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Simply Opening Up

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She'll just leave if I truly open up. Just like mom. It's better if I keep everything locked tightly inside. So she won't leave.

Caroline silently stares at Max whom is stirring the bowel of cupcake mix. Why is she still so afraid to allow me in? Haven't I already proven that I never plan on leaving her behind? That I will fight even death to remain with her?

God, if I ever get a hold of Max's mother. Then even Hell will be shocked at the Hell I'll bring down upon her soul.

Feeling eyes on her Max looks up. "Get some sleep Caroline. At least one of us should get more then three hours of Nyquil sleep."

"No Max. I'm not going to sleep while you slave away all night for our cupcake business." Caroline stubbornly shook her head.

Sighing deeply "You can't bake Caroline." Max begins pouring the mix into the cupcake pan. "Your part in the business is to drum up the business, and managing the books. You need more then three hours of drugged sleep to do this successful." She turned around, and bent to place the two trays inside the purple oven.

Caroline stood to her feet. Walking over to the kitchen counter. "I may not know how to bake. But; I do know how to clean." She stared into Max's stubborn eyes. Please open up for me Max. Please let me in.

"I don't need or want your help." Max hissed out. "Sleep in my room tonight."

Caroline fought back the tears from showing. She walked towards Max's room. "What else do I need to do to prove to you that I would never willing abandon you?" She asked quietly.

Max tore her eyes away from Caroline and began the cleanup.