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Beijing, the Cup of China. The international TV stations broadcast this key event from the early season. Yesterday was the Short Programme, today the Free Skate, and all eyes are on Katsuki Yuuri, and whether he can match his magical performance...

Commentator 1: And that was a tremendous performance from Yuuri Katsuki. After a disappointing end to his season last year when his Grand Prix Final breakthrough turned into a flop, he's come roaring back this year with an outstanding programme and I think it's clear that a large part of what looks like it could be a wonderful season for Katsuki this year is owed to the man waiting for him now, his new coach Victor - Did you just see that?

Commentator 2: I just saw that. Did he trip?

Commentator 1: I don't think he tripped.

Commentator 2: They're lying on the ice. Nikiforov looks like he's going to - and he has. Well, I really don't know what to say about this. The crowd is going wild, wouldn't you say, Megan?

Commentator 1: Yes, John. The crowd is certainly fired up after that outstanding performance and that display of - support and enthusiasm from Nikiforov for his athlete's effort. And here are the judges' scores coming, a well-deserved second place! There's some room for improvement on the jumps, but that unexpected quad flip was a very exciting moment. If Katsuki can bring that off in Rostelecom he's going to be a very strong contender for the podium in the final.

Commentator 2: I certainly agree with you there, Megan. And now, a short break.

[The adverts play.]

Extensive sounds of snorting laughter

Commentator 1: Holy fuck, did you see that? I mean, they did, didn't they? I'm not high?

Commentator 2: Only if - only if I - They really did! It's the Power of Love... Oh my God, Victor! I guess he really didn't want that Russian broadcasting career.

Commentator 1: Or the ISU board seat.

Commentator 2: Come on, they can't possibly be surprised.

Commentator 1: They like their plausible deniability.

Commentator 2: Because nothing says plausible deniability like a flower crown and fucking Christophe Giacommetti.

Commentator 1: No-one counts Giacommetti, he's like the Johnny Depp exception. Besides, Victor's always been discreet whenever he's been seeing someone. He knows you've got to look available to your fans.

Commentator 2: He sure doesn't look available now, I swear he slipped him some tongue that second time. I guess that solves the mystery of Katsuki's improvement, he just needed to get laid - Shit, three seconds, where's my - Welcome back to the Cup of China, where Yuuri Katsuki has pulled off the skate of a lifetime, and it looks like he might have pulled his coach, too. The second group will skate in a moment, but first let's look at a replay of Katsuki's programme, followed by that moment when Victor Nikiforov's millions of fans saw a new side to their idol.