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White Witch

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The Ichinose bloodline has been serving the Royal family for hundreds of years. Unsurprisingly, the young Guren was next in line to be the knight of the oldest son of the King, prince Kureto. Guren was only ten when Kureto went fishing by the river in the forest, near the capital. He was asked by the attendant of the King to find the young prince and so he did.


Guren was only ten when he saw a witch.


Upon stumbling through the forest trying to find the prince, Guren found himself across an unsuspecting witch instead. There were tiny spots of light dancing in the air, like little fireflies. Guren was entranced by them because it reminded him of the bright stars in the night sky. He followed it until he saw someone-- a boy around his age, it seems-- levitating on the river's water. His feet were barely touching the clear water below him.


The sky.


The young boy resembled the sky in Guren's opinion. White. White hair, eyelashes, fair skin and even the clothes he was wearing was white. His wide eyes was blue like the afternoon horizon. His tiny arms was moving in a small motion and slowly the water moved, forming a clear figure in the air, floating. The sky laughed and it reminded Guren of the wind chimes he had in his home. A small dolphin made of water encircled the laughing boy and Guren had to press harder against the bushes he was hiding in to stare at the plump cheeks covered in pink. The raven did not notice the slope and he tumbled down, face first in the dirt before rolling down the river completely.


Guren heard a tiny gasp and a splash of water. He sat slowly and groaned. He looked around and saw the witch, soaked as he is. His blue eyes widened in fear, he turned and was about to run when Guren grabbed his wrist.


"Are you okay?"


He blurted out and the witch looked back at him. A few second passed before he nodded his head. Guren immediately sighed in relief and let go of the other's hand.


"I'm sorry, I did not mean to watch you without permissio-"


"Are you not scared?"


Blue eyes were staring straight at Guren's amethyst ones. It felt like he was searching something inside Guren's soul and he felt vulnerable under his stare. The raven blinked once, twice, before huffing.


"You might have some magical powers but I'm skilled in sword fighting. I'm not afraid at you at all."


Then out of nowhere, the witch laughed. He clutched his stomach as he fell back in the water.


"You are strange, veeeery."


He wiped a tear from his eyes and Guren frowned.


"What's funny?"


This time, the witch sat up straight and looked at him with a forlorn smile.


"People from the past have screamed and run away or have tried to shoot me down and have tried killing me after witnessing what you saw earlier."


Guren shrugged.


"I'm not people from the past, white witch."


"White witch?"


Guren nodded.


"Well because you have white hair and I don't know your name so I'll call you that."




The white witch began but stopped. His eyes were cast downwards, contemplating. Guren leaned forward and tapped his shoulder.


"It's fine if you don't tell me, I understand."


"But... Are you truly not scared? Or even, disgusted?"


The white witch's voice was small and afraid. From what he mentioned earlier, Guren figured that he had the worst experience from village people.


"I told you, I have good skills in sword fighting and I'll be the best knight out there so I don't have to be afraid of you."


Blue eyes crinkled and Guren thought he might go blind from the witch's bright smile.


"I'm Shinya, nice to meet you."


Shinya was smiling honestly now and Guren was staring again.


"I'm Guren, likewise."


The raven offered a hand to shake hands with Shinya but he was surprised when the albino took his hand and kissed the back of his palm.


"I-- What--"


Guren stuttered, blushing madly.


"What? Is it not the common courtesy?"


Shinya titled his head, looking all soaked and innocent. This made Guren blush harder it seemed.


"I-- It's not! You only do that to young women and--"


Guren was cut off from his rambling when a voice rang out.


"Who's there?"


Guren would not mistook it for someone else's voice, it belonged to one and only prince Kureto. Guren muttered something under his breath because he had just forgot about finding the prince.


He glanced at Shinya before climbing the slope by himself.


"If I were you, you best not let that human see you."


Shinya stared up at him and he watched Guren fail and fall back in the water with a short scream. Shinya chuckled and encircled his small arms in Guren's equally small waist. Guren started questioning Shinya when he felt the wind against his skin and suddenly he's floating. They are floating. As fast as it was, Guren was back on the land and Shinya was pressing a kiss to his cheek.


A kiss.


"Good bye Guren."


And then Shinya was gone and Guren was sneezing. He found Kureto, dirty but  proud because he spent his time fishing and actually getting lots of fish than he expected.


Later that night with lots of sneezing and being buried under 4 feet of blanket Guren asked his father about witches, a child's pure curiosity. His father chuckled and looked outside, the chimes hanging by the window tinkled. Guren can't help the small sneeze from leaving his mouth and his father instantly closed the windows.


"They are nothing but a myth, my child-- it's what everyone says. One can still hope."


Was his father's reply before bidding him goodnight.


Guren dreamt about blue eyes, bright smiles and fireflies that night.