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John slowly pushes a silky digit onto the bop it button. There was a great big flash, everything just changed, his molocules got all rearranged. After the shota pushed that masochisitc toy, there was a boom. The BOp IT! It MagIcaLLY TrANsPORTaTED aLL tHE cHARACTeRS InvOLVED in PePSACOLI BacK to THeIR hOMES becaYSE tHe AUthor lOSt cONTROL oF thE sTORY WOW BOP ITS SO GREAT!

im so fucking tired like holy shit

John sat up, it was another exiting day at school! he was vefy excite. afeter he got fujuckled by bro striper, he waddled home. Dave went to his respective home as well, and jake flew away with dirk inot yaoi land. Apparenly jake british went to your school too! JbuT just hid in the air vents because dragon.

You slipo n your knee stocking thisngs and tingle, the fabrics s osfot on your shaved skin. You wait at your bus stop, and oh shit it starts rianigng. 

waiting for hte bus in the rain in the rian watinig for hte bus in the rain * blares in the distance you rap in place

you ge on the bus, but sit near the fronT becuase youre a bIG NERD, jane is also on htis bus, she throws a pie at you, you cry.

Yu step into the school building and walk into the class. Gamzooe is on the cieling again and you shudder in your thighs once more. Old habbits die hard.

"Hey man" DVav speaks to you/

You whip your head around so fast it almost ocmes off.


"dipping the heels bir:

you look down at said heels, they are black with blue bows on them they match your maid.

dave stands up from his desk. then kKNEEs down, his tounge shoots fourth form his mouth and slowly licls the fonrt of your heel, "You gasp, for the sensual contact went through to your dick."

dAVW laps at your shoes more, you grip the desk tightly unable to stand on your own. Hes rEALLYl DPOIg THiS HERE?!? oh GDO H GO

Equios lifts a neckarm and shoots oyu a thumbs up form the back of the room, your boner increases 10 inches because you really iwhs you had some neckarms.

Just as youre about to reach your peak, Knakri kicks open the door. He screams in a whistle around his neck.


You dont undeatsnd aNything at the moment because youre mute!

Dave freezezs his motions, yo u were SO clOSE! you hcould almost taste it

"I am very ##triggled by your actiosn, mr. stroodle strider."

Dave backflips to kankrrU

"do you wanna fight you soggy tator tot."

"Actually." Knakri then animorphs into a tatored tot. Gamzee eats him.

When gamtav fails, gamkri sails on.

Class HAS EBEgUN! as the teachers teadhin or whatever the fuck teachrers do i idont fukcgn nkwo, dave gives you a blowjob from your desk, both of your bottoms are still firmly planted on your own seats, but your boner stretched over your head to daves creamy mouth. 

Vriskers snickers in the seat under you, and you blush!

"its ok lro, i got you covrerd" Dave sucking intensiifies and oh god youRE sHoTA

"vriskat sneaks one of her ahnds under her deks and begins furiuoiously jacking off . " 88888888 oh yes ho gs o8888 eay ieighti ehiheit aitae ate tae 88 888 "

aranna glares at her older sister from her currnet position on the blackboard, cant she keEP it down shes trying to leaNr the KnoWLaGE oF sCHOOL!

the bell blings.

"SO john, how ar eyou and dave doing?' ferris wheel asks

"w-w--w-hat do you mean, doing?{ You blush, hopefuly she doesnt suspect anyhting!

"As a homosexual couple, silly!" the wheel tilits her head bashfully


Dva then slides in to your rescue, "its okay fefrio, hes mute."

She nods, she understands your disabibility.

You knees turn red at the blush.

In the distance eridan swims in the schoool fountain, and ardia watches the sight hungrly, her horns extending from arousal. Her horns keep winding outwards, gamzee screams. The point his poked him in the eye.

"fUcK not MotHErFUkciNG aGaIN aRe PYU FUkcINg FIrST tAv Now THis bUlLs hIT!!" He wears a second eyepatch now, temportality blind. Solllux slitehrs up to him, "you 2rying to theal my style punk?" he asks with also double eyepathc

"pPllEASE bRO I dNnt WAnt AnY trOubLe :o("

Sollxu packs him a peanbut butter and jelly sandwish

gamzee cries from the memories of his lost lover

John nibbles on his lettuce silently, blushing at the touch of the leafy greens on his lips. He cries out, the vegatble becoming too much. Korkot wathces from afar, hes gotten better at riding the ferris wheel.