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Ending the (Prank) War

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One Year Later…


Standing on the stage at graduation wouldn’t have made Lexa quite so nervous. After all, she’d been on stage in front of ten times the people at Yiron Swega. This was different though. This was… life changing.

She was graduating. Her friends were graduating. This was the last step before adulthood for most of them.

Letting her eyes wander over the crowd, she finally spotted the collective-Woods-Griffin family in the audience. Indra and Gustus were doting on their grandchildren, as usual. Lexa wasn’t sure the twins had spent more than a few hours on the grounder since their birth. Only Octavia’s insistence on tummy time, followed by a glare and a mumbled threat, could persuade the normally stoic Woods clan to lower the children to the floor. Speaking of Octavia, Lexa’s eyes fell on Lincoln. Her brother had taken to being married and fatherhood amazingly well. At the moment though, he was nodding off next to his father. Abby as playing with the camera she’d bought just for the ceremony. Tris was in front of her, giggling as she responded to something Abby said. Anya was… not in her seat.

Brows furrowed, Lexa surveyed the crowd again. Without much effort, her eyes found Clarke and their friends. It was the sight right next to her girlfriend that had Lexa rolling her eyes. How had Anya managed to sneak into the sea of students? And why was Anya sitting in Raven’s chair with her girlfriend in her lap?

As if she sensed Lexa’s eyes on her, Anya turned her head to the stage and winked. The smug look told Lexa exactly what her older sister was thinking.

“I wish I could sit with Clarke,” Lexa muttered to herself, pouting a little.

Just then, Clarke turned and made her way toward the stage. She climbed the stairs and sank down next to Lexa.

“What are you doing?” Lexa asked.

“Anya said you were pouting so I thought I’d come and save you,” Clarke reached across the inches separating their chairs and laced their fingers. “Besides, I’m the VP remember? I have to sit up here with you.”

Lexa blushed at the reminder. Of course. She knew Clarke was supposed to be sitting next to her. They’d flirted and teased all through their rehearsals for the last week.

“I love that you forgot,” Clarke giggled.

“I did no such thing, Meizen,” Lexa huffed, her blush turning into a scowl.

“Oh no?” Clarke arched a brow, grinning at her glare. “Then why were you glaring at Anya?”

A tap on the microphone interrupted their conversation. Lexa turned her glare toward the offending party. Titus offered a half-shrug and cleared his throat. Clearly he was ready for the ceremony to being.


“We did it bitches!” Octavia shouted, her fists raised triumphantly over her head.

“Yeah we did!” Raven yelled right back. She caught the smaller woman around the waist and lifted her in the air, dancing in a little circle.

Clarke laughed along with them, their happiness too contagious to ignore. She turned to Lexa, smiling so widely her cheeks were starting to hurt.

“Just go,” Lexa chuckled, shooing her away with a wave of her hand. “I’ll be here when you’re done being weird Sorakru.”

“Love you!” Clarke bellowed over her shoulder as she sprinted toward her best friends.

Turning toward the shouts, Raven and Octavia opened their arms to her. Clarke’s momentum almost took the three of them to the ground. They giggled and shouted excitedly while the crowd moved around them.

“Who knew Heda is secretly a sap?” Anya said, walking up to stand beside her littler sister.

“As if you’re any better,” Lexa replied. She didn’t even try to tear her eyes away from her girlfriend. She didn’t want to.

Clapping a hand on the younger woman’s shoulder, Anya jerked her head to the right, “the parentals want us to take the required ‘Woods family pictures’ now while Skaiprisa and O are distracted. Mom thinks it’ll be easier if we don’t have to peel the two of them off you and Lincoln. Her words, not mine.”

“Right,” Lexa scoffed. She finally turned to meet Anya’s eye only to find them fixed on Raven. “Seriously? How have you and Raven managed to convince them you’re not attached at the pelvis?”

The growl Anya let out was satisfying enough. Coupled with the glare and the snarled, “What did you just say?” and Lexa was laughing as she started to walk away.

“Indra’s waiting, let’s go,” Lexa smirked over her shoulder before diving into the swarm of people to find her family.

Of course the family had to take a million and one pictures. Indra insisted on every combination of family members she could think of, some with Lexa proudly holding up her fancy leather diploma portfolio, the seal of Kongeda University emblazoned on the front, some without it. Some with the twins, some without them.

After hearing Gustus yell out for everyone’s attention for the hundredth time, Lexa could barely hold back the eye roll. Her cheeks were starting to hurt from all the smiling and laughing. She just wanted to find Clarke.

Letting her mind drift, Lexa thought back over the last year, six months, three weeks, and one day. She’d been Clarke’s girlfriend for that long. It had been the happiest Lexa could ever remember being. They still acted like fools for one another. They hated being apart for any length of time. They managed to find way to surprise each other, whether that was with a small gift or planning spur of the moment trips. They’d settled comfortably into love but they hadn’t settled down.

The sight of a familiar blonde head moving toward her interrupted Lexa’s reminiscing. The too big smile that had been plastered on her face for the last 45 minutes shifted into a smaller, softer smile she unknowingly reserved for Clarke. She watched as Clarke searched through the crowd for her.

She didn’t even hear the clicking sounds coming from Indra’s camera. Nor did she hear it when she caught Clarke in her outstretched arms, grinning like a fool when Clarke’s laugh drifts over the heads of everyone around them, causing people to turn and smile at the couple. And she definitely didn’t hear it when Clarke finally allows her to lower her to the ground. Clarke’s hands catching her face and pulling her in for a soft kiss had her grin growing until the kiss was nearly ruined. The last click of the shutter had Lexa lifting her head to look over at her aunt.

Indra only arched a brow and raised her camera with a smirk. That series of pictures would become Lexa’s favorites as soon as she sees them.

“Hello Hodnes,” Clarke whispered against her lips as soon as she caught them again.

“Hello Meizen,” Lexa replied, allowing herself to fall under Clarke’s spell again.

After Abby cleared her throat for the third time, Lexa finally sighed and stepped back. She smiled sheepishly at the older woman before looping her arm around Clarke’s waist and pulling her to her side.

“You disappeared,” Clarke said softly. She studied the taller woman out of the corner of her eye. “Where’d you go?”

“Indra insisted we get all the exclusively Woods family pictures done while you and O were taking your pictures. She’s efficient like that,” Lexa explained, her hand rubbing up and down Clarke’s side gently. She grinned when Clarke pressed a small kiss to the hinge of her jaw. “I tried to wait for you. Anya and Indra weren’t having that though.”

“Alright girls, that’s enough of that!” Gustus forced his way between them, laughing at their protests. He bent his knees and looped his arms around each of their upper thighs and lifted them as if they weighed no more than his grandchildren did. His hearty guffaws were nearly drowned out by the laughter.

Another round of pictures followed. Lexa was sure she’d had her picture taken more that day than all the other days of her life. But she stood as directed, thankful to have Clarke next to her again, in her arms. She smiled and forced out her stoic face when prompted. Anything to make the process move faster.

Finally, Octavia saved them all. She shook her head when Indra mentioned wanting to have pictures of the graduates with the twins.

“They’re sleeping,” She motioned toward Lincoln and the stroller. “I’d rather not wake them.”

“Well I – ” Indra started.

“That’s just fine!” Gustus draped his arm around his wife’s shoulders. “I’m sure between you and Abby and the girls’ cell phones we have every combination we could ever want.”

Raven nodded vigorously, “yes! Let’s get to the party!”

“It isn’t a party Rae,” Anya replied. She caught the Latina’s hand and laced their fingers. “It’s just the gang at Tondisi. I’m sure Trina and Luna have everything ready for us though so we should make our way there.”


“You can’t have that thing here!” Trina shook her head, pointing toward the back and the stairs. “Get him outside or upstairs!”

“He isn’t a thing!” Clarke protested, burying her face in Lukot’s fur. “He’s a wolf and he doesn’t like when he can’t see me.”

Trina shook her head again, “No! This is a pub!”

“He’ll only howl if he can’t see Clarke,” Lexa said, walking up behind the pub owner. “You let service dogs in all the time. Luke will stay next to Clarke at all times. He refuses to leave her side. And Clarke will make sure to stay far away from the kitchen. Right Meizen?”

“Yes,” Clarke leaned back to rest on her heels. She crossed her heart and laughed when Lukot nestled into her lap as well as a gigantic wolf could. “I promise.”

Turning to argue with Lexa, Trina’s eyes grew at the falcon resting on her shoulder. “No way! No! Not happening!”

“It’s fine Trina,” Luna laughed as she approached the group. “Lexa isn’t going anywhere but the Clexa booth. Flik will mind his manners.”

“You can’t possibly be okay with this!” Trina argued.

“Remember when you were the easy going one?” Luna teased gently.

Trina huffed and tried to glare at her wife, “yes. And then I met you. And then Clarke came stumbling in looking for help. Nearly two years of the Delinquents and their pranks wears a person down.”

“Love you too,” Luna wrapped her arms around her hips, pulling her closer. “And I think you have another reason for being grumpy. Are you going to tell our friends and very loyal customers or should I?”

“Tell us what?” Clarke asked. She stood quickly, forcing a grumbling Lukot off her lap.

“I’m pregnant,” Trina muttered, her forehead pressed to Luna’s shoulder. “And these hormones are no joke!”

A loud round of congratulations sounded around bar. Apparently Lexa and Clarke had been the last to hear the news. Trina seemed to relax after her announcement. She even accepted a happy kiss or two from Lukot before retreating to the kitchen.

Lexa and Clarke made their way to their booth. Lexa slid in first, Flik moving to rest on the back of the seat, and Clarke followed quickly. Lukot dropped to the floor in front of the booth so anyone wanting to get tot Clarke had to go through him first.

Clarke grinned as Lexa picked up the book she’d left on the table the night before, opening it to the last page she’d read and settled in for a nice relaxing trip into the world of her imagination. As always, Clarke laced their fingers together and began to sketch on a napkin. Their friends watched them from pub, smiling and rolling their eyes at the all too familiar scene.

After a while, Lexa closed the book and turned her head to study the many sketches and paintings now decorating the wall next to their booth. Clarke had built an imaginary world full of warriors and healers and leaders. Lexa was sure she’d be able to create a comic book series out of it someday if she ever wanted to. Her eyes settled on a silhouette of the two leaders of the rival people, one from the sky and the other from the ground. The story Clarke had told her was heartbreaking and yet it was also full of hope.

A squeeze of Clarke’s fingers pulled her eyes away from the art. Clarke was grinning at her. Lexa would never get tired of Clarke’s radiant smile.

“Hi,” Clarke leaned into her for a kiss.

“Hello,” Lexa replied when she pulled away.

“So first Antonia and Mason,” Clarke whispered. She turned her head to search out her godchildren. They were happily sitting with Gustus and Lincoln. “Now Trina and Luna are having one?”

Lexa smiled. Maneuvering as best she could in the tight booth, she slid one leg behind Clarke while the other foot remained on the floor and leaned back against the wall. She pulled on Clarke’s hand until she had her blonde head tucked under her chin. “It makes you think about the future right?”

“It does,” Clarke agreed.

“I made a decision by the way, about school I mean.”


Lexa wrapped her arms tightly around Clarke, making sure she had a good hold on her before she spoke again. She knew what she had to say was going to get a reaction from her girlfriend. “I’m going to go to law school.”

“Lex,” Clarke sighed and tried to sit up.

They’d been discussing Lexa’s future for months. She’d always wanted to be involved in law enforcement. Then right after Christmas she’d announced she was going to law school instead. Clarke had argued with her about it endlessly.

“I know,” Lexa murmured against her head. She pressed a kiss and shook her head when Clarke tried to pull away again. “Meizen, I want to go to law school.”

“No, you want to be a FBI agent,” Clarke argued.

“I don’t. Not anymore.”

“What changed then?”

Lexa took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She’d known the question coming. She’d prepared her answer. Except now she couldn’t remember it.


“I can’t do that to you,” Lexa finally said, her voice just barely loud enough to be heard over the conversations happening all around them.

“What?” Clarke finally managed to pull back enough to meet Lexa’s eyes. “Can’t do what to me?”

Swallowing thickly, Lexa took another deep breath. Then she shrugged, “I’ve already been shot, Clarke. So have you. I don’t want to relive that. I don’t want you to have to worry about me being in a dangerous position. I know FBI agents don’t get shot at all the time. But they have a better chance at being used as target practice than a lawyer.”

“Lexa, I can’t ask you to turn your back on your dream.”

“You aren’t asking. I’m telling you I have a new dream.”

“A new dream?”

Nodding, Lexa cupped Clarke’s cheek gently. She pulled until their lips met again. When they separated, Lexa pressed their foreheads together. “You’re my dream, Clarke. You and a house with a huge back yard for Flik and Luke to explore together, maybe a few children of our own running around. Growing old with you. It’s you.”

“But you’ve always wanted to be – ”

“I know. But I want this new dream more than I ever wanted that one,” Lexa cut her off. She pressed another quick kiss to those lips she knew so well. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“I’ve already talked to Gustus and Anya. I’m going to intern with them,” Lexa explained. “You’ll be done with vet school in a couple of years. I’ll be done with law school around the same time. Everything lines up. Then I can work with Gustus and Anya at the firm and you can set up your practice.”

Clarke studied her. She searched for any sign of hesitation or regret. She saw only love and hope. “If this is what you really want, I’m behind you. A hundred percent.”

“Because you love me?”

Sha,” Clarke murmured, burrowing into Lexa’s chest again. “Ai hod yu in.”


Three hours later, most of the people at their celebration had left. It was just Clarke, Lexa, Raven, Anya, Tris, Monty, Octavia, and Lincoln left. Trina and Luna had tossed the keys to Anya and told her to lock up when they left.

“Why is Raven behind the bar? What is she doing?” Lexa asked, her curiosity growing when Raven kept disappearing under the bar.

“No idea,” Clarke shrugged. She was nearly finished with a gorgeous sketch of her girlfriend. One of the best she’d ever drawn.

“Seriously, what is she doing?” Lexa tried to climb over Clarke, wanting to see what their friend was up to.

Clarke shook her head and refused to budge. “Stay here, Lex. I’m sure it’s safer than moving closer to whatever she’s doing.”

“Hurtful!” Raven called out from behind the bar.

“Truthful!” Octavia yelled back.

Lexa begrudgingly sank back into her seat. She kept glancing between Clarke and Raven. Something was up. She could feel it. While the pranks had stopped for the most part, those two were never to far from trouble.


“I’m almost done,” her girlfriend replied absentmindedly.

When Clarke’s right hand moved to rest on her bent knee, her thumb drawing lazy circles over the jeans, Lexa smiled.

“God I love you,” Lexa whispered.

Blue eyes lifted to meet hers, a toothy grin splitting Clarke’s lips. Before she could say anything, a song crackled to life from the somewhere upstairs.

“Can you feel the love tonight?” Lexa arched a brow.

“I thought it was fitting,” Clarke shrugged.


Laughing, Clarke slid out of the booth, pulling Lexa with her. Lukot raised his head to sniff at them before surveying the company. He apparently decided Clarke was safe enough because he settled back into his comfortable position next to the booth. Clarke grinned as she led Lexa by their friends and family.

They didn’t stop until Clarke opened the door to the apartment. Lexa hadn’t been inside in over a year. It was used as a crash pad for the Delinquents. It was kept tidy by a cleaning lady who came twice a week. Even so, the sight that met Lexa’s eyes surprised her a little.

There were candles everywhere! On the shelves, on the coffee table, on the counter. Every surface had candles flickering away.


“Come on,” Clarke pulled her inside and closed the door. After taking a moment to think, Clarke locked it too, even going so far as to slide the chain in place. She pulled the remote to the stereo out of her pocket and turned the cheesy music down to a low murmur. "You called me a lioness once, remember? I thought it'd be an appropriate song..."

“What’s going on?” Lexa asked. She waited for Clarke to lead the way further in the apartment. As they walked into the living room, Lexa smiled at the sight. “A pillow fort?”

Nodding, Clarke held out her hand in invitation for Lexa to crawl in first. Once she was inside, Clarke followed her.

Taking in the blankets and pillows, Lexa laughed. “Like our one year.”

“It isn’t camping in the backyard but I hope you like it,” Clarke replied a little shyly.

“I love it!” Lexa assured her quickly.

“I wanted to do this here.”

Lexa’s brows came together in confusion, “do what?”

Clarke swallowed loudly and blinked back tears. For a moment Lexa was worried Clarke was breaking up with her. Then she remembered they were in a pillow fort surrounded by candles.

“This,” Clarke whispered as she pulled a small black velvet box from her pocket.

“Clarke,” Lexa gasped.

It wasn’t that they hadn’t discussed marriage. They had. At great length. It was just that Lexa had thought she was going to be the one to propose. She had the ring. It was in her safe Gustus’s office. She’d been trying to plan the perfect proposal. Apparently Clarke beat her to the punch.

“I had this whole big speech planned, Lex, I swear. It was all kinds of poetic and rambling about how much I love you and how fate really and truly brought us together. But then… then you said I’m your dream,” Clarke sniffled. She fiddled with the box in her hand and smiled through her slowly falling tears. With her free hand, she reached up and cupped Lexa’s cheek, wiping away the tears there. “That’s when I knew I didn’t need a big speech. You’re it for me. You’re my dream. The house, the yard, the wolf and the falcon. The children. God, I want those children, Lex.”

“Clarke,” the brunette croaked.

“I love you. Ai hod yu in. You’re just… you’re mine. And I’m yours,” Clarke opened the box and offered up a shy smile. She watched Lexa’s green eyes drop to the ring. “I know it isn’t huge or anything but I bought it when you were planning on being a federal agent. I thought a small stone set more securely would – ”

Lexa surged forward and cut off her explanation. She practically tackled Clarke in her haste to kiss her. She smiled against Clarke’s lips, then swiped her tongue across her bottom lip, and moaned when Clarke’s tongue came out to meet hers. Lexa settled on top of Clarke, who was now half way out of the tent, and held her face in her hands as she ravaged her mouth.

Finally pulling away, Lexa grinned down at her. She wiggled so she was more securely in the cradle of Clarke’s hips, the blonde’s legs bent, her knees pressed to Lexa’s side.

“I love you,” Lexa whispered.

“I love you too,” Clarke responded.

Lexa wiped at a happy tear trailing down her cheek. Then she nodded, “yes. My answer I mean.”

“I knew it!” Clarke’s smile radiated. She pulled the ring from the box and slid it on Lexa’s finger.

“You chose well, Clarke,” Lexa said, her eyes still on Clarke’s.

Scoffing, Clarke rolled her eyes, “Well now you’re going to be some hot shot lawyer. Maybe I should get you one of those big fancy rings. The kind that will blind a man from fifty yards away if the sunlight hits it just right.”

“Not my style,” Lexa shook her head. “This one, the one you picked, is perfect. I love it.”

“I love you.”

“Almost as much as I love you,” Lexa leaned down and caught her lips in another kiss.

A pounding on the door interrupted Lexa’s plan to seduce her girlfriend… no… her fiancée. Her fiancée! Lexa grinned at the word.

“Griff!” Raven’s voice came through the door.

“Did you do it yet?” Octavia shouted at the same time.

Lexa groaned as her head dropped into the crook of Clarke’s neck, “seriously?”

“It’s just as well. Raven set up a half dozen cameras in here. Can’t go crazy at the moment,” Clarke winked up at her. She turned her head up enough to kiss Lexa’s brown locks. “Let me up. We’ll talk to them for a few minutes and then go to the hotel.”

“Hotel?” That definitely caught Lexa’s attention.

“Did you think I was planning on sharing you with anyone on the day we got engaged? Do you not know me at all?” Clarke teased. She rolled until she was on top of Lexa. “We’ve got a nice little suite thanks to Gustus. Three days of freedom from interruptions!”

“I heard that!” Tris shouted.

Clarke snorted as she stood, “you were meant to!”

Moments later the friends were in the apartment and offering congratulations. Raven and Octavia filled Lexa in on the panics Clarke went through trying to find the right ring. Tris snickered along with them as Lexa gathered Clarke into her chest and rained kisses over her head and neck.

“I thought you might like this,” Anya said softly, holding a powder blue box out for Lexa. “Gustus said you’d been thinking about proposing too. So I took this from the safe when Clarke told me you plan.”

“But I want to propose to her!” Lexa argued, pushing the ring back toward Anya.

“I don’t need a proposal Lex, I’m happy with how this one went down,” Clarke promised.

Lexa lowered her eyes to Clarke’s, “Are you sure?”

“Positive,” Clarke nodded.

“So you’ll marry me too, Griffin?”

Clarke smiled brightly, “name the time and place, Woods.”