook said that both Sanghyuk and Hongbin were silent not sure where to start. This was much worse than they had expected. They had known that BTS were up to no good shit and that Yoongi wasn’t a good pack alpha. But this was just too much, and they had no idea how to deal with it. Sanghyuk decided to start with what he hoped he had misunderstood. “You said you just right after you presented? How long was your wait time?”

“Wait time?” Jungkook now actually looked at him frown on his face like he couldn’t really understand what Sanghyuk was saying.

“The time between you presented and joined BTS?”

“None? I got the bite right after I presented.” Jungkook sounded like he couldn’t understand why they were worried about him, what they were making such a big deal about.

Hongbin and Sanghyuk shared a look that clearly said how worried they were. The thing was that you needed a time between presenting and actually joining the pack, at least a month. Thinking that you want to spend the rest of your life with a pack, before you have presented and then actually wanting to is very different things. You could end up not being sexually attracted to people of your pack. Which of course isn’t bad if you were asexual, but large majority weren’t and sexual attraction in a pack was important. Then came the thing if your inner either alpha, omega or beta were happy with the pack, your inner subgender were often much better at deciding it than you were.

The problem was that it had just woken up, it had just presented and it needed time to actually wake up and work the right way, you needed a period before you joined! If yes you were right for the pack then yes it felt stupid that you needed to wait, but some people ended up not feelings that way. They ended up finding out that after a month that they weren’t right for the pack! That was how both Junhui and Soonyoung of Seventeen had found out they didn’t fit into the pack, but fit with each other creating their own pack that Minghao ended up joining after he had presented. Had they just went with what they thought were their perfect pack they wouldn’t have ended up happy!

Changkyun from Monsta x was also a good example. He had always thought he would join his friends from his past packs and he was ready to do it. The rest of Monsta x had accepted it, but it had turned out that it wasn’t meant to be. That it simply hadn’t worked out. His inner beta had chosen Monsta x, so that was how it ended up being, it was the group he found himself fitting with instead of the pack he thought.

There were so many stories of people thinking they were suppose to join one pack to find out after presenting that it didn’t work out. Had Jungkook not been given that? That chance? Had any of them not been given that? “Jungkook this is important, did everybody get the bite right after presentation?”

Jungkook just nodded, not really sure what they were talking about. Of course they all had they were meant to be after all! Both betas made the decision not to bring it up more, it was probably better that this talk was with somebody else… preferably anybody that wasn’t them. Because neither were really sure of how to explain it. This was like talking to a brainwashed person, they both knew that Jungkook had a happy childhood. How did he end up going to wrong?

Exactly, that was easy to explain Yoongi and how his childhood trauma was transferred to how he treated his own pack. Next subject then. “What do you mean it is below you as an alpha to be touched on your ass?”

That just was so confused to both of the betas since just this morning Hongbin had caught Wonshik eating out Taekwoon. So it simply didn’t make any sense. “It is submissive, letting somebody touch your entrance is you submitting. Alpha’s only submit to their pack alpha.”

“So you let Yoongi fuck you?” Hongbin said unabashed like it was nothing. He was not one to bullshit around the argument.

Jungkook blushed as he went back to hiding in Sanghyuk’s collarbone taking in the soft coconut scent. He knew that as an alpha he shouldn’t act like this, but Sanghyuk was an beta so it was kinda okay, he hoped. “Once.” Jungkook mumbled, it wasn’t a good memory for him.

Sanghyuk went back to just petting their little puppy, and letting Hongbin hold the conversation because he had an idea that he wouldn’t like where this was going. “You don’t sound happy about it,”

“Of course I’m not, it was during my rut and it was humiliating.”

Hongbin could feel a sour taste start up in the back of his mouth. As he had an idea where this was going, but god he hoped that he was wrong. For once he hoped that he wasn’t thinking the right things. “Why was it humiliating?” He wanted to ask something else, but he couldn’t get himself to say it.

“I started crying cause it hurt.” Jungkook mumbled sadly half drooling on Sanghyuk’s shirt now. “I needed to submit to my alpha.”

Oh god this was what Hongbin thought and he felt and acid taste in the back of his throat like he was about to throw up. But this wasn’t enough he needed to ask the question, that one important question. “Jungkook this is important, can you look at me?” Hongbin tried for his best calming voice.

Jungkook refused though. He just shook his head it was clear that this talk was making him think of things that he would much much rather forget. But Hongbin wasn’t ready to give up yet he needed to know the truth. “Kookie, please this is important.”

It took a little bit of time and more talking for Jungkook to look up and meet Hongbin’s eyes. It was clear that this was a much more traumatic experience than the baby alpha wanted to talk about. “Did you want it? Did you want what happened between you and Yoongi?”

Jungkook blinked away a few tears, and his voice was a little unsteady when he answered. “No”  

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As Yugyeom went to pay for him and Namjoon, something he refused to back down from no matter how much Namjoon tried to say that he was okay with paying, Daesung and Namjoon was left alone at the table to say their goodbyes.

Namjoon had still not really gotten over how easy it was to talk with the older idol. As the other omega looked sadly at his empty bowl that had held icecream before Namjoon finally managed to ask the question he had wanted to ask all evening. “Does it hurt?”

Daesung just looked confused at Namjoon like he didn’t really understand what the rapper was asking. “What hurts?”

“Pre-heat.” Namjoon mumbled blushing a little, it still felt weird asking question like that. But he really wanted and needed to know what he could expect.

Daesung licked his spoon one last time, pouting a little when he found no taste of the ice cream left, he was craving sweets! And the rest of his pack was always so overprotective since they knew that if he ate too many sweets during preheat he would hate himself after it when he forced himself to the gym at all weird times of the day.

For a second he thought of lying to Namjoon. He knew why the younger was asking, but he also knew that lying wasn’t right. He had promised himself and Namjoon that he would never lie to him. Namjoon deserved and needed somebody to be upfront with him, somebody who he could always come to who would never lie, but also would be there for him.

“Both yes and no, my preheat is bad. I have 4 alphas, no betas and no omegas. My preheat is long and annoying. Since I don’t really have the body of an omega my body is trying to force me to store up more fat for me to survive when I start actually going into heat. I have the tendency to be very hard to force to eat.” Daesung played a little with the spoon, not sure how much he should explain to Namjoon. But it was best he explained everything since he had an idea that nobody else was going to.

“I am overheating all the time, but I am also freezing which is annoying!” That did explain why Daesung was slightly red on his face from overheating, but also wrapped up in a hoodie that seemed too big for him. Not for the first time Namjoon thought about how short Daesung actually was. Even with his broad shoulders and muscle mass, plus the fact he could without a doubt take down Namjoon if he wanted to, he still looked kinda cute.

His blue hair had dried while they were eating, and was just a mess on his head from how many times Daesung had ran his hair through it during the visit. “I get needy for affection, but that is very normal even if you aren’t in a pack. Since I have 4 alphas my mind is even more, and it is so annoying. I have no omega or beta to even out the mess of my mind I can easily lose myself to it if I don’t focus. I try to spend as much time as I can with other omegas or betas.“ Daesung pouted again, clearly not happy with what his body made him do. “I spend a lot of time with either Jessica, from the 2NE1 pack,” like Namjoon needed an explanation for the biggest kpop scandal to happen at that time he knew everything possible he could, “she is very calming. That is the problem with YG in general seeming to suck at being able to recruit omegas.” Daesung laughed a little at that, and Namjoon thought it over for a second he had a point.

He could remember when he was younger and he first saw 2NE1 they were so different from everything else around. They had no omega in their group at all, but still somehow seemed to work. When Jessica joined the 2NE1 pack and only 2 weeks later dropped her contract with SM the entire fanbase was in shock. That had never happened before. Now that Namjoon thought about it, that in the JYJ/TVXQ case might be the reason that SM wrote so harsh contracts now a days.

“Is that why you wanted to meet me today? Because I am an omega?” While Namjoon was kinda flattered that Daesung picked him as an omega, but he thought Daesung wanted to spend time with him just as a human.

Daesung quickly corrected himself. “Of course that is not the reason Namjoon. Please don’t think that while yes I did pick you because you might actually keep my ice cream secret, but also because I wanted to just talk with you. I would like use to be friends, and I thought we had made a good step towards it.”

Now it was Namjoon’s turn to blush again. “I’m sorry… I just get really defensive easily about my sub gender.” He awkwardly looked down at the table, seeing where the paint were chipped of in place. The parlor clearly being old and in need of a need coat of paint.

Daesung smiled understanding putting his smaller hand on top Namjoon’s on the table. “I have to admit I talked with Jiyong about it, rap and the rap ‘world’ isn’t really something I understand that well as your probably know. I think I understand much better now why you are so defensive about it. I want you to understand that while yes some assholes will judge you for your sub gender, your friends will never do that. And that includes me and Seungri.”

Daesung’s hands were rough, probably from both drumming and time at the gym as his thumb softly stroked the top of Namjoon’s hand. His words in general made Namjoon smile softly. It was weird to think about the fact that he somehow had managed to become friends with not one, but two different members of Big Bang people he looked up to. It was even harder to believe that he actually liked them even more as people than as he did as idols. “Thank you.”

They sat in silence before they both looked over at Yugyeom who saw them looking and wave happily almost hitting the old lady next to him. Daesung laughed a little. “What is wrong with him? Since you brought him here?”

Namjoon sighed a little. “BamBam is in half heat, and he took it a little too far and made Yugyeom sad. He is still sensitive even if he is an alpha.”

The older omega nodded. “I am so glad that I don’t suffer from half heats,” he then seemed to think for a second, “I think I know why it is strong this time for him you said they just had Mark joining them in the pack. Plus you are a being courted by them. Maybe his inner omega is worried that he is going to be seen as ‘old news’ and not important anymore.”

“None of us would ever think that! BamBam is special to all of us plus Mark himself would move the world for him.” Namjoon felt a need to stand up for his friends, for his potential mates.

Daesung gave Namjoon’s hand a light squish from where his own was resting on top of it. “I am not saying they would ever do that. I don’t know Got7 very well, but at this point I know you pretty well and I don’t think you would be friends with them if they were like that. But we don’t always control how our bodies react and think. I know that better than most, when another article is posted about how Seungri is going to leave us I feel it in myself as well. I know it is false, but I can’t control my body’s need to have him close and scent mark him to show the world he is ours.”

It made sense when Namjoon thought about it, for idols the world around them was changing all the time and the only thing they really had constant was their pack. When even that was changing it made sense that BamBam’s inner omega was worried. “Thank you, it is still hard for me to understand not just what other people do but how I feel as well. I have somehow managed to get caught up in this half heat as well helping them… and… it kinda makes me happy. I like it.”

Daesung smiled widely at him as well, his eyes and scrunched up like crescent moons in what he knew as he famous ‘eye-smile’. “I think it is good for you, with your past there is a real chance that you yourself is going to have half heats when you gets a pack. So look forward to that.”

Namjoon whined out. “I don’t even want a real heat, let alone a half heat, this sucks.”

The thing was that Daesung couldn’t hear the self hating tone in his voice. It showed that it wasn’t actually because he hated himself as an omega, which was a big step forward for Namjoon, so he decided to just joke about. “You are going to hate it before and after, but love it during heat.”

Namjoon just whined a little more before they were interrupted by what sounded like the chorus of zutter leaving both of them to fumble after their phone. Just for it to turn out it was Daesung who pouted again when he saw the number as he picked up. “Hey Tabi, no hey calm down I am not dead in a ditch. I told you that I was meeting up with Namjoon, I didn’t? Well I told RiRi, who was supposed to tell you which of course he didn’t

I promise I am okay I have not been omega napped. Jesus christ what is wrong with you? I am not about to be kidnapped you overprotective oak, we are about to leave now.”

Namjoon had to keep a hand in front of his mouth to not laugh as he saw Daesung grimace as what his pack alpha said. “Just relax I swear to god sometimes you and Youngbae are terrible. I am an adult. Oh I got lost once and suddenly you all think I am going to get lost and die here. Goodbye, I will be home soon.” He sighed when he hung up.

“This is another downside to preheat. It is in their biology that they have to protect me during this, even if I am probably better at defending myself than any of them is.” He stared at his phone, before looking up at Namjoon. “It seem like your giraffe has finished paying, that signals it’s time for all of us to leave before people get worried about all of us. I don’t need everybody to think I kidnapped two members of younger groups, Seungri maknaes enough scandals for all of us.” Daesung sounded slightly done with the soft alpha, which made Namjoon giggle.

“Yeah, me and Yugyeom should get bad and make sure that BamBam hasn’t actually accidentally killed somebody.” As Namjoon stood up to say his goodbye he didn’t expect the next thing to happen was Daesung hugging him close. It took a short while for Namjoon to hug back the much shorter idol with a smile. The soft scent of blueberries washing over him, with just a little hint of what Namjoon guessed to be heat. Oh that smelled so much better after he presented. “Be careful.” Namoon couldn’t stop himself from saying it outloud.

Daesung just smiled at him “I always am, or I would be killed by my own over protective pack. You guys be carefull as well,”

Namjoon just nodded. “I better go and get him before he kidnaps that dog.” Yugyeom had found a little dog he was now happily chatting with outside, not even noticing that his hood was down and he was ending up with a minor crowd around him. People probably wondering what a Got7 was doing in the evening outside an old ice parlor trying to befriend a dog.

“Yeah you should do that.” Daesung giggled a little “Also getting dogs is a slippery slope take that as a warning, you think it is only one, but then suddenly everybody has one and you all live together.”

One last hug was shared between the two omegas before Namjoon sighed pulling up his hood grabbing Yugyeom who was sending hearts to the tiny dog who looked just as ready as Yugyeom to run away together and create a future together.

Yugyeom did whiny a little as he intertwined his fingers. Both idols knowing that people were taking pictures of them, but choosing to ignoring it. Namjoon’s focus being on getting both himself and Yugyeom out of this chaos in one healthy piece. Which was not as easy as it sounded.

When Yugyeom and Namjoon managed to get to the front of the Got7 dorm Namjoon got half attacked in a hug by the baby alpha. Something he didn’t understand. “Thank you Joonie!” It was mumbled into his hair by the younger.

Namjoon half awkwardly patted Yugyeom on the back not really sure what to do. “You have nothing to thank me for.”

“Yes I do, you had plans, but because you saw that I wasn’t feeling good you dropped your plans and took me with you ignoring your own plan. Thank you for that, I needed it.”

That made Namjoon smile a little. “Thank you for trusting me.”


The rest of the evening went surprisingly well. BamBam did seem to be very sorry as he spent the rest of the evening in physical contact with Yugyeom, and even if he couldn’t get himself to say outloud how sorry he was, he was showing it instead.

Namjoon spent the rest of the evening petting Jackson’s hair with one hand, while he fiddled with the puzzle box in the other. He was so damn close to getting it open! He could feel how close he was, goddamn it! Why did it have to be so hard! Namjoon knew that he was going to another group very soon, he was going to miss living with Got7. But somehow he was also looking forward to something different. He needed to be open minded, and it had been a while since he had talked to Bang.

When they went to bed that night both Mark and BamBam were cuddled up against Yugyeom. Both showing that they knew that they had gone to far and that they were sorry. Yugyeom smiled one last time at Namjoon before he closed his eyes to finally get some rest. Namjoon felt happy that everything had worked out and he cuddled closer to Youngjae he had already passed out drooling against his collarbones like slobbering little dog.

Peace was over when Namjoon woke up the next morning as he got woken up extra early by BamBam and Mark who signalled for him to be quiet and follow them. Even in his still half sleeping state.

Namjoon wasn’t even sure he knew what happened as he sat in the kitchen rubbing his hairs looking confused at BamBam. “What is wrong?”

“We are going to scare Jackson!” Oh… oh that was cruel, Jackson was already easily scared. But he had to admit it was an easy way to get Jackson’s attention.

He felt slightly guilty as he could feel himself getting more and more interested in it, but he couldn’t really stop himself there was something about this idea that just spoke to him. “Okay where are we starting?”

Both Mark and BamBam seemed happy with how easily he agreed as BamBam pulled out a little stack of way way to life like spiders. “We are going to hide these in his bathroom stuff.” That was when Namjoon noticed.

“BamBam why are those moving, please tell me those aren’t actually real spiders.”

The younger just laughed. “Don’t worry they aren’t real, but they are suppose to be as lifelike as possible. Now come help! We have to hide them in different places. If I know Jackson right, which I do, we can easily get him multiple times with the same spiders in different places.”

Namjoon just did as ordered, helping hiding them in Jackson bathroom stuff and other places as he they then went back to bed. Namjoon was woken again by a loud scream that very clearly belonged to Jackson. So yes it had clearly started.

The rest of the day Jackson clearly got more and more paranoid. Just because the universe seemed to be out to spite Jackson. That one time that he relaxed and refused to believe in a fake spider, it was a real one that they had no part in placing.

They all had the Saturday off and they were slowly exposed to be part of the harass Jackson train. The big change in everything was when it was found that Namjoon was part of it all. Jackson just looked like everything was suddenly wrong as he pulled Namjoon into the nest alone.

Namjoon had thought that he would be in trouble that Jackson was angry with him or anything like that. But it wasn’t really what happened instead Jackson just looked at him sadly. “Am I not paying enough attention to you?” Namjoon wanted to interrupt, to say that Jackson had gotten it all wrong, that it was nothing like that. But Jackson didn’t let him speak instead just sitting down on the bed confused. “I know that BamBam and Mark do this for attention. It is in their genes, but you aren’t having a half heat, you don’t have a pack you can’t get a half heat. Is it because I don’t pay enough attention to you? Am I not good enough?”

Oh Namjoon had fucked up.  

Chapter Text

The problem for Namjoon was that he had no idea how to actually explaining what he was doing. He had no idea why he had even joined BamBam and Mark in this weird game they were playing, it was normally not something he would have done. It simply wasn’t him. He just… It just felt right, but now with Jackson sitting on the edge of the bed looking sad and lost and he regrets everything leading up to this moment.

“Jackson, please it’s nothing like that.” Namjoon tried, but it didn’t seem to calm the older alpha.

“Then what is it? I… I can’t change if nobody tells me what is wrong, Mark does the same just clams up and leave me to figure stuff out myself!” Jackson just looked… pathetic there was no other way to put it, and Namjoon felt so guilty.

He should have seen it coming. He knew that no matter what Jackson tried to show to the outside world, he was easily insecure something he tried to hide from the world, but Namjoon should really have known better.

Namjoon sat down next to Jackson and took his hand as softly as he could and intertwined their fingers. “This is going to be a weird conversation so try to understand me, because I don’t really understand it myself.” Namjoon took a deep breath to explain to probably the alpha he trusted the most. What the fuck was going on in his mess of a brain? “You know that BamBam is in half heat, and when he came to me to join him, I was a little confused at first. I never even heard of a half heat so it was new to me.”

Jackson in true Jackson fashion was ready to break his promise of silence to speak up, probably explaining something about how it wasn’t Namjoon’s fault he didn’t know. Luckily Namjoon knew him and before he even had a chance to speak he had placed his free hand over Jackson’s mouth interrupting his speech. “No first when I’m done,” he took a deep breath before starting to speak again, “Jinyoung explained it to me, and for some reason I agreed with it. I can’t explain why I thought it was a good idea, it just made sense to me, it was like some part of me wanted to do it.”

Namjoon sighed removing his hand from Jackson’s mouth and instead resting his head on Jackson’s shoulder. They hadn’t really had any time just for the two of them since Namjoon had gotten there and now he was about to leave. It was kinda sad. While yes Namjoon was happy that he had gotten to spend so much time with all other members of Got7, and he was happy that he had gotten so close with everybody, he felt happy with them.

“I tried to keep everybody from doing things too extreme, that was also the reason I took Yugyeom with me. I’m sorry if I hurt you I never meant to do that. I just sometimes struggle with controlling my instincts. I never had them so harsh as they are right now, plus Daesung-hyung warned me that I might end up suffering from half heats as well.” He gave Jackson’s hand a slight squeeze. “I’m sorry, it really had nothing to do with anything. I am happy with how you treat me, how any of you treat me. Really I promise.”

Jackson leaned his head on top of Namjoon’s. “Can I speak now?”

“Yeah I am done explaining.”

“I’m sorry I might have overreacted. After what happened with Mark I just easily get insecure and I’m always worried that I’m doing something wrong or that I’m not good enough. I took it out on you, I’m sorry Joonie,”

Namjoon felt Jackson’s soft lips in his hair and he closed his eyes for just a second to enjoy the moment. “When I go, promise me you will talk to Mark about it. This isn’t healthy that you constantly worry about not being good enough, please tell me you will talk to him.”

Jackson sighed, but Namjoon knew he had won when Jackson nodded and said in a low voice. “I promise, it is just hard to start conversations like that. How do I start it without making it all about me? Hey Mark, you know how I almost made you not want us by being clingy? Yeah that made me insecure?”

Of course, this was Jackson after all, the person who had this weird idea that him expressing his concerns and feelings was somehow negative and not okay. “What about, ‘Hey Mark, since we are a pack I want to talk about somethings. I really love you and sometimes I am worried that you don’t love me back, or love me as much as I love you’”

“I know he loves me” Jackson mumbled, but Namjoon knew him enough to know that he had gotten the point. “But I will talk to him, thanks Joonie.”

Namjoon just smiled and sat there for a second both just enjoying the time they had together and the silence, until Jackson didn’t seem to be able to keep the silence anymore. “I didn’t actually think about it, but this is the most time we have spent alone since you got here.”

The omega just smiled finally moving his head away from Jackson’s shoulder, mainly because Jackson was so much shorter than him it was actually starting to hurt. “Yeah, it has been really nice though. I have enjoyed my time here, you all made me so happy. I feel safe here.”

Namjoon was suddenly half tackled into the bed and cuddling with Jackson. It was in a callback to right before Namjoon had his heart attack as Jackson’s hands managed to find their way up under Namjoon’s shirt resting over Namjoon’s heart.

“When Jinyoung got the call… I was so fucking scared.” Oh yeah… they hadn’t talked about that at all, the had all been so focused on just being happy. Namjoon should have known he wouldn’t get away with it.

He put his hand under Jackson’s shirt and lightly petted the older man’s smaller hand. “I never meant for it to happen. I wasn’t trying to kill myself, you know that right?”

“I know… Kinda… Maybe? I thought that maybe you just had enough of it all, that you were just finally done with everything. Jiho and I had plans, we wanted to help you. We were both terrified that we were too late, that it was our fault.” Namjoon knew he had to stop Jackson, that if continued this rant it would end them both in a place they didn’t want. He knew that Jackson blamed the rest of BTS even if it wasn’t their fault.

So he decided to use his new privilege of being courted, as he turned around in Jackson arms and softly kissed the alpha. It was such a weird thing, but still happy feeling to feel Jackson just relax against him and kiss Namjoon back.

Namjoon couldn’t explain how happy it made him to feel Jackson’s hands settle on his hips and for his own hand to find a home in Jackson’s bleached locks. Before he went to Got7 he never had kisses before, he knew that Bts loves him, they just didn’t see him like that, right?

Namjoon could easily become addicted to kisses he felt. He had no idea how people weren’t just doing it all the time. Feeling somebody else's body so close to yours and their lips moving softly against your own. It was amazing, something Namjoon had learned to love every day.

For a moment they were both just happy laying there slowly exploring each others mouth. Namjoon who was still learning the art of kissing trying his best to match what Jackson was doing, and Jackson for his part was pulling out all the stops to blow Namjoon away.

Neither had no idea how long time they were laying there. Or how it came to be Namjoon on top of Jackson, with the alpha having both of his hands on Namjoon’s now way too skinny thighs. The rest of Got7 seemed to have left them for themselves, clearly thinking that they needed some time for just them. When Jackson pulled away both of them slightly out of breath Namjoon was worried that he had done something wrong when Jackson on a breathy voice said. “Yeah we need to stop.”

Namjoon sat up straight, or as straight as he could still straddling Jackson. “I’m sorry, I know I’m not a very good kisser.”

Jackson just laughed a little. “Joonie that is not the problem, but if we keep going I am going to get turned on by having your body like this above me. So we should really stop.”

The younger bit down on his full lower lip, the only part of him that was still full, something that made Jackson a little sad as he petted Namjoon’s thighs where his shorts stopped, until Namjoon spoke up “What if I’m okay with that?” Jackson tried to speak up, but Namjoon put a hand over his mouth once again. “I trust you… I want my first time to be with you.”

That seemed to make Jackson speechless an action that Namjoon at this point of their friendship thought was not possible, and when he finally let Jackson speak the older seemed more worried than happy. Which in turn made Namjoon worry. “Are you sure? Joonie you don’t have to do this, it is still very early and I understand if you aren’t ready.”

Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from laughing. “I’m not made of glass. I don’t have a negative connection to sex, and I’m 21. I might have presented late, but that doesn’t change that I am not 18. I can make these decisions and not feel pressured.”

“I didn’t mean to offend you Joonie.” Jackson petted Namjoon’s thigh again as an apology, so he really liked Namjoon’s thighs okay! Even though he did prefer them less skinny. “I just want to make sure. This is something you can’t take back, and I’m not sure that I am the right person for it.” Jackson sighed a little. “I want your first time to be special.”

That was what made Namjoon giggle. “Silly alpha, you are special to me, having my first time with you isn’t only special, but also feels right. You are the alpha I trust the most, you have always been there for me.”

Jackson at this point wasn’t really sure what he was arguing for anymore. Namjoon was right and Jackson had to trust that Namjoon knew what was best for him, that Namjoon knew what he wanted and what he didn’t, and… he wanted Namjoon. “If we do this I need you to know that you can back out at any moment. I am not a baby alpha anymore I have control over myself and if you want to stop you can call for us to stop and we will stop no matter what is happening.” Namjoon nodded to that, finding it kinda sweet how careful Jackson was with him, but then again… Jackson had always been like that, from that first moment where they meet always making sure that Namjoon was okay. That was just the kind of person Jackson was.

The alpha kept on his rant when he was sure that Namjoon got the first part. “And I won't knot you.” Namjoon was ready to disagree, he had seen how good it had felt when Jackson had knotted BamBam, but it was Jackson’s time to cover the younger's mouth with a soft hand movement. “This isn’t up for debate, you are not ready for it. It has nothing to do with me not respecting you as an adult or anything like that. But your first time getting knotted is something that deserves a lot more thought than just this, when you get knotted for the first time… That is something that stays with you, and it is okay to wait. Mark hasn’t tried it yet, he wants it to be the first time he has a heat with us, your first knot is not a rush you need to reach, it is not something you need to do soon. And I don’t feel comfortable doing it.”

Namjoon nodded slowly, he understood what Jackson was saying and maybe Jackson was right. After all it wasn’t something he needed to do yet. He was happy as it was right now, this wasn’t a spring for him to catch up to every other omega his age, this was about being close to Jackson.

His problem was that no matter how much brain he had and how good he normally was with words, he always struggled with telling people what he wanted. Which was what lead him to sitting as he was in that moment straddling Jackson while chewing on his lower lip. What he didn’t know was that he made at the same time an adorable display, but also looked hot as fuck and it didn’t make it better when he without thinking about leaned back and pressed his yes flat but still very comfortable ass against Jackson’s crotch. “Jooonie, please I am trying to have a conversation.”

Namjoon’s tanned cheeks flared up in a red color as he felt Jackson’s erection through the loose fabric of his shorts. “I… I still want you.”

That was all Jackson needed to know before he rolled them over leaving Namjoon on his back with Jackson in between his thighs. “I want our first time to be about you, and I am going to make sure that you never forget about it.” Jackson’s smile was cheeky and Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from giggling, or at least trying before Jackson stopped all sound from leaving him by kissing him deeply.

It was no longer the soft and free teasing as Jackson’s tongue without hesitation found its way into Namjoon mouth and started a teasing, but still hot dance of wrapping itself around Namjoon’s leaving the younger with no other option than just trying his best to keep up and mimic what Jackson was doing.

Namjoon buried his hand in Jackson’s bleach damaged hair, trying his best to center himself as Jackson moved. Softly nipping at Namjoon’s lower lip holding it between his teeth in a teasing movement. At the same time grinding both of their still clothed hips together, forcing a whiny moan from the younger mouth.

When Jackson finally let Namjoon’s lips go they were kiss swollen and so irresistible that Jackson couldn’t stop himself from running his thumb over the lower one. It was Jackson’s time to try and control his moans as the tip of his thumb slipped into Namjoon mouth and the omega’s soft tongue ran over the pad of his finger.

Jackson couldn’t stop himself from moaning low. “Here I am trying to focus on making you feel good and now you force me to think about how good you would look with something in your mouth. How good you looked with your lips swollen and wet from Mark’s slick and that isn’t fair when I am trying to focus on you.”

Namjoon had no idea what it was, but he felt playful as he sucked a little on Jackson’s thumb trying for his best innocent look. Which seemed to work as Jackson pulled his hand out of Namjoon’s mouth with a moan. “Yeah you need to stop looking at me like that or we might never get to the point of this.”

The younger just giggled a little. “I’m sorry.” He was sure that he heard Jackson mumble ‘no you aren’t’ before he first pulled his own shirt off and then Namjoon following. Normally Namjoon would feel really self conscious about his body, but this time he was more focused on looking and taking in Jackson’s body.

While yes he had seen Jackson naked before, just like the other male had seen him naked during his rut, but this was different. Both of them were clear in their mind and while yes Jackson’s herbal scent was flowing around Namjoon mixing with his still weak scent, but it wasn’t overwhelming anymore he could still think. Both males were just looking at each other for a few moments, before either moved and surprising to everybody it was actually Namjoon that moved first not being able to stop himself from running his hands over Jackson’s chest. At first the older flinched, but he quickly explained himself. “Your hands are cold.”

Namjoon was slow and keeping his hands on Jackson’s side not sure where to go from there. He wanted to touch, but he wasn’t sure how. Luckily Jackson seemed to get it as he guided Namjoon’s hands up his chest running the younger soft hands over his abs up to his pecks. Jackson let out a soft hum clearly enjoying Namjoon’s hands on him, the omega couldn’t stop himself from lightly pinching the nipple he found there making the older let out a moan again. Namjoon found that he actually liked being able to force the noises out of Jackson he felt weirdly in control.

The alpha seemed to have enough of Namjoon’s control and decided it was time to take it back as he captured both of his hands in his own. It wasn’t harsh and Namjoon would without question get out of the hold if he wanted. But he wasn’t sure that was actually what he would want as Jackson leaned down to place a love bite right under Namjoon’s jawline. “Since you are going to be leaving us soon, I thought maybe it is good to give you something so you won't forget about us.”

Namjoon moaned out as he felt Jackson’s free hand slowly pet his exposed hipbone. “No matter what happens I would never forget about you guys, we are friends. No matter which pack I end up with, nothing will change what we all have.” The words were mumbled as Namjoon had closed his eyes to focus on the pleasure Jackson was pulling from his body.

“How do you want to do this?” Jackson questioned while busying himself with marking up Namjoon as much as possible. Okay maybe the thought that he knew that they only had a few more days together at max had taken over his mind and he really wanted to put his mark on Namjoon, it was just who he was.

The omega blushed a little thinking about it. “Like this, if it is okay… I want to see you.”

Jackson kinda wanted to coo over how soft and cute and Namjoon was. But he decided that it probably wouldn’t make Namjoon feel more comfortable with him so he just nodded a little. “Good choice.” He regretted it the second he separated himself from Namjoon’s cold body to quickly pull off the rest of his own clothes and Namjoon’s. He was happy that he was quick thinking enough to grab the lube while he was up since he knew that Namjoon couldn’t self lubricate and he wasn’t about to risk anything.

As soon as they were in physical contact again, both of the idols let out a little sigh. Namjoon because Jackson was covering his cold body and warming him up to the bone and maybe also because Jackson’s scent was much stronger as he nuzzled the oldest scent gland happily. The herbal scent that smelt so much like the tea that Jackson favoured was so clearly and unapologetically Jackson it was amazing.

Namjoon relaxed his body the best he could as he saw Jackson drizzle lube on his fingers. He could trust Jackson he knew that he could, one deep breath was enough to relax him. He had tried this, Jinyoung had fingered him before, so it was nothing new. While he was half lost in his own mind Jackson had warmed up the lube and pressed a kiss to Namjoon soft lips. “Spread your legs a little more for me baby, and remember no matter how far we are you can always say stop.”

“I know,” Namjoon mumbled leaning up to get another kiss from the older man, “now before I get as old as you.”

Jackson nipped at Namjoon’s lower lip as payback. “You can be such a brat, we need to restrict how much time you spend with BamBam this is clearly having a negative effect on you!” Namjoon giggled a little trying to keep himself relaxed as he felt Jackson trace his rim with a lube slick fingers.

There was still that little annoying voice in his mind that said he wasn’t a really omega. That he was wrong for not being able to produce slick himself, but he did his best to push the thought away. Doctor Choi had said that he would be able to do it at some point, that this wasn’t him being broken that it was just his body being slow at catching up.

After all Namjoon was still an omega and his body opened itself easily for the first of Jackson’s fingers. It wasn’t even that uncomfortable after all this was what his body was meant for. If anything it just didn’t feel like it was enough. While of course it was so sweet that Jackson was trying to be safe and soft with him, but Namjoon wasn’t actually going to break under him. “Jackson please… More.”

Jackson seemed split for a second, but he needed to trust Namjoon also he knew that BamBam and Mark needed almost no prep and that omegas didn’t really in general it, was how their bodies were built. He was still going to open up Namjoon slowly, if nothing else then for the fact that he wasn’t wet himself and Jackson needed to be sure that he was slick everywhere and he wouldn’t accidentally rip something. It was very very unlikely because he was not going to be rough with Namjoon, but the point was still there.

“I know baby, but we are doing this my way and I want to make sure that you feel no pain at all, just hold out a little bit more.” As he slid his second finger in he kissed Namjoon swallowing up the light moan leaving the omega’s mouth. He slowly started fucking Namjoon with the two fingers, he knew it was nothing compared to the three fingers that Jinyoung had fucked Namjoon with during his rut, because yes he could remember a little bit of it, a little… fuck triggered ruts they sucked balls.

“At this speed I should have asked Yugyeom instead.” Namjoon teased a little while running his hand through Jackson’s bleached locks, both of their hair had to look like bird nests.

Jackson knew Namjoon was not teasing, but he could still feel the hit to his pride and feeling himself feel insecure about it. “Please understand Joonie, I can’t smell you scent… I can’t use that to decide how you are and how ready you are. I need to go slow to make sure that I don’t hurt you or do something wrong.” He nuzzled Namjoon’s scent gland and not for the first time he hated his own sense of scent… How much he would give for having it back.

So yeah… That made Namjoon feel terrible, he had no idea that alphas or anybody could really use people’s scent to feel how ready they were. While yes he knew that you could smell, especially an omega, when they were in pain or distraught since those were scents he had smelled while living with BTS. But he never knew it worked with pleasure as well, that did explain how Zelo’s sakura flower scent had gotten so overwhelming just around the time he came. Namjoon had never really thought about that since he also came at that time. “I was just teasing, I never meant it like that.” Namjoon’s voice was still weak from the pleasure flowing through him.

Jackson nuzzled a little more into Namjoon’s scent gland, now scissoring his fingers. “I know, but I wanted to explain myself. I am not mad at you or sad, but communication is important isn’t that what you tried to teach me?” He nipped the gland a little before going back to Namjoon’s lips. “Ready for one more?”

Namjoon wanted to swear at him, wanted to tell him that of course he was ready for one more! He felt like he had been ready for hours, but instead he just nodded and let out a little whine he had never heard from his own body before. He finally felt full as Jackson inserted the third finger, it wasn’t as full as when Jinyoung had done it since the beta had both longer and wider fingers, but this still felt really good.

He bit down on his lip trying to hold back the low moans, trying to be considerate for the other Got7 members in the mouse. But Jackson freed the lip softly from Namjoon’s teeth with a kiss. “I want to hear you, I want to hear that you like what I am doing to you. Don’t think about everybody else, we don’t have anything to hide here. This is okay and not something to be embarrassed about.”

Namjoon blushed, but he nodded being unable to keep back his moans anymore just trusting Jackson with his body. Neither were really sure how long Jackson spent on preparing him, but Jackson on purpose avoided his prostate and his erection. He didn’t want to push Namjoon close to the edge, he wanted them to reach the finish together.

When he finally decided Namjoon was finished and pulled his fingers out of the taller man, Namjoon let out a little whine clearly not happy with losing the feeling of finally feeling full. Jackson chuckled a little kissing Namjoon on the cheek. “Just wait a little baby.” He grabbed the bottle of lube one last time to spread it over his neglected erection. He looked down at Namjoon under him, heavy eyes and spread naked all for Jackson’s eyes to feast upon, it was great. It was amazing.

He guided Namjoon’s legs further up his hips, not really wanting to test if Namjoon was flexible enough to put his legs over his shoulders, because he was pretty sure that the answer was no. He made the decision to let himself slide into Namjoon in one thrust instead of doing it slowly, deciding that it was probably better for both of them.

When Jackson was finally buried to the hilt inside the new omega, it was like time stopped for both of them taking the time to just focus on the feeling of being connected like that, until Namjoon spoke up. “You can move, I am okay.”

It took a few seconds for Jackson to nod and actually move as he was told to do. He was still so careful with Namjoon. “You look so pretty like this, spread out, so pretty.”

“Shut up.” The younger mumbled with a moan blushing. The pleasure Jackson was giving him was intense, and he couldn’t stop himself from sneaking his own hand down to wrap around his hard erection as he felt over and over again Jackson’s hips hitting his ass as he bottomed out.

Sweet nothings were still being released from Jackson’s mouth over and over again, telling Namjoon how good he was taking him, how pretty he was and how tight he felt. Namjoon somehow knew that neither of them were going to last that long. Especially when Jackson grabbed his free hand and intertwined their fingers together over Namjoon’s head and took his still kiss swollen lips in a harsh kiss that had more tongue and teeth than real actual technique.

“Jackson, I’m…” Namjoon moaned against the other's lips, feeling to shy to actually say it. He didn’t know why he was so shy. Maybe it was because this was the first time it was happening. Maybe it was Jackson or maybe it was something else.

“You can come Joonie, it is okay you don’t have to hold back it is okay.” Jackson was actually glad that Namjoon was close as well, he knew that he himself wouldn’t last much longer. Normally he could last, but something about this was pushing him towards the edge and then it was all over.

Namjoon came with Jackson’s name on his lips, just like last time eyes clenched shut as the waves of pleasure rolled over him. The pleasure somehow intensified when he felt Jackson come inside of him. It felt wet… full and nice.

Namjoon was actually impressed that Jackson managed to hold himself up. His entire body shaking from his orgasm as Namjoon finally managed to open his eyes and softly pet Jackson’s hair.

It had felt good… It had felt so good to finally be with the alpha, and he couldn’t stop himself from nuzzling Jackson’s scent gland forcing a weak smile from the older’s lips as he whispered. “Thank you, thanks for being my first and caring so much.”

It finally seemed enough for Jackson as he kinda collapsed after having pulled out of Namjoon and moved a little to the side. The smaller alpha somehow managed to gather up Namjoon in his arms and cuddle him. “No thank you for trusting me.”

They laid there for a many minutes until Namjoon finally spoke up. “Jackson we have to get up.”

“Noooo nap now.” Jackson mumbled sleepily.

“I am sticky!”

“We will fix that later, nap now even if you can’t nap… Please just lie here with me, it’s better for both of us. Our bodies doesn’t deal well with separation after sex, it feels abandoned, solve your puzzle, write lyrics anything… Please just don’t leave me here.” Jackson’s voice was a little sad, and Namjoon to be honest had never thought of leaving Jackson behind he wanted both of them to get up and take a shower. The thought of moving away from Jackson just seemed wrong.

Namjoon ended up surrendering to Jackson’s cuddling even though he knew both would regret it later. He was kinda sleepy himself, but somehow he knew that he wouldn’t be able to find sleep so yawning he worked on his little puzzle box, and without even thinking about it he pushed the last slide into place… and it opened.

What he found inside was nothing like what he had expected. The puzzle box was split into two rooms one full the other empty, both covered by a letter, which Namjoon picked up to read. And as he read it… he started to cry… Fucking Himchan. Namjoon swore as the beta’s soft scent of honeysuckle filled his nostrils and tears fell on the letter. And with that… his time with Got7 was over.

Chapter Text

Namjoon’s goodbye with Got7 had ended up being a lot more emotional than he had expected. After having showed the other idols what had been in the puzzlebox they agreed that it was time for him to go there. Jackson had pulled Namjoon into a tight hug and Namjoon had to admit that Jackson had been right. It was hard to get away from Jackson after their time together, and both could feel it as Jackson mumbled into his ear. “I’m going to miss you.”

Namjoon just nodded hugging the shorter alpha as tight as he could, knowing that he would indeed miss Jackson. No matter what happened Jackson was still one of his closest friends. Next had been BamBam who looked like he just wanted to jump Namjoon and never let him go again, but after the failure that was when Namjoon arrived he seemed to control himself. Instead hugging the older omega close  “You have gotten so far already Joonie, no matter what happens who you pick… Don’t forget us, or I am going to come and kidnap you.”

The next one was Yugyeom and this time it was Namjoon’s turn to speak up. “You need to make okay with Jungkook. This is hurting you to keep it inside, wait until we are back from Japan and then talk to him. He might not say it, but he misses you as well.” He decides not to tell the baby alpha about his call with Hongbin. Mainly because the beta had sworn him to secrecy, which was probably good unless BTS in general should suffer the fate of getting killed by two of Vixx’s omegas.

Yugyeom didn’t say anything, but it was okay Namjoon knew that he understood him and he knew that Yugyeom really did miss Jungkook alot. Next up was Mark, Namjoon pulling him into a tight hug. After Jackson, Mark was probably the person he had a closest connection to, and he knew Mark cared for him as well.

“Markie, you need to talk to Jackson, you two still have things that aren’t worked out. He is worried you don’t love him. While he knows it on the surface his heart is not in it.” He mumbled it low enough that nobody else could hear it.

Mark placed a soft kiss to Namjoon’s collarbone. “I… I knew that I think, I promise I will talk to him. This is for life and we need to make sure everything works out.”

“Good boy.” Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from teasing, earning him a light slap on the ass from the older omega. But the well meaning smile he got when he pulled away from him showed that everything was okay. Everything was going to be okay in the end.

Youngjae was the one who almost threw himself in Namjoon’s arms, even though he was still careful clearly not wanting to knock out Namjoon due to his low weight. “Thank you.” Was all Namjoon said and Youngjae didn’t answer, both of them knew what he was talking about… the nightmares.

Second to last was Jinyoung, his hug was lot softer than everybody else’s, not feeling the need to almost crush Namjoon between them and Jaebum joined hugging Namjoon from behind, as Jaebum mumbled out. “I am…”

Namjoon got ripped from his memory of leaving when his phone blared it’s loud ringtone, causing Namjoon to fumble after it not even noticing who was calling. “Namjoon speaking?”

“Namjoon-ah it’s Chanyeol?”

“Chanyeol-hyung? Is something wrong, is Jimin okay?”

“He is okay I promise. I just have a few questions, or Baekhyun and Yixing does, but both doesn’t want to be awkward. I on the other hand don’t care.”

Namjoon laughed a little. “It’s okay, what are the questions, I guess they have something to do with Jimin.”

“It’s about sex.” Namjoon could feel himself flare up blushing.

“Uhm… I hadn’t presented so I don’t know much about what was going on in the pack, but I will try my best to answer.” God he hadn’t expected it to be this awkward.

“No no no! It isn’t like that, damn it, this was what I were trying to avoid.” This was very different from what he was used to from Chanyeol. The older alpha in general sounded really confused and maybe a little worried, which in return made Namjoon worried.

“Chanyeol what is wrong, tell me straight up.”

“Does Jimin have a negative past around sex?”

That… was not what Namjoon had expected, he wasn’t sure what he had expected, but this wasn’t it that was for sure. He racked his brain to try and think about it, he wanted to be honest with the older alpha since they were taking care of Jimin and Jimin deserved the best and if the truth could help then he wanted that. “No… I… I don’t think so, nothing I can think of comes up.”

Chanyeol sighed a little. “He seems… ashamed of having a sex drive, I don’t know how to explain it, but in general he just seems ashamed of it, especially around the alphas. We have a hard time getting him away from either Baek, Yixing or Kyungsoo. Baekhyun has been keeping what the conversation between you and him was about… Namjoon this isn’t about me being nosy or wanting to know everything, I promise…,” there was silence for a second, before he continued sounding sad, “Jimin is here with us now, and we all really care about him. He is so easy to care about, and we want to help him, but it is like there is something we don’t now and we can’t reach it. To be honest… I think he think’s omegas are worth less than alphas. Baekhyun had a loud argument with Minseok yesterday, nothing important, but Jimin seemed… scared… scared that something was going to happen to Baek. Please Namjoon anything you can tell me will help. I just want to help him, we all want. Even Minseok and Sehun, they just… struggle showing it.”

Namjoon felt a little guilty having showed what was his problem as group leader on somebody else. Especially when that somebody else was Exo who already had their issues. “I’m sorry dragging you guys into it, but I had nowhere else to turn that I trusted with Jimin who he would feel safe with as well. I thought of Monsta X, but it would be to obvious what I was doing and he would catch on. If he notices anybody is trying to help him he is going to clam up and block himself out. That is why I wanted Baekhyun to act like he needed Jimin.”

Chanyeol’s voice was both soft and stable at the same time, clearly feeling omega in distress and the older alpha followed his instinct. “This is not problem for us Namjoon, if anything… This is actually helping us as well, having another omega around is good for all of us. Baekhyun alone has gotten a lot more relaxed about it. It is kinda like we have gotten our own Baekhyun back, he can laugh with Jimin. I know you just presented, but it isn’t a joke omegas really do not other omegas and Baekhyun struggle at really letting other people in after Tao and LuLu. But we are also a pack full of alphas who can all clearly feel that something is wrong with Jimin. He seems ashamed of not only his very natural sexual desires as an omega, but also seems slightly… afraid… no that isn’t the right word to afraid, uneasy? Yes that is better, uneasy around alphas like he is worried that we are going to yell at him.”

Namjoon sighed a little, he had hoped that sending Jimin to a pack with the most softball alphas around would have helped. But clearly it hadn’t so Namjoon let himself fall back into his couch and explained everything to Chanyeol… and by everything he meant everything. Even if he knew that Yoongi wasn’t a bad person, and he never meant to hurt Jimin, and he knew that Jungkook was good person as well, he also knew that those two had done a job on Jimin’s mental state. A job that even though Seokjin had tried his best to stop it had worked, mentally Namjoon sighed.

He felt sorry for Seokjin, he himself had not really noticed what had gone on in the pack until now that his mind was more clear. Back then he had struggled just keeping himself above water, struggled to just get through the day breathing. Those were pack issues, he couldn’t solve them as a group leader, he had noticed small things like Seokjin’s anxiety and he had helped Jimin to actually stop starving himself (takes one to know one after all), he had really tried his best, but some things even he himself had been blind to… the blatant indoctrinating of the maknae line was one of them.

Seokjin had tried to stay sane between them. Hoseok… Hoseok had his own struggles, but Seokjin had known that this was not how a pack was meant to run. But he had been so desperate to fit in, and struggled so much to speak up due to his anxiety, leaving the oldest member of BTS to just sit there and not being able to do anything about it.

After he was done explaining both Chanyeol and Namjoon just sat in silence for a moment, and Namjoon wasn’t sure he even wanted to know what the older alpha was thinking about them. God he had to think how fucked up the other pack was, instead his voice was weirdly soft as he spoke to Namjoon. “This isn’t your fault.”


“I can hear in your voice that you are blaming yourself for not doing anything before this. But you can’t blame yourself for this, for what I understand you tried your best to hold together a group who tried their best not to be together.”

“But! Jimin he…”

Namjoon never got to finish before Chanyeol interrupted him. “Namjoon, this isn’t your fault. It is everybody else's fault if anything. Bang PD-nim’s fault for believing Yoongi when he said he didn’t need help. Hoseok’s fault for not stepping up for his own pack. Jungkook’s fault for falling for it so easily, Taehyung’s fault for running away from his problems. Seokjin’s fault for not getting help with his issues, and Yoongi’s fault for starting all this shit!”

“No! They did their best! They couldn’t know better!” Namjoon desperately tried to explain, “this isn’t their fault they were just the victims.”

Chanyeol laughed a little. “That is my point, majority of people were just a victim. Everything that has happened Namjoon, is just a symptom of the real problem. It is that they don’t speak to each other. Had Yoongi talked about his past and explained it would never have started. Had Hoseok spoken about his issues that caused him to hate his own sub gender he would have been able to speak up. If Seokjin had talked about his anxiety and gotten help it would have been okay and he would have stopped them. If Jungkook had talked about his anger and gotten help he would have seen what was really going on. If Taehyung had talked about his past he could have gotten help before he got to this, if Jimin…” on that one Chanyeol hesitated a little, it was clear that he had a soft spot for the omega. Then again with having lost as many omegas as Exo had it was obvious that Chanyeol in general had a soft spot for omegas. “If Jimin had spoken about his issues he could have gotten help.”

Namjoon hesitated a little bit, he wasn’t sure how to say what he wanted. “This is something you have experience with isn’t it?”

Chanyeol sighed a little… and then he explained what had really happened with Tao and Yifan and explained why they had lost both their pack alpha and their youngest omega. Namjoon just sat there in shock, he should have known that believing the public excuse that it had been a split over not getting enough work in China, over money… he should have known that was a lie.

“Is Baekhyun safe?” Was the only thing Namjoon could think of saying.

The alpha sighed. “Yeah… They made other contracts with the Exo K members than the Exo M members, xeno-phobia I assume, but don’t worry Baekhyun is safe as well. And our dorm is a safe area, they can’t touch Jimin here either.”

“I’m sorry… I understand why this matters so much to you now.”

“To all of us. Minseok and Sehun are trying to act like they don’t care, but they do… They know that Baek get’s easily attached even if it isn’t to an omega in his pack. There was a whole really weird situation with Taemin back after Lu Han… left” At that Chanyeol threw himself into a story about how Baekhyun had almost kidnapped the SHINee omega after the baby omega had spent a few weeks at their dorm since while SM could block Jongin from coming to SHINee they couldn’t stop Taemin to coming to him.

In the end of the story both of rappers were laughing, that was why Namjoon loved Chanyeol. While he could be serious and had a way to big heart, he could also make people laugh easily. He kinda reminded him of Hoseok like that sometimes, well Hoseok from a year ago. “Is the rest of SHINee alright with Baekhyun being the adopted baby?”

“Well there was a long conversation about how Baekhyun was actually older than Taemin, which kinda ended with Taemin just saying age was a social construct. I swear it was way too much fun especially since it was at a SM town concert and Amber and Krystal were dying in the background, and we might have gotten the question if we were all up for adoption.”

“Oh, were you guys then?”

“Yup! Both me and Jongdae are happily adopted by Red Velvet!”

“Aren’t they all younger than you guys?”

“Age is a social construct! Do you not listen at all!?”

Namjoon laughed a little again, but then got a serious. “Thank you for caring so much for Jimin, I sometimes question if splitting them all up was the right choice, but I talked with both Jihoon and Taekwoon… Both Taehyung and Jungkook are doing really good and Jungkook seems to have understood what he did wrong and both are actually happy again. I saw both of them hug at the dance studio.”

“It was the right thing to do,” Chanyeol said confident, “now that we know what is wrong with Jimin, we can softly and slowly start helping him feel better. And without tooting our own horn, I think we might be the best to help Jimin with his problems. You don’t find a pack who are more protective over omegas than us… Maybe Big Bang or Block B, but even they don't know how it feels to loose an omega, and we lost two. Don’t worry Namjoon, when you guys leave for Japan you are going to get a new a confident Jimin back, and if we are lucky… He might even help us as well. If anybody can get Minseok and Sehun to open up it is Jimin. Plus another member of another pack, might make Jongin feel a little less lonely.”

Namjoon smiled a little, and he could feel in himself how he relax. “Thank you so much Chanyeol, I can’t explain how much this means to me.”

“No thank you for trusting us.” Namjoon could hear a loud yell from Chanyeol’s side of the line. “Oh shit… I think Baekhyun might have stolen something from the kitchen, which means I am about to get blamed. I am going to run before Kyungsoo actually kills me, see you Namjoon!”

Namjoon felt a lot more calm than he did before the call as he stared down at his phone with a soft smile. This might actually all work out in the end. Everybody was getting the help they needed, and their trip to Japan would end up working out perfectly with BTS finally being able to workout their issues with each other. After having worked out their issues with themselves, this was going to work! What could go wrong!? Namjoon should really have known better than to jinx it shouldn’t he? Silly Namjoon.

Namjoon got up from the couch to his bah where with slightly shaking hands carefully took out the folded letter from his new lyrics book. It felt right to keep it together with Wonho’s letter, both letters meant more to him than he could ever explain, and as Namjoon made his way back to the couch opening the letter to read it again.

‘Hey Sweetcheeks,’

At that Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from giggling a bit. Since he couldn’t stop himself from blushing a little by the fact that Himchan still remembered that name, it had been a joke before he presented. He had been over that B.a.p dorm working with Yongguk on some lyrics. Even if none of them ever got used or anything he liked working with the pack alpha. B.a.p hadn’t been active at that point due to the lawsuit with their company, but that hadn’t stopped the pack from being some of Namjoon’s closest friends.

He had been friendly arguing with Yongguk over something, and in the end it had ended with Yongguk laughingly saying. “Whatever you want sweetcheeks.”

Yongguk and Himchan, who had been lying across the room just reading laughed a little, but Namjoon had blushed without being able to control it, he had actually liked that.

As soon as the older idols had noticed the mood in the room changing they had quickly stopped laughing, and without even needed to say anything they had understood what was going on. From now on when it was just the three of them they had always used the nickname, and Namjoon had liked it like that. It was just a thing between them, and only them.

'It’s good to see you managed to open the box, it took me months the first time. But then again you have that way too big brain of yours it probably only needed a few weeks.

As you have probably noticed from the scratches inside this box, this isn’t new… It’s mine, but the truth is that you need it more than I do, but before I explain what it is, let me tell you are story. A story I think you can understand at this moment.

My story starts around the same time as we debuted. We both know that antis and sometimes e