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I drank a pumpkin spice latte for the first time this month and I liked it

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Craig’s friends and family were a bit worried about him. Not because he had been acting out, but because he had been acting so much happier than he usually was. He knew they feared it had something to do with drugs, but that really was as far away from the case as it could be. Though it did include magic pixie dust. Sitting on his bed, the clock on his lit phone turned to 3 AM, and he was far too occupied with the game on his phone to go to bed. He had his phone set to mute. Craig waited every night, and every night he came to him. The anticipation was getting to Craig. A secret boyfriend was one thing, but people were going to think he was mad if he ever said a thing about this.

A small voice, lower than Craig’s breathing came from somewhere below his bed.

“I can’t hear you. Speak louder.” Even if his parents or sister heard him, he couldn’t care less. They’d just think he was talking to someone on his phone.
The voice turned a smidgen louder, loud enough for Craig to really hear it this time. The words were still too hushed to make sense. Like a cloud that was too soft to really have an outline, but still dense enough for you to recognize its presence. The voice was definitely there. He just couldn’t understand a word.


Craig heard the sound of the magical pixie dust, like the kind of noise he’d expect from a 90s educational video game about a wizard helping you color in shapes, not from an actual living magical creature. Before him stood a young man his own age. If it wasn’t for the pointy ears and the goofy red hat, anyone would’ve mistaken him for a normal human boy.

“For fuck sake, da Craig.” Tweek’s half-danish, half-english sentences always made Craig smirk. He liked that he made the boy lose composure in such a degree that he couldn’t tell one language from the other.

“What? I don’t understand,” Craig teased. It wasn’t as if the majority of the sentence wasn’t in English. Tweek scowled at the human before him and crawled up to bed with him.

“Is my accent that thick?” Self-conscious and a tad annoyed, Tweek made his way beneath the covers, already tightly hugging Craig to himself. Craig wanted to say no, because it really wasn’t. Craig could clearly understand him, even with small tics and groans, but it was still there. He couldn’t deny it. After all, he was the one who taught him English in the first place. They had known each other for years. It all started when Tweek on a routine mission fell down Stripe’s cage. Craig had spent days trying to calm down both of the small creatures. After some time, Tweek went home, and his visits became daily. Or nightly, really.

“Tic? You mean like a lice?” Craig pinched his fingers and mimicked a lice, but really just using it as an excuse to wrangle his fingers into Tweek’s hair. They both forced themselves not to laugh and Tweek finally lied down on top of Craig.

“Stop.” Tweek looked in all seriousness into his eyes. Craig stared right back at him. The two kept up the façade until they both broke out into hushed giggles. Tweek buried himself face first into the pillow to stop the noise from waking anyone up, meanwhile Craig just hushed himself with a hand.

“It’s not funny, don’t make fun of me,” Tweek whispered, but his words were a bit too close for Craig’s ear than he’d aimed for. It immediately changed the fun atmosphere when Craig gasped at Tweek’s air. Tweek hadn’t crawled into Craig’s bed with the intention of sex, but it always ended up like that, one way or another. Tweek didn’t mind. They were two healthy young teens anyway. Tweek left a little kiss under Craig’s earlobe, right on the beginning of his jawline. Craig answered by snaking his hands onto Tweek’s hips. It felt good and it felt right. It always did between them.

“Hey, can we try something?” Craig whispered out into the dark. It wasn’t unusual of Craig to experiment with Tweek. However, it was unusual of him to be so hesitant about it.

“Sure, what is it?” Tweek sat up, straddling his boyfriend.
Craig looked unsure. In fact, this was as unsure as Tweek had ever seen him before. Even in the dim moonlight, Tweek could make out every bite of Craig’s lip.

“Can you like, use your magic to make yourself small?” Craig’s voice surrendered halfway through. Tweek’s eyes narrowed. This definitely sounded like something that was going to end up very kinky.

Tweek concentrated on his magic, his body slowly shrinking in size. Craig watched in hazy curiosity at Tweek’s transformation.

“This size?” Tweek was around the same size of a small child.

Craig shook his head.

That would just be weird.


Tweek obeyed, shrinking further. He was used to switching between tiny to standard size, so this slow shrinking was tough on him.

“Smaller,” Craig repeated, seeing Tweek the size of a teddy bear.

“Smaller,” Craig whispered lower, until Tweek was the size of an open palm.
They looked at each other, obviously embarrassed by the size difference.

“So,” Tweek gulped, not used to looking up at him while speaking, “what now?”

What now indeed? Craig hadn’t really thought that far.

Craig unbuttoned his pants, squirming them down until mid-thigh. He picked his small boyfriend up, placing him in his naked lap.

“Is this ok?” Craig asked, but all he got in return was a nervous nod. It was easy for Tweek to get lost in the dark forest, but he kept himself steady by cock power.

Tweek hugged the circumference of Craig’s dick, feeling it warm up under his touch. It was strange for Craig to be so much bigger than him, and even Craig thought it was a bit weird for Tweek to be so small, but he would lie if he hadn’t jacked of to it at least once.

Tweek planted little kisses on the skin. He let out an experimental lick, but Craig flinched.

“It… It tickles,” Craig whispered out, hoping Tweek understood. He did, so he stopped. There wasn’t much Tweek could do at this height. He could hug his dick, yeah, but he didn’t want to be a makeshift cock ring.

Craig understood his despair, sitting up. Tweek clung to Craig’s dick to not fall off, and if Craig wasn’t as aroused as he was, he’d laugh from the absurdity.
Holding his hand out, Tweek carefully crawled onto it. It was ridiculous how synchronized they were. Craig held his hand up to his tip, giving him the easy access he needed. Tiny hands smeared the sticky nectar around the gland. Craig hitched his breath, and that’s how Tweek knew that it worked. Tweek’s hands came around, massaging and feeling up the tip. Craig rutted against him, desperate for the friction Tweek’s petite body provided. In the confusion, Tweek clamped his hands around the head of Craig’s penis, squeezing it tight. He rubbed his face up against it, hoping he liked it. He did.

Craig jerked himself off with the other hand, still holding Tweek steady at his tip. He didn’t want to drown him, but the thought of drenching him from head to toe with his cum helped him along his peak.

“Tweek, I think I’m done for soon. If you wanna change back, go ahead,” Craig whispered out between huffs of breath. Tweek shook his head, pouncing his tip again. He hugged and squeezed, hoping to ease Craig to his orgasm easier. Craig bit his lip when his whole body tensed up. He stroked himself faster, closing his eyes and seeing stars. It was all over in a flash, and once he opened his eyes, sure enough, Tweek was drenched from head to toe. He lifted his arm and a scoop of goo plopped down to fall in his thigh.
Tweek hopped out of Craig’s hand, returning to his full size.

Unfortunately, this didn’t remove the fact that he was drenched. Craig snickered out a laugh, and Tweek sent him a glare.
“Everyone’s asleep, but… Wanna shower together?” Craig whispered, kissing Tweek’s wet cheek.

“I’d like that.”