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Running towards you

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“Seven Hyung! Over here!” I heard a voice call from the swarms of people in front of me once I stepped my foot inside the party hall. It was by all means grand, Rika Noona has really outdone herself especially that this was our first RFA party ever.

Finally, I start seeing the person who was calling for me, it was Yoosung our youngest member. His soft violet eyes twinkled, showing how excited he was.

“There are so many people here! I never expected Rika Noona to invite so many guests, especially that it’s our first party!”. “You’re right, we’ve got to celebrate her success properly in the after party”

 I say with a huge grin covering my face. It was hard describing how I felt at that moment, a mixture of pride and happiness filled my long-dead heart. “When was the last time I felt so proud of something, so happy if I dare say?”  I thought to myself as I vaguely followed Yoosung as he was blabbering about how embarrassing it was for him to buy his outfit since his mom insisted she tagged along.

I could finally see white hair and black hair standing in the middle of a huge crowd of women of all ages. “God, as popular as ever these two.” I whispered to myself. Jumin Hyung looks so bored, his eyes looking around for probably assistant Kang, I thought to myself, while Zen Hyung looked like he’s just enjoying the attention and flirting around. The contrast of their expressions was hilarious to me for some reason

Yoosung starts waving his hand again, doing his best to tiptoe to that he can be noticed. “Zen Hyung! Jumin Hyung! Seven Hyung is here!” Both eyes dart towards us as they start making their way immediately through the crowd. “Seven, you are one of the hosts you know, it’s not appropriate to be late.” Jumin Hyung said in his usual stiff, overbearing I might say, tone. “Well, I had to make sure my baby was well fed, forgive me Hyung~” I say cheerfully, and as usual he just decides to ignore me.


“I don’t see V Hyung or Rika Noona anywhere though, where are they?” “Rika ssi is busy going around and helping guests, making sure everyone is comfortable until the auction starts” the almost robotic voice comes from behind.

I turn around, with my signature grin, and welcome Jahee ssi “AH! Our capable robot is here!” She shoots me a death stare but doesn’t bother replying, to which I slightly whimper “whoa scary!” I tease a bit more.

“Oh! I remember where V Hyung is! I remember he said he has a special guest coming that he wanted us all to meet” Zen Hyung said after a little bit of thinking. “How did I not hear about this?” Jumin Hyung said, with a questioning look on his face. “Why would you hear about it, trust fund, huh? You’re not the organizer or anything” Zen Hyung said with an obvious scowl ruining his handsome face. Here we go again. “Hyung! Please don’t fight, this is a happy occasion. Though I am curious as to whom V Hyung will be bringing” Yoosung exclaims.

“Oh! I finally found you all!” we finally hear V Hyung’s voice, sounding extremely pleased. As if on cue, we all turn to face him to find him escorting a young woman with him. My breath was caught inside my chest. She looked young, probably 20 or so, but she was just…….gorgeous. How can someone look so perfect! She wasn’t the sexy kind of beautiful, even though she had perfect curves and all, but more like innocent. Yes that’s it! She just looked so precious, I kept thinking that I shouldn’t be even talking to her, after all I was dirty. Her innocent, happy face was complimented with beautiful sleek brown hair with blue, almost unnoticeable, streaks.

On my right, I could feel Zen Hyung’s breath speeding up as well, probably recognizing the beauty in front of him as well. Yoosung, on my left, obviously tensed up, had a little red tint to his cheeks. Next to Yoosung was Jumin Hyung, who was……HOLY SHIT! JUMIN HYUNG IS SMILING!

“I’d like you all to meet Ayumi” V Hyung said when he was finally close enough. Ayumi bowed a little, and started speaking with the most dazzling smile a girl can have “Nice to meet you all, my name is Ayumi”. God, her voice was…..perfect.

“It’s nice to see that the little crybaby is all grown up now” Jumin Hyung says as his smile broadens. “It’s nice to see you too, Jumin Oppa” Ayumi says with a little pout that almost has me squealing because of how cute it was. We all shoot Ayumi and Jumin Hyung confused glances as V Hyung explains “Ayumi is my little sister, we do have different mothers though”


“That explains the blue streaks in her hair.” I thought to myself. “My name is Zen, 24, a musical actor” Zen Hyung doesn’t waste any time and starts stretching his hand for a handshake. “Single by the way, I am sure you were wondering” he adds with a wink. She giggles at his flirt “I’ll keep that in mind” she winks back. Damn I thought my heart is going to stop.

“I am Kim Yoosung, I am 21, I am still in university though, I study veterinary medicine” Yoosung says while blushing deeply, his face can easily match my hair. “Ohh, we’re almost the same age, I am 22, and I study medicine too! Human medicine though” She adds with a smile. She must be so smart, how can someone be so perfect. “I go to Harvard in the states, what about you” she asks Yoosung, but before he can answer I interfere “Then we’re the same age then! I am Luciel, you can also call me 707, defender of justice 707, God 707……” “I think I’ll stick with 707” she interrupts as an amused smile forms on her pink lips. “What’s your occupation, Mr 707?” she continues. “Oh, that’s –drum roll please- A SECRET~” I say while flashing my signature 707 smile. She starts giggling and it’s the most beautiful music to my ears, oh god this is bad.  

“Of course you know Jumin, and this is his assistant Kang Jaehee.” V Hyung says as he grabs the shy Jaehee by the wrist to bring her forward. “It’s nice to meet you Ayumi ssi” she say in almost perfect robotic way I actually feel kind of shocked to see how stiff she is. “Heol!” Ayumi exclaims in a low voice. “Don’t be rude, Ayumi” V Hyung says in soft but correcting tone “hurry up and apologize” he really makes a great older brother. “I’m so sorry unnie, it’s very nice to meet you, can I call you unnie?” Ayumi adds with an innocent smile, but I knew she was low key trying to tease her without getting scolded again. Can she get any more perfect?  Jaehee blushed a deep shade of pink and murmured a little “I don’t mind”, not that it would’ve made a difference, and I chuckled to myself.

“Now that introductions are out of the way, should we get going, the auction will begin any minute, and I’m sure Rika is looking for you V” Jumin Hyung said as he offered his arm to Ayumi. She let go of V Hyung’s arm and clung to Jumin Hyung’s almost immediately, allowing V Hyung to lead the way. For some reason, this caused a slight pang in my chest, but I chose to ignore it.