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Etrian Odyssey Oneshots

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Trekking throughout the labyrinth was a tiring experience as any explorer can attest to, especially if it’s for the purpose of making a detailed map of the floors. Even if one enters for simply heading out to the gathering points, the terrain can be tricky to get through at times and there was always a high possibility of encountering monsters or even a FOE.

With the Torria guild returning to High Lagaard to retire for the day, Javert glanced down at his charge and examined the state she was in. Aside from a cut on her face that was easily patched up, the only plaguing her was her fatigue. The individual in question briefly removed one of her alchemical gauntlets to rub her eyes with the palm of her hand, stifling a yawn in the process.


She blinked up at Javert only to see him crouch down closer to the ground. “…What’re you doing?”

“Climb onto my back and hold onto my neck. You look fatigued.”

"You really don't have to do that."

"I insist."

Normally she would protest further but she knew Javert was a stubborn man, primarily when it came to her wellbeing. Plus, she really could use a break from walking around the labyrinth all day.

She wrapped her arms around the Protector’s neck who then hoisted her up onto his back with a small grunt. He moved one arm underneath her to keep her aloft while his shield was held firmly in the other. Satisfied that she was secured in place, the Protector briefly picked up his pace to catch up with the rest of the guild as they headed towards the stratum's Geomagnetic Pole.

A short while afterwards, however, he felt the light body clinging to him grow limp and an additional weight fall against his head. Glancing back, Javert saw Riel quickly dozing off; her glasses slightly askew from leaning her head against his and her breathing steady and quiet.

Letting out a content hum, the protector looked back towards the path ahead and resumed his scan for any potential threats as he usually did.