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Eternal champions Eternal Roomates

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* The next day*

The Sun's golden rays poked through my curtain, and the birds chirped cheerfully outside. I groaned getting up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. Suddenly I heard a loud crash, and the sound of Egyptian cursing and laughing from the living room. The boys were downstairs, playing video games. They had introduced Ramses III to Super Mario, and now the ancient Egyptian king was hooked on Nintendo games.

Getting up, I took a shower, brushed my teeth, did my hair, and got dressed. It was hot out today, so I decided to wear some shorts and a blue graphic t-shirt with a pineapple on it. Jetta had gotten it for me when she went out shopping with Riptide. Not really my style, but I guess it was kind of cute.

Putting on my socks, I left my room and headed for the kitchen. The smell of banana pancakes, bacon, and eggs filled the air. To my surprise. Rax Coswell was making breakfast. I didn't even know he cooked. "Hey. Smells good in here. Didn't know you were into cooking," I said.

The blonde cyborg looked up from what he was doing. A blush formed across his face. He had noticed what i was wearing and quickly replied, "Uhh, yeah. It's one of my hobbies, besides boxing. I… it… uh… hope you like eggs and bacon. I also made banana pancakes…. You can eat as many as you like. I made lots of them," he replied.

''Thanks, Rax." I said back. Pretty soon, the entire kitchen was filled. Everyone grabbed themselves a plate and sat down at the large table to eat.

Larceny Tyler, Shane Mc Dawnson, Xavier Pendragon, Jetta Maxx, Sophia "Riptide" de Medici, Ramses III, Raven Gindar, Senator, Trident, Johnathan Blade, Thomas "Blast" Chavez, Slash and Thanatos ate quietly and Rax and I grabbed our food as well. Too bad Chin Wo wasn't here. He left for work earlier. The food was actually pretty good. I don't know how Rax does it, but hopefully I can persuade him to cook dinner tonight. Jetta stood up and clasped her hands together. "Everyone, Tyler and I have something to tell you all…" She said. Everyone stopped eating to listen. "Tyler and I are going to be parents. We're having a baby," she announced.

"Congratulations, Jetta. That's so good to hear." Riptide replied. Raven nodded in agreement, and Larcen's face turned a bright red.

"Oh, my! Tyler! I didn't realize that you and Jetta… decided to try a friskier turn in your relationship," Xavier replied with a chuckle.

Thanatos, a god of death, had no comment in this type of situation, so he shrugged. He was a reaper, not a life giver. The rest of the gang gave Larcen a hearty slap on the back, and some raised eyebrows. The ex cat burglar was so embarrassed until there was a knock on the door. "Oh, I'll get it!" Jetta said, attempting to stand up.

"Whoa, there, pretty lady. You're a mommy to be. I think you should rest up a bit. Finish up eating. I'll go get the door," Dawnson replied.

Jetta just nodded and sat back down at the table. Getting up, Dawnson stretched his arms and walked over to open the door. A flash of black entered the house in a speed so unnatural that no normal human could have even seen it.

"Strange. I could have sworn someone was there," Dawnson muttered to himself.

"SHANE, WHO IS IT?" Riptide yelled.


Closing the door, Dawnson got back to the table. Raven and Riptide were busy chatting with Jetta while the boys were laughing about something vulgar with Larcen and congratulating him on getting laid.

(Men. I swear they could be such pigs at times,) I thought to myself.

Xavier stood up, readjusted his night blue hooded robe and fixed the chain around his neck. Getting up to stretch, the alchemist yawned tiredly. "Well, enough of this chatter. I'm heading off to bed," he said.

"Going to sleep so soon? It's only 9:30 A.M," I replied.

"True, true, but I was up all night trying to make the elixir of life," Xavier exclaimed.

I raised an eyebrow. "Okay, then. Well, goodnight, I guess," I replied.

The alchemist smirked, his eyes glowing a mysterious green. Thanking Rax for the food and cleaning his plate and cup, he excused himself from the kitchen and went to his room.

"So, Jetta and Tyler, you guys thinking about getting married?" Jonathan Blade asked. Larcen nearly choked on his orange juice.

"Marriage? Gee, that's a pretty big step. Yeah, I'd love to marry Jetta someday. That is, if she wants to marry me," Larcen replied.

Jetta's eyes lit up like fireworks on the fourth of July. "Oh, Tyler. Of course I'd marry you," she said.

Tyler smiled and blushed. The couple leaned in to kiss one another. "That's puppy love," Senator replied, sipping his coffee.

"Oh, shut up, ya old geezer. You're just upset that you aren't getting lucky in the sack," Dawnson replied.

Senator looked at Dawnson, absolutely appalled at what he had just said. "I'll have you know I've gotten plenty of women in my life time," Senator scoffed.

"Prostitutes don't count," Ramses added. The other males burst out laughing. Senator got up angrily and left the table.

"What about you, Thanatos? Get lucky with any goddesses lately?" Dawnson asked.

Thanatos froze in his chair. "My love life is of none of your concern," he replied.

"Fine, buddy. I won't ask again," Dawnson promised.

"Since you boys would rather chatter on about who's shagging who, the girls and I are going to the mall to go shopping and find something for the baby," Riptide announced.

"But Riptide, we don't even know what gender the baby even is," Jetta replied.

"Don't worry, mate. We'll buy gender neutral stuff. It'll be fine. Come on. It'll be fun!" The Ex pirate said.

Riptide grabbed Jetta's hand while Raven grabbed the car keys. I grabbed my purse and went out with the girls. The boys cleaned up and left for work, except Mitchell Middleton Knight and Xavier Pendragon, who were sleeping upstairs. Hopefully Mitchell didn't succumb to his craving for blood while we were out.

To be continued…