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his holy god damned mouth.

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Parties weren't really Jeongguk's thing. Never had been and never would be, but Jeongguk wasn't about to say no to Park Jimin, least of all for his birthday and while Jimin was giving him those pleading eyes and pouting lips. Not that Jeongguk would have said no either way; he kind of found himself twirling around in Jimin's orbit, quite willingly. Begrudgingly, and under great alcoholic influence, Jeongguk might even say he had uh, feelings for Jimin but it's not like they mattered. Jimin could have literally anyone in South Korea, probably the world, why would he settle for Jeongguk?

"You look like your cat died except right before she died, she pissed all over your favourite white tee and you had to bury them both in your backyard," Taehyung tells him, a beer in hand, as he looms over Jeongguk. He's grinning because why wouldn't he? Asshole that he is.

"Fuck off," Jeongguk grumbles, taking a swig of his own beer. It's piss warm. Disgusting.

Across the room, Jimin's got his chin hooked over Hoseok's shoulder, smile so big and infectious, Jeongguk has to stop himself from sighing wistfully like a twelve-year-old girl. Isn't he so beautiful? his brain supplies helpfully.

"I'm just saying, if you didn't wanna come, you didn't have to," Taehyung adds, attempting to shove Jeongguk's legs aside to make room for himself on the single seater Jeongguk had laid claim to half an hour ago. Jeongguk kicks him in the shin, glaring triumphantly when Taehyung whines.

"It's Jimin's birthday."

"So? It's not like you're gonna do anything just because it's Jimin's birthday," Taehyung sneers, his imitation of Jeongguk's voice is better than Jeongguk will ever admit. He kicks Taehyung a second time, but Taehyung only huffs, settling for perching on the arm of the seat.

"Where's your girlfriend?" Jeongguk asks, determining his best course of attack to steal Taehyung's beer. His was gross.

"She left me to go gossip with her friends," Taehyung pouts, looking quite put out. "I can gossip, too, you know."

"You get sad when people don't smile at you, how're you gonna talk shit?"

"I talk plenty of shit about you."

"To who? Your dog? That doesn't count, hyung."

"I'm gonna tell Jimin you have a small dick. Kiss his ass goodbye, Jeon Jeongguk," Taehyung bites, eyes narrowed. He's a little red in the face, right on the verge of drunk. Jeongguk takes his chance.

Shoving Taehyung off the arm full force, Jeongguk snatches the beer right out of Taehyung's flailing arms. He takes a victory sip, grinning at his best friend's expression of betrayal.

"I wonder what Wheein will say when I tell her you went through her diary to figure out what to get her for your anniversary," Jeongguk smiles, sweet like honey, not bothering to hide the smugness in his voice.

Taehyung scowls, expression murderous. "You promised."

"All's fair in love and war."

“What happened to bros before hoes?”

“Park Jimin happened.”

Taehyung lets out a sound of disgust before getting up and heading back into the crowd of people packed into Hoseok and Yoongi’s tiny apartment. Jeongguk takes a sip from his cold beer, head hitting the back of his seat as he realises what a fucking loser he is.

Jeongguk’s zoned out staring at this couple in the corner, half falling over each other as they giggle at one another. It’s cute in a nauseating way but then, Jeongguk’s not very willing to admit he’s jealous.

He has about two and a half beers in him, Taehyung never returning after Jeongguk stole his alcohol. Fair enough, Jeongguk thinks. For a brief moment, he closes his eyes, sluggish from the alcohol and a week spent playing catch up on all his readings and assignments. It’s his own fault, really, having done fuck all in the first three weeks but sleep tended to be higher up on Jeongguk’s hierarchy of needs. Maybe not as high as it was for Yoongi but close enough.

“Jeonggukie!” Someone whines and suddenly there’s a weight in his lap. He’s about to scowl at whoever it is ― his lap isn’t a chair ― when his brain registers what his eyes are seeing.

Park Jimin.

It’s Park Jimin. And he’s pouting cutely at Jeongguk and wow, wow is he wearing a crop top? What? What?

“Hyung?” Jeongguk garbles out, voice rough with something, suddenly very unsure about where to put his hands. Jimin only perks up, arms winding around Jeongguk’s neck. If Jeongguk had even half a neuron to spare, he’d have noticed the smirks he was getting from Taehyung and Hoseok, but he didn’t. Jeongguk literally couldn’t think past Jimin’s rosy cheeks and plush, plush mouth.

“Jeongukie,” Jimin whines petulantly, ass squirming in Jeongguk’s lap and that’s a problem. Jeongguk swallows, hands settling on Jimin’s waist if only to keep him still, except Jimin’s wearing a crop top and it’s just skin. “Jeongukie, why won’t you pay attention to me?”

“W-what?” Jeongguk’s mouth feels like sandpaper, eyes widening and Jimin’s pouting so hard his lower lip is jutting out, the pinkest pink Jeongguk’s ever seen, his eyes half lidded and sleepy.

“Don’t you like me, Jeonggukie? Am I not pretty? Jeonggukie!” Jimin slurs, obviously beyond drunk as he slumps forward, face burying into Jeongguk’s neck. Jimin’s warm all over, feels comfortable in Jeongguk’s lap even if every time he moves, he rubs his ass into Jeongguk’s growing problem.

There’s a possibility Jeongguk’s heart’s just stopped. “Hyung, what…what are you talking about?”

“I like you so much,” Jimin mumbles into Jeongguk’s neck. “Why don’t you like me back? How come?”

Yup, Jeongguk’s heart has definitely stopped, there’s no surviving this. Jimin’s ass gives another wiggle, Jeongguk’s hands tightening on his hips. His jeans are slung low on his hips and this is too much, Jeongguk’s not prepared for this!

“O-of course I like you, hyung,” Jeongguk chokes out, scanning the crowd for a single familiar face. He spots Hoseok, Taehyung, and Wheein but they’re all laughing as they look over at him. Assholes.

The crop top makes sense now. Wheein’s wearing Jimin’s sweater and the shit eating grin on Taehyung’s face is indicative enough of whose idea this was. He sticks his middle finger out at him and Taehyung, fucking dick that he is, blows Jeongguk a kiss.

“Not like that!” Jimin exclaims, pulling away from Jeongguk so fast, he’s afraid Jimin’s given himself whiplash. Except he looks unaffected by any neck pain, and starts to bounce in Jeongguk’s lap instead, whining. “I like like you. You’re so dumb, Jeongguk. How’re you so dumb?”

“I think,” Jeongguk says slowly, his insides twisting together as he tries to keep his brain from melting out of his ears, “that it’s time for you to go home.”

“You don’t like me?” Jimin says very quietly, a worrying sheen in his eyes and Jeongguk’s not going to live past this day.

“No no no, that’s not ― that’s not what I said. Jimin, hyung, you’re just ― you’re very drunk. Really, very drunk,” Jeongguk assures, panic squeezing his chest tight. His friends are still being utterly useless shits.

“So?” Jimin snaps defensively, rubbing at his eyes. “So? I still,” he hiccups,“still l-like you.”

“I ― ” Jeongguk starts, swallowing, “I l-like you, too, hyung. Really.”

“Really?” Jimin’s chewing on his bottom lip and Jeongguk’s dick is so hard, this is a nightmare.

“Uh, yeah, really,” Jeongguk hurries to say, tentatively brushes Jimin’s hair out of his eyes. He looks less like he might start crying at any second, smile blooming across his features like the sun coming out. “So, now that we have that all cleared up, you wanna go home?”

“Nope!” Jimin giggles, arms wrapping around Jeongguk’s neck as he clings to him bodily. “I’m gonna stay here with you.”

“But I have to go home, too, Jimin,” Jeongguk reasons, feels the burn of his flush flooding his skin neck down. Jimin’s skin is so soft, so warm under Jeongguk’s hands and his dick is being really unhelpful right now. “Hyung.”

“I wanna go home with you!” Jimin declares, squeezing Jeongguk tighter. A disaster. This is a disaster and Jeongguk’s going to die or worse, cream his pants.

“H-how about I take you home and we work from there?” Jeongguk suggests, glaring as some guy quirks his brow up at them. Jimin makes a thoughtful humming sound, the vibrations singing between them, melting under Jeongguk’s skin.

“Okay,” Jimin murmurs but makes no move to get out of Jeongguk’s lap. His mouth is hot against the skin of Jeongguk’s neck and this isn’t how Jeongguk wants Jimin, intoxicated and unlikely to remember anything in the morning.

“You’re gonna have to get off me, hyung,” Jeongguk whispers, very still under Jimin’s body. It’s like someone’s plugged him into an electric outlet, blood singing with an energy he doesn’t know what to do with.

“Don’t wanna,” Jimin pouts. “You’re so warm, Jeonggukie. Like you so much…”

Jeongguk closes his eyes, head falling back to rest against the back of the seat. Right. He has the object of his every desire in his lap right now, confessing to him, and that’d be swell if he wasn’t drunk and they weren’t in someone else’s living room.

There’s only one thing to do. Jeongguk’s going to have to carry Jimin out of the apartment.

“You holding on tight, hyung?” Jeongguk asks, hands slipping to Jimin’s thighs. They’re thick and nice and snug against him and very distracting. Jimin just giggles, and Jeongguk takes it as a yes, hoisting himself up with Jimin still clinging to him. He nearly falls back down, Jimin yelping out in surprise as they sway, one of Jeongguk’s hands falling back to steady them. He pushes off the couch once Jimin’s got both his legs wrapped around Jeongguk’s waist, and Taehyung’s whoop is loud enough to be heard over the music.

Mission accomplished.

“Jeonggukie,” Jimin says slowly, eyes comically wide as he looks at Jeongguk, “you’re so strong.”

“Uh, thanks?” Jeongguk makes a beeline for the front door, ignoring all the looks they’re getting and in his haste, grip on Jimin’s thighs slipping, his hands end up on Jimin’s very round and very plump ass. The ass Jeongguk’s wet dreams are haunted by.

Jimin’s giggling, and he sounds very pretty, he always does, Jeongguk’s heart hammering away against his chest. He gets them out the front door, the sound of the music muted by the wall between them.

He’s about to put Jimin down, when Jimin leans away from Jeongguk, sends them teetering forward until they hit the wall. Jimin’s licking his lips, and Jeongguk’s trying not to stare while very purposefully not thinking about how his hands are still on Jimin’s ass.

“Your hands are so big, Jeongguk,” Jimin breathes and Jeongguk just about chokes, spluttering out a, “What!” as Jimin laughs, fingers dancing along Jeongguk’s shoulders. “Are you gonna carry me home?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Jeongguk says, swallows nervously. Jimin’s pouting again. He cautiously moves his hands to wrap around Jimin’s waist.

“But I don’t wanna walk,” Jimin whines. And really, did Jeongguk just not notice that Jimin was this childish when drunk or was he doing this on purpose?

“Hyung ― ”

“Carry me!” Jimin demands, smacking Jeongguk in the chest.

“Okay, okay, I’ll carry you,” Jeongguk yields, sighing, heart melting a little at the way Jimin’s face lights up, giggling as he grins. “But we’ll piggyback it, yeah?”

Someone whistles as they walk past them leaving the apartment and Jeongguk realises they’re still in a very compromising position, Jimin’s hips flush against Jeongguk’s. He’s trying not to think about it. He lets Jimin down slowly, makes sure he’s steady on his feet before stepping back and it doesn’t help in the least, Jeongguk’s eyes now glued to Jimin’s exposed abdomen.

Jimin’s rubbing at his eyes, his shirt hitching up further and Jeongguk’s drinking in Jimin’s exposed skin like he’s never seen anyone's stomach before. Jimin’s skin is smooth, belly flat, his jeans sitting low on his hips and ―

“Home, we have to get you home,” Jeongguk reminds himself, realising that Jimin’s probably underdressed for the weather. It’ll be cold outside, and he’s pulling off his hoodie before he’s even thought it through.

“Here, hyung,” Jeongguk offers, and Jimin stares at the hoodie, seemingly uncomprehending.

“But I’m not cold,” Jimin says, blinking.

“You’ll get cold, hyung,” Jeongguk insists, wrapping the hoodie around Jimin’s small frame. He gets Jimin to actually wear it, his hands barely peaking out of the sleeves and it’s so cute and weirdly arousing at the same time. “Okay, let’s go.”

“You promised you’d carry me,” Jimin reminds, arms crossing over his chest and it’s fucking adorable and Jeongguk doesn’t have time for this.

“I did,” Jeongguk agrees easily, turning around, knees bent. Jimin giggles behind him and then Jeongguk’s steadying himself, Jimin jumping onto his back. He wraps his arms around Jeongguk’s neck tight, legs coming up against his hips. Jeongguk slips a hand under each thigh and it’s going to be a long night.

Jimin spends the entire walk to his apartment with his face pressed up against Jeongguk’s neck and every time Jeongguk hikes him up, he can feel Jimin’s half-hard cock against his back. On top of which, Jimin keeps murmuring how much he likes him and Jeongguk’s not sure what aches more, his heart or his dick.

It’s confusing.

But they’re inside Jimin’s apartment, finally, somehow and Jeongguk can leave and pretend this never happened. It’s not like Jimin would remember. The thought sends a sharp pain stabbing into his chest and Jeongguk wishes but that’s dangerous.

“Jeonggukie,” Jimins slurs, half asleep as Jeongguk works off his shoes. “Jeonggukie, why’d you go?”

“I’m right here, hyung,” Jeongguk answers, looking up at Jimin. He’s got an arm covering his face, Jeongguk’s sweater too big on him. He’s drowning in it and in the darkness of his room, Jeongguk can’t help the possessive swell in his chest.

“Don’t leave,” Jimin mumbles, voice cracking and Jeongguk drops Jimin’s other shoe to the floor, scooting up the bed.

“I won’t,” Jeongguk assures, tugs Jimin’s arm away from his face. There’s moonlight dripping in from Jimin’s window, stars twinkling in the far off distance, and Jeongguk still can’t take his eyes off of Jimin.

“Promise?” Jimin’s looking up at him, can barely keep his eyes open but his fingers are gripping Jeongguk’s t-shirt desperately, body curling toward him.

“Promise,” Jeongguk whispers, hand wrapping over Jimin’s, thumb rubbing soft circles into his skin. Jimin’s smiling, eyes closed peacefully and he looks gorgeous. Jeongguk wishes he could kiss him, chest shrinking as he tries to suck in a big enough breath. He feels heavy, like a sinking star, and Jimin's fingers haven't loosened in the least. He'll wait.

Jeongguk's pretty sure Jimin's sound asleep, but when he makes to get up, Jimin's fingers tighten in his shirt again, a furrow appearing between his brows.

"You said you wouldn't go," Jimin mumbles, fights to get his eyes open and Jeongguk doesn't understand how he can be so stubborn.

"Go to sleep, hyung," Jeongguk tells him instead, swallows around everything else he wishes he could say. He pushes Jimin's hair back, blushes when Jimin gives him a needy little pleased sound.

"Wanna cuddle," Jimin whines, tugging on Jeongguk's shirt. He's spent the whole night giving into Jimin, should probably say no, but who's he kidding, he's gonna give in now, too.

"You sure?" Jeongguk asks, cards his hand through Jimin's hair again, enjoys the way Jimin sighs into the touch.

"Yeah," Jimin says, soft and tender, scoots closer to the wall to give Jeongguk more room, hand still fisted in Jeongguk's t-shirt. It's not like Jeongguk would leave if he wanted to. Jimin is magnetic and Jeongguk's never been able to stay away, no matter how hard he tried.

Jeongguk slips off his shoes first, works the blanket out from underneath Jimin before sliding in next to him. He drapes the blanket over them, breath catching in his throat as Jimin burrows into him, tucks himself into Jeongguk's chest. Everything feels a bit like a dream, like maybe Jeongguk's still sitting on that couch back in Hoseok's apartment passed out, unable to think of anything except Jimin. Nothing new.

But it's nice, it's safe and Jimin is soft all over, Jeongguk's hand smoothing down his back, lulling him to sleep.

"Jeonggukie..." Jimin says, so quiet Jeongguk almost doesn't catch it.

"Still here," Jeongguk replies but he doesn't get a reply, Jimin's breathing evening out. The grip on Jeongguk's t-shirt is loose, but Jeongguk's tired and comfortable and it'll be okay. He can stay the night. He'll figure it out in the morning.

"You're the prettiest, hyung," Jeongguk whispers, but Jimin's asleep, soft sighs escaping him. Jeongguk's chest aches.

Jeongguk's never liked parties, but his arm's numb because Park Jimin is sleeping on it. In his head, the two things correlate but he's sleepy and can't be held accountable for poor logic.

"Jeongguk?" That's his name. Someone's calling it but opening his eyes to see is too much work.

"Five more minutes," he mumbles, arm tightening around the warm body lying next to him. Wait.


His eyes shoot open, sunlight temporarily blinding him, eyes watering as he adjusts to the brightness. When everything comes into focus, he's looking at Park Jimin, haloed out.

"Shit," he says out loud and Jimin's look of confusion morphs into one of hurt and Jeongguk could punch himself. "No, not like that! I ― "

"What happened?" Jimin asks instead, sits up in bed and his hair's all mussed up, eyes puffy and mouth puffier. Jeongguk squeezes his eyes shut. He's still wearing Jeongguk's hoodie.

And he doesn't remember anything. He doesn't remember anything. Jeongguk thinks he might cry.

"Nothing," he hears himself say, voice shaking. "Just brought you home. You, uh, wanted to cuddle."

"What?" Jimin asks sharply, head spinning to look at Jeongguk. Something in his chest feels like it's crumbling.

"I'll get outta here," Jeongguk says, sits up, and very pointedly doesn't look at Jimin. He looks small and soft and he spent the entire night pressed into Jeongguk and it felt like Jeongguk was holding something very precious. "Make sure you drink lots of water, hyung. You were pretty drunk."

Jimin doesn't say anything, and Jeongguk can't bring himself to look, slips his shoes on as he swallows down bile. His head's throbbing in tandem with his heart, and he'd known it was a bad idea. Staying usually was.

"T-thanks for bringing me home." Jimin's voice sounds raspy, but Jeongguk can't look back. He stands up, runs a hand through his hair and heads for the bedroom door.

"No problem, hyung."

"Jeongguk, wait!" Jimin calls after him, forcing Jeongguk to stop, to look back. He curses under his breath. Jimin looks distressed, like he's made a mistake and Jeongguk doesn't want to be a mistake. "Did I ― did I say anything?"

Jeongguk's about to say no, he really is but it doesn't come out like that. "You said you liked me. A bunch of times."

Jimin's eyes widen, hands fisting into his blanket and Jeongguk's ready to go home, sleep the rest of his weekend away. "What?" he breathes.

"It's ― it's fine. I know you didn't mean it like that."

I like like you, Jimin's voice rings in his head.

"Anyways, I'll see you around, Jimin hyung," Jeongguk says, nauseous and quietly heartbroken.

"I," Jimin starts, looks away from Jeongguk before looking back. "I do like you."

For a split second, Jeongguk's mind goes completely blank, feels like his stomach's just dropped and hit rock bottom. His mouth's gone dry, and he's not sure if he's gaping or not but Jimin's eyes are glued to his hands.

"Oh," he manages, finally and wow, great job there Jeon. Very smooth.

Jimin laughs, sounds more like he's about to cry and Jeongguk's so fucking stupid.

"I like you, too," he blurts, shoulders stiffening as he digs his fingers into the wooden frame of the door. Jimin's head snaps up and then they're just staring at each other like two very big idiots.

"You do?"

"I piggybacked you all the way to your apartment," Jeongguk says, as if that were answer enough. "I'd do it again."

Jimin's smile is so big, bleeds into laughter so quickly that Jeongguk barely notices the rush of relief, the way his shoulders sag, the bubbling rise of euphoria. Jimin likes him.

"You're so dumb," Jimin laughs, eyes disappearing and Jeongguk's legs are working again, don't feel like rubber. He covers the space between the door and Jimin's bed in two quick strides, kneels down in front of him, wishes he could cup Jimin's face in his hands.

"You're so dumb," Jimin repeats, grabs Jeongguk by the t-shirt and yanks him closer, mouths crushing together. It's nothing like what Jeongguk imagined, Jimin's mouth somehow soft and hard all at once, lips chapped and it's rough, happy. Jeongguk surges forward, hands cupping Jimin's jaw as he pushes them down. Jimin goes easy, laughter bubbling into their kiss and Jeongguk's straddling him, can't wipe the stupid lovesick grin off his face.

"I'm dumb?" he says, kisses Jimin between each word. "You spent the whole night telling me you liked me."

"So?" Jimin says, not even a little embarrassed. "I do like you. Drunk me looked out for hungover me."

Jeongguk laughs, kisses Jimin as tenderly as he's always wanted to. His heart aches, stomach full of butterflies and he could do this all day. "Hungover you tastes gross."

"Trust me, you're not doing any better."

"Happy Birthday, hyung."