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Begining of the Ending

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“There is but one person upon the Isle of Rook known for her insanity, her corrupted path of bloodshed, abuse of alcohol and drugs. They call her Cobra but nobody really knows who she is, what she was, and how she came become the person they call her today.

Let me tell you the story, a story of a young girl years ago that came to the Island known as Rook.”


3 years ago before the events of Far cry 3.

From high above the sun was beaming down, the pastel blue skies seemed so promising for a loving and kind day, a day that should have been blissful, filled of laughter and fun. Out a head, past the vast sighting of ocean blue wave after wave was a group of Islands known as Rook. Seated on the bow of the boat was a young woman, she wore dark jeans and a blue tank top as she looked out at the ocean, the boat bobbed up and down with the oncoming waves as she sighed and took in a deep breath of the salty air.

Her hair was cut short like a pixie cut as it sat neatly gelled to one side with tiny little spikes, her black framed glasses made her blue oceanic eyes more appealing as she smiled, her skin slightly tanned from the loving sun as she sat with her elbow supporting her head while she leaned against the boats framing, her eyes dazzled with delight as she took in the sight of wonder. They were so close, close to happiness, close to the sensation of freedom as the woman closed her eyes, a joyful smile upon her supple sun kissed skin feeling the radiating warmth from the sun above.

Ally was her name, she had been through many years of pain and heart ache. Her family all but dead by now, she had been working her way to become a doctor but failed when things got too personal. The conflict between her and her ex, an abusive man, became too much for her and in the end she could barely hold it together. In fact the only form of escape she could confine in was this trip. Her Mother died in a car crash a few years ago, her Father died of a heart attack shortly afterwards, while her elder siblings had left her behind and gone on their own way with their own family. Abandoned and lost in this world of reality and torment, she decided she needed a break.

This was her very break as she caught the faint smell of lavender. Popping one eye open she looked up to see a familiar face, she had long brown hair, pale skin, dark brown eyes that where almost black, she was wearing a lovely white summer dress as she took the nearest seat by Ally’s side. Amanda was her name; she was a sweet girl, only 17. They had met at Bangkok before boarding the boat and since then they had hit it off.

“So oldy” Chirped Amanda as she smiled. She loved calling Ally oldy since Ally was 23 years of age. To someone that was 17, that was pretty old.

Amanda had the features of a Japanese woman, but her skin looked like the snow had kissed her with how pale she was. Smirking back Ally softly chuckled before Amanda went on. “ Think they’ll let me drink on this Island? They say you can do anything you want right?” She giggled in a delightful little tone.

Sitting up and straightening herself out, Ally looked over to Amanda; she was so innocent looking, so joyful and young with little experience. It was her first trip alone, by herself and without her parents, but unlike Ally Amana still had family, something she envied her for. Not just that but her beauty was outstanding like a model, whereas Ally had a rough look to her since she had muscles, well-toned legs and stomach whereas Amanda was more on the lean and skinny side much like an actress, heck she even had a boob job already done and she was 17. That’s what happens when you grow up in a rich family as Ally smirked inwardly to herself.

Of course her newly found friend had spotted the smirk and pipped up. “What? Was it something I said?” Amanda folded her arms over her chest trying to be tough and brave looking but her face was full of a glee, she was too innocent and too young. Ally couldn’t imagine such a sweet thing like this going through what was about to come.

Shaking her head Ally was about to reply but the sudden sound of a boat horn caught the two off by surprise as they both jolted up right and looked up ahead to the captain’s deck. The windows where tinted so they couldn’t see it, but they knew that it was time to get their stuff and be prepared. This trip was meant to be good, they were to sail by boat for a few days, arrive at this Island and spend the week there before the boat would return and pick them back up. Ally had found out about this little trip by a man, he never gave her a name but he seemed genuine and the trip was cheap enough so Ally dared herself to go on to this Island where the sky is the limit.

“C’mon” Amanda said slapping Ally on the arm as she got up. “The party is just about to start.” She giggled as she walked off down the long corridor leaving Ally behind.

However for the elder of the two Ally sat and turned back to the Island, she loved the sight of it already but she could see that there were two main islands and it seemed they were heading directly for the Southern of the two. Ally didn’t know why but she didn’t like the look of it, mainly because it didn’t seem as tropical as the other, but Ally could only guess there was a bridge that would gap the two islands together right?

With a heavy hearted sigh the woman stood up and stretched her arms over her head yawning in the process. It was now or never as she dropped her arms to her side and looked up at the captain’s deck one last time. Maybe he could see her or maybe he couldn’t but either way she put on a false smile before she walked down the corridor path of the cruiser ship. It wasn’t the best, the wooden floor could have done with a polish up, there was rust on some of the doors as well and the white paint was starting to come off. A terrible spray paint job of course but Ally told herself that things were about to change, that she needed this break and there was no way she could just turn around and go back home, not now, not since she was here anyway.

Passing by the various doorways, the woman eventually came to hers, all the doors where metal with a circular dirty window, it looked horrible in fact to call this ship a cruise ship was almost an insult as Ally pressed on the lever and pushed the door inwards as it grinded on the ground as she opened the door. Inside was cement flooring, a small single bed attached to the side of the wall and a little cubical room that had a tiny toilet and shower. This place also had a strange smell to it, like smoke as Ally stepped inside, another sound of the boat horn goes off making Ally wonder why so many boat horns, was the captain in some sort of a rush?

Grabbing her stuff which included a small black back pack, a drawing pad and a pencil case, the woman was set to go, she didn’t intend on brining too much with her, just the main stuff like panties, bras, and change of clothes as she strapped her bag over her shoulder and prepared to leave. Before she could she noticed a large man walking past the door way, he didn’t glimpse inside her little stuffy room, but there was something odd about his appearance, despite the brief second Ally got a look at him. His attire was militia looking, dark clothing with yellow strap on the side of his shirt and a baseball cap on his head with a messy looking beard. By the time she stepped out of her door way to get a better look at him he had disappeared.

Of course it was just curiosity he was a person she hadn’t seen here before and she was interested in Militia stuff, she’s a black belt in karate so of course she loved the various fighting styles and anything combat related. Scratching the back of her head Ally made her way out of the cabin room closing the door behind her as she sighed telling herself that this was all going to be a great life changing experience. Little did she know that was exactly what was going to happen to her on this Island. Once more the boat horn goes off for the last and final time as Ally makes her way to the back of the boat. Most of the people aboard where already standing around with suitcases all looking on in awe as they approached the nearest Island as the boat slowly sailed in.

This Island seemed ok, looked like there was a bar a bit further up and a town nearby, but it wasn’t exactly the greatest five star looking place either. Not that it minded Ally; she needed to escape, escape from reality and the torment it always offers her. Getting out into the wild would do her some good as she felt herself push forward. Looking over her shoulder she glared up into a tall man’s pale blue eyes, the same man that had passed. He was like a damn giant almost in height compared to her. However being so close she could see his features a bit more, he had this faint blond hair with a tinge of red to it covered by a cap with a dirty green look to it, a Messy beard that had been trimmed into a goatee, but his eyes were a stunning ice blue however he must have caught sight of her looking at him as the man glared down at her, his jaw clenching up.

He was wearing a dark grey t-shirt with yellows bands on either side, one of them said something but she didn’t get the time to catch what it said when she turned back around quickly reminding herself it’s wrong to look at someone for too long. Turning her attention back to the scenery she could see that the beach wasn’t a nice white sandy beach like the other isle seemed to have. In fact it was almost a dark dirty sandy beach with a small cabin nearby and various palm trees scattered all over the place and a dirty road nearby. In a nutshell this place didn’t look anything like paradise but that was the least of her worries right now, what was annoying her was the fact the man behind her pushed her forward, everyone was cramped together like cattle trying to get through as the ramp was lowered to the docking area.

Yet nobody moved which caused Ally to try and stand on her tippy toes to get a better look above the crowed of people but she froze when she heard a gunshot as she almost ducked. “Alright you Fucks!” A man screamed with a strong American accent as he held his gun up in the air. “You are all Important Guests here!” He continued to screech. “So if you don’t mind stepping aboard our truck we will take you to our five star Hotel!” He chuckled with a menacing looking on his face that just said crazy insane power hungry bastard.

The men by this other man’s side had a familiar look to them, yellow stripes on the side of their shirts but they were wearing a bullet proof vests, carrying guns and looked militia like as some of them began to board the boat almost sorting people out as they pushed them back. Everyone was startled but no one said or did anything, Ally was trying to figure out what the hell was going on as she tried to peer through the crowed for a better view, she noticed one man got on board with a brief case and passed it towards the captain whom appeared out of nowhere, he was fat old man, his hair was more like wire strands as he took the brief case and popped it open, the faint glimpse of green a horrible hint to money. What was going on? Who were these men and where were they taking them? Too many questions passed through her head but some of the men where sorting them out, the man behind her grabbed her from behind, Ally tried to kick and fight back but one of his arms wrapped around her neck while the other pinned her hands behind her back. It was a pathetic attempt to escape as she quickly stopped letting out an annoyed huff in response.

“Wow now!” the Man with the American accent approached towards her. “This one has got some fight in her.” He chuckled as he looked to the other men that laughed with him before moving on.

This wasn’t right, none of it was, these men were speaking in code, something about something but from the looks of things they were separating everyone up, women were being grabbed and taken off the boat and the men held at gun point over near the corner near the hull of the boat. Ally was next as her captor released her and pushed her forward as he made a grunt like sound which she only hissed back in response. Her instincts told her to fight but her mind told her to walk, do as he says and try and find a better solution to this. That was exactly what she did; she walked forward, his hands still holding hers behind her back as she was led off the boat and into a large militia looking Truck. She along with others including Amanda sat on the rough seating of what could be a cargo truck of sorts.

They were like animals in here as the large metal door slammed behind them, the only sound Ally could hear apart from the roaring engine that started up were cries and sobs. Confined to the tiniest bit of space in a place that stunk of piss and seated next to women crying and sobbing made Ally shudder as she rubbed her wrists unsure of what to do next but it was hard to focus with the churning in her stomach, she was afraid but she was even more afraid to show it. So she didn’t cry, she just gripped the side of her arms and tried to take in deep long breaths at a time until the truck came to a sudden stop forcing everyone in the vehicle to crash against one another as they grumbled and yelled, making hissing sounds like back street alley cats.

A few of the other women grunted in response but no one was tied up, cuffed or bound which made Ally even more scared as she heard the trucks doors slam, the sound of footsteps approaching the back of the door. Forcing herself up against the woman next to her Ally sat with eyes wide open, her hands trembling hoping someone would do something, but as the doors creaked open and slammed down onto the ground it was obvious that they had just took a one way ticket to hell. Two men, same looking fellas from before entered grabbing Ally by her wrists and dragging her out along with the other women. Men with guns stood around, some of them nodding and grinning others minding their own business. They were in some sort of compound with cement walls like a prison, various buildings that looked run down and sheds of all sorts but one in particular stood out the most. It was placed in the centre, a large building that looked like an old hotel back in the early days. It might have once been yellow or creamy on the outside, but it had this odd horrible tinge to it, worn from the sun’s rays. Large steps lead up to the larger building and it was about two stories high with men guarding every inch and entrance possible which told Ally there was someone or something important in there.

It made her shudder but she didn’t have time to think as she was shoved forward as she fell to the dirty ground. “Get up!” A gruff old man yelled before his boot connected with her side. Coughing and gagging on her own saliva the pain sending an odd shudder up her spine, her primal instincts began to take over as she stood up and tackled the man to the ground with pure force that caught him off guard.

He never saw it coming as she pulled the knife from his vest and slammed it down into his chest, he only cried in pain but it was all over in a matter of seconds. She had never killed a person, not in real life but in games it seemed so easy yet the odd sickening sensation was crawling up her throat as blood sprayed over her face. However a sensation of pain flashed across her face as her head cracked to one side before everything went dark, she didn’t know what had just happened, why she acted the way she had but she sure as hell was going to regret it. When she finally came back to reality she was in a dark place caged up, a metal floor the only form of comfort as she grumbled getting to her feet. The whole of her body felt like utter crap, the side of her ribs where cracked as she hissed in pain finding the metal bench seat nearby a good spot to sit. There wasn’t any sort of lighting in here, it smelled of death and shit, there were others though, mostly women, maybe one or two men but that was it, no one she could recognize.

Everyone was caged up in these metal cages, they all looked defeated or frightened as Ally rubbed the side of her head trying to comprehend what was going on, but nothing made any sort of sense. Her mind was muddled, things were happening so fast that her brain was struggling to comprehend it all. Majority of her body was bruised all but her face minus a busted lip as she leaned against the hard bars. The sound of a shed door sliding open made her want to look but she was too exhausted, too tired to even move as she closed her eyes and tried to remain calm. If she was going to die then so be it, she had given up by this point, she had lost all family, all hope, reality was digging its claws in more and more as she screwed her face up.

“GET UP!” A man’s voice boomed through the area causing Ally to jolt upright. She didn’t hear him coming, but there he was a man with power and one to be feared standing right there glaring into her cage and right into her soul causing her to tremble.

Getting to her feet as best as she could she stood still, one hand wrapped around her side to cover her cracked ribs as she attempted to stand up straight. This man wore a suit like jacket with a red shirt underneath; it gave him the appearance of someone important despite the dirt and filthy patches. His skin was a dark tan and his eyes a strange colour, hazel almost looking but dark and filled with nightmares as he glared at her. Whoever he was, he had some means of authority here as one of the men pulled out a set of keys and unlocked the cage that held Ally in place.

She watched carefully, intently as the man retracted the keys and put them back into his pocket before stepping aside. The man in the suit only grinned. “I’m going to teach you a fucking lesson.” He snarled between gritted teeth, a strong African accent accompanying his tone.