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Heart of Steel Turned Gold

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Arthur: Ok I now understand my issue. It's been an issue for me since I was a kid. I was a romantic. I always hoped to find the perfect girl for me, not interested in my name or my position in the Brotherhood, but... well, someone who just, loved me for who I was. I wanted to wake up every morning to feather kisses from my wife all over my face. I wanted someone I could wrap my arms around when we were sleeping. Someone who's kiss me before every meeting. I wanted someone who'd kiss my forehead and hold me whenever I felt stressed out or sad. I wanted someone I could call mine, and someone who claimed me as theirs.

I slumped into my chair and threw my head back at the ceiling.

"God, Arthur, you are one pathetic, romantic bastard, aren't you?" I mumbled.

"Ahem, Elder?"

Damn. Didn't even check to see if my door was closed before I started muttering to myself like an idiot.

Way to go Arthur. Way. To. Go.

The voice belonged to Kells. I whipped around in my chair to face him. 

"Yes, Lancer? What's the problem?"

There was always a problem.

"Our energy levels are running at a 67% capacity, Elder. I spoke with Proctor Ingram and it seems that a few more fusion cores would greatly benefit us."

"Very well, can we send a few scouts out to retrieve as many fusion cores as possible."

"I suggest we send Paladin Danse and Knight Storm. Those two are quite the power couple."

My body went rigid. Couple? They were a couple? I mean... I suppose they were closer in age. Besides... what would a 26 year old want with me? I mean I barely made it out of my teen years alive. And that wasn't an exaggeration. 

"Y-yes Kells"

Dammit don't stutter, you idiot.

"Ahem, yes, I agree, sending those two would be beneficial."

"I'll send the two of them up to you once I assign them the task."

"Very well Kells, dismissed. Ad Victorium."

"Ad Victorium Elder"

Great. Now she was going to come to see me and I had to... no, I couldn't look at her. No. What was I so afraid of? I just had to look at her. I wasn't asking her to take my virginity. Well, yet. Just... look at her. It'll be fine. Right?

"Elder?" I turned around.

I was wrong. So, totally, completely wrong.

Her eyes were gorgeous. Hazel. Dark honey near the iris and forest green on the outside. I found my mind wandering everywhere at once. 

I wonder what her eyes would look like in the morning light of my quarters. 

She looked a little downcast but the moment she realized I was facing her, her face melted into a smile.

Oh Lord, sweet baby Jesus, have mercy on my soul.

I gritted my teeth. Her smile was contagious.

My eyes wandered down to her lips. I wondered how they would feel on my own. How they would trail kisses down my jaw and neck to my chest. How would they look around wrapped around the head of my-

"Hello Elder Maxson" she was still smiling.

I snapped back to reality. Did she see my staring at her mouth. Hell, as long as she kept her eyes on my face and not on the product of my fantasies between my legs. 

"Kells has filled you in on your assignment, correct?"

She didn't answer for a moment. 

Holy Shit.

Now she was staring at my lips. 

I let her stare. Why the hell wouldn't I? I wanted her to like me. Definitely. I took the opportunity to let my eyes wander to her neck and collar bone. I wanted to kiss and nibble at it. Maybe leave a few love marks. Nothing too rough though. Before I went to the point of no return, I snapped by eyes back up to hers. I swallowed hard.


Wait a minute, what were we even talking about?

Her eyes blinked up at me. They widened and her face flushed at the cheeks. She looked so adorable.

Yep, cause that's gonna help with my growing erection. Look at little more attractive, will you? 

"I... uh, y-yes... Sir?"

I hoped to God I didn't say that out loud.

No, I didn't. She felt bad cause I caught her staring at me.

I didn't blame her because I had no idea what we were just talking about either. Should I just let her sit here awkwardly or should I spare her?


"Is there something you've got your mind on Knight?"

Her face flushed even more. What a cutie.

"I...uh. No? Yeah, no. No... Sir. I didn't... I wasn't. I've just gotta.... a lot on my mind... sir. Elder." Her eyes went to the floor.

"Very well, Knight, dismissed."

Was I even supposed to dismiss her yet? 

Doesn't matter. 

She left quickly, hitting her shoulder on the doorway because she turned right too quickly. I let out a soft chuckle.

She liked me.

Thank God, she liked me.