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The course of the next week was a strenuous one. Media had blown up about Zen and Jumin, and after a falling out with Glam Choi because of the chairman’s blatant refusal to marry off his son her hidden agenda was found out. Her and Sarah were being sued for fraud, and Echo Girl was now dealing with the media blowback for lying about an illicit relationship with Zen.

As for Zen and Jumin, media had been surprisingly supportive of them. On Jumin’s side it hadn’t really affected his work at all, and there were even people who were partnered with his company who were happy he was seeing someone finally.

Zen, on the other hand… had a surprising blowup from his recently found out relationship.

“Holy crap they’re writing fanfics.” Zen mused, flushing deeply as he saw the flood of them on his fanpage. “I thought I would lose popularity after I started dating but… It looks like my popularity has skyrocketed instead…” Zen said quietly as he sat amongst his RFA members in Seven’s bunker.

Jaehee flushed as she looked at photoshopped pictures of the couple in… compromising positions. “I do feel a few of the rumors are exaggerated, but…” Jaehee fidgeted shyly, “It’s… nice to see so many people being supportive.”

“ ‘Perhaps Zen and Jumin have wild crazy sex every night…’ “ Yoosung flushed pink as he got off the site, “Jeez… I-I mean some of these posts… these fans have quite the imagination…”

V chuckled, “Yre you shy, Yoosung? Well even if they have imaginations at least they’re supportive.”

Zen chuckled, “Besides… once upon a time it’s not like they were wrong…”

Jumin choked on his wine, before clearing his throat, “Yes well… we’re taking it slow this time… D-Dating first and all that.” Jumin murmured out.

“Yes.” Jaehee said with a smile, “Speaking of which… I do believe the car is ready for you two.”

Jumin nodded, bidding farewell to the rest of the RFA before walking out with Zen.

The two of them had been talking, going to little places here and there with the rest of the RFA in order to slowly get back into the groove of being in each other's company in a less intimate setting. Two months of coffee shop dates, movies, sleepovers at Seven’s and vacation trips with them all together.

Today, however; it was all about them.

Zen and Jumin had a two stage date planned, Jumin would take Zen out on a date his way, and Zen would then take him on a date spot of his choice after. It was meant to solidify their relationship officially.

This would’ve been perfect if the two weren’t nervous as hell. Which is why the start of Jumin’s date was less than smooth.

The two of them sat at the fancy restaurant awkwardly. It was uncomfortable. This was the first time they had been in an intimate setting since Zen had been forced out of Jumin’s penthouse.

The waiter came and asked for their orders, and Jumin hummed. “I do believe I’ll have your seared salmon salad, as a starting dish, For my lovely partner here, I think Fois Gras would be perfect-”

“” Zen interrupted.

Jumin raised a brow, “No?”

“Zen pouted, staring to the side awkwardly.” Not a fan of weird food like that… ah- no offense waiter.” He said with a nervous laugh as they skimmed the menu. “M… ah- they have Beyti here?” Zen’s face lit up.

The waiter nodded, “Yes, our lamb is quite tender. It is different from the street food of the same name, but if you enjoy what is commonly known as Beyti then I am sure you will enjoy it.”

Zen nodded happily. “Yes, I’ll have that.”

Jumin raised a brow, “You’d order commoner food at a gourmet restaurant?”

Zen pouted. “It’s what I want to eat. You said I could have whatever I wanted.”

Jumin let out a sigh, “I did say that yes. Very well, can I also have a bottle of your finest champagne-”

“Beer for me.” Zen interrupted. “Nothing goes better with lamb than beer~”

Jumin brought his hand to his temple, rubbing it, “ of your finest champagne then.”

The waiter looked between them nervously, before scribbling down their orders and hurrying off.

Jumin let out a small groan as he sipped his water. “You’re insufferable.”

Zen crossed his arms and glanced to the side, “Yeah well you’re a controlling jerk. I wanna eat what I wanna eat okay?”

Jumin gazed at Zen for a moment, taking in his pouting lips and the shy flush on his face. He flicked up to Zen’s eyes, which were shining bright with defiance.

Everything about him was so...Zen.

Jumin let out a chuckle, leaning back in his chair, “A controlling jerk hm? ...Yes, I suppose I am.” he said with a warm smile.

Zen turned to look at him, and after a moment returned the smile, “Yeah…” He chuckled, “Though I guess I can be pretty pushy with you sometimes.”

“All the time.” Jumin corrected.

“Always.” Zen agreed, “That’s just who I am. I’m the perfect man after all. You can’t fix perfection~” he said with a toothy grin.

Jumin’s smile widened, and he brought a hand out, placing it over Zen’s gently. “Perfection.” He breathed out. “Yes… you’re perfect just how you are.”

Zen flushed at that, entwining their fingers as he sent Jumin a shy look, “You’re… not so bad yourself, Jumin.”

When the nervous waiter came back with their food, he was surprised to find the two men who were bristling at each other earlier were now eyeing each other warmly while holding hands over the table. He cleared his throat and let out a relieved sigh, “Your food, sirs.”

So they ate, mostly in silence but occasionally stealing shy glances at each other.

Zen felt like a teenager with his first love, all heartbeats and shy stares.

Jumin too, felt his heart going aflutter. It was different from when they had become close before. Strange and new feelings that made him happy all the same.

When they were done with their meal and got up to leave, Zen hesitantly reached out and took Jumin’s hand, looking up at him shyly, “Th-this is okay yeah?”

Jumin smiled warmly, entwining their fingers, “of course…” he responded.

Zen smiled, and the two of them walked hand and hand outside to the parking lot.

“My driver is still out… I’ll call us a car then-”

“No cars.” Zen said quickly, walking over to a motorcycle parked on the side of the road. “It’s time for my half of the date, and we’re taking my baby today.”

Jumin raised a brow, “By baby i assume you mean this motorbike?”

Zen smiled warmly as he hopped up onto his bike. “C’mon.” He said with a chuckle. “It’s time for me to do something for you.”

Jumin stared at the bike like it was going to bite him, frowning a bit. “Didn’t you tell me you stopped biking regularly because you got into an accident?”

Zen scoffed. “Shut up and get on the damn bike Jumin. Or are you scared?”

Jumin frowned. “I don’t understand why contemplating my chances of surviving on your death machine means I have to be ridiculed…” Despite his quips, Jumin got on the bike behind Zen, putting on the helmet given to him and wrapping his arms around his waist.

Zen chuckled, “Alright babe, hold on~” He said with a small howl, before darting off onto the road.

The two of them darted off into the night

Jumin smiled as he closed his eyes, enjoying the wind whipping around him and the warmth of Zen’s body as he let the sound of the roaring engine and the view of city lights take him.

After a few moments, the two stopped at a music theater in a middle class district. Jumin raised a brow, “I don’t think they’ll be selling tickets for any shows… they’ve probably already started.” Jumin commented.

“That’s fine, c’mon.” Zen said quiety as he climbed up the side of the building, “I made little footholds so its easy to climb.” He said with a chuckle, before slipping inside an open window.

Jumin’s eyes shot open, “Are we breaking in?! We can’t do that!” Jumin hissed out. “Zen!” he called out. When there was no answer, he clicked his tongue, before climbing up the dilapidated side of the building.

When Jumin got inside, his breath his throat.

They were in a small alcove, high over the audience and with a perfect view of the play below. Zen was sitting in a bean bag next to a low rise table, which had some wine chilling in some ice.

“I’d light a candle, but just because we’re high enough not to be heard doesn’t mean we need to be seen.” Zen said with a chuckle.

“What if someone walks up here?” Jumin said with a small sigh as he walked over and sat on the bean-bag chair next to Zen.

“Relax, I’ve done jobs at this theater.” Zen said quietly as he poured himself a glass of wine. “When it was in development the architect gave the wrong building design and the builders made a mistake and sealed this alcove off. The owner of the building didn’t feel like getting it fixed so the only way in is through that window. And only me and a few of the directors know about it.”

Jumin raised a brow, “So… We’re alone up here? To watch the show?’

Zen nodded, “Just you and me tonight. Figured since you did dinner, I could give a show.’

Jumin watched the actors on the stage, their microphones allowing them to be heard even from the high alcove. ‘I have to say… you did good for once.”

“I always do good, Trust-Fund Jerk.” Zen shot back.

“Sure you do, Egotistical child.”

“Crazy cat mom.”


“Corporate dick.”

“I’ll take that last one as a compliment, as both my corporation and my dick are quite large.”

Zen laughed, and Jumin followed, their laughter echoing throughout the small space.

“Hey…” Zen murmured out, leaning against Jumin’s shoulder, “I love this part. Watch.” He said with a smile.

Jumin wrapped an arm around Zen, watching as his red eyes glimmered in excitement as the two actors danced, the intricacy of their moves reflected on his eyes.

“I’m watching…” Jumin responded.

What he saw was beautiful.

When the act ended, Zen smiled and wrapped his arms around Jumin, “Thanks for coming up here with me. I know it’s not some fancy pants restaurant or a resort or anything but… I wanted to share this spot with you.” He said with a smile.

Jumin stared at Zen with a warm smile, “no… I had fun tonight, really I did.” He returned the hug as he leaned back. “I got to experience an atmosphere I’ve never experienced in all my years of living, and it was fun… and I got to experience it with you at the happiest i’ve seen you. For me that’s all I could’ve ever wanted.”

Zen flushed pink at that, shifting his weight more on Jumin and straddling his hips.

“Jumin…” He breathed out slightly, “You said… heh…” He shifted slightly, “You’ve liked me for a long time... “ He said with a smile, stroking Jumin’s cheek fondly “How long… have you had feelings for me?” he said quietly.

Jumin searched Zen’s eyes, getting lost in them. “I found you interesting from the moment I met you. From the moment I chased you up those mountains after you ran.” He said with a laugh, growing quiet as he returned Zen’s gaze. “I found you captivating since I invited you to your first RFA party, having to convince you over and over to come…” he admitted easily. “And… I’ve loved you since I saw you shine in your white suit and the brilliant way you draw everyone to you… blinding everyone with your brilliance just as you blinded me, and doing so without money or power or fame… but by just being who you are..” he said quietly.

Zen’s heart began to race. He leaned close to Jumin and nuzzled his cheek. “Love at first sight… heh… part of me wants to call you a liar with the shitty way I treated you all these years.”

Jumin shook his head, “I told you, it’s alright that you treated me that way… because those feelings were real… even if you never wanted to be near me I wanted to give you everything you were willing to accept… Just as thanks for showing me a truly beautiful human being… One that I could trust completely.”

Zen’s eyes hooded, and he leaned forward, “God why couldn’t I see how good you were Jumin… Why did it take me years to see it.” He breathed out.

Then they were kissing, Zen pressing their lips together needily. They made out under the warm light filtering in from the stage with the soft music playing around them. The kiss was perfect and full of love and affection and between two people who meant the world to each other.

Just like their first kiss should’ve been.

“Zen…” Jumin breathed out, his heartbeat quickening as the platinum blonde rocked his hips. “We’re in a public place… Doing such things here would be-”

“Indecent I know, you fucking wet blanket.” Zen said with a smirk. “But no one knows about this little area but me… and no one can see us in the dark baby…” He purred out, tossing off his shirt.

“Still… it’s innapropriate-”

“Right now I want to fucking ride you Jumin.” Zen said quietly, his voice dripping with want that made Jumin’s cock jump in his pants. “Don’t tell me daddy didn’t miss me…”

This was the Zen he loved.

The Zen who did what he wanted, said what he wanted, and wouldn’t do anything he didn’t want to do.The Zen who was full of pride, who loved himself too much and got the world to love him just the way he was.

Jumin wanted to give Zen things that he genuinely wanted, take him places that would make him genuinely happy. He wanted to give and give and give, and take whatever Zen wanted to give him back in return, and nothing more.

That’s the man he wanted to be for Zen since they met.

“I missed you… of course I did lover.” Jumin said with a warm smile. “If this is what you truly want then… I’ll let you take the reigns.”

Zen smirked playfully as he stripped Jumin down and shrugged his jacket and shirt off in one swift motion.

“Y’know…” Zen murmured against Jumin’s cheek before kissing it, “I’ve been excited to be with you like this for a while…” He kissed down Jumin’s neck as he undid the older man’s belt and pulled his half hard shaft out of his pants. “I’m grateful we’ve been taking things slow… really it means so much but… I want to give myself to you again.” Zen pumped him to hardness, “I’m… ashamed that I gave you a lie before…” Zen leaned back slightly before stripping himself down completely, “Now… I want you to have the real me.”

Jumin flushed, “Zen…” Jumin stroked Zen’s cheek, “I’d say the same to you… but there’s really no point in it is there?” Jumin said with a warm smile, “You’ve had me for so long… I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t yours.”

Zen chuckled and settled atop him, kissing Jumin’s forehead. “Then it’s time for me to return the sentiment.” He said as he positioned himself over Jumin’s shaft.

Jumin’s eyes shot open, “Z-Zen wait I haven’t prepped you or gotten any lubricant or-”

Suddenly, a very warm, very wet heat surrounded him, and Jumin had to bite back a groan.

Zen flushed warmly as he settled on Jumin’s shaft, “Why do you think I was in the bathroom as long as I was before we left? It was a bit of an uncomfortable ride… buuut.” he leaned forward, “I wanted to be ready for you.”

Jumin felt dizzy.

Zen had stretched himself and properly lubricated himself beforehand.

“My god you’re gonna be the death of my Hyun.” Jumin murmured out as he gazed at Zen with dazed eyes.

Zen’s eyes glimmered playfully in the dim light. “Then we’ll die together.” He said quietly, rolling his hips and pushing himself down onto the girth stretching him out.

Jumin brought a hand up, caressing Zen’s hip with one hand and entwining their fingers. “Together this time… dying and being reborn in this moment...”

Then Jumin was rocking up, matching Zen’s thrusts. There was nothing rough or hard about it this time, no dominance being shown, no forcing to submit. Just a sharing of feelings and pleasure.


Zen panted as they fell into a rhythm, rolling his hips more as Jumin pushed deep into him. He tossed his head back as he rode the man below him, mouth going slack with a soft moan as their bodies writhed together.

Jumin watched Zen move, and his heart warmed. There wasn’t much that could move Jumin Han, but he had never felt more at absolute peace than now. In this moment, with their bodies becoming one, Jumin swore he felt an awe that no higher faith could give him.

Making love to Zen was like glimpsing God.

Zen’s moans escalated as the tip of Jumin’s cock found that wonderful spot inside him, and he brought a hand up to Jumin’s shoulder, gripping it as he arched his back beautifully. “There, Jumin… right there…” He murmured out sweetly.

Jumin smiled warmly, pulling Zen down toward him. “Anything for you, Hyun… my one… my only…” Jumin whispered against his ear. He felt Zen shuddering around him, and he bit his bottom lip as his shaft was squeezed tightly by his lover’s wonderful walls.

“You...ah-” Zen held Jumin tightly, “love… you…” Zen was mouthing words against the crook of Jumin’s neck.

Jumin listened to his lover’s soft moans penetrating his ear, his soul shaking with each broken and jumbled word. He rolled his hips slow as he kissed Zen’s cheek, “I love you too, Hyun… always.” He replied gently.

Zen teared up, holding him tight. “I love you.” Zen said stronger, “I love you Jumin.” Zen felt like his heart was blooming and bursting forth with saturated feelings of warmth he’d never known. “I love you so much I don’t even think the word love can explain how much I love you.” He panted out.

Jumin slowed down, rolling his hips lazily. He slid his hands down Zen’s hips, spreading his cheeks apart as he pushed himself in deeper with each thrust, “When you’re sure of your career… when you’re at your peak and are ready… come live with me?” Jumin asked quietly.

Zen panted as he began rocking down onto Jumin again. “Mhm… Of course…”

Jumin picked up the pace again, pressing kisses to Zen’s chin and neck, “And when you’re so big of a star that everyone knows you’re beauty and has fallen in love with you, and you think you’ve done all you want to on your own… Let me get you on international shows… would you let me do that for you and travel with you around the world?” Jumin asked.

“Mmm… mhmm…” Zen nodded as he pressed his face against the side of Jumin’s neck.

Jumin took this cue to roll them over, resting Zen back against the little bean bag chair. He stilled his hips then, feeling Zen’s legs tighten around him.

“And…” Jumin gazed into Zen’s eyes, getting lost in them “However long it takes, years… decades… however long… When you’re done seeing the world… when you’ve had your fill of the lights and the stage and are ready for a change of pace…” Jumin reached down, his hands easily finding what he had kept on him for months, bringing the pink diamond ring up in-between them, “Marry me?” Jumin whispered.

Zen’s eyes widened as he stared at the ring, looking up at Jumin in shock.

That shock quickly blossomed into a warm smile, and he pulled Jumin down into a hug.

“Yes…” He sobbed out. “Yes…. Yes of course…” Zen kissed over Jumin’s face. “Even when I’m retired… even when I wanna slow down and get tired of living life in the fast lane… I never want us to stop… Never…. Promise we won’t ever stop?” Zen asked sweetly as he pressed their foreheads together.

Zen’s words, said with such conviction destroyed Jumin’s heart and it was reborn in that moment.

“Always.” Jumin said quietly, before brushing their lips together in a soft kiss, before their bodies started naturally moving together once more. “Nothing will ever stop me from loving you, Hyun.”

Their words slow, their bodies and hearts already too high on their sensual dance to keep up conversation. Zen’s fingers trail down Jumin’s back lovingly, and Jumin pushes further into Zen’s body as if trying to actually merge with him.

Zen begins to tense, being brought higher and higher until there’s nowhere to go but down, his release hitting him hard as his body went taut and a moan was ripped from his lips. Jumin thrusts a few more times in that tight hugging heat before finding his release with him, pressing as close as he can into Zen before spilling hard and deep inside the man he loves.

Zen moans softly from the feeling, clinging to Jumin and pulling him into a few breathy kisses.

The two lay with eachother, coming down from their small high and not caring for the time passing around them.

Zen was going to take the world by storm, and he would do it with Jumin.

When he tired of it, when all was said and done and even when he turned old and gray and didn’t have the passion or energy he once had, he knew his feelings for the other man would never change.

They would have each other, now and forever more.