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You're Under Arrest drabbles

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Natsumi followed Miyuki into a china shop. "Please don't follow me in here," Miyuki said.

"I'm not gonna break anything," Natsumi protested. "I'm not THAT clumsy."

"No," Miyuki said, "but you're really impatient— and you're really, REALLY strong."

"On second thought, it might be fun to see how fast I could DESTROY this place," Natsumi said evilly.

"PLEASE leave," Miyuki said.

"You're no fun." Natsumi turned to open the door— and pulled its handle off.

"OH MY GOODNESS GET OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW!!" a panicking Miyuki said.

"I CAN'T!!" an equally panicking Natsumi replied. "I JUST BROKE THE DOOR!!"