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A Wish Gone Wild

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Her eyes slowly opened. She was no longer Princess Serenity, no longer Sailor Moon, just Usagi Tsukino, the normal crybaby, now. And waking up to the sound of her alarm clock, already ringing for the last seven minutes, she had no idea what she's just done. How could she, when she didn't even remember her identity as Sailor Moon anymore?


"Mitsunari? Hey, Mitsunari? What's wrong?"

Mitsunari's eyes slowly opened, or rather, he's realised they had been open, it just felt as if they were closed. Maybe because of that sudden darkness, or sudden light, he was no longer sure. Ah, Ieyasu was saying something. No matter, it probably wasn't important.

Ieyasu... You know something's wrong if Ieyasu's still alive and you don't even bat an eye, right, boy? I mean, I know why I'm fine with him being alive,brat, but why are you, my brat? Ieyasu asked about something, didn't he? And he was now looking really concerned. Well, no matter. It was probably something insignificant, anyway.

So Mitsunari now turned to leave. Meanwhile, his Shadow wondered why was his boy back to pretending he, his own Shadow, didn't exist, as per Hanbei's--- wait! he could feel Hanbei, and Hanbei's Shadow, he'd never mistake that crumbling one for anybody else! Something was definitely messed up, here. And his boy hasn't seemed to notice that at all.

Ieyasu didn't call after Mitsunari, because suddenly, he felt as exhausted as if he's just returned from a long, long journey that somehow weighed heavy on his heart. But the most upsetting for him was the fact that he couldn't remember that journey at all. Well, it was only some strange feeling, after all, not something real. Or maybe he should ask Tadakatsu if he had such a feeling as well.

Somewhere in Oshuu, Masamune's Lighting was getting pissed at Masamune and at the world for seeming as if everything was suddenly the way it was three years before today. Something was wrong.

Only Times realised at once that nobody was pretending anything or being mistaken: the wheels of Time have really turned backwards, or rather, somebody's turned them. Therefore, one Shogun, despite his sudden and massive headache, smiled. This was going to be so interesting! And so many new people to meet, from such foreign places. They would come to the Land of the Rising Sun, certainly, at least some of them.


She couldn't be certain, but she had a feeling as if the nature of the worlds has suddenly been changed. So she checked and... ah, yes, that powerful artifact of the lost civilisation.. That explained everything. Really, that little girl was always so reckless. Though she couldn't fault the girl for making such a Wish, she supposed. And the girl was one of the those people who'd never come to her Shop, as she had her own Shop: the Silver Crystal.


She has just hatched and her wings weren't grey - they were black. She had a feeling that it was wrong, that they were supposed to be grey, that they had been grey.

But if anybody's asked her why, the brownhaired girl who had no halo yet would just stare at them in confusion.


If the Lord of Nightmares had a head, she'd definitely describe what she's just felt as a headache, and worse one than when dealing with Lina Inverse, at that.


It wasn't Tor Lara. That was as much as she's understood, for now.


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Chapter 1

He or It Said, "Your Light Led Me Here" // Coastal Blade? What's That?

In dreams, everything was lit up around her, her seeing as in dreams Ieyasu Tokugawa was always a woman, and before that, a girl. She's never found that strange, and neither did he find it strange in the mornings, upon awakening, because that just was how it always had been. He's once told Mitsunari about it, half-jokingly, and was slightly surprised that for Ieyasu's (hopefully) friend it was the case as well.

In this dream, she was confronting Hideyoshi as she knew she'd finally do tomorrow - it was high time to do so - and she was surprised at how much this dream felt not like a plan, a - well, dream for the future - but a memory, instead.

For example... in this dream Mitsunari ran here too late to even try to protect Hideyoshi, which was unusual, and somehow felt more real. Was it a wishful thinking of hers? And why did she suddenly know that she was dreaming?

Maybe because of the neighing. Neighing... weren't the horses too far away to be heard? What was happening?


Lina rubbed her forehead again, not even caring that Gourry has just stolen the last sausage from her plate. She's looked at the letter from her fearsome sister again, perhaps for the hundredth time, reading the words again:

Find the Silver and Golden Crystals that the Moon Princess and Terran Prince wield, or the Worlds are doomed.


Luna Inverse.

What was that about? Lina's never even heard of those artifacts again, and how was that possible, when they were supposed to be that powerful? Lina idly wondered if these crystals could be in any way connected to the fact that upon waking up today morning, her hair... her hair was white, and she felt as exhausted as if she's just used the Giga Slave, which she decidedly had not.


"Mhm? Hey, are you going to eat that?"

She didn't even look at whatever he was pointing at. Right now, she was more worried than hungry.

"Have I muttered any strange incantations in my sleep?"

Gourry seemed to think for a minute. And then another one. And another.

When Lina's already given up on him, and went back to eating, from his plate this time (fair's fair!), the swordsman suddenly had an 'eureka!' face expression that she's learned to distrust a bit when it came to any useful information. Maybe he's just remembered what Zelgadis' name was, or something of the like. Still, she smiled, it was nice to see him using his brain for once.

"Sea Blade!"

"Sea Blade? There's no such incantation!"

"Uhm, then, Beach Blade!"

"Idiot! Just shut up! Now you're just making it up!"

"No, it was... Reef Blade, now I'm sure, Lina!"

"Shut up! No such thing!"

She's dreamt of weird things (and the dreams smelled like memories, in a way, one that couldn't exist, because she'd remember), but not of any beaches or of any reefs!


Neighing. Again. And then, a Light. Another's, not her own.

And so, she followed it, because the horse seemed to be in pain and so it should be helped - and if not, then put down, because why should such agony continue?

Suddenly, a ball of Light, and then, a lake. It wasn't Ieyasu's, Ieyasu instictively knew and didn't even need to be told as much by his own Light. Moreover, the neighing suddenly wasn't pained. What happened to that horse?

Ah. There it was, standing on the water surface. Ieyasu came up to it, slowly, walking on a water a bit hesitantly, but at least there were enough rays of light to walk on. So it wasn't as if she was walking on water, which she couldn't do, not being born of it. No, she was just walking on light, and so, slowly she came up to it. To that horse.

"Maiden. Your Light led me here, I thank you."

The horse. It talked.


He woke up for a second, dimly aware that it's from surprise at hearing a horse talk, and from the corner of his eye, he thought he saw a golden mirror, but... surely he was still dreaming. Though his body would be a rebuttal to that... still, maybe it just was a strange dream.

And so, he fell asleep again.


"Maiden. I apologise if I've frightened you. I need your help."

"Why me?"

"Maiden, please. Your Light's led me here and I..."

"Alright. I'll help you. I mean, I want to help the people in need, so why shouldn't I help you?"

"Is that what you call a Bond, Maiden?"

"How do you--- ah, my light's mentioned it?"

"Yes. And your dreams did. You dream of peace and unity for all, in all the lands. That's how your Light's reached my cage. I thank you again, Maiden. I know that you have many burdens of yours in your own land and it's perhaps selfish of me to--"

She shook her head. "It's fine, Winged Horse. Ah, what's your name?"

"Please call me Pegasus for now, Maiden."

"Ieyasu. Otherwise, it'll be slightly weird when we talk when I'm awake, Pegasus," Ieyasu replied, grinning.


Ciri blinked awake, though it seemed as if she's never slept. Maybe she could ask Geralt, who was sleeping in the next room and would know for certain.


Ieyasu remembered, however, once asking Tadakatsu the same question. Whether Tadakatsu was ever a woman in his dreams. And somehow slightly disappointigly, no, Tadakatsu hasn't, ever. That was long before Mitsunari's offhand confession of unrealised by Ishida importance to Ieyasu, and so, for many years Ieyasu suspected himself, herself, of being slightly weird.


"I want to help you, Pegasus, but before that, I need to confront Hideyoshi. For the sake of everybody in this land."

"There are much more dangerous things in this land than the man you speak of."


"Or else, they will soon be here. Even that man could help us fight them, so perhaps, reconsider putting such confrontation of."

She frowned. "But how do you know Hideyoshi Toyotomi, if you're new to this place?"

"From your dreams," Pegasus replied, "we're in your dreams right now, Maiden. And so I already know of your sister, the Shadow Maiden and I know of the Man of the Sun whom she Serves, and of the Shadow Tactitian who is his other half. And of the Wind Boy, and of the Old Tiger, and of the Young Tiger. And even of your best friend, the Giant. From your dreams. And so, I only know what you know of them, and even less."

"And it's my memories that lead you to think I shouldn't kill Hideyoshi yet? How ironic... Pegasus, are you quite sure?"