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David is a good friend, maybe her best, except for Laurie. He's easy to talk with. Sometimes Sofia thinks about what it would have been like if they had met in a normal school instead of the Xavier Academy.

She calls him on the phone one weekend. David's in Chicago, visiting his folks and Kim. There's a rant about Julian and those no-good Hellions on the tip of her tongue that she's itching to share with him. She knows he'll laugh at all the right places. After a brief hello, how are you, she launches into it in rapid Spanish.

Sofia has gotten into the habit of speaking Spanish around David. She's proficient in English, but speaking Spanish is like coming home. David is a bit weird with languages, she thinks. He'll answer in whatever language he is spoken to, and Sofia takes full advantage of it.

Um, espero un moment gracias, David says, interrupting her. His accent is ridiculous, and Sofia can't help laughing.

Sorry, I'll start over in English, she says, a little embarrassed. Sofia can't believe she forgot that his powers don't work over the phone. On the other end of the line, David is laughing too.