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The Best Man For The Job

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It was the finest wedding Speedwagon had ever seen in all his life, mighty posh and just the kind of grand affairs that Jonathan Joestar deserved. There was a time that he would have hated everything about this, all these rich ruddy bastards throwing about their money and spending more in a day than a man like him would have in all his life. But how could he feel any resentment knowing what Jonathan and Erina had both lost? Dio had stolen Jonathan's father and most of his adolescent years, and he had stolen the happiness that Erina might have had so much earlier. Didn't they deserve a fairy tale ending after the horror they had both suffered? Seemed only fine and fair that they have this beautiful day in such a lovely church and with even photographers to capture them forevermore, their happiness frozen in a frame to keep forever.

It was only fair, which made it all the worse that he was lurking in an empty room in the house like a stranger sneaking in to steal the drinks and the food instead of being Jonathan's best man.

He was happy for them both, he was truly, and yet he felt sorrow in him too, like a man attending a funeral. All day long, he had felt it building, the knot deep in his chest that caught each time he saw the happy couple smile at one another. He was glad for them, truly glad that they had one another and a life ahead of them but-


There would be no room in this life for Speedwagon . Jonathan would try and carve out space for him, he was sure of it, and he knew that Jonathan would eagerly open his pocketbooks and his home, and let Speedwagon share it. But Speedwagon wasn't the type to leech off of another. He has his dignity didn't he? It was better to live rough on the streets and fight for your living than it was to dip your hand into the pockets of a friend and take from his plate. Anyway, Jonathan and Erina would likely be planning for a quiet life, and Speedwagon wasn't fit to be around fine society folks. If the scar on his face didn't frighten them, then his manners surely would.

Jonathan was a gentleman, and Erina a true lady. Speedwagon was as he had been from his birth - rough handed and rough voiced.

The wedding breakfast was beginning to wind down. He could see the carriages departing one by one, the guests carrying out their little boxes with cake, speaking to one another about how grand it had all been. Soon, the house would be cleared, and then there would be only Jonathan and Erina. Tomorrow, they would depart on their honeymoon, but today was for them alone, to be man and wife with no one else to interfere now that Dio was dead.

Speedwagon knew he would have to withdraw again, but he was expected to remain to the last, since Jonathan had no other family and Speedwagon was the closest he had. He was a poor replacement for George Joestar, but he would do the best he could to support Jonathan, and to be sure he knew just how important he was. It was a grand honor and something he should be proud of and yet-

And yet the lump remained.

When it looked as if most had departed, Speedwagon resolved himself to cast this aside and greet Jonathan and Erina with the smiles they deserved. He slipped from the room and found his way to the main hall, where the few stragglers were. Erina's parents were present and Speedwagon kept a little distance, allowing them some privacy as they said their goodbyes to their daughter and gave well wishes to her and Jonathan both. The Pendletons seemed a fine sort, and Speedwagon noted how they looked at Jonathan with fondness. It gladdened his heart seeing them embrace Jonathan fully. He deserved nothing but the best from them, and from all others. He deserved-

Jonathan glances his way, his face opening into one of those familiar smiles. "Speedwagon! There you are! Did you get any cake?"

There was an uneaten slice he had been given, all bundled up in a tidy little box. Speedwagon was saving it for later and he nodded. "I have it with my hat. It smells wonderful. Whichever bakery you got it from must be a fine one."

"It is. Mother and I often visit it when we come to London. Some time, all three of us must go there together." Erina smiles and Speedwagon is once again impressed with her grace and beauty. Jonathan's found himself a fine woman, the very best kind of lady a man could hope for! Speedwagon didn't dare even dream of marrying a woman her equal, but he found comfort in knowing that she would care for Jonathan. A practical woman like her would always keep Master Joestar out of trouble.

"That would be wonderful, Mrs. Joestar." But, there's people to bid goodbye and while some selfish part of Speedwagon wishes to stand here and take all of their time before they leave, he's quick to grasp at an excuse to leave. "But, let me clear out and let you say goodbye to your parents."

"Robert, would you mind waiting for us? We'd like to speak with you about a few things before you go." Erina smiles fondly and Speedwagon knows he can't say no to her, though he finds it hard imagining what they'd need to speak with him about. Maybe they want him to look after the house while they're gone on their honeymoon? Though there's servants for that. But then, perhaps neither of them trust the servants full yet? After all, though Dio fell to his death, he might have left some of his unholy minions behind to terrorize them still! That's clever of Erina and Jonathan then to have Speedwagon keep an eye on things.

"Of course! I'll be through that way when you need me." He nods to the Pendletons and gives the family the space they need, heading back the way he came from. Speedwagon peeks back as he passes through the threshold, watching as they shake Jonathan's hands.

He feels a lump in his chest knowing that Jonathan must be wishing his father could be here to see him. Poor man, he's lost all his family. And yet he carries on all the same, proud and noble. It brings a tear to Speedwagon's eye to think of how strong Jonathan is. Any man who suffered half as much as him would have plenty reason to feel bitter at the world, but not Jonathan!

While the goodbyes are exchanged, Speedwagon looks out a nearby window and tries to think of what he'll do now, once he's finished whatever task the Joestars have for him. London has worn out it's welcome and he feels the restless need to travel again, to put distance between him and this place. Perhaps he'll head back into Europe. Or maybe America? There's plenty there for a man to do, lots of wild and open spaces, perfect for a rough and rugged man such as himself. Maybe there could even be a chance for Speedwagon to find a fortune of his own, to make a name for himself. Perhaps he could raise himself up and find equal footing with Jonathan, meet and marry someone…

Though when he tried to imagine a bride, he could never fill her features in the way he would have liked. Marriage, though wonderful and precious, did not feel like something meant for Speedwagon. But it had been beautiful today, seeing them exchange their vows in front of God and man.

"Robert." Erina again, and Speedwagon turns quickly. Jonathan's following up and he closes the door behind them. The house is empty now, so very quiet without the other guests around. Speedwagon wishes he had his hat with him to hold onto, to grasp in his hands and fiddle with, but his hat sits elsewhere with that same slice of cake.

"Mrs. Joestar. Mr. Joestar." Speedwagon greets them both, relishing how the names sound. Mr. and Mrs. Joestar. What a lovely pairing. Erina's cheeks go pink with pleasure and Jonathan is equally pleased, smiling broadly at Speedwagon. And how can't he do anything else but smile back, his heart soaring with joy. "Congratulations. I couldn't be happier for you both than I am now. No one deserves happiness more than you two."

"And you, Speedwagon." Jonathan, ever kind, is quick to come to Speedwagon and to embrace him tightly. He folds Speedwagon into his arms, and then he pulls back, one arm sliding away to reach out to wrap around Erina's shoulders. "Where would I be without you?"

"Where you are now!" Speedwagon has done his best to help when he could, but he knows that without him, Jonathan would have prevailed anyways. After all, he was a good man with a pure nature. Nothing could stop him once he set his mind to righting some injustice in the world, and what greater injustice was there besides Dio? But, he knows Jonathan will try and credit Speedwagon for all things, so he's quick to move forward. "You had a favor to ask? If you need someone to stay and watch the house, I would be happy to! You just tell Speedwagon where you need him to be, and he'll stay there until he sees your smiling faces again!"

"Thank you Speedwagon, but it isn't that we need." Jonathan slides his hand down Speedwagon's arm, his hand catching Speedwagon's hand. He holds Speedwagon tight, palm pressed to palm. "Erina and I would like you to stay with us today."

"Today? But today's the first day of your honeymoon. You don't need me hanging about when you two are newly married." Speedwagon holds Jonathan's hand and there's something about it that feels new and intimate. "I'm certain you have plans today."

"We do." Erina agree. He expects she will set Jonathan straight. But her hand reaches out to take Speedwagon's other hand, and he finds himself being held by both Joestars. Jonathan's hand is so large, easily wrapping around Speedwagon, while Erina's dainty hand fits within Speedwagon's palm (though he feels callouses on her fingers, a reminder that she is a nurse and she knows how to tend to things). "Robert, we wish for you to join us in our… in our marriage bed."

Marriage bed? Speedwagon feels himself flush as the meaning hit him. They mean to invite him to join them today? To join them upstairs, in that bedroom full of rose petals and fresh bedding waiting to be rumpled. He looks at them both, at Erina's glowing face to Jonathan's shining eyes, and he wants nothing more than to be here with them. But he can't, he shouldn't, it's not proper! She's a lady and he's a true gentleman! This kind of behavior is more fitting of a street thug than highborn folk! "I can't-"

"You must! I insist!" Jonathan squeezes Speedwagon's hand, holding tight to him. Even though he could easily crush every bone in Speedwagon's hand, the pressure is only enough to hold him fast, never enough to hurt."We insist!"

"We do." Erina echoes. She raises her other hand and sets it on Speedwagon's chest and though her face stays pink, her hard is hardly shy as her delicate fingers deftly pluck open his waistcoat, one button at a time. "Jonathan has asked for nothing else. And I wish to know you better."

To know him better! His face is hot as his eyes go to her soft mouth and thoughts most carnal rise in his mind. This isn't proper! She's a lady, fine and fair all the way through, and this is her wedding day and-

"Speedwagon." Jonathan draws Speedwagon's attention to him with nothing but a word. He's so gentle for one so strong. Speedwagon's seen what Jonathan is capable of, how powerful he can be. Those hands throw anvils and cleave even the undead to naught by ash and rot. But he feels no fear at all when Jonathan touches him. The only thing Speedwagon ever feels for Jonathan is a deep and boundless love that thrums through him and echoes as the organ did in those high church walls. "This is the happiest day of my life. I want to share it with those I love most. And, if you and Erina could care for each other the way I care for you, that would make me the happiest man alive."

Then, as if in a dream, Jonathan leans forward and presses his mouth to Speedwagon's. It's a little clumsy as far as kisses go, and all Speedwagon can do is wonder if Jonathan's first kiss was today, while he stood in front of God and man and swore himself to Erina. All he can wonder is this; how long has Jonathan wanted this? As long as Speedwagon has?

Erina's warm hands rest on his belly, touching him through the cotton of his shirt. His mouth stays still until Jonathan nuzzles at him, and then it parts slightly, Speedwagon giving into temptation and kissing sweet Jonathan. He tastes sweet, icing and sugar on his tongue. Seems that Jonathan snuck a slice of cake before he came to see Speedwagon. It's just like Master Joestar to do such a thing.

And when Jonathan pulls back, he looks expectantly to Speedwagon, his eyes sliding from him to Erina. Speedwagon turns his eyes to her as well. Her cheeks are pink and with a boldness he wouldn't have thought possible, she simply pushes up on her toes and presses her lips to his as well. Her kiss is precise and careful, the kiss of a girl who has had at least a little practice. And yet, he can see the flush in her cheeks and he knows this is new for her as well from the way she experiments as she tips her head into the kiss, and then tilts away again. She seeks the best angle with the same sort of precise instruction she used when tending to Jonathan's wounds.

When she breaks the kiss and rests on her feet again, Speedwagon is left flushed and shy. One would think he was the blushing virgin here! Robert Speedwagon was no stranger to pleasures of the flesh, no sir, and yet! And yet! Here he was, tongue tied and feeling quite nervous. Jonathan's hand falls to his arm, rubbing him there and Erina's palm stays spread on his stomach and he stares at his open waistcoat.

"Jonathan… Erina…" He tries to find the words to say to convince them to stay such foolish desires as this. The day of the wedding was for them alone. The rest of their lives was theirs, and not to be shared with him, no matter how much his heart lifted to see them looking at him so openly. But their eyes are on him, both so wide and open and eager, and he can hardly disappointment.

He's a selfish cad to accept such an offer and to place himself in their marriage. But Speedwagon will do anything for these two. So long as he breathes, he knows he'll spend his life doing whatever it is the Joestar family asks of him. He ducks his head and looks at his hand in theirs, his rough hands so easily accepted by them.

"If this is what you wish, then I will accompany you. I-" Speedwagon's speech is cut short as Jonathan kisses him again, hardly giving Speedwagon a chance to prepare. Again, it is a clumsy kiss, but this time, Speedwagon lets himself do more than simply part his lips. He drops his hand from Jonathan's and raises his own to take Jonathan by the back of the neck, to gently guide him and show him how best to tip their mouths together, how to open his lips to welcome Speedwagon in. He kisses Jonathan, and he feels Erina's hand squeeze his own. When he draws back, his eyes pull between Erina and Jonathan. She looks so eager, so thrilled. Jonathan is pink and pleased.

And then, to his astonishment, Master Jonathan scoops them both up, one arm going under their posteriors. Erina laughs and Speedwagon cries out, grabbing hold of Jonathan to keep from toppling over. "Master Joestar!"

"Hold on." He tells them both. Erina holds on to Jonathan with one hand, and the other clutches Speedwagon's jacket, righting him. Soon as they seem sorted, Jonathan carries them with ease up the stairs, as if they were nothing at all. It's astounding. Speedwagon knows how strong Jonathan is - he's seen him lift an anvil without breaking a sweat - but it's one thing to see it and another to experience it.

The bedroom at the end of the hall waits. Jonathan carries them both inside and Speedwagon feels like an intruder. He shouldn't be with them in their marital bed. Not on their honeymoon! Not on this precious day!

But Jonathan looks at him and Speedwagon can't imagine anywhere he'd rather be. He sets them on the bed, Erina near the head, and Speedwagon by the foot, and then Jonathan takes their hands, bringing each to his mouth to kiss the backs of them. "I never imagined I would find so much love in this world. I thought I had lost everything, but…"

He kneels before them. Erina sets her other hand on Jonathan's head, playing with his hair. Speedwagon reaches out, hesitating a moment before he steels himself. If Jonathan could be brave enough to ask him to join them today, if he could face down Dio and the hundred crawling terrors that were cruelly brought into a rotten half-life, then Speedwagon can find it in himself to be brave as well. He sets his hand on the side of Jonathan's face, cupping his jaw line. "You deserve all of the love you can get, Master Joes- … Jonathan. You have earned it and more."

"Well said, Robert." Erina smiles to him, giving him a nod. Then she brings her hands down to rest on Jonathan's shirt and she opens them one by one, her fingers quick and clever. "Help me undress him."

"That's not fair. Two of you and one of me." Jonathan teases, the smile growing on his face as Erina untucks his shirt. She's very business like, and Speedwagon wants to simply watch her work, all so he can admire her skill. No blushing bride is she! No sir, Erina is a nurse and she has certainly undressed her own fair share of men and women alike. Next to her, Speedwagon feels foolish as his hands go to Jonathan's tie and work the knot loose, freeing his neck up.

"You're very nearly the size of both of us combined." Erina teases back. Once the tie is free, she undoes the buttons on his collar and then, like that, she spreads his shirt wide. "Robert, collect his cufflinks and set them aside. Jonathan lost them twice during rehearsals."

"They're so small." Jonathan protests. He's right of course. Speedwagon sees to the cufflinks, dropping them in the palm of his hand and taking them right away over to the dresser and setting them in the jewelry box with the others. Erina has Jonathan rise for her, and she stands on the bed to gain the height she needs as she strips his shirt from him, and then his undershirt as well, and finally the under-undershirt beneath that. When Jonathan's breasts come free, they take the breath away from Speedwagon. They're lovely. They're so lovely. He wants nothing more than to touch them.

It seems Erina feels the same way, for she draws him near and places her hands on each of them, rubbing her fingers over Jonathan's nipples. Jonathan, ever the gentleman, sets his hands on his wife's waist as she has the short-lived pleasure of towering over him on the bed.

Robert has lost himself watching, and it isn't until they both look at him that he realizes he's stopped by the dresser, engrossed by the very sight of them together. He wishes he had his hat to fiddle with still. But hasn't. And there is no reason for him to stand across the room. So. He takes a step forward, and another, and he returns to their side. Jonathan's top is off, and Speedwagon looks between himself and Erina before he starts on his buttons. "A lady should be undressed last."

"And how would you know that Robert? I don't think you've met a lady in your life." Erina teases him and Robert can't help but laugh.

"Quite right! Quite right! But I know how to read, and I'm well-travelled!" Speedwagon abandons his own buttons, and he shifts closer to the bed, kneeling partly on it as he reaches around Erina's back to start on the back of her dress. The pearly buttons along her dress are so small and fine, and he is so very careful as he works them open. "You're lucky I'm here. Jonathan would tear these apart."

"And that is why I decided you would join us before I had them add those buttons to my gown." Erina stays and yields more of her back to Speedwagon. Which means-

Which means she's known for at least a month that she would allow Speedwagon to join her and Jonathan. His hand stops moving as he realizes that he has sat across from them at dinner dozens of times and at each of them, she knew that she would one day have Robert help undress her.

"You're going to break him." Jonathan is laughing as he tries to scold her, unable to play at sternness for longer than a second before it dissolves. He takes over Robert's buttons, and though his hands are large, he manages to handle them without snapping them at all. Jonathan is a gentle giant, so thoughtful and careful when he means to be. His broad hands on Robert's stomach shake him from his thoughts, and he gets his hands back to work as well, opening the back of Erina's gown. Her skin is so creamy and smooth. He feels ashamed to press his calloused fingers against it and he can hardly bring himself to do more than graze his fingertips along the ridge of her spine. Jonathan's smiling and he leans in, pressing his mouth briefly to Robert's cheek. "She's lovely, isn't she?"

"Yes. God, yes, she is. You're a beauty, Erina." Robert rubs his hand along her back once more before he pushes the gown away from Erina's neck and shoulders. She tugs her arms out of the sleeves, and the whole top half comes away, revealing her and her undergarments, all white lace and straps and snaps. He hardly knows where to start. It's as if he's opened a Christmas gift, only to find more layers beneath. "And a tease! How many layers must one woman wear?"

Erina just laughs and she turns to face him. Just like that, Robert finds himself trapped between her and Jonathan, two pairs of hands roaming over his body. He hasn't the layers that they have, and it takes no time at all before he's without shirt or undershirt, laid bare. Bold as can be, Erina puts her hands on his pants and Speedwagon's face flushes. He looks away, only to meet Jonathan's eyes as he leans around Speedwagon's back. "You didn't mind my layers."

"Well- one of you or the other, but not both of you! We'll never be undressed before your ship leaves." Robert says, his voice growing high and uneasy as Erina's hands easily open his trousers. He feels so shy. Why is it that these two can make him feel like this, like no other ever has before?

"Then it's good you were so modest." Erina says and easily pushes Robert's trousers down, revealing all his glory to them both. His face burns and his prick is displayed to them both, already stirring at the touch of their hands. He hardly expects it when Erina grasps him so boldly, wrapping those slim fingers around his shaft. "Oh, Jonathan look. He's lovely."

No woman has ever called his cock lovely before. Robert would have never thought someone could say such a thing and mean it. But Erina does, and Jonathan squeezes Speedwagon's hips with those gentle hands. "He is. He likes your touch."

"I like-" Speedwagon stumbles over his words, flushed and his heart beating in his chest like a wild, caged bird. His eyes dart between them and he hardly knows what to say. But he must! He must say something! "I like you both. Jonathan… Erina… I- I don't deserve this."

"You do." Jonathan's voice gets so soft when he speaks sometimes. No man so large should be able to be so soft and tender, but by God, Jonathan Joestar is. He makes Speedwagon want to be a good man, a kind man, the kind of person someone that Jonathan could be proud to call his friend. Speedwagon knows he'll spend the rest of his life fighting to be what comes natural to Jonathan, but for him-

For him, Speedwagon would spend a thousand years fighting against his very nature, just to see Jonathan smile.

Jonathan's eyes are the softest blue when he leans in and kisses Speedwagon again. He doesn't draw away this time, coaxing him to lie on the bed with him. Speedwagon loses himself in the kiss and the taste of Jonathan. His mouth is sweet like the cake, and lush to the touch. He reaches up and settles a hand in Jonathan's hair, burying his fingers in that dark mass. Erina's hands are busy and they strip him down, leaving Speedwagon naked on the bed. His other hand rests on Jonathan's waist, unsure of where to move. Were this any other woman or man, he would know what to do next, but… This is Jonathan's wedding day.

This is Erina's wedding day as well, and when they part, his eyes go to her. He doesn't want to leave her out. They're the wedded ones. This invitation they've extended to him is something he treasures and he doesn't want to make her feel cast aside. All he can think of are those small buttons on the back of her dress. She knew Speedwagon would join them when she asked the seamstress to place them there.

Naked as he might be, he takes his hand from Jonathan's waist and reaches for Erina, wrapping it around her body. He tugs her close, pulling Erina against his body. Her skirts bunch up between him and Jonathan, and she is so small compared to them both. But her eyes never look away from Speedwagon, not even as she leans in to kiss him next. Speedwagon tugs gently on Jonathan's hair and his hand pushes Erina's skirts down, his palm moving over her back and over the curve of her ass. Jonathan's hands join this, and though she is covered in lace and silk, they find a way to shed her of it. Her pink skin is revealed inch by inch, giving way to the secret places no one else has ever seen. When her breasts are freed, he can't look away from her nipples, such a dark and dusky colour compared to Jonathan's own pink nipples.

Jonathan can't either. He sinks to his knees and Speedwagon is given the privilege of watching as Jonathan presses his mouth to them, kissing along the pale tops and then taking each nipple in his mouth - first the right, which he sucks so tenderly, and then the left, which is given slightly rougher treatment. Erina wraps her hands around Jonathan's head and lets out the most arousing sound, a high and keening moan that makes Speedwagon's prick stir and stand tall. "By God, listen to you. Make her sound like that again."

Those bright eyes of Jonathan's peek at Speedwagon from Erina's chest and he repeats the motion, sucking on her breast once more. And when his hand motions for Speedwagon to join him, he does as bidden, sitting up and shifting near. Her nipple is wet where Jonathan's mouth was and he covers it with his lips, tasting her flesh. His lips seal around the soft flesh and suck, and he feels her nipple harden against his tongue, followed by that heavenly sound…

He wants nothing more than to put his mouth on Erina's clit and feel it do the same.

But Jonathan is here, and his chest is so near as well, and Speedwagon gives into the temptation. When his mouth leaves Erina, he turns to Jonathan instead, brushing his hand down those pert and firm breasts. Where Erina is soft, Jonathan is hard, but when Speedwagon takes a nipple into his mouth and sucks on that pale pink nub, Jonathan cries out as beautifully as Erina did. Erina laughs gently and she joins Speedwagon, both of them pressing Jonathan back onto the bed so they can gain easy access to his chest. Jonathan is loud and it only encourages Speedwagon to press on. His teeth gently worry at the nipple in his mouth, and his hand rests on Jonathan's stomach, pressing down and down, covering those perfect abs and pressing further on. Even as he reaches Jonathan's pants, he doesn't stop himself. He gives in, and his fingers slip beneath those tight trousers, seeking out what he knows lies beneath.

And there it is - the soft and secret place between Jonathan's thighs. The underwear is easily pushed aside and Speedwagon finds his fingers resting on the lips of Jonathan's cunny, running over those soft curls. His face burns and his prick is so hard, and Jonathan's lips part when Speedwagon presses the tips of his fingers on them. When he slides in just slightly, just a little, he feels a wetness that shocks him. Jonathan is soaked, as if he had just spent the last hours being eaten out again and again.

"Jonathan!" Speedwagon says, the nipple falling from between his lips. He can't help himself, so taken with the soft feeling of Jonathan's cunny against his hand. Jonathan's face is red and flushed and his eyes are so wide and eager. "By God, Jonathan… The way you feel…"

Erina lifts her mouth then, licking her lips. The nipple she was working on his wet and swollen, so much pinker than the other that Speedwagon was sucking. All he can do is look at her mouth and imagine that on him-

If he is not killed by them today, then there is nothing that will ever be able to kill Robert Speedwagon.

"I want to taste you both. Please…" Robert begs and he works Jonathan's trousers down, baring all of him. And with that, they are finally all shorn of their clothes and naked as the day they were born. Erina's hair is golden on her head and between her thighs, just as Jonathan's is dark above and below. Speedwagon is bold enough to have them lie side by side, and he sets himself between Jonathan's legs, wrapping a hand around Erina's thigh to stroke her. His other hand rests on Jonathan, parting his cunny and revealing his wet nethers. The smell of him is intoxicating and Robert can wait no more, burying his face between those pink lips.

"Robert!" Jonathan's voice is high and sweet. Speedwagon closes his eyes and loses himself in the sensation of Jonathan - in the salty copper taste and the softness of his cunt. His clit is easily found, his tongue licking over it and then sucking it between his lips. Jonathan has such a large pearl and Speedwagon is quick to see to it, treating Jonathan just as he deserves. His other hand crawls up Erina's thigh, dragging his fingertips along the lips of her own cunny and then pressing in. She is wet as well, and with a little seeking, he finds her clit. Such a small pearl she has, her nub still partly hidden beneath the hood. He rubs his thumb along it, giving her firm strokes that he hopes feel good. Erina's breathing speeds along and he trusts that means she likes it. She's all iron that one, she wouldn't tolerate something that feels terrible. No sir, she would set him straight if she didn't like it!

He'll taste her soon, but for now, he tastes Jonathan. He loses himself in the musk of his dearest friend, savoring the way Jonathan's cunny clenches and shoves against Robert when he sucks, eager to grind his clit against Speedwagon's mouth. Jonathan is loud, and when Speedwagon glances up now and then, he finds that Erina is kissing him, her hands stroking along his body. By god, they're quite a sight. Even if he never touches them again, he'll treasure this moment forever. Speedwagon could service them both and never have either of them set a hand on him, and he would be perfectly content. The rest of his life could be spent like this and it would be worth all the diamonds and pearls in the world.

But Erina is waiting and Speedwagon gives Jonathan one last suck before he raises his head and shifts to the right, settling between Erina's thighs. The hand on Jonathan slides into his cunny, stroking first over his clit, and then sliding lower to rub against Jonathan's entrance. He doesn't push in, but he strokes along it, feeling how it clenches in anticipation. Erina though- oh, she's gotten wet now. Speedwagon runs his tongue over her own entrance, tasting how wet she is. He dips his tongue is a little, just a bit, and feels how she tightens around that intrusion. Speedwagon quickly drags his tongue along her, up to her clit to suck at it. It's begun to emerge from her hood, that beautiful pearl waiting to be polished, and he is all too happy to do so. Each lick increases the strain of her breathing and when he sucks, he hears a beautiful moan drop from between Erina's lips.

Jonathan's hips rock against Speedwagon's fingers, clearly eager to take them in. Speedwagon teases him though, not pushing in when he can just drive Jonathan half-mad. It's Erina's turn to be lavished and Speedwagon is happy to simply bury his face in her silky thighs and tend to her every need. Jonathan kisses her and she kisses him, and below them, Speedwagon does the same, kissing her as she should be.

She grows so wet for him, her cunny tasting ever so lovely. The scent of Erina is indescribable and Robert squeezes her thigh, buying his face deeper into her. His nose nudges against her clit as his tongue presses into her entrance, sliding in further and further until he has most of his tongue sliding in and out of her. How grand she tastes! How easily she opens up for him. She grinds her hips down against him, urging Speedwagon to do more, and he drags his mouth up, pressing his lips over her clit to suck on her. His hand leaves her thigh and his fingers rub over her entrance, dipping in ever so gently and rubbing her. Speedwagon's other hand does the same to Jonathan, opening him up.

Though he's enraptured by the scent and the taste of Erina, he is not blind to how Jonathan's entrance grips at his fingers, trying to pull them in. Is he close? When he looks up, his mouth buried within Erina's pink lips, he sees how Jonathan's chest heaves and how his body tenses. It's a shame to leave Erina, but Jonathan needs him! He replaces his mouth with his fingers and he shifts over again, burying his face once more into Jonathan's cunny. Oh! Oh, he's so wet! He's so wet and eager! His fingers press into Jonathan, just an inch or so, and stroke along the velvet interior of his entrance. Speedwagon's mouth fixes itself to Jonathan's pearl and he is generous with his attention, sucking and licking and even gently - gently! - taking Jonathan's swollen clit between his teeth and pressing down, putting pressure on him on all sides.

"Robert- it's- it feels so good, Robert-" Jonathan's voice sends shivers down Speedwagon's side. He feels how Jonathan clenches around his fingers and nuzzles his nose against the tip of Jonathan's cunny, against those pretty, parted lips. He sucks again on Jonathan's pearl, again and again as he hears Jonathan's voice rise louder and louder, until-

He clamps tight and Speedwagon feels the wetness drip over his fingers, and Jonathan cries out in such a lovely and beautiful way as he comes for him. He comes for Speedwagon and Erina, burying his beautiful face against Erina's chest. Speedwagon withdraws his hand from Erina and from out of Jonathan's entrance, and he simply holds tight to Jonathan's legs as he keeps his mouth against Jonathan's clit and keeps on licking him, keeps pushing him as far as he dares through those powerful aftershocks. Jonathan's thighs tense up and squeeze tight, and yet they don't hurt at all. He could hurt Speedwagon so easily, and yet Jonathan remains under control of his own strength, even as his body quakes from the pleasure he feels.

Jonathan pushes Speedwagon away after some time, his voice desperate and his cunny so slick. "E-enough. Oh, enough. Speedwagon…"

"Look at you." Erina sits up and she comes near, putting her arms around Speedwagon's shoulders. She kisses him, tasting Jonathan on his mouth and his cheeks and chin. He's made a mess of himself, but Erina hardly seems to be concerned. "Look at what you did to Jonathan."

He looks. He sees Jonathan sprawled out on the bed, so lovely and so spent. How handsome he is… And Erina still needs tending to! Speedwagon presses another kiss to her cheek before he slides his hand back between her thighs. "Here, lie back down, I'll help."

"Wait." Jonathan calls to them. He reaches out, his big hands grasping for them. He gets one on Erina's waist and he draws her near, draws her close and encourages her to settles herself on Jonathan's chest. Ah… Oh my. And Jonathan looks to Speedwagon hopefully. "Will you teach me?"

"Of course! Anything for you Jonathan!" Speedwagon quickly slips up to join them, lying down beside Jonathan. Erina is so gorgeous sitting upon Jonathan. Speedwagon looks at them both, and then does his best to help, reaching out to set a hand on Erina's cunny and part her lips. His fingers find her clit and he shows Jonathan. "You see her pearl here? It's a shy one. You'll need to coax it out of the hood with licks and sucks. Now, nothing fancy for starting. You just pick a steady pace and you stick to it. You think of how my mouth felt on you, and you do the same, master Jonathan."

"You'll tell me if you don't like it?" Jonathan asks and Erina is quick to nod. Of course she will! Jonathan doesn't seem hardly worried at all, not as his hands urge her to slide forward. She moves herself off of Jonathan's chest and she settles right on his face. My god, what a sight they make! Speedwagon keeps her cunny open until he's certain Jonathan has found the right place, and then he moves his hand away, letting Jonathan learn Erina's body for himself. Those determined blue eyes focus up on Erina, and he can see how Jonathan starts to lick at her eagerly.

What a daring husband he proves to me. His first time face to face with his beloved's secret places and Jonathan is doing more than most would dare with wives they've known for years. But then, Jonathan is not the kind of man to lie back and neglect those he loves. He is a better man, and Speedwagon is pleased to simply stay near and watch as Jonathan brings pleasure to Erina. The way her voice grows high and sweet as Jonathan licks at her makes it clear that he is a quick study. He mastered hamon in such a short time after all. It makes Speedwagon's prick jump to think of what else Jonathan might master if he turns his attention to it.

Jonathan does not need much instruction, but Speedwagon helps where he can. He sets a hand on Jonathan's head and lets his fingers brush through that dark hair as he whispers small reminders and prompts. Suck, he tells Jonathan, just in time to watch Erina squirm. Slip your tongue down to her entrance and feel how she squeezes. Taste how wet she grows. Put your hands on her thighs and feel how they tense. And Erina! Oh she instructs him as well. "Like that," She tells Jonathan when he licks her just right. "More" when she needs it. And when she is close, one of her hands holds onto the headboard and she tells Jonathan, "Careful, I might rock down on you."

She does, and he watches at her hips hitch forward against Jonathan's mouth. Jonathan is eager and he encourages to do so, his mouth meeting her cunny each time to suck at her in just the right way. He wraps both arms around her waist and backside and when she pulls back, his head pushes forward, finding more places to devour. Oh, he is a wonder to watch, a pure true wonder! Speedwagon is more aroused than he has been in some time and he watches as Jonathan devours Erina bit by bit, until finally she comes for him just like that, her cunny grinding down against his mouth.

Jonathan makes his wife come for the first time, and Speedwagon is glad of it. If anyone deserved that experience, it was him.

Erina's chest heaves like a ship over rough waters and Speedwagon can do nothing but marvel at every inch of her. Her hair spills over her shoulders and her limbs sprawl once the spasms have passed, rendering her soft as melted wax. Jonathan gently helps her down, lying her on the bed where he just lay and holding himself over her. She is so beautiful and so he is, and together, they look as if they should be in some painting of saints. Speedwagon looks at them both, and he feels his heart squeeze in his chest. "What a wonderful sight..."

"She is," Jonathan's voice is warm with love and he down, bringing his mouth to hers. How tender it is to watch them kiss one another, to see Jonathan's arms wrap around Erina and bring her close to his chest! Never were a couple so handsome!

And here kneels Speedwagon, his prick stiff from tasting them both, feeling as though he should quietly excuse himself and find where the water closet is so he can deal with his troubles privately. It feels wrong to expect either of them to lend him a hand in this matter, or to ruin their otherwise tender coupling. Of all the things Speedwagon would use to describe himself between the sheets, gentle is not one of them. Sex has often been quick and rough and dirty, hardly the kind of thing that should be on anyone's honeymoon. He doesn't want to sour this for them, to have his own release be what they remember most vividly when they think of this night.

He attempts to cooly withdraw, shifting away from them as they kiss one another and looking for where his trousers have gone to. But soon as his weight settles a bit further down, causing the bed to rise and dip, Erina and Jonathan both break away from each other to settle their eyes on him. Erina looks wryly amused, whereas Jonathan seems slightly hurt. "Speedwagon, where are you going?"

"Come here." It isn't a request but an order from Erina. She holds a hand out, entreating him to come closer (or, perhaps more accurately, demanding he do so). Against his better judgement, he does as she commands, coming closer to the newlyweds once more. He is certain they will put their hands on him, but they do not. Instead, Erina draws herself up in full. "We have a favour to ask of you Speedwagon. You should hear it before you decide if you'll leave."

"A favour? There's nothing I wouldn't do for you both. Name it, and I'll be glad to do it," Speedwagon promises it to them, request unheard. But what could they ask him to do that he would not gladly do it? They are not cruel or selfish, and while it might be dangerous, he knows it would be nothing that Jonathan himself would not do, and anywhere he goes, Speedwagon will follow.

"You might change your mind when you hear it." Jonathan squeezes Erina's hand, then reaches out to take Speedwagon's own. He doesn't seem to mind that Speedwagon's fingers are sticky from Erina and Jonathan both, the scent of them on his skin. Instead, Jonathan's blue eyes fall on him and pierce him through. "Speedwagon… Robert. Erina and I would like to have a family, with children of our own."

Children… more Joestars. The very thought lifts his heart in his chest, making him feel glad. A family is no less than Jonathan deserves. Though… there is the question of how when they both have cunnies and though Speedwagon has come across many mysteries in his time. Still, he grasps at what he suspects must be the answer. "A wonderful idea, master Joestar- Jonathan! Was that one of the mysteries of hamon that Baron Zeppeli instructed you in?"

"Well..." Jonathan's cheeks pinken ever so slightly and he looks to Erina for strength before he continues. "Baron Zeppeli did teach me many things, but our solution would not require hamon. We only need a little assistance from a dear friend."

A little assistance? Well, Speedwagon would be happy to help with that! Anything they like, he'll do for Jonathan and Erina, and it won't be any trouble at all. Though, he's not sure exactly what they need assistance with. Unless-


Oh. Oh… He hardly dares think it, half-suspecting that it couldn't possibly be what he's thinking. They wouldn't ask him for that, would they? There are far better men to provide that sort of thing, smarter men, kinder and stronger and- and simply better, better in every possible way a man could be. Speedwagon would not be anyone's first choice to help with such a serious task, not even his own first choice. Jonathan and Erina are kind but they wouldn't mistake Speedwagon for a good choice.

And yet, they both look at him with those beautiful blue eyes, piercing him and rooting him to his spot on the bed. Erina said she decided a month ago. They spoke to each other then, they talked about children and who it was they would ask to assist them with this manner, and they decided…

Speedwagon's eyes dart from Jonathan to Erina. His face is hot and red and he can still taste them both on his lips. They wish for him to participate in this, to-

To father a child.

His prick leaps and his face burns. All he has is a thousand reasons why no one should want Speedwagon to assist. But all that comes out when he speaks is something so shy he hardly recognizes his own voice. "Jonathan... Erina... If you are certain-"

"We are." Erina is so beautiful when she's flushed like this, pink all through her breasts and face and down to even her stomach. She brushes a hand along Speedwagon's face, her touch so gentle and deliberate. "It is to be you and no one else."

Speedwagon takes her hand and presses his lips to her knuckles. Oh Erina. Jonathan is truly blessed to count her as his wife. No woman is so worthy of the Joestar name as her. She is everything Jonathan will need - kind and sweet, but beneath it, a firm iron that shall be sure that no one ever treats Jonathan as he has been treated in the past. It lifts his heart knowing that these two have found one another and that they are wed and for all their days, they will strengthen one another. Perhaps one day Speedwagon will find someone who makes him feel as they do...

Or perhaps, what he desires is here in front of him already. Speedwagon ducks his head and he thinks of a lifetime spent with them, a little assistance now and then, and children with stars on their shoulders and beautiful blue eyes. There could be no better life than to be with them, and to see their children grown strong and tall, all of them Joestars, all of them bold as father and resilient as their mother.

"You are so kind. You are both so kind." He feels tears in his eyes. That won't do! That can't do for such a happy time! He lets himself be as bold as Jonathan, as resilient as Erina, and he leans in, kissing first Erina and then Jonathan. They wraps their arms around Speedwagon and bring him back into the bed, the sheets tangling around them.

It is Jonathan who encourages Speedwagon to settle between his thighs first. His dearest friend, now the sweetest of lovers, settles his broad hands on Speedwagon's back. Those blue eyes are so soft and Speedwagon no longer worries if he is worthy. All that matters is making Jonathan happy. Speedwagon knows he's wet enough, but still he frets a little, making sure to rub Jonathan's cunny until it is truly sopping wet. Erina curls against the right side of Jonathan, a hand settled on the back of his neck, and her other hand resting on Speedwagon's back. And she instructs them, her fingers running over their skin. "Gentle, Robert. He's never felt anything like this before."

"Of course! Of course…" His tongue and fingers have already teased Jonathan's entrance and he finds it still open for him. Speedwagon wraps his hand around his prick and presses the head against Jonathan. His heart races in his chest, beating wildly as he starts to slowly press his way into Jonathan's cunny. Jonathan lets out the most exquisite sound as the head pushes in and Speedwagon feels ashamed of his own choking moan as the heat and pressure of Jonathan's entrance squeeze tight around him. He isn't beyond the first inch and already he knows he won't last. "A-ah, Jonathan! Jonathan, please!"

Jonathan's hips tip up and his knees bend, pulling in to clamp around Speedwagon's hips. And though Speedwagon tries his damnedest to take this slow, Jonathan simply puts a hand on Speedwagon's back, right near Erina's own, and gives him a push down. His cock slips in further and they both moan as Robert finds himself half-in. He chokes on his words and though he knows he needs to be gentle, he wants nothing more than to push in and to let himself rut. Speedwagon is no gentleman and he wishes he could throw away any tattered remains of trying, all so he could give in and fuck Jonathan. He is so tight! He is so hot!

But! But! He feels Erina's hand on him, and he resists the urge. Instead, he pulls out some, and when he rocks back in, he is careful not to press himself down to the base. He takes Jonathan bit by bit, his prick sliding in and out and in again, going a sliver deeper each time - but only a sliver. The way Erina's hand strokes along Speedwagon's back makes it clear that she wants that.

Beneath him, Jonathan is handsome. His chest heaves and his eyes remain fixed on Speedwagon. His cunny is so wet and warm, squeezing around Speedwagon's shaft with each thrust in. He's smiling, though it breaks now and then when Speedwagon's thrusts in press a little too deep and he sees the pain start to bloom through it. But each time Speedwagon pulls back, he feels the weight of Jonathan's hand on him, encouraging Speedwagon to sink back to that depth and to stay there.

"It feels so good. I had- I had no idea anything could feel so good." Jonathan's voice rumbles low like thunder, normally the ominous promise of a storm, but here and now, it promises something better than that. It promises that the storm will break - and that it will break around Speedwagon. If he could feel Jonathan come on his prick, then Speedwagon will never want for anything again. Jonathan moans and he finally breaks eye contact with Speedwagon, looking to Erina. "You should feel him. Erina, you should feel him inside of you."

"I will. After you, I shall." Erina kisses him then, and Speedwagon watches them, his heart so light in his chest that he feels like it might float away. His hands tight on Jonathan's hips and he does his best to make it feel even nicer, keeping Jonathan's hips tipped up as he sinks himself in. And with Erina's lips on Jonathan's, Speedwagon's prick slips in and bottoms out. He glances down and sees a sight he knows he'll never forget - all of his cock but the very root of it swallowed up by Jonathan's cunny. What a sight!

Words all to the wayside. He thrusts and ruts at Jonathan, careful still to be gentle at first, but it soon falls away as it becomes clear that this is what Jonathan likes. His nipples are hard and flush and Erina pinches them with her clever fingers, rolling them back and forth between for forefinger and index until Jonathan makes the more decadent noises. Jonathan's cunny squeezes tight around Speedwagon and the sound of it as it is fucked only makes Speedwagon's prick all the harder. Jonathan's breathing comes harsh at first, but before Speedwagon can even mark the change, he feels the crackle of hamon work its way along Jonathan's body.

It is an indescribable sight! The colours, the energy, the feeling of it all! There is only one thing that comes close to it - the northern lights he saw once during his travels. They had filled the dark night sky with a wonderful and eerie show of lights that had danced and moved as if they were alive. The same is here, though the lights dance over Jonathan's body - and Speedwagon and Erina as well. Where they touch him, the energy radiates and flows in and out and Speedwagon knows he will never see anything so lovely again in all his life. Nothing shall ever be like this again.

"Jonathan!" Speedwagon is without words, any words, but this one. Jonathan, Jonathan, oh Jonathan. How grateful he is that his life lead him to this place, to this man. How blessed he is that he kneels between Jonathan's legs and lies with him, knowing him as only Erina will ever know him. His fingers press against Jonathan's pearl, rubbing at that tender and secret part of him. With each touch, he feels Jonathan tighten and sees how his body comes closer and closer to another burst of pleasure. All of his body tenses and Speedwagon watches the colours change, the golden light becoming brighter and brighter, shifting until it seems almost purple and then-

Oh then! Then! Jonathan holds Speedwagon fast and he comes with a cry. All of the light rushes out of him and into Speedwagon, filling him with energy. It fills Erina as well, her hair writhing against her neck and shoulders as if alive. Speedwagon thrusts in, and he comes, he spills his seed deep within Jonathan's cunny, feeling the escacy race through every part of him. It has never felt like this before. It has never felt so good!

And yet, when Jonathan's body is returned to normal and his breathing is out of sorts, Speedwagon is still hard and his body glows. The hamon still resonates through him. He withdraws from Jonathan before he can make him too tender, and he looks at his prick, wet from Jonathan's cunny.

"Here." Erina says. She is glowing still, and her hands push Speedwagon back until he sits. She is gold and glory itself when she settles herself in his lap. No blushing bride is she! No sir, she takes hold of Speedwagon's prick and guides him into herself! She is tight as well, and she goes quicker than he wishes she would, Speedwagon's hands going to her hips to keep her from simply taking Speedwagon all the way in in one swift motion. "Robert-"

"Please, Erina. Let me be as sweet to you as I was to Jonathan." He wants this to be good for her. So he does not let her simply impale herself. He takes her slow, letting her get used to the feeling of him as he sinks in. Erina seems impatient, but it fades as she starts to feel him fully, taking him in. The hamon swims between them, moving from her to him and back again. She is wet and though Jonathan and Speedwagon both coaxed her into coming for them, she is still so tight.

Jonathan rises from behind them. He is spent, but he still brings himself to them, wrapping himself around Erina. His hands slide over her body, squeezing her breasts and then running across her belly, and down, down to her thighs. Jonathan presses kisses to her throat and her shoulders, brushing her hair to the side. The hamon kindles at his touch and flows into him again, and all of them are glowing so beautiful and bright as Speedwagon finally allows Erina to sink fully down, taking his prick into her. She is quieter than Jonathan was, but she still makes such pleasant sounds, little sighs and moans that she half-swallows.

Speedwagon's hands squeeze her hips and he instructs her on how best to move, coaxing her to rock her hips back and forth until she finds what feels nice. And one she does, Erina no longer needs any instructions, her body knowing exactly what it craves. She rides him, grinding herself upon Speedwagon's cock with ease. Jonathan watches with his head tucked on Erina's shoulders, his hands stroking over her flesh.

"You two look so lovely together." He is chatty now that he's come, and his hands also move off of Erina, running over Speedwagon's body as well. Jonathan touches them both, his fingers sending little flurries of colour through the field of hamon that surrounds all three of them. "Is this how it felt for you to watch us together, Speedwagon?"

"Yes," He chokes out his answer. Oh by God, she is so tight around him! Erina squeezes and Speedwagon can do nothing but hold himself still for her as she sets the pace. Such a quick study is she! There's no one half as clever as Erina is when it comes to learning. Speedwagon can feel a second orgasm building within himself - a second one within minutes of a first! Will the miracles that hamon bring never end? - and his fingers go to Erina's pearl. It is full emerged from its hood now and when he pinches it, she squeals in such a lovely way. Her face goes red and Jonathan laughs to hear her.

"Lovely, lovely, lovely." Jonathan murmurs as he kisses Erina's neck. His hands go to her breasts, squeezing and stroking them. Speedwagon loves how they look, Erina's face so pink with pleasure, and Jonathan's blissful expression as he's found his own satisfaction. His fingers keep working on her, rubbing her in time with her hitching hips. Her rocking becomes out of sorts as she gets close and she scrabbles to find just the right rhythm. The lights grow bright again and Speedwagon forces himself up into a sitting position. His cock sinks in deeper and though it strains him to sit up, it means he can kiss Erina. It means he can kiss Jonathan as well, and his mouth moves between them, languishing such tender affection on them both. Never could he have imagined he could be so happy! Never-

Erina comes then, squeezing tight and bursting with energy. Speedwagon groans as her cunny clamps around him, and he shifts them. Jonathan needs no instruction, easily helping hold Erina up so Speedwagon can thrust into her. He fucks her through her orgasm and he feels his own building, his balls tightening as he grows closer and closer with each thrust. Speedwagon has seeded Jonathan and now he means to do the same to her. It should feel wicked, but he feels only hope in his chest - hope that he will succeed and grant them the family they wish. A lifetime of Joestars, a family line stretching on forever, and he- he will do anything for them.

Anything at all, just to see them happy. Erina's eyes are closed and her throat is exposed to him. Jonathan's eyes are half-lid, as if it was him who just came again. "Robert." He says softly, his voice so gentle.

Speedwagon thrusts in and comes for a second time, crying out as the pleasure rocks him again. It feels different than before, good though, still so good. He buries his face against Erina's shoulder and spills himself within her, just as he did within Jonathan. The hamon flows out of him and he's left feeling utterly spent.

It takes some careful movements to slide out of Erina, and then for all three of them to make their way to the bed without accidentally elbowing one another, though Jonathan does end up leaning his weight on Speedwagon's long hair, pulling on it enough to hurt. "Sorry! Oh sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"Of course you didn't! It's fine, it was an accident." Speedwagon does his best to assure him, though soon as Jonathan is settled, he gives up on any attempt at keeping separate and apart from Jonathan and Erina. He collapses against Jonathan's left side and just lies there, feeling as Jonathan wraps his arm around Speedwagon. Across from him, Erina pulls the now crumpled sheets and bedding up over them before she curls herself into Jonathan's right side. It is warm beneath the blankets and all three of them are quiet for some time, doing nothing but enjoying each other's company.

This was not how Speedwagon had thought things would go when he woke this morning and dressed for the Joestars' wedding. And unlike before where he felt the need to retreat, he does not want to withdraw. He wishes to stay here for as long as they will have him.

He wants to be part of their life. Oh, he was afraid there was no room for him this morning, but he was wrong! He was very wrong. There's plenty of space in this bed. And if not this bed, then room in their lives for him, a place for him to take tea with them and to retire to bed now and then, once they were ready for another child to join their family. He could be Uncle Speedwagon, and just the thought of that thrills him. Joestar children to spoil and tell tall tales. Joestar children to fill Erina and Jonathan's lives with joy.

"Robert?" Erina calls his name. He's gone and started crying at some point. Speedwagon wipes at his eyes, looking embarrassed and struggling for some excuse. But he needs none. Erina takes his hand and kisses his knuckles, just as he had kissed hers earlier. "Stay with us today."

"Of course." He would be grateful to spend the day here beside them. Jonathan's arm tightens around him, squeezing Robert firmly. "Anything you'd like. You tell me, and I'll be there."

Jonathan smiles, such a beautiful expression on such a noble face. "And come see us as soon as we return from the honeymoon, so we can… we can try again."

"We'll be trying as many times as it takes for one of us to quicken." Erina is more straightforward in this business, but there are still high spots in her cheeks that burn. All of them are redfaced, but Speedwagon is quick to nod.

"Yes, of course. Of course. As many times as you need-" He says and chokes on his own words as they hit him. He buries his face against Jonathan and is rewarded with a laugh from Jonathan and a big hand stroking over his hair. As many time as they need him.

"We'll need you again today. But… before that." And Jonathan slowly sits up, drawing Speedwagon to sit up with him. "There's still cake downstairs, and I can't stop thinking about it. I'm getting a slice for myself. Can I fetch something for you two?"

"Tea, please." Erina pulls the blankets up around her, staying nestled in warm and snug even as Jonathan slips out of bed.

"Ah… tea is fine. Do you need a hand?" He asks, and when Jonathan shakes his head no, Speedwagon makes his choice and decides to stay in bed. He slides near Erina and she opens the blankets to welcome him inside. Her naked flesh presses against his and he wraps an arm around her waist, the pair of them settling against one another. It should not be so comfortable to hold Jonathan's wife like this, but nothing about this should be as it is. And… he is glad it is different. He is so glad.

Jonathan dons his dressing gown and slippers, pausing to look back at Speedwagon and Erina. The smile that breaks over his face is like that sunrise they saw the night that Dio finally died. It warms Speedwagon and brings another tear to his eye, one of happiness that he could be so blessed. "Keep things warm until I'm back."

Speedwagon nods and gives Erina a gentle squeeze. Jonathan leaves and through the otherwise quiet house, Speedwagon can easily track Jonathan's progress by the way the floors and stairs creak underfoot. "He'll never sneak up on you, that's for certain."

"He was always loud, even when he was much smaller. It's just how Jonathan is." Erina smiles fondly and Speedwagon can't help but look at her. He thinks that maybe, maybe he can love her as much as he loves Jonathan. And maybe, in a good world, in a perfect world, she and Jonathan will feel the same about him as he does about them.

Wouldn't that be something? Wouldn't that be grand?