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"I'm really not that good," Cas told his friends while handing them copies of the story he'd written. Dean, Sam, Kevin, and Charlie sat around the kitchen to read the thing Cas had been working on all week. Dean was personally jealous; this fic was taking up all his boyfriend's time.

"Don't worry, Cas. I'm sure it's great," said the ever-encouraging moose named Sam.

Cas smiled at Sam, the smile that made Dean fall in love with this adorable angel in the first place. Dean suddenly wanted to be supportive, too. "Even if it isn't, we won't tease you for it," he tried, smiling. Cas made a face. "Sorry, I don't know how to help people," Dean sighed.

Cas had told them this was a total Stucky porno when his friends agreed to proofread it for him. Charlie was on board from the moment she heard the words "Stucky" and "Gay." After all, she was always willing to help out a friend.

Kevin was a little less enthusiastic, but no one could really resist Castiel's puppy-dog eyes for long. They were heart melting.

So the four friends all sat down to read. That's when it got weird.

"What's wrong?" Cas asked when the fidgeting started. "Am I really that bad?"

Charlie looked at Kevin like, Is this guy for real? and Dean and Sam shared an awkward glance, not quite meeting each-other's eyes. At last, Charlie spoke up.

"Personally, I'm impressed," she smirked. "Kevin's embarrassed, Dean's horny, and I'm pretty sure Sam's questioning his sexuality."

"I am NOT!" Sam shouted, his voice way too high.

After a few snorts from Sam's disbelieving friends, they quickly congratulated Cas on his honestly amazing writing, gave him a tip or two, and dispersed until Cas was left alone with Dean. "So? what did you think?" Cas asked his boyfriend.

"I think it was pretty good. I liked Bucky's excuse to get Steve in the shower with him. They really might've run out of hot water." Cas snorted a bit. "But I did think the part with the handcuffs was inaccurate."

Cas smirked. "Do you want to show me how it's done?"

"Yes, actually." Dean advanced on his boyfriend. "And I will."

And he did.