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Running towards you

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I’m laying down on someone’s lap. I look up and see Ayumi. “You look extra beautiful today” I say my thoughts out loud, and she smiles bashfully. She messes with hair a little “the weather is beautiful today, right? I’m glad we decided on this picnic. Saeran looks like he’s having fun too!” she points with her finger towards something.

I sit up and see a huge meadow laid out in front of me, glittering with vibrant green under the clear sky. My eyes follow Ayumi’s finger to find Saeran’s figure from far away, playing catch with what looks to be cute puppy. I smile at the sight before me.

“Hyung, Noona! We’re here!”

We both look behind to see all of our RFA members here. Yoosung is running towards us excitedly, the lunch basket in his hand swaying with his every movement. After Yoosung comes Zen, his smile is so wide his mouth can tear. “Hey Yoosung! Slow down buddy you might trip and fall”

Next comes Jaehee. I give a little laugh when I see her. She looks so much better after she quit. Who knew she can look so bright after looking so robotic like that. Jumin Hyung closely follows behind. He’s wearing, to my surprise, a summer blue shirt with some beige shorts. It fits him better than suits, I think to myself.

“Waah, I’m so jealous! I can’t wait to get married!” Zen smirks as I fully sit up from Ayumi’s lap and give them a little wave. Ayumi giggles bashfully and says “oh lovely Zen! I thought my heart would be devoted to your musicals forever but a certain red head stole it away” she says dramatically as she got up to help Yoosung who was struggling with the picnic blank. “Looks like my jokes won over your charms, Zen Hyung~” I tease Zen Hyung who gives a fake pout in defeat

I turn to Jumin who just got here. “Hyung~ you took off your skin” I pick on my new victim. Jumin Hyung completely ignores me with a scoff as he starts helping Ayumi and Yoosung, but I don’t miss the little smile on his lips.

 “But where is V Hyung?” I realize that he’s missing. “He’s at the bottom of the hill. He said he really liked the scenery so he stopped to take a few picture and told us to go ahead first.” Jaehee is the first to answer. “You look better and better every time I see you, Saeyoung. I’m glad” she continuous with a warm smile. I rub the back of my head embarrassingly “well what can I say. My wife is good at take care of people” I look at her lovingly while she’s now too busy opening the basket and getting out the food.  

Saeran is finally back with the little puppy tagging along while happily wagging its tail. “Oh, everyone is here” he murmurs quietly as a rare smile forms on his lips. “Welcome back Saeran! Do you want a sandwich?” Ayumi offers happily.

I watch as the entire scene in front of my eyes. Who would’ve thought that my life would turn out so perfectly? It feels like a dream.

 A dream? Is this a dream?

The whole scenery slowly starts growing dimmer, the laughter grows further. I reach out my hand to try and catch whatever’s left from my picture perfect dream, but it doesn’t work. I’m left with a feeling of emptiness.

Where am I? What happened to me? Last thing I remember, I was rescuing Saeran and Ayumi from Mint Eye. Than……..than? Than what happened? Jumin Hyung security guards came to help us. We were running out, and there was a gunshot. I pushed Ayumi away and………. Ah…I got shot. Does that mean I’m dead? Am I going to be in this darkness forever?

“NO!” I scream and clutch my head. I’m now shacking vigorously as I hysterically sob and pull my hair. “NO! PLEASE! NO! SOMEONE! SOMEONE SAVE ME! PLEASE!” I fall to my knees as I continue sobbing uncontrollably.

“I’m waiting for you. Please come back to me. I miss you so much Saeyoung. Please give me a second chance and I swear this time I’ll even be more persistent!” I hear the sad plea of a female voice coming from afar and I lift my head. I get to my feet and start running.

“I love you so much. Please come back. Saeran is waiting for you too. He’s all better and clean from the drugs. He knows now that he’s been tricked but he still needs you Saeyoung!” the voice continuous and I run even faster now.

I know this voice. It’s Ayumi’s voice. She says Saeran is okay. Thank god! But she sounds so sad! I don’t want to give her anymore pain. I’ve already done enough. I can’t do this to her after I pushed her away, not when I loved her so so much.

And Saeran. She says he’s getting better, but I need to tell him. I need to tell him how I love him. How sorry I am to him. I never meant to abandon him. How can I abandon my own twin?! I only wanted to make a better life for him. But it’s still my fault that I trusted someone else with him. I am going to make it up for him! Start taking care of him and pampering him! Giving him all the love he needs!


It has been a little over 3 months now since that incident. Ayumi has recovered physically from that incident, but nightmares still haunted her dreams every night. After the nagging from her older brother, she started seeing a psychiatrist, but she felt like that didn’t really help. She knew what was going to help. She sat by the hospital bed, in front of her lover’s sleeping frame. His hair shined in red as ever, but he looked paler and paler by the day. He looked so peaceful, that she started thinking at some point maybe it was better for him to just sleep forever, he never looked so much in peace like that when he was awake. Always worried. Always putting on a mask. Always depressed. Always lathering in self-loath.

All the doctors in the hospital were starting to lose faith that he’s going to wake up. One even went as far as suggesting non-voluntary euthanasia. All RFA members were furious with the suggestion. Saeran almost chocked the doctor who suggested this, and Jumin even threatened the doctor that he’s going to get fired.

Speaking of Saeran. He was now better thanks to the efforts of all the RFA members. Even though his brother wasn’t there, Saeran was trying his hardest to suppress the anger and doubt lurking inside of him. He has listen to V’s side of the story, and decided to believe him. He says he wants to listen to Saeyoung’s side of the story before making any decisions, but everyone in the RFA knew that internally he has forgiven his dear older brother.

Ayumi moved her hand to cover Saeyoung’s hand. She notes to herself how much his hand got skinnier through the days, and tears start falling like little pearls down her pale cheeks. She closes her eyes.

“I’m waiting for you. Please come back to me. I miss you so much Saeyoung. Please give me a second chance and I swear this time I’ll even be more persistent!” she continuous between sobs, tears now flow freely “I love you so much. Please come back. Saeran is waiting for you too! He’s all better and clean from the drugs. He knows now that he’s been tricked but he still needs you Saeyoung!”

She feels the small movement in between her hands, and she snaps her eyes open. She sees Saeyoung’s eyelashes flutter before he opens his eyes. “God! Oh my god! Thank you! Oh my god thank you so much!” she says while clutching his hand so tightly, tears of happiness replace the sad tears. Saeyoung looks at her, a little confused. He tries to speak but something is blocking his voice. She lets go of his hand “I’m going to call the nurse!” she presses the button on top of the hospital bed. “Everyone is going to be so excited oh my god!” she squeals in happiness as she grabs her cell phone to log into the chatroom.


When I first open my eyes, I’m greeted by the bright light and disinfectant smell of the hospital. I hear someone faintly talking, and I move my eyes. Ayumi is saying something but I can’t hear her. I can see a little hazy, and I realize I’m missing my glasses. However, I can tell. She’s crying. I try to open my mouth to ask if she was okay, but I recognized that something is stuck down my throat so I can’t really speak. I realize she was holding my hand after she lets go of it, and I immediately miss the warmth. She does something on above me, than fishes for her phone in her pocket. I can hear her a little better now. “Hello? JiHyun Oppa, he’s awake!” please bring Saeran and hurry! I’ll tell everyone on the chatroom!” she finishes as a nurse open the door and walks in

The next few hours are a blur. Nurses and doctors coming in and out. I was carried into another room and few tests were conducted. When I return to my room, I’m a little hazy but I feel more stable than when I first woke up. As the nurses carry me to my bed, the door opens and a doctor comes in, followed by V Hyung, Jumin Hyung, Saeran, and then Ayumi.

The doctor starts speaking “you should still be under the effect of the medications, so you might feel a little unclear, but you’ll be fine. All your tests are coming out positively. The brain damage that happened because of blood lose is slowly getting better too. It’ll take a few weeks but you’ll be better soon” he gives a little bow and turns to leave the room.

Ayumi immediately runs to my side and holds my hand again. “How are you feeling? Can you speak?” she peers at me, worried that I’ve been rather quite. I open my mouth and try to speak, and this time words actually come out “thank god. You look better” I smile weakly, my voice low and raspy. Ayumi’s cheeks blush slightly.

“How dull. You’ve been in a coma for 3 months and this is the first thing you speak?” Jumin Hyung speaks with an annoyed huff, coming closer to stand next to Ayumi. He stretches his hand and rests it on top of my head. The contradiction between his words and his action confuses me, so I look up at him with a questioning look. He gives me a small rare smile in response and says “welcome back, Saeyoung”

I feel someone place a hand on my knee and I look to find V Hyung’s hand “we were worried about. Ayumi practically lived here, and everyone else took shifts to stay with both of you” V Hyung says while patting knee. I move my eyes to look at Saeran, how stood behind V Hyung, trying to make himself as small as possible.

“Saeran, are you ok? Are you hurt anywhere? How are you feeling now?” I ask Saeran, half worried that he would lash out on me and call me a liar again. Instead, he lifts his head, his cheeks shaded in light pink “stupid Hyung, worry about yourself first! I’m…….fine” he finished off weakly while his voice weavers a little, almost letting his tears escape. I chuckle at how cute he is.

The door suddenly flies open, and Zen Hyung, Yoosung, and Jaehee walk in. “HYUNG! YOU’RE AWAKE” Yoosung screams while unconsciously pushing Ayumi away to clutch into my shirt and start sobbing. “Glad to see your as lively as ever, my naive Yoosung~” I tease, and he clutches to me harder.

“Glad to see you’re back on track, Saeyoung. I hate to admit it but it was empty without you” Jaehee gives me a warm smile and I smile back. “Hey hey! Get off of him your gross!” Zen pushes Yoosung’s head than looks at me. “Hey buddy don’t scare us like that! I swear I would take you teasing me any day but never do that again huh?!” Zen Hyung says with a sigh that reminded me of his chat emoji. I giggle at the thought as Zen Hyung tries to pry Yoosung off me again.



“Crap I’m late again!” I hear someone mutter loudly and I open my eyes. I move to sit in bed and watch Ayumi as she runs around the room like a mad man, gathering all her stuff and throwing it into her bag as puts on her shirt. The sight was always amusing to me to be honest.

“Oops sorry baby I woke you up! Can you help me? I can’t find my lab coat” she searches through the dresser’s drawer. “Didn’t you just leave it at the hospital’s locker and forget there again” I say as I get up from the bed and yawn.

“Oh my god you’re right! I married a genius! Thank you honey!” she moves closer and gives me a small peck on my cheek “have a good day at the store” she says will running out of the room. I hear her put on her shoes than open the door and close it.

As I walk out of the room, scratching my back and thinking what I should eat for breakfast, I hear Saeran walk out of his own room. His hair is a mess and he starts yawning “is she late again?”

“Yup!” I answer as I flop on the couch in the living room. “I don’t understand, how can someone so clumsy like that be a doctor?!” Saeran says as he walks into the kitchen. “Beats me” I shrug my shoulders as I smile to myself.

It’s been about 6 months before we got married. We’re still slowly getting used to it. Saeran doesn’t seem to mind it. The incident in Mint Eye happened about 3 years ago, and it’s now long forgotten.  We’re happy. Off course, life isn’t pink and dandy all the time, but we manage to get through. We’re in love after all. When I look back, Ayumi was running towards me. I kept pushing her away, but she never gave up, she just kept running and running. I was a coward, but she was brave. She saved me. She saved my family. She was my everything. When we first started dating, I told her “it’s now my turn, my turn to start running towards you”