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Late Night Snacks

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"Mom is that cheesecake?" Ava asks incredulously and yes it's 2 am in the morning but Cindi felt a bit of comfort food was needed. 

"Yeah want some?" Cindi asks and thanks of the many times Dad has said the same thing to her. 

"Sure." Ava says still looking wary but walking into the kitchen. "So," she says after she's gotten settled "what's with the cheesecake?" and Cindi realizes Ava has never really seen her eat comfort food. 

"It's a tradition." Cindi tells her "your grandfather's aunts use to eat cheesecake for comfort which passed on to your grandfather and then to me and your Aunt Maria and Uncle Brad." 

"Really." Ava says "You've never told me that." 

"I don't think I've told you enough about your grandfather." Cindi says and realizes it's true. 

"You haven't really told me anything about him or Grandpa Clint ." Ava says before guilt flashes and she hastly backtracts "I didn't mean it like-" 

"You did but it's all right." Cindi tells her "Ask away."

"What was he like?" 

"He was caring and loved his family more than anything-"


"Hey Dad hi Papa." Cindi says holding a umbrella over her head holding a bouget of flowers. "You know I haven't visited in a while it was too painful but I just wanted to tell you I love you." Cindi reaching down and touches the gravestone smiling a bit sadly. "I've got to go now." and says "I love you." one last time and walks toward the hovercar.