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Eternal champions Eternal Roomates

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*3 hours later*

*Tanya's p.o.v *

The demon dragged me back to an eerie looking castle. It was huge and smelled of wet wood and charcoal. This can't be happening. What did I ever do to deserve this? Besides killing people, but they deserved it, especially my father.

Inside the castle, I saw that it was surprisingly well adorned. It would almost be fit for a king if It wasn't gothic and unsettling. I saw tons of cloaked figures staring at me with their purple hoods covering their red eyes. Red always was my favorite color, it's also the color of my husband's eyes but unfortunately it's also the color of my captors. Hooded men stared at me hungrily, speaking in Latin to the vampire that was carrying me over his shoulder. Domino spoke back and pushed the other males on the ground. Whatever they were saying It was probably best that I didn't know.

Because the other males begged and whined and the Vampire simply shook his head no and walked away. Opening the door, the monster brought me to a small dungeon and threw me inside. "You will wait for master Jeremy here. My employer craves your presence and your body. After he's done with the last female, you will be forced into marriage with him, and be taken to his room to be enjoyed for the night."

I narrowed my eyes at the creature. "Absolutely not! Daniel is my husband, not your so-called boss free me at once or you'll pay!" I hissed.

The vampire just chuckled. "And what is a sexy scrumptious little morsel like you going to do to a vampire like me, huh? I'll drink every last drop of blood from your body in a heartbeat, but first, I just might have my way with you. I really don't want to give you up to my employer. You're absolutely beautiful and you look like you taste delicious too." He replied, reaching to caress my legs and tried to reach up to grope my chest.

I slapped his hand away and he looked bewildered. Like a child that was shocked getting caught doing something bad. "I'm flattered," I replied sarcastically. Back before I died, I was well-known for being the "Queen of Sass n' Sarcasm".

He hissed at me, digging his sharp nails into the flesh of my leg. I yelped from the pain. A small drop of blood leaked from the wound. The monster quickly turned his attention to the blood and wiped his thumb across the cut. I watched him place his thumb to his mouth and licked the blood away. I made a face of disgust at the demon. "Get out of here, you spawn of Satan!" I snapped.

He just looked at me and laughed. "My, my. I was right. You do taste delicious, and your name-calling won't do any good. You're stuck here forever, little girl, or at least as long as you're alive. I'm sure Daniel can find a new wife," he said cruelly.

"Domino, the master wants you!" A female voice called from outside.

Domino rolled his eyes and looked back at me. "I'll be back. This isn't over yet, girly," he spat.

I snorted up a bunch of mucus and spat back, right in his face. "Screw you. You demonic bastard!" I hissed.

He wiped the spit from his face angrily. "Watch yourself, kitten, or you'll end up as my dinner," he hissed pinching me again but this time on my arm, breaking my skin again. At that he left the dungeon locking me inside. It was cold and filthy. The only source of light there was a small window which was too high for me to reach, and definitely too high to climb up.

I saw a few rats scurry across the room from the bed, and I screamed, seeing one dash near my feet. I noticed a few blankets in the corner and I know I probably shouldn't touch them because they could have diseases and bugs. Who knows what's in them! Still, it's freezing, and the only thing I had on was this nightgown, and that was made from materials that was meant to keep the heat out, not in, and I was freezing. Going over, I took the end of the blanket and tried to take one. Suddenly a pile of women's bones fell to the floor.

She had been here for quite some time, and her bones were now bleached and cracked. Only her hair remained. I think she used to be a blonde. I had enough of this. I apologized to the bones, knowing full well she couldn't hear me she's dead. I knew that, but I didn't mean to disturb her corpse. I have to get out of here, but how? Daniel, where are you? Who knows what these people are going to do to me?


*Daniel's p.o.v*

I hurried into the house to get my clothing on and went out to search for my wife. It was probably one of those outlaws who sold women to the slave markets, but whoever he was, he was not going to just get away with my wife! Suddenly, a wolf approached me. Taking out my sword, I stared at it. "Go on, now. Go home to your pack. I don't wish to kill you, beast," I said to the creature.

The wolf tilted its head and stood up on its hind legs. The wolf than changed into a beautiful woman with hair as black and shiny as a raven's feathers. Thankfully, she was fully clothed. Looks like that was one more rumor about shapeshifters that was false. "I do not wish you any harm, Daniel. My name is Roxanne, and I come in piece," she replied calmly.

"What are you a witch, a shapeshifter? State your purpose!" I demanded.

"There is no reason to be leery of me, my friend. I am a necromancer and a dhampir, and I'm not here to hurt you. I saw where that man took your wife. I'm here to help you get her back," Roxanne replied back.

I raised an eyebrow. "And how do I know that you are not lying, vampire? You are both human and vampire, but you take the side of your demon parent more. You do not even know what my wife looks like. You are probably going to bite me and suck me dry into a withered husk if I trust you," I said, drawing my weapon at her.

"Would a liar have this?" Roxanne asked, showing me the cross around her neck and the lace part of Tanya's skirt.

My eyes widened. That cross… Can I really trust a vampire? And that lace… That lace trimming belongs to Tanya's nightgown I bought her. "Where did you get it?" I asked.

"It was torn when Domino snatched your mate up. If you come with me, I will help you save your wife. If you do not, your enemy Jeremy will be enjoying her for eternity," Roxanne said back.

"Alright. I will go with you, woman, but if you try anything funny, I will plunge this sword into your unholy chest!" I threatened.

The dhampir nodded, seemingly unfazed by the threat. "Understood. Now, come before it's too late. We'll take a few horses up there, but be careful. It's dangerous at night. Keep your guard up and whatever you do, don't stray from the path. Follow me closely at all times," Roxanne warned.

I nodded. "Then you have my word. I will do anything you ask anything to save her," I replied. The dhampir smiled, and at that, we went out to the necromancer base.

To be continued…