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Heart of Steel Turned Gold

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Vanilla Cupcakes.
That's what Mer's lips tasted like. I didn't know that. She had to tell me later when I asked her why she tasted so addictive. A cake with a similar flavor to fancy lads snack cakes. Only those cakes weren't made in a factory by machines. They were made usually by people in their homes for a special occasion like a birthday.
She told me all about pre war life. She went into great depth talking about sports. Football and basketball, she was particularly fond of. How instead of playing it, a lot of people watched other people play it while eating junk food. The way her eyes lit up was heart warming.
But instead of looking into her warm hazel eyes, I was looking into the stone cold brown eyes of Proctor Teagan.
"Elder Maxson sir, we should really..."
"Proctor I've made my orders clear. Recruit who you can. We need at least 4 scouts out in the Commonwealth searching for steel. Have them bring at least 100kg. Proctor Ingram won't be able to do the proper repairs without..."
A pair of hazel eyes and brown braids peeked at me from behind the door of my quarters.
"...them. Knight Storm, I'll be with you in a moment."
She nodded and went to stand in the hall. I looked at Teagan again.
"I expect you to file this report to Proctor Quinlan as soon as you find the soldiers willing to go."
"Yes sir, Elder. Ad Victorium."
"Ad Victorium."
Teagan power walked out of my quarters. Esmeralda peeked out at me again.
"Please enter Knight. Close the door."
She did as she was told silently and slowing not realizing I walked up behind her while her back was to me. The moment she turned around I stooped down to kiss her. She smiled against my lips and wrapped her arms around me but I pulled away.
"Are you supposed to be out of bed?"
"Cade let me go as long as I didn't sneak off on a mission. He said he'd tell all the proctors not to give me any work either."
"Good. So you'll stay on the Prydwen and keep me company?"
"Well you do own me a dinner date."
I pressed my forehead against hers.
"Tonight then?"
"Don't you need to work? I don't want to be a distraction to you and get all the proctors mad at me."
"They don't know about us, they won't blame you."
"Yeah, I picked up on that. I like that. Makes what we have that much more special."
Thank God she felt that way. I wasn't sure if she'd be angry that I wanted to maintain our privacy.
"You're perfect. And if I work extra hard, I'll be able to finish my work. It's relatively the same as usual. See you tonight, say, 9:00?"
"Sounds good, now get to work."
She tried pulling away.
"Ah ah ah."
I puffed out my lips at her. She gave me that smug-ass smile and placed her lips on mine. I still got the butterflies in my stomach like when she gave me the first time we kissed. She had me hooked. I tried giving her a little tongue when she pulled away giggling.
"No, dammit! Get to work. You can try that later, now hurry up!"
She skipped, skipped, out of my quarters.

The work was long and monotonous. It took every ounce of effort to focus on the paperwork instead of getting excited about the date tonight. My eyes were tired and as I finished the last of my files, I stared at the clock.
I punched my fist into air in victory.
Then it hit me like a freight train.
I had 13 minutes to get everything ready before she got here.
Well, shit.
I ran to brush my teeth. That's all I had time to do before I heard a knock.
It was 8:50 and she was early.
All I could do what straighten myself out before opening the door.

Her hair was down. I realized I've never actually seen it down. Imagined it down, sure, but it was much prettier than I thought it'd be.
She was wearing her signature blue vault suit instead of the orange suit I'd grown accustomed to. It seemed tighter than the orange uniform. If anything, this suit hugged all the right places on her body in a way the orange jumpsuit didn't. 
Why haven't I let her use this before?
She had a backpack too, but not the usual backpack she carried around. This one was more box-y.
"Hey you."
"Hello, please come in."
She strolled in and raised an eyebrow at me.
"So what was your plan for getting us dinner?"
"Well, I was just going to get a squire to bring it up to us."
"So you want to keep our relationship private, but you were gonna ask a kid to bring up 2 plates of food up to the Elder and a knight, without raising suspicions because...?"
Damn. I did not think this through.
"This is why I came prepared honey."
She placed the box on the table, opening it. The best smell I've ever experienced wafted out of the box.
"I hope you like Brahmin and tato stew with tarberry crumble pie for dessert."
"I think I will."
I pulled her into a grateful kiss, again, attempting to get my tongue in her mouth. She accepted this time, playing and twirling around with her own tongue.
God every kiss like this makes me weak at the knees.
Dinner was fantastic. We talked about the usual. Her life. My life. Her past. My past. What we wanted to accomplish. That one I laughed at. When I asked she said very matter-of-factly "I wanna kick the synthetic ass behind my son's kidnapping."
I don't know why I decided to touch a sensitive topic.
"Do you miss your husband?"
She went quiet.
Dammit Arthur, fan-fucking-tastic idea, you idiot.
"I-I'm sorry, That was s-stupid..."
"No. No it's ok. Yes, to answer your question. I do miss him."
She looked down at her food playing with it with a fork. I took her hand in mine.
"I suppose I miss him, but looking back, I... he... I don't think he ever loved me."
"Esmeralda, when you... lose someone... it's easy to doubt..."
"No that's just it. I was, how do I put this, only living as a part of myself."
She furrowed her brow looking for the right words.
"I mean I never really was myself around Nate, I was just using a part of my personality, but never being myself fully. I blame my self confidence. He was a handsome, kind soldier. I didn't think anyone like that would give me the time of day so when we got together, I was determined not to lose him."
How could a woman this extraordinary have such a low self esteem? She was so much fun, professional when she needed to be, and so understanding it was baffling.
"I used to be a people pleaser. Changing my personality to fit the likes of people around me. Nate was no exception."
My heart was hurting. I didn't want to ask but I did anyway.
"What about me? Are you really like this or are you just trying to please me?"
"No. I stopped doing that when I came out of the vault. Figured I might as well be myself since the chances of me dying are greater out here than before the war."
I relaxed a little knowing she wasn't putting on a persona for me.
She chuckled, mumbling
"Hey, but whenever you want me to please you, name the time and place baby."
That one went straight to my dick.

"I'm gonna take you up on that offer, just so you know" I informed her.
She looked up with wide eyes and red cheeks, obviously not meaning to say that out loud.
"I... uh, I, um. Christ, it's hot in here."
We finished up dinner around 10:10.
"You mind if I use your bathroom to freshen up?"
"Yeah, go ahead."
She walked over and I went to the table by my bed. I shuffled around for a mirror checking for anything stuck in my teeth.
She walked out with fresh lipgloss and she looked absolutely perfect.
Now or never.

"Now. Here."
I swallowed hard.
"You said to name the time and place. Now and here."
She didn't move. Just stood there flushed red like a tato and breathing funny.
She slowing walked up to me, placing a kiss on my lips. We meshed them together and it got hot and heavy quick. She took her time though. Putting my hands on her waist and putting my tongue in her mouth was the closest I've ever gotten to being intimate. She found my zipper, and unclasped my buckles. Before I knew it, I was left in my boxers, breathing shakily, flushed... everywhere, and breaking out in a cold sweat.
She pushed me down on my bed, kneeling in front of me.
"How many girls have done this to you? I wanna know what kind of competition I'm up against."
"I... I'm uh... I'm afraid, you're, the uh... only... girl."
She looked up at me with wide eyes.
"Are you a virgin Arthur?"
My head was on fire. I tried turning away from her but she held me in place gently.
"Y-yes. Yes I'm..."
I half expected her to walk out, hell, I expected her to slap me across the face before I expected her to say,
"Dear God, Arthur, that's hot."


" find that, attractive?"
"Men in the commonwealth don't really have any self respect. I don't really believe in casual sex. You? You've actually saved yourself instead of getting rid of your virginity like it was some kind of chore."
I don't understand what I did to deserve this woman at all, but here she was, on her knees in front of me, tugging at the waistband of my boxers.
I lifted my hips so she could tug away at them. Her eyes widened when she saw my cock. She stroked it lightly, smiling up at me. I responded with a shaky breath. She took the tip into her mouth and swirled around it with her tongue. Nnggh. The feeling was incredible. She took my member into her hot mouth in one swift motion. I choked at the sensation. This was so much better than masturbation. Her tongue worked miracles. Every movement seemed to get me off more and more. She took me deeply into her throats till her nose was hitting my pubes. "F-fuck, Mer." She moaned in response, the sound sending pleasant vibration up my shaft. She took me out of her mouth, still pumping me with her hand, while she gave my balls attention. My mind immediately flashed back to the shower I had before going to talk to her over 2 weeks ago. Her fingers were so much more delicate with me than I imagined she'd be. I'd never be able to masturbate the same way again. She retuned her mouth to my cock. I let out a throaty groan. "Mer. Yes. Oooh, Mer." I've never been so hard. She bobbed her head up and down my shaft. The sight alone was enough to send me off. I was thrusting into her mouth involuntarily when I let myself go with a hoarse moan.
She swallowed.
She wiped her lips and rubbed her jaw.
"You're much thicker than I thought you'd be, and believe me, I thought you were going to be very thick."
I looked down disappointedly at my limp penis. It didn't last long because she started undressing, so I shot my eyes up to her. She unzipped her vault suit, letting it fall rather quickly. Just having Esmeralda here in nothing but her bra and panties was a dream come true. She smiled at me shyly. I got up on my weak knees to hold her close. She said she was still insecure, and I wanted to help her get through that. I unclipped her bra gently and tugged at the straps on her shoulders. I gasped at the freckled beauties so pink and perk with the suddenly cold air hitting them. I didn't even know what I was doing. It was instinct by now. I took one of her nipples into my mouth, experimenting what kind of pressure she liked on them, and what kind of tongue movement could get her to arch against me even more. I switched over to the next breast when I thought I had given the first enough attention. She ran her fingers into my hair and held them there. "Mmh, Arthur. P-please." I looked up from her breast mischievously. "Please what Mer? Tell me what you need me to do." She was flushed, eyes starting to glaze over, curly hair starting to get messier. "E-mmh... eat me out A-augh, Arthur." I didn't need to be told twice. I picked her up quick and laid her on my bed. That milk chocolatey hair sprawled over my pillow just how I thought it'd look. I forced her knees apart and rubbed my thumb over her clit. "Nnaugh." So that was a good move. I took my finger and dragged it down her slick fold. She was so fucking wet. I wondered what it tasted like. I put the finger to my mouth as she watched me. It tasted good, salty but sweet. Something uniquely... Esmeralda. I dipped my head down to take her clit into my mouth and swirl my tongue around it. "Fucking hell." I loved how responsive she was. Every little moan made me rock hard again. I licked the juices she was covered in. The taste grew on me, and I really was enjoying every arch of her back and little moan she would make. I didn't bother putting my fingers in her, I wanted my manhood in her. I got up and aligned myself up with her, one hand down at her clit, and the other one grabbing her breast. I looked for her approval and I got a nod. I pushed myself in her slowly. My head was spinning. I've been fantasizing about this women for who knows how long and now, now I was making sweet love to her. I nearly fainted when I bottomed out. She was crazily tight, slick, and hot. I let her get used to me before she wrapped her legs around me waist and pushed her ankles into my lower back. I took it as a hint and started a slow thrust into her. My breath was ragged and she was moaning. I thrust faster into her and her moans got louder. It was such sweet, erotic music to my ears. "Harder. P-p-please. Fast-er." I was pounding her with every bit of force I had in me. I rubbed her clit vigorously and was sucking on her breast while I held my weight off of her with my free hand.
If this is heaven, I can die happy knowing this is what's in store.
Her moans were echoing off my walls. Thank God I had them soundproofed. The noises she made were for me and me only. I don't know why I did this but I tilted her chin up to me. Her eyes were screwed shut. "Look a-at me... fuck... Mer." She opened her eyes. They were dilated, half lidded, and full of lust. "I-I wanna... see you... cum for me." She kept her eyes locked on me while her orgasm rolled through her like lighting. She screamed my name in her ecstasy. It was most erotic and beautiful thing I've ever seen. An image I wanted engraved in my memory forever. I chased my own release, pulling out and cumming somewhere off to the side. I held her closely in my arms and nuzzled my head into her neck.
"Are you sure you're a virgin?"
I chuckled weakly, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure."
"Well dim damn dimmity damn."
She wrapped her arms around my waist the way I was doing to her.
"That was perfect."
"No" I corrected, "you're perfect."
"So are you."
She started to drift off and allowed myself to kiss her on the head. I closed my eyes.
"I hope to God you believe in love-at-first-sight."

"I do"
I nearly jumped. I didn't think she was still awake. I smiled and got back to cuddling her because we were both happy, helpless, sappy, romantics.

And that's just fine with me.