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I drank a pumpkin spice latte for the first time this month and I liked it

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Condoms were always a necessity in their lovemaking. To have sex without condoms would mean to settle for hand-jobs. Craig loved a good hand-job or fifty, but it had been a month since their last penetrative act, and when would they have the chance to be alone like this again? They had forgotten condoms at Craig's place, and it wasn't often they'd both get a day off at Harbucks while both his parents worked.

"Please. You can top?" Craig wasn't kidding around. Tweek knew. It took a lot out of his pride to suggest being bottom. Tweek shed the pride off after the fifth time Craig found his prostate. Goodbye shame, hello anal orgasms.

"I don't know, we should still get tested before," Tweek fidgeted and bit his lip. Craig squinted in response. They did get tested. Once a year. The last ten or so years. They were clean every time. The condoms were just an added protection. Their first time may or may not have involved hazmat suits. It wasn't the best first time.

"Unless you've been sleeping around..." Craig was throwing out the bait and Tweek caught it; hook, line and sinker.

"No! Fine! Fuck me!" All said with each their tic. A tiny part of Craig wanted to feel bad that he was guilt-tripping his boyfriend into having sex, but a growing part of him was beyond pleased that his boyfriend relented. Craig was the type of boy who thought with his genitals every now and then.

Tweek retreated to the bathroom to prepare himself and Craig moved to the bed upstairs. At least Tweek kept lube next to his computer. Tweek watched a lot of porn. He pretended not to, but Craig knew better. Especially after the biggest porn website made a porn category after people dressing up as them and fucking on cam. Tweek had probably been on every video a handful of times. Craig only knew because he'd seen them all too.

"I'm back." Tweek was locking the bedroom door behind himself, a towel wrapped around his lower half. He wiped his butt dry from side to side in a cartoony fashion and sat his naked ass on the clean sheets, the towel discarded somewhere. Craig threw the bottle of lube at the naked boy who caught it with practiced ease. He laid it next to him. They'd use it soon enough.

"I kinda feel bad that I'm like, guilting you into sex," Craig took his chullo off, gently laying it on the nearest reachable surface.

"Don't feel bad. I wanna do it too, come on!" Tweek was eager. Nervous, but eager. Besides, deep down, Tweek always wanted to have sex with him like this. A whole box of signed consent forms were already filled on both parts, tucked away beneath the bed.

Craig and Tweek rarely needed to talk during sex. They were so synchronized that their movements reflected one another. So when Craig sat up on the bed, Tweek's hands worked on removing Craig's pants, "accidentally" brushing up and down his rocket as he worked.

The clothes went off to the side of the bed until they fell off and hit the floor. Their limbs tangled together. They fell to the side, lips finding one another as Tweek's hand hesitantly moved into dangerous areas. Tweek wasn't always this brave during sex, but he had slowly built a confidence around foreplay at least. Their legs circled around each other, both of Craig's hands exploring well charted lands. One hand in blonde locks, the other circling his shoulder with a thumb.

Tweek's one hand was feeling around Craig's abs, the other hand combing through the dark forest. His hand wasn't brave enough to find the big treasure yet, but he would get there eventually. An adventurer always got the treasure they were after. Craig kissed his jawline, encouraging his boyfriends hands. Craig's hands ended up a bit less innocent, traveling down his neck and back. Tweek tipped his head to the side and sighed quietly as Craig's mouth sucked softly on his neck, and timed accordingly were Craig's fingers digging into his asscheeks, spreading them apart.

The hands on his ass were gentle, massaging him open and pushing his cheeks together too. It made Tweek's dick bop upwards, hesitantly raising itself with arousal with his boyfriend's attention. When Craig's fingers began to knead his soft curve a bit harsher, Tweek gained enough bravery to slide his hand further down. Craig's sail was at half mast, making Tweek's cheeks turn red. All that just from kissing and feeling him up? A small part of him was always worried that he would one day bore him, but there was nothing to worry about for now.

Tweek felt the final confidence boost from Craig's physical arousal. The tip of his fingers found Craig's tip, making the owner hiss in surprise. Tweek surprised a snicker at the innocent way his boyfriend reacted to him. In the porno of Craig Tucker online, they always guessed him to be a dominant archetype, a bdsm-king of some sort. Who knew that Craig was as vanilla as plain ice cream?

Craig's fingers grew bold, sliding near his pink ring. Un-lubricated fingertips brushed and nicked at the still wet place. Tweek shrieked. Craig did it as a warning. It was Craig language for "I'm too lazy to lube you up, so hurry up and do it yourself," or, that was Tweek's translation of it. The hand sliding up and down Craig's abs sadly retreated, as did the one teasing his tip, earning Tweek a pout from his boyfriend. Sure, he had wanted the lube, but the tip felt good too.

Tweek rolled over on his back and performed a kind of acrobatics that his boyfriend had no idea he was capable of. His knees were on level with his shoulders, his fingers coated with lube and opening himself up. Craig certainly enjoyed the show. To get a better view of it, he lifted himself up, crawling to get a good look at the action. He sat directly in front of him, ready to not only take over, but to plug and play.

Tweek's confidence disappeared at Craig's frontal view of his lube work. Tweek made a diagonal frown, trying to get the hint across that he wanted some privacy with his self-lubrication. Staring at him straight-on, he started beating his meat. Craig either didn't get the hint, or got it and didn't care. With how long they had been together, it was probably the latter.

Tweek was fucking himself with three fingers at once, opening up and trying to find the good spot. He was always bad at finding it on his own. Craig had an in-built sensor for finding his prostate.

With the tip of a leaking dick poking his knuckles, he figured it was time to let his boyfriend inside.

A look that Craig wasn't familiar with passed over Tweek's face, and for once he had to ask for help.

"What's wrong?" Craig's voice was a lot needier than he intended, but he was a good five to ten minutes away from busting a nut.

"Will it hurt?" Tweek's voice was less raspy. He was always quick to arouse and quick to cum.

"My dick doesn't shrink in the condom, so no, it's not gonna hurt," but for an extra precaution, he lubed his dick up with a thin layer. Not too much, or it would be weird, and not too little.

Tweek finally relented, slowly pulling his three fingers out at once. Gooey lube left thin trails on his fingers, but soon snapped and each string returned to a home.

Craig had one hand holding his flesh boy steady, the other he used to push Tweek's knee to his ear. It was really hot that Tweek could bend like that. It baffled him that he had kept it a secret.

He pushed the tip against the opening, and without the plastic that normally encased him, he could now feel every wrinkle of his tight hole. Of course the ring had ridges and bumps, it was a tight muscle. Feeling it like this was just a whole new level.

He dug the entire tip of his penis all the way inside, and the sensitive head was covered in warmth unlike he had ever felt before.

The condoms they used to use were incredibly thick, probably the thickest on the market. Sure, they still gave them both pleasure, but did they let Craig feel Tweek's heartbeat through his ass? No, no they didn't.

The feeling was nothing short of amazing.

Tweek thought so too, but it was hard to focus on the stretching and pushing when Tweek was counting every STD he could possibly think of. He just had to wait for Craig to reach his prostate, then he could relax. Probably.

Tweek's fright only made him tighter, which was just an unexpected bonus for Craig. He wasn't going to last long like this, and it was only the tip! He pushed further inside, but was met with restrain from his partner. Craig wasn't very aware that Tweek wasn't enjoying it as much as him.

Tweek was cut off in trying to count every STD backwards by a long moan. It wasn't his, so it could only be Craig's. He was sporting a vacant drooling facial expression, so there was no doubt about it.

Tweek felt bad. It had been so long since they had really done it, and here Tweek was, lying on his back, focusing on the negatives instead of enjoying himself. Tweek was hard, how could he not be when Craig had hos dick in him.

Craig slowly began to move his hips, so Tweek took the chance to sneak a peek at his hardworking boyfriend. This position wasn't half bad. A smirk tugged Tweek's lips. The way he was moving his hips gently in and out, teasing the area around the tip made Craig's rock-hard abs stand out. Not half bad at all.

An adventurous hand traveled down, feeling his toned stomach up. He was already sweaty. The curly hair a bit further down was just an added bonus.

"You're looser," Craig huffed out, losing another moan with the words. Tweek hadn't noticed that he was looser, nor had he noticed that Craig was moving a bit faster. Craig bit his lip and his arms went from supporting his sides, to grabbing the inside of Tweek's knees, letting his heels jab into Craig's shoulders.

They were nose to nose when Craig hit his prostate. It wasn't Tweek's intention to scream him up in his face, but he couldn't take it back after it happened.

"Your screams are so girly," Craig huffed a smile and pounded him harder, feeling his back and stomach growing damp with sweat.

This wasn't supposed to happen. Tweek wasn't supposed to be this close when he wasn't that into it from the beginning. Maybe it was the way their skin was chaffing each other, maybe that was the thrill.

He wasn't going to last long.

Neither did Craig, as his hips stood still, his fingers digging into Tweek's knees.

Craig came inside of him.

Tweek was completely stunned. With a few grunts and final thrusts, Craig was spent, his tight grip loosening, breathing shallowly into blonde spikes. Craig was too exhausted to do anything. Tweek knew this, and with a sneaky hand, he jerked himself off.

He focused on Craig, the way he moved and grunted, and kept replaying the thought that he had his semen buried deep inside him.

What if he couldn't get it out? Then a small part of Craig would always be in him. A million different consequences were brushed aside, and he came on his own stomach, a bit hitting his own chin.

Craig finally pulled out, both of them exhausted and overstimulated.

"Sorry, I forgot to pull out," Craig kissed into his hair as they lay side by side.

Tweek said nothing, pulling Craig closer with a smile.