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Group chat : ghost stuff

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i can only make cringy fanfic about group chats soz


so this is about Ghost Stories which is an anime and if you havent watched it pls do but watch the sub bc it's the best thing ever

group chat: ghost stuff


Hajime added Satsuki to the group

Hajime added Leo to the group

Hajime added Momoko to the group

Hajime added Keiichiro to the group

Hajime: sup losers

Satsuki: what are u doing now

Momoko: Oh dear Lord

Leo: This is so unecessary.

Hajime: o pls, lighten up its just a harmless group char

Leo: *chat

Hajime: spelling nazi

Leo: no

Satsuki: what's the point of this

Hajime: idk since we are hunting all these ghosts 'n stuffs i felt like we should have a group chat so here we have it

Keiichiro: hajime kan i go 2 yor hous 2 play gta

Satsuki: learn how to spell Keiichiro

Keiichiro: but school is scary

Satsuki: but u need to learn something


Momoko: You should come with me to a bible study, the Lord will teach you how to spell.


Keiichiro: HAJIME

Hajime: o right sure keiichiro

Satsuki: just dont kill him

Hajime: sure, leo u wanna come 2?

Leo: no I have internet dating to catch up on

Hajime: what

Leo: I mean no, because I'll be studying and researching.

Satsuki: sure u lonely desperate boy

Hajime: o shut up panty girl

Satsuki: wHAT?! ur so rude

Keiichiro: wen shud i go

Hajime: tomorrow?

Satsuki: o ye, and momoko while keiichiro is at hajime's, do u want to go to our house?

Momoko: Why sure! I'll be happy to preach the gospel to you

Hajime: while u guys have a bible session we will b enjoying gta

Satsuki: make sure u use the 1 without the strippers

Keiichiro: but the stripers mayk the gaym ecsiting

Satsuki: see hes already corrupted by u

Hajime: then y try to save him, its 2 late

Momoko: It's never too late to save anyone, God is always open

Hajime: i have 2 go 2 sleep now gn

Momoko: I'll pray for you.

Satsuki: goodnight

Keiichiro: gud niyt

*a/n oooh I hope people actually know this and if you do ahhhh it's amazing and im sorry if this fanfic is unbearably cringy although quite short*